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KathyBlue - Saturday Feb 20, 2010
(Healthy eating (with doctor) and Exercise)
Weight: 296.3

What's happening to this diary editor? It doesn't have rich texting anymore...? Is there a way to report this?

as for my entry today:


... and I'm really down. I have the period and it aaaalways makes me more hungry. Wonder how it is this time (although I survived one, right in the beginning... this is my 2nd month of dieting). And I have pains so I have to eat 2-3 painkillers a day (maybe this what makes me hungrier than usual?)...

Yesterday we went to eat out, and I had this Nasi Goreng malaysian food... It was very good! The restaurant's name is "WOK healthy food" and you can follow their moves behind glass walls. They don't use oil, only wok and water. It was very tasty and not much salt!

If you'd like to have the recipe (I say it has some 400-500 kcal per serving):

Sweet Chicken Nasi Goreng

Today's menu:

08h00 - low-fat milk with a teaspoon of cereal drink and some muesli

11h00 - a pear

14h30 - veggie soup (caldo verde) with 2 slices of toast and two triangle low-fat cheese with tomato

18h30 - an orange

... and nothing else. I wasn't hungry at all! Crazy!

Progress as of today: 20.3 lbs lost so far, only 75.8 lbs to go!

4meandmegan on 02/20/2010:
from my experience, some pain medication can increase your appetite. i have to watch taking them, if i take them i will take it at bedtime, that works for me. you may want to check with your doctor, they may be able to give you some advise, good luck

geevee on 02/20/2010:
Sodium and water retention: I imagine sodium to be like a magnet. It attracts and holds water in the body. Thus, the more sodium, the more water and more weight.

You really have to read the labels. Even tho I never sprinkle salt on my food, that big bouillion cube and the yakatori sauce a few days earlier in Orlando, did me in, BAM! 4 pounds! Retaining water is bad for blood pressure, one of my problems.

Even tho I love to eat out, it's impossible to avoid salt in a restaurant. Chefs and cooks are very liberal with the way they pour it on food, so I seldom eat out as much as I enjoy it.

nita51 on 02/20/2010:
Sis how do I put that water reminder, on my computer? Sure hope you feel better. I know first hand, about pain,,,,I suffer with some form of pain nearly every day. Most pain killers irritate my stomach, so most of the time I'm just waiting it out. I was glad to hear from you. Please take care of yourself and have a great weekend.

KathyBlue - Friday Feb 19, 2010
(Healthy eating (with doctor) and Exercise)
Weight: 296.3

08h30 - a yogurt

11h30 - a pear

12h45 - sweet potato pasta with veggies

17h00 - 3 finnish toasts (60 kcal), 2 triangle low-fat cheese, tomato

20h00 - nasi goreng (fried rice in Malaysian) in wok (without any fat)

Progress as of today: 20.3 lbs lost so far, only 75.8 lbs to go!

gettingthere22 on 02/19/2010:
sweet potato pasta...yum!

4meandmegan on 02/19/2010:
keep going, you will get there.. sweet potato pasta sounds good..have a great day

legcramps on 02/19/2010:
Sounds great, have a great weekend!

geevee on 02/19/2010:
While in Orlando, I stocked up on a 5lb. bag of brown basmati rice. Mmmmm. I love its fragrance. I also found the baby Bok Choy which I'd never seen before. Delicious!

Hey! you're down another 2 lbs. since last weekend. Good going!

MoodyMe on 02/19/2010:
YupYup~looks great!!! Keep it up!!

KathyBlue - Thursday Feb 18, 2010
(Healthy eating (with doctor) and Exercise)
Weight: 296.3

Good Morning!

Today was tennis day. And the weather helped this time. And in addition we were only 2 present so it was great! Now I'm snipping a tea (without sugar.. blagh..).

On Tuesday we went to C&A (clothing store) and I bought:
a pair of pants (52)
a bio-cotton shirt (50)
a veeery nice blouse (52).

