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KathyBlue - Thursday Sep 09, 2010
(Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.)
Weight: 224.0

Yesterday we had a full day in Vienna, Austria, still world center of classical music...

and yes, the price tag of the last photo is in EUROS... LOL

Progress as of today: 102.2 lbs lost so far, only 64 lbs to go!

moogy on 09/09/2010:
I hope you are enjoying yourself, it would be hard not to, with all the wonderful sights you are seeing. Have a good day.

Umpqua on 09/09/2010:
You are so lucky you can country hop so easily. I hope you're having a wonderful time!

panda22 on 09/09/2010:
BEAUTIFUL pictures in your past few entries =) You have come SO far! Your last entry about the past boyfriend almost made me cry...to be in that situation and handle it the way you did...it takes a strong person to forgive someone who has wronged them..and you are one of those people! Such a good heart! Have a great day =D

V on 09/09/2010:
thank you for sharing your vacation with us! You look happy and also fabulous!

liza36 on 09/09/2010:
Thanks for sharing your photos - I love seeing them. Hope you are having a great time.

legcramps on 09/09/2010:

KathyBlue - Tuesday Sep 07, 2010
(Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.)
Weight: 224.0

Good morning, sweet sweet Girls! :-)

I'm still in Hungary so I don't do the blogging stuff... but you must know that I'm thinking of you constantly! :-)

Food is OK, weight I don't know because I'm not getting onto scales here, nor want to push it - I'm in ZEN, relaxing mood with my body because now we know each other better and she tells me I'm doing great. Here the food is always different, and I'm on the run, but haven't lost my mind, no overeatings, nothing extraordinary unhealthy.

Life: it has its tricks for sure. I've met my first and big "Love of My Life" category dude. He hurt me so bad 13 years ago, he told me by then: "From now on you don't exist to me. Don't talk to me, because you'd only embarass yourself coz I won't talk back." We were classmates you know, and this happened in the 2nd year of secondary school. So I had 2 more years in the same class with the LoML not talking to me. I've fallen into depression of course, haven't eaten ANYTHING during a whole month, haven't talked to anybody, my grades went down, etc. etc.... And now, after 13 years, I meet him in a festival, when I'm here only for a week, the rest of the year I'm 4000 km's away... come on. Impossible. And then, here he came. And asked me to forgive him, because, as he said: "You must forgive me, I've been into hell, I've been thinking about you each day of these past 13 years". And I told him: "That's cool because I've been having nightmares constantly, even abroad, sleeping next to my man, for 13 years also... what a coincidence." ... So, then he embaced me, kissed me (on the cheeks)... and there, I forgave. Anyways, I 've never gotten near angry when it came to him. I've always been in love with him.... and then I knew dispair, hopelessness, all the "nice feelings" of platonic love... and then, I was fat.

So they want to do a class reunion, and they want me to come... I don't know. This, after 13 years, was still very hard for me. VERY VERY HARD. But I hope the nightmares are gone for good...

Kisses, ladies! On the 11th I'm coming back and we can continue dieting together. :-D

Family Reunion photos!!! :-) The cake was not for me, it was for my colleague, we took the opportunity to celebrate his bday, too! I had a bit of the cake, but I left it on the plate, was way too sweet for me... LOL... A lil' triumph!

Progress as of today: 102.2 lbs lost so far, only 64 lbs to go!

moogy on 09/07/2010:
I think that you must feel that a big weight has been lifted of your heart. Forgiveness is always better for the person giving it than the person receiving it. I hope that you do go to the reuinion, facing fears is always better than holding them inside.

Umpqua on 09/07/2010:
Wow, what a sense of closure you must have felt! Everything happens for a reason, and for you both to be there on that day at the same place was more than a coincidence I think. I hope you feel at peace with the situation. And great job using your intuition RE food. You've been doing so well for long that I'm sure it's easy for you to go on "auto pilot!"

V on 09/07/2010:
Maybe this reunion could be the perfect way to face your fears...HOWEVER if this is too overwhelming them maybe not. I am sure you will do what is best for you... just continue your zen path and remember this is a vacation so I order No Stress, No feeling pressure if there is something you are not comfortable with!!! Love ya Kathy!

willbe110lbs on 09/07/2010:
well done for not eating the cake, im proud of you! I knwo that the chances of you meeting him again are pretty small but along with Umpqua, I do believe that everything happens for a reason, maybe you should go along to the renunion, it'll be hard but i think in turn, it will make you stronger, and you dont know who else may be there that you could catch up with. I hope your ok anyway, and thank you for posting those picture of yourself on here, makes me feel like I know you a little better :) xx

hollybelle on 09/07/2010:
A reunion. In a way a reunion has already happened. I hope running into former LOML brought peace and revalation. I had a similar experience about 2 years ago after about 17 years. Ran into old LOML - the "one that got away" type always held a secret torch for him even tho married and all for these many years - it was wierd because he was "less" (in my eyes) than I would have remembered. Also he seemed to be arguing with his wife (who was also with him) at a distance and I suddenly remembered that he was kind of a "control freak" and that's why I always held back my deepest feelings - although I was truly devastated when we broke up. SIGH. What to do, what to do??? P.S. That former LOYL - well, HIS loss, my dear......too bad-seriously.

