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KathyBlue - Tuesday Mar 02, 2010
(Healthy eating (with doctor) and Exercise)
Weight: 293.0

TUESDAY! (for me it's: FRIDAY)

VACATIONS - some hours and I go for a trip to Hungary. I'll try to keep my list updated, it's very important for me.

Today's menu:

07h00 - low-fat milk with muesli

10h00 - a half pear

12h45 - grilled fish with brussels sprouts

 16h30 - a nectarine (from Chile, golden price (1 piece 1 euro!! ) but I couldn't leave it behind...)

22h00 - a yogurt with muesli

Progress as of today: 23.6 lbs lost so far, only 72.5 lbs to go!

legcramps on 03/02/2010:
Have a fantastic time on your trip to Hungary! I would love to go there someday, never been there yet. Take care of yourself!

hollybelle on 03/02/2010:
Have a great trip. Regarding the jeans to a job interview - surely if you explained you couldn't take a chance at your present job, etc. they understood??? Wonderful news about the docotors visit - how rewarding is that? Keep up the good work while you are away. I'm leaving today for 4 days vacation and I plan to walk A LOT!

nita51 on 03/02/2010:
Sis, isn't it encouraging, when your doctor has faith in you? I am so thrilled about your visit. You are doing so good. You'll do just fine when in Hungary. I can't wait to hear about how well you're going to do. Have a wonderful time.

PsychKat on 03/02/2010:
Looks like a very yummy menu, minus the brussel sprouts!! hahahaha~enjoy your vacation and take lots of pictures!!

selina on 03/03/2010:
Hey Kathy, i did try those chestnuts! BTW, they ere not as pricey as they were in Istambul the other day. In Istambul, I had to pay 5 Euros - they were yummy!

KathyBlue - Monday Mar 01, 2010
(Healthy eating (with doctor) and Exercise)
Weight: 293.0

MONDAY... with a headache.

Today I have: doctor!!! and then, an other job interview... :P


08h00 - low-fat milk with muesli

11h00 - a yogurt

12h45 - the same as yesterday for lunch

20h00 - a fish (grilled) with brussel sprouts (cooked) and a triangle cheese

22h30 - half pear


The doctor: YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS, he was very nice this time! He saw my results (and imagine, the doc's scales showed exactly the same as the scales at home: 134 kgs! OK, the scales at home shows 133kgs BUT without clothes and in the morning. This weighing happened at 6PM!). He passed me a paper that I need sports to my health and it will do good for my IRS next year.. ehehe... My next visit is marked: 4th April! I want to be in my 120's then!

The job interview: Went great this time!  Although I had an embarrassing moment of receiving a clothing advice (because I went there in jeans and nothing special, but it's normal.. unfortunatelly the guys in the office start to throw "jokes" like "Are you going to a job interview" whenever I go in skirts or pretty clothes... and I cannot risk it, because I received threats already from this workplace when they smelled that I was wanting to quit...

Progress as of today: 23.6 lbs lost so far, only 72.5 lbs to go!

panda22 on 03/01/2010:
Yeah I completely agree about the "Fat Free" comment! They have to load it with other things to make it taste better. When it comes to ice cream ((my major downfall)) I usually tend to go with that or frozen yogurt anyway because I know I will probably eat the entire pint in one sitting...and would rather have 480 total calories than 1,000 of Haagen Dazs. Of course the even better choice is to avoid it all together haha. Have a great day! Good luck with the interview and hope your headache goes away!

nosetwitch on 03/01/2010:
Good luck with your interview!

legcramps on 03/01/2010:
Good luck today :)

ElizabethBennet on 03/01/2010:
How was the job interview? Hope you did great!!!

panda22 on 03/01/2010:
Glad to hear the interview and doctor's visit went well =)

geevee on 03/01/2010:
Yes, we have Laughing Cow cheese here too. I'm glad to hear it has only 25 cal. I'll look for it when I shop this week and get some. I like any and all cheese.