Now they are in the wardrobe and I'm waiting anxiously to wear them WHEN THE TIME COMES. Because right now they don't serve me, of course. I'm size 56-58. But, maybe 3-5 months from now.... They can be worn in summer so I'm not worried. 

I just did NOT want to buy size 56-58 stuff anymore...!!! How's your experience with this subject?

Today's menu:

07h00 - low-fat milk with 2 soy cookies (I really have to finish them up...)

10h30 - a tea without sugar... chocolate flavour tea with ginger and spices. :-)

12h45 - steamed spinach (salted with garlic and olive oil) with a small dose of grilled chicken breast, without the skin (SNIFF... I love the skin, but I  myself more ...)

17h30 - a pear and a yogurt (50 kcal)

21h00 - veggie soup, 2 slices of toast with a fresh cheese and veggies (paprika and tomato)

Here's one diet quote:

Albert Einstein, who discovered that a tiny amount of mass is equal to a huge amount of energy, which explains why, as Einstein himself so eloquently put it in a famous 1939 speech to the Physics Department at Princeton, "You have to exercise for a week to work off the thigh fat from a single Snickers."

Progress as of today: 20.3 lbs lost so far, only 75.8 lbs to go!

selina on 02/18/2010:
I hope tonight you will have the wonderful dream of wearing your beautiful new outfit!!!

panda22 on 02/18/2010:
Tennis, fun! I think that buying clothing in a bit of a smaller size is perfectly alright! With me I still have all of my pre-pregnancy clothes that are waiting in my closet, and I REFUSE to buy anything new. I am slowly getting back into pairs of my old jeans ((since certain ones fit differently)), and that in itself is the most rewarding thing. You can and WILL be in that new outfit, and I bet when you go to wear it this summer it might even be too BIG on you! Have a great day!

loveray on 02/18/2010:

legcramps on 02/18/2010:
Nice quote!

gettingthere22 on 02/18/2010:
i love the quopte! and nice idea with buying a size smaller... good motivation!

hollybelle on 02/19/2010:
Right now I am in holding pattern with clothes - not buying anything new until I lose. Then I have some smaller clothes that I will fit BACK into for awhile. I don't buy smaller until I fit them, but I think it can be a great motivator to have clothes you REALLY want to wear in your closete. Good goal - go for it!

KathyBlue - Wednesday Feb 17, 2010
(Healthy eating (with doctor) and Exercise)
Weight: 296.3


Well... I had THE nightmare... The nightmare of eating chocolate mousse filled rolls and stuff like that. It was horrible, and I wake up with the guilt and surely with some extra pounds even...

This can happen, as I see the thing, as a result of 2 possibilities:

- I have a guilt because of eating something I shouldn't have (and this happened because yesterday I ate that sandwich with mozarella and I didn't believe in the nutritional facts they were showing on the sidebar) OR

- I ate less than I should have, and I feel hungry enough to dream about eating ANY kind of food (normally these are not apple though :)) )

What do you think? Have you ever experienced sg like this?

Well, today's menu:

08h00 - low-fat milk

10h30 - a mini-pear

13h00 - the same as yesterday and the day before yesterday (I have a bigger quantity of this food, almost frozen... but Friday will be the last day eating this, for sure :))

16h00 - 1 yogurt

18h30 - a mini-pear

21h00 - veggie soup and my Man made a salty, rice flour-based pancake that I tasted and approved with some turkey ham.


Progress as of today: 20.3 lbs lost so far, only 75.8 lbs to go!

gettingthere22 on 02/17/2010:
I personally havent experienced it, but im sure some one in the world has, have you tried searching through the web, and finding it out from a reliable source.

4meandmegan on 02/17/2010:
i have dreamed of food in the past, i would dream about things i knew i had no business eating a friend told me it was a craving...they would trip out because i would wake up chewing like i was eating now that was crazy.. my problem was i was starving myself and not eating enough the result was i would eat everthing in site. this time i'm trying to eat what i like and just watch my portions..not to deny myself...good luck

legcramps on 02/17/2010:
I haven't had dreams such as yours, so I can't help out with this one. Hope it didn't break up your sleep patterns too much!

chidogs on 02/17/2010:
It would be nice to dream of apples and broccoli, but I don't see that happening in our lifetimes. :) Most likely you were just hungry. Hang on!

