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KathyBlue - Sunday Jan 31, 2010
(Healthy eating (with doctor) and Exercise)
Weight: 306.9

NITA51 (and for everyone who cares to read this flow of thoughts): You're right! We all have a goal to be thin ladies, or if not thin but at least we would not be marked as OBESE or OVERWEIGHT anywhere else. My dream of losing all the extra weight I gained because I was ignorant and careless, consists of :

1. knowing that I have one, and only 1 life - 28 years have passed by already, and I want to have the most I can ahead... I wanna have healthy 30s and kids with the love of my life.

2. I don't want to feel shame in the stores anymore, I don't want to ask for the "XXL Ladies" section, I want to buy cheap clothes in the CHINESE stores, I don't want to pay extra because I'm extra! Don't want to be extra anymore...

3. On the street - when I want to have a snack (healthy of course) I don't want to feel the judging looks of the other, THIN people thinking "Here's this FAT woman eating on the street".


I wanna be normal. Some people pay to be extraordinary, the punks pay to have tatoos and fancy leather clothes to be DIFFERENT from others. I just don't want to be different anymore.... and I understand that it will be years of hard work and giving up certain (maybe a lot of) things - but at the end of the road I'm sure it pays off!

So I'm here, in the front line of this holy march we have... Let's do it! :-)

Today's Menu:

9h00 - a yogurt (Sveltesse, lemon flavour, 49 kcal / cup, 0% fat, 0% added sugar)

12h45 - ??? (Sunday lunch is always at my mother-in-law's house but she knows I'm on a diet - we'll see...)

12h45 - grilled chicken breast (2 slices) with cooked cabbage and salad (alface, cebola - lettuce and onion)

15h30 - 2 soy cookies (bolacha integral de soja) + 1 kiwi + 1 tangerine

19h30 - 2 slices of toast (tostas integrais / whole wheat) with 2 pcs. low-fat low-cholesterol cheese (25kcal/piece) and a tomato

 22h00 - a yogurt (Sveltesse, vanilla flavour, 49 kcal / cup, 0% fat, 0% added sugar) and a tangerine



Progress as of today: 9.7 lbs lost so far, only 152.6 lbs to go!

hollybelle on 01/31/2010:
When you are ready for a change you know it. It sounds like you have had enough! Whatever it takes - you are there. You are ready to follow through. Stick to the feelings you are having right now and you will not be the kind of "xtra" you are talking about - you will be xtra successful and xtra healthy and xtra all the good things! You are proving you want it every day - keep on keeping on girl!

nita51 on 01/31/2010:
Sis, I could feel your pain as well as your sincerity. You mirror my desires. What I love about you,,,Is....you're taking care of your life NOW, RIGHT NOW! You're a wise woman. I lost and gained weight when I was younger ...but because I had NO health problems, and people told me I was "SO PRETTY" I thought being an obese woman, was not all that serious. Now that I am older, hurting, diabetic, arthritis, PAINFUL GALLSTONES, sleep apnea, OH! how I wish :( I had loved myself enough, earlier,in my life to do what YOU are doing now. Your life will change, Sis,,,You're going to add years of good health to your life. It's not too late for me either,,,,I'd be a fool sis, to live the rest of my life, in this tormented prison. So I've given myself the key,,,,finally,,, to break free! Sister,,,we're breaking out! never EVER! to return. In spite of my weight, I've had a good life, because God blessed me with a loving family. and I LOVE people, friends and life, so passionately. But think how much better life, could have been, if....you know,,But that was then and this is now. What truly matters is the NOW. Please forgive me, for letting it all out, on your page. I just wanted to really talk to you,,because you remind me of myself when I was younger. You're a pretty girl too. Put God first and sweetheart there's no limit to the happiness and joy, you will experience. Love You Lots!

seekingchange on 02/01/2010:
I know what you mean with the stores. Ohh how annoying the sympathetic looks or pursed lips when you mention your weight or it comes up. I hate when they stare at my id and then at me as if I'm an alien because I look nothing like the thin girl in the picture.

KathyBlue - Saturday Jan 30, 2010
(Healthy eating (with doctor) and Exercise)
Weight: 306.9


I just paid for two months of tennis and joined the Tues - Thurs 8 AM. classes. We'll be 3. :-) How cool! :-)

I'm at work, have to work a lot this weekend so I'll be fast with my menu today and tomorrow.

