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KT - Monday Jan 22, 2001

Weight: 190.0

It's Monday! For me that means it's my weigh-in day here on DD. As you can see I've lost a pound. Not bad! I didn't really expect to lose it because I took the weekend off from exercising and it's that time of the month. The positive thing is that if I can lose a pound this past week I can't wait to see what I can do this week. I'm getting so excited about this. I'm so close to reaching my short goal of 185. For those of you who don't know I'm going to go skydiving when I reach that goal. A few more pounds and I'm going to be flying. I hope everyone is having a good day. I will be trying to come on tomorrow and make comments. I've been so busy and I miss doing that. Thanks for listening, KT

muggg on 01/22/2001:
Congratulations on that pound! I miss reading your entries.. you're a great inspiration to me.. so keep coming back!

Your trainer sounds wonderful and I bet you make that 4% mark and then some!

sunny3 on 01/22/2001:
Hi KT! Congratulations on the pound loss!! Very cool!

Oh my! Sky diving??? Hmm you are a brave one! I am not so sure I would do that even if I weighed 100 pounds! Heeeheee! I am a chicken poop when it comes to that kind of thing! It would be such a rush, but I am afraid I would have to buy myself a pair of new pants after I landed! Hehe!

You keep up the awesome work! Five more pounds before you fly!!!


Hugs! ~~Sunny~~

pastagal on 01/23/2001:
Aww KT,,,,every lb counts and your getting to your goal :}} so skydiving huh,,my son did that two yrs ago,,they took video of it and gave him and a nice picture to,,,,he said it was the most awsome thing he has ever done ,,,well good luck and have a great evening;}}

km on 01/23/2001:
Sky diving OH my god!!!I swear it would work opposite for me I would keep eating just not to do it just the thought of it scares me, but if it is something that you want to do !! than I say GO FOR IT!!!Have a great day~KIM~

The Bug on 01/23/2001:
Congrat's on the 1 pound!

KT - Sunday Jan 21, 2001

Weight: 191.0

I just noticed how long it's been since I posted here. It's been almost a week. That' a long time for me. I've been trying to keep myself as busy as possible. I went for my body fat evaluation with my trainer on Wednesday. The numbers weren't a real shock to me. I had expected them to be on the high side considering what my weight is at the moment. I don't feel bad about the numbers though and I think that's the best thing about it. I didn't let the high numbers depress me or discourage me from losing weight. I know before if I had heard those same numbers I would have gotten so depressed and discouraged that I might have just given up. I think my trainer was a big help though. She is wonderful! She has explained what type of program I need to be doing and she's there every day I work out in case I need a demonstration or information regarding something. She also did something that suprised me. After she got the print-out that showed my body fat % in the different areas of my body she took a marker and drew lines 4% marks less. She said at the end of the next two months she knew I could reach that goal because she could tell I was a real go getter. I think I was beaming after that!! Needless to say I made it to the gym 5 days last week. I'm starting again on Sunday. I just really want to focus and see how much I can accomplish in these next few months. Who knows maybe I can meet the lines she drew. Ok, enough about me. I don't want to write a book. I hope you all are doing well and thank you for listening, KT

Kyrin on 01/21/2001:
All Right, KT! There's nothing like having a challenge line drawn "in the sand." I'll bet you're going to make it too!

I'm rooting for you to win this challenge.

SoccerMom on 01/22/2001:
I've never had that test done...how do they figure out what your %'s are? Sounds like you've got a wonderful trainer, too. Very motivating.

I have a feeling you'll make it to those marks, too!

