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KathyBlue - Sunday Sep 12, 2021
(Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.)
Weight: 0.0


For the 48 hours, you can join the DDs FB group via this link. Request to join, approval is needed but I'm there to do it. :) :


One more entry because I feel insipred tonight. :)

I just wanted to say... with all the noise coming from all sorts of social media on the Internet... My advice to everyone is: stay true to your own self. Don't consider others as "role models", don't fall for the influencers. We are unique... we only get to compete with ourselves, and we are on an eternal journey to reach our Forever Best! That's the real higher power, within each and everyone of us.

bearcountrygg on 09/12/2021:
So true and a lot to think about.....

Donkey on 09/13/2021:
You are SO RIGHT about social media... I feel like I'm getting caught up in a couple of women's journeys. One is realistic, she sounds a lot like me. The 2-3 others I follow, though... when I started realizing that I was comparing myself, then it started to feel uncomfortable.

One thing I wanted to mention is that my entire life seems to have been dictated to me by my uterus: the dangerous moods, the cramps, the nausea, the inflammation as a result of surging hormones, even my back problems are related to my uterus! It's hard not to feel like a prisoner in my own body.

horn_of_plenty on 09/13/2021:
Great advise to be True to Yourself! i asked someone advice not too long ago on how to be more professional or what to do in general to give myself an honest / good reputation at work - she also said be true to yourself.

I like having DD in one place, for me, because i do not feel i could keep up with it in two places and don't want to feel responsible to reply even sooner to people bc of facebook's "instant gratification" timeline if you know what i mean?

maybe i'll just join to watch and not reply...

horn_of_plenty on 09/13/2021:
yes, i am knowledgable per your entry below and how AA is very religious, god/christian based which works very well for many of it's members.

I have been to a couple AA meetings, to observe, not for me; and those two meetings had a spectacular leader who did a wonderful job. the meetings were very emotional and supportive :) I spoke of OA in it, actually! a few were OA!

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KathyBlue - Sunday Sep 12, 2021
(Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.)
Weight: 0.0


For the 48 hours, you can join the DDs FB group via this link. It should automatically join, no approvals needed.:



Woohoo, Sunday!

The rest day... well. I've been resting for two days now, as I have the period and it's always a mess on several levels. Why can't we women "get used to it" over the decades, why... maybe some do, I just can't. I'm an emo wreck and my physical wellbeing is affected by all this, too. I feel bloated, fat, I keep critizing and sabotaging my own self over the course of these monthly period of 4-5 days. Then I have to work extra hard the rest of the month to lessen the damage...

Alert - some ranting follows...

I've been reading a tad bit too much of FB groups lately. I'm part of groups related to ADHD, decluttering/minimalist life, home gym and fitness groups and ultimately, the big group of Overeaters Anonymous. I don't know if you guys are familiar with the concept of AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) and OA (pretty much the same but focused on eating disorders)... but both of them are spritual approaches and they have the Big Book of AA/OA and they follow the 12 steps and take one day at a time. The baseline is to accept that there's a HP (Higher Power), that can be God or something else entirely if the person is an atheist or something, doesn't matter. The aim there is to accept that we are powerless about food and we become humble enough to seek help of this HP entity.
After this brief explanation, I have to say the group entries wind me up big time because people misuse the group for a diet group. OA is not a diet. OA doesn't follow or promote any diets. OA promotes having regular OA meetings (live or online) and a sponsor with whom we can work the progress based on the 12 steps, creating a meal plan, having regular talks to keep accountability on a certain level. OA is not about pounds. Not about inches. Not about losing weight. It's about balance, health, body and mind. It's about finding the reason behind the eating disorder and tackling the problem by its roots. It's a healing process, without drugs, without diets. People really don't understand it and keep posting stuff like "I need to lose 30 pounds until next month because I have a wedding to attend" and things like that. Bah...

Anyway, I feel like I should leave all the groups that have posts that make me nervous on a regular basis. They keep posting stuff that triggers me big time and I get anger issues over it. It's not like as if I was violent or anything, mostly I don't even bother to comment and I certainly don't break the phone/computer screen over them. A rule I live by is: do not argue with strangers on the Internet. But it doesn't mean they don't get on my nerves, haha...

