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KathyBlue - Saturday May 22, 2010
(Healthy eating (with doctor) and Exercise)
Weight: 263.0

Good morning (not so good, so far) to all.

Today: Challenge your Heart - day of sports . I go alone, unfortunately. My Man doesn't want to accompany me. Evil.

Today's menu:

07H00 - LF milk w/ coffee substitute and cereals (250 kcal)

09H00 - a plain yogurt (50 kcal)

11H30 - a hot veggie soup at the event (100 kcal)

13H30 - a slice of bread with a slice of ham and veggies and a soy dessert (350 kcal)

16H00 - a plain yogurt, frozen (YUMMY) (50 kcal)

18H00 - fruit salad, various fruits (150 kcal)

20H00 - a can of sardine in olive oil (claims to have 220 kcal), 2 slices of bread and veggies (500 kcal?)

Total: 1450 kcal

The event went good, but I got very unhappy with a guy following me. You know, on these events normally people give up personal data (complete name, address, tel. number, and then sensitive data like date of birth, weight, tension, cholesterol, etc.).. and wherever I went, the guy appeared just to talk to me like "You have 28??! Really?! You don't look that much" etc. etc. and I got VERY VERY VERY upset and went straight home. I got mad on Man again bc he didn't come with me but then I overcame this feeling. He didn't feel like so, it's not the end of the world...

Then I went to a birthday party with the usual chocolate cakes and stuff - SURVIVED with a fruit salad! 

I hope you're all having a niiiice weekend!

Progress as of today: 53.6 lbs lost so far, only 63 lbs to go!

h82bfat on 05/22/2010:
OMG! Thank you for my morning chuckle! I soooo needed it! Sometimes I look at my hubby - reclined & sleeping (but swearing he's NOT asleep) with his buddha belling hanging out & I feel the same way!!! EVIL thru & thru!! Hope the rest of your day improves & just keeps improving. Have a GREAT weekend!!

KathyBlue - Friday May 21, 2010
(Healthy eating (with doctor) and Exercise)
Weight: 263.0

Good morning!

Lately I eat too much -way over the 1400 I should. Even then, I feel OK with my choices, although today I'm going to watch over myself in particular. I brought boiled eggs and raw paprika, and still don't know if I eat here or I go out to eat.

Today evening I have a meeting with a Sales Consultant at Holmes Place... This means, they want to convince me to spend 80 euros and I'm in the mood to be convinced if all requirements meet: I want to swim 3 times a week, it has to be in the morning (at 7AM) and the place has to be close to work. Then I also want to have hidrogymnastics and yoga to correct posture and maybe some gym when I'm in the mood, to get some muscles... I will see. Eighty euros is a lot of money on a monthly basis. 10% of my income... unfortunately. And yes, I'm a programmer, paid miserably - but at least I have a job, right? Today I'm going to have meetings all day and have to test some stuff with the operational teams so apologies if I don't comment your posts. And tomorrow I'm going to participate on the event: Challenge Your Heart! at the Lisbon University! Fun and workout, all free!!! It's SUMMERTIMEEEEEE.. (30 celcius degs, imagine!)

Today's menu:

07H30 - LF milk w/ cereals (250 kcal)

13H30 - 2 boiled eggs with 3 LF LC cheese and 3 slices of finnish rye toast and a californian paprika (so: 150 kcal + 75 kcal + 60 kcal + 30 kcal = 315 kcal)

15H00 - a soy yogurt (90 kcal) and a slice of cookie (50 kcal) (total: 140 kcal)

17H00 - 2 carob biscuits  w/ LF milk & coffee (200 kcal)

20H00 - a 100% calf grilled hamburger meat with salad (lettuce, tomato and onions) and a 0F saharose-sweetened chocolate flavour ice cream which I didn't like too much... 500 kcal

Grand Total: 1450 kcal


Progress as of today: 53.6 lbs lost so far, only 63 lbs to go!

just42day on 05/21/2010:
You're doing so great with all your physical activity! Keep going. (I'm glad you like the summer. Personally, I hate it. I just don't like the heat. Makes me grumpy) Enjoy your weekend!

geevee on 05/21/2010:
80 euros a month is NOT small change. Could you swim 7 days a week if you wanted to? Why not?

