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KathyBlue - Thursday Jan 28, 2021
(Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.)
Weight: 0.0

 Hello, Gals and Gents!

Do you believe me when I say, I wanted to come and add an entry every single day in the last few weeks. But I keep forgetting or something happens and I get distracted... Hey but... better later than never, I'm here now, right?!

So, lots of things going on... I mean... It's purely mental I guess, because physically speaking we are pretty much restricted to the limit. We can't go out much, stores are either closed or restricted to essencial goods... Online businesses are thriving now because any other way to buy clothes, toys, home stuff, is not possible. 

Policemen are encouraged by the government to identify people out on the streets, ask for proof of address as it's not allowed to go far to take the dog for a run or exercise outside. These are allowed activities, but only in the surroundings of home and for short periods of time.
So people are getting additional stress with this as many can't even show a proof of address because all the governmental offices are also closed so if they have to change address or anything on their ID cards they are screwed. Same goes for me, I am carrying a simple bank letter that came to my current address, because my official ID address is not this one. My son's ID card has been expired for months and they don't care.

Putting all this to context, I am confined in my home with a bored 5 year old (almost 6, yay) and a 3 months old puppy who wakes me up every single night and early morning. I am doing remote work, but it's constantly interrupted by them. So, my life resumed in one sentence: I'm on survival mode, mentally and physically speaking. 

Eating is still OK but I feel I eat too much, and gyms are closed of course. I am not able to go out to exercise because I am alone with the kid and going out with the kid is not the same. We can play around and walk but it's not the rigorous exercise I was used to and my body craves for as the most efficient form of stress relief.. If I tried to do my routine outdoors, it would end in a disaster because I would be interrupted and that's what I hate the most, due to my conditions (OCD and ADHD), so I would just become upset and frustrated, even more than I feel 24/7 because of this whole situation...

So, basically that's it. Oh, and remember about that romance with the American guy I wrote about. That's over. We haven't spoken since end of November and that's about right, given that I found out he had been wooing other(s) at the same time. Yet another deception to my romantic CV.

I hope everyone is doing okay. 



Here's a belated Christmas picture:

bearcountrygg on 01/28/2021:
Nice picture Kathy....and your little one is adorable! It sounds like Portugal has it even harder than the states....I'm sure it is hard staying in all day with a small child that needs to get out and play. Where I live we can still go out but with mask restrictions.....Glad to see you back.

grannyannie on 01/28/2021:
Cute pic, Kat.

Scotland is on total lockdown again until mid Feb (or longer). We haven't been encouraged to turn people in but it does happens - especially if people have parties. And you can pay a fine.

Jacky82020 on 01/28/2021:
Lovely photo!

legcramps on 01/28/2021:
Sorry to hear of your struggles. We too have restrictions on households and will be fined if we are found in the company of those who do not have the same home address. It's been a tough year, hasn't it? [hugs]

Donkey on 01/28/2021:
Cute picture!!!!

My state is starting to open up again, because the positivity rates are low enough to do so. I'm so surprised to hear this, because all I see are people doing foolish things. I am currently quarantined, because my daughter tested positive. On and off, I've been feeling kind of anxious. That was me Monday and today. But I am fortunate to know that I have a job and an end-date. So I will just push through these feelings. That HAS to be tough with a little one, though.

Maria7 on 01/28/2021:
Oh, what a sweet picture of you and your son, Kathy. You are both gorgeous! Thank you for what you wrote to my last post. I will comment to it after I finish this first. Our state, South Carolina, is not on lockdown but the nursing homes are, and I haven't been allowed to go inside my Mama's nursing home for 10 months now...can't give her a hug, nothing. I visit her at her window most days and she always asks me when am I coming inside? I always take her a bag of her favorite foods. This is tough on everybody. Hubby and I do not eat inside restaurants, nor do other things we used to do, to stay safer. Only the Lord knows when the pandemic will end. In the meanwhile, happy that you and your son are doing well. Take care.

Horn_of_plenty on 01/28/2021:
HELLO! thanks for sharing your photo...i never put your name together with your face...realizing now who you are from fb... :) or maybe i forgot bc it's been awhile since you posted here!

your son is a mini of you! you look so much alike!

i hear that in France, also, they are much stricter, like your country, than the United States. we are free to go out and do as we please, still. stay well and healthy!

KathyBlue on 01/31/2021:
hehehe :=)

Maria7 on 01/29/2021:
Hope you are having a good day.

