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KathyBlue - Thursday Feb 10, 2011
(Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.)
Weight: 189.0

YAYYY, the scale was very friendly to me today! :-)

French exam went well!  Badminton was cancelled by Joana yesterday so I didn't go either. Pff... Today morning: no tennis (rain), gym instead. Cool.

BTW from 17 February I'm changing my priorities as follows:

1st - posture correction w/ Pilates
2nd - tonification, gain muscles
3rd - continuing weight loss

To achieve this, I'm going to change my tennis classes of Tuesdays and Thursdays to 19h/20h, and going to Pilates in the mornings instead (07h30).

Today's menu:

06H00 - banana milk shake (300 ml skimmed milk w/ a banana) - 200 kcal

10H00 - LF milk w/ coffee (50 kcal)

12H00 - veggie soup (200 kcal), some lean pork meat from the oven w/ cooked broccoli and an orange (300 kcal)

15H00 - LF milk w/ coffee (50 kcal)

tonight: sushi (man invited me as the trains don't circulate because of the strike and we need to catch the bus, so why don't we eat out before taking the bus..., sigh... men's logic...)

Grand total: 800 kcal

Progress as of today: 137.2 lbs lost so far, only 34 lbs to go!

sweetpea1977 on 02/10/2011:
Yay!! Congratulations Kathy!!! Welcome to the 180's!!

sweetpea1977 on 02/10/2011:
oh my gosh, I would be totally devastated if I had schoolwork on it! I'd be crying and pulling my hair out and drowning my sorrows with wine and ice cream (not at the same time, of course!).

V on 02/10/2011:
Holy Moley!!! You are a bright and shining supernova!!! Congrats to you! Welcome to the 180's Kat!!! You are so close to your goal!!!

Umpqua on 02/10/2011:
Go Incredible Shrinking Woman!! Awesome job :-)

V on 02/10/2011:
No I don't get much of a paycheck, my money comes from my very generous tippers and if a person in my profession is smart enough to save funds and are really good at what they do,it is a win win situation...I know I always gripe about not working but financially I could survive comfortably if I didn't work for many months...On a really good day I can earn enough money to pay for all my monthly expenses....

thisisit on 02/10/2011:
CONGRATULATIONS KAT!!! That is a beautiful number!!! You have worked so hard, I am happy it is paying off for you!!! I am happy you shall be somewhere way below there when I get there. Proud of you!

thisisit on 02/10/2011:
Definitely interested in apple desserts!

V on 02/10/2011:
LOL!! There is always a room for you! Now Although i would love for you to be my co worker, there is a bit more to it than looking like a glam goddess, flirting and chatting it up, you also have to make tasty beverages for the massive crowds while still maintaining fabulocity and keeping your wits about you...No panicing, tears in beers or belly aching and you have to deal with a few belligerent drunks from time to time! LOL Can you deal with that?? LOl

biscottibody59 on 02/10/2011:
Thanks for the book ref--I knew you'd probably just overlooked it at the moment--no biggie:-) I shall check it out further!

Look at you--that just happens to be the weight I was at when I came back to DDs after a few months absence--and my highest weight ever. That may or may not mean much to you 'cause you've come so far!

You're doing great--keep up the good work!

getmebackto150 on 02/10/2011:
congrats on the weight loss... That is AWESOME!!! I really like your new priorities!!

selina on 02/10/2011:
Wow, I'm so proud of you and your weight loss!!! Thanks for the the blogspot link, I'll take a look at it later... So, you also have high colesterol, huh? Even after losing all that weight... huh.... well, I'm going to try to lose weight and avoid taking the pills. The doctor said that the pills might give me sore muscles, yuck. I hate the idea of taking pills everyday and asked the doctor to hold on to the prescription. I'll try to lose weight and get healthy the natural way. Take care and beijinhos pra voce tambem!

geevee on 02/10/2011:
Any squash can be roasted. I've cut it into one inch cubes, some larger and some smaller and also slices. I've experimented at 350 to 400 degrees. The hotter temperature requires more watching. There's variability in the different kinds of squash. Some get very toasty and chewy. Others are softer. But, they are all good.

geevee on 02/10/2011:
Nothing can stop you! What an inspiration!

2 Tbl of flaxseed meal a day solved my cholesterol problem and my son's. No statin for me.

moogy on 02/10/2011:
Excellent work Kathy. Well done, in the 180's, that is so wonderful. I am sure that all your hard work and exercise will have you toned and terrific by the time you have completed your life changing task. I am so proud of you!!!

shadetree on 02/10/2011:
YAY!!!! Always nice when the scale is friendly! You are doing fantastic!

nita51 on 02/10/2011:
Hey Hey Hooray to the SUPER weight loss! UNBEIVABLE! yet we see it right before our eyes. Go sis Go! Hope you're getting my comments, there usually at the bottom of your previous days list. I'm like a turtle :) S-l-o-w-l-y moving forward. :)) Hugs

newme24 on 02/10/2011:
Congrats on the loss-- that's so great!! You've been working and doing so amazing-- so hard you definitely earned it. I'm so happy for you :) Banana milkshake sounds awesome-- and I see from reading your diary that you have a lot of vegtable soup-- do you make it yourself?

KathyBlue - Wednesday Feb 09, 2011
(Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.)
Weight: 194.6

Good morning, Girlies!

I loved your comments yesterday on my soul's reflections... It's a constant battle, but it's not a problem because we are the CHAMPIONS, right???????

I got to Pilates today, YAYYY... then when I left the showers I saw the next class running in the gym, it was Body Balance, GRRRRR... I'd been wanting to try that for a loooooooong time!!! I forgot about it completely. Well... whatever. :-) I had a nice Pilates class anyway. I dislike the prof, it's a straaaange, small dude (small guys make me suspicious and unconfortable, lol...) who never speaks to me but looks at me with this strange expression on his face... Well, but I normally concentrate on BREATHING IN / BREATHING OUT at the right time so... whatever! :-)

The bus company is on strike today, but they gently do it between 10 AM and 2 PM so it doesn't affect me. Tomorrow and Friday will be more complicated because of the trains... I think I will go to the gym at night so I can avoid going home by train, I go by bus instead and will get a light training, too. Let's get something good out of this uncomfy situation, right?!