Today's menu:

8h15 - muesli w/ low-fat milk

11h00 - an apple

13h00 - light lunch with 3 very small toasts with tomato, paprika and turkey ham, dessert: a peach

17h00 - a peach (45 kcal)  I had a half wrap (claimed to have 160 kcal) at the GoNatural hiper-expensive healthy restaurant...

20h00 - green bean soup (YUMMMMMM can't wait to have it! :-))

22h00 - 1 kiwi before going to bed

Who's curious about what I ate yesterday at the BUFFET chinese/japonese restaurant, please read back! :) I updated yesterday's entry...

Have a nice weekend!!!!

Progress as of today: 9.7 lbs lost so far, only 152.6 lbs to go!

geevee on 01/30/2010:
WOW! You did SO well at the Chinese buffet! Congratulations!

nita51 on 01/30/2010:
You are awesome! Maybe next week I'll do Chinese,,,I guess we can't let food dominate us, because we have to live in this world among all types of foods,,,,it's OUR choices that makes the difference. Glad you liked my "hearing about less of us" comment. Kathy, it's so true, that as time marches on, we will become less & less of the people we once were. (smile). ( in a good way)...Get excited!.... One day we will be two thin ladies,,,just chatting away, and talking about our new, exciting lives. IMAGINE THAT!!! Take Care.

hollybelle on 01/30/2010:
Yay for Kathy!

KathyBlue - Friday Jan 29, 2010
(Healthy eating (with doctor) and Exercise)
Weight: 306.9

Good morning everyone!

Great day today - I'm going to get my checkup at tennis class so I'll be put in a level appropriate for me. I think it will be intermediate because I haven't been into it for 3 years... and I had gained ++++ weight since I played...

Also today at night, we're going to the all you can eat restaurant. I'm going to face this challenge, head held high... It's a chinese-japonese all you can eat, so at the end I can have some healthy meal there: sushi (only 3-4 because of the amount of rice), wok stuff... I believe in myself!

Menu today:

8h00 - muesli com café com leite magro / low-fat milk with coffee and some muesli (20gr)

10h30 -chá de cidreira com aroma de mel TLEY / a cup of tea with honey aroma (I didn't put any sweet in it, it comes like this in the sack)

12h30 - peixe grelhado com arroz bashmati / grilled fish with boiled bashmati rice

15h00 - 1 tangerina

17h30 - 1 iogurte magro liquido 180ml (55 kcal) / 1 low-fat yogurt, 55kcal

19h00 - I DID THE TENNIS CHECKUP! Going to do tennis 2 times a week, Tues e Thurs! :-) I'm so happy!!!!

19h30 - crackers, 62 kcal (bolachas água e sal)

19h45 - The Chinese/Japonese BUFFET restaurant! What I had was:

entry: 3 small sushi's with some octopus salad (octopus with chili paprika),
main dish: grilled chicken breast (not much) with grilled mushrooms (in WOK, the cook made it on the hour)
dessert: some melons... I also had a "sweet" thing: it's a bit of pasta with poppy seed filling. I love this, but I only ate a very small one (these are small baked balls with coconut outside) and I felt soooo filled! 

I'm proud! 

Progress as of today: 9.7 lbs lost so far, only 152.6 lbs to go!

hollybelle on 01/29/2010:
yes - facing the buffet with a plan in mind - YAY for you!

geevee on 01/29/2010:
When you're at the buffet, note the size of the people heaping their plates with as much food as possible, and then remind yourself that you don't want to be that size.

I find that usually at all you can eat places, the majority of patrons are overweight. Try to focus on someone who is slim.

nita51 on 01/29/2010:
That's right, cloths DO weigh, bra, pants, & blouse. Glad I'm not the only one who's experienced this situation. I'm so glad you on this site, were like sisters :) with some of same issues and goals. We will be victorious! I can feel it deep down in my heart. I know you'll do well. at the restaurant. I love your courage. I have the same courage when I go to the All You Can EAT buffet, I stick to the bake foods. veges, fruit and Tea. Please let me know how you did, I love Chinese, maybe I can learn from you, the best choices to make, whenever I get up enough courage to go. Hugs - Keep doing Good! Hugs!