V on 09/07/2010:
Aww it looks like you are having a really good time :)

Moody3 on 09/07/2010:
Awww loved the pictures, you look so pretty and so happy!

Interesting story bout the LOYL~Seems we all have someone like that in our lives at one point, who has hurt us as no other ever could~Good for you for setting him in his place and I'm so glad you found forgiveness in your heart and are truly at peace with this now~Priceless!

nita51 on 09/08/2010:
I've missed you too sis, and it was so nice to know that I'm needed. I need you too. Have a good vacation and I'll be here, when you get back, so we can chit chat like old times. Hugs

KathyBlue - Saturday Sep 04, 2010
(Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.)
Weight: 224.0

From Eger, wine cellars of Hungary, famous hungarian Valley of the Beautiful Woman. (I had only a sip of white and a sip of red, sweet wines. Only a SIP!):

Progress as of today: 102.2 lbs lost so far, only 64 lbs to go!

healthygirl on 09/04/2010:
You look so happy in these pics! I'm so inspired by your dedication at getting healthy! Way to go!!!!! Do you have any little secret tips? One little mantra I tell myself is Patience, Practice, and Prayer. . . Patience (because I know this is not something that will happen overnight), Practice (If I treat each day like a day to Practice healthy eating, it keeps me from getting perfectionistic), and Prayer (because it really helps me when I focus on God, instead of myself). . any tips from you, KathyBlue? :)

V on 09/05/2010:
You look spectacular my love!!!! have lots of fun :)

moogy on 09/05/2010:
You look as if you are having a great time.

teensybikini on 09/07/2010:
Wow you are doing amazing. Keep it up girly!

KathyBlue - Saturday Sep 04, 2010
(Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.)
Weight: 224.0


1 - 2 - view from the top of St. Steve Basilica, Budapest

3 - St. Steve Basilica, church inside

4. Heroes' Square, Budapest

Progress as of today: 102.2 lbs lost so far, only 64 lbs to go!

Umpqua on 09/04/2010:
Just gorgeous! Thanks for checking in with us!

V on 09/04/2010:
Beautiful pics kathy! have fun with your family, I am sure you will :)

selina on 09/04/2010:
Your country is just amazingly beautiful! Enjoy your time with your family!

healthygirl on 09/04/2010:
Thanks for posting! So beautiful! Have a great vacation!

KathyBlue - Wednesday Sep 01, 2010
(Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.)
Weight: 224.0

Morning, Sweet Ladies! 

First of all, a question to hollybelle and geevee (and the others who were here long before me): Have this site ever had a MALE dieter? Just out of curiosity!  OK, normally the users don't say but it's easy to figure out... Though I thought H_O_P was a guy during quite a long time, lol... She has a certain style, no wining, no crying over the 3000-4000 kcals taken the day before, she admits/swallows it easier than the average dieting woman, hehehe...

So, tomorrow I'm taking off. I should do a water day but I don't feel well lately. The heat is so high and the pressure also at work that my skin allergy (and of course it's on the face and the neck) came back, raging. I'm doing 12-16 hours working days again and I wonder if vacations worth this... for one week off, I have to work weeks and weeks overtime in chain, before and after vacations... I wonder about the job interview and the result. They will communicate back to me soon.

I'm still trying to choose a book for the airplane... I tried several things over the years: books, magazines, audiobooks, music, sleeping. The best were the magazines by the way. Maybe I just pick some at the airport while waiting for the check-in. Audiobooks: I had to buy special earphones to be able to hear because the plane was soooo noisy. And even then I don't remember a thing of the story. Books - it depends. If it's a highly scientific book, I cannot concentrate enough... if it's a complicated story, I lose track... I'm hopeless. :-)

Talking about books, I'm into Bookdept. again. My man has banned me already from the site (verbal banning) because I tend to send him a vast list of "Please, order these to meeee". Normally he ignores every second title... or every second e-mail.  Wish I had the courage to have an account and be able to order, but better not. 

Today, I'd like to read this title, it's about farmer's markets: http://www.bookdepository.co.uk/book/9780307347336/Plenty?b=-3&t=-26#Bibliographicdata-26 (Story: This very human and often humorous adventure about two people eating food grown within a short distance of their home is surprising, delightful, and even shocking. If you've only talked about eating locally but never given yourself definitions--especially strict ones--to follow, I assure you that your farmers' market will never again look the same. Nothing you eat will look the same! This inspiring and enlightening book will give you plenty to chew on.)

Today's menu:

08H30 - horrible unsweetened cappuchino (of course it is NOT unsweetened as it has Glucose syrup.... I read the ingredients WELL, after reading the End Of Overeating - geevee, agreed?)

