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KathyBlue - Wednesday Apr 20, 2011
(Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.)
Weight: 179.2

If you don't change your beliefs, your life will be like this forever. Is that good news? Douglas Adams

Good morning, Girlios!

Here I am, filled with energy and positive feelings, after a great BodyPump class yesterday night, and after some gym cardio workout + BodyBalance this morning. I'm in balance with myself and the Universe again, after writing the feelings out from me at biscotti's entry (sorry, girl! Hehehe). There will be no badminton till 27 April, but I brought my swimming equipement and will go with my friend to PowerPool tonight. The weather continues crappy, so I don't know if I get tennis tomorrow or not. If not, I have a PowerPool option or gym. Then my workout week ends tomorrow with BodyPump, because Friday is Easter, the complex is closed for four consecutive days (friday + sat + sun + monday national holiday). I plan to give myself a rest and re-start on Tuesday, re-filled with energy.

I had a very eye-opener conversation with this girl at the gym yesterday night. I've known her since the beginning, she shares the pattern with us: lost around 30-40 lbs, regular exercise. She has a perfect body now, without exagerating. The story is the following: she's been complaining for a while that she is hungry all the time. Yesterday she had a major outbreak and told me that she was eating so bad lately, chocolates and unhealthy stuff... and the doctor said she was gaining belly again and that she should've been more careful.. She was really down, telling me that she receives chocolates and she cannot stop at the first bite, she devour the whole pack or more and she's over-exercising now but even then it doesn't help (it's proven btw that this is true, over-ercercising is not good!)... I told her I felt the same but I didn't turn to chocolates and stuff, I over-eat lately with soups and breads. So, she has a fat+sugar craving, I have carb-craving... My man said that I was ridicoulous, that he has never seen anyone getting fat on a potato-free, 100% vegetable soup. LOL... maybe it's right, but it still feels bad to eat above calorie limits, and at the end calories count and add up easily!

Today's menu:

06H00 - toast w/ soy margarine + oat vanille flav. milk (350 kcal)

10H00 - LF milk w/ 20% coffee (50 kcal)

11H00 - a slice of mango and a LF yogurt (100 kcal)

12H30 - grilled fish w/ veggies and salad, some mango (500 kcal)

14H30 - half Fuji apple (50 kcal)

16H00 - LF milk w/ 20% coffee and a white bun (200 kcal)

21H00 - some cooked basmati rice w/ black beans and a plain yogurt on top, dessert: an orange and a LF strawberry flavored yogurt (450 kcal)

Grand total: 1700 kcal

Below you can find Sunday's excursion photos from Bombarral, Portugal, Buddha Zen Garden (Garden of Peace: http://www.buddhaeden.com/about.html )

Progress as of today: 147 lbs lost so far, only 34.2 lbs to go!

hollybelle on 04/20/2011:
Beautiful photos - what a perfect sky and wonderful setting! I crave carbs. Bread especialy. Your man is wrong. LOL! If I eat a certain level of carbs Im OK but if I go Under or Over I crave them like crazy. I don't know the magic # of carbs, but I know what the food looks like - not too much bread, pasta, and especially sweets for me. Balance keeps the cravings away!

V on 04/20/2011:
So nice to have someone who shares similar issues and she will be of great help and a positive motivator in your journey :) Love ya Kat

sweetpea1977 on 04/20/2011:
I am the same with both carbs and chocolate. The only way to keep myself from over-indulging is by keeping certain trigger foods out of the house. For me it is bagels with cream cheese, fresh baked breads, ice cream, cookies, and chocolate.

Of course with you, you find yourself over-indulging on healthy stuff which is even more difficult because you arent supposed to ban yourself from nutritious foods! Anyway, I agree with you, its bad to binge on healthy stuff too. I like holly's concept of eating a balance of carbs - proteins -healthy fats. I also suggest reading up on intuitive eating. I'll post some basic info in the DD forum!

h82bfat on 04/20/2011:
Doesn't it seem like the hardest part of this journey is figuring out how to disconnect our "trigger switches". I can exercise (actually enjoy it, truth be told) & I can watch what I eat (for the most part), but when that trigger switch gets flipped, all bets are off, no matter how well I'm doing.... We'll all figure it out - I have faith!

sweetpea1977 on 04/20/2011:
I will! And yes, the stairmaster is very evil. Its like climbing an escalator that never ends! On Monday, the skinny girl who was doing it on the machine next to me made it look so easy. She was climbing it backwards for crying out loud. Show off! Hope that will be me someday, lol

getmebackto150 on 04/20/2011:
amazing pictures! glad to hear you are energy filled and positive today... thats the best way to be!! Have a great day!

newme24 on 04/20/2011:
Those pictures are absolutely amazing! You look fantastic!! I'm just like you-- chocolate and candy are no problem, the hardest part is not eating too much bread. If I could only eat pizza for the rest of my life-- I would be the happiest person ever!