Today's menu:

06H00 - half apple w/ a soy yogurt (150 kcal)

10H00 - LF milk w/ coffee and two salty cookies (100 kcal)

11H00 - a tangerine (50 kcal)

12H30 - black rice w/ fish (500 kcal), a kiwi and a peach (100 kcal)

16H00 - Lf milk w/ coffee, a LF yogurt, a kiwi (150 kcal)

21H00 - huge dose of soup (400 kcal) and a kiwi (40 kcal)

Grand total: 1500 kcal

Body Composition is What Matters

Body weight and body composition are key terms when looking at your body on the inside and how it relates to your metabolism. Body weight on the scale doesn’t register how much is muscle and how much is fat. Body composition indicates this insightful information. The most reliable ways to have your body composition measured are hydrostatic weighing (the gold standard), caliper testing, and a machine known as the “Bod Pod”. Muscle is denser than the fat and shows up as weighing more on the scale. We are made up of 100% of something. A certain percentage of that is fat and the rest is muscle mass (and what is called “fat-free tissue” such as bones, organs, and the like). Two people can each weigh 150 pounds, but one may have 15% body fat and the other 20%. The one with 20% body fat has less muscle mass (5% to be exact). This makes a difference in the number of calories their bodies require to perform everyday functions. Remember, the body with more muscle mass uses more calories; the one with less muscle and more fat requires fewer calories to survive. Taking your measurements, assessing your body fat, and weighing yourself are key in gauging how your body looks on the inside. A common mistake is using the scale as the only gauge of how your weight management journey is going. Some criteria are: how your body shape is changing, how your clothes fit, and other variables that indicate how you look on the inside.

People do illogical, unhealthy things to decrease the number on the scale. Some of these include not drinking water or skipping a meal before weighing themselves. The lower number on the scale may give them a false sense of gratification, but does little to improve their health or  long-term weight management.
What happens when they eat lunch or drink a bottle of water? The number goes up. This doesn’t mean they have failed. This behavior has no place in proper weight management, since it contributes nothing to our healthy lifestyle.

Progress as of today: 131.6 lbs lost so far, only 39.6 lbs to go!

thisisit on 02/09/2011:
Great article!!! I do need to get myself measured. But, thankfully, I let myself look at how I look in clothes. The scale may not budge much, but my body is looking better.

We most definitely ARE champions!!! :)

Quick question, how many calories a day do you aim for? Isn't 800 a bit low?

V on 02/09/2011:
LOL!!@ your instructor,he sounds a bit creepy, my girls and I refer to guys like this as "stranger danger" LOL I love all the info you have been posting as well Kat! have a wonderful day :)

sweetpea1977 on 02/09/2011:
hahaha, stranger danger indeed! :)

I am so thankful for all the great information you have been posting. I hope that EVERYONE is reading them, truly absorbing the info, AND thinking about their own views of their current health situation!

This one at the bottom of your entry today is vital for everyone to read, for sure. I don't know what my body fat percent is right now, but I know if I knew it, I would be super-motivated to lower it. This is why people must do both cardio and strength along with a balanced vitamin and mineral rich diet of protein and complex carbs if they want to achieve maximum fitness and health!! :)

selina on 02/09/2011:
Thanks for remind me to drink lots of water, today! Your pilates teacher is funny! Kathy, I noticed that the Portuguese are normally small people, I rarely saw very tall people on the streets - my husband at his 6'5" height really stood out! So, now I have a picture of you walking around the streets with a suspicious and unconfortable look on your face, haha!

legcramps on 02/09/2011:
LOL @ the strange small dude! As an overly tall friend once said to me "I'm so glad I saw him in Wal-Mart, otherwise I might have stepped on him and smushed him right into the ground"!!!

Good article, makes a lot of sense :)

biscottibody59 on 02/09/2011:
Thanks for your comment on the pics--the stadium hasn't been named as yet--so the owner (who benefited from lots of local sales taxes in the building of it) hasn't sold the naming rights. He calls it Cowboys Stadium after the NFL team he owns. It would be way too brilliant for it to actually be named the Death Star--haha!

Have a great day!

Umpqua on 02/09/2011:
Very good article, thanks for posting!

nita51 on 02/09/2011:
He looks at you with a strange expression???? He! He! he! That's funny, I wonder whats going through his mind? Links you sent me are great. Hey sis, What do YOU snack on at night, when you have the urge to chew? Am I doing OK with the sunflower seeds? You look like a Badminton star on the picture in stadium. Cute

KathyBlue - Tuesday Feb 08, 2011
(Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.)
Weight: 194.6

OMG, so many things to tell... LOL... First of all: I didn't make it to tennis today. I AM DEAF. Yesterday was a sunny day and my colleagues opened the window wide... when I noticed that I was in the airway it was too late already...! I still went to badminton, it was so cool, a light training. But today I didn't want to risk getting worse... So today I'm taking the day off - as I really have to study French tonight, tomorrow is EXAM DAY... LOL... the first semestre has come to its end... ALREADY! Time flies!

Other thing: yesterday's entry, comment:

thisisit on 02/07/2011:
You are looking fabulous. I do understand what you mean about losing weight but for some it still being a big number. Several years ago I went from 230 down to 180. It was a huge loss, obviously, and I felt great and looked fabulous. But walking down the street, if I met people for the first time, I realized that to them I was really big. They didn't know me before I lost all that weight. But whatever. I am losing for myself and my health.

This comment touched my heart... it's so true! We feel confident, we receive support and compliments, but for "new people", we are still big. In addition, I feel sometimes that I don't deserve compliments because I may have the willpower and I feel I can do it now, but I let this happen to me at first place. I didn't born like this... I grew big, I grew myself big, it wasn't the rain, it was years and years of bad food choices, ignorance... I really have to keep this in mind all the time, to keep on. Negative? Maybe, but I don't want to be too confident and let myself go with the flow again... As long as I keep these feelings on a healthy level...! Do you understand me? I hope you do :-), I don't want to be negative, I want to be realistic and motivated: my goal is to never go back to where I came from, "Ignoreland"...