I don't even do OA, but I respect/understand them and I like to read their motivational and success stories and their tips and tricks to work on the 12 steps. I'd love to assist an online meeting, too, but I'm afraid that it's so connected to religion and I'm not religious. For me, it's really difficult to find a HP they are talking about.

By the way, the 12 steps are the following:

The Twelve Steps of Overeaters Anonymous

  1. We admitted we were powerless over food—that our lives had become unmanageable.
  2. Came to believe that a Power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity.
  3. Made a decision to turn our will and our lives over to the care of a HP as we understood Him.
  4. Made a searching and fearless moral inventory of ourselves.
  5. Admitted to the HP, to ourselves and to another human being the exact nature of our wrongs.
  6. Were entirely ready to have the HP remove all these defects of character.
  7. Humbly asked Him to remove our shortcomings.
  8. Made a list of all persons we had harmed, and became willing to make amends to them all.
  9. Made direct amends to such people wherever possible, except when to do so would injure them or others.
  10. Continued to take personal inventory and when we were wrong, promptly admitted it.
  11. Sought through prayer and meditation to improve our conscious contact with the HP as we understood Him, praying only for knowledge of His will for us and the power to carry that out.
  12. Having had a spiritual awakening as the result of these Steps, we tried to carry this message to compulsive overeaters and to practice these principles in all our affairs.


Sunday Wisdom:


Maria7 on 09/12/2021:
Hello to you! Thanks for your comment to my post (answered it if you want to read it). Yes, I, too have been having to resist watching news on tv to lower anxiety. It seems these days that a lot of people (not you nor me) are creating their own anxieties and thriving on them. I am like you, Kathy. I like to live in peace. There is nothing like feeling peaceful. There is so much going on all over the world that who needs to read, listen to, or be a part of more anxieties? Ha! We have enough to contend with as it is. I hope you have a peaceful day and know that we love you (here at DD) and the Lord (Whom I believe in) loves you and you are a wonderful person who cares about others and tries to lift them up. I know that your message to me on my post sure did lift me up when I read it this morning and I thank you. Take care and have a blessed day. Love ya!

Donkey on 09/12/2021:
I have to agree along the lines with Maria. I don't need any more stress & anxiety in my life that I already have. So I've had to limit quite a bit of what I used to watch and keep track of. For example, this year, I just could NOT handle the coverage on the 9/11 memorial. Watched a little bit, realized it would be too much and consume my entire emotional spectrum, and then walked away. That's why I was so glad to watch something light and fun like Great British Baking Show. Thank you, PBS.

KathyBlue on 09/12/2021:
Great British Baking Show!!! That's interesting. Actually I remembered I wanted to research about how to make nuts butters at home. I stocked up on walnuts and hazelnuts as I found a 50% discount... lol...

Jacky82020 on 09/12/2021:
That sounds like what I know of AA, mostly from TV & films, some nonfiction books.

I wouldn’t read/stay in groups that irritated me. I am very active on Twitter and quite liberal with my use of the BLOCK feature. Unfortunately this fish forum has only an Ignore button. That means you won’t see this person’s posts, but they can read yours. If they comment, you know, but can’t read it unless you reverse Ignore. Greatly prefer Block. It’s as though the person never existed for you.

I’m saying less & less in this fish forum. “met” a nice man who lives in Northern England. We email & trash the mean ppl. Seriously fun!

bearcountrygg on 09/12/2021:
I signed up to join...waiting on an ok....it showed no members...LOL ....and it's a secret group...no wonder it was so hard to find.

KathyBlue on 09/12/2021:
It has members , I approved! :D I stand corrected , approval is actually needed, haha

bearcountrygg on 09/12/2021:
I was approved...you are right...it's quiet it's almost asleep...I'm in but may just be reading a bit there before jumping in.

KathyBlue on 09/13/2021:
I will try to introduce everyone :)

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KathyBlue - Saturday Sep 11, 2021
(Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.)
Weight: 0.0

Oh my, it's already Saturday! I had a crazy week at work!!!