waydesmommy on 04/20/2011:
Hi...Glad to hear your doing good! Rest and re-fill with energy sounds great to me lol. Sounds like your friend has got the "I'm skinny now I can eat anthing I want syndrome." Been there done that and had to loose the weight all over again. It's a thought that should be true, but isn't. You see all these thin, nice looking women going to Mc Donalds and ordering the super sized delux burger and fries with a soft drink and an ice cream to boot. And so when people get to their weight loss goal they sometimes think...ok it's all gone and now I can eat that stuff too and not worry about it. But those women who can order that kind of food and eat junk all day long...like my niece...and they don't gain a pound...have great metabolisms. Unfortunatly those of us who have to loose weight don't and probably will never have such a great metabolism and will always have to watch what we eat and we will always have to exercise to keep ourselves healthy. That's why it's a life change and not just a diet. When people ask me what I've done to loose the weight, I don't even say I'm dieting anymore, cause that's just not true...I now say I made a life change and I'm sticking with it because that is the truth and I've come to realize and accept it. I don't want to go through all this hard work ever again. Maybe helping your friend to realize this will make it easier for her to not over eat.

biscottibody59 on 04/20/2011:
Anything that gets you to the next step or helps you in any way--feel free to comment or brainstorm on my diary anytime! Pretty pics below--thanks for sharing!

chidogs on 04/20/2011:
It does help to hear someone as successful as you discuss this sort of issue. Which is also my downfall. I don't eat a lot of junk, normally, buy I do eat huge quantities of healthy stuff, so it takes a lot more to make me not feel hungry. Cutting back on portion is torture. But then, so is having to lose the same 10 to 20 pounds over and over again. Take care, and hugs.

~Moody~ on 04/20/2011:
Omg, yes gorgeous pictures below!! I'm so jealous!

It's cool that you chatted with that girl at the gym...always interesting and comforting to know that others share our struggles..Lets us know we're not alone..

Wishing you a wonderful evening!

KathyBlue - Tuesday Apr 19, 2011
(Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.)
Weight: 179.2

Progress as of today: 147 lbs lost so far, only 34.2 lbs to go!

Umpqua on 04/19/2011:
Beautiful pics as usual, and your skin looks FANTASTIC! She talked me into buying the Yonka toner last week and it is just wonderful. She wants to sell me a masque and sunblock as well, but I'll be searching on eBay for those!

moogy on 04/19/2011:
Fantastic pictures Kathy. What a spectacular display. You get to go and see such wonderful things. Have a wonderful day:)

sweetpea1977 on 04/19/2011:
Gorgeous pics!! You look awesome too!! So pretty! :)

Supercheese on 04/19/2011:
You look great and look like you are having a killer time!!!

mysterywoman100 on 04/19/2011:
where is this? your photos are so pretty

KathyBlue - Tuesday Apr 19, 2011
(Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.)
Weight: 179.2

"When you blame others, you give up your power to change." Douglas Adams

Good morning, Girlies!

I'm sick of rain. GRRR.... I caught sooo much of it yesterday: I was glad I could make it to tennis, because the sky had been sad grey already but the ground was OK to play - then a BodyBalance class. I felt sooooo dang hot and I didn't like the class too much because I wasn't feeling any comfortable! Then my friend Andi called me and asked me to go to the pool with her, because she wanted to try PowerPool (aquafitness level 2, too much coreography, with feet down - you know I practice PowerDeep on Saturdays, which is aquafitness level 4 without feet in a 2m deep pool). OK, I went with her at 7 PM and I didn't like that either because I felt hot in the pool. STUPID THING, isn't it?! Then, I had to come back to work to check on a report, and to take my colleague André to badminton with me. By that time I was exhausted! And in addition they convinced me to attend a badminton tournament in June, besides the one I 've already accepted for July... I'm so weak. And courageous... BUT, what I wanted to say was: from 7 pm on, raining cats and dogs, lightining bolts and thunderstorms... and André didn't have a ticket for the bus so we had to walk a lot. I grabbed a kid's umburella my colleague left here on the other day, with name tag and stuff... I looked really ridiculous, and my clothes, my racket got soaking wet... Bahh... miracle, I'm not sick...

When I got home finally, I warned my man that I wouldn't go anywhere near the gym/pool today morning. I let myself sleeeeeep and it felt so good... Result, I'm cool today and I'm going to attend a BodyPump class at 7 PM.

Today's menu:

08H00 - a 45g white bun, toasted w/ soy margarine and LF milk w/ 20% coffee, 3 small whole lemon cookies (350 kcal)

10H00 - LF milk w/ 20% coffee (50 kcal)

11H00 - LF yogurt, 3 small whole biscuits (200 kcal)

12H30 - tuna (natural, from tin) w/ cooked veggies and half boiled egg (400 kcal)

14H00 - an apple (100 kcal)

16H00 - hot white bread (450 kcal)

17H00 - some mango w/ LF yogurt (100 kcal)

18H00 - a cup of home-made sweet rice a colleague brought (DANG!!!!!!!!) 350 kcal

Grand total: 2100 kcal

No more foods today, I hereby swear this. (at 6 PM)

Progress as of today: 147 lbs lost so far, only 34.2 lbs to go!

