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Maria7 - Saturday Mar 17, 2001

Weight: 141.0

I am having to repair my boat today, so I stopped by an island this morning, Island 141. These islands are so small, they have numbers instead of names. I also needed a fresh supply of food. This is all the food I had left in my boat. So, I guess I will look around and see what food I can find on this island to stock up before I am on my way again after I fix my boat.

Good morning, everyone! It is a very foggy morning here in South Carolina.

Supposed to be sunny and warm, with high forecasted at 65 degrees fahrenheit today. I was in the grocery store yesterday and there was a buy one, get one free deal on ice cream...Hubby LOVES ice cream...so, I reached into the freezer and picked out 2 cartons, 1 strawberry for Hubby and the other neapolitan, in case I might decide to have a little. Neapolitan has chocolate in it and I love chocolate. That way Hubby still got his favorite, strawberry, in the second ice cream, neapolitan, which has vanilla, strawberry, and my favorite, chocolate, too. I put both cartons in my buggy, with people standing in a line behind me, ready to get their ice cream deals. Then it occurred to me...."What am I doing??? I KNOW I'll eat at least one carton of this ice cream if I get this! Which will probably mean a gain!!!" I got the 2 cartons of ice cream out of the grocery buggy and put them back, with people still standing in line behind me. So, then I headed for the fresh produce and fruit department and got fresh fruit instead of the ice cream. Menu for today is: Breakfast: toasted pimento cheese sandwich, banana, decaf coffee. Lunch: Hotdog, baked french fries, decaf tea. Snack: apple or orange. Supper: Soup, crackers, decaf tea. Total: 1200 calories. Workout and Water. Have a great Saturday, all of you! :)

ABrown6794 on 03/17/2001:
Good for you, putting the ice-cream back. That's a hard one to do. Love the graphics on your entries, they are so fun.

halley on 03/17/2001:
Good job on the fruit choice! That is hard when you feel like you are passing up a "bargain" but It was the right decision!

pastagal on 03/17/2001:
<font color=red>Maria,,,thank you again for showing me this,,tho like i didn't already spend so much time on here,lol,now i will spend time looking at grafic sites getting addresses for grafics to put in my entries;}}} but hey,,if you think about it,the more i do online,the less time to eat,right??? :}}}

Your menu sounds and looks great today,,you are doing good,,i went grocery shopping last night,,and got the hungrys for jello ,so back on jello again w/whip topping,,mmm ,,love that stuff,,,ok you have a great day and wonderful weekend,,,:}}}

Krispy on 03/17/2001:
What great willpower you have. When I started reading, I thought 'oh no, you are going to end up eating more than you think!, so you did the right thing!!! You have my admiration.

Also, how do you make your entry look so good. Could someone as ignorant about computers, like me be able to do it?

Have a great weekend and well done!!!

Kyrin on 03/17/2001:
Yee-haw! I'm back...and just in time to visit your Island Adventure, I see. Hmmmm. Really cool way to calebrate a few pounds lost. Congrats! That's 14 since December! Good goin', gal!

bobik on 03/17/2001:
Wow!!! Excellent job on bypassing those overly tempting ice-cream opportunities. :) I guess I didn't do the same and ate a Chicken caesar salad last night, with dressing and all, when we went out after playing bowling. And here are the results: 2 pounds gain. Yeeek. This really sucks, but I am not getting discouraged.<br> Yesterday was kinda fun. I haven't seen my best friend, who is a guy, for a few days and when he saw me -- 13 (now 11) pounds lighter, he was sitting there pinching my cheeks and saying that I have nothing to pinch anymore. I used to have really chubby cheeks, but it looks as though a lot of the fat has gone away and even mu chin looks much more pointed instead of round. So I am happy. <br>

Jo on 03/17/2001:
Maria, I am soooo proud of you!! You had temptation available in front of you, and you resisted! Way to go. Love those graphics!!!! You go, girl.............. Jo

herb on 03/17/2001:
You're getting carried away with the animations. I dont mind the graphics, but rocking beets, and spinning hot dogs. I bet your Mommy took away your Crayolas when you were little. Enjoy Yourself, I'm only kidding. I hope you noticed that the sun was cutting off your text.

Krispy on 03/17/2001:
Received your email and replied, forgive me if I appear 'a bit thick', but I am only just getting my head around all this jargon!!!

BIGRED on 03/17/2001:

Maria7 - Friday Mar 16, 2001

Weight: 141.0

Beautiful out here on the sea...The dolphins make their chatter to one another as they playfully leap in and out of the water. I passed another small island earlier this morning. It looked similar to Island 143. I rowed on past, as you can see to the left.

