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KathyBlue - Sunday Apr 11, 2010
(Healthy eating (with doctor) and Exercise)
Weight: 277.0

I'm baaack from the excursion, at home! I was in a town, rural Portugal (a normal tourist would never get here)... I loved it. You know, where people say "Good morning" to each other, where everyone's ready for a nice talk about anything ... I asked my man to make a special photo for you guys.. First, you'll see my progress, (-22kgs for now, and some months from here we can come back and see a real "before" - "after" scene, without Photoshop...) second you can see a nice landscape behind me.:


Today's menu:

08h30 - chamomile tea with a toasted bun (white!! bread, but friends offered and I had to accept - hospitality, no harm done...)

12h00 - orange

15h00 - veggie soup, 2 toasts with LF cheese and cucumber, a yogurt

18h00 - pomelo


Progress as of today: 39.6 lbs lost so far, only 56.5 lbs to go!

KathyBlue - Saturday Apr 10, 2010
(Healthy eating (with doctor) and Exercise)
Weight: 277.0

backlog, I went on an excursion for the weekend... :-D

07h00 - a toast with LF cheese, ham, LF milk

10h00 - a pear

14h00 - (this is when things went wrong): restaurant: steamed codfish from the oven with cooked veggies (green bean and carrots), some pork meat with raw veggies (tomato and onion), melon

21h00 - veggie soup (probably based on potatoes which is not good but what the hell...), melon

excercise: Walking all day, up and downhills...

Progress as of today: 39.6 lbs lost so far, only 56.5 lbs to go!

KathyBlue - Friday Apr 09, 2010
(Healthy eating (with doctor) and Exercise)
Weight: 277.0

Today's menu:

07h00 - DEPURALINA, 1 slice of toast with LF cheese cream and a slice of ham, LF milk

09h30 - LF milk with little coffee

11h00 - apple/pear puree (50 kcal)

12h45 - same as yesterday: black rice with grilled green beans and eggs now with some grilled chicken

16h00 - apple/pear puree

18h00 - an orange (YUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMY)

20h00 - apple/pear puree

Well, I finished with all the purees I had in the fridge... . I guess you know what it is, basically they smash apples and pears together and fill the lil cups... 1 cup has 47 kcals so I'm cool. And I "cheat" the daily fruit dose like this - don't have to bite only swallow... ehehe...

Progress as of today: 39.6 lbs lost so far, only 56.5 lbs to go!

hollybelle on 04/09/2010:
Good deal!

mskitty on 04/09/2010:
You can do it. Keep it up!

KathyBlue - Thursday Apr 08, 2010
(Healthy eating (with doctor) and Exercise)
Weight: 277.0


I don't have any eager to work - how surprising ;-).

Today's menu:

07h00 - DEPURALINA, 1 slice of toast with LF cheese cream and a slice of ham, LF milk

10h00 - a yogurt

12h45 - black rice with grilled green beans and eggs

16h00 - a yogurt (50 kcal) and a puree (apple & pear, 50 kcal)

20h30 - two slices of toast (WW, 50 kcal) with LF cheese cream, 2 slices of ham and cucumber + a mango

Progress as of today: 39.6 lbs lost so far, only 56.5 lbs to go!

sweetpea1977 on 04/08/2010:
looks like you had another flawless day! Way to go!!

KathyBlue - Wednesday Apr 07, 2010
(Healthy eating (with doctor) and Exercise)
Weight: 277.0


Well, I'm having very difficult days at work - imagine, I cannot sleep at night because I am unable to reroute my thoughts from the jobs I have. I tried to imagine myself in Wonderland, but no... nothing helped. Normally Wonderland helps to fall asleep - I imagine myself walking through a huge garden of colourful, pretty and smelly flowers... No animals were harmed.

Here you have a photo of a typical Alentejo restaurant, called Molho Bico. This shot was made on the 30th November, 2009.

The theatre was great yesterday, it helped me relax a bit...

Today's menu:

07h00 - DEPURALINA, 1 slice of rye toast (20 kcal) with LF cheese cream and a slice of ham and cucumber, LF milk

11h00 - a pear

14h00 - grilled chicken with ice lettuce

17h00 - 1 apple

18h30 - 2 slices of toast with LF laughing cow cheese and some LF milk w coffee

21h00 - veggie soup + pomelo, DEPURALINA

Progress as of today: 39.6 lbs lost so far, only 56.5 lbs to go!

nita51 on 04/07/2010:
Thought I would peek in on DD's before bed, AND WOW! Your weight loss is breath taking. WAY TO GO Sis,,,, I am so excited for you. Your Doctor must be thrilled. Hugs!

sweetpea1977 on 04/07/2010:
I hope you were able to fall asleep. Have you tried aromatherapy? I use lotions, hot bubble baths, shampoo/conditioners, body scrubs, body wash, candles, and linen sprays from Bath & Body Works. My favorite relaxing scents are lavender and vanilla. Bath & Body Works also has an aromatherapy line dedicated to reducing stress levels. I have a wonderful eucalyptus and mint lotion that I sometimes put on right before I get into bed. I immediately feel calm after having a stressful day. :)

I've used melatonin and valerian root in the past,but it wasnt very effective. They gave me weird dreams which always give me a restless sleep. The only other thing that seems to work is slow and controlled breathing. Deep, steady, and slow with your eyes closed and in your favorite sleeping position.