KathyBlue - Sunday Dec 13, 2020
(Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.)
Weight: 0.0

 Have a great weekend, all! 

Love and Respect yourselves, take time to perform some self-improvement every day! :-)

Love ya all, Warriors! 


grannyannie on 12/13/2020:
Hey, Kath! Good to see you.

Jacky82020 on 12/13/2020:
Hi, Kathy! Happy Holidays!

Donkey on 12/13/2020:
Wise words - thank you!

Horn_of_plenty on 12/14/2020:
love that we are all warriors together in this! very fitting, like Donkey says! :)

KathyBlue - Wednesday Dec 09, 2020
(Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.)
Weight: 0.0

Oh... long time... too long.

I changed computers and I kept forgetting to come and write another entry!

Anyways, not much changed... I keep on track, losing weight and volume. Many people notice now and keep congratulating me. Well, been there done that, I hope it won't come back again though. I don't want to be ungrateful or sceptical, I accept all the congratulations with full heart, I just try to not get overwhelmed by all these things. I am aware that the last time I managed to get down to normal weight from morbid obese, I certainly got on the high horse. I want to avoid anything like that, this time. It's a lifestyle. Not a diet. It's dedication and hard work. Not obsession.

Gym is going awesome, I keep progressing - and this is why I love HIIT and any interval training so much. Progress is pretty much evident and measurable. Not like swimming, I hated swimming because I felt zero progress, I just felt like a brick in the water all the time... but with gym, I can say I progress when I manage to lift more, do more repetitions, or increase the interval of work and reduce the interval of rest. That's the thing.

Food-wise, I'm better now. The medication is settled now, and I feel that eating is not an issue anymore. I don't go lower than I should, and I don't go over the recommended limit (by MyFitnessPal).

Oh and guess what, I ordered leggings and all sorts of stuff online. In the meantime, my older gym clothes started fitting again so I'm overly happy I don't have to spend a fortune on a proper sports bra! Hahaha!

Christmas is coming, and I know this will be a very atypical year and celebration for almost everyone. I wish you all the best and honestly, take it easy, because the more we manage to "behave", the faster we get back to "normality" - if that will ever exist from now on!

Our little town is decorated heavily though, here are some images for you:


Jacky82020 on 12/09/2020:
Wow! Gorgeous photos! Tell Santa to do the same for me

grannyannie on 12/10/2020:
Love the photos and glad you are doing so well.

Donkey on 12/10/2020:
I am glad you are doing well too -- this has really lifted me up this morning, to do better in my own efforts!

Horn_of_plenty on 12/10/2020:
Hi Kathy! So glad you came back to DD again!

yeah, it totally is a lifestyle. I have gained and lost 2x in my life. I do NOT want there to be a third time!! :) For all the same reasons...it's just so difficult to do the process again and again!

it's nice to hear you are enjoying being back and fitting into the smaller sizes! congrats to you!!!!

KathyBlue - Thursday Nov 05, 2020
(Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.)
Weight: 0.0

Hello all :) 

So, it's November now, and it's time for a new lockdown. It's still partial here in Portugal, but anyway we are not going anywhere.

My town and this region all together is still not a "red zone" but I have no doubt it will change later on. Cases are growing and overall, the outlook is grim. Everyone stay safe and be cautious and responsible.

On a personal tone - everything is going well. I'm still going to to the gym three times a week and it's been perfect so far. I am progressing, losing weight and volume. I feel great, I feel sore (from gym) and I feel that my clothes are getting bigger, haha.

Work is still tough... I have little time for anything else and personal quality time is only when I go to the gym. The rest is dedicated to work and family, and my personal life - work balance is still effed up (sorry). Company promised to hire new people, we'll see.

I hope everyone is doing great. Cheers and here's some photos after Daylight Saving Time is on, and it started to darken really early. These photos are from 6-7 PM time except the middle one which was taken a few weeks back ..



grannyannie on 11/05/2020:
Nice photos! What level lockdown are you on? My area is level 2.

KathyBlue on 11/06/2020:
Oh I have no clue about levels. For now we have red and not-red zones. Red zones are highest level risk, so mandatory work-from-home, only go out if absolutely necessary, etc.

grannyannie on 11/05/2020:
What kind of temps are you getting now?

KathyBlue on 11/06/2020:
Temperature is around 20-15 Celsius degrees for now. The wind can be cruel though, it can make us feel the temp lower than it is. We never have snow here... just rain... and sun most of the time.