The Bug on 01/22/2001:
Glad to hear things are going good. Just two more pounds until you hit the 180's. With all this working out you do, the actually weight loss will probably be slow, but the inches will probably roll off you!

pastagal on 01/22/2001:
Boy you keep all that exersise up girl and your going to be skinny in no time:}}}

KT - Tuesday Jan 16, 2001

Weight: 191.0

I'm just writing a quick note. Today was my weigh-in day and I lost another pound. I have been doing really well as far as exercising more. Last night I went jogging with my husband and had a really good work-out. I'm not on as good of a track as I had projected as far as my weight but I've been having problems with eating. I've been snacking alot more than I had been in the past. Guess it gives me something to improve upon in the future. Overall, I'm not to depressed with where I'm at now...just realistic in that I see places where I can improve. I hope everyone is doing well. Thanks for listening, KT

sunny3 on 01/16/2001:
One pound! That is so terrific K.T.!! You may not be as happy with it as you'd like to be but think of it as a pound of butter! Look at it and know that you have lost that from your body!! You sound like you are doing great and motivated enough to keep going. And when you lose 10lbs think of a 10lb bag of potatoes. Pick that up and you will feel so awesome too, knowing thats been lost!

You keep up the wonderful work! Hugs! ~~Sunny~~

maria7 on 01/16/2001:
KT, Sunny has really said it all. Looking at it in her perspective, you know you are winning. Keep up the good work! Maria

pastagal on 01/16/2001:
Hey KT as long as your loseing that is really what matters:}} and i bet if you took your measurements you would see a difference there,,:}}

Well have a wonderful day and keep it up,you getting there:}}

muggg on 01/16/2001:
Do take your measurements. When the weightloss goes so slowly, it is a great incentive! Congrats on the one pound!

The Bug on 01/16/2001:
With all this working out, maybe your body is telling you that it needs more fuel.

jenny on 01/16/2001:
Woo-hooooo! Another pound gone! Your fitness eval. sounds really interesting. I'll tell you something, your body fat % will probably be pretty average, so don't get freaked out about it. Just take the number and work with it. You're lucky you get to do something like that!

km on 01/17/2001:
Congrats on the 1 pound loss that's fantastic Keep it up!~KIM~

KT - Thursday Jan 11, 2001

Weight: 192.0

I had a really good day today. This morning I had so much energy! This was suprising since I had such a bad night sleeping I thought I would be drowsy during the first session of the program I joined. The ironic thing was it was the opposite. I was amazed at how much energy I had. I think alot had to do with the excitement I felt. Today was just our fitness evaluations. We did heart rates for both resting and right after 3 minutes of aerobic exercise. We also did a test to see how limber we were. That one suprised me. I thought I was more limber than what I turned out to be. Shows me I need to stretch out more sometime during the day. The evaluation involved a few more things and I thought it was a pretty thorough evaluation. I have to make an appointment with the trainer in charge to get measured for body fat. I'm really not looking forward to the results of that one but you have to start somewhere. I don't plan on it staying on those numbers for long anyway. There were so many nice women in the class. The few men that did join the program opted for the evening class so I won't see them. I got to know a couple women in the short time of the class that I would like working out with on our "off" days. I hope it works out. I would really enjoy a work-out buddy. Hope you all had as good of a day as what I did. Take care of yourselves! Thanks for listening, KT

TweetieCat on 01/11/2001:
Boy oh boy, do you sound psyched. Good for you!!! I commend you on taking action in joining an exercise class. That is an area that I am really lacking in. I just DON'T enjoy exercise per se. We have a treadmill which is in our garage right now but even when we had it in my son's room when he was away at college, I used it only once. I would rather spend my time working out in the yard, raking leaves, planting flowers, etc. Unfortunately, since it is winter and I live in NJ, this is not possible right now. I do try to get a little exercise by not parking the car right next to the office building and taking the stairs instead of the elevator (that kind of thing) but I wish I could get excited about exercise tapes and going to the gym the way a lot of our fellow DDers do. Even my son and daughter joined a local gym. I don't know why I don't join - I guess I feel that I wouldn't keep the commitment to go and that would be wasted money and I hate wasting money!