KathyBlue - Thursday May 20, 2010
(Healthy eating (with doctor) and Exercise)
Weight: 263.0

Hello all! 

I'm so good mooded - just got my daily dose of tennis. :-) I will continue tennis til the end of July, if you're curious. The assignments are for years, from Sept to July (August is off) and I've paid mine already. So, tomorrow or on Saturday I'm going to do the swimming test so I can start swimming twice a week til August. Then, from September, 3x swimming, 1x tennis (sniff ).

Today's menu:

07H00 - LF milk w/ cereals - 200 kcal

10H00 - 2 carob biscuits (110 kcal) and LF milk w/ coffee (total: 200 kcal)

11H30 - an apple (50 kcal)

12H45 - 2 slices of grilled chicken breast and raw cucumber (400 kcal)

15H00 - a soy yogurt (90 kcal)

18H00 - 2 carob biscuits (110 kcal) and LF milk w/ coffee (200 kcal)

20H00 - veggie soup and a slice of finnish toast w/ LF LC cheese (300 kcal)

22H00 - a soy dessert (100 kcal)

Total: 1700 kcal (BAD!)

I was all happy with my carob buscuits, thinking they only have 23 kcal each, calculating this value from the kcal on the box, forgetting that the value indicated there is for 100 gr... :-) So, they have some 57 kcal each... Nevermind, I won't buy them again as they cause me tummy ache..

Progress as of today: 53.6 lbs lost so far, only 63 lbs to go!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 05/20/2010:
your advice is good. i have read several books on eating disorders/overeating. they've helped me understand myself better but have not solved the problem bc only i can do that!

just42day on 05/20/2010:
You're doing fabulously with all your exercise and variety of them. I noticed that the Orange Queen had an apple. Out of oranges? Tee hee. Have a great day.

Miss Reality on 05/20/2010:
Miss Reality asks where is a good place to go sign up for tennis if you are in a smallish town?

just42day on 05/20/2010:
I'm glad you haven't banished oranges completely. I was worried. :o)

tangalyn on 05/20/2010:
i just turned 28 couple days before i joined DD's, in april.... honestly i think i would settle for any job right now, then work on finding a better one later.. i heard the employeement rate here is terrible and has been for many years, so im just gonna be thankful for whatever comes my way. oh and doctor didnt say why, just said she seen fluid

loveray on 05/20/2010:
it was really good! the caperberries are just essentially a larger version of capers, but they look more like olives... i am really full! xo

legcramps on 05/20/2010:
Good day!

nita51 on 05/20/2010:
So true. I guess their are many siblings, who have issues. I'm just going to let God work it out. Sis, I know first hand about those cravings, We wouldn't be human if we didn't have them. Ironically skinny people have them too, but they don't have to worry about the re courses. Just stay with the oranges, you made me go buy some, the other day, and boy were they good! Anybody feels a little up tight when their alone. Don't sweat it, I think you are normal, because I always wonder if I locked my door, even when I know I locked it. If you tell yourself you have OCD long enough, the mind will make you think you really have it. You're just missing your honey, and need him home. (smile) Have a good day. I love you sis.

KathyBlue - Wednesday May 19, 2010
(Healthy eating (with doctor) and Exercise)
Weight: 263.0

Good morning ...

I think the period's coming, as I'm starving. No, it's not true - I'm not STARVING but CRAVING for foods. Doesn't matter what - oranges, apples, toast, ham, whole weat bread, etc... Happens!

Today's menu:

08H00 - volkornbrot (black german bread) with a slice of ham and LF milk with tomato - 300 kcal

10H00 - a small orange (50 kcal)

12H45 - 2 slices of grilled chicken breast with raw cucumber + soy dessert (500 kcal)

15H30 - a cookie (carob, it's very cool because it resembles to chocolate!!!) http://www.chow.com/stories/10491 and an other salty cookie my colleagues offered (50 kcal in total)

 17H00 - a slice of WW bread (this time, a real one, no toasts and not prepacked) with a slice of cheese (real cheese, too, hehehehe) and soy yogurt (400 kcal)