10H00 - 2 whole cookies (100 kcal)

12H45 - pretty much the same as yesterday, with a soy pudding (700 kcal)

17H00 - some coffee w LF milk and 2 cookies (150 kcal)

20H00 - veggie soup w/ a slice of german black bread, and way too much soy yogurt (the last one to finish before going on vacations...) - 400 kcal

Grand total: 1700 kcal

I've found a photo of me, with the initial weight! With colleagues on the Christmas Party of the company, 2008 December:

Progress as of today: 102.2 lbs lost so far, only 64 lbs to go!

moogy on 09/01/2010:
I hope you have a good day and get to choose a book that you really want.

just42day on 09/01/2010:
I always found "mindless" books the best for plane trips. Sorry, I don't remember a specific title. I usually just picked up some trashy novel at the airport. Have a great trip!

just42day on 09/01/2010:
Yes, 1.5 lbs is sooo close to my mini-goal. Who knows - maybe I'll pull it off yet.

sweetpea1977 on 09/01/2010:
I've been here for 5 years and have seen guys on here. However, they never seem to stay for very long. I think they feel intimidated by us powerful strong women!

Wow, you have come a long way Kathy! I hardly recognized you in that old picture. Way to go girl!!

V on 09/01/2010:
Man sweet pea just took the words right of of my mouth so I will say you have done an amazing job! You have always been beautiful but there is less of you now :)

loveray on 09/01/2010:
cute pic of you and your friends! have a wonderful day. xo

Umpqua on 09/01/2010:
I've been here on and off over 6 years and like sweetpea, I've seen guys. But they don't stick around, it's a shame really! I can't believe the major difference in your face! You have great features and that extra weight really obscured them. Bravo!!

liza36 on 09/01/2010:
I have been on DD for several years too, and there have been some men - Scruffy, Herb, to name a few. I do miss them, and wonder how they are doing.

It's great to take out pictures now and then to really see what great progress you've made. You are doing fantastic!

Good luck with your trip.

hollybelle on 09/01/2010:
Yes, we have had a few of male posters on this site. from time to time. I am so bad with names - but I actually remember three males through the "years". You thought HOP was a guy - too funny! We'll have to see how she feels about that! I like her style, though-male or female! It's said we all have male and female sides to be "in touch" with! Ha Ha.

geevee on 09/01/2010:
I remember Scruffy. There were several others, usually only one at a time. Then they'd drop out.

"Diet Delusion" is such a good title. I'll have to spend some time and check our county's data base to se which of the books you listed are available here. I'll let you know.

You mentioned only drinking water before/during your flight. It sounds like a good idea. At the moment, I can't put down a book about fasting my son gave me to read. We want to get another one about fasting before we actually try one. The biggest obstacle for me is not coffee or tea. That means two or three days of sleep which I really need. Without caffeine, I can't stay awake. I haven't had the headache problem. Maybe the fast is just what I need to get some much needed sleep!

KathyBlue - Tuesday Aug 31, 2010
(Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.)
Weight: 224.0

Wrote on 30th August:

Ended up at 2000 kcals ... I don't regret. Although Man's "whiskey chicken" didn't result well, it had a horrible taste and now I'm sooo full. I had to have some fruit after the not so tasty main course...

On the 1st Sept. I'd like to do a water day to go to the plane trip with an empty stomach. I'm getting older and these trips (planes, autobuses) give me nausea and I often end up vomiting.

I confirmed today, tennis starts on 15th Sept., 7AM! SO COOL! :-) It's still in doubt though, because if there won't be at least 3 persons interested and enrolled, they will ask us to choose an other timetable. I hope there will be 3 interested because I don't want to change my timetables.
And this time I think I'll have an even better coach, a young guy called Tiago. Guys are better coaches, as I learned over the years.

31th August:

Every day you spend drifting away from your goals is a waste not only of that day, but also of the additional day it takes to regain lost ground.

Tomorrow I still come to work, but then... VACATIONS! I'm in Hungary from 2 to 10 September... ;-) Hopefully I have my next mini-goal reached by 15th when I'm starting exercise over after this lazier August.

The Next book on my wishlist to read:



Most anti-smoking campaigns inadvertently encourage people to smoke. The scent of melons helps sell electronic products. Subliminal advertising may have been banned, but it's being used all the time. Product placement in films rarely works. Many multi-million pound advertising campaigns are a complete waste of time. These are just a few of the findings of Martin Lindstrom's groundbreaking study of what really makes consumers tick. Convinced that there is a gulf between what we believe influences us and what actually does, he set up a highly ambitious research project that employed the very latest in brain-scanning technology and called on the services of some 2000 volunteers. "Buyology" shares the fruits of this research, revealing for the first time what actually goes on inside our heads when we see an advertisement, hear a marketing slogan, taste two rival brands of drink, or watch a programme sponsored by a major company. The conclusions are both startling and groundbreaking, showing the extent to which we deceive ourselves when we think we are making considered decisions, and revealing factors as varied as childhood memories and religious belief that come together to influence our decisions and shape our tastes.