Today's menu:

08H45 - half apple (50 kcal)

10H00 - LF milk w/ coffee (100 kcal)

13H00 - veggie soup w/ 100 gr 8-cereals whole grain bun, a mango and a plain MF yogurt (600 kcal)

15H00 - LF milk w/ coffee (50 kcal)

16H00 - a tangerine and a MF yogurt (100 kcal)

20H00 - veggie soup w/ 2 small whole grain slices leftover bread, an orange (500 kcal)

Grand total: 1400 kcal

UPDATE: it's raining AGAIN... no tennis tomorrow. On the positive side, I can have a nice PILATES class instead! Stupid public transport will be doing a strike but I hope I can get to the class in time... Tomorrow the buses, Thursday the train, Friday the train, Tuesday the train... ARGH, come on people.. it could be worse !!! You have a job at least, and not the worst job at all!

Progress as of today: 131.6 lbs lost so far, only 39.6 lbs to go!

selina on 02/08/2011:
bonjour! Je vous comprends tout à fait! Il est difficile de maintenir la perte de poids, mais il en vaut la peine. C'est mon problème aussi, j'ai perdu beaucoup de poids il ya deux ans mais je l'ai gagné tout nouveau. Je pense que vous faites très bien et je sais que vous ne serez jamais renoncer à votre objectif. Comment, vous êtes sourdes? J'espère que vous vous sentirez mieux bientôt.

V on 02/08/2011:
Oh I understand you!!! LOUD and clear, and no matter what size you are you are still the same confident funny beautiful girl, now just in a compact version! Love you! Gotta get going ;)

thisisit on 02/08/2011:
I know how you feel about not deserving compliments. Perhaps we did let ourselves get to a bad point but poor food education, decades of our parents' and society's bad relationship with food, and, of course, improper portion sizes helped quite a bit. My problem is depression and feeling bad about myself. Sadly, I haven't been as ignorant as many. So, more than anyone, I feel the worst because I knew. I knew what a portion size was, I knew what could be eaten and what not, but I still did this. And the worst is that I lost weight through hard work, I lost 50 pounds, but I gained it all back and then some. THAT is what I am so mad at myself about. But it's good to keep that in mind. It's always good to remember. I am proof that gaining back what one has lost is too easy. Too, too easy. Fat cells never die, they just deflate. Thus, it is always our job to remember that we aren't in the clear. It's good to remember and be somewhat negative (so long as we aren't depressed about it). A. It motivates us, and B. It keeps us humble. I will never be the same or have the same life as my size 2 friends. It simply can't happen. But we will both try to get as close as possible and we shall look fabulous. We shall never take our looks and our weight for granted because we have worked so much. You have done an incredible job. Your perseverance is impressive. I know I can do this mainly because you did it.

selina on 02/08/2011:
I told you, French is so similar to Portuguese that you'll learn the language in no time! Have a great day!

chidogs on 02/08/2011:
You are very right of course. I have been that road too. Lost 60 pounds and then put it all back on. I'm still mad at myself for that too. Sometimes I think that binging is my way of punishing myself, knowing I will just feel worse afterwords. I don't know, it's kind of twisted logic, but I know the eating is destructive. You deserve the praise because you have worked so long, and have not given in the the pressure. Take care.

Umpqua on 02/08/2011:
I think that's a very healthy attitude. I feel the same way usually. It's tempting to get too confident and whenever that has happened I have started to gain back. This is a full scale battle and it must always be viewed that way! Oh and you and V are coming for dinner tonight, yes? ;)

newme24 on 02/08/2011:
I totally understand you! I feel ezactly the same way-- I'm looking forward to eventually being under 200-- but people will still see me as big. I won't be an "average" sized person. It is frustrating and I've been scolding myself everyday because I did this to myself... but you have the right mindset. We should be doing this for ourselves, to be healthy and take take care of our bodies. You look FANTASTIC in your picture and you really should be so proud of yourself!! It's a wonderful accomplishment!

panda22 on 02/08/2011:
I LOVE all your photos, beautiful! Lookin good girl!! =) My parents would have been jealous of the boat show, they have one and spend all their time on it when the weather is nice for boating season...it's like their new "baby" since us kids are off on our own...they even were close to eating their Thanksgiving dinner on it this year! HAHAHA ...Have a great day girly!

newme24 on 02/08/2011:
And good luck on your exam!

geevee on 02/08/2011:
You're absolutely right! After I regained just about all the weight I had lost I realized that in order to maintain the loss I had to constantly watch what I was eating or I'd regain again. It is an eternal battle.

thisisit on 02/08/2011:
My bottom still hurts after yesterday's bike ride. And all I did was sit on it for a half hour. I was talking to my friend, who is a trainer and herself lost over 100 pounds, and she said that the stepper itself doesn't have much of an effect, that it's better to use the elliptical. But everyone has their favorites. I tried the stepper yesterday, it was absolutely difficult. It was one of those new steppers and I just didn't know what to do with it. I will have to simply find a bike with a different seat.

legcramps on 02/08/2011:
Good luck on your exam tonight!

nita51 on 02/08/2011:
Great entry! Caused me to re-examine all that we go though, in the pursuit of losing weight. I appreciated the link on diabetes and eating fruit. It was most helpful. Good luck with your exams, I know you'll ace it. :) :) :)

sweetpea1977 on 02/08/2011:
I totally understand what you're saying! So glad you put that out there for all of us to see.

You are an awesome person Kathy..dont you ever forget it!!

moogy on 02/08/2011:
Good luck with your exam Kathy. Good luck with the verbs. I still think you are fabulous!!! How about big and beautiful???

nita51 on 02/08/2011:
Wow! Thanks for updating me about ordering from the site. That's great sis!

lifestylechange on 02/08/2011:
Rain, Rain, go away!!!

KathyBlue - Monday Feb 07, 2011
(Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.)
Weight: 194.6

Good morning, Ladies! :-)

Yesterday I had a foodwise day, w/ more or less 1600 kcals... Good weekend!