KathyBlue - Thursday Jan 28, 2010
(Healthy eating (with doctor) and Exercise)
Weight: 306.9

Hi everyone :)

I'm back at work... and I lost some kilos in London!! How cool is this! :-)
I updated my Current Weight so you can see. :-) I'm under 140 kgs now, in the 130's.. Hopefully by March I can be under the 130's. Just slowly, carefully... That's why I cannot say my goal weight is 55 kg (120lbs), because I have to go by parts. I have to be 130 first, then 120, then 110... then the mystical 100... Hopefully, with all your support and my doc's support, I get to there. :-)

Today's menu:

8h00 - café com leite magro e cereais(20gr) / coffee with low-fat milk and cereals (20gr)

11h00 - uma maçã / an apple

12h00 - filete de pescada com bróculos cozidos / fish fillet (grilled) with broccoli

16h00 - queijo fresco magro com tostas / toast with fresh low-fat cheese

21h00 - sopa de bróculos / broccoli soup


Progress as of today: 9.7 lbs lost so far, only 152.6 lbs to go!

selina on 01/28/2010:
Muito bem, Kathy!

hollybelle on 01/28/2010:
Yes, Kathy - when you go to that all you can eat, husband favorite restaurant just think about the victory - smaaaaaaaart!

legcramps on 01/28/2010:
Good job :)

mcwoo40 on 01/28/2010:
Well done on your weightloss keep it up girl,Jules

nita51 on 01/28/2010:
LOOK AT YOU! :) Just think 9.7 lbs off your heart! Isn't that exciting? Thanks for your comment. I love hearing from you. I will hold a positive thought that one day,,, you will be healthy enough to start your family. Keep the faith,,,,All things are possible. Hugs!

KathyBlue - Wednesday Jan 27, 2010
Weight: 310.0

Hello all, I'm back to Lisbon. :-)

 So, I woke up at 4AM, went to the airport, bought some stuff (walking for an hour and buying things) and I flew back home without incidents. Then I fell asleep at midday and a half and woke up only at 4PM  . Unfortunatelly my skin became red, irritated because of the cold weather in the UK. I'm not used to it in Lisbon and I don't have proper clothes.


Food list:

5h30 - a brown bread tuna sandwich (well, I had to eat and there was nothing I could eat at the airport, only this... I checked nutri facts and it had 307 kcal but it had mayo/bread which is not good for me but I don't believe it would be that significant just for once this time.. brown bread is not bad, but it'd be better toasted) and a 250ml fruit smoothie to boost my day. It helped. :-) Altogether: 51x2,5 kcal + 307 kcal

on the plane: only water, I REFUSED the food. Never did before.. I'm proud. 

11h00 - a pack of crackers (bolachas água e sal) 14gr, 62 kcal

12h30 - a banana just before going to bed

16h30 - Sveltesse 0% fat, 0% sugar yogurt (50kcal)

20h00 - broccoli soup (sopa de boculos), my mother-in-law made it, stricktly diet.

Progress as of today: 6.6 lbs lost so far, only 155.7 lbs to go!

legcramps on 01/27/2010:
Hello! Great job ;) Keep it up.

bez15 on 01/27/2010:
Good job on your airplane ride! That must have been tough but you did it! Congrats!

nita51 on 01/28/2010:
Hooray! 6.6 pounds GONE! great job! Hugs! Yes We Can!

KathyBlue - Tuesday Jan 26, 2010
Weight: 310.0

Hi Everyone :-)

I hope you're fine. I've just returned from my hour (two hour..) walk from Kingston. I'm leaving tomorrow at 5 AM... BRRRR... and the room is still a mess. I went to the store and bought some chocolates for my beloved one. It was funny, me looking at the nutrition facts of fruits and veggie foods, and on the other hand taking the chocolate bars from the shelves like there's no tomorrow... Well... :-) Life is unfair sometimes.. :-)

Meeting is over, and my nightmares of eating out also. Dieting is definitely not about eating out.. The clients took me out on the two days and yesterday they took me to a sandwich bar first. Wanna hear the story? Me, the guest, and some 4-5 men, waiting for the food. I ordered something called "Mediterranean tomato with basil and garlic and humous". First of all for me humous is GROUND. It comes from latin and it means earth to me... But then again, I understood it as a cream (in the supermarket, ehehe...). Then the girl came out, asking the guys what kind of bread would they like, white or brown. And finally turns to me with the same question. And me: "I don't want no bread..." .. Then... silence. Then one of the customers says: "K., this is a sandwich bar, you've ordered a sandwich...". Then came embarrassment, and then finally a changed order to soup. I should have guessed about the sandwich bar thingie because the bar's name was No.88 Bar & Grill .Nothing's indicating SANDWICH in the name, right? :) This happened yesterday though.