Maria7 on 11/05/2020:
Thank you for your photos. I really like the one of the restaurant/coffee shop.

innerpeace on 11/05/2020:
it always looks so clean. Thanks for sharing.

KathyBlue on 11/06/2020:
Yes because the town hall has quite a big crew of people who are responsible to keep the streets clean. Nowadays the only litter I see all over the place is ... disposable masks. :( But not that many, I guess they fly by mistake from people's hands or something.

Horn_of_plenty on 11/05/2020:
it is SO WONDERFUL to hear you are still going to the gym and making the most of your time. that's difficult for working people in general!

next, your photos are outstanding! that quaint one of a kind shop, with those beautiful umbrellas over the tables! so pretty! what does the shop sell? coffee and cake or other food?

KathyBlue on 11/06/2020:
It's a restaurant but I mainly see people drinking coffee and eating cakes they make. They also have quite a big bar area with alcoholic beverages. :) Yes I always loved gym. Life is not easy but I try to do it for my own fun and self-accomplishment.

Maria7 on 11/13/2020:
Hope you are having a good day.

KathyBlue - Monday Oct 19, 2020
(Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.)
Weight: 0.0

 Hi girls and boys!

I'm doing great! My app says I've been logging my food for 108 days straight. In total, I lost almost 13 kgs (28lbs), which is great. I still don't measure by weight though, my feelings are the most important. So far, I feel better... I feel my knees don't hurt anymore, I feel more flexible and movement is anyway easier and flowing better.

I'm back to the gym, and I feel very good and positive about it. It's my 3 times a week little death, as I am doing HIIT (high intensity interval training) sessions and I'm pushing for myself hard. I get compliments from people all the time, it's so comforting.

The rest - still the same, lots of work, and lots of stress at home... I try to really take these "easy" or better, solve them. I do my best and I don't let my stress influence my newly regained well-being. One day, I believe, I will be in harmony and balance with everything. It's just not now.

Cheers :)


A photo of my gym & pool from the outside in the evening... and a nice quote for all of you! :)

Jacky82020 on 10/19/2020:
Congrats! You’re doing good, girl!

Jacky82020 on 10/19/2020:
Love those trees. Similar to the ones we had in Southern California

bearcountrygg on 10/19/2020:
You are doing great!

Horn_of_plenty on 10/19/2020:
awww, what beautiful palm trees. it must be so beautiful now over by you.

30lbs or whatever you lost is GREAT. so all the work you put in has been well worth it!

it's so wonderful that your own body, your knees, feel better. that is very important.

Donkey on 10/20/2020:
Good to hear from you!!!

legcramps on 10/21/2020:
Glad you are doing well; great to hear from you!

Maria7 on 10/26/2020:
Hope you are having a good day.

KathyBlue - Saturday Oct 03, 2020
(Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.)
Weight: 0.0

 Heyyyy everyone!!!

I'm sorry I haven't been posting lately! I am so really busy. There are both good and bad things going on with me. First, work is killing me. I have been working from early morning to late night, including weekends and holidays. Unfortunately this will be the tendency until things don't stabilize after a key colleague left us. So my sleeping time is very reduced now and sometimes I literally pass out on the bed while I'm browsing the phone or something.

On the good side, I stood up for myself and said... ok, if I have to do overtime and weekends, I may as well as go back to gym and do something for my health before I go crazy. So I just went back to gym, they don't do "unlimited gym" now, they only work by booking so I actually have to tell when I go and they have 1h30m slots from 7h30 to 21h30. It's still fine. I am adopting to this. I booked for the whole week but sometimes I cannot go at a given hour so I call them and reschedule for later. It's been working and I haven't skipped any yet. I hope it will be like this. As I was before! Yay!!!

I'm doing basic cardio for warm-up (cycling or rowing - these are the only things I actually like and don't hurt my back...). Max 20 minutes of this, but mainly less. Really, just to warm up. After that, I do HIIT training. So, I restarted with the GymBoss again. It has been my loyal companion for CrossFit and HIIT and Outdoor trainings.. I really dislike counting reps, and I tend to over-rest between exercises or reps so for me this works to optimize trainings. I started with 2 times 6 exercises 30 seconds intense 30 seconds rest. I managed to raise this now to 24 minutes, means 4 times 6 types of exercises, but same 30-30. So my goal is to change this 30-30 to 40-20, and ultimately 45-15, but I have to go slow. I am monitoring my heartbeat too with Polar watch and I've been producing very high peaks so I better not push it over 180 bpm. I often hit above 200 this week on some high intensity exercises.