Took me sooo long to get to work today... the subway's on strike so everybody opted for the bus. Terrible...! Worse is the fact that the coach didn't appear today morning, AGAIN. I'm getting VERY annoyed with him. He should see a doctor or gain more self-discipline... because we are PAYING and the service is not being realised - we should complain... I don't because I go for the gym instead, but there are others who come to the trainings and they seem very annoyed, too.

Yesterday we went to the NautiCamp fair. :-) An international exhibition of Marine, Camping, Sports. Well, on the sport side it's always weak - only radical sports like skating, rollerblade, surf, bodyboard (btw I love skating, watching it on TV amuses me but it's obviously not for me to practice, LOL)...

A photo from the exhibition:

 We didn't bring the boat home, because our wall is green so blue doesn't really go with it, LOL...

I'm making awful lot of photos lately... It seems a bit ridiculous, at this weight because for some of us here 190's is a huge weight. And then, let's face the fact: I am still obese ... but, I have NEVER had this weight as an adult. I'm in the HUNDREDS, and I'm really enjoying myself as I am now. And then, of course, I keep on going! So, hopefully, 20 kgs (+/- 40 lbs) from now, I can do a "before-after" photo with ease! :-)

Today's menu:

06H30 - a pear (60 kcal)

10H00 - LF milk w/ coffee, 2 salt cookies (220 kcal)

12H00 - veggie soup (200 kcal), LF yogurt w/ an apple (120 kcal)

14H00 - LF milk w/ decaf (100 kcal)

17H00 - an orange,a LF yogurt (100 kcal)

19H00 - salt cookies (100 kcal)

23H30 - veggie soup (200 kcal) and a kiwi (40 kcal)

Grand total: 1150 kcal

Progress as of today: 131.6 lbs lost so far, only 39.6 lbs to go!

selina on 02/07/2011:
Hello gorgeous lady! I'm still in the phase in which I hate having photos taken of myself, bleh! I'm so happy for you for your weight loss and will be cheering for you till the time you are ready for the "before after"! Have a great day, hugs!!! Beijinhos!

sweetpea1977 on 02/07/2011:
Hello Beautiful! First off, I LOVE all the photos you posted this weekend. You look amazing, both emotionally and physically! I love your sweet confident truly happy smile! :)

Wow, sorry about your coach. What a disappointment. I'd be pretty mad too if he was my main reason for exercise. Thank goodness for your gym on those days!!

I had a good week of sleep until last night. I tossed and turned all night. I think its because Im starting to think of all the things that need to get done before baby gets here. I will work on writing a to-do list in hopes that it will calm my nerves, lol.

Umpqua on 02/07/2011:
Yep, New Jersey...home to Kevin Smith, Bruce Springsteen and those Jersey Shore idiots ;) Beautiful photo! I'll take the boat, I'll put it in my bedroom haha. Have a good one!

waydesmommy on 02/07/2011:
Wow...your wearing something not red...lol. Nice pic. And girl take all the pics you can. You should be proud of what you have accomplished and go ahead and show it off! If your paying for something you should get the full services you are paying for. So you should complain about the coach not showing up. Keep up the good work!

lifestylechange on 02/07/2011:
Great pic, love it! Glad you had such a good time.... Sorry to hear about the coach, how frustrating!! I'm sorry! Keep up the awesome work!

geevee on 02/07/2011:
In case you haven't checked your email - please send me address.

chidogs on 02/07/2011:
Your pics are a wonderful inspiration for those of us who still duck when a camera comes in sight. I don't think I have a family vacation picture taken in the past 10 years. Kind of looks like I wasn't here. So you take those pics!

V on 02/07/2011:
Girl there is nothing wrong with feeling good and loving yourself and you have plenty to celebrate so embrace it, and do what you do best which is being an amazing beautiful girl who loves life And herself!! There are some people that still don't know how to do this, so you should be proud Kat!!

thisisit on 02/07/2011:
You are looking fabulous. I do understand what you mean about losing weight but for some it still being a big number. Several years ago I went from 230 down to 180. It was a huge loss, obviously, and I felt great and looked fabulous. But walking down the street, if I met people for the first time, I realized that to them I was really big. They didn't know me before I lost all that weight. But whatever. I am losing for myself and my health.

Keep up the great work!!!

liza36 on 02/07/2011:
I really feel your enthusiasm from these pictures, and from your entries. I'm so glad you are enjoying this part of your journey. I think that is a very important part of everything. Many people are in such a hurry to get to the end of their weight loss journey and not stop to enjoy the victories along the way. You are simply amazing!

moogy on 02/07/2011:
You don't look as heavy as your weight suggests. I think all that working out that you do means that some of that weight is muscle. I wonder what your body fat percentage is??

KathyBlue - Sunday Feb 06, 2011
(Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.)
Weight: 194.6

Enjoy my Lisbon (+Kat + V's jeans) photos!!! :-) They were taken yesterday, a beautiful sunny day out, FINALLY!!!

I won't be around today, we're going to see the Nauticamp Exhibition (boats, camping stuff, boring topic for girls but Man and his father want to go and I take it as an exercise!)...

Progress as of today: 131.6 lbs lost so far, only 39.6 lbs to go!

moogy on 02/06/2011:
Looking good and looking happy. Lovely photos Kathy, you really look great!!

V on 02/06/2011:
Amazing pics Kat!!! You are looking very toned and lean!!! I am so proud of you girl!! You are a Ninja!!!!! Love it!!! Love you beautiful girl!! is this your apartrment?

thisisit on 02/06/2011:
You look SOOO very fabulous Kathy!!! And the backgrounds are beautiful too. My sister and friend are going to Portugal and Spain in March while I am heading to southern Carribbean islands. I am thinking that maybe, just maybe, I should be going with her.

Have a great day and upload more pictures!!!

biscottibody59 on 02/06/2011:
Great pics!

thisisit on 02/06/2011:
Thank you for the offer Kathy! I would love to come but I have already booked my cruise to the southern carribbean. I am looking forward to the sun shining down upon me and frying my skin as I am far from home, snow, and work.