Keep up the good work. Have a GREAT diet day today.



maria7 on 01/11/2001:
Hi, KT! Your exercise routine sounds great! Maria

km on 01/11/2001:
Wow! I'm jelous with how you sound so ready to exercise I hate it! I mean I really hate it!Guess I have to work on that. LOL Have a great day ~Kim~

muggg on 01/11/2001:
Your classes sound wonderful and so thorough! I like the flexibility part... Right away you can see progress! You're right about the measurements too.. it hurts the first time you take them, but it is such an incentive when they go down and they will go down! (LOL) They really keep you going when the scales won't budge!

The Bug on 01/11/2001:
Sounds like you'll have a great time in class!

pastagal on 01/11/2001:
Gosh glad to hear your loving your exersise class,that makes it great huh:}} I am starting next week ,,,,can't wait:} never thought i would say that,,lol,,,well have a good day and keep doing what your doing,,,,very inspiring to all of us:}}

KT - Wednesday Jan 10, 2001

Weight: 192.0

Wow, I just thought I was gone for a couple of days and I come back and it seems like there are so many new people. I want to welcome everyone!! I know I haven't posted nor commented for a few days but I'm happy to see so many new faces on the site. It's fun to have so many people to share with and feel connected to.

Today was a pretty normal day for me. I went to the school to volunteer as usual. It was pretty fun. I really like the women I work with there. I think I would go crazy without going there. I don't think I would feel productive. By volunteering I get out of the house for a bit and feel like I'm helping out somehow.

I've also been mailing out resumes like crazy. It's starting to make me nervous about not having a job this late in the game. See the situation is when you get out of the military you have 6 months after that date to ship your household goods to whatever address you tell them. Pretty darn good deal coming from Hawaii where shipping all my stuff to the mainland would be astronomical in cost. The additional situation is when the job offer here was still a reality we signed a six month lease for the apartment we are in. It all works out where the lease on my apartment will be up by the 1st of April and that is well within my 6 month window. Sounds good right? Wrong!! I expected to have a job by now. The beginning of April is just around the corner and I don't know where to tell the Navy to ship my stuff. As you can see there is a bit of stress that has been a result of this. I've tried to remain positive and think that someone is going to call or I'm going to get a response prior to having to give an address for my shipment but lately it hasn't been working. Well, that's enough venting! More to come in March I'm sure so brace yourself.

The journey on my loss has been having it's ups and downs. Ups because I've been to the gym twice this week already and my class starts tomorrow. I am so psyched!! I think this class will help me get some of the excitement back that I had when I was playing softball. Speaking of softball the co-ed season should be starting at the end of this month so not only will I be playing but I'll also be doing my program. Ok, I don't want this to be a book.. Thanks for listening, KT

pastagal on 01/10/2001:
Gosh sorry to hear of your stress to,,,everyone seems stressed today,,makes me kinda feel bad for having such an UP day:{,,,but we all have our moments,,i have been going through some stress the past few weeks and its finally letting up so there is hope for all of us:}} it to shall pass as they say,,,,just don't let the stress detour you from you goal of wanting to lose the weight ok,,well have a good day,or at least try,,,,:}}

km on 01/10/2001:
Stress and scales seem to be the problem of the day today!!Sounds like you are doing good with your exercising which is supposed to help with stress so I have been told,I myself am the worlds worst procrastinator at exercising so I wouldn't know LOL. Take it day by day it always seems to work out.~Kim~

jenny on 01/10/2001:
Wow, I can see why you're stressed! Maybe if you don't find a job, you can pick a place where you'd like to live and the job market looks good, just so you can get your stuff shipped. I don't know.

KT - Saturday Jan 06, 2001

Weight: 192.0

I'm so glad this weekend is over! Not that I'm so overworked. LOL Being unemployed somehow prevents that. I've just felt so out of sorts this week. Somehow I've managed to get onto my husband's sleep schedule. He stays up until 3am on most nights and doesn't wake up until 10am. He works nights at a auto parts store. This schedule is not working for me. Lately I've been getting so tired in the afternoons. I've had little to no energy. I've got to start getting to bed earlier if I want to have any energy at all.

