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KathyBlue - Saturday Dec 04, 2010
(Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.)
Weight: 203.0

Thousand kissies to you, girls... Today I sighed and got onto the scale, after these days of constantly failing my calorie intake limit... and guess what, the scale showed me 92,00 kgs! 202,8 lbs. Unbelieveable!!!

Today's a busy day, won't post... will post tomorrow a photo or two from the Mega Christmas Party... :-P

Today's menu:

08H30 - LF soy choc milk w/ muesli (350 kcal)

12H45 - veggie soup, a tangerine (300 kcal)


Have been to Pilates already, then hairdresser's!!! :-)

Lunch was eaten with "new" hair, lol... I'm a REDHEAD again. :-)

xoxo, off to get the eyelashes painted!!! :-)

Progress as of today: 123.2 lbs lost so far, only 63 lbs to go!

nita51 on 12/04/2010:
W - O - W !!!!!!!!!! 203 ???? You Go Sis!!!!!!! Love You. I'll be joining you next year!!!! Word up and for real!!!

V on 12/04/2010:
Have fun tonight I am sure you will look beautiful!!! Congrats!!!

just42day on 12/04/2010:
Congrats! You continue to be an inspiration. Enjoy your evening! :)

tangalyn on 12/04/2010:
congrats on yet another loss :D so happy for u... i wanna see hair! hope u enjoy ur day :)

Umpqua on 12/04/2010:
Holy frijoles Kat, that's wonderful! Can't wait to see your new pics, I'm also coloring my hair this weekend. Mine is so dark it's very resistant to color so I can't do anything drastic. have a great day!

OpenMyWings on 12/04/2010:
you're doing so great with your weight loss! what an inspiration

moogy on 12/04/2010:
Well done Kathy, that's wonderful. You are an inspiration to many of us. As a redhead (for real) I can tell you we have the most fun!! Have a great day.:)

loveray on 12/04/2010:
love you!

Bikiniwax85 on 12/05/2010:
Eyelashes painted? How does that work? Congrats on your loss! Wish I could be more like you! :)

KathyBlue - Friday Dec 03, 2010
(Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.)
Weight: 209.0

Well, well... no tennis today. Storm came during the night and the floor was all wet. I let myself sleep instead of going to the gym, shame on me.... I really have to get some discipline and show up at the gym two times a week from now on!!! Even because next week they forecast heavy raining for all week!

My badminton buddy (colleague) is in the hospital (cold = cold/sore throat season). I'm also seeing my ride to the Christmas Mega Party being cancelled because my friend/colleague who promised me it, is at home with bronchitis... As a good Leo, I've already convinced my colleague, André, to give me a ride instead ("André, a favor please? I need a lift to the party, and I was thinking about you..." and he: "OK, can be..." ) And I'm also in charge to certify that my friend won't get penalized because of enrolling and then not appearing at the party (there's a huge fee of 40 euros for those who enroll and don't show up...). Everything's on the way.

I have hairdresser at 11AM, a definitive (1-month duration) eyelash painting at 2PM in the middle of nowhere (but I have the directions), then a make-up at 5PM. Funny, the girl told me that the make-up cost 15 EUR but if I decided to buy a product instead, it'd become an offer. GREAT. Gonna get me something cheap, though I doubt I would be able to get out as a winner from the negotiation... Then, I'm going to get dressed, imagine where, at the company's bathroom... I don't want to go home.

Today, guess what... I'm going to have my massage.... It'll be a stress-killer massage, I wonder if they cancel it again during the day. One day, when I finally get this massage, they really want me well stressed, lol.

Today's menu:

08H00 - a whole wheat bun with a slice of LF cheese and light choc soy drink (400 kcal)

09H30 - LF milk w/ coffee

11H00 - an apple

13H30 - grilled chicken (200 gr) w/ asparagus cream (600 kcal)

15H00 - grapes and a LF yogurt (150 kcal)

16H30 - grapes

20H00 - veggie soup w/ a whole wheat bun (last one I had at home) and a LF yogurt (400 kcal)

Grand total: 1900 kcal


I'd like to invite you to do the Willpower Test of Dr. Richard Wiseman. He's one of my favorite authors, a famous university researcher. His books are: Quirkology, 59 seconds, etc.

I think his newest research has a lot to do with us... and I find particulary interesting that he challenges everyone to keep up with a certain goal for two weeks, and then he will e-mail them after 2 weeks and ask how it went! We have to show we HAVE WHAT IT TAKES TO CHANGE!!!

Take the willpower test, now!:


Progress as of today: 117.2 lbs lost so far, only 69 lbs to go!

just42day on 12/03/2010:
Glad your evening was better, too. The holiday party sounds like quite the event w/all the prep you're doing! Enjoy!

