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KathyBlue - Thursday Jun 23, 2011
(Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.)
Weight: 178.3

AAAAAAAAAAAAARGH, lost the 2nd tournament game (NOT miserably at least). I fell out from this tournament, but I'm still in two. LOL... Ohhh, I'm so bad in losing. Stupid windy weather!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm content today. A holiday as it is, we're having a nice day without doing too much. Yesterday it was hell at work. People were yelling at me on the phone, barking, telling me I was a fool, etc. etc. with no good reason! Oh gosh, when a guy wanted to pick a fight with me on the phone, telling me that my priorities have to be his matters, I told him this, very calmly:

"A., the problem with priorities is they depend on each person... your priorities are set, such as mine but you cannot possibly force your priorities on me... imagine, if I'd needed to go to to the bathroom right now, because I'd feel this eager to drop a pound off, that would be my topmost priority above all the matters you could possibly turn to me... that's the thing about priority..."

LOL, he went silent, and then hanged up. He told me he would escalate his matters to the bosses, and I told them he'd be free to do so, and I was there to help, as always...

Then I called my man and asked him to go out. You girls are the ones to blame - always talking about pizza! At that point, all I wanted was a pizza. I went to Telepizza's website, I choose my ingredients: whole wheat pastry base, tomato sauce, goat cheese, mushrooms, chicken meat and mozarella on top. Then, we went there and ate it! YAAAAAAAHHH, it was great. Then we walked 30min to the train station...

I finished my book, The Cat The Quilt and The Corpse from Leann Sweeney. It was lovely! You know how I have a crush on cats and mistery books :-) http://www.leannsweeney.com/b.c.cat.quilt.corpse.html

Progress as of today: 147.9 lbs lost so far, only 33.3 lbs to go!

mysterywoman100 on 06/23/2011:
I love mysteries too but havent been in the mood to read lately. Thanks for the recommendation.

getmebackto150 on 06/23/2011:
that exchange is TOO funny! I will admit guilty as charged, I talk about pizza WAAAAAY too much!!

V on 06/23/2011:
LOL!!! Not ME!!!! WHEW!! At least i can't get blamed for this one...Hey i am happy you enjoyed your za ;) We all have our things, mine is vino ;) Love you Kat!!!

hollybelle on 06/23/2011:
You told that guy off just fine! Sorry you didn't win the tournament. Maybe next time!

KathyBlue - Wednesday Jun 22, 2011
(Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.)
Weight: 178.3

Good morning, Girlies!

Yesterday ended up around 1800-1900 kcals. An other hungry day... I weighed in, at 178 lbs... sniff. I really have to change my mindset again, and I need a complete renewal, PEACE ... I didn't go to tennis today morning, because I had a slight headache and felt overall tired. I'm going to attend aquafitness - hidropower - today. :-)

Good news: We have our small trip set up for 2-3 July. We're going to visit our friends in Évora, Alentejo (middle of Portugal, very hot in summer). The badminton team will be there, playing, so it will be very cool to reunite with them! I miss them so much!!! In addition there will be a City Fair, with concerts, theater, traditional arts, foods, etc. so we'll have some fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun!!! I look forward to this small climate change desperately.
Some photos of Évora, I made these 3 or 4 years ago:

Today's menu:

08H00 - LF yogurt, a soy yogurt, muesli and a kiwi (400 kcal)

10H00 - LF milk w/ coffee, a piece of nectarine and a LF yogurt (100 kcal)

12H00 - carrot soup (150 kcal), grilled salmon with strange, chinese mushrooms, yellow melon (YUMMMYYYY...) (400? kcal)

14H30 - LF milk w/ coffee (50 kcal)

16H00 - a small mango (100 kcal)

17H00 - an apple and a plum (100 kcal)

21H00 - LF yogurt (100 kcal)

Grand total: 1400 kcal

Progress as of today: 147.9 lbs lost so far, only 33.3 lbs to go!

V on 06/22/2011:
Beautiful Pics as always Kat :) I am sure you are very excited about the trip

hackersdiet on 06/22/2011:
What would a changed mindset and renewal look like for you? What would you be thinking or doing differently? My sister lost 20 lbs and the success was actually intimidating for her and she sabotaged herself for a while and gained a few pounds until she could accept her progress and believe that she deserved to be thin. She is back on track. Do you think that being so successful with your weight loss is some how effecting you too?