I'm sorry I haven't come back on the FB group topic earlier. So, yes the group is closed, can you guys write to me or add me, and I add you to the group? Here's my FB page:

(1) Katalin Pap | Facebook

Alternatively I can ask the owner to open the group for some time? Maybe that's a good option as well, haha. Don't forget I have ADHD I get confused over basic organisational tasks! Haha...

So... this week was a disaster for me personally, I had to work a loooot and it was really upsetting. It was common to work from 8 AM to 11 PM on a few days. My back is killing me. I got to phyiscal therapy only twice (should have been 3) and to the gym??? BaHH!!!! Only once! It's so annoying that I have to sacrifice my wellbeing and my hobbies and even family time, for the sake of work... but yeah, next week should be calmer...

There is certainly a light at the end of the tunnel, my son's school starts next week, next Thursday is presentation day, then Friday onwards, primary school it is !!! YAY!!!

You guys want to see my ADHD in action?! Compulsive buying hit me hard while buying stationery items for my kid... These I acquired for myself and I know I won't do anything with them because I hardly ever write into diaries or notebooks, my OCD doesn't let me do it, because I would ruin them with my awful handwriting and mistakes...

Jacky82020 on 09/11/2021:
Oh, those are cool things! I have too many as well. But get them cheap in the discount aisle at Walmart. After parents are done buying. Some terrific buys!

What’s this FB group? Something unrelated to here that uses the same rather generic name?

I don’t do FB, but was thinking of joining because the guy who sold me my big tank said he quit the local fish FB group because of all the crazy arguments. I wanted to be a spectator. My bad.

Hope you get more PT & that back improves.

KathyBlue on 09/11/2021:
haha arguments in a fish group, that sounds funny! Although you can't imagine the nasty arguments that come up in the "Decluttering and Minimalistic Life" group, too... :D We have a DDs group on FB, but it's closed to the public. We created it 11 years ago, it has 15 members from here.

Donkey on 09/11/2021:
Ooo, I love all of your journals!!!!! I use an agenda, because it helps keep me structured and regular in writing. This is especially helpful for my "daily gratitude" challenge for September. (I want to continue to write down at least 1 thing I'm grateful for every day.) I was VERY tempted to buy just a journal, with blank, unstructured pages, but I know myself, and that would most likely be abandoned after a few days. I need structure.

I DO understand what holds you back from using them though, with the OCD, not wanting to make mistakes, etc. I wish I had suggestions on how to overcome that. Maybe open up the journal or agenda with the intent of making mistakes. Start with the mindset of "This journal will not be perfect." Maybe take your mistakes and turn them into little doodles or drawings? Like I said, I wish I had better suggestions.

KathyBlue on 09/11/2021:
Good idea! :) I will try that. I should come up with something like that and get it printed and sold and become a millionaire!!! :D hehehehe

Jacky82020 on 09/11/2021:
Oh, I do remember HOP saying something about FB, but thought it was her personal FB page.

bearcountrygg on 09/11/2021:
Jacky...several of us here do have personal FB pages...I think HOP was talking about that....

bearcountrygg on 09/11/2021:
Donks idea is groundbreaking.......the answer to us with OCD tendencies to deal with things that formerly made us ( ME) rip pages out of journals....and of course that never worked.

Maria7 on 09/11/2021:
I keep journals, too. Don't worry about messing up your writing in them. Mine are like that all the time. Have a good day.

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KathyBlue - Monday Sep 06, 2021
(Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.)
Weight: 0.0

 Rise and shine, 

Monday, new day, new week, new challenges to keep it together. 

I had a good weekend, although yesterday morning hours were hellish, the day significiantly improved by some friends who came for lunch and a nice walk. 

Chinese / Japanese restaurant (buffet - all you can eat style) two days in a row - I wouldn't dare to hit the scale today, hahaha... 

bearcountrygg on 09/06/2021:
I'm really interested in the facebook group that you mention was for this site.....I never knew there was one and I've been here since 2017.....I would appreciate more info on that please. Also....I'm not a man.....must have me mixed up with someone else.....wife, Mom, Grandma and Great Grandma here.....but thanks for the chuckle..... I love asian restaurants.....we don't have any here and I really miss almond chicken.

