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Maria7 - Saturday Jan 13, 2001

Weight: 149.0

Hi, everybody! Well it is the weekend! I hope all of you are having a great (and safe eating) one! It is a beautiful day here in South Carolina today, cool and sunshiney. I am looking out the window currently and watching 2 squirrels playing near the top of an oak tree. There was a bluejay on the tree limb earlier, singing (I think he was singing 'It Will Soon Be Springtime, So All of You DietDiary Journalers Get To Work!') and I threw him some bread to eat. Well, I am doing well with my 64 ounces of water a day and 1 mile on the treadmill. Slowly getting to goal of 140. I know I'm eating a lot of fruit here lately, but I bought it so I've got to eat it...but I haven't forgotten about vegetables. I think I just got carried away in the grocery store. So, today will be approximately the same menu as yesterday, only there will be a broiled porkchop instead of fish in menu somewhere, lunch or either supper. Hubby LOVES FRIED porkchops, so I am going to fix him some today and broil mine. Have a great day, all of you and I will be checking back to read your interesting journals! Maria

dvdmon on 01/13/2001:
Wow, yeah, I have heard bad things about aspartame before. In Protein Power Lifeplan, they go into a history of a bunch of different artificial sweeteners including aspartame. The only ones they said hadn't been proven harmful were cyclamates (which are no longer available in the US due to political reasons) and sucralose (Splenda). But they said even as far as sucralose, that it hadn't been proven harmful YET. So who knows. I've actually seen reports that it enlarges the liver kidneys and one other organ (can't remember which) with significant quantities on a daily basis in rats, but I'm not sure what that quantity is, and they haven't proved it in humans yet... In the book they talk about how many of these artificial sweeteners (but I don't think they include Splenda), can trigger a rise in insulin even though they should be metabolicly inert. So perhaps this is why people have determined they can cause plateaus or stalls...

As far as fitday, yes, if you look at the total calories burned, it looks like I would have to consume 2400 calories per day on a day I don't exercise to break even and I'm consistantly (for the last three days anyway) eating between 1800 and 2000). But throw in exercise and that goes up to 3000 calories burned give or take. I don't know how accurate the calories burned without exercise is because I think that depends a lot on your metabolism, so if you have a really slow metabolism, that could be down at 1500 calories, or a really fast one at 3500! But at least it's been consistant with the weight loss - I've lost now three days in a row. Don't tell anyone, but tonight when I post my diary, it'll be at a new low ;-) Have a great weekend!

pastagal on 01/13/2001:
Hi Maria,,,,,sounds like your doing super lately on your program,,,,and thats so great to hear:} your weather sounds nice to,,,it was like that here yesterday,,,but now today is alittle colder outside and alittle cloudy,,,so not sure what is in store weather wise today,,,,

Tomorrow when i buy groceries i gotta get more fruit,i love to take bananas & apples and cut up in bite size peices and put fat free cool whip in them and oh boy are they good and only couple points for a cup full,,,and very filling and really takes care of the sweet urge:}

I love fried pork chops myself,,i just love Pork period!! but i bought a George Forman grill last yr and i dearly love it for grilling food on,have you ever tried one,,cooks so fast and so moist and evenly cooked,,cause it cooks on both sides at the same time,,its great for veggies to,,

well today i am hitting the treadmill,you are inspiring me girl:}} Ok have a great weekend and keep this up and your gonna hit your goal before you know it:}}

jenny on 01/13/2001:
Well, fruit's not so bad!! I could think of worse things, that's for sure. Good for you...a broiled pork chop will be just the ticket. Happy sunshine day, lucky you!

poundcake on 01/13/2001:
maria..Thanks for the encouragement! I am new here and not really sure about how all of this works. Seems it would be alot better if they had a chat room. But anyway..thanks. poundcake

km on 01/14/2001:
Wow sounds like you are right on track with your dieting and exercise> Keep up the great work~Kim~