V on 12/03/2010:
OOhh I am glad you are getting your makeup done again, you looked like a glamorvixen at the wedding!!!! i can't wait to see the photos...Enjoy your massage and i don't have to tell you to enjoy the party cause i KNOW you will do that!

loveray on 12/03/2010:
awesome sweetie - i hope you have fun today and enjoy the party! cant wait to see some pics:)

liza36 on 12/03/2010:
Have a great time at your party. Be sure to take a picture of you all glamorous!

selina on 12/03/2010:
You are going to look so good at the party, I just know it! Enjoy!

selina on 12/03/2010:
Thanks, Kathy! This is definetly a low and I hope to come out of it without many problems. I did finish reading a whole book which I loved, while in bed. "Remarkable Creatures" by Tracy Chavalier. Your company must be enormous! How many people will attend the party, do you know? Sounds like a lot of fun!!!

Umpqua on 12/03/2010:
Very exciting that you're getting your makeup done again. I'm sure you'll look fabulous! I signed up for the willpower test, my challenge is to reduce my kids' screen time since I was doing most of the other stuff already anyway. We already spent more time reading yesterday. I hope you have a great time at the party!

sweetpea1977 on 12/03/2010:
Wow, what a fun day of glamour and pampering!! I cant wait to see all the photos! :)

V on 12/03/2010:
Yes Kat my friend my plan is not to eat anything that once had a face, breathed, nada zip kaput! LOL

V on 12/03/2010:
Yayyyyyy for the pants!!Yayyy for having time to wash them!

moogy on 12/03/2010:
Sounds like you are working hard to look really good for this shin dig. I hope you have a wonderful time. Too bad about all your friends being sick, that's no good.

hopingforhealth on 12/03/2010:
Have an awesome time at your holiday party! You will look fab. I bet all that pampering will be tons of fun!

KathyBlue - Thursday Dec 02, 2010
(Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.)
Weight: 209.0

Morning, Girls!

No tennis this week, as it seems. OK, maybe tomorrow... the weather is bad, cold and rainy. I went to gym today instead...

I ended up at 2000 calories yesterday, AGAIN. I have a downfall for sure, maybe it's caused by the cold, and hopefully my body burns a lot more now that we have 41-50 degs Fahrenheit at home... Geez. Horrible, and it will get worse by next week...

There's a chance to have tennis tomorrow... INCREDIBLE!!! :-)

Today's menu:

06H00 - LF choc soy milk w/ muesli (300 kcal)

10H00 - LF milk w/ coffee (100 kcal)

12H00 - veggie soup, a grilled chicken leg with salad (600 kcal)

14H00 - LF milk w/ coffee (100 kcal)

16H00 - LF yogurt w/ a whole grain bread (300 kcal)

21H00 - LF yogurt (60 kcal)

Grand total: 1500 kcal

GIRLS, GIRLS, I'm extremely happy now!!!! Imagine the following: we've found an association VERY NEAR (20 min) where they hold BADMINTON trainings everyday, for the monthly fee of: TWENTY-FIVE EUROS!!!!!! We're (me and my colleague) going there tomorrow to enroll, hehehehehehehe!!!!! I'm so happy! A raquete sport that is played INDOORS, won't be affected by rain, snow, wind, etc. etc.... and the trainings are from 7PM which is JUST perfect (not too early, not too late!) after work! :-)

AND... hopefully this piece of clothing will arrive tomorrow so I can wear it on the company's Mega Christmas Party on Saturday night!!!

Progress as of today: 117.2 lbs lost so far, only 69 lbs to go!

nita51 on 12/02/2010:
You'll be fine Sis, You always land on your feet. Stay in good spirits. Hugs

V on 12/02/2010:
Did you have a second helping of dessert?? If so time to get it out of the house and get back to business my friend! Come on Kat I know you got this!

V on 12/02/2010:
It is okay :) Let's get the intensity that you had before and you will be just fine!!

Umpqua on 12/02/2010:
You can't lose your momentum, you are such an inspiration to me! Just get those tempting foods out of the house ASAP!

Umpqua on 12/02/2010:
It's my variation of loveray's smoothie: 1 frozen banana, a handful of spinach, half a scoop of protein powder, some organic almond milk, and ice cubes. I added peanut butter yesterday for a bit more protein. It's yummy! I've also used kale which is a bit of a stronger taste, but also good.

V on 12/02/2010:
I am going to make certain of that Kat!!! I got your back and as soon as you get your mysterious package I hope it will serve as an extra added incentive...Let me know if i can further assist you in getting your head back into the game!!!

V on 12/02/2010:
LOL quit NEVER....You were just taking a time out!!! LOL

V on 12/02/2010:

liza36 on 12/02/2010:
Not feeling well with a cold or other sickness can affect our eating and exercise. Don't worry, just feel better, and bundle up in warm clothes! You may actually be pleasantly surprised at your next weigh in. Keep up the great work!

V on 12/02/2010:
I am sure you will look Smokin Hot!!! You must take pictures!