V on 04/19/2011:
Wooohoo for body pump!!!doing a little bit of weight and core training should help you get stronger and you will have lots of endurance :) Love ya Kat!!!

newme24 on 04/19/2011:
Glad you got to sleep in after a busy day! That's exciting that you're attending the tournaments this summer... have grat day!

getmebackto150 on 04/19/2011:
wow that was a TON of exercise yesterday!! Glad to hear you are feeling better today! Have a good one!!

liza36 on 04/19/2011:
I think it's great that you now have 2 tournaments for badminton. It will be something to look forward to and get better at playing (although you already do very well!).

Umpqua on 04/19/2011:
Congrats on all that exercise, you are doing awesome!!

newme24 on 04/19/2011:
I tend to look at people's progress but they usually don't really sink in to me-- and I just looked at yours and had to make sure I was seeing correctly. You lost 147 pounds!! THAT IS AMAZING!! You really are inspiring to everyone here!!

sweetpea1977 on 04/19/2011:
Wow, great job on the exercise!

I hope you are feeling less hot (temperature-wise, of course) soon! :)

hollybelle on 04/19/2011:
Love Body Pump! I wish the instructor at the gym I went ot for 3 months had rhythm - I enjoy the weights and cardio combined. I am going to try another gym this week - hopefully they will have an instructor who can keep time with music for that type of class!! Yes, I am picky! Keep up the good work, K!! And as for rain - yup - we've had our share here and I'm sick of it. I can only wish we could export some of it to the dry regions of the world, but alas, we cannot. Last year it was so wet my roses got balck spot and mildew and looked so ugly - spraying them more this year - love my roses!

biscottibody59 on 04/19/2011:
RYC: Not having achieved it in about a million weeks (haha), I have no evidence one way or the other. But it was a rec from the numbers I put into the cyberkitchen thingie link. That's the facts ma'am:-)

Seriously I don't think it's too low--my RMR is 1290--what I burn just by existing.

biscottibody59 on 04/19/2011:
Here's what I use for that RMR calc: http://www.shapeup.org/interactive/rmr1.php

And then for that "calorie goal" rec: http://www.shapeup.org/atmstd/kitchen/page0.php

Hope that helps.

biscottibody59 on 04/19/2011:
Try not to get discouraged--I noticed you didn't toot your horn about your last scale change. If anything this is the time to try to continue to fire yourself up. The weight won't come back over night, but you know how vigilant you have to be.

Keep at it and keep tweaking things--it may not make sense all at once, but you will figure it out!

biscottibody59 on 04/19/2011:
Thanks for your kind words--I never tried to lose wt 'til I came to DDs and I credit its power and my somewhat regular posting over the years for me keeping off a certain amount of wt. (I'm not where I want to be either, but giving up is certainly not an option I'm entertaining:-) I sort of think I get how you feel, this perimenopause crap I've been dealing with seriously for the last couple of years has caused my focus to not be so much on wt loss/fitness. Though I know it goes hand in hand--losing more MIGHT just be the difference in how I feel in some respect.

I don't know if you're into reading old diaries here, but if you haven't checked this one out, it might be of interest:


Granted he was a guy(!) and tallish as I remember, but started out at 352#--he came back briefly after gaining, but obviously hasn't been around for years.

KathyBlue - Monday Apr 18, 2011
(Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.)
Weight: 179.2

Good morning, Girls!

Yet another foodwise but hungry weekend has passed by. Around 2000-2200 kcals on both days. I really have to maintain this below 2000, I still have to lose over 2,5 pounds til 13th May.

I made some really cool photos yesterday, but I don't have any with me here at work. I'm going to post them tomorrow... :-) Today is badminton day (the only day this week, as Friday is Easter and the school is not open during the week. They do this special favour of letting us in today - as next Monday will be a national holiday as well, so the next training will be only on the 27th April... ).

This week I really expect TOM. If it doesn't come, I'll do the test. But there's no symptoms of any kind that would lead me to suspect pregnancy.

Today's menu:

06H00 - a whole grain bun, toasted w/ soy margarine and oat milk (500 kcal)

10H00 - some cookies (100 kcal)

11H00 - LF milk w/ 20% coffee (50 kcal)

12H30 - chicken tikkamassala w/ rice (500 kcal), strawberries w/ LF yogurt (150 kcal)

16H00 - an apple, some leftover strawberries, LF milk w/ coffee (250 kcal)

20H45 - an apple (100 kcal)

22H00 - some salty cookies (50 kcal)

23H00 - veggie soup (300 kcal)

Grand total: 2000 kcal

Progress as of today: 147 lbs lost so far, only 34.2 lbs to go!