Umpqua on 06/22/2011:
Gorgeous photos! You are doing a fine job maintaining and I thought that was your goal until your surgery? In any case, I'm sure the trip will be a nice pick me up for you!

mysterywoman100 on 06/22/2011:
As a big woman who has lived her whole life overweight if I will be a different person thinner. I know I will like being able to exercise and look good in my clothes but will I miss being able to hide behind the weight. Being able to use it as an excuse for failure. If I start having these feelings I may look for a councilor or join a overeaters group. I know why I gained weight. I can pinpoint it to the time of my life. When I married my 1st husband he was physically abusive. We were only married 3 yrs and I weighed 180 when we got married. And I steadily gained while we were married and within 2 yrs of our divorce I weighed 270lb. I used food to take away the pain. This was 35 yrs ago. But it has taken this long for me to sort this out. Do you know why you gained weight to begin with. Maybe if you can it will help with your mind set now?

Umpqua on 06/22/2011:
I'm trying to keep my carbs on the low side without necessarily going too high fat. The pizza is not low carb however ;) If I stick with whole grain carbs and fruits and veggies I'm fine, it's the processed white carbs that do me in and give me cravings...

hollybelle on 06/22/2011:
Until surgery your goal was to maintain, right? I looked back at least as far as April 11 this year and your posted weight is holding very steady. Make good choices each meal/snack and don't stress about food too much. You are doing it. I'm sure after being in losing mode for so long it feels odd. Just edit your self-talk and keep doing the good things for yourself. <3

legcramps on 06/22/2011:
Those are gorgeous pictures!

thinkpositive on 06/22/2011:
Love your pictures! And sounds like a wonderful trip.

hollybelle on 06/22/2011:
Hey - I meant to ask you if you'd ridden your bike anymore?

KathyBlue - Tuesday Jun 21, 2011
(Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.)
Weight: 176.3

Hello, Girls!

Yesterday was an other munchies night ... ended up around 2200 kcals, shame on me.

Today will be better. I'm so busy.

Today's menu:

06H00 - toasted corn bread, w/ LF cheese cream and a tomato, LF milk w/ coffee 400 kcals

10H00 - LF milk w/ coffee (100 kcal)

12H30 - asparagus, mushrooms, eggs, a natural tuna (from tin), 2 plums (550 kcal)

14H00 - apple and cherries (100 kcal)

16H00 - coffee w/ milk (50 kcal), 2 whole grain toasts (100 kcal)

18H00 - 2 small plums and small, half nectarine (50 kcal)

Grand total: 1350 kcal

Note: funny I don't mention exercise in my daily entries that often. It doesn't mean I don't attend tennis every single day, that I don't go to gym, that I don't go to aquafitness... I do all these, it just became so routine, so natural that I don't talk about it all the time anymore. :-) Now this would be great in relation of the food and healthy eating, wouldn't it...

Note 2: I have sent all my exams to the insurance company. They said to be quick - I hope that a week from today I know for sure if I would have the surgery with their participation or not. Fingers crossed, and FEAR.

Progress as of today: 149.9 lbs lost so far, only 31.3 lbs to go!

Em17 on 06/21/2011:
Have a good day =)

V on 06/21/2011:
I hope your tummy is nice to you today..I wouldn't worry too much with the munchies..Man with the bout of illness you had yesterday, stomach was empty :(.. hey do you chop up the veggies and mix them in with the tuna?? That sounds yummy :P

Umpqua on 06/21/2011:
V is right, your tummy probably need some carbs to settle down. I hope you have a good one!

h82bfat on 06/21/2011:
Grrr..... dag-gone munchies! The bane of our existance!! ;c) Sometimes I think my nickname should BE Munchies!! Hope you've worked thru whatever "set you off". If you're not sure then throw on that CD that always perks you up - that makes you feel alive & go out & grab life by the _____ !!

mysterywoman100 on 06/21/2011:
wish I had your exercise drive my self I am on a veggie binge. lots of food but very little calories and protein

hollybelle on 06/21/2011:
The exercise seeming "natural" is awesome! What a transition that is. No big news since it is so much a part of your life! You might keep mentioning it once in a while, though, since it is inspiring!

legcramps on 06/21/2011:
I hope you're feeling better today! I like to think when we get the extra munchies attack there is a reason for it - I tend to agree that it might be because you were feeling so sick yesterday. I wouldn't sweat it!