V on 12/02/2010:
OOOh i almost bought a pair(long ones) just like those Sunday, but it didn't fit into my budget so I had to pass :( They are tres chic!!ANd THANK GOD you found a place to play tennis rain snow sleet whatever!! YAaaayyyyy :)

V on 12/02/2010:
I am about size 5/6????? The last pair of jeans I purchased was 8's and they are really loose especially the waist! I must buy a tape measure I think my waist is really small but I will never lose my hips or my big donkey(ass, get it) LOL

V on 12/02/2010:
LOL!!!! The guys are fascinated by it!! It's like having my own shelf back there!!! LOl Hey are you at work right now??? If so LOL shame on you for chatting with me on company time! LOL LOL LOL(I am in tears now) :)

liza36 on 12/02/2010:
Fantastic that you will have another option to tennis and all the other hydro classes you take. I love the shorts. You will look smashing in them!

V on 12/02/2010:
LOL!!! Well not only does your justification sound ligit, it has it's very strong points...hell you have even me convinced!! Boy we sure do have a way with words ;)Oh BTW the pants at the store I found them were $10...I could def afford them but I didn't NEED them. With vacation in 2 weeks I have to separate Wants from Needs...Must save money I have to look at the bigger picture...LOL

loveray on 12/02/2010:
love that i cant wait to see the pics of you wearing it!! xo

moogy on 12/02/2010:
I love badminton, havne't played since I was in my twenties. Acually it is probably the only sport I do enjoy, besides swimming. that is great news and you will get as much of a work out as with tennis. wooo hoo!!

sweetpea1977 on 12/02/2010:
Yay for tennis tomorrow and badminton. I loved playing badminton as a kid...such a great workout. I hope to pick it up again when the boys are old enough to enjoy it with me.

Love those shorts! Be sure to get a picture of yourself in them! :)

KathyBlue - Wednesday Dec 01, 2010
(Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.)
Weight: 209.0

Good morning, Girls :-)

I update my weight as the 205 was a new low, but Doctor measured 209 so... :-) Let's keep it. Gotta get to 205 soon, I hope we can celebrate "below 200" by the end of January... We'll see.

Today is a national holiday so I'm staying home. BTW my legs say: go out, go out, go out... it's freaking cold in here. I let myself sleep til 10AM when I received a call from work.... LOL, nothing can stop those guys from bothering me... So I was working now, and collecting recipes... I'm going to keep your advice and get more proteins. I was just a bit afraid of protein because of my cholesterol, I think my sub-conscious was trying to avoid it at all costs...

Today's menu:

10H30 - Light chocolate soy milk w/ muesli (400 kcal)

12H00 - LF milk w/ coffee (100 kcal)

14H00 - veggie soup, a soy yogurt (300 kcal)

15H00 - a slice of cake I made (300 kcal)

Grand total: 1100 kcal

well, gotta go downstairs before I get frozen completely ... it's very cold here
wish I had a heating right now... I need to learn French today but my hands are so cold I cannot possibly grab a pen... ARGH...
The whole wheat cake I did today (sour cherry pie):

Progress as of today: 117.2 lbs lost so far, only 69 lbs to go!

just42day on 12/01/2010:
I think dr's scales automatically add 5 lbs- that's certainly been my experience. You're still doing so great and continue to be an inspiration. I so admire your determination and consistency!

V on 12/01/2010:
I think yesterday was a rare occasion for you with over doing it,I think you should def do what your Dr. says and how you feel..maybe you could add more protein only on days when you are feeling extra hungry..Yes cholesterol should concern you...I think suggestions are great but you know what your body needs as well Kat...You have been doing such an awesome job and I am sure you will continue to..Have a great day!!!!

sweetpea1977 on 12/01/2010:
Adding proteins are a good idea to stave off hunger, but if you can find plant-based proteins to enjoy you wont have to worry about cholesterol issues. The occasional small serving of healthy cooked lean meats (especially skinless poultry breast) wont hurt you though.

I hope you find a way to stay warm!!

V on 12/01/2010:
I just read your comments about my pics...Awww thank you!!!

Umpqua on 12/01/2010:
I just disregard the doctor's scale haha - MY scale is correct ;) As long as you keep an eye on the saturated fats, I think upping the protein is good if you feel you need it. Especially on hungry days. Have a good one!

selina on 12/01/2010:
have a great holiday!

liza36 on 12/01/2010:
I love anything with cherries in it. Your cake looks delicious!

tangalyn on 12/01/2010:
nice cake :) i bet we will be doing that celebrating :) hope u have a great day!

moogy on 12/01/2010:
looks delicious, there are lots of proteins that you can eat that won't affect your cholesterol, just have a mooch around google. I hope that cake freezes. I am sure you can reach your coal, don't you just hate doctor's scales!!!!!!!