KathyBlue - Sunday Feb 28, 2010
(Healthy eating (with doctor) and Exercise)
Weight: 293.0


I went to the theatre yesterday - it was great! I loved it... I need this type of "turning my brain off" from work, because if not, I go crazy any time soon.

Today's menu:

11h00 - a cup of low-fat milk with some muesli

13h00 - 2 slices of grilled turkey breast with steamed veggies and salad (lettuce with onions)

14h00 - I'll start working, meanwhile sipping a tea to get the daily liquid income (8 cups). I mention tea here because it has a 1/2 TB honey. I couldn't drink it elsehow. I don't like tea without sweetener - and there's only ONE exception and this is not it.

20h00 - veggie soup, 2 soy cookies (and I don't have any more!! Cool.) and 1 orange

Progress as of today: 23.6 lbs lost so far, only 72.5 lbs to go!

nosetwitch on 02/28/2010:
What kind of tea do you drink? I heard drinking three cups of green tea can help burn 100 calories a day. It may be a myth, but I figured I would give it a try...

geevee on 02/28/2010:
Do you drink any herbal teas? Those I love tho I haven't drunk any in ages. I also use a packet of the artificial sugar - the name escapes me at the moment.

My height. I'm only 5ft. 1in. I've shrunk two inches. My 125 goal might not be enough, but I'm not going to think about that until I get there.

panda22 on 02/28/2010:
Have a great week =) I hope it goes quickly for you so you can go on your holiday and have some fun!

selina on 03/01/2010:
Hey Kathy: I loved my visit to your country! Especially the pasteis de belem :/ which I ate too many of. Fui ateh Belem, entao tive que aproveitar, nao eh? Nao eh todo dia que tenho a oportunidade de visitar e provar os pasteis em Belem. Fui tambem ate Sintra e comi um doce tipico de lah, esqueci o nome, um doce de queijo. O meu prato preferido que comemos foi o risoto de polvo :) Ficamos hospedados 4 dias no hotel altis no centro da cidade, conhece? gostei muito! Agora estou de volta ao meu velho regime de emagrecimento... :/

KathyBlue - Saturday Feb 27, 2010
(Healthy eating (with doctor) and Exercise)
Weight: 293.0

Happy Weekend for Everyone !

Next week, Mo-Tu I'm working, then, 6 days on holidays! In Hungary, visiting my family. I'm a bit afraid, because of the diet. But I will be strong... I promised myself.

Today's menu:

09h30 - 2 toasts with light curd and a cup of milk with dissolved cereal drink

14h00 - fish filet (grilled) with veggies (+garlic, yummm) and 2 triangle light cheese (25kcal/each)
i really have to finish up the cheese stock I bought, because my Man doesn't eat it and the exp.date is coming closer and closer. However, I cannot eat cheese every day so I'll pass some over to the family.

17h00 - an orange

19h00 - a slice of volkornbrot with light curd, a toast with a triangle cheese light

Progress as of today: 23.6 lbs lost so far, only 72.5 lbs to go!

KathyBlue - Friday Feb 26, 2010
(Healthy eating (with doctor) and Exercise)
Weight: 293.0


Yesterday I had the confirmation call from the hospital - my appointment with the Doctor for Monday is confirmed. Cool. I'm very anxious to see what he says when receiving the news.

And the job interview, well - I think it was horrible. I was with an awful headache (the windy, very sh*tty weather kills me) and sooo tired that I forgot to mention some very important skills I have in programming. Well, it's a shame as the company is really cool... Hope remains, though.

Today's menu:

08h00 - a yogurt

10h30 - an orange

12h45 - a chicken leg with tomato and lettuce

 16h00 - an orange, again

20h30 - chicken lima (woked chicken breast slices with veggies and white rice)

Progress as of today: 23.6 lbs lost so far, only 72.5 lbs to go!