I will take you up on that next time, though!

liza36 on 02/06/2011:
You look so wonderful! I love the pictures, not only the background and surroundings, but you look fantastic. What a huge difference from your before pictures. Hope you have had a good day.

nita51 on 02/07/2011:
You look like the picture of health! Just beautiful! DD's Dude likes these pictures too. You look happy, thin, and gorgeous. The picture on the steps, with your legs and arms extended, looks like a great tennis pose. :D The last picture with your hands up, seems as though you are symbolizing "Victory" or saying "Yes! I did it!" Lovely pictures sis. Love ya

KathyBlue - Saturday Feb 05, 2011
(Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.)
Weight: 194.6

Hello, girls!

Happy birthday to:  skinnygrlwithin !!!

It's 9pm, I'm after dinner, writing a diary entry for today.

Today didn't start well, I woke up with a huuuuuuuuuuge migraine. I couldn't take Pilates, nor aquafitness (no prob, as I still have a bit of TOM). I opted for the bed, and then I went shoe-hunting, a thing I cannot do after a usual Saturday workout because the store I have as an option is closed after lunchtime... So I went there, tried on lots of shoes, and I bought 2 pairs of leather wonders, one of them is a normal, everyday closed shoe, the other one is something really cool I've never had before: tall boots! :D It's this lady here:

I know it sounds weird/awkward but my size is 8-10 so I really cannot have this as a usual option. When I go to a normal, cheaper store and ask for women's 8-10 sizes, they laugh in my face. Literally!!! I don't find it that funny. Well, my ever-popular love, Man, whatever, didn't really like the amount of money I left behind in the store, but I think I deserve two pairs of shoes, a year! Coz, really, I don't buy shoes. I don't have a choice. And this issue had become even harder since I moved to Portugal: here women are smaller, therefore they tend to have smaller feet, AND IN ADDITION men are shorter/smaller too, so I have difficulties finding any good unisex pair of shoes in my size...

Then, we went on a little excursion to the city center, to take photos. Gonna post some tomorrow, watch out!!! :-D We walked a looooooooooot, so I managed to have hours of exercise. Then we went to the shopping mall, and man bought me a new camera for Valentine's Day, and he went berserk when I wanted to choose a cheaper model... Yay... Men are really difficult to understand, girls!!! I buy two pair of shoes for X dollars (let's imagine) and he goes mad. But later on, very same day, he wants me to want a camera which cost almost 3 times that X dollars value.... LOL... Men and gadgets... Terrible combination.

Today's menu:

11H00 - LF milk, coffee, cereals (300 kcal)

13H00 - indian food at the indian restaurant: chicken spinach curry (VERY GOOD)! I always take a recipient with me and bring half of the food home... this way, I prevent myself eating all the dose. This cannot be done just everywhere of course but we go to this restaurant for years and they don't care/mind... (500 kcal)

15H00 - MF milk w/ coffee (100 kcal)

17H00 - LF yogurt (40 kcal)

20H00 - grilled chicken w/ gherkins (LOOOOOOOOOVE GHERKINS!!!!) (500 kcal), an orange (60 kcal)

Grand total: 1500 kcal

Progress as of today: 131.6 lbs lost so far, only 39.6 lbs to go!

moogy on 02/05/2011:
Love, love the boots, and abolutely a girl has to have boots, shoes and handbags fresh every year at least. I think it is written somewhere in law. Good for you.

V on 02/05/2011:
OMG!! Lovvve the boots! I can't wait so see new pics of you in them!! Hey btw i got your package in the mail today :) Yayyyy I love it, how did you know that i constantly dig in my purse in search of coins?? LOL Psychic lady thank you and LOL at your mom getting pissed for not sending something Hungarian!! I love the postcards and if I didn't know better I am thinking you are sending these pics to tempt me to visit sooner! It is working! LOL I can't wait to see these places in person :) Love you KAt you mean the world to me :)

liza36 on 02/05/2011:
I love your boots, and there is nothing wrong with buying 2 pairs of shoes a year! I agree with Moogy, it must be law somewhere! Enjoy your new purchases.

devine1 on 02/05/2011:
What's up Miss Kathy, Nita showed me your pictures. You really lost a lot of weight! WOW! GREAT JOB!! You ladies are doing the most. I guess "Girl Power DOES Rock" (smile) Take Care

nita51 on 02/05/2011:
Hi Sis, I'm kinda worried about these headaches. Please check it out for me OK. Maybe just stress or TOM, but doesn't hurt to see what's up. Enjoy that new camera. What a great gift for you, you take awesome pictures. xoxo

KathyBlue - Friday Feb 04, 2011
(Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.)
Weight: 194.6

YEEE, it's Friday, double YEEE, headache's gone! BOO, because I haven't had my tennis training today morning, tennis coach's car had been assaulted and he was waiting for the police etc. This time he sent me a message... YEE because I went to the gym instead, had a nice cardio training and some floor work.

I tried a new machine today: the STEPPER. Love at first sight (or step...? LOL). Gonna build it into my gym workout plan...


I feel better now. I have to confess, I've been very afraid for a time now. Happens that I was experiencing synthoms of diabetes: headache, nauseas, feeling low (fatique) and, most frightening of all: I woke up several times during the night with the feeling of a fully dried out mouth, a huge eager to drink... Now I associate it with the restaurant foods because this happens when we go out for dinner... I was telling Man that diabetes prevention is what I do, basically! The diet I do, is a low-fat, low-carb diet with whole foods incorporated, and mostly veggie-based. I do regular exercise. So, I've been doing 200% diabetes prevention for a year now, and it would be VERY WEIRD and unfortunate to turn into diabetic just now... My grandma was diabetic, my mother too, but they turned diabetic at their 40's... or at least got to know they were diabetic by that age. I'm turning 30 this year (*sigh*) and I'm losing weight so I can be healthy and maintain my health as it is now: 95% healthy. The five percent I attribute to my back problem, which is somewhat irreversible but I'm doing Pilates to get it better and prevent any worse scenarios....