V on 12/01/2010:
Bonjour! just42day menace de manger des verse parce que personne ne l'aime...LOl will you talk to her????

V on 12/01/2010:
Merci!!! That looks really yummy!! :P

chidogs on 12/01/2010:
The cake looks great. I'd stick to your scale, or whichever one you use regularly! Sorry you are freezing cold there. Bundle up and take care.

KathyBlue - Tuesday Nov 30, 2010
(Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.)
Weight: 205.0

Good morning, Ladies! 

Back to work... it was nice to have a day off. I had French though so I appeared here at work around 6 PM. It's better here in this season, because it's kinda warm! It's 5 Celsius degs at home now, can you imagine that? It's a small amount of 41 degs. Fahrenheit... Normally I can't stand being out of the bed at home in winters...I have my legs, hands freezing, but the worst of all is when the tits start to freeze, AWFUL! Well, but today is wage day so we're going to buy a portable heater for home... After FOUR years... LOL.

Meanwhile I've been to the Doctor. He said I should ask the health insurance guys about what would be needed to cover my plastic surgeries in 2011... I don't have too much hope for this, because the state doesn't pay plastic surgeries anymore (economic crisis.....) and these fancy private health insurances are the same... So I asked how much would it be without the insurance... the Dr. said the tremendous amount of 8000 euros which is 10500 USD... I'm rather dissapointed now but as a good Lion, I won't ever give up...

I told the Dr. about my constant problem with doses... that I eat a yogurt and it only makes me want to eat more and more, and I am unable to stop... OK, at least it's not with unhealthy foods anymore (before I could eat a whole sack of chips, or sausages, a pie, etc.), but it still exists and causes me a great deal of self-belief issues regarding to diet, etc... He told me to use tricks like washing the teeth right after eating, or eating small doses, slowly, chewing every bite very well... Well, worths to try!

Today's menu:

08H30 - LF milk w/ coffee and black sugar (200 kcal)

10H00 - LF milk w/ coffee and a whole wheat bun (250 kcal)

13H00 - whole rice w/ some cow meat and sauerkraut salad (500 kcal)

14H30 - a LF yogurt and a pear (100 kcal)

16H00 - LF milk w/ coffee and a whole wheat bun (250 kcal)

19H30 - sushi.... (1000 kcal?)

Grand total: 2300 kcal

Note: Tomorrow is a National Holiday (Portuguese Independence Day) so as next Wednesday (religious holiday)!

Progress as of today: 121.2 lbs lost so far, only 65 lbs to go!

devine1 on 11/30/2010:
Thanks KathyBlue you are an inspiration. Peace and Blessings to you. :)

nita51 on 11/30/2010:
Ahhhhhhhh! So sweet, appreciate your kind words. Sent Santa to Portugul today. Love you Sis.

TinaAnn on 11/30/2010:
Hey, KathyBlue! 121 pounds is a great deal to lose! WTG!

Deer meat is very healthy. Often when doctors tell a person to avoid red meat, they say except venison. I believe it is because they are wild. Free range meats are the very healthiest. That includes cows and chickens from free range farms. It's more expensive but way better.

V on 11/30/2010:
Savor each bite Kat...When I am at work with not much time to eat it sometimes takes me 2 hours to complete it..I have always taken my time when I eat(mainly because of fear of chocking..I know I have lots of issues) Usually it takes me an hour to eat dinner and it always amazes my friends how slow I eat...Val on the other hand inhales her food kinda like a vaccum LOl...every now and again we go to for brunch at a really swank place called The Vinoy and I am usually still eating my 1st plate my friends are headed to the various food stations on their 3rd helpings!! Where is the fire??LOl At almost $60 per person,I am def taking my time and also taking advantage of the free Tattinger's Champagne! LOL Oh I have been meaning to ask if you have tried my method I use when I am feeling a little extra hungry??? I drink a cup of low sodium ff broth, it works!

Umpqua on 11/30/2010:
That's great about all those holidays coming up. What kind of plastic surgeries are you wanting? I am a food inhaler and I've had to really be conscious of slowing down and enjoying my food more. I take time to talk to hubby and the boys at meal time so that helps. Hope you have a great day!

sweetpea1977 on 11/30/2010:
I inhale my food too, so I've been trying to become a more conscious of my eating speed. Its easier to do when I have someone eating with me as I dont want to be the first one finishing our meal, lol. Anyway, one thing that has worked for me is coming up with a routine during the eating process - take a bite, put the utensil down, chew then swallow, take a sip of drink (water for me), set the glass down, then pick my utensil up to take the next bite. Its really time consuming, but it does help you savor the food and feel the sensation of fullness quicker. I think it takes 20 minutes for your brain to realize when your tummy is full, so try to take at least that long to eat your main meals. As for snacks, its all about sticking to an assigned calorie budget for them. Once you've had your alloted calories during snacktime, then thats it. Drink water if you feel the munchies coming back before your next main meal.