Today's menu:

07H30 - 4 small plums (100 kcal)

09H00 - LF milk w/ coffee and 3 cookies without sugar/salt (250 kcal)

14H00 - rice w/ veggies and a zaziki salad (cucumber, fresh, sliced with a natural LF yogurt and a pack of small, whole mushrooms) - 600 kcal

17H30 - soy pudding and 4 small plums, a cookie (400 kcal)

21H30 - pasta my man made with tunafish and veggies with a LF plain yogurt, and a tangerine (400 kcal)

Grand total: 1750 kcal

To all of us, a practical book suggestion: http://www.bookdepository.co.uk/book/9781572246768/50-Ways-to-Soothe-Yourself-without-Food

Progress as of today: 102.2 lbs lost so far, only 64 lbs to go!

loveray on 08/30/2010:
happy to be your "Friend" on fb!! xo

skinnygrlwithin on 08/30/2010:
I agree that men are better coaches... for whatever reason I feel that women seem kaddy.. and I can't believe it's already time for tennis, I feel like it was so long ago that you listed your work out plans for fall!!

moogy on 08/30/2010:
Have a wonderful day Kathy.

Umpqua on 08/31/2010:
I hope you're having a nice day. Hungary sounds exciting, I can't wait to see some pictures!

loveray on 08/31/2010:
yay!! enjoy your vacation time! i could use another one soon. xo

geevee on 08/31/2010:
Thanks for the book list. I copied it in my little notebook I always carry with me. I'll start working on it as soon as I finish "Overeating" and another about fasting which has interesting possibilities.

The Comment you highlighted is my weekly Monday morning complaint after indulging in wine.

V on 08/31/2010:
i know you will enjoy time spent with your family :) take lots of pics for me :)

V on 08/31/2010:
I wish I could shake my Starbucks addiction but that is all I have left,lol

getmebackto150 on 08/31/2010:
Salad creations is this WONDERFUL restaurant where you can get a HUGE salad w/ as many "toppings" as you like for $7.50.... They have like 4 lettuce options, 20 vegetable options, nuts, wontons, sunflower seeds, 4 types of cheese and 20 dressings. You pick everything you want and they chop it up for you into bite sized pieces and toss as little or as much dressing as you want into it... Its DEVINE!

sweetpea1977 on 08/31/2010:
Oh boy, a vacation to Hungary!! How exciting!!! Enjoy!!

biscottibody59 on 08/31/2010:
Thanks for your sentiments:-) All credit to you for how far you've come with your journey--all the best to you for the second half and MANY MANY MANY kudos (if that's even the correct manner of speaking) to you for doing it the old-fashioned way.

Only you know how satisfying it is, but it's great to see your progress and beyond!

ps I'll check you from time to time:-)

hollybelle on 08/31/2010:
Can't wait for the long weekend.

Breakaway on 08/31/2010:
Sounds like a wonderful vacation :D Enjoy! And tennis at 7am?? I wish I could do that!

KathyBlue - Monday Aug 30, 2010
(Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.)
Weight: 224.0

Eat at a table - a desk doesn't count. Don't buy food where you'd buy your petrol! Michael Pollan

Good morning, Ladies! :-)

Funny, since I've been dieting there were a lot of ppl "to join" in my crusade here at work.

There are colleagues with gastric bypass, they don't count for me. A certain colleague of mine, well, she's lost a lot of lbs but now she's struggling a lot: serious surgeries, etc. all derivative from the bypass...
My other colleague is my boss, well, he's already at his goal weight. As a good programmer and geek, he made a great chart he showed me the other day. He's a MAN. Wow. And he got on the scale everyday, just to keep his chart updated... He's in the nearby gym (for executives lol, some 80-100 euros per month only for gym... maybe you know the name: Holmes Place), and he got himself a personal trainer (my other colleague told me it cost 300 euros per month). He's doing the MBA  at the same time, with two kids at home and a working wife.

I'm jelaous. I wanted to do MD (Master's Degree) this year but I had to establish priorities... If I will have to pay almost 100 euros for sports, I cannot afford the 400 euros per month for the MD. And then, I'd like to learn a fourth language... Yeah, I still want to do so many things. And there are no such thing as support from the company, it's not common in Portugal as I see. In Hungary it is. I have a friend who had her studies paid, she only had to make a written promise of not leaving the company during her studies + 2 years then - because if she would she'd have to pay back til the last coin. I'd happily sign something like this at this point of my life... I'm 29, giving +4 guaranteed yrs to my company wouldn't shock me. I feel good here. The only issue is, that freaking money issue which ends up to be a crucial one as people, 99% of the time, work to bring money home... I envy those who work for pleasure. LOL.