MoodyMe on 02/17/2010:
I haven't dreamt of food like that either, but I'd just chalk it up to the subconscious at work! Something "forbidden" coming out in dreams is nothing new..LOL~just enjoy it and eat all you want in your dream!!

Hope you had a great day!

nita51 on 02/17/2010:
Oh yes sis, I have had dreams of totally blowing it. I remember feeling happy, the next morning, that it was only a dream. Remember, we are changing something that we enjoyed, most of our whole life, so our dreams sometimes reflect our old habits. You'll be fine,,,soon we'll be dreaming about looking good in our new bathing suits. :) Thanks for the congratulations. I'll be sure to mention, how much I appreciate the love and support I get from you and the rest of my family, here at DD's. Take Care & have a good Thursday.

KathyBlue - Tuesday Feb 16, 2010
(Healthy eating (with doctor) and Exercise)
Weight: 296.3


... and yet I'm working... :-( There's a very slight chance we'll go out to lunch... but most probably my Man doesn't want to leave the Nest today.

Today's menu:

08h00 - low-fat milk with 1 soy cookie

11h00 - 1 small pear

12h45 - the same as yesterday... :-)

16h30 - brown bread sandwich (with mozarella and tomato) in the Go Natural Good Food restaurant (they say the mozarella/tomato sandwich has 260 kcal)

 20h00 - 1 kiwi

Progress as of today: 20.3 lbs lost so far, only 75.8 lbs to go!

nita51 on 02/16/2010:
Congrds on losing more weight. Nice picture of you too. Take Care Sis.

selina on 02/17/2010:
Hi Kathy! You are doing great, keep it up! And yes, my daughter has the week off at school next week, so we are flying on Friday and will stay in Lisbon for 5 nights. Am planning to do a lot of walking and sightseeing. I hope the weather is going to be nice and sunny. Stay well!

KathyBlue - Monday Feb 15, 2010
(Healthy eating (with doctor) and Exercise)
Weight: 296.3

I'm LESS this week.

Yesterday we were watching movies in the afternoon. In the morning I worked, well... had to.

Today's menu:

08h00 - cereal drink (100 ml low-fat milk + 1 TB cereal granulate) with muesli

11h00 - a tea and 2 cookies (~150 kcal)

12h45 - green bean soup, sweet potato pasta with veggies (if it's any good I share the recipe later)

15h00 - 1 tangerine

16h00 - 1 yogurt low-fat

17h30 - a pear

20h30 - veggie soup, 2 toasts with 2 triangle low-fat cheese with veggies (tomatoes and paprika)

Progress as of today: 20.3 lbs lost so far, only 75.8 lbs to go!

sundropgurl on 02/15/2010:
Way to go!! I'm so happy for your loss this week!!! :) Have a GREAT day today! (( Hugs ))

chidogs on 02/15/2010:

grumpy on 02/15/2010:
Yes, definitely. Or even just eat a greek yogurt which is rich and tasty. My mind is just all over the place. I got to the conclusion that I can lose weight any way if my mind is in the right place, alone, with a nutritionist, personal trainer, ww, whatever. Just won't no matter what I do if my mind is not there. it;s a compliance issue. I need to just make the decision and go for it. sigh.,

grumpy on 02/15/2010:
btw, congrats on your weight loss and i love it that you post pics! it will be so cool to see your progress and you can inspire all of us. xoxo

loveray on 02/15/2010:
yay for being down some pounds. xoxo

KathyBlue - Sunday Feb 14, 2010
(Healthy eating (with doctor) and Exercise)
Weight: 299.8


Nothing special. I've found this photo! This is 126 kgs me (277 pounds) a year ago, with long, natural color (brown) hair. And of course, -1 year (turning to 28). This year I'm turning to 29... AAARGH... Soon I'll be an old lady (sorry :D).

