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Maria7 - Thursday Jun 12, 2003
(Moderation and Exercise)
Weight: 0.0

Hello all...long time, no write, I know...I'm Maria7 in earlier entries (lost password and changed email addresses and couldn't get it)....I'm reading in here tonight and so wanted to say hey to you!

Hubby and I are doing well...We had a grill out on the back deck this afternoon...barbequed chicken...yum! It was good! I'm doing low-carb for a few days, but I can't stick with it over a few days at a time, so I usually go 3 to 5 days low carb, then I have more carbs (breads mainly) and then back to low carb again after the weekend of extra carbs...and it is working!

Sunday School class is going great...I put an ad in the local newspaper this week and it says FREE BREAKFAST with an invitation for everyone to come to the Sunday School class, so I've already made up and frozen 70 homemade sausage biscuits, to be baked early Sunday morning before we leave for church. I also bought other breakfast goodies and we have coffee and lots of softdrinks...so I guess we will see how it does...

It was a pretty day here in S.C., but a little on the warm side and we had a rain shower this afternoon before the grillout.

Well, have a good night and remember, Jesus loves ya and I do, too!

Love, Maria (SMILE)

Maria7 - Saturday May 17, 2003
(Moderation and Exercise)
Weight: 0.0

Hello, everybody! I'm back again! I have still been coming here from time to time, reading entries.

I'm not ready to put in my weight yet, but I will say I'm down 8 from what I've gained, which is good. I've been regularly going to the gym and walking and jogging on the treadmill there, as well as doing lots of different weight workouts there over the past couple of months and it works. I'm already wearing some of my smaller sized clothes that I couldn't wear 2 months ago.

I am happily teaching a new Sunday School Class as of 2 months ago...get this...how would you like to attend a Sunday School Class where you have a free breakfast awaiting you in the classroom each Sunday morning? Where you teacher gets up early Sunday mornings and fixes homemade sausage biscuits (lots of them) and brings them each Sunday morning along with soft drinks (diet drinks included) and donuts (for those who dare) and there is also a giant coffee urn with steaming hot coffee to drink...all of this free to those who come to the class...? I am so excited about this class and really enjoy teaching. We sit around tables that are put together end to end in our room and we have a discussion-type lesson while we drink our coffee and eat together and it is fun! I'm still playing piano at church, also.

I encourage each of you who are not attending church to go and give it a try to one that teaches the Bible and salvation through Jesus Christ.

Hubby is doing well...working a lot of hours, but he may have off next weekend, won't know for sure til Thursday or Friday, that is just the way it is...but maybe we'll get to do some things like go to the flea market and eat out or something if he does, weather permitting.

Well, just thought I'd say hello to you. Have a good night! Love, Maria

pastagal on 05/18/2003:
Maria,,,you sure sound like things are going good with you,,glad to hear that and so glad to see an entry from you:} You take care and enjoy that new job teaching sunday school,,sounds fun:}

Soon2BThin on 05/19/2003:
Good to hear you're doing well. If I lived nearby I'd come to your Sunday School. It sounds great and I don't mean just the food. I hope you get that nice weekend with the hubby.

Maria7 - Friday Apr 18, 2003

Weight: 0.0

Hello, everybody!

Happy GOOD FRIDAY! Today is the holiday recognizing that the Friday before Easter (Jesus' resurrection), Jesus gave His Life for you and for me on the cross, to give us the give of eternal life through Him! He took OUR place on the cross and paid the price for OUR sins! He shed His blood for us because he loved us! So, I say to each of you, Happy Good Friday!

Hope you all are doing well. It was nice to see that Soon To Be Thin remembered me in her diary today.

It is a rainy and cloudy and a little cold day here in S.C.

Flowers are getting ready to bloom! We have 13 rosebuds in the backyard!

Hope you are all doing well this Good Friday and hope you all have received Jesus Christ for your Lord and Saviour! He is the ONLY WAY to heaven! Love ya! Maria :)

hearts_desire on 04/18/2003:
Hello Maria, I'm not sure you will remember me or not, but I was here at the DD about a year ago..My name is Lisa, I was mommy of two.. but I couldnt remember my password, so I made this new one. It is good to see your still coming here for the support of these great people. When I was last here, your hubby had been laid off from work. This is happening to me now. for three months now. I was just wanting to know if you would say alittle prayer for me and my family. I am guessing things worked out well for you and your hubby. I truely believe in the power of prayer and the power of God. I thank you and wish you the best on this easter weekend. God Bless and take care sweetie, Lisa

Maria7 - Friday Mar 28, 2003

Weight: 0.0

For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everylasting life. John 3:16

Hello everybody! Thought I'd stop by and see how you are all doing! As for me, I'm doing well, thank the Lord. I've put on some weight, though, and too ashamed to say how much, but I'm back to eating healthier and doing the exercise routine again.

I'd gotten to where I was doing a lot of baking, especially cakes and giving them away and every now and then, I'd keep one for Hubby and me and I would eat more of them than he would, so I put on the most weight. How much did I put on? More than I care to say, hehehe. But, as of 3 days ago, I began eating more sensibly and exercising again. Walking, mostly.

It is a rainy day here in S.C. today.

Hope you all have a nice day.

Love, Maria (SMILES!!!)

kyrin on 03/28/2003:
(Friday, 8PM)

Hi, Maria!

I just found your entry and had to stop in for a bit to say that I've missed you. ...And that I'm glad you've come back and have started working toward your goal again. Most of seemed to have gained some weight during the fall/winter holidays. (For some of us it was one long holiday that stretched from October to January. LOL)

I'm looking forward to hearing from you more often. Do you plan to be a regular again?