Good morning, everyone! Sunny and warm, with high forecasted at 78 degrees fahrenheit here in South Carolina today. It's time for a mug of coffee.Love that coffee in the morning! Today's menu is: Breakfast: banana, toasted pimento cheese sandwich, decaf coffee. Lunch: hotdog with chili, tossed salad, decaf tea. Snack: orange Supper: Soup, crackers, decaf tea. Total: 1200. Workout and Water. Btw, my Hubby says hello to all of you! Have a great day! :)

Krispy on 03/16/2001:
WOW, your entry looks brilliant, looks like you sorted out the problems you had with the graphics yesterday. It really cheered my up seeing your entry and WELL DONE on the weight loss you really are doing well. Perhaps I ought to build myself a little boat and go for a paddle!!!!!!!!!!

Tabby on 03/16/2001:
I love all of your pictures! That husband of your is looking mighty handsome:) Your menu sounds good. What kind of a workout are you doing?Keep up the great work.I will check in later. Tabby

suzy02130 on 03/16/2001:
Hi Maria. Thanks for your comments on my entry, I appreciate it. I see that you are making progress and I applaud you for that. Keep going strong...

You are worth it!

Talk to you soon.

Beth on 03/16/2001:
Awww...come on! You're just rowing right past me! Just kidding, good going on another pound lost! Your salad graphic makes me hungry. Have a great weekend out at sea!

pastagal on 03/16/2001:
Aww maria your grafics are so cute,,i love them,,,,but how the heck do you do them??? You said you were emailing me yesterday,,did you?? if you did i didn't get it,,just thought i would let you know that,,,well a big <font color=red><B>CONGRATS on the 2 lb weight loss ,,you go girl!!!!! keep it up,you are doing great!:}

Soon2BThin on 03/16/2001:
Love your graphics, Maria! Very entertaining. You're doing great, keep it up.

pastagal on 03/16/2001:
No email as of yet maria,,,did you send one to me again???

ABrown6794 on 03/16/2001:
Love the graphics! Congratulations on your weight loss.

SoccerMom on 03/16/2001:
Love your graphics! Gee, you're talented. We had mid-50's here today, and it started to rain a little this evening, but the weather gal promises that it'll be a nice weekend!

Hope your weekend is wonderful, too.

Miss Piggy on 03/16/2001:
OOHHHHH Maria it is spectacular. You are so creative. I love it. Have a great day.

bobik on 03/16/2001:
Your graphics are awesome. I should start putting some in my messages too. Awesome entry!!!

Maria7 - Thursday Mar 15, 2001

Weight: 142.0

Goodbye, 143! I'm on my way again! Spent most of yesterday building my boat (why didn't they do that on Gilligan's Island?). I've left behind the beautiful plateau Island 143. I knew those coconut trees were good for other things besides coconuts! Yes! I have a coconut tree boat that I am presently gliding along in. Took a lot of work to make it and get off the island. But it was worth it! It is beautiful out here on the ocean. I've already seen some dolphins. I brought along some of the island food with me.

Heavy rain in South Carolina. Storms predicted. Menu for today: Breakfast: banana, toasted pimento cheese sandwich, decaf coffee. Lunch: barbequed no-skin chicken breast sandwich, 1 cup green string beans, decaf tea. Snack: orange. Supper: Soup and salad, decaf tea. Total: 1200. Water and Workout! Have a great day, all of you! :)

Miss Piggy on 03/15/2001:
Aloha Maria. Sail on little boat. Don't eat too much of that cocoanut now, ya hear. Glad for you. You are doing excellent work. Have a good one today and keep dry and warm.

Beth on 03/15/2001:
Yeah!!! Thanks for stopping by Island 154 to get me. Looks like we both left our plateau's. Hope I never go back! Have a great day.

breakaway on 03/15/2001:
Good job getting of that island!! Are there suppose to be pics in your entry today? They are broken! I would have liked to see what you put in them. Congrats at that lose!!! Have a wonderful day today!!

pastagal on 03/15/2001:
Congrats maria on the 1 lb loss,that is terrific,,,so glad you are seeing a numbers change,i know being stuck where you were for so long was very discouraging,,,but see,,,just stay consistant and on track and it will happen,,,hey whats the lil square blocks witht he x in the middle in your entrys today??? never seen these before,,,is this something new?,have a great day;}}

Krispy on 03/15/2001:
Wow I love your graphics!!!! CONGRATULATIONS on getting off the island, must have used a lot of calories building that boat!!!!