Today I started with the same stuff I ate yesterday. Organic muesli with milk and a yogurt. This time I chose a rapsberry flavoured one, I confess. But it was low-fat, low calorie. Then at lunchtime (13h00) we went to a big shopping mall and I ate WRAP. This is a new wave, it's being sold just everywhere. It's a pancake and inside you have anything you'd like. Like 21th century pita... But looks like that the greek food is not in fashion anymore. Nowadays sushi is everywhere... all chinese restaurants became expert Japanese sushi bars... with the same employees of course, but an average European just doesn't tell the difference... So, back to the wrap: grilled chicken with parmesan and some veggies. It could have been good... but it had a strange taste, a sugary taste I didn't like. So I ate half and caught the grilled chicken breast out of the other half, cleaned and YUMMM... Chicken cannot be spoiled...

Then we went back to the building and I went on with work. At 17h00 I had a nectarine... directly from South Africa. What a luxury. :-)
Around 18h I came back to the hotel, had a smoothie (I developped this habit here, this was the second time I bought smoothie and I still have one for tomorrow morning). It's strawberry&raspberry, It claims to have some 120kcals per bottle, and no added sugars. Cool.

Now I'm going to eat Wheatberries with Giant Couscous with roasted butternut squash. I love squash. :-) Then some melon and finally a light yoghurt for sleeping well. (I also eat more at night, have to look after this...)

And then... HAVE TO PACK... :-(

Let me share some photos: 1. Westminster; 2. me at Kingston's famous statue of the phone boxes (it wasn't me I swear!); 3. old Market House at night in Kingston


8h00 - musli com leite magro & yogurt 110ml

13h00 - meio wrap (panqueca salgada) e frango grelhado

17h00 - 1 nectarina

18h00 - 1 nectarina, 250 ml fruta liquida (120kcal)

20h30 - 200gr Wheatberries with Giant Couscous with roasted butternut squash (não sei traduzir isto!!), 50gr melão, 190gr iogurte (51kcal/100gr)

Progress as of today: 6.6 lbs lost so far, only 155.7 lbs to go!

legcramps on 01/26/2010:
Beautiful pics! Sucks about the sandwich bar episode - I wish people would be a little more understanding about not wanting bread... so many people request to not have bread that they shouldn't even blink an eye anymore. Hope you have a wonderful rest of the day today :)

mcwoo40 on 01/26/2010:
I love London.My friend used to live in Brighton and went down regular,there's so much going on.You seem to have kept up with the healthy eating,good for you,have a safe journey back,Jules

bez15 on 01/26/2010:
Hi! Responding to your question on my post-- yes Smart Ones is just like WW. I don't follow WW but I just love their frozen foods! And their desserts?!? MMMM delicious! I like your pictures too. That looks like a beautiful trip to take. Have a good day tomorrow!

selina on 01/27/2010:
Adorei as fotos, KathyBlue! My favorite is the domino phone booths, ha! It's true that it's difficult to be on a diet when on the road, that's when my diet always fails - you did very well under the circumstances,though... good for you!

KathyBlue - Monday Jan 25, 2010
Weight: 310.0

Hello all,

Just a fast entry today. :) I'm at work... so I haven't seen anything today. 

This is what I wrote today morning:
And about my walking 1 hour per day: it's RAINING. And I don't know where to go... what a pity... I have to get me a map of the place.. :-)

This is what happened in the evening:
I just didn't feel like staying in the hotel room, so I went for a walk. I got me a map at the reception and went on walking. Did this extraordinary photo, Kingston at night! It was freezing outside but what the heck... :-) :

Here's one from London:

Food diary:

8h00 - organic muesli w/ 50ml low-fat milk, 1 natural yogurt, low-fat (97kcal/150ml).