Have a lovely day today!

mcwoo40 on 06/21/2011:
looks a good menu for today,have a great evening :)

KathyBlue - Monday Jun 20, 2011
(Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.)
Weight: 176.3

Are you looking for additional support, motivation, and inspiration? Are you interested in getting to know us on a more personal level? If so, I have just the thing for you.  The Diet Diaries Facebook group is a completely secret group that allows members to be more involved with individuals by participating in challenges and ongoing discussions about mental and physical health (as well as some fun non-health topics).  Are you concerned about privacy? No worries, I created this group to be completely secret so your FB friends will NOT be able to see that you are a member of this group or the posts you leave on the group page. Its totally confidential! 

If you want to join, all you need is a Facebook account! Just send a message  to dietdiaries@ymail.com that includes your facebook page (go to your profile page and copy the web address that shows up in your browser into the email) and your DD name. Then, one of the three FB group administrators will answer your request with a FB friend request. Once you accept the friendship request, we will invite you to the group!  :) 

Hope to see you there!

"This time we're not giving up
Let's make it last forever
Screaming "hallelujah"
We'll make it last forever...
" - (band: Paramore; from the lyrics of the song: HALLELUJAH)

Hello, girlies!!!

HEADACHE.............................. Bahh. Headache suxx big time... This is the result of the sunburn still. I could make it to tennis though. And today afternoon I have an other game... I have to pull myself together until then and develop a steely Lion gaze that bothers others deeply in their moral fibers, LOL... It's part of the game, to make others unconfortable...

In the meantime I'm on meds (paracetamol, painkiller), hopefully they resolve the problem.

Yesterday was a good food day, I finished around 1600-1700 kcals, two hours of intensive tennis - GOOD. This week we have 2 good days, Thursday is a holiday, and Friday is taken out by many to enjoy a four-days-weekend so let's hope my clients will be quiet, too. LOL... I need some space and time here... AHHH my neck hurts, bahhh... Sunburn suxx... along with the headache.

UPDATE @1 PM: I had to cancel the tennis match for today afternoon, I feel BLAAAAAAAAGH... with a full-blown diarrhea on me.

Today's menu:

06H00 - LF milk w/ coffee and toasted corn bread (350 kcal)

10H00 - LF milk w/ coffee and some corn bread (150 kcal)

12H00 - boiled chicken breast w/ cooked veggies and red beans, a bit of bread, plums, an orange and LF milk w/ coffee (700 kcal)

16H00 - LF milk w/ coffee, 3 slices of whole grain toasts and an orange (200 kcal)

18H00 - an apple (50 kcal)

20H00 - a soy yogurt (100 kcal), a kiwi, plums (50 kcal)

Grand total: 1600 kcal

Fill up without fattening up this summer with cool, sweet watermelon. This super summer diet food might be 92 percent water, but it’s a good source of vitamins A and C, as well as lycopene, an antioxidant that protects against heart disease and other ills. Sliced, diced or scooped, this summer staple makes a great craving buster! Source: http://www.ivillage.com/fiction-watermelon-full-healthy-nutrients/4-b-355669?nlcid=cv%7C06-20-2011%7C

Progress as of today: 149.9 lbs lost so far, only 31.3 lbs to go!

thinkpositive on 06/20/2011:
Hope your headache goes away. Good suggestion on the watermelon. Good luck using your steely gaze in tennis!

V on 06/20/2011:
Sorry you had to cancel your tennis :(

FitAmbitions on 06/20/2011:
bummer on the headache and missing out on tennis, hope you're feeling better soon!

Em17 on 06/20/2011:
Headache go away! Have a great day =)

selina on 06/20/2011:
I love watermelon! Hope your headache feels better.

Umpqua on 06/20/2011:
Sorry to hear you have a headache, feel better. The green chicken is green curry, pretty spicy and with green beans and other veggies. It's super yummy!

shaunnac on 06/20/2011:
I like your quote. It's very motivating. Sorry your head hurts sending you well wishes.

V on 06/20/2011:
Tom Selleck you say??? Very interesting ;) I see the tall, dark, mature and handsome theme with you...LOL I kinda like the androgenous boys :) It's a little sexy and mysterious!!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 06/20/2011:
YES...protein drinks should be had after a weight workout when your muscles need the protein for recovery. also, the fig ice cream was not homemade, but some of the best ice cream i've had...the brand is LaLoo's

KathyBlue - Sunday Jun 19, 2011
(Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.)
Weight: 176.3

Good morning, Girlios!!!

I'm soooo content. LOL. I've been sleeping since 6PM yesterday. 12 hours! FINALLY! It was a great sleeping marathon, and one needs it from time to time. At least, I do!