MoodyMe on 02/26/2010:
Awww, sorry about the interview..maybe tho, it didn't go as badly as you think. Sometimes our self perceptions are skewed..I hate tho, when I remember stuff after the fact...grrr..

Wishing you a wonderful day..

chidogs on 02/26/2010:
You never know, you could have still come over very good. Best of luck!

panda22 on 02/26/2010:
I agree with Moody, don't get discouraged, it may not have been as bad as you thought! Nice menu for the day...love oranges! Keep it up and have a great weekend =)

hollybelle on 02/26/2010:
Interviews take practice, I think. Did your resume have the skills you didn't mention on it? If so then they know, but if not - perhaps you could be sure to mention them in a THANK YOU card following up interview. Or even make a personal call to thank them for the interview and be sure to mention them in the call. Just some idea. Either way it shows them that you are interested in them enough to follow up.

Playmate on 02/26/2010:
Good luck, and I hope that in the end everything works out for the best. Have a good day.

balloonlady on 02/26/2010:
sorry about the interview, maybe it was better than you think. sometimes it works out that way : )

KathyBlue - Thursday Feb 25, 2010
(Healthy eating (with doctor) and Exercise)
Weight: 293.0

FITNESS today...

The weather is not helping. Anyway, I enrolled to the tennis tournament. We'll see.

Meanwhile I made a small step today towards killing the fear of the scales. Normally I weigh myself at home, naked, in the morning. Today I decided to weigh myself in the gym... a different scale, with clothes on... and, surprisingly, it showed the same 293 lbs!  I was soo happy!

Today's menu:

07h00 - a slice of bread (volkornbrot) with low-fat curd and some milk

11h00 - a yogurt (52 kcal), a cookie (60 kcal)

12h30 - grilled chicken breast with cabbage lettuce and tomato

15h00 - an orange

20h00 - veggie soup, a yogurt (50 kcal) and a cookie (60 kcal)

Progress as of today: 23.6 lbs lost so far, only 72.5 lbs to go!

panda22 on 02/25/2010:
Awesome weigh in! That means you'll have a loss at home I bet =) Keep it up, you're doing great!

hollybelle on 02/25/2010:
YAY for fitness! Also - YAY for conquering fear of scales. I get hung up on numbers if I'm not careful. I'm still working on that. I'm glad gym scales said the same thing as home scales. Confidence builder, for sure. Keep up the good work!

hollybelle on 02/25/2010:
P.S. I hear you about weather - we got more snow here.

legcramps on 02/25/2010:
Way to enroll in tennis, even with the tricky weather! Hope you do great!

panda22 on 02/25/2010:
Like your menu today....*thumbs up*!

chidogs on 02/25/2010:
Good job! Glad you had good scale news. Have a great day.

KathyBlue - Wednesday Feb 24, 2010
(Healthy eating (with doctor) and Exercise)
Weight: 293.0

I'm having a job interview this week - namely tomorrow. Support me mentally please.

Today's menu:

08h30 - a yogurt with muesli (approx. 200 kcal)

11h00 - an orange

12h45 - a tablespoon of white rice, cooked, with 2 small slices of grilled turkey breast and salad

16h00 - an orange

20h00 - 2 toasts with 2 triangle cheese and some mini tomatoes

Progress as of today: 23.6 lbs lost so far, only 72.5 lbs to go!

jananasplit on 02/24/2010:
positive visualisation- keep picturing mentally that you will get the job! read the secret!!!!!!!! its brilliant!

4meandmegan on 02/24/2010:
best of luck to you on your interview.have a great day

loveray on 02/24/2010:
sending good vibes to you today!! xoxo

legcramps on 02/24/2010:
Good luck good luck good luck!!!

still_too_heavy on 02/24/2010:
OK, Im sending positive, happy, confident vibes your way! Good luck!

nita51 on 02/24/2010:
Sending up a prayer that all goes well, with your interview. Enjoy the rest of you day!

KathyBlue - Tuesday Feb 23, 2010
(Healthy eating (with doctor) and Exercise)
Weight: 293.0

No tennis today ... But I had fitness instead.

