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Maria7 - Wednesday Dec 22, 2004
(Current diet is : Did better today...smile!)
Weight: 0.0

WOW! Was I pleasantly surprised to find that 3 of you responded to my entry from last night when I just now got on here and checked. THANKS!!! Runner, Soon To Be Thin, and Biscottibody59. Your encouragement is VERY much appreciated!

I did better today...although I still gave in to the cheapo chocolate temptation...the only 'ONLY' reason I didn't throw them out last night was because my Daughter has been eating a little of them and they're almost the only treat in the house. So...I still had a few of them today...I AM feeling better some...I even thought about trying to go to church tonight, but not that better yet and don't won't to risk exposing someone to any germs...so I'll wait til I'm over this before going back, though I do miss being in church and tonight is Christmas Communion and lots of beautiful Christmas songs and Bible scriptures read.

Hubby is home now and doesn't go back to work until next Wednesday.

Today I had: 2 bowls homemade hamburger/veggie soup, 1 small serve mashed potatoes, 3 cheapo little chocolates, 3/4 small bag of cookies, 2 snack-packs peanut butter/cheese reduced fat crackers, and lots of splenda-sweetened tea and a mug of splenda-sweetened coffee. A total of about 1200 calories.

I'm just not real hungry, I guess. (Or don't have what I'd be hungry to eat, hehehe~~!)

Well, I guess this is all for now. I tried on some of my smaller jeans that I used to wear and my belly said no to them. They were mostly okay in the hips. So, I took it real slow and got on the treadmill and walked slow for about 10 minutes. What a work-out that little walk was~! Took me a long time to get to feeling back where I was before I did that!

Anyway, hope you all have a good night...remember, Jesus loves ya and so do I!

Love, Maria (smile!)

Maria7 - Tuesday Dec 21, 2004
(Naughty and no exercise!)
Weight: 0.0

Hello to all.... Since there were no comments to last entry, I guess no one reads this, especially since I'm writing at night...oh well.....

I'm still doing the 2nd round of antibiotics...I've also been basically grazing and eating whatever...one thing...if it's not in the house, then that's cool...but someone gave us some cheapo chocolate candies...that usually I'd NEVER touch and I munched out on these today! Naughty!...Someone brought us some homemade veggie/hamburger soup and I ate a couple of bowls of that and I ate 2 or 3 bananas today...some potato chips...I've been drinking tea sweetened with splenda...

Anyway, throat is still sore, voice still hoarse...I'm still feeling icky...but I'm getting better...the fever and chills are gone, thank the Lord. I'm getting stronger, I can tell.

I've been out of church 2 weeks now. For me, that is a very long time! I'm used to being there and playing the piano and singing and also teaching adult Sunday School Class with my Hubby, who is also sick now, but getting better, too, thank the Lord Jesus.

Well...I hope each of you are well and having happy holidays...I think today is the first day of winter...it actually snowed here Sunday night!!! (Didn't stick, just a couple of very short little snow showers.)...The snow was beautiful coming down! A real treat for us here in South Carolina that usually don't get snow and if we do, maybe just a little in January or February...

Have a good night...remember Jesus loves ya (and gave His Life for you)!

Love, Maria (smile!)

Runner on 12/21/2004:
I read your entry! :) Sometimes I just don't have time to comment.

I have been tempted to eat things I normally wouldn't touch, either...like those cheapo candies you mentioned. Isn't it strange how certain foods will entice us simply because they're available and just sitting there?

It's nice to see you thank the Lord for things...I'm a Christian, too, so I enjoy your uplifting entries!

Soon2BThin on 12/21/2004:
Sorry about not commenting here. I guess I'm just lazy sometimes. And I'm sorry you haven't been feeling good lately. Don't worry about the candy, none of us is perfect. I hope you have a great holiday!

Maria7 - Friday Dec 17, 2004

Weight: 0.0

Began second round of antibiotics today...having just finished first round (10 days) yesterday...sinusitis is clearing up, but still dealing with sore throat, stuffiness, headache, and weakness...but not as bad as it was, so I'm improving...hope you're all doing well...My dear Hubby has it now...he won't go to the doctor...only takes tylenol and otc cold meds...he is one that believes in going to bed and piling covers on himself to make himself 'sweat it out'....an old folklore? remedy...whereas I'm one that believes that 'thank the Lord for the antibiotics and when I'm too warm, it's time to cool down and when I'm too cool, it's time to warm up' (thermostat-wise, hehehe!)... so...as far as eating, I'm staying about the same weight-wise and I'm not trying to lose while I'm getting over this...I just eat what I feel like eating and don't worry about it...as for my 'fav', diet pepsi, the taste is GONE for that...I've been drinking water, orange juice, and sweet (yes, sugared kind) tea...I usually have coffee and plain toast and a fruit for breakfast and late afternoon I have lunch-supper together which I've lost my taste for sugared things other than tea, so it's mainly a protein, a veggie and 1 or 2 starches and more tea up until bedtime...but tonight I started getting the taste that I didn't like the sugared tea, so I'm drinking iced water...lots...I may try making some tea with splenda, since I sweeten coffee with splenda and see how that goes...anyway, I'm staying very hydrated.