Yesterday's sardine party was great. Much better than the fancy beach party. This one cost 4 euros per person, a symbolic value, (it was true, there were plenty of food and drinks!) and we could take friends and families! I took my in-laws and my man, so we had a great day among superiors and inferiors, we were all equal! 

BTW I went to bed at 6 mainly because I got awfully stuffed with breads. I had my tummy aching sooooooo much, I think I've never experienced such thing, like if my tummy would have exploded ... no more overeating for me, bahh...

Some photos... ready? :-)

The guy is Johnny, one of my bosses, the redhead is his wife, Elsa my friend next to her, and Luisa who arranged the party, a manager girl, next to me.

I had three or four of these bread + paprika + tomato... LOVELY. But too heavy! I also had 5-6 smaller, grilled sardines and a slice of meat, too. Also, I tried almost all the home-made sweets. And now - back to sane eating! LOL...

Today's plan: TENNIS. I have two hours booked from 11AM to 1PM with an unknown individual, through a website. I found this site the other day through Facebook, and now I'm in 2 tournaments and I was challenged individually also. So I have a game today, tomorrow, and on the holiday (23rd June), too.

UPDATE at 5PM: I WON! Hehehe... I was suffering at the beginning, managed a stupid result of 6-6, then came the tie break - I won it easily, then the following 5 sets, too, without a problem. Then the guy won 3, I let him... LOL, then when it was time to end it, I won my last, 6th set to finish it. So, now I'm in the semi-finals, wonder who will my next opponent be! I also got a sunburn on my neck, because I stupidly forgot to cover it with the protector cream I used for my face... imagine, it was plain morning, 34 Celsius degs (93 F's!), and we were exposed to direct sun rays for two hours! I bought 3 different creams at first fright, LOL... I love lotions, creams, conditioners, shower gels, etc... I think I love them more than I actually love food! 

Progress as of today: 149.9 lbs lost so far, only 31.3 lbs to go!

h82bfat on 06/19/2011:
Sometimes a body just needs some extra rejumvinating time - glad you were able to get it!! Looks like a fun time! I must sadly admit that I've eaten myself to that bloated point many-a-time so I sympathize! However, it sounds like you've got plenty of activity planned for today to "break even"! Have fun & kick some butt!

Umpqua on 06/19/2011:
Great pictures, looks like some fun times!

shaunnac on 06/19/2011:
nice pics! have a great day

mysterywoman100 on 06/19/2011:
looks like a great day. And thank you for all your encouragement.

Em17 on 06/19/2011:
Looks like fun. Havea great day =)

FitAmbitions on 06/19/2011:
WTG on the win- love the pics and the food looks yummy! glad you are enjoying your weekend gal!

V on 06/19/2011:
Beautiful pictures Kat!!! You look stunning as usual ;) Hey who's the cutie in the plaid shorts??? I never had grilled Sardines before so we must have some when i visit!!!!I bet you were super stoked that you won your match!! Yipeeee :)

hollybelle on 06/19/2011:
Great pics! Looks like so much fun and wonderful laid back atmosphere. You look wonderful-your beautiful smile! Cute kids and a great day of tennis today. Take care of the sunburn. I've had some skin cancers, already. Too much sun in my youth! Seriously I was a tanning slave when I was younger!

shaunnac on 06/19/2011:
yes we do rock! yea my whole goal of being a mom was to make sure my girls have what I didn't growing up. lol even though I am a mean mommy and do things like make them go to bed and have rules and such. they are happy little girls with a stable home I am very proud of that

KathyBlue - Saturday Jun 18, 2011
(Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.)
Weight: 176.3

Yayy for the last two, consecutive days of me being at a good calorie range (1700-1800)! LOVELY! Let's pray for a persistence during the weekend.

I couldn't make it to the gym today morning, because of today's company picnic from midday. Man got awfully stressed when I announced that I would go to the gym/pool combo before the picnic, because he guessed I wouldn't make it back in time (most probably). So I took it easy, as I'm skipping the Sunday family lunch again because of a tennis tournament and it's being hard for him, me giving priority to workouts all the time...

and... YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY for me for completing 30 mins Turbo Jam Fat Blaster program. I loved it, though it was difficult to follow. I know, everything's difficult for the first time, but believe me, I suck when it comes to move arms and legs at the same time, and turn and punch and kick, etc. etc. I guess it's derivated from my childhood, I hated the P.E. teacher because she had been persecuting us, especially me (at least I felt like so!). I always have her as a mental image when I do cardio, which is a really bad feeling.