20H00 - veggie soup, 1 slice of rye bread and a slice of ham (300 kcal)

Total: 1600 kcal

I found out yesterday that I have a shopping mania. I mean when I see a supermarket, I want to enter and want to buy something. Am I crazy? For example, today I bought a new 500 gr pack - an OTHER pack to join it to the 3 I already have at home - of cereals. To be really honest, I consume a pack of these in 2 months. So, I wouldn't need FOUR packs, TWO KILOS (4,4 lbs) of cereals at home, because 1 pack lasts for 2 months. And then, I want to try new things, like new flavours for soy yogurts, plain yogurts, etc. and me, like a squirrel, gather them in the fridge and when the exp. date is very close, I remember them and give them to someone / make something to take to work for the people to try. My man goes crazy with my mania...
By the way, I've been developed OCD (Obessive-Compulsive Disorder) since I arrived to Portugal. Must have been a shock, but since then, when I have to be at home alone, I hear voices, I am very afraid that someone enters the house, the cats will jump out from the window because it's not closed well, when I close the door I doubt myself often and sometimes the compulsive behaviour is so big I get off the bus and go back home to find the door closed properly. I developed a technique that helps (sometimes), saying "THE DOOR IS CLOSED PROPERLY " aloud when closing it. But even this fails a lot. When my Man went to Egypt and left me at home alone, I went half-mad. I wanted to stroll around the book market, but I couldn't because the disturbing thoughts of the cats jumping out from the window, and the door, and burglars, etc. were attacking me violently. I don't know , I'm so young (28 yrs) but these mental thingies run in the family...


Progress as of today: 53.6 lbs lost so far, only 63 lbs to go!

just42day on 05/19/2010:
Though you're craving food but you're making very healthy choices. Good for you! Keep going. I'm so charmed by you and your oranges. I really wish I'd crave something so healthy. I'm still obsessing about carbs but seem to be doing ok in spite of it. Hope you have a great, great day!

liza36 on 05/19/2010:
You might consider seeing a doctor for your symptoms of OCD. They are very treatable, and you can learn strategies to help your situation. I wish you luck!

legcramps on 05/19/2010:
Good luck today!

hollybelle on 05/19/2010:
I have my ups and downs about cravings and OCD ah....."tendencies" should we say?, too. it can work in your favor if you get it directed toward health :o) Also - yes, I mean "weird " food the other day!!! I am not a good FAST typist!

tangalyn on 05/20/2010:
hey we r the same age :) i didnt know that..... i hope u feel better!

KathyBlue - Tuesday May 18, 2010
(Healthy eating (with doctor) and Exercise)
Weight: 263.0

Mooorning! I'm fresh, after a nice tennis class. The sun is awesome, 20 Celsius already at 8 AM.

I updated my goal weight. Yesterday the doc said that it's completely possible to achieve my goal (being 100 or below) in September. I have to go back only at the end of July. He didn't speak about surgery, and I understood that non-invasive is not for obese people. They say the laser "doesn't work", doesn't give the same results. Are you capable of believing this bulls.h....? I don't. I have a colleauge, 21 years old, size 34 (55-60 kg, 165 cm - NORMAL weight, no overweight) and she's paying 800 euros to have a non-invasive liposhaping. LOL... I think she should invest that money in other things... For me it's impossible to believe that a treatment that destroys fat cells and said to get rid of fat in a natural way, is only effective for normal weight people. Doesn't make sense. Not that I want to do it, but... come on! The more you have (fat cells) the more you could get rid of, right? 

Quote of the day:

There's no reality except the one contained within us. That's why so many people live an unreal life. They take images outside them for reality and never allow the world within them to assert itself. Hermann Hesse

Today's menu:

07H00 - LF milk, 2 finnish rye toasts, 1 slice of ham, some fresh cheese and a tomato (150 kcal)

08H00 and 09H00 - a slice of fruit cookie (50+50 kcal)

11H00 - a soy yogurt (100 kcal)

12H45 - cooked meat (cow) with cooked veggies, and a soy dessert (350 + 100 kcal)

15H00 - 3 WW cookies (16 kcal each, let's say 60 kcal total)

17H00 - a plain 200 ml yogurt (100 kcal) I'm on a yogurt craving today, guys... But I'm trying to use the healthy choices!