Maria7 - Friday Jan 12, 2001
(1200-1500 Low Starch Calories a Day)
Weight: 149.5

Hello everybody! Rainy day here in South Carolina. I hope all of you are having a good day and doing well with your eating and exercise. My menu for today is: Breakfast: Mug of cocoa, 1 cup fresh strawberries, 2 tablespoons coolwhip. Snack: 1 cup cubed watermelon and a banana. Lunch: Broiled ocean perch fish and salad with fat-free dressing. Snack: Canteloupe and red grapes. Supper: Tuna/egg salad on lettuce. I am going to try to do over a mile on treadmill today and drink 64 ounces water. I will be checking back later to read all of your entries. Have a great day! Maria

km on 01/12/2001:
sounds like you are right on track with your diet and exercise that's fantastic a mile on the treadmill is great that is my goal to start using mine, soon, maybe ,today! how's that for inspiration!! Have a great day ~Kim~

DVDMon on 01/12/2001:
Hey Maria, I just take the asparagus and throw them in the microwave for a couple of minutes, then sprinkle salt and butter on. I used to love asparagus from a can, not even cooking it, but then I saw that the sodium content was through the roof!

Hey, I hope you don't think I'm being to forward, but I wanted to make some comments about your diet. If you think I'm being to presumptuous, please ignore me! ;-) I notice that you are now saying you are on a low-starch 1200-1500 calorie diet. I'm just wondering a couple of things. When you say "low starch" do you simply mean that you're forgoing bread and starchy veggies like potatoes? The reason I ask is that carbs are carbs no matter what they come from. Of course it's better to eat the carbs in a piece of melon than a muffin, because of all the vitamins and nutrients, but if you are trying to have a low amount in general, all the fruit you seem to be eating can add up, especially the bananas which are a very starchy fruit. Have you actually tried counting carbs or fat aside or protein? Do you have a range you are trying to go for? I know you said 1200-1500 calories, but do you have any goals as far as the amount of protein, carbs, or fat that you eat each day? Just wondering. Also, I wish you luck, and if you feel satisfied, that's great, but caloric restriction can often leave you feeling pretty hungry, and that's one thing you don't want to feel on a diet because it will set you up for binges and discourage you and your body will also rebel by lowering your metabolism. Also, there are often hidden carbs in things, especially processed foods and especially a lot of low-fat or no-fat products. These products are pumped with sugar and chemicals in order to compensate for the lack of taste after the fat is removed. The important thing is to read labels as much as you can. When I first started doing low-carb dieting, I was buying stuff that turned out to be a lot higher in carbs than I thought. The food industry tends to put sugar or starch in almost anything they can! ;-) I remember eating a lot of smoked salmon when I first started, than I read the label (I had thought it was just pure protein and fat) and it turned out it had 4 grams of carbs per serving - and I was eating a lot more than one serving per ditting! ;-)

Anyway, good luck, if its working for you, keep at it. But also try to vary your diet as much as you can. Whenever I used to diet in the past I would eat the same thing almost every day. It was kind of a safeguard for going off. I knew I could control myself with certain foods, so I would just stick to them and it would make it a lot easier. Unfortunately, your body gets used to this and your metabolism tends to slow, plus, when you finally reach your goal and you all of a sudden feel like you can eat other things, you aren't used to all the choices and it becomes all of a sudden very difficult to eat sensibly. At least that's been my experience...

pastagal on 01/12/2001:
MMM your menu sounds good,,,but you should try to eat a bit more variety for breakfast,that is the meal that should be the largest to get your body awake and ready to burn calories;} Lunch sounds great to,,,and as for the tuna salad,,,,i love that:}}} had one for lunch yesterday and going to again today,,well maria,,you sound on track,,you keep this up girl and your going to see a loss,you just wait:}}} Have a great day and weekend ok,:}}

muggg on 01/12/2001:
I'm drooling over you menu!! It sounds yummy. You're doing great with the water and a mile is excellent on the treadmill! Keep it up!

Maria7 - Thursday Jan 11, 2001

Weight: 150.0

Hello, everybody! I'm back to where I was! I got in more water yesterday and didn't touch breads or anything with flour, nor starches. I ate yesterday: Breakfast: Banana, Cocoa. Lunch: Salad (made of wild onion, cucumber, carrot, lettuce, bell pepper), broiled ocean perch fish, celery with a little lite pimento cheese on it. Snack: Banana. Supper was a cantaloupe and more broiled fish. I drank about 3 big glasses water and walked about 1/2 mile on treadmill. Today I'm going to try to do about the same menu and walk a mile on treadmill. I am so glad to see all our newcomers...(even though I am still sort of one myself, been coming here almost a month). I will be reading all of your entries later today. Have a great day! Maria

km on 01/11/2001:
Great!!Wow a pound loss is fantastic especially after being so good and all that treadmill walking you deserve it. How long does that mile take you to do on the treadmill? Have a great day~Kim~

sunny3 on 01/11/2001:
Hi Maria! You are doing absolutely great! Very disciplined menu! I do not enjoy fish much though but it sounds good when you talk about it.Heehee. Still not good enough to attempt to cook and eat it!