I have this other video: Leslie Sansone - Walk Away The Pounds - 10 Minutes Ab Buster, and it reminds me of some 90's low-cost series like Star Trek or something: all white, closed outfits (tees), with a special bend she invented of course, and those ridiculously perfect hair-dos!  hahah, who cares about hair when it's time to sweat... :-D

Today is a company picnic day with grilled sardines and sangria, from midday. I'm making photos .
I received some pictures from the company's Summer party (last Saturday) and from the aquafitness class dinner (was on Wednesday).

This is me at the beach party (Saturday night) with a german dude (my man asked me: "Who is the squid next to you?" LOL.. Sincerely, I don't know who he was but he did look like a squid... no judging! 

And this is the brasilian restaurant, with the brasilian aquafitness instructor, Alexandre. He's a great little guy. He's holding a gift from the class - a bottle of famous Portuguese sour cherry liquor.


Progress as of today: 149.9 lbs lost so far, only 31.3 lbs to go!

V on 06/18/2011:
Kat :) I am so proud of you!!! It does take a little time and patience til you get the moves down and when you do I hope that you look forward to it :) It really doesn't seem like a chore when you truly enjoy doing it ;) You look very healthy and happy in the pics :)

h82bfat on 06/18/2011:
I am so impressed with how you are making your fitness time priority! That in itself is half the battle, isn't it? Great job on calorie intake as well! You go girl!

hollybelle on 06/18/2011:
Oh, I want to take aquafitness lessons with Alexandre! You look good in both pics, Kat! So much social life, you have! Wonderful job on the Turbo! You will have a new picture in your head next time (instead of old stinky PE instructor) - it will be of you "crushing" (as V says) all the Turbo DVDs!!!!!

Em17 on 06/18/2011:
Have a great day =)

mcwoo40 on 06/18/2011:
have an enjoyable weekend Kat :)

greengirl on 06/18/2011:
You have some lovely pictures Kat :-)

KathyBlue - Friday Jun 17, 2011
(Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.)
Weight: 176.3

Hello, Girls!

It's 2 PM, wow... I'm in the middle of the operation group today, trying to fix their problems and lift their spirits up with my bright personality... LOL, kidding!

I went to tennis today, but the coach didn't show up. I think I deserved it, as yesterday it was me who didn't go - but still, I'm the paying customer, and I warned him in a text message... and in addition, I didn't take my swimming equipement ,so I couldn't go to hydrocycle instead - but nevermind, I opted for gym and burnt some hundreds of calories in there. I made 35 mins cardio (20 min elliptical, 15 min bike), intervals, then I had an hour on the machines + floor.

One question, what do you do against cricks (cramps)?? I'm soooo upset, I have it all the time in the pool, and now appeared during certain floor exercises. I hate it! Also, sometimes it appears during the night, and I have to jump literally out from the bed and step on my feet to make it go away. ANNOYING!!!!

Yesterday I wrote to the owner of Les Mills through LinkedIn. I don't have him in my network, so I have to write him through my connections and they have to decide if they let the message through or not. I hope yes, because I wrote a small note only, stating that big part of my success is derived to the Les Mills method and I wanted to tell him that he has been changing the world, he has been making history by creating such a system. He brings joy to people's lives and make this world a happier and HEALTHIER place! Viva New Zealand, Viva Les Mills!   I think V should write a letter or e-mail to Chalene as well. Maybe we should write her in the name of the DD community, as the turbo fever is raging among us! Nowadays it's soooo easy to get to these "famous" people. They twit, they FB, they are here amongst us. Well, if you think a bit further, they are no different. They are just successful and gain better than most of us, then what.

Today's menu:

06H00 - a slice of toast w/ a tomato and a cup of LF milk w/ LF cocoa powder (400 kcal)

10H00 - LF milk w/ coffee (50 kcal)

12H30 - rice w/ chicken curry, home made by Man (600 kcal)

13H30 - MF milk w/ coffee (70 kcal)

16H00 - a Reinata apple (80 kcal)

20H30 - grilled chicken breast, fruits (600 kcal)

Grand total: 1800 kcal

Progress as of today: 149.9 lbs lost so far, only 31.3 lbs to go!

hollybelle on 06/17/2011:
By Cricks, do you mean what we call a "Charlie Horse" or a cramp in your foot???? IF that is the case that symptom is usually due to muscle fatigue and sometimes caused from lack of potasium. I recommend eating bananas. Hope that helps. :o)

FitAmbitions on 06/17/2011:
same Q, thinking you are referring to cramps... potassium and ensure you are well hydrated. Maybe look into a protein shake for your potassium and have one post workout or before bed... Have a great day gal!