So...thought I'd say hello to all of you and hope you all stay well and feeling well and have a good night...remember Jesus loves ya and so do I!

Love, Maria (smile!)

Maria7 - Thursday Dec 09, 2004

Weight: 0.0

Cough, sneeze, chills, antibiotics...

Have a good day...remember..Jesus loves ya and so do I!

Love, Maria (smile!)

Soon2BThin on 12/09/2004:
Sorry to hear you're not feeling well. I hope you don't feel TOO bad. Keep warm and get lots of rest. Hope you're better real soon.

Maria7 - Wednesday Dec 08, 2004
Weight: 0.0


Haven't been on here for a few days....coughing, sneezing, chills...antibiotics...

I'm up a couple of the 7 that I was down, but I think it's due to high sodium diet (chicken noodle soups, etc.)

I'm getting better and feeling better than I was...

It's a beautiful day here in S.C.....70's fahrenheit...and sunny...

Anyway, thought I'd update. I got a bag of oranges today and have started on them....the other day I bought 64 ounces orange juice and went through it by the next day...

Have a lovely day...

Remember Jesus loves ya and so do I!

Love, Maria (smile!)

Maria7 - Sunday Dec 05, 2004
Weight: 0.0

Happy Sunday to you!

Held onto the 7 in 3 days...did about 1700 yest, included some after Christmas banquet chocolate chip cookies and coffee and still didn't gain this morning...but didn't overdo at the banquet, either....

Today's deal: Breakfast: 1 large mug coffee with creamer and splenda and 1 cup of caffeinated diet pepsi (after all the cookies last night I wasn't hungry)

Lunch: (Buffet)1/2 cup white rice, 1 tbs gravy, about 1 tbs beef, 1/2 fried chicken breast, 1 cup of mixed onions, green bellpeppers, and tomatoes(this was salad), 1/2 cup corn, 1/2 cup dressing, 1/2 cup ice cream, 1/2 cup peaches, about 3 tbs of coconut, 1 caffeinated diet pepsi and 1 glass of sugar-sweetened tea. This was probably about 1000 calories.

Snack: 1 mug coffee sweetened with creamer and splenda, 1 small tangerine, and 12 ounces water.

Supper will be light...maybe a 200 calories grilled cheese sandwich made with 2 diet wheat bread (80 cals), 1 slice cheese (60 cals) and 1 tbs 60 cal margerine and a diet pepsi OR if Hubby and I go out for after-church coffee, supper may be a lettuce and tomato salad with fatfree thousand island dressing and 3 or 4 captain's wafers with coffee, creamer and splenda, still about 200 cals total.

Total 1250 (or so). I've decided that weekend goal is only to NOT GAIN. Not gaining = progress.

Hope you have a wonderful afternoon...remember Jesus loves ya and so do I!

Love, Maria (SMILE!)

Maria7 - Saturday Dec 04, 2004
Weight: 0.0

OK...2 more down since yesterday, so that's 7 down in 3 days...

Last night, I had 2 small tangerines, so that brought yesterday's total to about 1000 cals, more or less.

Today's deal: Bk: 2 poached-done eggs cooked in water, 1 plain brown bread toast, 1 mug coffee with creamer and splenda, 1 caffeinated diet pepsi.

Snack: 1 small tangerine

Lunch: 1 Wendy's Jr. Cheeseburger deluxe with let and tomato, but minus the buns, 1 caffeinated diet pepsi, 10 ounces water.

Snack: 1 mug 35 calorie cocoa with marshmellows included, 1 ounce pecans, 3 small peanut butter and cheese crackers.

So far today about 800 calories...Supper to be up to 700 cals, cause it is a church Christmas Banquet that Hubby and I plan to attend (Lord willing). So, total cals for today may be around 1500.

No exercise...Hubby and I have been out visiting today.

Love ya, Maria....remember, Jesus loves ya!

Maria7 - Friday Dec 03, 2004
Weight: 0.0

OK....after journaling on here last night, I gave in to 300 cals of cookies and candy, so yesterday's total was 1300 instead of 1000....