UPDATE: I have my blood/urine analysis results with me, FINALLY. Well, I'm not diabetic, my levels are OK! On the other side, cholesterol levels are high...:

Total cholesterol: 219 mg/dl (ref: <190, last time in May, 2010 measured: 176)

Today's menu:

06H00 - LF yogurt (40 kcal)

06H30 - a pear (60 kcal)

10H00 - LF milk w/ coffee and a plum from South Africa (150 kcal)

13H15 - tomato soup (400 kcal)

14H30 - LF milk w/ coffee (50 kcal)

16H00 - an apple, a mandarine (100 kcal)

19H40 - a yogurt (60 kcal)

23H30 - veggie soup (300 kcal)

Grand total: 1200 kcal

Progress as of today: 131.6 lbs lost so far, only 39.6 lbs to go!

emmy'smom-mom on 02/04/2011:
I'm glad your are feeling better. Have you been checked by your doctor? It looks like you have got yourself focused again? Well done! Have a fa weekend :)

V on 02/04/2011:
jeez he got assulted where you play tennis??? OMG I didn't realize it was that dangerous :( I hope your instructor is okay..The stair climer is a killer workout!! It makes your legs super toned!! have a good weekend Kat!

newme24 on 02/04/2011:
First I want to say thank you for all your comments, I appreciate all your support SO MUCH!! Your weight loss is really an inspiration. I'm so glad you're feeling better!! YAYY FOR FRIDAYYY!!!! I hope you have a fantastic day!

sweetpea1977 on 02/04/2011:
Yay for headache for finally leaving! Yay for badminton! Yay for your new found love of the stepper. So exciting when you find a new form of exercise that you love!!

Sorry to hear about your tennis coach. Thats scary!!

You are doing everything you can to prevent diabetes and I commend you for that. Have you been tested recently for it? If you have it due to genetics which are beyond your control, you can still be some light preventative meds to keep it from getting out of control.

Have a wonderful Friday Kathy! xoxo

panda22 on 02/04/2011:
Great that you got to the gym even though you missed out on tennis. I have the same fears of diabetes as both my grandmother, her sister, and my mother had/have it as well so there's a strong possibility I can get it if I don't take precautions such as those you are taking. I think you are doing a great job! I'm glad you noticed the pattern of eating out/dry mouth and were able to see that was the cause of it. Sounds like the high sodium content that's dehydrating you after eating those types of foods. Have a great weekend and Happy Friday!! =)

selina on 02/04/2011:
Congratulations on keeping away the diabetes that runs in your family! 30? You are still a baby!

Having one's car broken into - how crazy is that? Stay well and have a great day!

chidogs on 02/04/2011:
You are doing a wonderful job! Glad you got your badminton in. Have a terrific day.

biscottibody59 on 02/04/2011:
I know here in the US the gold standard for blood sugar over time is hemoglobin a1c (hba1c). It's widely available through drug stores/pharmacies over the counter. So if you haven't had one, maybe that would give you peace of mind that you're doing all you can do.

Very frightening and sometimes one symptom can mess with our (mine anyway) mind!

You're doing so many positive things for yourself. Keep up the good work--and hold your head up as usual!

sweetpea1977 on 02/04/2011:
Glad you dont have diabetes. What a relief!! Cholesterol is also a genetic thing and can be controlled with a good diet (yours is pretty good!), exercise and meds. So, keep doing what you are doing and hopefully those levels will drop as you continue to lose weight. :)

sweetpea1977 on 02/04/2011:
I wonder if you ate something that skewed the test in the wrong direction. I've never been tested for cholesterol (BAD Jenny!!) but I have heard that some foods eaten a day or two before can make a test turn out badly. Your numbers shouldnt be going up if you're weight is going down.

moogy on 02/04/2011:
It is never all good news is it?? Glad you have a new love in your life - the stepper!!! LOL I came to Australia as an emigrant with my family when I was 12,on a fabulous cruiseship, so I grew up in England. All my childhood memories are there and a little of my heart. It is quite strange to me that my husband, children and grandchildren are all Australian with Australian accents!! Have a wonderful weekend Kathy!!

nita51 on 02/04/2011:
LOVE IT! LOVE IT! That you took charge of your life to prevent diabetes. You are a wise woman. My goal is to try and reverse some of the illnesses that may occur due to the dreadful disease. I agree with you a little slow walking may not harm me. I'll remember to take it easy. Have a good weekend and have fun at Badminton. YOU GO GIRL!

just42day on 02/05/2011:
Congrats on the no diabetes results! I'm sure that's a great relief for you. Congrats! :)

devine1 on 02/05/2011:
Nita LOVES the great cloths you sent her. Thanks a lot Kathy.

moogy on 02/05/2011:
Good news on the diabeties, and choesterol you can work on. So no so bad Kathy. Have a good restof the weekend.

KathyBlue - Thursday Feb 03, 2011
(Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.)
Weight: 194.6

Moooorning, Girls!

Well, three days in a row with a dull headache... I blame TOM. I'm sipping my second dose of coffee now, waiting for it do miracle. Meanwhile, I took a pill (painkiller), too. It's been months since I took a pill. Well... there are harder times. Badminton didn't feel good yesterday because of TOM as well. I was slow, sleepy, headache, etc. But I love it, it's just me who didn't play well yesterday. Tomorrow will be different, I'll give my best.

I hope you all saw Nita's photos. She's wearing my favorite clothes I had, and I didn't want to give them away to strangers nor throw them away! So I sent them to her and I hope they cause happiness to her, too. I'm sure! And now, Nita, your goal has to be: make them too large for you! I know you can do it!  Then, if they're still in good condition, you can give them away again, with the same objective! Just like the super clothes I received from V! The clothes she wore, became too big for her and now it's my turn to shrink and make them too big for me, too. It's something wonderful to feel, really. Because one can buy clothes anywhere, and mailing used items most probably cost more than buy new ones nowadays, but the feeling of giving the favorite pieces away to friends for this objective is BRUTAL!