KathyBlue on 09/06/2021:
haha sooo sorry!! Because we had a Bear before here and he is a man :) and he's in the group too, haha. I should have asked before jumping into conclusions! Apologies again, hehe. Facebook group is: https://www.facebook.com/groups/169215043089012

bearcountrygg on 09/06/2021:
Oh that is funny.......I will go look for the FB group....Thanks!

bearcountrygg on 09/06/2021:
I'm not able to reach it...it says link is broken...do you know the actual name of the group?

bearcountrygg on 09/06/2021:
Now I'm getting a closed group notice.....can't access it.

Donkey on 09/06/2021:
I'm getting the same message, that it's a closed group that can only be shared with a small group. Oh well... Are you the only one in both groups that posts on both sites?

It's nice to hear that your day improved after a bad morning. Sometimes, it just needs a reset.

Yep, just tryin' to keep it together. I hear ya...

Jacky82020 on 09/06/2021:
Haha, that’s funny! You thought Bear was a guy! She often mentions her husband. You though we had a gay Bear? Nothing wrong if we did, but it's kinda funny because I always knew we have a girl Bear. LOL

Jacky82020 on 09/07/2021:
I’d guess the fb group has nothing to do with this site. Generic enough name.

Horn_of_plenty on 09/07/2021:
i love a good chinese/japenese buffet that actually has some veggie dishes to choose from also. i've went to a few good buffets, still overate though! :)

nice to see a walk during the day. walks are fabulous!

KathyBlue - Saturday Sep 04, 2021
(Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.)
Weight: 0.0

 Good morning awesome people of DD!

I hope you're having a great weekend!

Finally I have some time to write an entry! I'm trying to catch up with you all and sometimes commenting is not possible when the thread is older than some days? I couldn't figure the exact rule but it's something like 2-3 days. Oh well, I have to do better and visit daily, haha.

So... my life is still hectic enough as my son is still at home and I had to return to work after a period of two weeks of holidays. I work from home, so it's not easy but at least it's also not impossible. I feel bad though because he's hooked on digital stuff all day and me too (but mine is actual work).

School will start only on the 20th, it's crazy how late they do it here in Portugal. Some of you may know this but as a reminder, I'm originally from Hungary. Hungary is a small country in central Europe, with surprisingly big echo on international news too often - for the worst reasons. Bad politics, dumb people, add these all up and you get quite a mess out of it.

BUT... I have been living in Portugal for 15 years and I clearly see the pros and cons differences between the two countries. I still enjoy more living here, sadly for my homeland, but Hungarian schools start 1st September sharp, like, there's absolutely no excuse for them not to start on that very day, except when it falls on a weekend. Even then, if 1st Sep is a Saturday, they start on the 31st Aug with the presentations of the teachers, classes, and start on 3rd with the full routine. No warm up time. LOL. I wish it would be the same here. 1st Aug - 20th Sept is far too big of school holidays for them kids. And for parents it is NOT sustainable because we can't get so much time off from work, right!? Because this is not the only holiday season of the year, there are more around Easter and Christmas - New Year combo is also two weeks off for them. I don't say there shouldn't be a break for them, but there should be activities organized by the municipalty or school. This happens sometimes but not for this loooong summer period, no. Meh.

In terms of exercise - I visited a doctor on the 11th because I wanted to know if I could do Animal Flow safe and secure with my condition (I have implants in my back). Instead of getting simple answers and instructions, I've been put on physical therapy, 15 sessions altogether. It's quite boring, the only good part of it is a heavely back massage they do in the beginning. After that there's electrostimulation which does nothing to me, and a session of exercises - which I already know and have been doing for years anyways..
I have to say I'd be better off without this extra time consuming thing three times a week. I do a more efficient workout routine and now this is a mess too because I can only go to the gym two times a week instead of 4-5 times, simply no time to fit all these activities in plus my job and family... Well, at least it's 100% covered by the insurance so I haven't paid a dime... I hope these 15 sessions will fly. I only did 2 so far... haha.