Keep up the awesome work! Hugs! ~~Sunny~~

pastagal on 01/11/2001:
Hi maria,,,,,sounds like your day was a good one,,,your menu sounded good:} Keep it up and i have started walking on my treadmill again also,,slowly but surely i will get back into exersise:}} amazing how great it makes ya feel huh,,,,have a good day:}}

muggg on 01/11/2001:
You're doing great and eating a very wholesome menu. I can understand your disappointment at how hard it is to lose. Here are a few things to keep in mind. Number one. Our metabolisms are slowed down. After exercising consistantly, they will eventually speed up and we will lose faster.

Here's a formula to help you out. The average person burns about 11 calories per pound per day just functioning - if you are not TOO sedentary. Multiply your weight by 11. That is what your body requires to maintain. For every 100 calories you can pare off that number, you can hopefully lose about one pound per month. (Each pound is worth 3500 calories). The average person burns 100 calories walking a mile. You need to exercise 100 calories worth per day to burn one pound's worth of calories in a month.

A reasonable goal is one to two pounds per week weight loss. That means you would have to cut your calorie requirments by 500 calories EVERY day for one week AND you would have to burn 500 calories EVERY day for one week to see a two pound loss total.

It sounds hard doesn't it? But start out slowly. Eat less... drink a lot of water and start some exercising. You will get used to the exercising and be able to do more later. The important thing is to start. Also important is to eat healthy and be CONSISTANT. Also be sure to eat enough... if your body doesn't have enough food.. it will think it is starving and use even less calories to operate!!! We are in this journey for life. None of us here wants to JUST lose weight...we want to keep it off for good. We can't diet and then go back to our old ways. The journey is worth it and the friends you will meet here add to the enjoyment.

Good luck and keep up the good attitude. We're going to make it together!

P.S. that was 3 tops for $3.00 each! Sear doesn't have that great of bargains... but that was pretty good!

Maria7 - Wednesday Jan 10, 2001

Weight: 151.5

Hello, everybody! Do we hear the word, 'DISCOURAGED'....???? That's what I am....I have been so good, not going over my calories and trying to stay low starch, and what do I get for my treadmill walking???? A GAIN!!! Well,.....I hear you now saying..."That's just muscle weight, Maria, the real measurement is not the scale when you exercise, it is the tape measure."......Well...the tape measure shows NO CHANGE....I feel like going on a food binge...I'm glad that when I went to the grocery store last night after practice at church I didn't give in to buying any fat-free chips (I might would eat the WHOLE BAG!) or low calorie sweets (it would be high-calorie when I would finish it all). Instead, I bought nice, healthy items, like celery, wild onions, baby carrots, canteloupe, sliced watermelon, salad stuff (lettuce, tomato, cucumber,etc.), and I bought some lite pimento spread for the celery that is only 70 cals/2 tablespoons. How can I binge off of this stuff???? I bought my Hubby a little 300 calorie oatmeal cake, but he ate it last night, not that it will add to his slim weight. I also bought some fish to broil for lunch today, ho, ho, ho...oh, well. I needed to vent and thanks for listening (reading). I walked the usual mile on the treadmill yesterday and had for the day's food 1500 calories, maybe need to go lower...what do you all think? Maria

pastagal on 01/10/2001:
Maria,,don't let the scale rule you ok,,,i use to do that,,if i didn't see a change even daily i would assume nothing i was doing was working,,well weight watchers has taught me that it does work,,just give it time,,,and keep doing what your doing,,when i first started last yr,i had only lost about 5 lbs in the first two months and i was so discouraged and yet i was starting to be able to wear a smaller size pants,,thats when i realized something was working even if the scale wasnt showing a huge loss like it was for alot of others,,,so now i don't care what the scale says,,i have clothes i try on weekly when i am dieting and thats what i go by,,,them not the scale and it gives me the charge i need to keep going:}} Maybe you need more variety,,veggies and fruit and WATER,,,i know you have heard this before,,,but the more water you can drink,the faster you will lose,,i am going to start back posting my daily food intake,,maybe that will help you a bit,,,but don't give up ok:}} You will start seeing a change,,,:}}

km on 01/10/2001:
Don't be discouraged the scale is only number's it dosen't measure the fact that you went to the grocery store and bought all that healthy food and no real binge food or the fact that you have not cheated and the fact of the treadmill walking that's great. All those things are what is going to make you thin for life and healthy and it's the long run not the short run that we all are all after. Sounds so easy when I tell you now I just need to listen~Kim~