21H00 - a veggie soup, a toast with a slice of ham (500 kcal)

Total: 1800 kcal (bad...)

Progress as of today: 53.6 lbs lost so far, only 63 lbs to go!

just42day on 05/18/2010:
Glad the dr didn't talk/pressure you about surgery! You are doing so well with your food choices. You will surely be losing more weight safely. Continued good luck to you!

just42day on 05/18/2010:
Sorry to hear that you're looking for a job, too. What really bugs me these days is when people complain about their jobs. I realize it's completely normal to complain about work and that I'm probably be overly sensitive but I just want to shake them and say "BE THANKFUL YOU EVEN HAVE A JOB" OR when someone isn't doing their job properly I wonder how is it that incompetent people are working and I'm not? Very frustrating. Part of my weight problem is that I've spent so much of my unemployment time eating to comfort myself. Messed up thinking was "I don't have a job so I deserve to comfort myself". I'm really working to change that thinking. Oh well, good luck to your with your job search!

nita51 on 05/18/2010:
Ahhhhh! Thank you sweet sis, Happy that you liked it. Hey sis, I'll bet you have some awesome poems. Maybe we can hear one of them sometimes, I also write music, sing & play the guitar, Well, I hope you have a wonderful Tuesday. Hugs!

sweetpea1977 on 05/18/2010:
I read somewhere that the number of fat cells are predetermined by genetics. So when a person gains fat, the size of the fat cells increase. So, when someone follows a healthy lifestyle, the fat loss they have is a gradual shrinking their fat cells. The only thing that decreases the number of fat cells is surgery. But the cells that are left behind will just compensate for the ones removed and increase their capacity if the person doesnt practice a healthy lifestyle after their surgery.

The only reason why lypo is beneficial is for cosmetic reasons AFTER a person loses AND maintains their weightloss. The reason being that stubborn fat deposits become more noticable after extreme weightloss and gives the person a bumpy appearance under their skin.

Anyway, I totally agree with your doctor on reaching your weightloss goal by September. You have done amazingly well, so you should be very proud of yourself! Oh and BTW, I just saw your photo on Sunday! You look great!! You have changed so much since the last photo you posted of yourself. You go girl!!

sweetpea1977 on 05/18/2010:
I completely support plastic surgery for individuals who lost a lot of weight (and are committed to keep it off) and want excess skin removed to fully appreciate their new body. I hear stories all the time that people who lose a massive amount of weight get 10-15lbs of excess skin removed during surgery...and they feel soooo much more confident after its removed. :)

The fancy coffee is what I described earlier in my entry - I made a lowfat white chocolate raspberry mocha using 1 serving of white chocolate chips, sugar-free rasberry syrup, and fat-free milk. So delicious and its only 170 calories! I've made a similar coffee without the white chocolate and it tastes pretty yummy...for only 90 calories. :)

geevee on 05/18/2010:
I'm glad Sweetpea mentioned your recent photo because I had missed it. WOW! You have really slimmed down! I can't believe you weigh what you do. You must be tall, right?

About that talk of your soon not being able to walk. Today you said you played tennis. If you can do that, walking shouldn't be a problem!

legcramps on 05/18/2010:

KathyBlue - Monday May 17, 2010
(Healthy eating (with doctor) and Exercise)
Weight: 263.0


"The fact that we live at the bottom of a deep gravity well, on the surface of a gas covered planet going around a nuclear fireball 90 million miles away and think this to be normal is obviously some indication of how skewed our perspective tends to be."Douglas Adams

Today: Dr. Endo!!!  Wonder what he'll say, as I'm below 120 kgs.

Anyway, I have to talk about my ortho exams to him. Wonder if he decides surgery. I don't want surgery. If I have to lose weight more rapidly, then I'd like to try the non-surgical/non-invasive liposuction alternatives before any radical thing like the bypass or stuff.. I understand that this weight came over years so I should get rid of it over years, too... But I also recognize the problem I have and the necessity of a radical change before I can't walk at all... We'll see.