Anyway, glad you enjoyed the theater. Its been so long since I've seen a live show!

getmebackto150 on 04/07/2010:
great job... Keep up the good work... Your weight loss is inspiring!

grumpy on 04/07/2010:
hey girl. i also have sleeping issues at times. but mine is mostly my fault, i stay online late or tv on instead of creating a quiet environment to go to bed. im working on that also. i didnt have any feijoada at home, but i had everything else. hahaha. im so relieved i weighted in this morning and i am the same as when i left. whew. maybe the extra healthy day yesterday helped. xoxo

ConcreteAngel on 04/07/2010:
Wonderland sounds lovely! I read recently and who knows how effective it is, but I read that eating a banana before bed helps with sleep. Hehehe, who knows but it might be worth a shot? Sounds almost too simple doesn't it? I don't sleep well and never really have. It does tend to catch up with me from time to time and I do understand how you feel. Bye the way...that restaurant in the picture looks so warm and cozy. Very nice! Concrete Angel

ConcreteAngel on 04/07/2010:
Hi Kathy! At first it was hard to know how to walk. Hehe...they sort of make you walk differently but once you get the idea they feel great! MBT...what is that? I'll have to check it out! Hope you're having a great Wednesday!!

ConcreteAngel on 04/07/2010:
I checked out the MBT's. Yes they are very much like my shoes! I do enjoy them!

nita51 on 04/07/2010:
The restaurant picture, looks so cozy,,,wish I were there. :) Hope to get good sleep tonight.

hollybelle on 04/08/2010:
I'd love this restaurant! Regarding sleep - gee wish I could help. I resort to Tylenol PM or Advil PM sometimes to get be back in the pattern. What kind of work do you do that is causing you to think about it at night?

KathyBlue - Tuesday Apr 06, 2010
(Healthy eating (with doctor) and Exercise)
Weight: 277.0

Mooorning! :)

Weight updated! -7 kgs during last month. Next visit: 17th May, now I'll have to do blood and urine tests before the visit. I'm cool.

Tennis today: very amusing!

today's menu:

07h00 - a bun with cereals, toasted with a laughing cow LF cheese and a slice of ham, LF milk

10h00 - yogurt (65 kcal)

14h00 - chicken curry with white rice and 200 gr raw ice cabbage (I looove ice cabbage)

19h00 - veggie soup

00h00 - pomelo

TONIGHT: THEATRE ("Shakespeare all in 90 minutes".. )

Progress as of today: 39.6 lbs lost so far, only 56.5 lbs to go!

sweetpea1977 on 04/06/2010:
Yay! Congratulations!

I just caught up on most of your diary because I was curious to see where you were located (since you listed your weightloss in kgs). Portugal! Awesome! I love reading diaries of folks living in other countries. So fascinating!! Oh, and I love all the beautiful photos you posted. Please keep that up. :)

Anyway, keep up the fanstatic work. You are making wonderful progress and should be really proud of yourself!

panda22 on 04/06/2010:
Congratulations on your loss! Great job! Have a fantastic day =)

sweetpea1977 on 04/06/2010:
lol, I just noticed I spelled fantastic wrong. Whoops! :)

sweetpea1977 on 04/06/2010:
haha, pine nuts are new to me. They taste better toasted, so thats how I will eat them from now on. Once Im done with the bag (small one, thank goodness!), I think I will use raw walnuts, pecans, almonds, or sunflower seeds instead. :)

mcwoo40 on 04/06/2010:
Golly your doing brill,well done.i feel like a sack of potatoes,my own fault,day 1 tomoz take care Jules

hollybelle on 04/06/2010:
Yay! I knew you'd see a significant loss. You are on the way! Keep it up. The weeks/months do go by so fast and let's face it we have to spend out time someway - might as well be spent toward a healthier us - right?

loveray on 04/06/2010:
ooo have fun at the theater! xo

nosetwitch on 04/06/2010:
I think I've seen that play. Have fun, and congrats on the significant loss!

Umpqua on 04/06/2010:
Congrats on your loss, that's awesome! I hope you had a wonderful evening at the theatre.

KathyBlue - Monday Apr 05, 2010
(Healthy eating (with doctor) and Exercise)
Weight: 283.0

Big Day - going to visit the Dr. today. I hope my weight will be different by tomorrow, guys! I haven't weighed myself so he can tell me good news.

Yesterday there was a big Easter party at my man's Grandma's house. We received lots of sweets. And they had huge tables filled with sweets, cakes, etc. but I haven't tried any. I didn't feel the urge, imagine THAT!