V on 04/18/2011:
Kat you rock out loud!!! You should be at goal by your trip there is no doubt!!! Just stating the facts maam :) Love you!!

Umpqua on 04/18/2011:
I hope you have a wonderful week on your new exercise plan and I hope TOM arrives for you!!

liza36 on 04/18/2011:
I see your weight is down some more. Great job!

loscocoleaf on 04/18/2011:
Thanks so much Kathy. It is great that there is a place like this. I feel kind of weird talking to people that I know about things like this. They don't seem to understand!!! And wow!! That is ALOT of weight gone!! You are an inspiration! I do have a facebook so I look forward to being a part of that also. Thank you so much for welcoming me!!

sweetpea1977 on 04/18/2011:
I cant wait to see your photos!

nita51 on 04/18/2011:
love seeing your pictures,,,,can't wait to see the newest ones. Wow sis you have lost MEGA weight!!! Girl,,, YOU ARE OFF THE CHAIN!!!! L-O-V-E you so much!

KathyBlue - Saturday Apr 16, 2011
(Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.)
Weight: 179.2

Hi Girlies!

A bit late post today, arrived home around 1 AM last night, after a terrific, super-tiring badminton training and dinner w/ the guys (coach and some other dudes from the training... calm down, they're all above 45, happily (???) married, lol)... and then I woke up in the morning to have my routine Saturday workouts. Pilates, BodyPump and PowerDeep. Yeee... I'm super tired but feeling good! Yesterday was around 2200 kcals, I think it's ok. Today so far, I had a toast breakfast w/ milk and oat milk to get some energy for the classes. Then, I had lunch, chicken tikka-massala at the indian restaurant with friends and my man, then we had an ice-cream (w/ reduced amount of creams/milks/sugars) and now I'm at home working. I'm still into leaving tonight to buy some Easter chocolates to distribute next week... Tomorrow we will leave in the afternoon to visit a Buddha Garden in Bombarral. I'll be posting the usual Sunday photos, of course.

Ahh, I bought a pack of whole grain, millet flour, it sounds so interesting, read this: http://www.wisegeek.com/what-is-millet-flour.htm

Progress as of today: 147 lbs lost so far, only 34.2 lbs to go!

mcwoo40 on 04/16/2011:
wow in the 170's well done :)

Hackersdiet on 04/16/2011:
Oh, just look at your chart on the right. It is just perfect. I hope mine looks like that in several months. You are an inspiration.

V on 04/16/2011:
Congrats!!!! You are a Warrior!!

moogy on 04/17/2011:
Well done on getting into the 170 Kathy, you are really doing this. Amazing and wonderful!!

KathyBlue - Friday Apr 15, 2011
(Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.)
Weight: 181.0

Good morning, Girlies!

I did my research on the topic I mentioned yesterday, so ... news is: I'm going to start my agility training on Monday - 4 weeks plan, everyday except Sunday. I wonder if I can fit it in, but I really want to have discipline to do so. Remember, it will be something I don't like that much, but it's a must. BodyBalance is a great help for agility, it can be considered as a part of improvement, I realized it today. The big picture is very colorful! 

Week 1
3 Mile Run daily from Monday to Saturday.
Exercise programme of 6 exercises one to six once through in order.
Repeat this programme daily from Monday to Saturday.
Leave Sunday for a rest day.
Week 2
3 Mile Run.
Exercise programme of six exercises. Perform one to six twice through in the
correct order.
Do this daily from Monday to Saturday.
Week 3
4 Mile Run.
Exercise programme of six exercises. Perform from one to six twice through in the
correct order.
Do them daily from Monday to Saturday.
Week 4
5 Mile Run.
Exercise programme of six exercises. Perform from one to six three times through
in correct order.
Do this daily from Monday to Saturday.

The exercises which follow are useful in developing strength and flexibility. These are exercises which can be performed in the home, and are written out in the form of a training programme.
Exercise Repetitions
(1) Press ups 10
(2) Sit ups 20
(3) Squats 25
(4) Back bends 5
(5) Squat thrust 10
(6) Step ups 15

A description of these exercises follows:

Press ups: Lie face downwards on the floor. Place the palms of the hands on the floor at the side of the shoulders. Keep the body still and straighten the arms to raise the body off the floor. This is a press-up. Lower the body by bending the arms and repeat the action
according to the number of times set in the programme.
Sit ups: Lie on the back, legs straight and feet under a support, i.e. chair, bed, etc. Hands clasped behind the head. Keeping the legs straight, raise the upper body so that the elbows touch the knees. Lower the body to the position of lying on the back. This is one sit-up. This movement develops strength in the abdominal muscles.
Squats: Stand upright. Keep body erect, head up, and lower the seat and body by bending the knees into a squat position. Stand up again. This action is a squat. It develops the thigh muscles.
Back bends: Lie on the front, hands clasped behind the head and elbows raised. Raise the upper body off the ground by working the muscles of the back. Hold position and lower to the ground. This is a back bend.
Squat thrust: Stand upright. Lower the body into the squat position. Place the palms of the hands on to the ground to take the body weight. Thrust the legs straight backwards until you are now in a press up position. Bring the legs back to the squat position and stand up. This is a squat thrust. This movement should be done quickly and smoothly without a pause between the change of positions.
Step ups: Place a chair or bench in front of you. Step up on to it and stand up straight. Step down again. This is a step up and develops the lower leg muscles.
To perform this programme of six exercises go through from 1 to 6 completing the repetitions required. Do this daily and make a habit of it.