I went to the orientation last night at the gym for the program I am joining. The trainer in charge of this program is wonderful. She introduced herself and gave an overview of what we are going to do throughout the next two months. I'm excited to start! The last class went on kayaking excursions. This time she is talking about adding a few hikes. I hope she does. I think the excurions will make the class that much better.

Well, I'm hoping this weekend is the start of rededicating myself to my journey after the holidays. Tomorrow I know I am going to be watching football (Raiders fan) and spending time with my husband on his day off. Sunday I plan on making a much needed trek to the gym. My program starts on Wednesday so I need to start getting back into the gym so I won't feel like an absolute beginner. I hope that this weekend and this coming week I get back into the groove I had going. I hope everyone has good weekends! Thanks for listening, KT

pastagal on 01/06/2001:
Hi KT,,,,well your starting the gym sounds fun,,i plan on starting one soon with my daughter,she has been after me for awhile now to join and as soon as i get to feeling better i will. Well it will help to motivate us hearing you talk about how much you love it:}} Have a great weekend and get some rest:}

herb on 01/06/2001:
I mentioned that the movie I just saw "Proof of Life" starring Russell Crowe. Doing a little research on this New Zealander it turns out he played a crooked cop in "L.A. Confidential", and more recently he was the scientist/whistle blower in the movie about the cigarette industry called "The Insider." A very good actor.

The Bug on 01/08/2001:
Your class sounds exciting! Maybe you'll get some good hiking places out of it, that you can do with your husband.

muggg on 01/08/2001:
I can't keep my husband's schedule either.... (LOL) I finally decided I feel better going to bed at 11 and trying to be asleep by 11:30. Then I'm up at 6:15. NO CAN DO with less than that. I think when you are exercising and dieting... you need to make sure you get rest on a regular schedule!

Your class sounds neat!

KT - Thursday Jan 04, 2001

Weight: 192.0

Wow, seems like so long since I've made an entry here. I miss it when I don't do it. It's just that today is the first day I've even started to get back into a routine after the holidays. You see since my birthday was on January 2nd and my husband's was on the 3rd it makes the holidays just that much longer for us :}

Today I went to sign up for the program at the gym I had wanted to join. It's twice a week with orientation tomorrow evening. I decided to join the morning class from 10:00-11:30am so I will have the rest of my day. I can't wait to start. I think this will help me by getting into the gym more often. I really like the thought of a trainer helping me find a work-out program that includes a little of everything.

I'm glad to see that everyone came back from the holidays safe and in general had a good time. I also want to thank everyone for being here for me. It feels good to think that I've lost 10lbs and am on my way to losing more. After just turning 29 I believe that anything is possible and that I am going to reach my goal. Thank you again for being so wonderful. Thanks for listening, KT

The Bug on 01/04/2001:
10 - 11:30, wow, that's a long workout. I hope it's fun!

pastagal on 01/04/2001:
Aww glad to hear you joined a gym,,,,i am going to be doing the same this yr,,would of right after christmas but not fully over my broncitis i have had so bad,,,but soon:}

Congrats on the 10lbs,,yep your on your way to loseing more,,just keep up what your doing and it will happen,,takes time,,:}} Have a great day KT:}}

muggg on 01/05/2001:
Congrats on joining the gym! I know you'll enjoy it! And you're right... anything IS possible.... Isn't it a great feeling?

KT - Sunday Dec 31, 2000

Weight: 192.0

Well, I weighed in today just because I wanted to see how much damage I had done over the holidays. Funny thing is my weight hasn't moved. It's still 192! That is just too cool! I know what I did over the holidays and I couldn't have complained if I had gained weight. I expected to have gained but to have maintained the same weight is amazing. I'm telling you the diet fairy and I are cool like that.