Today's menu:

08H00 - LF milk w/ coffee and cereals (250 kcal)

10H00 - toasts w/ a plain yogurt and 2 no-sugar WW cookies (200 kcal)

12H45 - veggie soup (300 kcal)

16H30 - an orange and a pear (200 kcal)

19H30 - 2 finnish toasts (40 kcal) and 2 slices of ham (80 kcal) with some LF cream cheese - total 150 kcal

22H00 - a vanilla flavour soy yogurt (90 kcal)

Total: 1200 kcal

Progress as of today: 53.6 lbs lost so far, only 63 lbs to go!

geevee on 05/17/2010:
You are doing everything right. You have lost loads of weight and continue to lose every week. You are on a healthful path.

You have to be patient with a slower rate of loss than you'd like. DON'T even consider gastric bypass! Ugh! And liposuction? I didn't have any particular feeling for against it until I saw the procedure on TV of a doctor removing the fat from a woman's midsection. AWFUL!

Hang in there and keep doing what you've been doing, which is GREAT!

Re: lo fat hot dogs.

A kosher company, Hebrew National, of "We answer to a higher authority" (just love that line!, makes them. I find them delicious and so satisfying when I want food I shouldn't have. The regular hot dogs the company makes are hundreds of calories higher.

just42day on 05/17/2010:
I hope your dr is pleased with your progress. You've really been making great healthy choices and you'll continue to see and feel the benefits, I'm sure.

I haven't tried Hebrew National's hog dogs but I've had Turkey hot dogs and I actually don't mind them at all. I know there are "chicken" dogs out there but haven't tried those either as I'm content with the turkey. I hope you have a great day and keep us posted with the dr's report!

mollylondon on 05/17/2010:
I agree you have lost loads - well done, every day ,every moment , every resisted temptation is a day, a moment and a resisted temptation nearer to your goal. Years on years off - that is exactly the right attitude Rome wasn't built in a day and neither was my bum !!! :-)) - how long has it taken you this far, can you aim for a pound or kilo a week??? I work well with date / time frames telling myself that I'm dieting for 12 months as the main focus ( that is what I have given to myself) rather than I'm going to lose 80 lbs!! - Try to stay away from surgery its doesn't teach you how to deal with emotions and triggers and the risks are high - Good luck

tangalyn on 05/17/2010:
i hope everything goes well at the doctors, he should be pleased with u, u have been doing so awesome! good luck with everything today :)

liza36 on 05/17/2010:
I had a doctor tell me about 6 months ago that I should get gastic bypass or the lap band. I am not ready for that kind of drastic measures either, and know that people have lost large amounts of weight without surgery. We can do it the old fashioned way - diet and exercise!

nita51 on 05/18/2010:
Sis, my PC is back, I really appreciate every thing you did, to try and help me. You're an angel. I believe U can do this without invasive surgery. You are young, and so what, if it takes you a bit longer. Slower weight loss,will be easier to maintain, once you get down to goal. If you are happy and your man is happy, just keep doing what you're doing and think twice before you make such a serious decision. Sis don't be so hard on yourself,53.6 is a milestone You can do it. XOXO & Hugs!

KathyBlue - Sunday May 16, 2010
(Healthy eating (with doctor) and Exercise)
Weight: 263.0

Hello guys! :-)

I didn't post yesterday because I went to a self-development event, it was really useful. They were talking about many things, all connected to massage and therapy massagists/companies. I was a curious member, nothing connected to this area in my professional life. I paid 10 euros and I heard a lot of very good orators speaking about: health, healthy posture at work, healthy eating, healthy exercise, healthy sleeping and techniques! If you want, I can share these with you. :-) Really exciting to know when to fall asleep to get up good mooded all the time! :-)

And did you know that exercising 3 times a week, at least 30 minutes, is better than exercising an hour but only 2 times a week? Terrible!