Umpqua on 06/17/2011:
I agree about the potassium, and I have woken up in the middle of the night with cramps in my legs/feet if I haven't gotten enough water. I always keep a pint glass on my nightstand so I just chug some in the night and it goes away quickly!

Em17 on 06/17/2011:
Have a great day =)

mysterywoman100 on 06/17/2011:
low calcium can also cause them

legcramps on 06/17/2011:
ah yes, my namesake, the cramps ;)

definitely get more potassium; also, make sure you're hydrated throughout the entire day. you can also try doing foot exercises to strengthen your calf muscles or arch (depending on where the cramps are located). Try putting your toes on the edge of a step, then lowering your heels and raising them respectively. This will strengthen your calf muscles. For arches, bend your foot back and forth, massage your arches, try to make them cramp as this will help for long-term relief.

Have a lovely weekend :)

shaunnac on 06/17/2011:
water and potassium. although when I was pregnant I got them no matter what. it is very annoying

KathyBlue - Thursday Jun 16, 2011
(Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.)
Weight: 176.3

Good morning, Girlies!

Having a great day today - despite of not making it to tennis in the morning. We had a great dinner yesterday night with the aquafitness class, but I ate too much meat (was a brasilian rodízio/grill restaurant with lots of grilled red meat) and my tummy didn't feel like tennis. My mind did, but then I went back to bed.

So, today afternoon the plans are: I'm determined to make it to BodyPump.

For the whole day, I plan to stay veeery low on calories and very high on digestive/laxative teas and lemon ... LOL.

Today's menu:

08H30 - tea, 2 soy yogurts w/ muesli (400 kcal)

10H00 - LF milk w/ coffee (50 kcal)

11H00 - a nectarine (50 kcal)

12H15 - cooked veggies plate from the oven, with baked chestnuts, yummmmmy!!! @vegetarian restaurant (500 kcal)

17H00 - a nectarine, LF milk w/ coffee, a slice of bio carrot pie, a small slice of toast (300 kcal)

20H30 - a mango, a smaller orange, cereals and a yogurt (400 kcal)

Grand total: 1700 kcal (PERFECT!)

An interesting site I found today, about healthy life: http://summertomato.com/

Progress as of today: 149.9 lbs lost so far, only 31.3 lbs to go!

h82bfat on 06/16/2011:
That restaurant sounds very interesting... don't blame you for not feeling like playing tennis after that! Hope you get in a GREAT BodyPump session - I just know you will!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 06/16/2011:
please don't eat too little...you will lose weight at first, but you'll also make your metabolism so slow. i have experienced this at times with myself.

V on 06/16/2011:
I hope your Tummy feels better :(

Umpqua on 06/16/2011:
I went to a Brazilian restaurant once and it was just too much meat, I felt sick afterwards too. Feel better today!

selina on 06/16/2011:
I like churrascarias, yum! Maybe not so much, recently... I haven't eaten red meat in months! Have a good day!

hollybelle on 06/16/2011:
Must be something to that red meat thing....I had a wonderful hamburger yesterday (well 1/2 of it, anyway) and my tummy is NOT right, yet - fell better soon!

hollybelle on 06/16/2011:
Read you post from yesterday - Good, good, good, thinking and plan. So happy to hear you taking this planned approach. You can do this - surgery and all. You have such a wonderful (thinking) head on your shoulders, Kat! YAY!

mcwoo40 on 06/16/2011:
Twice i have missed the gym this week,but i am on me hols And walked 3hrs this afternoon.Have a good evening :)

getmebackto150 on 06/16/2011:
LOVE your quote/activity at the end... that is SO neat!!! I'm sitting at my desk looking like an idiot trying to "beat" it...LOL

Hackersdiet on 06/16/2011:
with practice I can do the foot thing. :) That was fun. Thankfully it is late and noone can see me. ha ha!

KathyBlue - Wednesday Jun 15, 2011
(Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.)
Weight: 176.3

Are you looking for additional support, motivation, and inspiration? Are you interested in getting to know us on a more personal level? If so, I have just the thing for you.  The Diet Diaries Facebook group is a completely secret group that allows members to be more involved with individuals by participating in challenges and ongoing discussions about mental and physical health (as well as some fun non-health topics).  Are you concerned about privacy? No worries, I created this group to be completely secret so your FB friends will NOT be able to see that you are a member of this group or the posts you leave on the group page. Its totally confidential! 

