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Maria7 - Friday Jan 05, 2001

Weight: 152.0

Hello, everybody. Been another busy day today, as was yesterday. I am feeling better some and do plan to rest, maybe starting Monday...? I am back on track with dieting. Today I've eaten: Breakfast: 1 banana, tea. Lunch: Small tuna/egg salad, no bread. Tea. Supper: Small tuna/egg salad on lettuce. Tea. No snacks today. Total calories: 800. I enjoy reading the entries you all write. Maria

pastagal on 01/05/2001:
Todays menu sounded good maria,,,,just remember don't keep your calories to low,,,its best to eat more of different things so you don't get burnt out,,,,i am rejoining ww123 on tuesday,getting excited,,i still don't feel real good,,but the doctor told me it could take weeks to get beyond this broncitis,,so no matter how i feel i am getting back on track with my dieting,,have a great weekend and keep up the good work:}}

muggg on 01/05/2001:
Hi, Maria, Glad you are starting to feel better. You need to eat a little bit more so your body doesn't think it is starving. It will cut back on the calories it burns if it senses starvation. I know too, there is the temptation to enjoy not wanting to eat! It is a relief to not have a ravenous appetite after being sick!

Anyway, take care!

jenny on 01/05/2001:
Wooooo-eee, girl, I couldn't get by on 800 calories! Don't make yourself sick now.

herb on 01/06/2001:
Excellent day! Wish I was able to maintain a regime like you did today.

Maria7 - Thursday Jan 04, 2001

Weight: 152.0

Hello everybody. Well, I'm up. Don't care. Feel 'out of it'. My mother is here today and I am going to take her around some places. Presently I am washing her clothes. I don't feel good, but trying to be cheerful. I really just want to lay down and go to sleep. It is still sunny and cold here. Guess I am fighting off a cold. My Hubby is still sick. I am giving him cold med, but I can't take any, it will make me go to sleep. Got lots to do today. I hope all of you are doing well. I overate yesterday afternoon. Still doing it today, too. Years ago when I was real slim, I would usually put on about 10 pounds every winter without trying. Then without trying, lose them in the summer. But that was way before I became overweight. It didn't matter then. I guess as we get older, our metabolism slows down due to being less physically active. I hear the treadmill calling me, but all I've got to say is "not today..." Maria

pastagal on 01/04/2001:
Aww maria,,sounds like you need to stop and take care of you ,,,you sound like me,,take care of everyone but yourself and in the end you pay big time:{ Get some rest or try ok,,,hang in there ,,things will get better:}

herb on 01/05/2001:
I second the diagnosis made by Pastagal. Get into your jammies, make a hot-toddy, slide into bed, and pull up the covers. Rx by Doctor Herb

The Bug on 01/05/2001:
I know how you feel. I'm starting to get a head cold, but there is not way I'll be able to sit down and relax. Isn't hard to beleive that someone could put on and take off 10 pounds without even trying. Sounds like a dream to me.

Maria7 - Wednesday Jan 03, 2001

Weight: 151.0

Hello, everybody! Well, a couple days ago, Hubby comes down with his second headcold this season, sneezing, running a little fever, etc, and now.....guess who isn't feeling too great? My nose is stinging, my head hurts, I feel icky and tired. So, I'm pampering myself today and having starches...I still have an appetite...for breakfast I ate: 3 toast,4 turkey bacon, cocoa, grapefruit juice, banana. Lunch was: grits and breakfast sausage, tea. Snack was pack of nekot cookies and a few walnuts. I don't know what supper will be, but I've only got about 200 more calories to stay at 1500 for today, so it might be soup. I hope you all have a wonderful day today. The sun is shining here in S.C. and the early morning temperature was 22degrees. A cute little squirrel was on one of the pinnacles of the deck banister this morning. We have a lot of oak trees all around and lots of squirrels. I feed them when I can. They really love bread. I threw out some to the little squirrel, and he just made a quick dash for the nearest tree beside the deck. He'll probably come down and get it later. Take care, all of you. Maria

herb on 01/03/2001:
Its 11:13 pm and I just completed my entry, and there you were responding. Are you a night person like me?

Maria7 - Tuesday Jan 02, 2001

Weight: 151.0

Hello, everybody...well, I am still at 151...It sure is a big help to know all of you are out there...a big encouragement. Today is a sunny, cold day, here in S.C....pretty, but cold. So I am inside. I miss seeing the roses (red, yellow, pink) in bloom in the back yard, hearing the birds (we have lots of redbirds (cardinals) and blue-jays)singing in the trees, I miss being outside, lounging out on the deck and grilling out on the barbeque grill....but I appreciate each season the Lord gives to us. Winter, to me, is a time for reflection...a time to really think about a lot of things....Like where we are in life and where we want to be....what we are doing and what we want to do...things like that. I want to do more to help others and be less of a selfish person this year....I want to reach out more to others, be more available to helping others and showing them I care. Please excuse me if I sound redundant, but life is more than a scale. Speaking of which, today's menu is/has been: breakfast: banana, cocoa, grapefruit juice. Snack: 1/2 cup red grapes, another mug of cocoa (love that cocoa!). Lunch: 1 cup of left-over reheated black-eyed peas,1/4 onion, small fat-free cornbread fritter. Snack: another mug of....cocoa. Supper anticipated and thawing out: broiled barbequed chicken breast without skin and another cup of black-eyed peas and tea. Total calories for today: 1500cals. Hope all of you have a great day! I love reading your journals! Maria