As for the percentages of rain, its confusing. Weather.com has this feature where you can get hourly weather forecasts. Right now at 9am, it isnt raining but there is a 90% chance of it raining during this hour. At 10am, the percentage goes up to 100% chance of rain, which seems pretty accurate to me since their weather map shows a HUGE line of rainstorms heading my way. And by 4pm, the prediction of rain drops down to 60%, just in time for rush hour traffic to begin which is good since this is the time my hubby usually leaves to come home from work!

V on 11/30/2010:
Hurry up and lose that weight so we can have that party!!! BTW be on the lookout for a mysterious box as well ;)

just42day on 11/30/2010:
thanks for the well wishes. Really appreciate them!

liza36 on 11/30/2010:
I like how positive you stay regardless of what might be a setback with the plastic surgery. You'll get there, and have time to work out other options, I'm sure.

The other ladies have great suggestions for slowing down eating that might help with smaller doses or portions.

I do recommend the book by Geneen Roth, Women Food and God. I'm only 1/2 way through, but it has given me lots to think about.

Enjoy your days off coming up.

tangalyn on 11/30/2010:
hope u r having a great day and staying warm :)

selina on 11/30/2010:
Portion sizes are so hard for me!!! the ladies do have lots of good advice for you up there, many of which I can use! Frozen tits??? You make me LOL!

OpenMyWings on 11/30/2010:
You're funny about the cold comments :) It doesn't look like you're getting enough protein, while having too many carbs. Try balancing it out a little more. I have a problem with being hungry all the time myself. However, after working with a nutritionist, I have actually found ways to keep myself from being hungry all of the time. I have small meals throughout the day with protein and fiber (using "good" carbs). However, I do limit my grains and breads. Also, the black sugar may not be helping. Sugars and "white" carbs create a blood sugar spike. When it drops, we get tired and hungry again. An idea: breakfast - coffee with sugar free cream, 1 cup nonfat/skim milk, 4 ounces yogurt with either ground flaxseed or granola in it///snack - a piece of fruit and string cheese///lunch - 2 servings of fruit and/or veggies, 2 hard boiled eggs///snack - protein bar or protein shake///dinner - 1 cup nonfat/skim milk, 1 serving fruit, 2-3 servings veggies, lean protein (tuna, chicken, lean pork, etc.)///snack - cottage cheese, sugar free jello, or another low-cal low-fat snack

moogy on 11/30/2010:
Teeth cleaning is an old trick that usually works for me, I hope it works for you as well. Anyway, as you say yourself you could be eating worse things than too much yogurt. I had a look at your menu and agree with OpenMyWings, you need some protein in your menu Kathy. I usually have a little protein with every meal, 10 almonds, protein powder in my pumpkin pie shake, it really helps keep away the hunger.

getmebackto150 on 11/30/2010:
I agree with brushing your teeth right after eating this is a trick that has worked for me!!!!!

hopingforhealth on 11/30/2010:
I inhale my food too. I noticed at Thanksgiving that I finished my plate first! I didn't do that in the past. I am working on slowing down, but it's definitely hard work.

I also agree with the people above who say protein might help. It's the best for staving off hunger. Try adding some. Good luck!

KathyBlue - Monday Nov 29, 2010
(Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.)
Weight: 205.0

Hello, Girls!

Busy day today! Went to get my free hour of massage at the pool's therapist.... I had an appointment for Friday, they called me to cancel it because the therapist didn't appear. OK, then I booked it again for today morning, at 10AM. I was there- the therapist not really. I got mad, went to do a complaint... and the woman looks at me, points at the outside world through the window, and says to me with suffering on her face: "The therapist called, she's arriving late because... just look at the traffic, it's horrible today!" ... I looked at her, and said: "I know it's horrible, I had an appointment with the therapist at 10AM and here I am, and believe me, I don't travel by helicopter, I came through that horrible traffic you're talking about... and let me add, I took this day off because I thought I deserved a free day, with a massage, but it looks bad, right?"

So I had to book an other day, it will be Friday... again. Well, I haven't had tennis because the weather is crappy again, but I was at the pool so as there were no massage, I got in the pool and did a 45min swimming, free style... It was rather difficult. Swimming is a great workout... this way, going there wasn't fully in vain!

Today's menu:

08H30 - LF milk w/ coffee and muesli (400 kcal)

12H00 - 2 tangerines and a pear (200 kcal)

13H30 - veggie soup, cooked veggies with a cooked chicken drumstick, a LF yogurt (500 kcal)

16H00 - an apple (100 kcal)

18H00 - LF milk w/ coffee (100 kcal)

21H00 - veggie soup (200 kcal)

Grand total: 1500 kcal

Progress as of today: 121.2 lbs lost so far, only 65 lbs to go!

tangalyn on 11/29/2010:
aww sorry u wasnt able to get ur massage, that sux, hope u can make the best of ur day :)

sweetpea1977 on 11/29/2010:
wow, that really sucks about your massage. I hope you will get one eventually as you certainly deserve it!