DVDMon on 01/10/2001:
Ok, Maria, take a breath :-) It's pointless to look at the scale and expect it to perform the way you think it should. Metabolism changes, water consumption, exercise, and a bizillion other factors go into this very general measurement. Even measuring your size, it's not going to change from one day to the next. But the fact that you didn't gain any inches but did gain weight, should show you that you really didn't gain FAT, which is the important thing. As far as the treadmill, perhaps I misunderstand your message, but there's no way you could have burned 1500 calories in just 1 mile. Even walking up hill burns at most 500 or 600 calories per hour, and it usually doesn't even take a half hour to do a mile, so either I'm not understanding you or your calibration on your treadmill is completely off. The main thing is that you're wait naturally goes up and down during the day and from day to day and when you decrease calories and exercise a lot there's no guarentee you will be less the next day, so it's useless to get upset over it. You have to look at the long-term trends and accept the fact that you will not always go down when you think you should. On the flip side of this, you will sometimes be pleasantly surprised when you actually lose weight when the previous day you pigged out and thus expected a gain...

jenny on 01/10/2001:
See what I mean? If you don't buy it, you can't eat it!!! Good thing you were strong at the store, way to go! I'm sure you're frustrated, but I really don't think you should drop below 1,500. That just sets you up for failure. The weight WILL come off, be patient.

Maria7 - Tuesday Jan 09, 2001
(1200-1500 calories a day)
Weight: 150.5

Hello, everybody! Well, we didn't get any snow, but we are having sunshine, so maybe those were sunshine birds I saw yesterday...I want to ask you all if any of you are familiar with or have the free long-distance calling anywhere in the U.S. by Yahoo or by anyone else? I downloaded it last night and it seems to be working well...I called my brother, who lives up north and saved (I think) a long-distance charge by talking with him through this computer. Any comments on this would be appreciated. I did pretty well on my eating yesterday, and trying to do the same today. So far, I've had (for breakfast) 2 toast, 1 egg, mug of cocoa and am now drinking tea. Lunch will probably be tuna/egg salad and tea and supper something low-calorie, with fruit for snacks today. I hope you all have a great day! Maria

Pastagal on 01/09/2001:
I don't know about the free calling on the puter maria,,sounds good tho:} Your menu sounds good today to,,,i am going into weight watchers tonight and rejoining,,really excited about starting it all over again,gosh its hard to beleive a yr has passed since i got serious and started trying to lose weight,,,it was the best thing i ever did tho,:} Well have a great day,will let you know how it goes tonight:}

The Bug on 01/09/2001:
No advice to offer about the long distance calling with YAHOO. Congrats on the great eating!

DVDMon on 01/09/2001:
Hmmm it sounds like it's a feedback problem, Maria. I would try moving the speaker away from any other electronic appliance. Also check all the connections and fiddle with them - sometimes there's just a slightly loose connection. The only other thing I can think of is that for some reason there is some times a problem with different volume levels somehow clashing with stuff, so try changing the volume to see if that does anything. Also replacing the speakers with headphones to see if it's a problem with the speaker or the computer... It may just be that something's wrong with your speaker, in which case you'll just have to replace it. You can get some pretty cheap at any Comp-USA, though, so it should be a big deal...