Source: http://www.badminton.tv/sites/badminton/media/books/better-badminton-for-all/chapter-3.pdf

"Skipping is the key, 20 minutes a day.. with 5 minutes steady pace - 2 minutes as fast as you can, 6 minutes steady pace, 2 minutes as fast as you can and then the final 5 minutes steady / warm down pace.
It'll get you light footed, and improve your balance no end."

The only thing bothers me BIG TIME !!!! is my back, the spine curve condition... This is so UNFAIR!

Funny fact: The Biggest Loser starts soon in Portugal. The name is Peso Pesado (Heavy Weight), and the fattest person currently has 170 kgs, ~378 lbs... I don't know if I will be able to follow it, I don't spend too much time in front of the TV, only an hour a day or less. TV doesn't really entertain me that much.

Today's menu:

06H10 - two slices of white bread toasted w/ LF milk and cocoa powder, a kiwi (400 kcal)

08H15 - an apple (50 kcal)

10H00 - LF milk w/ 20% coffee (50 kcal)

12H00 - veggie soup, grilled salmon w/ black beans (600 kcal)

15H00 - half an apple (50 kcal)

16H30 - a small orange (50 kcal), some strawberries (50 kcal) and a small banana (50 kcal)

18H00 - LF milk w/ 20% coffee (50 kcal)

19H00 - an apple, a soy yogurt (200 kcal)

20H00 - a smaller bread (150 kcal)

Grand total: 1700 kcal


Progress as of today: 145.2 lbs lost so far, only 36 lbs to go!

waydesmommy on 04/15/2011:
Wow girl that is a lot. Good luck with it and I hope you will enjoy the running!

V on 04/15/2011:
Totally digging your routine! I am sure you will knock it out!! Go get it Champ!!! Love ya! have a good one :)

hollybelle on 04/15/2011:
Wow! That is some program! You can do it! You are going to see SUCH results! Keep that in mind as you go forth and conquer!

Umpqua on 04/15/2011:
That is an aggressive plan, you are sure to see amazing results! RAH!! Oh and I totally agree about MEN haha. I told hubby I wasn't going to be getting the waxes after our vacation and he was disappointed. I'd like to see him get something waxed and then we can revisit this topic!

loveray on 04/15/2011:
awesome lady!! xo

biscottibody59 on 04/15/2011:
So you're going to go from no running at all to running 3 miles at a time, 6 days in a row? Have you been a runner/jogger before?

Maybe I've missed something, but I don't remember you even jogging for a few minutes. You might want to visit runnersworld.com at some point.

Please be sure to get a high-end (unfortunately rather expensive) pair of running shoes before you start this. It's a must.

I must be missing something:-)

mysterywoman100 on 04/15/2011:
All I can say is wow

Supercheese on 04/15/2011:
oooo journalism...havent though of that. WOW might have to try that workout myself!!

biscottibody59 on 04/16/2011:
RYC: I'm glad to hear you're going to work at it from where you are. I know you're in pretty good shape as you are and continuing to work on your endurance will only get you farther on the way. (Stopping is the only sin--I don't see you doing that anytime soon:-)

The last time I tried skipping rope, it just about did me in--I think I could do about a minute. I ought to drag that thing out and see what I can do now--will update you--haha!

h82bfat on 04/16/2011:
mystterywoman 100 took the words right out of my mouth! All I can say is WOW!

KathyBlue - Thursday Apr 14, 2011
(Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.)
Weight: 181.0

Anger—whether you are angry at a situation, yourself or someone else you use food to suppress your anger. It's better to deal with your anger instead of using food to make you feel better.

Yesterday was a good day! I didn't enjoy badminton too much, because I had to run a lot and I got a bit pissed on people. Normally we do a cross training - four persons on the court, exercising in pairs. On one side one has to run, the other guy on the other side has to position but can have some rest. Five minutes rounds. Sometimes the coach forgets who ran during the previous exercise, and asks us "Who ran?"... and yesterday my darling mates were constantly telling "I did", even when, in the reality, it was ME... so I had to run constantly and my neck got very heavy then painful, I couldn't play well at the end of the training. Well, lousy lousy excuse, I just NEVER play well anyway!

On the other hand I was invited to a badminton tournament in July, 2 days. OMG, I don't think I'll do it. Or will I?! I'm no pussy, but July is so close...