Menue sounds great - keep up the good work!!!

bobik on 03/15/2001:
Hi!!! excellent job on the HTML. I am not impressed :) Just kidding. I am a computer science najor. Congratulations on finally building that boat. By the way, could you tell me how do you count all the calories so precisely? I know I am eating healthy, but I am not sure how to count all the calories on the stuff which is not labeled such as fruits and veggies and chicken and stuff like that. Could you give me some suggestions on my diary? Thanks soooo much!!! Victoria

Jinkster on 03/15/2001:
<img src=http://momotaro.ne.mediaone.net/~pwalsh/images/kitty.gif align=left><font color=purple>HA! You got the pics to work! They look great, Maria :) Yahoo on the boat, workout, and good eatin'. Talk to you later!<P> Jinkster

pastagal on 03/15/2001:
Cute cute,,ok how the heck you doing that,,,i can see the girl in the boat,,,and the dolfin ,,but the last one did not open up,,,ok you gotta tell me how you do this;}}

SoccerMom on 03/15/2001:
Wow! Love the added graphics, and creative writing style...

Congrats on losing some weight!! You're back on your way.

Have a wonderful day!

Soon2BThin on 03/15/2001:
Congratulations, Maria!! You worked hard to get off that island, good job. Have a great day!

halley on 03/15/2001:
I'm glad you finally saw a loss! That must be a big relief for you!

Maria7 - Wednesday Mar 14, 2001

Weight: 143.0

Good morning, everyone! Currently it is sunny and 50 degrees fahrenheit, with high forecasted at 74 for South Carolina today. I really was expecting a favorable change in the number to the left this morning, but, no go. Is there such a thing as drinking too much water? I had almost 100 ounces yesterday, thinking I was doing a good thing. I am wondering if drinking too much water can hold a person back. I do feel that I drink a lot of water...and it's not because I am thirsty, but because I think it will help...but I am still on this plateau. The island of 143...it is a nice island...there are palm trees here and it is usually sunny and warm on this island...seagulls keep me company and when I get bored, I go swimming in the ocean. There are lots of coconut trees here, too and I've created so many new recipes using coconuts....I also found a potato-like plant that grows on the other side of this island, along with an abundant supply of fresh berries and bananas from banana trees over there. I'm getting better at fishing and the fish are delicious! All I have to do is get a fire going, which takes a couple of hours and I roast the fish I catch over the fire after cleaning them. No, I haven't seen the movie Castaway, but maybe I should? I'm thinking more of Gilligan's Island. Anyway, here I am, marooned on 'Island 143' and have been here for about 3 weeks or so. My menu for today??? How about: Breakfast: Roasted fish, coconut dream pie, baked potatoes. Snack: Berries. Lunch: More roasted fish, coconut heaven, baked potatoes. Snack: banana. Supper: Fish and potato stew with wild onions on the side. How does that sound? But that's not my menu for today. The real one is: Breakfast: banana, toasted pimento cheese sandwich, water, decaf coffee. Lunch: Fish sandwich with lettuce (yes, I talked myself into it), baked french fries, decaf tea. Snack: orange. Supper: Soup,crackers, decaf tea. Total: 1200 calories. Treadmill workout or walk outside. Have a great day, all of you! :)

Beth on 03/14/2001:
I think I'm on "Island 154". If you get rescued, send someone out to get me, and I'll do the same for you! I won't be having fish, but I'm going to grind up a batch of pina colada's. At least we'll get our exercise out here! Ahhh...it feels good to imagine being on a tropical island. Have a good Wednesday!

dvdmon on 03/14/2001:
Hey Maria, I don't think there is such a thing as drinking too much water, and even if the water is holding the scale at that weight, you know that it is just water weight and not fat, so why sweat it? I know we all want to see the scale go down, but I would rather know that the weightloss I see on the scale is actual and not just dehydration. By the way 100 oz's of water is not all that much. I mean, it is very respectable, but I know people who drink the equivelent of 135-270 oz's per day! And these people are losing weight at a fairly good clip...

pastagal on 03/14/2001:
Maria,,,,try to have more salads and soup for awhile and see if that will get things moving foryou,,,i know for me,,if i eat soup more when i am at a stand still ,i start losing again,,and veggies to,,i try to eat at least two everynight and do you snack after dinner,,,try not to,,i have really found that to help me lately more than anything,,,,about the water,,NO i don't think you can drink to much,so don't let that stop you from drinking the water,,just change the menu around a bit and that should help some;}} your doing good,,,just keep being consistant ok;}

breakaway on 03/14/2001:
Boy that was a good story there! lol Don't worry you will get off your island soon!! Were here to help you! Stay motivated and Have a happy day!

sparkymel on 03/14/2001:
Remember, everyone hits a plateau. You're doing great and keep drinking that water!!

muggg on 03/14/2001:
If you have any questions about water, go to water.com They have a lot of interesting information!

Hang in there... you'll get off the plateau! I'm on one too... but I think I just not trying that hard right now. I'll get inspired soon.

Right now I'm just trying to maintain and not get into any more trouble!

Krispy on 03/14/2001:
Your island sure sounds idillic!!! I'm sure you will be on your way to an even better one soon!!!