Maria7 - Monday Jan 08, 2001
(Low starch, 1200-1500 calories)
Weight: 150.5

Hello, everybody! I hope you are all doing well today! It is a rainy, cool day here in S.C. Not much going on...I am taking a much-needed 'break'. Eating out costed a little gain yesterday, but I am making up for it today. I enjoyed reading the 7 guideline rules posted by Panda. I thought they sounded good. I will be looking forward to reading all of your entries later on after each of you post today. Maria UPDATE: It quit raining for a while this afternoon and I looked outside and lots of SNOWBIRDS were here! This happened last year on January 24th and within hours we received 1/2 foot of snow! SOOOOOOoooooooo......just maybe....... Maria

DVDMon on 01/08/2001:
Maria, almonds do have carbs, but relatively few compared to other nuts. Most low-carb diets allow you to subtract the fiber in a food from its carb content, and doing this yields a pretty low count for almonds. My food counter says that the type I buy (dry-roasted) contain 3 grams of carbs per oz. (which comes to about 22 almonds). I have bought both salted and unsalted and sometimes mix the two. The unsalted are fine, I think they even taste a little like peanuts, as you can taste some natural sweetness without the salt getting in the way. I've also bought raw almonds and roasted them myself by nuking them with butter or olive oil and salt. Very delicious, but of course this adds to the fat content.

muggg on 01/08/2001:
I love buffets too and carry in dinners!!! I know what you mean! You sound much better today... hope you are going to escape the major headcold!

pastagal on 01/08/2001:
Hi maria,,,,sounds like your having a good day inside,its raining here in northern calif today to,i did manage to get out and run to the bank and hit the book store,,feeling much better also:}}

Maria7 - Sunday Jan 07, 2001

Weight: 150.0

Hello, everybody! Cloudy day here in S.C., not too cold. Just got home from eating out buffet after church. Buffet is my weakness. But Hubby LOVES it. I bet I ate 1500 calories, and it could have easily been much more. I walked on the treadmill over a mile yesterday and I think it is helping. Anyway, I will SURELY be doing some walking on it this afternoon! From what I understand, walking not only burns calories, but it increases metabolism, to where you end up with more calories burned than just what the walking burns. We had a wonderful church service this morning. Looking forward to going back tonight. Well, guess I'll get on the treadmill, do a mile, call my brother, who lives up north and talk to him a little while, and then rest and maybe watch a movie this afternoon. What I've eaten today? I am almost ashamed to say: Breakfast: 1 egg fried with vegetable oil spray, 2 toast, mug of cocoa, tea. Lunch (at buffet restuarant): Barbeque, slaw, candied yams, rice, gravy, corn, potato salad, banana pudding, ice cream, sprite. So far I think I've had a total of about 2000 calories for today. Tonight will only be a mug of cocoa and maybe tea and I am hoping to not see a gain by tomorrow morning after the treadmill walk. Hope all of you have a great day! Maria

dvdmon on 01/07/2001:
Hey Maria, I'm not sure if walking really increases metabolism all that much, but it does prevent metabolism from slowing the way sometimes extremely exertive exercise can. In the same way your body sometimes slows metabolism if you haven't eaten for a while, or you're restricting calories a lot because it thinks you're starving, so it needs to conserve energy, it does the same thing with really heavy exercise that burns a ton of calories really quickly. It's kind of the catch 22 of exercise in that if you exercise too hard, you may actually slow your metabolism, too easy and you don't burn a whole lot of calories. One type of exercise that is GUARENTEED to increase your metabolism, though, is resistance training, aka weight training. Even though the actual liftin itself might not burn as many calories as a cardio workout, your body continues to burn a good number of calories for two days or more just repairing and building new muscle tissue. Also, this new muscle tissue itself requires calories to just exist, so your body will use more of what you eat for just maintaining that muscle, thus there is less left over for fat storage.

pastagal on 01/07/2001:
I know what you mean maria,,,i love buffets myself,,i have learned when i do go to them,to hit the salad first and try to fill up on that,,then if i do get other stuff,,,to take one small spoon of each thing i try,,,and it seems to work for me if i do that,,,but even with that your getting alot of calories i think,,but once now and then isnt going to destroy your diet,,so enjoy it and don't beat yourself up over it ok:} and besides,,,just plan on walking 15 mins more on the treadmill:} Have a great day tomorrow ok,,,:}

dvdmon on 01/08/2001:
Just to answer your question, Maria, I'm assuming by "hand weights" you're talking about those little one or two-lb weights that some people hold wile walking? That's certainly going to be better than walking with no weights, but it's really not going to help that much in adding muscle. After all, the arms are not the most muscular part of the body, especially for women. You'll get much more bang for your buck trying build the larger muscle groups on your leggs and back. I know some women are afraid of getting bulky, but you really have to be doing a lot of regular heavy lifting to see much bulk, and even then it's fairly rare...