Umpqua on 11/29/2010:
Sorry about the massage, I love your description of the receptionist looking at you with suffering in her face LOL! YOU are the one who has been continually denied a massage, argh. I hope your week goes well and travel conditions there improve. Are you going to be walking to work again?

moogy on 11/29/2010:
Love it, you were right to complain, I had to laugh at the helicopter bit!! I can just see you waving your arms in the air. I am glad you got some swimming in, too bad about the tennis, that just about topped of a disappointing day. I bet you wouldn't relax with that particular masseuse now anyway!!

moogy on 11/29/2010:
No Kathy, I never get Christmas fever, I would prefer to miss it altogether, I only make the effort because I have children living with me downstairs. I don't eat Christmas dinner with them though, I am thinking about making myself the dr pepper ribs for my Christmas dinner. The children and my daughter and husband come upstairs on Christmas eve and I read them stories and they open my presents then, sort of a prelude to the big day downstairs. I prefer Christmas to be a religious holiday and as I go to church every week and remember my Saviour everyday, it is an unnecessary holiday for me now that my husband and I are seperated.

moogy on 11/29/2010:
I do make treats for friends at church, this year I am making sweet and spicy nuts and chocolate bark to give away in little Christmassy bags. I also make pork and prawn spring rolls for the Christmas eve get together, they are yummy!!

Umpqua on 11/29/2010:
The soup is from Amy's, they have a wonderful line of natural stuff: http://www.amys.com/products/category_view.php?prod_category=14

Maria7 on 11/29/2010:
The veggie soup sounds really nice! :-)

V on 11/29/2010:
And the Lioness roared!!!! LOl Ms Kat when you finally get that well needed massage I am sure the will compensate for your missed appointment...I too am a stickler about my valuable time...It pisses me off to no end when my fellow employees arrive late because of "traffic"...Perhaps if they leave with enough time for "traffic issues" they would show up on time..Especially the ones that live a few blocks away! Don't get me started!

V on 11/29/2010:
I was just reading Sweetpea's post and If Santa is in Lapland then we should totally write to him and maybe we can both get some new bigger Ta Ta's for Christmas!!! I totally believe in Santa! LOL

KathyBlue - Sunday Nov 28, 2010
(Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.)
Weight: 205.0

Good morning, Sweeties

I had a busy day yesterday. Pilates and PowerPool, and a 15 min swimming. There will be a HidroDeep MasterClass, and my man comes with me, YAYYY :-). Will be held on the 11th December, at 7h30 pm. Then we went to the mall, to get some basics for the fridge...

My mother gave me a recipe, a "very nice cake" with semolina cream (cream because it has looots of margarine, of course). I used carob flour, whole flour and some white flour, and black sugar in the cream. Well well, it's good. My mouth doesn't really appreciate heavy creams anymore, but I tasted it today morning... and yesterday I had ice-cream, in cone... I always commit a huge mistake at the ice-cream shop... first of all, I should ask for ONE flavor. But they always have looots of yummy flavors and I choose at least two. One without sugar, and one without cream/milk. And then second big mistake: cone instead of paper cup. Paper cup doesn't have calories... I have to behave.

So let's consider this weekend a failure for dieting, but I'll get over it, lol... It's just that the Dr's appt. is tomorrow!!! 

Today's menu:

08H30 - mom's cake with LF milk 500 kcal

 an other photo from the wedding, received today:

Progress as of today: 121.2 lbs lost so far, only 65 lbs to go!

selina on 11/28/2010:
Wow, you look gorgeous!!!!

Umpqua on 11/28/2010:
Another great photo! Ice cream is something I have to indulge in every now and again. And I prefer 2 flavors on a sugar cone! Thankfully it's too cold here right now to consider going out for it.

OpenMyWings on 11/28/2010:
Never think of it as a failure. Consider it a bump in the road on your journey. (I learned this through motivational books.) Sounds like you'll be busy with some great fitness routines :)

Maria7 on 11/28/2010:
What a happy picture! :-)

V on 11/28/2010:
You are a show stopper mouth dropper stunner!!! Meow!!!

KathyBlue - Friday Nov 26, 2010
(Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.)
Weight: 205.0

OMG, it's sooo cold today.  I had my tennis class outdoors, in about 5 celcius degs (below 0 it's freezing)... I was half mad when the coach and the other girl were talking instead of moving and playing... I was telling them constantly, MOVE PLEASE, it's cold, I'm not here to catch one, I'm here to EXERCISE... Dang.

Today I'm going to get my monthly relaxing massage at 18h, and at 19h I still go to the pool, after the massage. Tomorrow is Pilates & PowerDeep day, FINALLY. I haven't been there for 3 weeks now, because of my trip and other occupations on Saturdays. 