There'll be a tournament this weekend, and I'd like to participate... but the weather is not helping and I'm having vacation next week and going to Hungary (when, if the weather is bad this weekend, the tournament would take place) so I'd lose money...

NEWS: I bought Denis Austin's Daily Dozen, I'm going to start tomorrow. :)

Today's menu:

07h00 - Kellog's K cereal bar (87 kcal) with low-fat milk

11h45 - an orange and a Corpos Danone 0%fat/sugar yogurt (180ml, 58 kcal)

13h00 - black rice (geevee: I LOVED THIS! You were right!) with some chicken meat and soy and cabbage+tomato salad.

15h30 - an orange (I'm really really addicted to this orange)

21h00 - veggie soup


Chinese Black Rice: Chinese Black Rice ( aka Forbidden Black Rice ) is a medium grained glutinous rice. The name Black Rice comes from it's dark color when raw, it takes on a dark purple color when cooked. Black Rice is different from purple sticky rice, it is not as sweet, although still sweeter than most rice varieties. Black rice can be used in both sweet and savory dishes. It was once known as Emperor's Rice because it was only served to Chinese Emperor's and was forbidden elsewhere. Black rice is now widely available, and even noodles made from black rice are available today. High in fiber, texture, and a nutty flavor, black rice makes a great rice pudding, and is used in other sweet dishes. Popular in Indonesia and Thailand, it is not generally used as the main starch in a meal. Black rice cooks in about 30 minutes and will turn the cooking water a deep burgundy color, exposing it's real colors.

Also known for it's health benefits, black rice was favored by Chinese Emperors as a tonic. High in fiber and minerals, black rice has more vitamins, minerals and fiber than regular rice varieties. It's black color is not artificial, the plant has distinctive black tops which stand out from traditional rice paddies. There are records of black rice being grown around 150 BC, and it is considered lucky as well as nutritious, seeing black rice is an indication that your day will be successful. Black rice has experienced times when it nearly disappeared because of the popularity of white rice varieties, but a resurgence in popularity has brought new life to this ancient and venerable grain.

    Black Rice Facts:
  • AKA: Chinese Black Rice, Forbidden Black Rice, Black Tribute Rice
  • Black color, dark purple when cooked
  • High in fiber, vitamins and minerals
  • Medium grain rice
  • Used in both sweet and savory dishes
  • Popular in China, Thailand, and Indonesia
  • Rich in iron and considered a blood tonic
  • Nutty flavor and whole grain texture
  • Excellent in rice pudding

Nutritional data per 100g:


  • Alanine - 0.437 g
  • Arginine - 0.569 g
  • Ash - 1.27 g
  • Aspartic acid - 0.702 g
  • Calcium, Ca - 33 mg
  • Carbohydrate, by difference - 76.17 g
  • Copper, Cu - 0.277 mg
  • Cystine - 0.091 g
  • Energy - 1515 kj
  • Energy - 362 kcal
  • Fatty acids, total monounsaturated - 0.971 g
  • Fatty acids, total polyunsaturated - 0.959 g
  • Fatty acids, total saturated - 0.536 g
  • Fiber, total dietary - 3.4 g
  • Folate, DFE - 20 mcg_DFE
  • Folate, food - 20 mcg
  • Folate, total - 20 mcg
  • Glutamic acid - 1.528 g
  • Glycine - 0.369 g
  • Histidine - 0.190 g
  • Iron, Fe - 1.80 mg
  • Isoleucine - 0.318 g
  • Leucine - 0.620 g
  • Lysine - 0.286 g
  • Magnesium, Mg - 143 mg
  • Manganese, Mn - 3.743 mg
  • Methionine - 0.169 g
  • Niacin - 4.308 mg
  • Pantothenic acid - 1.493 mg
  • Phenylalanine - 0.387 g
  • Phosphorus, P - 264 mg
  • Potassium, K - 268 mg
  • Proline - 0.352 g
  • Protein - 7.50 g
  • Riboflavin - 0.043 mg
  • Serine - 0.388 g
  • Sodium, Na - 4 mg
  • Thiamin - 0.413 mg
  • Threonine - 0.275 g
  • Total lipid (fat) - 2.68 g
  • Tryptophan - 0.096 g
  • Tyrosine - 0.281 g
  • Valine - 0.440 g
  • Vitamin B-6 - 0.509 mg
  • Water - 12.37 g
  • Zinc, Zn - 2.02 mg