In terms of weight and nutrition - I haven't been on the scale since mid-July, on purpose. I thought, my life is a mess, my routines are instable (who am I kidding, I do NOT have routines atm), so I'm better off "on the lose". But nowadays my head has been messing with me big time, I kept poking myself and checking my fats in the mirror too frequently. It's a sign of obsessive behavior so I thought - ok, let me see what the scale says after all. Otherwise my mind will keep nagging me that I'm getting fat again. The scale, on the other hand, showed 1 lb less than I had in mid-July, so I'm pretty okay with that. As long as my foods are 80% okay, I don't binge, I have some exercise in, I'm doing enough for maintenance. Better times will come. Routine will come back. If covid taught us something, one is how unstable everything can turn suddenly and we still have to manage... Gym and school closed several times over the last two years for longer periods, and I still managed. Because there's simply no other choice... Keeping up and keeping the sanity are important factors.

Soooo I wanted to show you guys a product I bought recently and I absolutely love it. I know most of you are from the USA so maybe this is no news for you, but ... I found a peanut butter which is in POWDER form!
It's actually amazing and it's like half of the calories of the regular version, with significantly lower amount of fat (70% less). It's this guy. I add this to my breakfast oatmeal or greek yogurt and it's amazing. It's very high protein content (56g in 100g - sorry for the metric system but I think it's clear, 56% of a dose would be protein).

As for my current post... I found these words pretty encouraging:




bearcountrygg on 09/04/2021:
I'm sure it is very hard to work at home with a little one needing you so much during the day......He may be spending a lot of time with electronics but there is also plenty of educational things on there for him to learn from. Kids today need to know how to use electronics so I don't really see that it is a huge problem as long as he gets some outdoors time and can play with other things as well......you are doing great dealing with it all.....school will start soon and then you will miss not having him at home. We do have powdered PB here...there are several brands...i also agree 100% with that professor......some action is better than no action.....I hear that many hoarders are actually perfectionists...hard to believe...but they don't start cleaning because they know they can't do it perfectly at that moment in time...so they don't start and then things get completely out of hand....Loved reading your post today....I hope you do start posting daily.

Donkey on 09/04/2021:
I had a hard time adding comments on Friday morning. I typed out comments but DD wouldn't save them. So I gave up.

I'm so glad that you posted! It sounds like you are doing well. I agree with Bear on her comments regarding kids & electronics. I would make sure my kids got a break, that we did other things, but both of them are very into computer games & applications. And so are a LOT of other people their age. A LOT.

We have some members here who use/used/tried powdered peanut butter. I have not yet, not sure why. It probably would be a good idea to have a jar in the pantry.

Horn has a theory similar to the professor's, calling hers "Better than Nothing." Hers was more towards workouts, but I can see from your example how that applies to other areas of living. Very interesting.... I am going to see if I can apply this more to my work environment too.

Donkey on 09/04/2021:
Oh I wanted to add that I think you're doing VERY well with food/exercising/living. If you can keep all of that "manageable" and your weight stays the same, that's pretty darn good! Perhaps you have entered a maintenance phase - yay!

(Anything that keeps the binges away is a win in my book.)

KathyBlue on 09/04/2021:
Ahh haha, maintenance not yet for sure, I am still very overweight (obese I would say). I am currently 107,7 kgs, which is 238 lbs. My goal is around 176 lbs (for now). Then I would focus more on strength training... but most of the time I feel clueless what should I really do. I should hire proper professional help but I'm so stubborn and "know-it-all" and "know-it-better" that I would hardly follow any advice or would try to bend the rules I am given.

Maria7 on 09/04/2021:
I LOVE these things you have posted about something is better than nothing (so to speak)...like if you don't have a full 2 minutes to brush your teeth, instead of ignoring them, do 30 seconds! And, exercising a little is better than none! And going out on the porch is better than nothing if you cannot go where you'd like to go or are not feeling up to it. Wonderful! Thank you!

Horn_of_plenty on 09/05/2021:
Hello Kitty Kat!

My sister's husband was born in Hungary! :) I'm sure it's really different in so many ways (customs, religions, language, holidays) from portugal!

our city schools in New York City are starting very late this year also; after some holidays that are celebrated by a good percentage of the population, though they are still minorities, the city always give the schools off for the jewish new year and day of forgiveness. so since those 3 days fall early in september, the city decided to begin school after them, sept 13! half a month into september, but not as late as your son's school. teachers must love the extra time off ;) haha. parents, not so much!

if you do not like the PT (physical therapy), maybe do not finish it. especially if you have to pay a copay or other payment for the PT. i cannot see you paying for something you don't find to help you?

yes, here in the USA the powdered PB has been around a long time. I personally never loved it, but i know people who enjoy it a lot! it's still not easy to find everywhere, but it's been out on the market many years here. :) it's nice if you like a pb taste but i never thought the taste was strong enough for me.