I have been doing really well with healthy eating, and the medication is now set, I think my body got used to it. I am focused and I actually do only 100% healthy eating. Sometimes I accept a small cookie or a sip of chocolate milk from my kid, but it is what it is, not a meal. I mainly do protein-rich meals and low-carb. I like low-carb. The only thing I used to miss (not the case right now) are the potatoes. If rice and pasta would suddenly cease to exist on the planet, it would be perfectly fine for me. They never were in my top10 fav list. My problems were: overeating and sugary stuff. I could eat a whole cake at once. Now, I don't even want them. I look at them and my brain doesn't show any signals. It's very good actually. My doctor called me this week, and she asked me if the ADHD medication had any effect on my weight. I told her - definitely. I explained this to her and she said it was expected and she was glad it turned out to be beneficial to me on this level too.

So.. as I haven't been obsessing about food, and for the first time in 39 years I feel that my relationship with food is balanced and healthy, I ...... Got myself a scale! I have been really reluctant to know my weight. I actually have no clue what was my starting point so I just set an approximate value. Pity, but yeah. So, guess what! I've been writing my food jornal in the MyFitnessPal app, and it says I've been doing so for 90 days. And in 90 days, I lost 21 pounds! It's awesome! It's not too much, and it's not too few. It's just really perfect for it. 

Hey, some photos from my town, at night.:

bearcountrygg on 10/03/2020:
Lots going on for you...and you sound happy.

innerpeace on 10/03/2020:
Lovely pictures...intense situation for you! These things rarely work out in a good way for all concerned. Good luck.

KathyBlue on 10/03/2020:
Yeah, maybe. I normally take the positive approach and hope for the best, haha. Also, I let myself go with the flow, because if it's meant to be then it will happen, otherwise, it will be gone and eventually forgotten. If I get hurt in the process, I will recover. there are many fish in the sea. :)

Donkey on 10/03/2020:
Oh KB, I can relate to your post. Work is killing me too. Real Estate is NUTS. I'm so glad that you posted, though, because I *LOVE* the deal that you made with yourself. If you are giving more to work, then you must also give more (going to the gym) to yourself. That is EXACTLY what *I* need to do for myself.

I'm glad that you have found a little happiness in your online relationship. No judgment here. We all need a little something in life that is happy and gives us hope, that helps carry us along when the rest of life is chaos.

I love your pictures, especially the last one!

KathyBlue on 10/03/2020:
Yay!! Yes, the gym is taking like max. 1-1,5H of a day, and I do it on alternate days so let's say max. 4.5h of a week. And I don't do lunchtime anyway so... I still overwork most of the days so compared to that stress, my way of relief is the most time efficient and beneficial ever. :)

grannyannie on 10/03/2020:
Welcome back. Hope the job and the relationship improve!

Maria7 on 10/03/2020:
I always enjoy looking at the photos your post. Thanks for sharing.

Horn_of_plenty on 10/03/2020:
I'm happy to hear that some things are going well for you and that you can have a friendship / romance with someone who makes you feel good.

i'm sorry you are so stressed at work. it's even harder now with COVID as i'm sure most workplaces do not want to hire extra workers and are trying to "make do" with what they already have.

Stay in this positive outlook. i'm glad you are going to the gym, bettering yourself, and not just "bettering the company."

Maria7 on 10/04/2020:
Hope you are having a good day, Kathy.

happy-1 on 10/04/2020:
Great photos!

ADHD meds do the same for me... No appetite suppression but better organization and decision-making. Including food.

KathyBlue - Sunday Sep 13, 2020
(Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.)
Weight: 0.0

 Hey Girls and Boys!

I'm sorry I haven't been writing much lately. Unfortunately, since my colleague left work, I've been having nightmare workdays. I've been literally working non-stop for two weeks. A week ago, on Saturday, I even threw up out of stress, in the morning. Now I feel much better.... Work is calmer now, it has to be, otherwise I would go crazy.

So, eating-wise, all is good. I've been on track and never once fell off track or cheated or overate etc., because I simply didn't feel the need. I also eat more balanced now, so I don't get the message from the MyFitnessPal app that I haven't been getting enough calories daily. 

Next step... big one... I decided to weigh in. I am so scared, but I feel the need to quantify myself and for once I'm not scared of falling off track out of frustration of pure scale numbers. I just want to know, because doctor will ask, and I want to see if I'm going in the right direction or not.... I guess I am because my feelings are positive.... I feel more energetic and moving is simplier now. I also feel my stomach more flat and bloating only comes when I am near that time of the month (like right now, haha).