Today we're going to the apartment of my Man's sister... for lunch. I'm already charging my Playstation Portable... ehehehe...

Today's menu:

8h00 - low-fat milk with muesli

11h00  - a kiwi

14h00 - a bit of a soup with a small slice of brown bread

17h00 - 2 toasts (120 kcal) with a low-fat triangle cheese (30 kcal), some ham (let's say 40 kcal) and veggies (paprika, yellow cherry tomato)

21h00 - a kiwi


Progress as of today: 16.8 lbs lost so far, only 79.3 lbs to go!

KathyBlue - Saturday Feb 13, 2010
(Healthy eating (with doctor) and Exercise)
Weight: 299.8


I just remembered, one night I saw a documentary on NatGeo about Architecture, and a building of a station in Alaska. Basically the scientists went to Alaska because there's no pollution there, the sky and the air is clear and they have better choices to do certain scientific investigations... Well, as you know, Alaska is very cold. Very very cold. They were saying .- hold your chairs - that they burn the hallucinating amount of...

5000 kcal / day

just by living there! It's like the fireplace - you have to feed the fire to get warmer. The same thing with the body...!!
Then I had The award-winning Ideia: Why not build a Diet Camp in Alaska? :-) How cool would it be? Very cool... very cold! ehehehe...

Today's Menu:

8h30 - 1 kiwi

10h15 - a yogurt (low-fat, 52 kcal/ dose)

12h45 - a tablespoon of steamed white rice with a tablespoon of chicken curry (which basically consisted of a chicken breast chop because they put cream in it to make it less spicy and I must not eat cream so...)

16h00 - 185 ml yogurt (59 kcal) low-fat, with 2 soy cookies

18h00 - half orange

from 19h00 on... : My Man is trying to create his first sushi at the moment. The first experience wasn't so promising so now he's half mad (he has no patience... in general!) At the moment he's cooking the second dose of rice, the first dose is in the garbage can already... And I'm the guinee pig... and I'm trying to courage him, with not much of results til now... Argh... pacience, we, women have to have it all.

20h00 - I ate 5 sushi's. I have to confess I should not eat salmon because it's a fat fish, but I had 2 sushi's like this. Without soy souce.

geevee: I haven't found brown rice in the chinese store. Instead I bought sweet potato massa... 260 kcal/100 gr, but it doesn't have anything bad (sodium, sugars, etc.). Pure carb... And then, I've found a product, black, intrigueing name of "black rice". Can you tell me something about this? I haven't had the courage to buy a kilo... I need your opinion/XP about it first, if you have any?!

 And at last, Carnival is almost here, and my Man bought me a mask at the Chinese store :-). Here's a photo! :

Progress as of today: 16.8 lbs lost so far, only 79.3 lbs to go!

sundropgurl on 02/13/2010:
haha I love your idea, I'd love to go!! That is so amazing that they lose that much in a day, maybe I need to look into moving to Alaska! haha

hollybelle on 02/13/2010:
What an idea! Wonder if that's how Sarah Palin stays so trim? I'm not particularly a Sarah fan BTW. Just a thought! Seriously, I never miind walking in cold weather because it does burn more cals to keep warm, etc. Have a good weekend!

geevee on 02/13/2010:
Hi Kathy,

That's strange that you couldn't find brown rice in the Asian store. The one my Orlando son took me to a few months ago had a multitude of rice and I went nuts buying everything in sight.

By all means BUY the black rice! It's also referred to as Forbidden Rice because in China, where it comes from, only the emperor could have it. Everyone else was "forbidden" to buy it. It's very chewy, very pretty and loaded with nutrients. Occasionally you can find a 15oz pkg. of it in a regular store, (high end!) at $5! WOW! I can't remember how much I paid at the Asian market but I bought two bags of it, two different kinds in sacks of several pounds at a very reasonable price. Even my 14 yr. old grandson loves it and never leaves any on his plate.