My mother-in-law keeps trying to convince me that I should make Sundays specials diet-free days and then "restart" on Mondays but I'm very reluctant to do that. I'm good like this, and for me "restarts" are very difficult anyway. I just cannot have a meal like Butter Chicken with white rice and dessert a strawberry cheesecake on a Sunday and then cooked veggies with low-fat meats during the weekdays... I prefer behaving during diet and besides this I'm changing lifestyle, not a simple diet is what I'm doing... period.

Today's menu:


09h00 - coffee substitute with LF milk, a slice of bread with some 0% F cheese cream

12h50 - natural tuna (from tin, without any kind of fat) with cooked veggies and pomelo

15h30 - an apple

19h45 - 2 slice of rye toast (20kcal each) + 0% F cheese + 2 slices of pork ham (+/- 70kcal)

20h45 - veggie soup

Progress as of today: 33.6 lbs lost so far, only 62.5 lbs to go!

sweetpea1977 on 04/05/2010:
I used to do cheat days before I became a mom. I was able to go back to the diet after the cheat day happened. I think it was because I had structured times to eat due to my job. But now as a stay at home mom, I dont seem to have the same amount of restraint if I cheat. At any rate, Im on your side. If you feel in your gut that you cant cheat, then dont. You are the boss of your body so only you get to tell it what to do. :)

With that said, congrats on surviving the Easter feast and goodies. Holidays tend to get the best of us, but you beat it with no problem. Way to go!!

Good luck at your doctor's appointment!

hollybelle on 04/05/2010:
Thanks for the comments. I have been lurking around this site for about 3 years. I lost 25 lbs with eating right and exercise then and gained alot of it back due to unmindful eating and an injury to my back (on my bicycle) that left me almost unable to exercise. I have been doing rehab with a chiropractor and getting back into a healthy life. I agree with you about not doing a weekly diet-free day. It works for me when I just aim to eat right all the time. But I do allow myself a "treat" once in awhile and I do plan a non-diet meal/day when an occasion calls for it. BUT I think when we are just getting started it's best to stick with it. Don't listen to MIL or anyone else for that matter. Follow your heart!

hollybelle on 04/05/2010:
OH P.S. Good luck at the doc's and good job on not eating sweets. Can't say the same for myself. I overdid Easter, but I'm back on track today.

nita51 on 04/05/2010:
Hi Sis,,, Sounds like you had a terrific Easter. I like your attitude on food. Yes, it is the life style change thats most important. I flair, just a little on weekends, but never back to the old days of cakes, rolls, and really greasy foods. I still steer clear of starches and sweets,,,It's better this way. We live in this world, surrounded by foods, and we can't let food intimidate us, but we do have to live a life of making better choices, to protect our hearts and health. sis, for years,,,I lived, not caring what the consequences were, regarding the foods I use to eat,,,,the results are not what I wish you to ever have to go through. So I am proud of your decision to love yourself more than a Sunday of self destruction and over indulgence. Wishing you a successful Dr.'s visit. Love Ya!

KathyBlue - Sunday Apr 04, 2010
(Healthy eating (with doctor) and Exercise)
Weight: 283.0

Today's Easter party @grandma's house... WELL, I have to survive (again) the following: fatty meats, cakes, chocolates, etc. Portuguese tradition is to offer almonds covered with chocolate to the family members. So I will receive like 5, my Man will receive like 15, and we'll ship them to Hungary right away!! I won't allow these stuff to remain in the house. Not good for none of us.

08h30 - DEPURALINA (100% natural supplement to help the body getting rid of the trash)

10h00 - a LF yogurt (65 kcal) + 2 slices of rye toast with LF fresh cheese

14h00 - fried chicken in the oven, with salad

18h00 - a bit of Easter "cake" (not cake, a salty thingie my mother-in-law made)

20h30 - some strawberries

Progress as of today: 33.6 lbs lost so far, only 62.5 lbs to go!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 04/04/2010:
hi there! today is your day for festivities! enjoy!

KathyBlue - Saturday Apr 03, 2010
(Healthy eating (with doctor) and Exercise)
Weight: 283.0

Backlog for 3rd April:

09h00 - DEPURALINA (100% natural suplement to help the body getting rid of the trash)

09h10 - lowfat milk with cereals

13h00 - chinese restaurant (I overate for sure here...!!! )

19h00 - My mother-in-law's famous Easter pastry (I SHOULDN'T HAVE!!!), consists of white flour (BAD), fatty meats (VERY BAD), eggs (CHOLESTEROL!!!) - anyway, I had a slice. A bigger one. No regrets... tomorrow is an other day.

20h00 - pomelo


Progress as of today: 33.6 lbs lost so far, only 62.5 lbs to go!

KathyBlue - Friday Apr 02, 2010
(Healthy eating (with doctor) and Exercise)
Weight: 283.0

Today's menu (holiday today):

10h00 - a cup of lowfat milk with cereals

11h30 - a kiwi

13h30 - squid biriani, fresh mango

15h30 - we went to the cinema, I had almost a liter of Pepsi Light

19h00 - 2 slices of rye bread toast (20kcal each) and some 0% fat cheese cream

20h45 - veggie soup

Progress as of today: 33.6 lbs lost so far, only 62.5 lbs to go!

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