I'm taking Monday off, to have a little time for some housework.

Today's menu:

06H20 - LF milk w/ a Madeira banana (150 kcal)

10H00 - LF milk w/ coffee, 2 buns (350 kcal) and a tangerine (50 kcal)

12H30 - sardines (tin) with salad and a coffee w/ LF milk (600 kcal)

16H00 - LF milk w/ coffee, a tangerine (150 kcal)

Grand total: 1300 kcal


Funny & Sad at the same time (Wallmart People, ppt):


Progress as of today: 121.2 lbs lost so far, only 65 lbs to go!

V on 11/26/2010:
I am not sure which one of those pics are the worse of the buch but I will be haunted by mini skirt lady without underwear for a long time to come!!! LOL Wowsers!!! I am glad you are getting a massage today, sounds like you need it! Oh I bet you can't wait for your hydro class :) have a great day and a wonderful weekend Kat!!!

Umpqua on 11/26/2010:
Kathy, you probably burned extra calories just shivering in the cold trying to keep your body warm! I hope you have a wonderful massage!

Maria7 on 11/26/2010:
Hi there! I haven't had sardines in a while...love 'em! :-)

OpenMyWings on 11/26/2010:
I'd rather exercise indoors when it's that cold! I have some exercise videos that I enjoy - although I haven't used them in a while. What is powerdeep?

moogy on 11/26/2010:
I hope that you have a good weekend Kathy. We get vanilla paste here as well as extract, it is made from the whole bean and is quite good. I know what you mean about the cost of vanila beans though, very expensive!!

V on 11/27/2010:
Kat I checked out the makeover and I think you should def go lighter, perhaps highlighted as opposed to 1 color all over :)

Horn_Of_Plenty on 11/27/2010:
lol, you WANT gray hair!?!? haha

Horn_Of_Plenty on 11/27/2010:
i love massages. used to get them at least monthly...haven't had one in a couple months...can't wait to get one again!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 11/27/2010:
i am going to try to get to 129 pounds and reward myself with a massage! i guess the faster i get there, the faster i get a massage! :-)

KathyBlue - Thursday Nov 25, 2010
(Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.)
Weight: 205.0

Good morning, Girls!

Yesterday I left work at 7PM, and arrived home at 10h30PM... It normally takes 30-min to arrive home... ARGH... trains were suppressed and they didn't tell a thing so we were waiting at the platform like stupid lambs... Then I made up my mind and took a bus, a risk because they were doing strike as well... My man arrived home well before me, around 7h30 pm of course... Lucky dude.

Good news is: today I had tennis, and alone again! :-) I love to have these individual classes. Tomorrow will be the same, hopefully... Meanwhile I had 40 min badminton, this time we played in pairs, hehehe... we're growing :-)

BTW, today my colleague (a woman) told me I needed new bras. I didn't know how to react, how to feel about this... She is nice, it was a friendly advice, but... I KNOWWWWW my woo-hoos are everything but "woohoos" right now...  I really need to take V's advice, and get a push-up a bra from somewhere...

 Today's menu:

06H30 - coffee with lemon/cinnamon soy milk (strange taste, but OK) (150 kcal)

09H30 & 10H30 - coffee w/ LF milk (200 kcal)

11H00 - an orange and a small Madeira banana (200 kcal)

12H30 - a tuna/egg/spinach roll with salad (iceberg lettuce, chickpeas, a tomato, a purple onion, sweet corn with olive oil and vinegar) - 700 kcal

chestnuts - 200 kcal

16H30 - LF bifidus yogurt

Grand total: 1500 kcal

Suggestion: http://www.ernieford.com/SixteenTons.htm

My favorite Hungarian poem, translated to English:

Abandoned by my words I'm left alone
or I've become an aimless, overflown
drifting river and in my murky mud
I drag the flotsam washed up by the flood:
old idioms with tired, vain pretences
like broken hedgerows, signposts, maybe fences.
Oh would the Master wisely grant the force
that channels deep, to lead to a steady course
toward the sea
, and would He fit the rhyme
to fringe my verse perfectly every time,
ready for use by me, his good disciple,
(for prosody I'd read his Holy Bible),
as lazy Jonah shirked no avail
and then for three days languished in the Whale,
I, too, went down and shared those deadly bays
of hot throbbing pain, but for thirty days,
for thirty years or three hundred, who knows,
to find, before my book wil firmly close
and an even blinder and eternal
Whale swallows my last departing journal,
my real voice, to marshal every true
word into action, as He gives me cue,
to speak up loud as it is right and fitting
for all to hear (my sickly throat permitting)
until the powers, cosmic and Ninevean
will silence me and send me to oblivion.

Translated by Peter Zollman

Babits, Mihály: Jónás imája
(Jonas' Prayer)

Progress as of today: 121.2 lbs lost so far, only 65 lbs to go!