Look for Red Bhutan rice too. As the name suggests, it comes from Bhutan and normally is very expensive, but not in the Asian mkts.

I'm going up to Orlando tomorrow so I'll be sure to check out the stock and buy some more rice. You know I'd look for another Asian mkt. Asians live on rice having it at every meal. The rice I bought comes directly from Asian countries packaged in 3-5 lb. bags The bags with a mixture of different grains is very interesting. One I bought includes barley, wheat and several different types of brown rice.

geevee on 02/13/2010:
I knew I forgot something. About the sweet potato masa, I've never tried it. In Miami, the Latin Americans buy corn meal masa for their wraps. Sweet potato masa sounds great! I'd give it a try.

KathyBlue - Friday Feb 12, 2010
(Healthy eating (with doctor) and Exercise)
Weight: 299.8


Hello, ladies and gentlemen :-)

Friday today... hardest day at work... It's raining again.

Today's menu:

08h30 - low-fat milk with muesli

11h30 - a Portuguese orange (from Algarve region! )

12h30 - white rice with curry and tomato (ehhh... )

 16h00 - 1 low-fat natural yogurt (blaaagh...)

18h30 - an orange

tonight: sushi restaurant! :) Here's the story:

20h00 - RESTAURANT! I had the same as last time: a lot of steamed broccoli, with: octopus salad and 3 sushi's, some tofu slices with cooked veggies in soja, and some melon and a coconut thingie as dessert. 

I feel so full.... I shouldn't have eaten until this state but I don't feel guilty. I feel good with myself, only my stomach is saying I've eaten too much. I'm used to very small doses now, and eating 2x small dose is just two times bigger than usual, if you understand me...

Progress as of today: 16.8 lbs lost so far, only 79.3 lbs to go!

hollybelle on 02/12/2010:
Some people like milk with tea, but not me. The milk was separate.

glycrina on 02/12/2010:
nice job KathyBlue!!

chidogs on 02/12/2010:
Portuguese orange from the Algarve region. Mmmm, must be really really nice oranges! Good menu.

KathyBlue - Thursday Feb 11, 2010
(Healthy eating (with doctor) and Exercise)
Weight: 299.8


Yesss, the weather was good this time! :-) I'm all broken down, ehehehe... but it's a nice feeling.

Thanks for all your nice comments!

Today's menu:

7h00 - kellogs morning bar + low-fat milk

10h00 - 1 pear

12h30 - grilled chicken breast with some white rice and tomato

16h30 - finnish rye toasts with low-fat fresh cheese and tomato

18h30 - half orange

21h00 - veggie soup


Once I was doing 500 kcal / day (it was very hard) and had lost 30 kgs in 3 months. But then I got kidney stones and gave up the 500 kcal / day...
The urologist doctor said that one can develop kidney stones easily by eating too many tomatoes... Amazing... And I don't learn. Today I ate almost 300 gr tomato cherry, I couldn't resist!!!

Progress as of today: 16.8 lbs lost so far, only 79.3 lbs to go!

chidogs on 02/11/2010:
Tomatoes cause kidney stone? Yeesh, I live on them in the summer when I grow my own! Course I have for 20 years and still don't have a problem. Anyway, your menu sounds great! Have a great day.

legcramps on 02/11/2010:
I didn't know that, hmn. I don't like tomatoes anyways :0)!

nita51 on 02/11/2010:
Thanks for the info on tomatoes,,,,I love them,,,and just bought some, last night. With gallstones, I don't need any more stones,,,,ANYWHERE,,,, I'll check it out further. Boy! there are so many things to watch out for,,,,sometime it all gets so stressful. Take Care.

Horn_Of_Plenty on 02/11/2010:
not sure if i ever answered your question, but no, i'm not a vegetarian and never will be. i just don't eat a ton of meat products since when i cook, it's just for me.

selina on 02/12/2010:
Tennis sounds WONDERFUL! Vou para Portugal na semana que vem :)!

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