Take care and stay motivated!!!

Halley on 03/14/2001:
You may want to do some research on plateaus, It sounds like you may not be eating enough calories. I mean you only eat 1200 and the amount you naturally burn should be around 1800-2000 plus your workout, the only explination is that either you are eating the wrong types of calories, or your body is refusing to burn more calories because it thinks that you are starving. Try cutting the carbs and increasing the protein.

herb on 03/14/2001:
Brilliant writing, thats what its all about, coloring outside the lines. In this case writing outside the lines. Great imagination, with entries like this you'll be pushing everybody to do better, instead of some of those itemized lists.

Old Business: You thanked me for some information, and a web site address. Help me, I cant seem to find this information on any of the responses I sent to you.

bobik on 03/14/2001:
Maria, thank you so much for replying to my very first message almost as soon as I posted it. I am really excited about DD!!!

Here's a nice article that I found on WebMD, a pretty trustworthy site. It says that unless you drink all this water at once, there is no harm at all. I also drink about 100 ounces a day and I enjoy it.

Here's the article: <a href="http://onhealth.webmd.com/fitness/columnist/item,49884.asp">http://onhealth.webmd.com/fitness/columnist/item,49884.asp</a>


Maria7 - Tuesday Mar 13, 2001

Weight: 143.0

Good morning, everyone! Beautiful, bright morning over here in South Carolina, currently 63 degrees fahrenheit, with highs expected in the mid-70's. Looks like a great day to grill out on the back deck if we don't get more rain later on today. Today's menu is: Breakfast: Toasted pimento cheese sandwich, using lite pimento cheese and diet wheat bread, decaf coffee. Lunch: Hotdog with chili, 1 cup baked french fries, decaf tea. Snack: orange. Supper: 1 cup vegetable soup, fat-free saltine crackers, decaf tea. If grill out, supper will be changed to barbequed no-skin chicken breast, 1 cup green string beans, decaf tea. Total calories: 1200. Workout on treadmill or walk outside and lots of water. I watched some videos last night of when I was at my heaviest weight. What an incentive to stay on track! Have a great day, all of you! :)

Miss Piggy on 03/13/2001:
Good morning Maria. Sounds like you have a great day planned. Hope so. I always manage to be the one holding the camera and camcorder so fortunately I don't have too many videos of myself to look at. I can't stand seeing myself or hearing my voice on cassette or video. I sound like such a hilbilly. Too much information. Hope you get to grill out. Sounds good

kyrin on 03/13/2001:
Good Morning! I noticed in your entries that the bronchitis and sore throat have disappeared. Yea! I'm glad that you're feeling better again.

Keep drinking that water. I'll be thinking of you while I'm trying to get my ounces in too.

Beth on 03/13/2001:
I noticed that when I see a picture of myself NOW, and how much better I look, that is also great incentive! Those baked french fries sound yummy, do you make them yourself? I'm getting hungry looking at your entry, so I'd better go! Have a wonderful day.

dvdmon on 03/13/2001:
Hey Maria, just checked in and was glad to see you seem to be doing real well. I'm hoping the mid-70's temp there means it will be in the 60's here in Northern VA. It was nice yesterday, but still a little on the chilly side. I just think it's funny too how you give us a weather report each day - when will you start doing local sports too? ;-) Have a great day!

Krispy on 03/13/2001:
Weather sounds great where you are, make's such a difference!!

Seeing film footage of yourself is certainly an incentive to stay on track, we don't have a video camera!!!

Hope you get to grill outside, take care!!!!

berry on 03/13/2001:
It feels so great when the sun is shinning when you wake up doesn't it? I have this picture of where you live- you wake up in the morning with the bluejays' singing out the window like the beggining scene in Cinderella (I'm very romantic. I'm 25 but I still love watching disney's videos about princesses.)

It'll be a nice day here in SoCal too. I'll be working only for dinner, so I will go out to the beach again with a cinnamon raison bagel for me and a plain one for those seagulls.

Have a wonderful day*

breakaway on 03/13/2001:
I am SOO jealous of your weather...but, I don't like really warm weather like 80 or above! I would rather have it between 60 and 70 degrees. As soon as it hits like 75 the air conditioning goes on. lol Your menu is great! Hope your able to grill out tonight. Can't wait! We have too much snow to grill out yet...especially after yesterdays storm. Your doing great on the exercise and water it sounds like!! GOod for you!! Have a wonderful sunny day!

Soon2BThin on 03/13/2001:
Looks like a great day here too, high of about 70 & the sun is shining brightly. Hubby & I were already out for a nice walk & that sun was mighty warm. That grilling out sounds good, we still have to go buy a new bbq. Hope you have a great day, Maria!