Today's menu:

08H15 - LF milk w/ coffee and cereals (350 kcal)

09H00 - a coffee again, with my colleague who came back from vacations (100 kcal)

11H30 - a plum (50 kcal)

12H45 - vegetarian food at the veggie restaurant called Natural (500 kcal) and a yogurt at 14H00 here at work (60 kcal)

16H00 - LF milk w/ coffee and 2 slices of toast (200 kcal)

20H00 - the chicken breast in whiskey and rice with veggies, fruits (700 kcal)

Grand total: 2000 kcal

Today for dinner: my man prepared chicken in whiskey (!!!!) yesterday... So meatless Monday won't be today, but I don't eat meat everyday so... I don't align in this but I like the iniciative. :-)

Progress as of today: 102.2 lbs lost so far, only 64 lbs to go!

moogy on 08/30/2010:
It is funny how much one person can fit into their life if that person is patient and dedicated. You still have time to do everything you want to do.

Umpqua on 08/30/2010:
Your boss must not sleep. When is fun time? Your dinner tonight sounds excellent, hope you enjoy it!

liza36 on 08/30/2010:
Congratulations on 100 pounds lost!! That's fantastic! You truly have worked hard and deserve every bit of the success.

getmebackto150 on 08/30/2010:
Congrats on the 100 pounds lost... You are doing SO well and are truly an inspiration!

V on 08/30/2010:
Isn't it funny how your weight loss inspired others to do the same? I am often questioned now by co workers about health,weight and food issues, and before I was always asking them!!!

sweetpea1977 on 08/30/2010:
Thanks for the cute comment!!

How cool is it that you are inspiring others to become healthier? Thats awesome!!

Anyway, you are still young and have plenty time to conquer all your dreams. You definitely have your priorities straight. Making yourself healthy will make all those other goals much easier to accomplish. Plus, once you are close to your final goal, you will be able to do activities that are free (long bike rides, long walks/hikes, unning, etc) and you will be able to start putting that sports money towards further education.

BTW, are you on FB? I'd love to be your friend!! :)

sweetpea1977 on 08/30/2010:
Ok, I just sent you a friend request! yay!

sweetpea1977 on 08/30/2010:
Ah, I remember those days when myspace was all the rage, lol. Thankfully, my job never did block this site. That was when I did most of my posting. :)

sweetpea1977 on 08/30/2010:
hahaha, good question!

hollybelle on 08/30/2010:
Well, a couple of things - if you were here we would ride our bikes TOGETHER! That would be so awesome! I have neighbor who rides with me for a short ride from time to time, but mostly I ride by myself. It's not a bad activity to do by myself. Lots of scenery and landscapes to look at, etc. Regarding $$ and degrees, gyms, etc. I used to teach aerobics at a gym (14 years)and the social aspect opf it was nice. I got attached to the gym member "regulars" etc., but ironically now I don't belong to a gym. don't like spending money on it when I have some equipment at home and I do have my bike and my own two feet! But, everyone should find what works for themselves. You have your priorities straight - you are getting your advanced degree in GOOD HEALTH and once you are secure in your new healthy lifestyle you can take on other things. It is wonderful you still haae so many goals - you are sure not to be bored or boring as long as you have goals to work toward! AWESOME!!!!

nita51 on 08/30/2010:
Sis, Just peeked in on you, to see how you're doing,,, and WOW WOW WOW! LOOK AT YOU! AT YOUR 1st mini Goal!!! :) :) :) :) :) I am SO happy and proud of you! ( 100 lbs ) Sis, I am partying with you, and the celebration will NEVER end. Take Care and Keep on pushing! Bunches of hugs!

KathyBlue - Sunday Aug 29, 2010
(Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.)
Weight: 224.0

Thanks soooo much for your comments yesterday! :-) It means so much to me!

I hope we can party again soon, over others' goals reached and my next mini-goal, to be below 100 kgs (99 kgs is 4 lbs far from me now, not much!)

Today's menu:

10h00 - a german black bread, toasted with soy margarine and LF milk, cappunchinoed... :-) (400 kcal)

12H45 - natural tuna from tin with cooked veggies and salad, a "leite creme" made by mom-in-law, no sugar added, with skimmed milk, fruit (700 kcal)

at night we had fruits (plums and grapes) from the fridge, we really need to end up the stocks til holidays... :-) I also had 2 cookies, whole grain without added sugar...

Grand total: 1500 kcal

Progress as of today: 102.2 lbs lost so far, only 64 lbs to go!

tangalyn on 08/29/2010:
such cute pics u posted yesterday, i just now seen them... im sure we will have many more celebrations together, have a great day :)

Moody3 on 08/29/2010:
Stopping by to wish you a wonderful day!!

moogy on 08/29/2010:
I can't wait to be able to post a celebration. I think it is a long way off yet. Keep up the great work Kathy.

Horn_Of_Plenty on 08/29/2010:
hey, i hope you had a GREAT day, too!

Your foods are healthy. Whenever I add a glass of milk or yogurt to my meals, it makes them 100% more filling. such a good idea to do.

keep up the great work and success!