Progress as of today: 23.6 lbs lost so far, only 72.5 lbs to go!

geevee on 02/23/2010:
I'm so glad you like the black rice. Just think how selfish the Chinese emperor was in forbidding the general population from eating it! So unfair!

glycrina on 02/23/2010:
what is black rice? is it better than brown rice?

loveray on 02/23/2010:
i love black rice mmmm

chidogs on 02/23/2010:
Sounds great, I will have to try some. I love rice!

legcramps on 02/23/2010:
Well, you're now healthy as well as lucky! Good for you!

KathyBlue - Monday Feb 22, 2010
(Healthy eating (with doctor) and Exercise)
Weight: 293.0

I'm LESS this week.

Yesterday night I had:

2 slices of finnish toast (40 kcal) with some fresh curd, low-fat (around 50 kcal) and mini-tomatoes. And finally an orange. I will update this at home, because the text editing issue is at my home PC, not at this work PC and I can't edit anything. :-)

Today's menu:

08h30 - low-fat milk with muesli

11h00 - an orange (Algarve, yummmmm)

12h45 - 2 drumsticks with asparagus cream and salad (cabbage and tomato)

16h30 - an orange (got kinda hooked on orange, I have to stop this...) with a yogurt (50kcal)

18h00 - half pear

21h30 - veggie soup

Progress as of today: 23.6 lbs lost so far, only 72.5 lbs to go!

panda22 on 02/22/2010:
Congrats on the loss! Great job! Nice menu for the day, have a good one! =)

4meandmegan on 02/22/2010:
GREAT JOB!! have a good day

ddwebmaster on 02/22/2010:
The text editing problems with Firefox should be corrected now, at least on my copy of FF 3.6.

geevee on 02/22/2010:
Nice loss!

legcramps on 02/22/2010:
Good job!

chidogs on 02/22/2010:
Excellent! Keep up the good work.

MoodyMe on 02/22/2010:
Wooohooo on there being less of you!!! hahahhaa~great job, keep it up!!!

hollybelle on 02/22/2010:
WOW! You are more than 3 lbs LESS this week! Congratulations -keep on doing it, girl!

nita51 on 02/22/2010:
Hey Sis! " Less is Best " right? (smile) So Happy for you. So flowers on my Monday's Post - are for everyone, but especially to you, for the new weight loss. Love Ya Lots!

nita51 on 02/23/2010:
Wise to education our children on eating healthy. That is where it all begins. Take Care

KathyBlue - Sunday Feb 21, 2010
(Healthy eating (with doctor) and Exercise)
Weight: 296.3

Firefox... GRR... Now I have to edit my texts to appear normally.

Here's the link for the Drink More Water application: Drink More Water (WaterAid)

and as for my strange text editor problem... Let me experience making a table..

Breakfast nothing, I woke up at 10h00
Mid-Snack 1. 10h30: Mimosa yogurt 185ml 60kcal
Lunch 13h00: 2 chicken drumsticks baked in the oven with smashed asparagus and some steamed mushrooms and salad (cabbage and red onion with vinegar)
Mid-Snack 2. an orange
Dinner dunno yet


Progress as of today: 20.3 lbs lost so far, only 75.8 lbs to go!

nita51 on 02/22/2010:
Hi Sis, Thanks for the water website tip,,, you always find such great info, and how thoughtful you are, to share with us. Glad you liked the picture. Wishing you good week.

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