I actually made it to the gym today. It seemed like forever since I had been there. I had a pretty good work-out. Oh yeah, for Christmas remember how I said I asked for my husband to enroll me in a program at the gym. For some reason he overlooked that present. I'm not complaining about what I did receive for Christmas. Believe me I made out however I really did want to be in that program. Needless to say I'm going to try to join after the first of the year when the trainer in charge of the program comes back to the gym. I'm hoping there is still a spot available. My thought process is that if I join the program I will go the gym more and hopefully lose more weight. I really want to get into the 180's during January so I can go skydiving. That would be my present to myself.

New Year's Eve is coming up soon. As of yet I don't have any plans. The funny thing is I'm not upset about that in the least. I feel all partied and planned out. The cool thing about New Year's Eve in Hawaii is that they treat it like the mainland treats the Fourth of July. There used to be fireworks going off EVERYWHERE. Sometimes the fireworks that your neighbors would let off would be better than the ones the town itself set off. The problem was that with EVERYBODY letting off fireworks a huge cloud of smoke covered the island. Driving was next to impossible on New Year's Eve. People would try to plan around the smoke. This year Hawaii is rationing people on how much fireworks they buy for the holiday. They have to buy some sort of permit or license just to buy a certain amount of firecrackers. No more aerial shows! I'm very disappointed about this. I've seen the best fireworks shows here. It's funny because as I sit here I can look out my window and see that someone just set off some aerial fireworks. That's my plan for New Year's Eve. Get some champagne and sit on my balcony with my husband and watch fireworks. Ok, enough babbling. I'm sorry I seem to do that so much. Thanks for listening, KT

maria7 on 12/31/2000:
Skydiving? You are the brave one! Maria

The Bug on 01/02/2001:
It is so cool that your weight remained the same, when you thought you did some damage! Just 3 pounds to lose to get to the 180's. Good luck!

KT - Friday Dec 29, 2000

Weight: 192.0

I had a wonderful Christmas! Everything went very well with the Christmas dinner I had. Some of the people didn't show up but it was funny because others that I hadn't counted on did. It's funny how things work out like that. The bad thing with cooking and preparing everything for the dinner is that I know I liked everything that I was making alot. I tried giving away as much of the food as possible after the meal but they couldn't take it all. As you can tell I slid somewhat over the Christmas holiday. Today is the first day I feel like I'm starting to get back on track. I got my water intake back up to where it was before. I tried to go to the gym but I got into my car and it wouldn't turn over. Dead battery! Oh well, guess I'll get back into the gym tomorrow. Another thing that I've found that is hindering me is that my husband got me a computer game for Christmas. It's called the Age of Empires II. The thing is I start to play the game and the next thing I know the day is gone. Not very good for keeping active. I'm now going to limit myself to one hour of playing a day at the most. I can't begin to get sedentary. I don't plan on weighing in until after my birthday. My birthday is on the 2nd of January. That doesn't mean that I'm not going to be getting back on track but I just want to wait until I know I'm back on track completely. I hope everyone had as good of a Christmas as I did. I will try to keep updating and commenting more consistently now that Christmas is over. Oh yeah, Herb I don't have an FAA job yet. I was a air traffic controller in the Navy before I got out and have applied to many jobs in the FAA that I am waiting to get word on. I've applied to Department of Defense jobs for air traffic controller jobs. I've also applied to contract towers. Can you tell I like what I did and want to continue in that field? I only have three more months and then back to the mainland I go. Hopefully I'll be going to a good job! Take care everyone and Thanks for Listening, KT

pastagal on 12/29/2000:
Sounds like you had a really nice christmas,,,and yes,,,the computer games can take up a full day without you realizing it:} i get on aol and play slingo sometimes and can't beleive how fast the time flies:}

Well been a rough week for me,,will probley take another week to really get over this broncitis,,i just feel horrible:{

Well i don't blame you for not weighing till after your birthday,i am waiting till the 1st to start again fresh,,,,going to rejoin ww123,,they have a new program and i really like the sound of it,,well have a great day KT,,,:}}

muggg on 12/29/2000:
Glad you had a good holiday! I did too! Do you know where you will be when you get back on mainland?