Let me see if I remember yesterday's menu:

morning: a slice of volkornbrot (black bread) with a small 0F cheese cream and a tomato, mid-food 1: a tomato and a paprika with a volkornbrot sandwich, lunch: a crépe with veggies and legumes (probably fried, AAARGH, restaurants are not healthy but we cannot avoid them!), then 100ml soy drink at night with some toasts I took over to snack. When I arrived home I only had a soy yogurt. Ahhh, almost forgot those 2 really good oranges I had meanwhile.. Total Cal: 1300 kcal and 2 liters of water

Today's menu (more accurate with time):

08H00 - a plain, amazingly cold, lovely 1% bio-yogurt, 200 ml (100 kcal only)

11H00 - a toast w/ 0F cheese, and some LF fresh creese cream I made(I share it below)

13H00 - 2 slices of meat (cow, from the oven) and cooked veggies with salad, a soy dessert (500 kcal alltogether)

16H00 - an orange

17H00 - a soy cappuchino dessert, 100% vegetal, low in saturated fat (115 kcal)



Smash together these ingredients to get a really low-cal, amazing snack for you and your family/friends:
80 gr low-fat fresh cheese (depending on the brand, 60-100 kcal), 2 triangles of light Laughing Cow cheese (50 kcal), and: fresh onion (a bit only), green pepper, black pepper, garlic, some parsley and chives.

What I did with this was: I filled the cream into 2 paprikas and cut them wisely in slices so I could serve bits of paprika filled with cream, on toast. :-)

I'm in the mood for sharing photos, so I have one here, Kathy, size 52 FINALLY!:

and finally the salmon I ate on the 13th:

"It is known that there are an infinite number of worlds, simply because there is an infinite amount of space for them to be in. However, not every one of them is inhabited. Therefore, there must be a finite number of inhabited worlds. Any finite number divided by infinity is as near to nothing as makes no odds, so the average population of all the planets in the Universe can be said to be zero. From this it follows that the population of the whole Universe is also zero, and that any people you may meet from time to time are merely the products of a deranged imagination." Douglas Adams

Progress as of today: 53.6 lbs lost so far, only 42.5 lbs to go!

tangalyn on 05/16/2010:
ur class sounds interesting, im glad u enjoyed it.. thanks for posting photos!! i always enjoy seeing photos :) hope u r having a great day!

just42day on 05/16/2010:
Thanks for sharing the recipe and pictures! Keep going. You're doing great! (I'm jealous of your love of oranges! I still love bad food. I'm not eating it but I still love it)

nita51 on 05/17/2010:
I don't think it's my computer! or is it? Sis, this is as far as it will allow me to post. The slide bar on the side doesn't give me any more room. Tried it 3 times. How do I go about reporting to site?

nita51 on 05/17/2010:
Well, I guess I'll deal with it 2mrrw it's late and I've got to get some sleep. Love Ya, Oh, your picture is SO pretty and I can see your weight loss. Awesome Job :) :) :) Hugs!

KathyBlue - Friday May 14, 2010
(Healthy eating (with doctor) and Exercise)
Weight: 263.0

Good morning everyone!

Thanks for the nice comments. I've already bought 3 kgs of orange for home. IT IS AWESOME. Late season oranges are so great, even if they don't come from the trees hit by sunshine but the artificial plants. I mean, they are REAL oranges but they grow them under a curtain or what.  Not bio-oranges. Never mind that.

Today's menu:

07H30 - WW toasts with a cup of milk w/ 20% coffee (350 kcal)

09H30 - a tangerine and an orange (YAYYYY...) 150 kcal

12H45 - sushi's: california, futomaki, nigiri 700 kcal. My colleague made a photo with his cell phone, of my plate! :

16H00 - two finnish toasts (40 kcal) with a plain yogurt, LF (50 kcal), half an orange (50 kcal)

20H00 - half a wrap, a salad and 3 slices of finnish toasts (300 kcal)

 Total: 1600 kcal

Progress as of today: 53.6 lbs lost so far, only 42.5 lbs to go!

CoverGirl on 05/14/2010:
LOL I told you I was a choc o holic

sweetpea1977 on 05/14/2010:
Enjoy those oranges!!

sweetpea1977 on 05/14/2010:
yum yum!! now I want sushi! :)

CoverGirl on 05/14/2010:
OMG!! That sushi looks sooooooooooo delicious. Yummy, now you made me want some :)

h82bfat on 05/15/2010:
OMG!! I LOVE sushi - I'm salivating!! Looks like your portion control is in high gear!! Kudos on that!! I woulda had 3 of those plates you pictured!! (I know - I'm working on it!) I love good, juicy oranges too. Though, the last batch I bought was REALLY dry. How can you tell the difference between grown on the tree & the "bio-oranges"?

jubileecoast on 05/15/2010:
Love the look of that sushi! Good for you!