Picture time! We went to the beach yesterday!

Horn_of_plenty on 09/13/2020:
so glad you are doing well! thanks for updating us and posting!

wow! the view of the beach is so beautiful! here, by me, it's sometimes not possible to have that view from above like you do!

do you have a balcony at a beach club? how did you take this photo? where were you?

KathyBlue on 09/17/2020:
Hey, they have a hill right above the beach so there is a road and everything. I will try to share, I took a photo from there too, where it can be seen.

Donkey on 09/14/2020:
I enjoyed the pictures you shared! I imagined myself sitting in one of the lounge chairs under an umbrella.

I'm so sorry to hear about work. I have no easy answers. I've been in a similar boat lately. Not good. Hang in there!

Maria7 on 09/15/2020:
So happy to see you back, Kathy. I always love your photos you share with all of us.

Maria7 on 09/17/2020:
I hope you are having a good day, Kathy.

happy-1 on 09/18/2020:
Beautiful day!

happy-1 on 09/18/2020:
Beautiful day!

KathyBlue - Thursday Aug 27, 2020
(Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.)
Weight: 0.0

Hey, everyone :-)

How are you all! I'm doing great. I can't write everything down on a public forum but I feel positive about the future. :-)

Healthy eating is going on well, I'm still failing the daily calorie limit (I'm still eating less than I should) but I'm trying to get food that make sense and contribute for my wellbeing...

I will try to post pictures later... :-)


Jacky82020 on 08/27/2020:
Beautiful pics you have here! Love them!

KathyBlue on 08/27/2020:
Thanks Jacky :)

Horn_of_plenty on 08/27/2020:
Hi Kathy!

so nice to hear from you and most importantly that you are feeling positive. that's important!

it takes awhile to change eating habits, so don't feel too terrible. it took me YEARS (not days, not months!)

legcramps on 08/27/2020:
Glad you're feeling good about things! Looking forward to your pictures, they're always very interesting!

21rohi on 08/28/2020:
kathy eating right food at right time is too important dear drink plenty water id also gud for health

Donkey on 08/28/2020:
I read your entry this morning, and it instantly lifted my mood, too. I'm glad to hear you feeling so positive, even if you can't share the details (which is perfectly fine).

I hope your good fortune continues to shine!

Maria7 on 08/28/2020:
Glad you are doing well.

Maria7 on 09/01/2020:
I hope you are doing well and have been having a good day.

KathyBlue - Wednesday Aug 12, 2020
(Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.)
Weight: 0.0

 Hey Guys and Girls!

I'm doing great. Today is my birthday. I'm a bit busy because work is being extremely demanding nowadays, and I usually forget to come here. :-( I become really mentally exhausted by the end of the workday.

Eating is going on well, I mean, I should have healthier choices (I eat healthy normally, but not cooked meals so I feel some nutritients may be missing!) ... and maybe a bit more. The other day I managed to have some exercise and yesterday I had a nice walk outside at night. I really felt like I needed some time alone, for me, with my music.

Normally, it would be the season of medieval fairs in Portugal. All of them were cancelled due to coronavirus situation. Here's an old one to remember of those days:


I took this photo some nights back:

Donkey on 08/12/2020:
Happy birthday!!!!!

Work has been so time-consuming for me as well, which is why I didn't comment much the past 1-2 weeks. In fact, I'm glad I went away to visit my son, as the break was so nice.

Horn_of_plenty on 08/14/2020:
Happy Bday to you!!! I hope you had a great birthday!

We also had the medieval fairs here! it would take approx 2 hours to drive there and was loads of fun, just like the picture you posted...

KathyBlue - Monday Aug 03, 2020
(Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.)
Weight: 0.0

Hi Girls and Boys!

The hot weather keeps on. The wounds I had on my arms are gone finally, which is great.

The clean eating is going fine, I'm still not eating enough but eating, and no excess at least.... I feel happy and energetic, so I'm not worried. I also feel less slugish and much less tired, which is AWESOME actually. Remember - I don't measure this journey in numbers. I follow my feelings.


Horn_of_plenty on 08/03/2020:
You are doing a great job following how you feel. it's better than just looking at numbers. I am one of those numbers players, but the truth is that it's more than just the number when it comes to your health!

lovely photos. nyc doesn't get so pretty like this!

happy-1 on 08/06/2020:

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