SoccerMom on 03/13/2001:
You're doing great! Yes...seeing pics of ourselves at our worst is a terrific incentive to not fall back into those bad food habits.

Have a wonderful day!

pastagal on 03/13/2001:
Sounds like your day is going good again,,and nice weather,,thats great,,,,it is nice here today again;}} love it:} Well your menu sounds good,,i love chili dogs,mmmm haven't had any in long time,,,well maria you have a great day and enjoy it:}

ABrown6794 on 03/13/2001:
Hi, A cookout sounds great! We aren't quite there weather wise yet. I'm in the Pac. Northwest myself. Your menu sounds yummy too.

halley on 03/13/2001:
A cookout sounds great! I'd like to do that and grill a bunch of chicken than ust keep it in thefridge/freezer. Keep those videos close by - it does motivate!

herb on 03/14/2001:
Excellent eating plan. As far as what is safe to eat, there is a sect of people called Breatharians who believe they can get all their nutrients from the air. Dont ask me about it, sounded so ridiculous I didn't bother to check it out.

I think the way to get away from bad foods is to do it incrementally. Say you start with pigs, find the vegetarian hot dogs made of soy, instead of Bacon substitute Baco's in your omelettes, and so on. Once thats accomplished move on to beef, substitute turkey burgers, or boca burgers for hamburgers. We must educate ourselves. Hang in there we'll get it bsolved. Were United in this.

Maria7 - Monday Mar 12, 2001

Weight: 143.0

Good morning, everyone! Cloudy, warm day here in South Carolina, with rain and storms forecasted for today and tonight. I threw out some bread earlier and watched a squirrel come get his breakfast. Haven't seen any bluejays this morning...maybe they are sleeping late. I think I know how to get off of this 143 plateau...it just takes a little discipline...which I surely do not have this morning.... Hubby and Daughter ordered a pizza last night and though I resisted it last night, I just finished a slice of it for breakfast....for some reason, I can usually get away with eating something like that in the mornings, but never at night...metabolism? Menu for today is: Breakfast: 1 slice pepperoni-cheese pizza, one banana, 4 ounces decaf sugared soft drink, decaf coffee. Lunch: hotdog with chili, baked french fries, decaf tea. Snack: orange. Supper: barbequed no-skin chicken breast, 1 cup green string beans, decaf tea. Total: 1350 calories. Doing great with treadmill workouts every day. Clothes are fitting loose. I'm still working on the 64 ounces water per day, some days yes, some no. Have a great day, all of you! :)

pastagal on 03/12/2001:
Maria,your menus sound great and you will see the numbers move soon,,and as you stated,your feeling your clothes fitting looser and that is really what counts;}} just stay consistant and keep doing what your doing,,:}}}

Krispy on 03/12/2001:
If your clothes are feeling looser, then the scales will soon follow!!! What is it about cold pizza, you wouldn't think it was that appetising would you, but you seem to get drawn towards it!!

Your menu sounds great, keep up with the water and the treadmill. Be good!!!

Jo on 03/12/2001:
Hey, who can resist cold pizza when you wake up feeling hundgry?!! No me. Keep up the great work with the treadmill, and trust how you are feeling more than what that old scale shows (easier said than done I know!!). Hope you had a terrific day.


halley on 03/12/2001:
Loose clothes are a good thing!! Pizza in the morning is sure better than pizza at night!!! -Halley

Tabby on 03/12/2001:
I can understand about the water issue. Some days I do really well and others I just never make it,and I like to drink water and I do better after walking or when the weather warms up. I big down fall is soda "Dr. Pepper" and I do like the Diet Dr. Pepper also but nothing to compare to the real deal. Your menu sounds great! I am glad to hear your exercising in going so well. Keep up the hard work. Later, Tabby

herb on 03/12/2001:
I'm glad of your response to the information on PeTA, most people think that its monolithic, going around with spray cans, and doing sit-ins at fashion designers office. Unfortunately in our society organizations like this, and Greenpeace have to stage this "Street Theatre" to get the medias attention. Television, newspapers, magazines are lazy. They want their stories all prepared and served up to them, just like a Big Macs. Once you get backstage of the theatre and start reading the literature its starts to make sense.

breakaway on 03/13/2001:
Hi Maria...thanks for your comment tonight! Your doing just fine and if 1 slice of pizza is all you had I am proud!! I could never just have 1 piece. I call that disipline! Your doing just wonderful and you will get off that plautea real soon! Have a wonderful day!