muggg on 01/02/2001:
I miss all those things too, Maria...and you'll be seeing them a lot sooner than we will (LOL) so we'll enjoy hearing about them when you see them again!

Our ground is snow covered and the air is so crisp at 0�.... but we had a heavy fog this morning and when it lifted.. everything was covered with a white hoary frost.. it was so beautiful! Even in our industrial area.. the trees were spectacular!

Every season is beautiful in its own way and thinking of winter as a time for reflection and rest is a wonderful attitude!

I appreciated reading your resolutions. It is a very thoughtful way to begin the year. I want to grow more as a person and partake in life more. The more unhappy I am.. I tend to withdraw. I'm looking forward to a very rewarding year! I wish the same for you!

Maria7 - Monday Jan 01, 2001

Weight: 151.0

Happy New Year, everybody! Hope each of you are having a great day today! We had a fantastic church service last night! Followed by beautiful, colorful fireworks and a big country breakfast! (I didn't overdo.) We (Hubby and I) came home about 1:30 am and thought we were going to get some sleep....NOT! Next door neighbor was up after 2am exploding what sounded like bombs instead of fireworks. Finally he winded down before 3am. Got up today and finished cooking dinner that was started yesterday and we ate potato salad, collards, black-eyed peas, and porkchops (I broiled mine but Hubby wanted his fried.) Now Hubby is on the sofa for his long, winter's nap and here I am keying away. I look forward to reading each of your journals today. Maria

herb on 01/01/2001:
I just want to wish you a great New Year. Hope you continue journalling and losing weight. Stay with it. Stay with us.

The Bug on 01/02/2001:
Sounds like you had a nice New Years Eve. Keep up with the great work on the treadmill! Do some miles for me, please.

Maria7 - Sunday Dec 31, 2000

Weight: 151.0

Hi, everybody! I hope all of you are doing well, and I hope you are feeling better, Pastagal and Herb. Today is a pretty, though cold, sunny day here in South Carolina. I hear that New York got about 2 feet of snow in some places. (Send some down here!) Busy day going on today...church this morning and tonight, we (Hubby and I) will be going back for New Year's Eve church service which will begin at 9:00pm and last til after 12:00am...there will be lots of singing and right after 12:00am there is to be a huge fireworks display followed by a large free breakfast of eggs, sausage, bacon, grits, biscuits, muffins, etc. Presently I am cooking part of tomorrow's dinner...black-eyed peas, collards, potato salad, and porkchops. I am cooking the peas and collards today so will only have the potato salad and chops to do tomorrow. Busy, busy. I have eaten today: Breakfast: 1 glass grapefruit juice, 1 mug of cocoa. Lunch: 1 cup of tuna salad (without bread), tea, and cocoa. I will probably only have an orange and another mug of cocoa before church at 9:00pm to prepare for the giant breakfast at church, which I will be careful to not overdo. I am still at 151, weightwise. Also, I forgot to say I have been doing about a mile on the treadmill at night for a couple of nights now. I hope all of you have a GREAT day and a happy, happy New Year! Maria

Maria7 - Saturday Dec 30, 2000

Weight: 151.0

Hi, everybody! Looks like the northeast is really getting some snow today. Well, today makes 4 times this season, here in eastern South Carolina that snow was predicted and then a couple of days later they (weather channel on tv) changed their minds.... We were not to get any snow today, but it was predicted for Tuesday and now they've changed it to just 'cloudy' for Tuesday...oh, well, guess that is just the way it goes. Anyway, I haven't seen any snowbirds, which usually arrive a day or two preceding any rare snows we get, so guess I will go by that from here on instead of tv. I have been doing well with my eating although was not very successful with the 'liquid diet'...so now I am just doing low-calorie, lots of liquids, low starch diet and it is working out GREAT. Today I have eaten: Breakfast: grapefruit juice, hot cocoa, 1/3 canteloupe, 2 strawberries, 1/2 cup black-eyed peas with a little onion, 1 banana. Lunch was 3/4 cup tuna salad, no bread, 1 cup ginger ale. Supper will probably be an orange or tangerine, tea, cocoa, possibly 1/2 cup tomato soup. Calories for today: 1000 or 1100 calories total. It is a cloudy day here today....Don't see any snowbirds.... Maria

pastagal on 12/30/2000:
Hi Maria,,,,,been napping most of the day here,,just not feeling at all good,,,,your menu for the day sounds good tho,,i layed out some HB meat so tonight i am going to fix my recipe of Spanish Rice,,,its my homemade spaghetti sauce over Rice,,yummy:} and for some reason i am craving it,so thought why not:} since i havent eaten much this week,,,well take care and sounds like your diet is coming along good for you:}

muggg on 12/30/2000:
Your menu sounds yummy! Keep up what works for you!!!