I do agree that doing something for a little while is better than not doing it at all! That goes along with the "BTN goals!" Better than Nothing goals!

KathyBlue - Wednesday Sep 01, 2021
(Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.)
Weight: 0.0

Alive and kicking... :-)

All good, I just feel more tired than usual, for some reason. Weather is changing, can be that. I don't even feel the ADHD medication having any effect on me anymore.. My sleeping schedule is also slightly messed up. I will try to write more later. 

Have a nice day everyone :)

Donkey on 09/01/2021:
So good to hear from you! Sorry to hear about your fatigue of late. Seems like a lot of us are feeling so tired lately. While not a direct cause, perhaps, I think the stress of the world is bogging down heavily upon us all, even if we're not aware of it.

bearcountrygg on 09/01/2021:
Yes.....the world is in turmoil...and it is having that effect on a lot of people.....

horn_of_plenty on 09/01/2021:
beautiful picture of something that looks like either a stream or marshy area! nice. so pretty.

i sometimes get VERY tired too. i am in that type of emotional cycle now where all i want to do is sleep. i was good for two days on sleep but now i'm back to being extraordinarily tired.

Maria7 on 09/02/2021:
Nice photo! Hope you get some rest and feel better. Take care.

KathyBlue - Friday Aug 13, 2021
(Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.)
Weight: 0.0


So... I'm officially 40. Forty. Not thirty something anymore... but four-zero... Birthday went well. It's too hot nowadays so we only went out for dinner and then medieval tournament. It was the last day today, there's the annual medieval fair happening in town, in the moulds of covid restrictions, of course. 

I had my second (and for now, last) vaccine shot on the 8th, so I have the certificate now. It means I can travel, it's a good thing because I haven't seen my friends and family for years. It'd be good to catch up on them, face to face... but we are not in a hurry for now, as the situation is still pretty unstable.

OK so today is Friday, and sadly, it's my final day of the two-weeks vacations, too. From Monday onwards, I'll be working, from home, with the kid still at home until mid-September because schools start by then around here... And all this means... Adaptation! Oh, my ADHD... I'm already overwhelmed but I have the following plan: I'm going to change my schedule and wake up at 5h00 AM sharp. Take the dog out for his walk, and immediately after, I go out for outdoor workout, every single day. I will come up with something better but for now the idea is to get used to it so I will need to get it done every single day until I'm more comfortable with the schedule. This way, I will have my exercise done before having to deal with any of the above mentioned... How does this sound? Hopefully I will be able to sleep enough, luckily I have no major problems with sleeping.

My cake was a typical regional almond cake. Very heavy, marzipan cake filled with egg cream.

Donkey on 08/13/2021:
Happy birthday! What a beautiful cake! And it sounds like you had a pretty good day, even if it was very hot outside.

In the book of your life, Chapter 40 sounds like it's off to a good start. I like your daily plan, at least through quarantine. :-)

bearcountrygg on 08/13/2021:
Happy Birthday!

Horn_of_plenty on 08/13/2021:
HAPPY BDAY! I LOVE medievil fairs!

Your cake is beautiful ! :) what a nice cake!

40 sounds like a good age. i'm right behind you at #39 soon in september. good ages!

adapting is hard, but it's all about keeping with routines and not getting side-tracked. for this week to come, my goal is to improve my bedtime hour by sleeping earlier; as well as getting up earlier to walk before work!

KathyBlue - Tuesday Aug 03, 2021
(Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.)
Weight: 0.0

Hello, Fit and Fabulous People of DD!

So... I'm feeling better. The woman didn't say a word, and I don't really care anymore. My mom used to tell me "when you decide to step out from somewhere, make sure you don't let the door behind you permanently closed". Basically this just means we should try to quit a job, finish a relationship (any kind, not just romantic), on mutual agreement and not in a bad way, if possible. I try to live by this rule, and I just feel that this woman has permanently closed the door on our relationship. Again, not romantically speaking, LOL!