As for tennis, I'm so glad. Today the coach told me I had improved a lot since September. Well, I did lose some LBS, right? That helped, too! I run more, I'm quicker, but I still need to train my agility - for badminton, too... I am too slow. I still need to lose weight and improve posture to carry less and achieve a better balance. I am thinking of doing a research online about agility trainings. (Agility is the ability to rapidly change directions without the loss of speed, balance, or body control.) Well, tonight I ask Susana at BodyPump, she's my Pilates prof (and BodyPump, RPM, etc.), she does lots of sports and she's a pro anyway so she's more than qualified to answer.

Calories: I have a dilema here... I think I should raise the calorie intake on days when I do all three sports (tennis + Balance + badminton) combo. To 2000? What do you think? This is, IDEALLY, a week for me. Sometimes I change (when it rains I opt for gym or Pilates instead), sometimes I don't go due to work issues or anything else that can come across... well, ya know, life randomness vs. planning.

Today's menu:

06H00 - two white toasts w/ LF milk and LF cocoa powder (350 kcal)

10H00 - LF milk w/ 20% coffee and cinnamon (50 kcal) and half apple (50 kcal)

11H00 - a plain yogurt (100 kcal)

13H00 - @GoNatural: red bean soup, a yogurt dessert with brownies (400 kcal)

14H00 - bread (I have diarrhea ) (150 kcal)

16H00 - LF milk w/ 20% coffee and half apple (100 kcal)

18H00 - LF yogurt (50 kcal) and a plum (50 kcal)

20H00 - veggie soup w toast, a LF yogurt, frozen (600 kcal)

Grand total: 2000 kcal

Just found this for agility (badminton), I'm going to give it a try!:

"Skipping is the key, 20 minutes a day.. with 5 minutes steady pace - 2 minutes as fast as you can, 6 minutes steady pace, 2 minutes as fast as you can and then the final 5 minutes steady / warm down pace.
It'll get you light footed, and improve your balance no end."

Progress as of today: 145.2 lbs lost so far, only 36 lbs to go!

V on 04/14/2011:
As your body gets into even More better shape, it will begin to burn more calories...In turn you may need to increase the calories you eat to maintain your fitness goals and avoid seeing a plateau in your results. My Turbo Fuel fire nutrition book suggests zig zagging your diet, adding or subtracting 200 calories a day for three or four days a week and eat the way you have been on the other 3-4 days out of the week...Your body will be forced to adjust to these deficit days :)

carlyfatty on 04/14/2011:
You do so many sports and working out everyday, thats great stuff! I want to do sports prob badminton but moneys tight at the mo and now that the price of petrol has gone through the roof we have to think about everywhere we go now. and its not just us, everyone over here who isnt loaded!

legcramps on 04/14/2011:
I think upping your calorie intake on the days where you're doing three workouts is a great idea - you'll need the fuel and energy the extra calories will give you.

I used to do agility training through boot camp class. I felt the agility training was difficult, simply because you're moving extra fast and so many parts of the body need to respond all at once doing the same thing. But it's a great pay-off!

Have a great day today :)

chidogs on 04/14/2011:
Goodness you are so active! I really think that is terrific. That schedule is grueling though! Goodness, a few days of that and I'd end up in the hospital. :) Hugs.

starfish on 04/14/2011:
checking out your weight loss chart. You have been doing AWESOME!!!!

moogy on 04/14/2011:
I think that your body will tell you if you need more food. You are now at a point when you recognise real hunger and I am sure that you will work out how many more snacks you need. You are such an inspiration Kathy. I get my exercise just reading about yours and V's !! :)

KathyBlue - Tuesday Apr 12, 2011
(Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.)
Weight: 181.0

Good morning, girlios!

It's 5h45 AM, I had to come to the PC to check out a work I ran at night. Everything's green (means it ran without errors) . I'm so good. LOL.

Yesterday was a great day, I ended with BodyPump. I took a friend - she was completely ruined but she remained enthusiastic. Wonder how she is today. I hope she sends me a message. LOL... Last time I took a friend to work out - was badminton - she haven't been spoken to me for days. LOL, but there's a difference between Susana, a sweet lady on BodyPump, and Mr. Amorti (is a fictional name of course) the hyperactive, nervous badminton coach.

Will come back to you after tennis and BodyBalance, from work! xoxo

Great way of starting the day, individual tennis and a strong BodyBalance... I feel great. I have badminton tonight, also. Cannot wait to see the team.