If you want to join, all you need is a Facebook account! Just send a message  to dietdiaries@ymail.com that includes your facebook page (go to your profile page and copy the web address that shows up in your browser into the email) and your DD name. Then, one of the three FB group administrators will answer your request with a FB friend request. Once you accept the friendship request, we will invite you to the group!  :) 

Hope to see you there!

Yeee, feeling great today! OK, work-related it's still a cr*ppy day, looks like so, but I'm going to survive that! What else should I do, LOL...

Tennis was great today, and I'm feeling good having achieved 1800 kcals yesterday. Today will be different because we'll have a dinner with the aquafitness group, and I cannot foresee the foods/calories for tonight. I'm going to have a lighter lunch: a tomato soup! Breakfast is crucial to me because of the tennis, and after the tennis I need some energy as well. So, I like to eat in the morning and I wouldn't restrict that because of a heavier dinner. We also celebrate 4 birthdays here at work, but I won't eat anything here. I'm going to save a slice or two for my man, hehehe... I like to do that.

Saturday will be an other party day, an other gathering the company organizes - this time it'll be lunch, and it'll be because of the Popular Saints. A "sardinhada", so grilled sardines for everyone in a nearby park. I'm taking my camera and my man + in-laws!

I weighed in today, and my weight is steady at between 176-177 lbs. This is OK for me for now, as I'm maintaining this weight until surgery. I mustn't gain nor obsess about dieting - I have to take this easy until things get back, life itself gets back, to normal. So, I'm trying to achieve the 1700-1800 kcals per day, with exercise, and if it would result in a sloooow weight-loss, would be just perfect for me. If not - well! Patience! Then, right after the surgery, while in bed (), 1400/day is the goal, for maintenance. After that, getting back to work will raise the intake to 1500-1600 again, while the exercising is out of the question.

Today's menu:

06H00 - a toast w/ LF cheese cream, coffee w/ LF milk, macrobiotic bread w/ plums (500 kcal)

10H00 - nectarine, an apple, LF milk w/ coffee and a LF plain yogurt (300 kcal)

11H00 - an almond bar (150 kcal)

12H00 - tomato soup (100 kcal), bread (200 kcal) and some ananas (100 kcal)

15H00 - a yogurt w/ nectarine (200 kcal)

17H00 - cherries (maybe) - 50 kcal

Grand total: 1600 kcal

I have a huuuuge appetite today. And no, TOM is still not visiting . I paid 10 euros the last time I visited the gino doctor, and now do I have to go back and pay an other 10 euros just to tell him the treatment didn't work??? BAAAAAAAH, there should be a fund for this ...

Progress as of today: 149.9 lbs lost so far, only 31.3 lbs to go!

V on 06/15/2011:
I love your approach an d attitude about this all :) You are so right, obsessing won't help at all!! I hope you remain calm cool and collected :) Have fun at dinner and I look forward to see pics of you my love <3 Have a wonderful evening!!!

V on 06/15/2011:
Yayyy for TurboFire :)

CollateralKids on 06/15/2011:
Wow, you've lost so much! You're really an inspiration.

selina on 06/15/2011:
Sounds like you had a great day! I hope your surgery goes perfectly well - I like your attitude! Good job on maintaining....

liza36 on 06/15/2011:
I think you have a good plan. Good luck!

mcwoo40 on 06/15/2011:
your doing brill Kathy :)

Umpqua on 06/15/2011:
Great attitude and I'm glad you're having a good day! The "popular saints" LOL. I wonder if they ever fall out of favor and become unpopular?

getmebackto150 on 06/15/2011:
wonderful attitude today!!! Sounds like you have lots of celebrations coming up in the next couple days... have a good one!

FitAmbitions on 06/15/2011:
Luv the positive attitude! wtg gal- lots of luv..

thinkpositive on 06/15/2011:
Grilled sardines- interesting. I know the slow route and it's not so bad- maybe easier on the body? Hope you're not in too much pain & can enjoy the time before your surgery.

KathyBlue - Tuesday Jun 14, 2011
(Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.)
Weight: 176.3

Good morning, Girlies!

Well, the week started today - yesterday was a national holiday so I'm all confused!  I went to tennis today, but my performance was loooooow, I felt so tired... I should have given it a rest instead of biking yesterday... I still feel very tired. Today I have an MRI scan at 4h30 PM, (I will have to add this exam to the documentation for the Insurance Company to have my August spine surgery positively approved), then I want to go home and rest (sleep, really, without spending way too much time doing nothing in front of the TV, as usual... LOL!)