V on 11/25/2010:
Good morning my fellow boobalisciously challenged friend! As the president of the itty bitty titty committee I firmly(pun intended) stand behind push up bras...It might be a little spendy price to pay to the diet Gods but I will take smaller boobs over the extra lbs ANYDAY!!! LOL..I would suggest shopping around for cheap one to get you by....After christmas you can find some pretty amazing deals at Victorias Secrets..You can get a really nice one starting at $20!!!! Are you on the mailing list??? If not you can go to their web site!!! I am glad at least you were able to take the bus home :) Sorry you got home so late, please be careful out there walking alone!!! Have a wonderful day Kat!!!

biscottibody59 on 11/25/2010:
Having a professionally fitted bra can make all the difference in the world to your self-esteem if nothing else! If you've never been fitted, it's worth seeking out a professional--here in the US most department stores have personnel trained specifically. There are probably websites that can walk you through measuring yourself as well.

Good Luck!

Umpqua on 11/25/2010:
Have you tried a sports bra for your workout? I love mine, they are almost like tank tops with built in chest support. I wear push-ups during the day. I hope your transportation is easier today!

sweetpea1977 on 11/25/2010:
V has some great ideas on bra deals. I definitely think its time to treat yourself to some new ones since you've completely transformed your body. :)

chidogs on 11/25/2010:
Goodness, that was a long commute home. Hope the buses and trains get back on line for you soon! Otherwise, take care. That salad for lunch sounded oh so good!!!

moogy on 11/25/2010:
Just go to a good bra shop and ask to be fitted. They are used to doing it. A good bra is essential especially as you have lost so much weight. Most women don't wear the right size or cup bra and never get professionally fitted. It will make a world of difference to you. My mom used to work in the underwear section of a department store at one time and was fanatical about wearing the right size bra. It will help your back, your walking and definitely how you look at the front. Your posture will improve, in fact you will feel like a new woman.

nita51 on 11/25/2010:
Hey Sis, I've picked out your gifts and I'll be mailing it 2mrrw. Sent something for your two kitties too (lol) So be looking out for your envelope. I'll let you know when Post Office says you will receive it. A gift from Santa is also in your envelope. :) :) :) Your weight loss numbers are shocking!!!!! YOU GOOOOOOOOOOO girl! Love ya.......

nita51 on 11/25/2010:
Sis,,,My life got better after you came into it. So I am Thankful today for Y O U. I keep my magnet in a beautiful metal ink pen holder, right next to my computer, so I can look at it every day. xoxo

V on 11/25/2010:
Wonder Bras are the trademark name for their brand of pushups bras, in fact they are the originator of pushups! They give really good support but not near as sexy as Victoria's secrets brand :) Sex really does sell! LOL

KathyBlue - Wednesday Nov 24, 2010
(Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.)
Weight: 205.0

The city is crazy today... nobody's working, everybody's on strike.. I'm WORKING anyways... no public transport so no tennis today as I don't have a car. No tennis anyway because of the bad weather so I'm not crying over it...  I'll try to go to the gym somehow, after work. It must be EMPTY today, hehehehe....

No gym today, I have to try and get home somehow after work, the strike is really bad. I have my exercise though, as I had to come to work on foot, and back on foot as there's no Underground at all. 40 minutes from/to the train station.

Today's menu:

08H30 & 10H00 - LF milk w/ coffee (200 kcal)

12H30 - veggie soup, a bun, an orange and a LF yogurt (500 kcal)

16H00 - an orange, some home-made cake a colleague brought because of a campaign success (300 kcal)

17H00 - LF milk w/ coffee (100 kcal)

22H00 - LF yogurt (100 kcal)

Grand total: 1200 kcal


Progress as of today: 121.2 lbs lost so far, only 65 lbs to go!

loveray on 11/24/2010:
i love travel days when no one is around and the city is quiet...enjoy your time at the gym!! xo

sweetpea1977 on 11/24/2010:
Sounds like a lovely quiet day to me. Enjoy the serenity! ;)

V on 11/24/2010:
i too would enjoy it! So i guess you have to bike it to work? How far away is it?

chidogs on 11/24/2010:
Strikes are annoying when they impact your regular routine. Sorry about the problems. Hope you find transportation all right. Take care!

Umpqua on 11/24/2010:
That's a great walk, you definitely got your exercise in!

moogy on 11/24/2010:
Oh Kathy, I am so glad that I am not part of all the Thanksgiving hullaballo. How about you? Sorry about all the frustration with the transport and NO TENNIS, which I am sure is the worst part of the strike for you. I hope you have a good day anyway!!:)

V on 11/24/2010:
Well I know you would have rather played tennis or go to the gym But 80 minute walk totally substituted your workout today Kat :) I hope the strike ends soon!!

V on 11/24/2010:
Thanksgiving with Kat sounds alot more funnnnnn!!! :)

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