I didn't do much yesterday. I wanted to clean up because I spotted a roach two nights back in the kitchen, and this was the first and only ALIVE one I've ever spotted in my home (actually two dead ones randomly appeared this summer in different places of the apartment floor)... I freaked out, and it was high on one of the kitchen cupboard doors, so I couldn't reach it immediately and by the time I built up courage and fought of the deep inner disgust I felt towards it, it vanished... 

But... me and deep cleaning... we haven't been in speaking terms for years... I have ADHD and I feel constantly overwhelmed by anything messy. And ... a six year old kid does a LOT of mess... I also do a lot of mess by leaving stuff randomly all over the place. So, by the time I have time and some will to do deep cleaning, I never know where to start, and I end up doing something only very remotely efficient and never see the end of it. I normally turn on the TV to put some music on YouTube and end up dancing and singing, using the broom as microphone... Yeah, I'm soon 40... years...old... 

I made it to the gym yesterday and made a new friend. A personal trainer I never talked to before, we ended up having a really nice conversation. He lives nearby (well, everything is nearby in this town anyway, but he lives a street down from my building), and they have a 5 year old daughter. I always see these things as an opportunity to build a new friendship and possibly the kids could play together or something but... I always think a lot ahead and that's not how it works. Again, ADHD. I have to control impulsive behaviours, because unfortunately good intentions can be misinterpreted, especially when I'm trying to build friendships with males.. 

I have to start my day and do something remotely useful. Thinking... 

Jacky82020 on 08/03/2021:
Sage advice from your mom, do so whenever possible.

Hope things work out with trainer & the kids have fun!

Donkey on 08/03/2021:
That's good advice from your mom. I probably could have used that, because with me, once it's over, I'm done. I don't really have a lot of friends that go way back, except on the internet.

However, that's really nice to hear about your potential new friend at the gym. That sounds very promising!

horn_of_plenty on 08/04/2021:
yes, she should have told you that she wasn't going to have you babysit, i agree (regarding your below comment). that's not so thoughtful of her! I do like your mom's advice and it is best not to ruin relationships permanently, indeed. (i should certainly start taking this advice)

Make sure there are no holes that need to be closed where roaches are possibly entering. they are quite sneaky..

a friend of mine always cleans with music, she says.

how nice, maybe your son will become friends with his daughter!

happy-1 on 08/06/2021:
Hear you on the ADHD struggle.

KathyBlue - Monday Aug 02, 2021
(Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.)
Weight: 0.0

Hello everyone!

First of all, have a nice week, and a nice August!

I'm on holidays for two weeks, today is day #1. I'm stressed out of course, kid is at home, but I don't really know what to do... 

I got into an annoying situation... As I have only one kid and the summer camp he wanted to go to got cancelled due to covid, I accepted to do a favour to a neighbour and take their daughter (5y old, my son is 6) for these two weeks. She's attending the same preschool as my son so they know each other and I thought it would be good for him to have another kid as company ...
So the mother was desperate to find someone to take their daughter as they both work and they are immigrants from Morocco, living here... I told her I would do it as a favour, no need to pay or anything, not being a babysitter.. I would take them to the park, to the beach..
I think she had a different idea because she became reluctant when I told her these plans. She said the daughter was not easy to deal with, she would run off etc... Wtf... I'm not a babysitter but I have a son practically the same age and I had many kids at my supervision before.. I am as responsible as humanly possible, a babysitter wouldn't be any different or better in that sense.
I would certainly not keep them in between four walls... Great holidays, meh? So, anyway, she didn't say me a word so I really don't know what to expect now, because nothing was settled, if she brings the girl or not... I honestly feel like sending her a message saying to forget about it... Today would have been the first day and it's already past 9 AM so I guess it won't happen... What a tremendous lack of respect. I could have made other plans if I knew that we would be alone without any "guests"... My ADHD is killing me, because I had a sketched plan in my head and all these uncertainities just made me brain-frozen and guess what, I'm just procrastinating atm...
BTW, 10 days left to my 40th birthday... scary! Here's me, pic taken yesterday, still at 39... hehehe...