Maria7 - Sunday Mar 11, 2001

Weight: 143.0

Good morning, everyone! Bright, sunny, cool day here in South Carolina! The highs are forecasted to be in middle to high 60's (fahrenheit). I threw out birdseed and bread earlier and have been watching the birds enjoy their breakfast. I'm fixing to get ready to go to Sunday School and Preaching. Menu for today is: Breakfast: 1/2 bologna sanwich, 1 banana, decaf coffee. Lunch: Barbequed no-skin chicken breast, string beans, decaf tea. Snack: orange. Supper: Vegetable soup, fat-free saltine crackers, decaf tea. Calories: 1200. Treadmill workout as usual. I did 2 treadmill workouts yesterday because of eating out buffet. I hope you all have a great day today! :)

SoccerMom on 03/11/2001:
Hope you have a great day, too!

halley on 03/11/2001:
How was the buffet? Have a good day?

pastagal on 03/11/2001:
Does that 1/2 bologna sandwich hit the spot with you in the mornings like it does me maria,,i have gotten hooked on that,,i use to eat alot of tuna sandwiches in the mornings and scrambled egg is another of my favorites,i love bread,and anytime i get even one slice i feel satisfied,,,,:}} well your menu sounds good,,i am making another pot of soup today for the week,,i lose better when i eat alot of soup,,,have awonderful sunday:}}}

breakaway on 03/11/2001:
Do you teach sunday school? Hope you have a great day today!! I see you eat bologna for breakfast too. I just got done asking pasta about that. She eats it for breakfast too. Is there anything special about eating bologna for breakfast? I am really getting tempted to try it lol.

Krispy on 03/11/2001:
You sound just like Pastagal with your breakfast. There is no way I could face anything like that at that time in the morning. But if it works for you, go for it!

Sounds like it was going to be bright and sunny where you are, you don't want to swap it for England's dark and rainy days do you?

Your menu sounds great and well done on the treadmill - was the buffet good?

Soon2BThin on 03/11/2001:
We have quail, doves & bunny rabbits in our front yard here. I haven't had time yet to buy some bird seed & get out to feed them (bread for the bunnies) but I look forward to that. Sounds like you really enjoy that there. Hope you had a great day.

herb on 03/11/2001:
As far as the Newsweek story on Mad Cow, I don't want to appear as an alarmist, but I'm speaking from my personal perspective. I truly want to get away from meats. My suggestion is to get in touch with (PETA) Peoples Ethical Treatment of Animals. Address is 501 Front Street, Norfolk, VA 23510. Phone (757) 622-Peta, or their web sites www.peta-online.org or www.GoVeg.com. Ask for their "Vegetarian Starter Kit" which is for free, what I like, unlike so many others is that they tell you the substitutes you can use for fish, meat, ice cream, etc..

Maria7 - Saturday Mar 10, 2001

Weight: 143.0

Good morning, everyone! Beautiful, sunny, cool day here in South Carolina! The birds are singing in the trees over here! As usual, I threw out some bread for them earlier. I am looking through the window beside the computer at a bluejay perched on a treelimb. He is singing away as I key this. I love birds and all other animals, too. I am presently holding at 143. Hubby is home today and I plan to take him out to his favorite buffet this afternoon about 4pm. He loves the seafood there. I know I will pig out, so I'm only having coffee and an orange before then. Then I will probably consume 1500 calories there. I do not like to go eat out and restrict if it is buffet. I'd rather restrict before and after buffet eating that day. Since it is pretty out, if it is warm enough, Hubby and I may get some walking done outside, but if not, it will be the treadmill as usual. Water is increasing, I think I managed to get in about 64 ounces yesterday. Sore throat and bronchitis are gone. Hope you all are feeling well. Have a great day! :)

pastagal on 03/10/2001:
Maria,,,,you have been doing great on your eating,,so take this day and go out and enjoy,,,you deserve it especially after being sick for so long,,,,One time eating out now and then without restrictions isn't going to hurt you,and i bet you don't over eat that much anyway,,:}}} just enjoy it and stop when your full,,,well have a wonderful sat ok,,,,,:}

berry on 03/10/2001:
Go Girl! Eat all you want! You've probably noticed that I do that the same when I know I have to pig out for dinner. I just HATE restricting what I eat at a buffet or all-you-can-eat. And you know what, if you didn't eat much before you planed to pig out, you actualy could not eat as much as you thought you'd.

I'm finding the way you eat and mine are kind of the same, only you do much better than I do.

I'm glad your sore throat and bronchitis are gone before the beautiful sunny day like you're having right now so that you could even have a lunch with those bluejays outside.