Today's menu:

06H30 - an apple (on the bus, hehe) - 50 kcal

10H00 - LF milk w/ coffee (150 kcal)

12H00 - veggie soup (200 kcal), an orange and a LF yogurt (120 kcal)

16H00 - LF milk w/ coffee (50 kcal) + a whole wheat cookie (70 kcal)

19H30 - sushi! (1000 kcal)

Grand total: 1700 kcal

Progress as of today: 131.6 lbs lost so far, only 39.6 lbs to go!

loveray on 02/03/2011:
aww i hope you feel better, Kat!! aww I love that you gave your clothes to Nita, very cute! enjoy your sushi...i really want some good sushi as well. sounds awesome! xo

getmebackto150 on 02/03/2011:
sorry you are not feeling well... Mmmm... enjoy your sushi, I haven't had it in FOREVER!!!!! Have a good one!

waydesmommy on 02/03/2011:
I hope your headache goes away. It's pretty cool about the clothes. That is a great idea. I haven't seen the pics yet...but I'm getting there.

tangalyn on 02/03/2011:
i love the clothes u sent nita, she looks great in them :) hope u feel better kathy, TOM can be such a pain (literally), have a good one!

V on 02/03/2011:
Awww way to pay it forward! I couldn't dream of giving the clothes I worked so hard to make too big to just anyone! Enjoy the clothes and i can't wait to hear that they are all too BIG for you :) Love you, have a great day :)

just42day on 02/03/2011:
Love the clothes sharing taking place. How wonderful. Hope your headache goes away!

hakuna_matata on 02/03/2011:
Great idea on passing clothes along! have a great day!

newme24 on 02/03/2011:
The clothes sharing is so cool and such a great idea!! It really is a wonderful thing to pass along these clothes to someone with the same goals as you. I love that. I hope you're feeling better, and enjoy sushi!!

lifestylechange on 02/03/2011:
Hope your head feels better way soon.... Love you!!

geevee on 02/03/2011:
What size are you now? Maybe I can enlarge your wardrobe.

geevee on 02/03/2011:
What size are you now? Maybe I can enlarge your wardrobe.

liza36 on 02/03/2011:
How wonderful that you gave and received clothes. I didn't know you did that. I saw the photos of V, and she looks fantastic, and now I know it's her beautiful self in your clothes! You'll have to post some pictures of you in V's clothes. Hope you feel better today.

geevee on 02/03/2011:
Actually my all time high was 173. At that weight I couldn't find anything that fit because I was stuck on the idea that I wore a 14 and that all the ones I found were "running small". Talk about denial! I refused to buy a 16 and looked perfectly awful in the old, worn clothes I was wearing.

My daughter gained a lot of weight and outgrew some really nice clothes which she gave me. That got me through, and then I started getting too small for them.

Why don't we discuss this further at my email: motherearth83@hotmail.com

violet11 on 02/03/2011:
Hope you feel better soon

liza36 on 02/03/2011:
Yes, I meant to say that I saw Nita in the clothes. She looks wonderful. And you look so great in V's jeans. How nice you all could do that.

sweetpea1977 on 02/03/2011:
I love your idea of passing on too-big clothes with fellow weightloss ladies. Makes me wish I kept all my old clothes (donated to strangers)!! I think I still have a few (which I will probably need right after baby is born), but I'd love to join in on this mission when they become too big again. :)

I hope your headache leaves soon!! xo

nita51 on 02/03/2011:
My treadmill is doing fine ( JUST STANDING THERE ) not being used. Sorry! Dr. said he would rather I exercise after I lost much more weight. I guess at my age and weight, it would be less pressure on my joints. I think I should still try to do a little something every other day or so, just to speed up my slow metabolism. Sure hope you feel better soon. xoxo

moogy on 02/03/2011:
I love the idea of sharing clothes, I didn't know it had been your blouse. It bought a smile to my face. Thank you for always being an inspiration!!

KathyBlue - Wednesday Feb 02, 2011
(Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.)
Weight: 194.6

Good morning, Girlies!

Yesterday I was Scarlett O'Hara, believing in "Tomorrow is an other day.". Major binging... but I won't call it "setback"... I ate a lot, over 3000 kcal's. Period's raging, had to take meds to calm down headaches and stuff, and I had a very very very very tough day at work. I was almost crying, and believe me, only an incredible huge amount of stress can make a Leo cry over something so ... banal (aka WORK).

No regrets, I will sweat it out on badminton (I've already had a great individual tennis training today, hehe).

Tomorrow we're invited to eat out for dinner (all-you-can-eat sushi restaurant), I'm going to behave, I promise. Man suspects that sister wants to make an announcement of some sort (pregnancy, probably)... LOL... She said she would pay for all, that's VERY suspicious indeed. :-)

Today's menu:

06H10 - a slice of whole grain bread w/ light soy margarine and chocolate soy milk (400 kcal)

09H30 - LF milk w/ coffee (100 kcal)

11H00 - an apple (100 kcal)

12H30 - veggie soup (120 kcal), salad (lettuce, tuna, beans, vinegar and olive oil) (250 kcal) , an orange and a LF yogurt (100 kcal)

15H00 - LF milk w/ coffee (50 kcal) + small orange (50 kcal)

17H00 - 2 whole grain, small toasts with a LF yogurt (150 kcal)

23H15 - veggie soup

Grand total: 1600 kcal

Progress as of today: 131.6 lbs lost so far, only 39.6 lbs to go!

moogy on 02/02/2011:
Ah! A Leo, my daughter is a Leo as are two of my grandchildren, all of whom think that they are the centre of the universe and everything just revolves around them. Of course, being an Aries myself and I am sure other Arian's would agree with me, we just let you think you are the centre of the universe. In fact we are in control of the universe!! LOL I hope that put a smile on your face.:) Seriously it must have been a bad day you Leo's are tough critters!! Tomorrow is another day Scarlett, just pick yourself up and dust yourself off and start afresh!! Hugs to you!!

shadetree on 02/02/2011:
When I have days like that I shut my office door - I usually warn my senior accountant what's going on. Everyone knows that it's an 'enter at your own risk' situation, and for the most part, they leave me alone. Hope today is a little better for you!