KT - Friday Dec 22, 2000

Weight: 192.0

I'm back from my trip to Maui. I had such a good time! We got there around noon the first day. I had heard from some friends that driving to a town called Hana was a good way to see the coastline. They weren't kidding! The road to Hana has over 610 SHARP curves and turns. The road actually went to one lane over many bridges and meandered around cliffs. It was a pretty amazing ride. Roundtrip we eventually got to our hotel on the other side of the island about 7pm. My husband talked me into stopping off at Oheo pools and attempting to hike to the falls. I hiked about a mile and a half before my sandals just weren't working out. We did see some really beautiful pools along the way. The second day I had made reservations to watch a sunrise at Haleakala. Haleakala is still considered an active volcano but hasn't erupted in hundreds of years. We had to get up at the ungodly hour of 2:15am to get to the bicycle company we were using coming down. You see we were going to view the sunrise and then ride bikes down the volcano. Here is where it becomes interesting. It was 45 degrees at the top of the volcano at sunrise. I know that sounds warm to everyone else but to my husband and I it felt practically Arctic. Once the sun rose we climbed on our bikes with jackets, hats and gloves. This wasn't really the bike ride I had expected. I had expected a leisurely coast down to the bottom. I was soooo wrong. This was more like extreme downhill biking! I've never been on a bicycle going that fast! Then there were curves similar to the ones on the road to Hana circling the volcano to get to the bottom. Needless to say at the speed we were going it didn't warm up much. I know that most sane people would be consoling me saying how terrible that must have been but I had such a great time. I love the adrenalin rush! Must be why I like being an air traffic controller, huh?

Ok, enough boring everyone about my trip. As far as my diet is going, let's just say I haven't been doing as well as I had been. My husband took me to the Outback in Maui and I ate entirely to much. I planned on exercising today to get back into the swing of things but when I went to start my car I found that the battery was dead. Tomorrow I will be getting back on track. I'm not going to weigh-in until the first of the year. I think I have to make up for a few days just to maintain the weight I was at my last weigh-in. I hope everyone has been having great days. Thanks for listening, KT

TweetieCat on 12/22/2000:
WOW!!!! Your trip sounds so interesting and the views must have been awesome!!! I've never been to Hawaii. It's on the opposite side of the country from where I live and I highly doubt that I'll ever get there. I've heard it is very beautiful and like living in paradise. Glad you had a nice time.

I know what you mean about having a tough time keeping on track right now. I'm in the same position. I am still going to try to do the best I can during the holidays and I will definitely buckle down on the 1st.

Merry Christmas & Happy, Healthy New Year.


Pastagal on 12/22/2000:
Oh KT,,your trip to Maui sounded absolutely wonderful,,,,,i remember that bike trail,,,,we did that the yr i went,,,,i thought maui was truely a beautiful island,,,,and the peopel there are so layed back and nice,,,

Well as for your eating,,,don't worry,just enjoy for now and soon all of us can forcus on our dieting and being good,,,its just to dang hard right now,:}} well you have a wonderful christmas and the new yr is going to be good to all of us,,i just know it:}}}

herb on 12/22/2000:
Congratulations on getting the FAA job. You never said it was going to be a air traffic controller. Great going. When did this happen, I dont remember you putting this event in the diary.

muggg on 12/22/2000:
K.T. I enjoyed your entry so very much... it felt like I was there with you going down those hills... Wheeeee!!!! (LOL)

Congrats on your 2nd place victory.. I think that is awesome! I am so envious of your sunburn... to be so warm.... Wish I could feel the sun coming down on me now.... (LOL) 45� is chilly when you are on bikes though.. that I do understand!

Have a great Christmas holiday and don't fret about the food! We're all going to get extremely serious witht the new year!!!

jenny on 12/22/2000:
Wow! Does my jealousy ooze over the computer lines to you?!? If not, I'm surprised. What a great trip, I'm so glad you had fun. Well, hang in there with me, and thanks for your words of encouragement. P.S. It's 5 degrees here, (not including windchill!)

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