Where you live must be beautiful. I wish I could throw some bread out from the window in my room. I can hear the birds singing but they're too high on those palm trees and I can't see'em! That's why I have to go out to the beach to spend time with them;(

Have fun at the buffet:):):)

Miss Piggy on 03/10/2001:
Hi Maria. I think I would b the same way if I was going out to eat buffet. Sounds like a good plan to me. I hope you have a good time there. Jordan and I went out to eat buffet a few days ago and they had the best pineapple-cream cheese danish there. I had to have a second one. They were about an inch or so square. The rest of the food was not that great for some reason. Jordan thinks his stomach has shrunk because he used to be able to put away a couple of big plates of food when he went to eat at a buffet and he could barely get through one this time and felt like he was stuffed and miserable afterwards. Hope you get to go out for that walk. Thank you for telling me how to make the fries. I am making some of those baked fries for supper. Good work on the water intake. Really glad to hear the sore throat is better. Be safe and healthy and happy today. God bless

breakaway on 03/10/2001:
Glad to hear your feeling better! And that your getting in that water. Hope you have a great time going out to eat. Your doing the right thing eating small before and after. That way you will be just fine! Have a wonderful day today!

Jo on 03/10/2001:
So glad to hear you're feeling better. You have so much willpower, and I'm proud of you! Believe me, it helps me stick with this "impossible" dream that I have to be thin and fit once again lol. Enjoy the buffet, and maybe hit the treadmill for a few extra mins. if you indulged a bit. Take care!! Jo

halley on 03/10/2001:
You really should enjoy yourself. No reason to deprive yourself all the time! Good luck!

Krispy on 03/10/2001:
Sounds like you have a beautiful day there. Hope you enjoyed your meal out with your hubby! You deserve to indulge yourself once in a while as long as you don't go overboard. Hope it was nice enough for your walk, certainly wasn't here in England, its been raining most of the day.

Pleased to hear you are better, have a great day!!

mostlyidle on 03/11/2001:
Hope you had a great time at the buffet and didn't hold back too much. Since you're being so good before and after, no reason you can't have some extra calories while you're there. Especially since it's not like it's an every day thing. Besides, since you're recovering from being sick, your body could probably use some extra fuel to fix things anyhow.

Thanks for mentioning baked frech fries. Fries are one of the things that I have missed lately. I didn't even think of baking them for some reason, even though we've done that before we were working on losing weight.

Congratulations on holding your weight. That probably means you didn't lose muscle while being sick. We wouldn't want that!

I'd be interested to know a little about your exercise routine on the treadmill. (How long, fast, etc.) Just to get a sense of what others are doing.

Maria7 - Friday Mar 09, 2001

Weight: 143.0

Good morning, everyone! Cloudy, cool morning here in South Carolina. It rained a little earlier. Hope you are all doing well today. I threw out some bread earlier for the birds. A pretty bluejay was singing in a tree. I think he was telling me he was ready for breakfast, ha, ha. We are having some cold nights, too cold for Hubby and me to walk together, so I have been walking on the treadmill, not nearly as much fun and seems to take longer. I'm starting to get in more water, but not 64 ounces a day yet. Working on it. That's all any of us can do, right? Don't give up, keep working on it. Fall off the wagon? Get back on track. Keep going. Right. Keep coming back here. Helps to stay on track, doesn't it? We're not alone. We're all working towards our goals. And that takes work, right? Discipline? Telling ourselves, "This is the way it's gonna be!" Breaking old habits. (That's a tough one.) It is true, old habits are hard to break. We didn't get overweight from eating correctly and exercising. No...a lot of us got overweight from trying to console and comfort ourselves with food. What did that do? Did it do any good? no. So, here we are, every day, coming here, consoling and comforting one another and helping each other stay on track and get to goalweights. We're gonna do it! YES? Menu for today: Breakfast: 1 banana, 1 lite pimento cheese toasted sandwich using diet wheat bread, decaf coffee, decaf tea. Lunch: 1 hotdog with chili, 1 cup baked french fries, decaf tea. snack: orange. Supper: 1 cup vegetable soup and pack of peanut butter and cheese crackers, decaf tea, decaf coffee. Total calories: 1300. Exercise: Treadmill walking and jogging. Water: As much as can tolerate, (working on it). Have a great day, all of you! :)

pastagal on 03/09/2001:
Maria,,,,,who is it your trying to convince:}} us or yourself,,,,,:}}} But the answer to all the above,,,,YES,,:}}I hope you have a good day,how's the broncitis doing today,my throat is still sore and my sinuses are a mess ,,but i think it is allergies acting up with me right now with this one day nice ,one day not nice outside,,

Your menu sounds good,,about the water,,your doing good,64 oz is a good amount,,try useing a straw,,really helps to get it down quicker:} well have a wonderful friday and see ya here tomorrow,:}}}

Miss Piggy on 03/09/2001:
You are doing great Maria. Thank you for feeding those birds. I sure do miss my birdfeeder and the birds and squrriels I used to feed. I believe God will bless you for it. I mean over and above the blessing you get just from having them around to enjoy. Does it take long for your baked french fries to cook? Do you bake them in the oven or the microwave? My microwaved potato salad didn't turn out very well because I didn't get the potatoes cooked long enough. I guess I was in too big of a hurry that night. Good luck on that water. Keep up the good work.

breakaway on 03/09/2001:
Your entry hit the nail right on the head! I never really thought of it as counseling but your right. And the best part is it's FREE!! I have never had counseling before but I've heard it's not cheap. Good entry and great menu planned for today! Have a wonderful day today!!