Today's menu:

06H00 - two slices of toast w/ some butter and a cup of LF milk w/ LF cocoa powder, a kiwi (450 kcal)

10H30 - LF milk w/ coffee (50 kcal)

11H00 - a Reineta apple (100 kcal)

12H30 - carrot soup, Brussel's sprouts with chicken breast, grilled and salad (lettuce and onion w/ vinegar, salt and olive oil), LF milk w/ coffee (700 kcal)

14H00 - an apple (50 kcal)

17H00 - a LF yogurt (50 kcal), an apple (100 kcal), LF milk w/ puffed rice (50 kcal)

20H00 - a small banana (50 kcal)

23H30 - veggie soup (250 kcal), an orange and a LF plain yogurt (100 kcal)

Grand total: 2100 kcal

FYI: http://www.bodyrecomposition.com/

Progress as of today: 145.2 lbs lost so far, only 36 lbs to go!

loveray on 04/13/2011:
those apples look awesome!! i am a total apple lover. how are you feeling with the dizzy spells?

V on 04/13/2011:
I hope you have a really good day and I hope you didn't work your friend out too hard, LOL It sounds like you are feeling better :) Love ya!!

Umpqua on 04/13/2011:
Sounds like you're feeling great, yay!

legcramps on 04/13/2011:
Yes, it sounds like you are on the mend! Yay! You're doing a lot of exercising today - hope you're not too sore by the end of the day :)

That link looks like an interesting site - i've added it to my List: Websites to Look at When I Have Time.

Have a great day today :)

hollybelle on 04/13/2011:
Your posts are so motivating.

sweetpea1977 on 04/13/2011:
Both of the boys are doing great. Im so fortunate that they didnt catch the flu. From here on out, I will be getting a flu shot every year!

Great job with the exercise and food. :)

mysterywoman100 on 04/13/2011:
hope you motivated your friend as much as you motivate us.

moogy on 04/13/2011:
So glad you had a good day Kathy. I sounds as if you are really enjoying your life, that's wonderful!

V on 04/13/2011:
Thank you Kat!!! You are sooo Awesome my fellow LIONESS ROAR!

KathyBlue - Tuesday Apr 12, 2011
(Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.)
Weight: 181.0

Hello, Girlies!

Yesterday ended up in complete food (binge) disaster - besides of not making it to badminton, my man brought a home-made bread home, and we finished half. I had 4 slices toasted, and some additional with my veggie soup... OMG. I didn't count the calories! Don't want to know. LOL. I blame the kiwis! That's the only common pattern.

Today was a PERFECT day for tennis, I really loved it! I was at top performance, must have been the bread (carbs!), I was filled with energy and produced a whole lot of sweat.... I'm going to BodyPump today with a friend who wants to try it.

Today's menu:

06H00 - two slices of whole grain toast w/ a cup of LF milk w/ cocoa powder (400 kcal)

10H00 - LF milk w/ 20% coffee (50 kcal)

11H00 - a LF lemon yogurt (50 kcal)

12H30 - veggie soup, an apple w/ LF yogurt (400 kcal)

13H30 - LF milk w/ 20% coffee (50 kcal)

16H00 - LF yogurt with 2 kiwis (oh, yeah...) - (150 kcal)

18H00 - a small banana and an orange (100 kcal)

20H00 - a small banana (50 kcal)

22H00 - veggie soup (300 kcal) + a LF yogurt (50 kcal)

Grand total: 1600 kcal

Progress as of today: 145.2 lbs lost so far, only 36 lbs to go!

loveray on 04/12/2011:
its the kiwis fault!! LOL. im sorry you had a "binge" but perhaps you are not getting enough cals during the day with your exercise regime the way that it has been. i know there is also a lot of emotional stuff going on too - I hope that you have a wonderful day and put yesterday behind you! xo

V on 04/12/2011:
Kat...It certainly sound like you are getting a bit restless antsy and I am glad today that you have a vehicle to harness some of that emotional feelings into getting a good sweaty workout!! Have a good one my love! Stay strong!!

Umpqua on 04/12/2011:
You're blaming the entire nation of New Zealand for yesterday's eating? (sorry, you know I have a bizarre sense of humor). I don't think a little bread is that bad, but you know when you're eating out of control and I have the same problem. Three cupcakes is 3 too many for me. I'm glad you're getting the lead out with some nice workouts. Stay strong!

legcramps on 04/12/2011:
Glad you were able to workout this morning; I had a binge yesterday too, and I feel awful but what do you do?

Hope you have an awesome day today :)

legcramps on 04/12/2011:
I'm sorry you feel stuck. Maybe it's time to switch up the routine? You've made such awesome progress, it's been wonderful to "see" you conquering! I hate ruts. They suck.

moogy on 04/12/2011:
I don't think that eating lots of vegie soup with bread counts as a binge Kathy!! Just remember the things you used to eat! You even finished the day within a good calorie range. Don't be so hard on yourself, it's all good:)

KathyBlue - Monday Apr 11, 2011
(Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.)
Weight: 181.0

I've been spending way too long checking my tongue in the mirror
And bending over backwards just to try to see it clearer
But my breath fogged up the glass
And so I drew a new face and laughed
I guess what I'm be saying is there ain't no better reason
To rid yourself of vanity and just go with the seasons
It's what we aim to do
Our name is our virtue
- [lyrics music James Mraz - I'm Yours]