I mustn't eat nor drink 4 hours before the CAT scan. Gosh, no eating is ok, but not to drink?? It is very hard indeed to support!

I am still as proud as a peacock because of my bike ride yesterday. I won a battle against my inner daemons - as I told to holly yesterday - by taking the bike finally into town. I bought it last year, in November, and haven't been using it since! Believe it or not, the weather didn't allow it, nor the public transport strikes! Until, finally, yesterday I had the chance, the constellations were perfect: the strike was cancelled and it was a national holiday. I needed to go to work, so I grabbed the bike, took the train downtown (transporting bikes on trains is free) then got on the bike and yuuuuuuuuuuuuheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeyyyy! Then my man called me to go out with him and drink a café latte @Starbucks + 2 pastéis de Belém (Portuguese famous cream pies) downtown, so I went to meet him and we had a calm and lovely hour in the park. Then I got onto the bike again, he followed by tram, 40 mins later we met again at the riverbank, and walked to the train station. We got home safely, and I was so proud of myself. And my butt was aching so much (and still does!), hahahah...

Today's menu:

06H00 - LF milk w/ banana and cinnamon (shake, yayyy ), macrobiotic bread w/ embedded prunes (400 kcal)

10H00 - LF milk w/ coffee (50 kcal), yogurts (100 kcal)

12H00 - green bean soup, asparagus cream w/ mushrooms, 2 plums (550 kcal)

17H00 - coffee w/ milk and a muesli bar (200 kcal)

20H00 - fruits, yogurt and a slice of grilled meat w/ veggies (500 kcal)

Grand total: 1800 kcal

OFF-TOPIC, interesting site I found yesterday: 
“send a postcard and receive a postcard back from a random person somewhere in the world!”

UPDATE @5PM: MRI scan has been done (I mentioned an other type of scan but that wasn't correct, lol) already. It was BLAGH, I hated it. Well, to compensate my sufferings I brought the temporary dress they gave me to wear, it's a disposable hospital robe, and a pair of nylon disposable footwear - I'm going to propose a doctor + patient game to my man, to stir up still waters, hahahah....

Progress as of today: 149.9 lbs lost so far, only 31.3 lbs to go!

hollybelle on 06/14/2011:
We all need good quality rest. Hope you get some sleep. I watch too much tv, too, keeps me company when I can't sleep at night, but sometimes I fall asleep in front of it and wake up all confused. Hope CAT scan shows what it is supposed to.....

Em17 on 06/14/2011:
I need lots of sleep =(. So tired... Hope your CAT scan is good

h82bfat on 06/14/2011:
I hope you get your surgery apporved.... sounds pretty intense. Also hope you're feeling well rested today & that it came from overdoing it a little on the exercise front. I get like that somedays - you know - just all around weariness, which for me is usually a touch of depression, which you just gotta work yourself thru - but I'm thinking you may be experiencing some stress of the upcoming surgery - but, hey - what do I know! I can't even clear up a rash on myself!! ;c)

The ointment that I've been given is Protopic (tacrolimus ointment). It's clearing up some of my rashes & stopping the itch (though not clearing it up) on another. This one contains NO steroids, which apparently for me, is a problem.

selina on 06/14/2011:
quentao eh vinho tinto com gengibre, canela, acucar e cravos... vinho tinto com cravos eh tambem otimo: tomei muito nas feiras na franca e alemanha, no inverno. que delicia!

selina on 06/14/2011:
pasteis de belem, que saudades! sounds like you had a great time biking around!!!!

FitAmbitions on 06/14/2011:
yeah for the bike ride! wtg gal!

Umpqua on 06/14/2011:
Congrats on getting on the bike! And I love your pictures from yesterday, looks like lots of fun. I hope all goes well with your CAT scan.

getmebackto150 on 06/14/2011:
good job on the bike!! Sounds like you had fun! I can imagine how much your butt hurts, when I bike and I haven't in a while I am in pain for DAYS!!! Have a great day!

mysterywoman100 on 06/14/2011:
good luck with the insurance took me 10 months to get mine approved but everyone knows the mess the USAs insurance is. Good luck with the bike sounds like fun

V on 06/14/2011:
LOL!! MRI done and you still want to play doctor??? LOL How kinky...LOL Congrats on getting out there on your bike :) Have a wonderful evening my beautiful friend!!!

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