Jacky82020 on 08/02/2021:
Nice pic!

That woman sounds like a blasted ingrate! And you were being so very kind!

Donkey on 08/02/2021:
Beautiful picture! Thank you for sharing!

Oh just forget that other lady... How rude for not letting you know, though. That would eat away at me a little bit, but let me tell you: don't waste another minute stewing about her. I hope you are able to enjoy your holiday day off.

bearcountrygg on 08/02/2021:
You are probably better off not dealing with that woman.....she would likely have complained about everything when you were being so generous with your time. Lovely picture...so nice to put a name and face together.

Horn_of_plenty on 08/02/2021:
i will write more, but you LOOK GREAT!!!!! wow!

so pretty. i think you have lost quite a bit of weight! nice going. you look healthier.

well, that was so nice of you to offer to watch her girl and if she doesn't like your plans, then she shouldn't leave the girl with you. you did nothing wrong, the girl would have had a great time with you, i know! ah well, her loss!

KathyBlue on 08/03/2021:
Yes, that's correct, if the plans were not good for her then it's fine. I would have done the same, but at least do say it and don't leave me hanging... It's basic integrity. It wasn't something on terms of "maybe" or "we'll see", it has been agreed upon for months. I'm quite relieved that I don't have that responsibility after all, but I am upset about how she had me at zero consideration and hadn't even let me know that they changed their minds!

happy-1 on 08/03/2021:
You are super kind and you dodged a bullet.

innerpeace on 08/03/2021:
It was a nice jester, too bad she didn't see a good thing - You look great! I hope you get to enjoy some of your vacation.

KathyBlue - Monday Jul 26, 2021
(Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.)
Weight: 0.0

I'm so dead.. hehe.. I tried Animal Flow because I find it so elegant and challenging ... So, I tried this one after machines at the gym:

20-minute workout: Animal Flow - Furthermore (equinox.com)

It's NOT 20 minutes... maybe if I did it for a year, I would get to there but if I did all these reps and stuff, I would still spend an hour struggling with most... haha...

I will come back later, I'm in a hurry... xoxo

 I'm back! :-)

So, I'm really enthusiastic about this workout routine. I find it super challenging, yet it can be done slow and steady, body and mind conscious turned on 1000%. I haven't done the above one in 20 minutes, not even close (I haven't measured but I'm sure it was a lot more), and I certainly haven't done the reps they suggest in the text... 

I decided to find another, better session for beginners and slowly build it up. Also, the GIFs are cool but it's very difficult to get the hang of the full motion because these are heavy exigent compound exercises... and they are called "flow" for a reason, right...?

I found these so far.. but there are so many, it's overwhelming for my ADHD... I don't know where to start! hahaha...

(26) Primal Movement Beginner Flow Tutorial (Follow Along) - YouTube

(26) LEARN TO FLOW: Movement Class for Mobility & Strength [Yoga / Primal Movement / Animal Flow] - YouTube

(26) 50 Weird and Challenging Animal Movements (Exercises) To Apply To Your Training - YouTube

Jacky82020 on 07/26/2021:
That’s a terrific workout! I could do most of it in slow motion LOL

KathyBlue on 07/26/2021:
Yeah, this is the beauty of the animal flow... these can be done in slow motion and still will be very satisfying and the athlete will feel the progress with every workout session accomplished! With insistence and discipline, some really beneficial progress can be reached in weeks / months!

Jacky82020 on 07/26/2021:
Totally agree. Thanks for sharing. Looks like stretching & yoga & then some.

My dogs and cats don’t do much animal flowing. The little narcoleptics.

KathyBlue on 07/27/2021:
hahahahahaha.... :D

Maria7 on 07/26/2021:
Happy for you about your new workout!

Donkey on 07/27/2021:
Oh those animal moves look very interesting!!! I will come back and bookmark these for my yoga tab.

happy-1 on 07/29/2021:
Good job!

horn_of_plenty on 07/29/2021:
Hi KBlue :)

Animal flow is a cute name for a yoga flow. I hope you feel a little better today :)

I guess start with any and once you get really good, do the next...

nice job finding some free yoga workouts...

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