For those who didn't see the photos I posted yesterday, go back and check on them, I think they turned out well. As for the day, it was a whole one for sure. I woke up early to work, then we went out to MIL's, ate a healthy lunch (as for me I did, the others not really, LOL), then we went to Sintra and walked A LOT. To be really honest, I didn't like it too much, I mean the walking part. Sundays are resting days for me, and walking up hills for an hour and then downhills for an other hour and then walking around two more hours was too much of an exercise for me for a Sunday. Look, who's complaining!!!!  But I enjoyed the woods, the sound, the wind, the smells... things that a photo cannot possibly capture - just YET. I hope they will find out how to add these elements one day, ehehe... Like in Harry Potter, the pictures could talk and walk around from one pic to another. When we arrived home, I still had to work for long hours (GRRRR...), and I went to bed early.

Weekend, foodwise: I had a quite perfect weekend. I could stay in the limit: 1700 kcal per day. Actually, I had around 1600 on both days. Yesterday I got quite upset because I was VERY HUNGRY after the walks and I couldn't find a place to buy a decent, healthy snack or light meal to grab! My man bought lots of pastries, Portuguese pastry is very sweet, but VERY VERY sweet, normally with lots of eggs involved... Bahh... and then he wanted to buy me a chocolate dessert called Brigadeiro which I really loved before the lifestyle change aka diet. I had to explain him, and we had a fight over this, that it wouldn't make me content, and I didn't want it. He didn't believe me. But the truth is, I'd rather had an apple or a piece of bread! This is PROGRESS, huh?!

I still have my MIL and SIL complaining on EVERY Sunday when we lunch together that I don't eat sweets and the greasy foods they prepare. They say I'm boring, and I should give it a break, etc. etc... I feel awfully unconfortable in the situation but I persist, I have my fights with my conscience and I don't want to them bugging me as well! 
Girls, you know my struggles, but I'm more comfy with you than with them. I don't want them to know my feelings, they wouldn't understand. I suspect SIL to be jealous about my progress, too. I don't like negative vibes but I have to resist and keep on.

Today's menu:

06H10 - LF yogurt w/ cereals (200 kcal)

09H15 - healthy biscuits (100 kcal)

10H30 - LF milk w/ 20% coffee, some puffed rice (100 kcal)

11H30 - 2 kiwis (70 kcal)

13H30 - a slice of grilled chicken breast w/ veggies, 2 kiwis and a LF yogurt, LF milk w/ 20% coffee (600 kcal)

16H00 - half apple, ice-cream for kids, some rye bread (450 kcal)

20H00 - an apple  (50 kcal)

23H30 - veggie soup (250 kcal)

Grand total: 1850 kcal

Exercise: tennis, Pilates (no BodyBalance today, a substitute prof. came and gave Pilates), tonight: badminton! 

Progress as of today: 145.2 lbs lost so far, only 36 lbs to go!

Umpqua on 04/11/2011:
Great job resisting the sweet pastries! That's too bad that there were no healthy snacks available. Also, great job staying in your new calorie range, I think that's going to work out great for you!

liza36 on 04/11/2011:
I enjoyed the pictures - it looks like a very lovely place!

I think what you are experiencing with your MIL and SIL is very common. People around us are not always supportive of our good habits, or trying to take care of ourselves and our health. Some of it could be jealousy, as you say, but some of it may also be that many people show love and concern and happiness through food. I wish that so much of life didn't revolve around food, but unfortunately it does. You just have to remain strong and persistent in your new way of life. Good luck!

loveray on 04/11/2011:
i totally hear you on the family eating pressures. i was out with my cousins and aunt yesterday and we had these huge desserts that came out for our birthdays. i was SO full from my salad and normal food that i passed on dessert and ate a couple of berries that came as a side on the plate. they all made fun of me for just eating fruit and passing on the chocolate - it's always a struggle but only you know what makes you feel best!! congrats on persisting on. xo

lifestylechange on 04/11/2011:
Beautiful photos Kat! I love them! And good job for your resistance... It's tough! :) You are superwoman!

lolla on 04/11/2011:
I loved the pictures, what a wonderful place, and you look so cute as always. Sorry about the family pressure, it is already so hard to keep on track and then to have people pushing you OFF track it is just not fair. Congrats for stiking to your plans!

moogy on 04/11/2011:
If only you could get a doctors note to say you are not allowed to eat fatty or sweet food and just show it to them. I bet they would leave you alone then. In the meantime, you stick to your principles. There are times for celebration and every Sunday doesn't count. Birthdays, Easter, Christmas, anniversaries - special celebrations, then you can have special foods that you don't normally eat. Have a good day Kathy:)

V on 04/11/2011:
I love the pictures!! Hey you know i have experienced this issue as well and it sucks that these jealous people have to put their unwelcomed 2 cents in...Please don't give in to their nagging, it sound like they want you to fail...Women can be so freaking CattY as you know...Stick to your guns and be strong!!

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