Jo on 03/09/2001:
Maria - Hope you had a great day. It sounds like a terrific menu, within cals but still good tasting food. Yeah, keep drinking that water. Do you think it's really important that I count the oz. I'm drinking or should I just drink it as much as I can?? I take a liter of water to work every day and drink it all by mid-morning. Then, at lunch I have a half-liter. When I get home I have at least 2 more liters. Doesn't that seem like enough....

You are so on the money. I definitely have used food to help take care of the hurts in life. And unfortunately, hurts continue to arise daily for all of us so this is not a good method. I get so much comfort and support from communicating with you all. This is a great site for us!! :) Jo

Krispy on 03/10/2001:
You are doing really well on the water! Keep it up. I just have to agree with you on how great I think this place is. Its a bit like a hugh slimming club but with a difference, we can all have a moan and winge and we have the support of each other when we feel down. I just wish I had found you guys earlier!

Your menu sounds great and well done on the treadmill and jogging. Roll on the spring and you can get back outside again! Have a great one!!

Maria7 - Thursday Mar 08, 2001

Weight: 143.0

Good morning, everyone! It is a crisp, sunny, cool day here in South Carolina. Beautiful bright blue sky overhead. I think spring is waking up. I hope all of you are doing well this morning. My mother is much better, thank you all for your comments about her. As for me, I've still got the sore throat, but bronchitis is better. It isn't easy getting a lot of water in with a sore throat. I have been drinking a lot of decaf coffee however, and that helps. Hubby and I were going to take our usual stroll last night, but it felt much colder than we'd anticipated once we began, so we came back and I walked on the treadmill...seemed so much longer, walking on the treadmill instead of walking with Hubby. Today's menu is: Breakfast: lite pimento cheese toasted sandwich using diet wheat bread, decaf tea, decaf coffee. Lunch: hotdog with chili, 1 cup baked french fries, decaf tea. Snack, if have one: banana and pack of nekot peanut butter cookies, decaf tea. Supper: 1 cup vegetable soup, pack of peanut butter cheese crackers, decaf tea. Total calories: 1400. Exercise: treadmill (until it warms up outside again for Hubby and me to walk together). Have a great day, all of you. :)

Kyrin on 03/08/2001:
Hi Maria! I'm glad that your mom is doing so much better. Now, if we could just get <i>you</i> well! {hugs}

I saw on the weather report that your corner of South Carolina was supposed to get hit with a hard freeze last night. Hope your lovely plants and flowering trees did all right.

pastagal on 03/08/2001:
Gosh maria your sickness is really hanging on isn't it:{ wish you could get to feeling better soon,,,,i have got another sore throat,,could be caused from allergies,,,not sure,,i don't feel bad,just throat hurts to swallow,,,anyway,you take time for you and get some rest,,,your doing great on your program:}

Krispy on 03/08/2001:
I know what you mean, going for a stroll with hubby doesn't feel like exercise - roll on warmer weather. It wasn't too cold here today but it was wet but I still went for a walk, fortunately it was only drizzling!!

My little girl Alice was 4 last Friday and she is a real cutie. Typical little English girl, very long blond hair and blue eyes with a fair complexion. I think my kids are at a wonderful age now (4&5) it really is a pleasure having them around and they do get on so well together!

Keep up the good work and I hope it warms up soon!!

berry on 03/08/2001:
oyyy.. hope your bronchitis and sore throat will be all better soon. I also hope you will be able to take a long walk under the sun when it gets much warmer there. It's a nice day here in SoCal too, but it's kind of chilly for a walk on the beach, so I'll skip that for today. Have a very nice day******

muggg on 03/08/2001:
Hope you get to feeling better soon. The germs are especially bad this year. Take care!

Miss Piggy on 03/08/2001:
Hi Maria, goodnes gracious. Hope you get to feeling better soon. The treadmill doesn't sound like a good substitute for a walk with yuor husband. Better than no exercise but not nearly as much fun. Hope it warms up there for you soon. Have a marvellous day and take care of yourself. God bless you. (Oh I almost forgot-there is yet another movie or two in that left behind series. I think one of them is called apocalypse.) Hugs.

breakaway on 03/08/2001:
good menu today!! And I'm glad you got that walk in anyhow. It sure does seem a lot longer doesn't it? I think I will move my tv in our bedroom (where our treadmill is) that way it will go by faster. Have a wonderful day today!!

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