12h00 - 1 peach (I bought 4 peaches so that will cover my 2 mandatory piece of fruit/day)

13h30 - 1/2 cup of mushroom soup (wasn't bad at all but my stomach is very sensitive to spices and it was filled with spices)

16h50 - 1 pack of salty bits (14gr, 62kcal)

20h00 - Rice, Lentil and Roast Aubergine with garlic dressing (125kcal/100gr, dose: 240gr), dessert: smooth vanilla fat free yogurt (90kcal)

Progress as of today: 6.6 lbs lost so far, only 155.7 lbs to go!

chidogs on 01/25/2010:
Are there any indoor shopping centers, like a mall? That's what they do here when it rains or when it's too hot. Or just find a large store and go up and down the aisles. They may think you are weird, but hey. :)

legcramps on 01/25/2010:

Zuzugirl4ever on 01/25/2010:
Wow! Fabulous photos! Totally cool! I think maybe I could diet there....

nita51 on 01/25/2010:
The pictures are BEAUTIFUL, thank you for sharing them with us. Have a good Tuesday & Take Care.

hollybelle on 01/26/2010:
Great pics! Thanks for sharing. You are going to laugh when I tell you what I mean by 1 T Mayo. One Tablespoon of mayonnaise! Horn of Plenty said on her menu that she ate tofu milkshake last week and I asked what that was and where she got it - she laughed and told me she just had omitted the comma in between tofu and milkshake!! Funny what gets lost in translation, isn't it? Have a great day today! What good days you have had the last few - resisting English sweets and the pastry on the plane! WOW! You are rockin'!

KathyBlue - Sunday Jan 24, 2010
Weight: 310.0

Hello all, from Kingston-upon-Thames, UK :-)

This was an extraordinary day, even for the diet. I had to wake up at 5 a.m. so I'm going to write my day down as it was:

I woke up at 5 a.m, had a shower and at 6h00 I had a breakfast, just something to eat not to leave with an empty stomach:
1 iogurte magro + 2 bolachas soja integrais / 1 yogurt low-fat + 2 soy cookies

Next stop: airport of Lisbon. I got thru fast because I haven't had any baggage. We lifted off at time (8.30), and around 9h00 they served breakfast. I left the strawberry sweet on my plate (sigh...) and ate a bit of the whole weat sandwich, which had a bit of scrambled eggs and some very tasteless sausage... and I ate my apple, too.

Then I arrived to Heathrow, found my cab waiting for me (a rather unfriendly old dude, didn't speak at all :-( he only answered shortly to my questions, but ok, bad day can happen to anyone...). I just packed out, and went to visit


I walked a loooooot! I saw: Big Ben, London Eye, Westmister Abbey, St. James Park (friendly squirrels), Buckingham palace, Hyde Park, Marble Arch, Oxford Street, Picadilly Circus.. That's it. :D

Meanwhile I remembered to eat something so I tried Mark's and Spencer. Got out with some indian food and a pair of boots, ehehehe.... This last one doesn't have any calories in it, believe me. :D
So at 16h30 I had:
200 gr massa com tomato, paprika e feta / 200gr pasta with tomato, paprika and greek feta cheese (it was very good indeed!) sitting at the Marble Arch...
I also had a blackberry soothie (100% fruit)...

Then I came back to the hotel, and for dinner I'm having: Maroccan Style Fruit Couscous (with honey and orange dressing). It has 180 kcal/100 gr and I had around 100 gr so...

I can say my day was just great, and the diet is going OK! Naturally I couldn't keep my routine but everything's under control and I could resist and didn't buy any english sweets that are very popular around here... :-)

Progress as of today: 6.6 lbs lost so far, only 155.7 lbs to go!

MoodyMe on 01/24/2010:
Something I LOVE about this site is that we have people from all over the world and it's so cool hearing about what others do~in their everyday life and travels!! Reading your post, the sights you enjoyed..the foods you ate..made me smile! If you took any pictures, I hope you post some~Would really love to see them!!!

Sounds like you're having a blast~Enjoy!!!!

chidogs on 01/24/2010:
Aw, I love London. My hubs is from near there and he goes back once a year to visit his brother. I stay home and babysit the dogs. Have fun. English sweets are delish, and they love their meat and potatoes and pies. Be careful!

missdetermined on 01/24/2010:
Mmm, the food you had today sounds good :-) You are in London, I am so jealous! You made some good choices today, and I'm sure the hustle of travel had to have earned you some exercise points.