V on 08/30/2010:
:( I missed out on yesterday's celebration but I was there in spirit!!!!!!! Conrats on reaching the 100 lb mark and then some :) Kathy I am soooo Proud of you!!!!!!!!!

KathyBlue - Saturday Aug 28, 2010
(Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.)
Weight: 224.0

Good morning, Ladies! :-)


PARTY time!!!!! MINI-GOAL REACHED: 100 lbs lost!!! I'm SO HAPPY!


 Umpqua left this for us, hehehehe:

How are you today? I'm just fine. Yesterday I went out with my man.... I changed my clothes at work before getting out, and he liked it! :-)))

Today's menu:

10H45 - a slice of toast w/ light soy margarine, 2 slices of ham and a tomato, LF milk (400 kcal)

13H30 - two yogurts, three plums (250 kcal)

15H30 - LF milk w/ coffee (couldn't resist, 100 kcal)

16H45 - a half salmon+mustard wrap at Go Natural (250 kcal)

17H00 - a yogurt and a soy yogurt, 2 cookies without sugar (300 kcal)

20H00 - melon, a small toast with a LF triangle cheese (300 kcal)

Grand total: 1600 kcal

Progress as of today: 102.2 lbs lost so far, only 64 lbs to go!

moogy on 08/28/2010:
I am glad that you are well. I wish you success for a good healthy eating day.

tangalyn on 08/28/2010:
have a great day!

willbe110lbs on 08/28/2010:
Hey, i just wanted to say well done for losing what you have done already. I'm glad your man liked your style! have a good weeekend. xx

sweetpea1977 on 08/28/2010:

Donkey on 08/28/2010:
OMGosh, this is a huge accomplishment! Congratulations and (((hugs))) on your achievement!!!

PS My cat Mindy looks like the tabby cat in this picture. :-)

Umpqua on 08/28/2010:
I'm so happy for you! Congratuations!!

<img src="http://icanhascheezburger.files.wordpress.com/2009/02/funny-pictures-your-cats-have-a-study-group.jpg">

just42day on 08/28/2010:
Congratulations! Major, major accomplishment! You're an inspiration!

geevee on 08/28/2010:
You deserve a special medal for all the progress you've made! You have been consistent the entire time on DD's. What an inspiration!

Moody3 on 08/28/2010:
Absolutely AMAZING!! CONGRATULATIONS!! You must be beyond proud of yourself~WTG!

cleaneating on 08/28/2010:
YOU ARE AMAZING!! You must be so proud of yourself,it takes real grit determination and hard work for you lose that weight. As geevee said,you are truly an inspiration.

cleaneating on 08/28/2010:
I forgot to say I love the lolcats pics :)

willbe110lbs on 08/28/2010:
Thank you for your lovely comment, and well done on losing 100lbs! Your an inspiration. xx

moogy on 08/28/2010:
Woo Hoo, that's wonderful. I am hugging you while I am typing. You go girl.

FenixDean on 08/28/2010:
Congratulations. Your an inspiration to all. I cant wait to do as well as you :)

just42day on 08/29/2010:
So sorry that my comments re: counteroffers concerned you. That really wasn't the intention. As I mentioned, market conditions have changed soooo much in the US and I absolutely am not familiar with European philosophy. I'm sure things will work out well for you. :)

V on 08/30/2010:

KathyBlue - Friday Aug 27, 2010
(Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.)
Weight: 228.2

Good morning, Love to you all, my dear Ladies! :-)

Well, I have a few things to tell... first of all, about the job interview - I still owe you this one from yesterday, as I promised but haven't said a thing yet.

I went there, I listened and I liked what I heard. The HR girl passed me the general ideia, next step is to have an interview with the client if he likes the CV (this is one of those meat-selling companies which are so popular these days, they like to call themselves OUTSOURCING. Basically they have employees, with several types of contracts and they send them out to clients who need people temporarily or maybe longer terms for projects. This is very popular in the IT field, at least here).

OK, so nothing extraordinary happened on the job interview as I described, but then...! I don't know if you girls know the site "LinkedIn" (www.linkedin.com). It's a thing like facebook (aren't there too many these days :-( ), not so personal but professional. Basically you can put your career there, you can give and get endorsements from clients, co-workers, etc., you can look for useful contacts, jobs, etc. International level. So, this HR woman added me and as it seems, added my colleagues as well, without too much discretion. So what happened ... is that I was called by the boss in the afternoon. Not my direct boss but one above. He told me he knew about the company trying to recruit people from here "like crazy", and he was not too happy about it and he would like to know my intentions because the company wanted to keep me (I know I am a Leo but I can say, without exagerating that I'm one of the key elements here in the department.) He told me the company didn't want to lose me, because I am one of the best, etc. etc. etc... ya know. Then I told him: "To be 100% honest with you, I never say no to a job interview." Then he gave me THE crooked smile, asked me why. Wasn't that obvious? I have an average of 21 hours work per working day, come on. I'm working on weekends, holidays, nights... for over a year now! And I'm underpaid. This company offered me +500 EUR than I have now, a contract without a term (what I have here, too), private health insurance (I also have here), paid extra hours (also have it here), ocassional extra hours (not all the time like here)... and in addition, the job is interesting. It's in a BANK... a NATIONAL bank. My man, when I told him about this, said: "Bingo, baby".  Now let's see what happens.