Maria7 - Friday Dec 29, 2000

Weight: 151.0

Hi, everybody! Hope you are all doing well.... Well, I'm not sticking strictly to liquids diet...I ate a little tuna yesterday and some brazil nuts. Today I am cooking a pot of black-eyed peas and have eaten some of that for lunch. Sunny, cold day here today and I hear on the weather channel that a nor-easter is predicted for tomorrow. Lots of snow...but still none here in the southeast. Gotta go pay bills this afternoon.... Have a great day, all of you! .... Maria ...................... Later...I'm back...got the bills paid (cable & car insurance) and went to the grocery store...Took a list...but for what??? Still overspend in there...but I did get a good bit of fruit and fresh veggies. Christmas candy is on sale...no way! Maria

pastagal on 12/29/2000:
Maria,,,have you ever tried ww123,,,its really a great program,,,and the new one there coming out with now looks even better,,just a thought:}

Have a great day,i am still feeling yucky:{{ but hopefully i will get back all better soon,,,,,have a great day:}}}

muggg on 12/29/2000:
Good girl on that candy!!! I can remember when I'd really stock up! I know what you mean about overspending at the grocery store. I plan on having a budget and really trying to stick to it. I want to be able to save a little now. I can do it. It is amazing how much spending is really not necessary. Magazines are so tempting to me.. and really... with a little effort.. I can find it on the internet!

Maria7 - Thursday Dec 28, 2000

Weight: 151.0

Hi, everybody! Well, it is still a rainy day here in the southeast but not as cold as yesterday. I have been busy cleaning the house yesterday and will be today, too, putting away all the Christmas decorations and cleaning out a big closet. I hope all of you have a great day! Maria

muggg on 12/28/2000:
We always put our tree up on Thanksgiving when both of our children are home to help and then we usually take our Christmas picture. Then we don't take it down till New Year's Day.. I have to admit it looks so "naked" with the gifts gone! It is funny how everyone's traditions are a little bit different.

My step-daughter and my son will be with us until New Year's day... so we will probably watch a movie and play cards and have our own mini New Year's party. It will be interesting to hear what everyone else is doing.

I would change diets for sure since you don't feel well with the low carb diet. We really need to be in tune with our own bodies... The fruit juice diet would do me in... I'd have the munchies for sure...!!!

pastagal on 12/28/2000:
Sounds like your busy busy,,,i normally take this week to put things away and get all the christmas stuff down,,,but since i came down so darn sick monday night,,,i just havent been able to do anything,,

Hope you get that closet cleaned out :} isnt it a great feeling when you get something such as that acomplished:} have a great day maria,,,

jenny on 12/28/2000:
Boy-oh-boy, am I jealous! Someone out there is actually cleaning and getting rid of all the Christmas stuff. Such a big job, and it's all ahead of me.

jenny on 12/28/2000:
Boy-oh-boy, am I jealous! Someone out there is actually cleaning and getting rid of all the Christmas stuff. Such a big job, and it's all ahead of me.

Maria7 - Wednesday Dec 27, 2000

Weight: 151.0

Hello, everybody! I just took my Christmas tree down! Hope you all had/are having a great Christmas! My neighbor leaves her tree up till way past the New Year and she doesn't put it up until about a week before Christmas. So everybody does it different, I guess and there is nothing wrong with that. I am considering going on a juice-and-other-liquids diet for a few days to compensate for overeating during these holidays. It is very cloudy, cold and rainy here in the south today. Maria

pastagal on 12/27/2000:
Hi maria,,,,

Sounds like your doing fine,,,so your going to do a juice diet for a few days huh,,i have tried that before ,but never worked for me,,i always gave in ,,this yr i came down sick,so looks like i am going to lose a bit from that,,tho i would rather do it the other way,,,

well take care and have a wonderful day,,stay in where its warm:}}

jenny on 12/27/2000:
Eeeew, now that's a job I absolutely HATE, taking down the tree. Don't much like putting it up either, but at least then I have help and the excitement of the holidays approaching. Oh well, since we have a real tree, I'm really forced to take it down pretty soon. It's been up since just after Thanksgiving. I know what you mean about the liquid diet. I'm getting to the part of the year in which I really feel an urge to lose weight. And good thing, too...I haven't felt that particular urge for some time now. I just haven't committed yet. Your Christmas dinner was wonderful, I assume, and so very Southern. Did you remember the grits??? Well, live it up this week, New Year's Resolution-time is a-coming.

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