KathyBlue - Thursday May 13, 2010
(Healthy eating (with doctor) and Exercise)
Weight: 263.0

Good morning (yes, it's good! I had tennis today ).

News from yesterday: I went to see a neurosurgeon because of my back. Conclusions:

> lose weight (being done...) --> then, lose weight quicker (THANKS !....)
> swim, but only on the back and breast strokes (thanks... very difficult!)
> tennis (shouldn't)...
> and finally, physiotheraphy (what I wanted! )

Anyway, I'm thinking of elaborating an exercise plan from August/September. I'd like to work out at least 4 times a week, with the following:

> swimming / hidrogymnastics
> tennis

I'm thinking in swimming and hidrogym. 3x a week and tennis once a week on Saturdays. I can do tennis but I have to do other sports like swimming and home workout to strengthen my back and get some control over this.


Today's menu:

07H00 - a cup of LF milk w/ coffee subs (20% coffee) and cereals (300 kcal)

10H30 - a pack of mini WW toasts and a yogurt and an orange (200 kcal)

12H30 - WW pasta with grilled chicken breast (300 kcal) and a paprika

14H00 - an orange (100 kcal) check out this site: http://www.weightlossforall.com/calories-fruit.htm

17H00 - coffee with milk normal (50 ml, 100 kcal?), and a half bun with olives (had to try! 100 kcal)

18H00 - an other orange (I CANNOT SAY NO TO AN ORANGE!!! ) 100 kcal

21H00 - salmon w/ asparagus and a LF LC cheese (300 kcal)

Total: 1500 kcal

Progress as of today: 53.6 lbs lost so far, only 42.5 lbs to go!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 05/13/2010:
maybe you really shouldn't do tennis if you really are in pain! why make things worse? you can bike ride, walk, jog, or swim, or yoga instead. why hurt yourself more!

nosetwitch on 05/13/2010:
awww that makes me sad that you can't play tennis, which you seem to enjoy. perhaps get a second opinion?

tangalyn on 05/13/2010:
oh no doctor said u shouldnt play tennis?? =(

loveray on 05/13/2010:
:) love your orange addiction, very healthy!! xo

legcramps on 05/13/2010:
There are weight training options as well that you can do to strengthen your back if that's what the problem is. :) have a good day!

CoverGirl on 05/13/2010:
Hey, an orange addiction is NOT a bad thing..you could be a choc o holic like me :)

KathyBlue - Wednesday May 12, 2010
(Healthy eating (with doctor) and Exercise)
Weight: 263.0

Goodie morning to all... :-)

Today's menu:

08H00 - a cup of LF milk with coffee substitute (20% coffee) and a toast with a LF LC cheese (300 kcal)

10H30 - an apple, quite a big one  (100 kcal)

12H30 - fresh cheese salad (a fresh cheese, and fresh veggies like lettuce, carrot, cucumber and tomato) with salt and olive oil (350 kcal)

14H00 - WW toasts (80 kcal)

18H00 - a yogurt and an apple (120 kcal)

21H30 - veggie soup with sausage (bratwurst leftovers) and a slice of WW bread, and then a soy yogurt (600 kcal)

Total: 1700 kcal (300 more than it should be)


News: I went to see a neurosurgeon because of my back. Conclusions:

> lose weight (being done...) --> then, lose weight quicker (THANKS !....)
> swim, but only on the back and breast strokes (thanks... very difficult!)
> tennis (shouldn't)...
> and finally, physiotheraphy (what I wanted! )

Progress as of today: 53.6 lbs lost so far, only 42.5 lbs to go!

nita51 on 05/12/2010:
oops! Sis I posted your new reply from me,,,on the wrong date, please check yesterday's comment. It's late and I guess I was a little sleepy. Check it out, and you will see how nice my mother's day was. sorry for the mix up!

Miss Reality on 05/12/2010:
Miss Reality says good morning to you!

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