Still, 2 down on the scale this morning, totaling 5 since 2 days ago, hehehehe! Size 8 levi jeans lack one inch of fitting comfortably in the waist....I tried them on this morning....

So today's deal:

Bk: 1 mug coffee with creamer and splenda

Lunch: 1 poached-done egg cooked in water, 1 piece of plain brown bread toast, no margerine, 1 small tangerine, and 1 diet pepsi with caffeine

Snack: 4 small chocolate chip cookies, totaling 190 cals for them, and another diet pepsi.

Snack: 1 cup diet jello and 3 or 4 tablespoons fatfree cool whip.

Supper: About 30 ounces water, 1 roasted chicken breast without most of the skin, 1 cup green string beans, 1 mug of fat-free cocoa with marshmellows (the 35 cal kind)

Total so far: about 900 cals...that's IF I don't have another mug (or 2) of cocoa and no tangerine. If I do, that will be about 1000 cals. Exercise today was running errands (including getting Hubby naval oranges) and walking this afternoon.

Have a good night!

Love, Maria (Remember...Jesus loves ya!)

Soon2BThin on 12/03/2004:
Wow, that's great, 5 pounds gone in only 2 days!! You're doing so well. Keep up the good work and have a good weekend.

Maria7 - Thursday Dec 02, 2004
Weight: 0.0

Ok....the 3 the scale 'laughed' about yesterday morning are gone today...Measurements are down a little, too.

Today was about 1000 cals. Bk: 3/4 chicken corndog, 1 mug decaf coffee with creamer and splenda

Lun: 1 pk reduced fat cheese/peanut butter crackers, 1 caf diet pepsi


Sup: Grilled double cheese sandwich with brown bread, with margerine 2 mugs 35 cal. with marshmellow hot cocoa

Also: 16 oz water and 1.5 diet pepsi today.

So that's it...about 1000 cals for today. Not good choices...(where's the veggies????)


Hubby and I were awakened after 1 a.m. this morning with the phone ringing over and over only to be verbally attacked by an intoxicated person. We let the Lord handle it and turned off the ringers afterwards.

There was another call hours later from someone crying and very, very upset, not related to the earlier calls.

I spent part of this afternoon taking a family member to the ER.

When I got in, there were other calls from other people. Thank the Lord for His help.

Yes, I DID eat a snicker bar today...most of one anyway...and no exercise.

Love, Maria

Soon2BThin on 12/03/2004:
Good for you, Maria! You're doing great! Hey, we all need some candy once in awhile. I hope those phone calls stop for you. Hang in there!

Maria7 - Wednesday Dec 01, 2004
Weight: 0.0

A lot of good it did me to throw out the cookies yesterday...There I was last night, up late, eating.....

I fixed a grilled double-cheese sandwich cooked in margerine and that didn't make me feel 'full'...so I was back in the kitchen eating other foods after that...not sugar, though, but it didn't matter to the scale when I got up and weighed this morning...it grinned and said I was up 3 from yesterday! Now I want to blame innocent Hubby, who came to me last night before bed stating that he was hungry but he didn't know what he was hungry for and say that triggered me into the midnight food binge, having really gotten food on my mind, but that would be unfair (and he didn't even eat after supper)...cause it was me who did it, not him, so I have to blame myself.

For inspiration and to see how far I am from them fitting, I tried on a favorite pair of my size 8 levi jeans, 100% cotton (not the stretch kind such as I wear now)...and I can get them on and zipped, but they are tight and not wearable for looks and comfort's sake.

So...today I did Atkins...(not wise since I was hospitalized for doing a severely STRICT-low-calorie-low-carb diet in 1998)...I don't know if I've gotten in 1000 cals today, but I know I got in probably around 2500 to 3000 cals yesterday, so....

Anyway, today, I had only coffee with creamer and splenda for breakfast (who needed breakfast with the midnight binge???)...and a Wendy's burger minus the buns for lunch and a big cabbage salad with a little lite mayo and a roasted chicken breast minus the skin for supper and another coffee with creamer and splenda and 1/2 can diet pepsi and about 32 ounces water. That was it for today. I walked about 2 hours in stores, paying bills, buying groceries, etc....that was the exercise for today.

A couple of hours ago when Hubby and I were having coffee together, I asked him not to mention food to me at night after supper and he said okay.

Now Hubby has come to me tonight and asked...."Is that tangerines you bought that are in the refrigerator????" (He likes navel oranges but I didn't get him any this time cause he got bored with them before and they just sat there in the fridge.) "GRRRRRRR!"

Okay...have a nice night and stay away from the cookies....

Love, Maria (smile!)

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