 from the book, as I promised:

With more than 1,400 locations and $3.2 million in sales per restaurant in 2007, Chili's has been immensely popular. I visited the chain's restaurants in perhaps twelve different settings, many of them more than once. Often the restaurant was full, and sometimes crowds clustered at the front door waiting for tables.
At a Chili's north of the Golden Gate Bridge, I ordered Kickin' Jack Nachos, which were a featured appetizer, and two entrees-Boneless Shanghai Wings and Margarita Grilled Chicken-for myself and a colleague.
First, the Kickin' Jack Nachos. The plate was artfully presented, with the chips arranged in a circle surrounding a colorful chopped salad topped with a mound of pico de gallo salsa and another mound of sour cream. A slice of jalapeno pepper rested in the center of every chip. Marketed with the tagline "Live a little," the Kickin' Jacks are a variation on the chain's classic nachos. The fried corn chip serves as the carrier for a layer of mashed black beans and a layer of zesty Monterey Jack cheese (there's more cheese in the Kickin' Jack nachos than in the classic version). A margarita spice mix gives them "extra kick."
Next, Boneless Shanghai Wings. As described on the menu, these were "crispy breaded  chicken breast topped with sweet and spicy ginger-citrus sauce and sesame seeds. Served with spicy-cool wasabi-ranch dressing for dipping." A dozen fat and textured chicken nuggets were set down in front of me-they looked great and had flavor to match.
Finally, Margarita Grilled Chicken. "We start with tender, juicy chicken breast, marinate it with our classic Margarita flavoring, and grill it to perfection," according to the menu. The dish is served with rice, black beans, strips of fried tortilla, and salsa. My dinner companion seemed to think it was relatively healthy. Like the other dishes, it's artistically presented-a crosshatch of grill marks blackens both sides of the large, boneless breast, which sits atop accompaniments of contrasting colors and textures. The uncooked chicken had been in a marinade that combined orange juice, tequila, triple sec, sweet-and-sour mix, and artificial color, thereby including sugar, two kinds of oil, and salt. It was shipped frozen in twenty-five-pound bags, each containing about fifty pieces of meat, plus whey protein concentrate and modified tapioca starch. Nick Nickelson, a chief scientist at the Dallas-based Standard Meat, a supplier to Chili's, said that the chicken and marinade were tumbled together in a piece of equipment that resembled a cement mixer. "It pulls the marinade into the muscle," said Nickelson, breaking down the cellular structure of the meat and tenderizing it in the process.
Another common way to get marinade into meat is through needle injection. Hundreds of needles are used to pierce the meat, tearing up the connective tissue. "It's been prechewed," said Billy Rosenthal, former president of Standard Meat.
For all that, very little in the appearance or flavor of Chili's food suggests how much sugar, fat, or salt it contains, or how easily it goes down. A woman sitting near me eating nachos finished about two-thirds of her portion and then pushed her plate to the far side of her table. A few seconds later, she reached over and began to nibble again.

Every time I ordered food at a Chili's I casually asked the server, "What's in this?" Sometimes I asked the same question of the manager. I never asked for the recipe-I knew that was proprietary information. I didn't care what spices and seasonings were used, but I did want to know the major ingredients in the food I was ordering.
As a consumer, I thought it was reasonable to find out what I was going to eat.
Staff were generally reluctant to answer my question. "We can't tell you," one manager said flatly. "What are you concerned about?" asked a server. "What are your allergies?"
"I'm not sure I'm allowed to say," someone else said hesitantly. Whatever the ingredients, my food consultant contact seemed to understand why some foods just slide down the throat. About the Boneless Shanghai Wings, he said, "Taking it off the bone is like taking the husk off the nut." That processing step reduces the need for chewing, making the food faster to consume.