Enjoy London, and keep up the good work!

selina on 01/25/2010:
Those boots sound exciting! I love Marrocan food, enjoy!

willbe100lbs on 01/25/2010:
Hey KathyBlue, thanks for your comment, but I am not sick, and will not be unwell at 100lbs. Good luck with your weightloss. xx

KathyBlue - Saturday Jan 23, 2010
Weight: 310.0

OK, one more weekend ahead. Do you guys know the brand Sveltesse (Nestlé)? It's a zero fat/zero sugar brand of Nestlé (ok they have aspartam...), very low in calories yet very tasty. I only eat their yogurts and Yoplait's which are very good. Too bad I cannot have my weekly 4 Yoplait Cappuchino flavor yogurts. :-(

Today's menu:

8h30 - 1 iogurte Sveltesse magro (180ml, 80 kcal) / 1 yogurt Sveltesse low-fat strawberry

10h30 - 100ml café com leite magro e 1 bolacha de soja integral / 100 ml coffee with low-fat milk and 1 soy cookie

13h30 - chicken tikkamassala with indian bread (a very small dose because it was too spicy for my taste...)

16h00 - o mesmo que às 8h30 / the same as at 8h30

19h00 - 1 kiwi, 1 pêra, 12 gr bolachas água e sal (62 kcal) / 1 kiwi, 1 pear, 12 grams of salty cookies (62 kcal/package, 1 package has 12gr)


Thank you very much for your comments, guys! It means a lot to me. Tomorrow I travel to the UK early in the morning, and I'll be back on the 27th (business trips, ehh...)... I don't know what can I expect (I mean food and exercise) but I'll be connected all time so I'll let you know ;-)

Progress as of today: 6.6 lbs lost so far, only 155.7 lbs to go!

Size10wannabe on 01/23/2010:
Hi - thanks very much for the comment. Well done on the weight loss! It is 2.2lbs per kilogram - an impressive loss for your first week! Those yoghurts sound lovely - I'll have to see if we have them in the UK. keep up the good work!

chidogs on 01/23/2010:
Those sound very good. I don't know if we have them here either but I will look. Yoplait we have! You are doing great. Thanks for your encouragement also!

nita51 on 01/23/2010:
Hi Sis, So glad to become acquainted with you. Yes we have the same weight issues, so you see, you're not alone. We WILL do this! Let's not make it a depressing or sad journey. Let's rejoice and be glad that God has given us this opportunity to now change, what we may have thought in the past was unchangeable. We're going to make "2010" our year to finally FINALLY! get as close to our goals, as possible. Please stay in touch " I need you" Hugs!

KathyBlue - Friday Jan 22, 2010
Weight: 310.0

... Great day, -1 kg! 1 kg is 2.2 lbs, right? I never know this... 

So, in one week (today is the first day of the second week but who's counting...?!) I dropped off 3 kgs. That sounds a great progress. The Doc said I must lose at least 5 kgs per month. This is, at the beginning of course. It would be ideal to lose this per month, in 16months I would be more or less 80kgs... I don't remember me as below 100kgs, seriously... :-(

Todays menu:

8h00 - 10gr muesli c/ leite magro / 10gr muesli with low-fat milk

10h30 - 1 tangerina / 1 tangerine

13h15 - sopa de feijão verde / green bean soup (yummmmmy)

16h00 - queijo fresco magro com tostas / fresh cheese low-fat with toast bread

19h00 - 1 pêra pequena com casca / 1 entire small pear

20h30 - 1 queijo fresco magro, 50 gr fiambre de perú, meio pepino / 1 fresh cheese low-fat, 50gr turkey ham low-fat, a half cucumber

21h30 - 1 iogurte Sveltesse Nestle magro (50 kcal) + 2 bolachas soja integral


Progress as of today: 6.6 lbs lost so far, only 155.7 lbs to go!

hollybelle on 01/22/2010:
Great! First day of the second week. That is how I think about it, too. I am setting my sights on a week at a time. Have a good weekend. I need to have a successful weekend to keep me on the road to progress!

legcramps on 01/22/2010:
You're doing great!

50lbs2go on 01/22/2010:
your doing so great!!! keep up the good work! = )

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