nita51 on 02/02/2011:
Hi sis, finally got around to posting the pictures. Hope you like them. Thanks so much, and you know why. :) :) :)

V on 02/02/2011:
Uhoh!!! Well today is a new day and you normally have it under control so you shouldn't sweat the 3000(unless it is sweating it out )LOl Love you :)

liza36 on 02/02/2011:
Sorry for your bad day at work. One day of eating too much in the grand scheme of things is not too bad. You will definitely counteract that with all the exercise you do. Hang in there, and enjoy the sushi.

chidogs on 02/02/2011:
Ah! I knew there was some etheral reason I like you, you are a Leo, and my dear late Nana (grandmother) was a leo. She was the sweetest person I have ever known. Sounds like you are very much like her! Enjoy badminton, you will work off anything "bad" you may have eaten! Hugs.

newme24 on 02/02/2011:
I'm sorry you had such a tough day at work, but you have the right attitude-- sweating it out in badminton and today is a new day! I hope you have a better day today! Be sure to let us know if there is a special announcement :)

nita51 on 02/02/2011:
Yes, Next time picture of pink top, for sure :) Glad you liked the pictures. May I send a box of the individual packs of Stevia? It's great when going out to eat. It does take a lot to make US Leo's almost cry. I'm sorry things have been a so stressful for you. I too have seen many stressful days and nights. My way of handling stress was to over eat. Now when I'm really nervous or uptight about something, I snack on sunflower seeds. I know the sodium content is higher, but it's better than a lots if the other crap I could be eating. I think TOM is the culprit. When it's over you will start to feel much better. You'll be back in the saddle again sis,,,I just know you will. Hot tea & sunflower seeds for relaxation. Hugs

lifestylechange on 02/02/2011:
Ahhhhhh.... I'm sorry about your down day yesterday but thankfully you have a positive attitude about it and have come so far with sooo much determination that you will be just fine. Have a great day. Love ya.

Umpqua on 02/02/2011:
Sorry you had a rough day, hang in there. All you can eat sushi sounds wonderful! Oh, and I don't make those candy confection type cupcakes for the boys. They would be awake all neat eating all that sugar! Mine are chocolate made from scratch, more like muffins: http://bittersweetblog.files.wordpress.com/2006/02/chocunfrost.PNG. I have managed not to eat any so far today!

hollybelle on 02/02/2011:
Sorry for tough day at work - good plan to sweat it out! Tomorrow night - remember - No sushi every tasted as good as you feel when getting healthir and healthier! stick to your guns! Tom......AAUUUGGHHHHHHH!

moogy on 02/02/2011:
kumara is what we call the orange sweet potato. We get several varieties.

nita51 on 02/02/2011:
So cool, Please let me know when you need more. Let me know if there is anything else I can do for you. xoxo Sending you picture of me in pink blouse tonight. :)

thinnside40 on 02/02/2011:
Glad to see you are continuing to downsize!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

KathyBlue - Tuesday Feb 01, 2011
(Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.)
Weight: 194.6

TOM has arrived. I KNEW IT. I had an annoying headache yesterday, and it's developing again today... GRRR... and I'm constantly hungry as well. God save me from temptation.

Tennis was great, individual training again. LOL... keep on going... :-)

Today's menu:

06H10 - 3 tiny slices of whole grain bread, toasted, w/ soy butter and chocolate flavour soy milk (350 kcal)

10H00 - LF milk w/ coffee, a banana (200 kcal)

11H00 - an apple and a LF yogurt (100 kcal)

12H30 - asparagus cream w/ natural tuna, veggie soup (500 kcal)

14H00 - LF milk w/ coffee (50 kcal)

16H00 - pastel de nata (300 kcal), 2 oranges and a yogurt (150 kcal)

18H00 - slice of CHOCOLATE CAKE (OMG, one of my fav colleagues celebrates her b-day today and she gave me a delicious slice... I'm definitely NOT dieting today, LOL...) (400 kcal)

Grand total: 2100 kcal

Looks like a non-dieting day today... First of all, I'm all stressed because of WORK...  then TOM, then my colleague's birthday, THEN my man asked me out to dinner.... AAAAAAAAAAHHHH... No problem, one day's not the world and tomorrow I sweat this out at the tennis/badminton combo... 

Progress as of today: 131.6 lbs lost so far, only 39.6 lbs to go!

shadetree on 02/01/2011:
I hope you got paid today! I think it is totally reasonable to expect to be below 190 by the end of the month. That's just a little over a pound a week. With all your tennis and great food choices you should be able to do that and then some! Hope you are having a good day!

nita51 on 02/01/2011:
Sorry about your headache, Darn TOM! Sending positive vibes your way. xoxo

loveray on 02/01/2011:
dumb TOM. i hope you start feeling better and glad you got to go to tennis!

V on 02/01/2011:
:( I hope your head feel better :) I am sure the tennis lessons had to have helped! Have a wonderful day my love!

newme24 on 02/01/2011:
Hope you feel better! Stay strong against those temptations! Glad tennis was great, keep up the great work! Have a great day!

sweetpea1977 on 02/01/2011:
I hope you feel better soon!

selina on 02/01/2011:
OMG, that pastel de nata sounds awesome!

Umpqua on 02/01/2011:
Feel better soon. What is asparagus cream? I mix my tuna with a veggie mayonnaise substitute, but that sounds yummy.

lifestylechange on 02/01/2011:
Hope you feel better soon...My TOM is right around the corner also....and my appetite is raging! Hate it...Plus extra-bloated from water retentions...grrr! Hope you have a great day beautiful.... Enjoy your dinner with your BF!

newme24 on 02/01/2011:
Great approach, Kathy. Sometimes we just need to have a non-dieting day. Do the best that you can and work it off tomorrow! Enjoy dinner tonight!

moogy on 02/01/2011:
Some days are just for enjoying. Enjoy yourself and feel good about it. I hope it lifts your spirits:)

chidogs on 02/01/2011:
One advantage of being in the older category, no TOM! Chocolate cake makes my mouth water. Have a great day!

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