The Bug on 01/08/2001:
Congrats on walking on the treadmill. My goal for next week is to add two days of exercise.

Maria7 - Saturday Jan 06, 2001

Weight: 151.0

Hello, everybody! Well, yesterday's eating got me back down to where I was. Had to go out this morning to get an oven unit heating element...I guess that's what you call it. On Christmas day, with the ham baking, the bottom oven unit decided to go out and it didn't just go out, it broke half in two. But at least the ham was done (barely). So, I tried cooking some barbequed chicken in the oven since then and it didn't turn out real well, just using the broiler top and turning the chicken over several times while it cooked. Strange, how we don't really appreciate some things until we have to do without them. Anyway, I went to a salvage shop, where I got the oven unit for about one-third the cost, and it was new, too. Came back home....(however I did stop by a store and saw that they were practically giving away their Christmas candy and if I didn't care how much I weighed, I would have just about bought them out)....there were four messages and I've called none back yet. Thanks for all of your concerned responses to my entry yesterday...I'll work on getting my calories back up a little. Have a great day, all of you! Maria

pastagal on 01/06/2001:
Glad you got your oven fixed:} i know,,we don't want or need them till there broke huh:} Glad to hear your going to get your calories back up a bit:} Have a wonderful day maria and thanks for the kind words about the baby,,,he is going to do fine,,just gonna take time:}

Maria7 - Friday Jan 05, 2001

Weight: 152.0

Hello, everybody. Been another busy day today, as was yesterday. I am feeling better some and do plan to rest, maybe starting Monday...? I am back on track with dieting. Today I've eaten: Breakfast: 1 banana, tea. Lunch: Small tuna/egg salad, no bread. Tea. Supper: Small tuna/egg salad on lettuce. Tea. No snacks today. Total calories: 800. I enjoy reading the entries you all write. Maria

pastagal on 01/05/2001:
Todays menu sounded good maria,,,,just remember don't keep your calories to low,,,its best to eat more of different things so you don't get burnt out,,,,i am rejoining ww123 on tuesday,getting excited,,i still don't feel real good,,but the doctor told me it could take weeks to get beyond this broncitis,,so no matter how i feel i am getting back on track with my dieting,,have a great weekend and keep up the good work:}}

muggg on 01/05/2001:
Hi, Maria, Glad you are starting to feel better. You need to eat a little bit more so your body doesn't think it is starving. It will cut back on the calories it burns if it senses starvation. I know too, there is the temptation to enjoy not wanting to eat! It is a relief to not have a ravenous appetite after being sick!

Anyway, take care!

jenny on 01/05/2001:
Wooooo-eee, girl, I couldn't get by on 800 calories! Don't make yourself sick now.

herb on 01/06/2001:
Excellent day! Wish I was able to maintain a regime like you did today.

Maria7 - Thursday Jan 04, 2001

Weight: 152.0

Hello everybody. Well, I'm up. Don't care. Feel 'out of it'. My mother is here today and I am going to take her around some places. Presently I am washing her clothes. I don't feel good, but trying to be cheerful. I really just want to lay down and go to sleep. It is still sunny and cold here. Guess I am fighting off a cold. My Hubby is still sick. I am giving him cold med, but I can't take any, it will make me go to sleep. Got lots to do today. I hope all of you are doing well. I overate yesterday afternoon. Still doing it today, too. Years ago when I was real slim, I would usually put on about 10 pounds every winter without trying. Then without trying, lose them in the summer. But that was way before I became overweight. It didn't matter then. I guess as we get older, our metabolism slows down due to being less physically active. I hear the treadmill calling me, but all I've got to say is "not today..." Maria

pastagal on 01/04/2001:
Aww maria,,sounds like you need to stop and take care of you ,,,you sound like me,,take care of everyone but yourself and in the end you pay big time:{ Get some rest or try ok,,,hang in there ,,things will get better:}

herb on 01/05/2001:
I second the diagnosis made by Pastagal. Get into your jammies, make a hot-toddy, slide into bed, and pull up the covers. Rx by Doctor Herb

The Bug on 01/05/2001:
I know how you feel. I'm starting to get a head cold, but there is not way I'll be able to sit down and relax. Isn't hard to beleive that someone could put on and take off 10 pounds without even trying. Sounds like a dream to me.

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