Those wings contain a solution of up to 25 percent water, hydrolyzed soy protein, salt, and sodium phosphate. The water is in there for several reasons. First, it bulks up the chicken-the industry calls this "reducing shrinkage." Second, water is cheaper than chicken breast, so it's less costly to produce. And finally, water makes the food softer and chewing easier.
Before the chicken is shipped from the manufacturing plant, it's battered, breaded, predusted, and frozen. This creates a salty coating that becomes crispy when fried in fat. "All this stuff absorbs fat, dries out this batter and breading, and replaces water with oil. So now you've got batter and breading that is probably 40 percent fat," according to the food consultant. The crispy coating, which also contains corn-syrup solids, dried yeast, and soybean oil, may represent up to half the volume of the nuggets on the plate. Boxes containing eight four-pound bags of ginger-citrus sauce, each with a refrigerated shelf life of about four months, are shipped to Chili's restaurants to accompany the chicken. The ingredients in the sauce sound relatively benign: sugar, hoisin sauce, vinegar, soy sauce, garlic, chili paste, modified food starch, and orange juice concentrate. But sugar is the dominant nutrient, and salt is listed three times.
The ginger-citrus sauce "introduces syrupy, sweet, clingy stuff," said the consultant. "Sugar on sugar, really just different sugars. And lots of salt. And lots of intense flavor." The hoisin sauce contributes saltiness and a browning effect, while the orange juice concentrate adds a tangy fruit flavor.
Apparently Chili's considers all of this insufficiently enticing. Accompanying the fried and sweetened chicken concoction is a wasabi ranch dressing, which is made from mayonnaise, buttermilk, spices, and wasabi powder and has a pleasantly sharp bite. "Wasabi has kind of a cool, green look to it, and people love creamy," said the consultant. "The most popular salad dressings are creamy," he added. "The most popular soups are creamy."
The wings are served in a basket lined with waxed paper and bits of strange-looking crispy noodles that absorb excess fat. "How sensory is the meal?" I asked. "It's the quintessential example of how to cram as much hedonics as you can into one dish," he answered. The needle on his threepoint compass must have been gyrating wildly. Like most chain restaurants in America, Chili's serves hyperpalatable food that requires little chewing and goes down easily.

Today's menu:

08H00 - LF milk w/ coffee and cereals (350 kcal)

13H00 - salad leftovers from yesterday, a small melon (half) and a soy pudding (600 kcal)

19H00 - sushi @sushi restaurant.... 800 kcal

Grand total: 1750 kcal

Progress as of today: 98 lbs lost so far, only 68.2 lbs to go!

just42day on 08/27/2010:
Sounds like you had an interesting day. So much to comment on. LinkedIn is widely utilized in the US. At least in the states, you can become connected to someone in LinkedIn only if you accept their invitation to be connected. That is, the HR person could send invitations to everyone in your company but LinkedIn would show they're connected to her only if each person agreed to be connected to her. RE: counteroffers: Personally, I've always been opposed to them. For years, the US philosophy was accepting a counteroffer was the career kiss of death because it shows the employee's loyalty to the company is questionable and suggests the employee would jump to another company solely for more $. If an employee accepts a counteroffer, the company uses that time to find a replacement for the employee whose loyalty is in question. Regardless, once a company knows an employee is/has been looking for another job, that employee may be viewed very differently. Admittedly (at least in the states) market conditions are very different these days so it's hard to say if companies still think like that and I have no perspective of how European companies think. I hope things work out the way you want them to. RE: restaurant food: many restaurants list nutritional info (calories, amount of sodium, etc) on their menus online.

Umpqua on 08/27/2010:
The fight for KathyBlue is on! I'm excited to see who will offer you the best package :) Very interesting excerpt on Chili's/restaurant food. Even though most restaurants list their nutritional info (online or in a printed handout), they don't tell you WHAT they're putting in their food. Injecting water, sodium and soy protein into the muscle of the chicken so people don't have to chew it? Scary business.

RE your comment to me yesterday about the corn here in the US, my father-in-law would talk your ear off about that. He's a former dairy farmer and somewhat of a farmer's rights advocate. Our government subsidizes corn farming like nobody's business and does virtually nothing to help local meat, produce and dairy farmers. Ditto for grants for research into genetically modified foods.....it's all about business and the result is huge availability of pre-packaged non foods and increasing difficulty in finding fresh local produce, meats, and dairy. Thank goodness there are local co-ops and markets that support small organic growers. There won't be a real change though, until customers begin demanding real food.

geevee on 08/27/2010:
After reading about Chili's chicken wings, I feel so good about the ones I made yesterday.I broiled them a bit and then baked them, only putting Louisiana hot sauce on them. They were the "real" thing! And so good!

hollybelle on 08/27/2010:
Well, 200 is less than 500 so I'm thinking your current company's offer is still less attractive than the new company's??? Do what you think will make you happy working all those hours (basically being on call 24/7) is a drag on the body and brain. Would it be the same with the new company? Which on do you think would best align with your health and fitness goals and new lifestyle!

nita51 on 08/27/2010:
Hi Sis, Thank you, I try! You are incredible! How does it feel to weigh 228? You go girl! Love ya, thanks for the article.

moogy on 08/27/2010:
I hope everything work out the way you want it to Kathy. Have a great healthy eating weekend.

sweetpea1977 on 08/27/2010:
Wow, good luck with the job offers. I hope it all works out for you.

I smiled at the comment you left me. :) Unfortunately we'll have to wait until mid/late October to find out what we're having. The suspense is killing me! Perhaps, I can convince the sonographer to do a quick check at my 15 week checkup. hehe

breakaway on 08/27/2010:
WOW I was checking out how much weight you have lost so far! Wonderful job! Good luck with the job offers as well :D

CoverGirl on 08/28/2010:
:) BIG BIG congratulations on the 100lb mark!!!!!!!!!

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