Maria7 - Saturday Mar 08, 2003

Weight: 0.0

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

Hello, Everybody! Hope you are all doing okay. Hubby and I just got back a little while ago from our neighborhood walk. It was nice and what a beautiful, gorgeous day we had today that the Lord blessed us with! Sunshine, 60's, nice. We grilled out hamburgers on the back deck this afternoon. I make the patties just a little smaller than I used to for both of us. We've both put on a little extra weight. Anyway, just thought I'd say hello to all of you! Love, Maria

kyrin on 03/08/2003:
Hey, girl! It's nice to see you dropping in every once in a while.

I hope that all is well with your family.



Maria7 - Sunday Feb 23, 2003

Weight: 0.0

Hello, everybody! Hope you are all having a wonderful day in the Lord. It is sunny and windy today here in S.C.

We (Hubby and I) are still in church and I urge any of you who are not going right now to consider going to a Bible- believing church that teaches about Jesus Christ and that He gave His life on the cross and shed His blood for the remission of our sins and he arose from the dead and is alive forevermore, so we can be saved by believing in Him, confessing our sins and asking for his forgiveness of them, and repenting (turning away from our sins and forsaking them) and living for Him. To all who do, Jesus gives the gift of eternal life and there is no other way to be saved but THROUGH HIM. He is the only way. Simply being a good person does not give the gift of eternal life. You can't save yourself by doing good things. It is good to do good things, though. But to receive the gift of eternal life, a person must BELIEVE in Jesus Christ. 'For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life.' John 3:16.

Hope you all have good afternoon!

Love, Maria

Maria7 - Thursday Feb 20, 2003

Weight: 0.0

Hello, Everybody! Hope you've all had a great day today! It has been sunny and warm here in S.C. (high was in the low 60's) and we (Hubby and I) grilled out hamburgers on the back deck this afternoon. They were real good! We had homefries and green string beans to go with them. (I made my hamburger with diet bread instead of buns and used 1 tablespoon 50 calorie mayo and a lot of lettuce.) Hubby and I had our first outside 'walk' of the year tonight. We only walked about 15 or 20 minutes, though.

We (Hubby and I) are still in church and I urge any of you who are not going right now to consider going to a Bible- believing church that teaches about Jesus Christ and that He gave His life on the cross and shed His blood for the remission of our sins and he arose from the dead and is alive forevermore, so we can be saved by believing in Him, confessing our sins and asking for his forgiveness of them, and repenting (turning away from our sins and forsaking them) and living for Him. To all who do, Jesus gives the gift of eternal life and there is no other way to be saved but THROUGH HIM. He is the only way. Simply being a good person does not give the gift of eternal life. You can't save yourself by doing good things. It is good to do good things, though. But to receive the gift of eternal life, a person must BELIEVE in Jesus Christ. 'For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life.' John 3:16.

Have a good night!

Love, Maria

pastagal on 02/21/2003:
Hey Maria,,,,good to see you hear again with us today,,,you asked about the cobb salad,,,it has,,,lettuce,,egg,,bacon,,green onions,avocado if you like that,which i don't,blue cheese which i ask them to leave out,,umm,,,tomatoes,cheese if you want,,,and grilled chicken in strips,with your choice of dressing,,,makes a meal all by itself,,,my hubby loves that,,well its late and i am heading to bed,,have a great night;}

Maria7 - Thursday Mar 29, 2001

Weight: 140.0

I'm leaving for Island 140...Goodbye, Island 141! Good morning, everyone! Rainy morning here in South Carolina, currently 45 degrees fahrenheit, with high expected around 60. Hope you are all doing well. As for me, I feel discouraged because I got on the scale and it still sits on 141 this morning. I even got on the treadmill yesterday, in spite of sunburn, and got sunburn heated up worse, trying to break the barrier from 141 to 140. So, I guess this is just a wait and see, eh? My goal is to be at 140 within 2 more days (before April 1st). Anyway, all of you have a great day today. You're all doing terrific! :) Update: Menu for today is: Breakfast: Large salad of lettuce, toasted walnuts, cheddar cheese, chicken breast, onions, orange slices. Lunch: Banana, chicken, salad. Supper: Large bowl of vegetable soup. Lots of water, no soft drinks! (Thanks, Kyrin!) Have a great day! :)

Kyrin on 03/29/2001:
Hi Maria!

I would love to see you on the Island of Joy (140) by April 1st. How about getting rid of the soft drink and drink water instead. Carbonated drinks are (I think) sodium carbaonated. Try drinking more water to flush things out of your system...

I've already got my pom-poms waving in the breeze...all set to cheer.

carrie on 03/29/2001:
Hi There! I don't know what weight loss program you are on, but the one I am on advises the following for breaking a plateau! Eat nothing but protein and veg's for two days! I don't know if that is something you care to do, but it generally works. You'd eat like, 2 eggs scrambled for breakfast, and lunch would be a chicken breast with a salad and dinner would be a hambg. patty with a salad. Lots of water. Other than that, I envy your weight! I can't wait to get to your Island! Wanna hear something funny! When I first happened upon this sight I read your entry first. I thought you were really on an island! It takes a while for this gal to catch on! Carrie

Kyrin on 03/29/2001:
Yes! There you go. Much better for you than decaf.

How's the treadmill lookin'?

Krispy on 03/29/2001:
I have the champagne cork ready to pop!!!

It won't be long and you will be docking into island 140. Wish I could stay on track as well as you are at the moment, not doing very well - but nevermind I have decided April is going to be my month - so watch out!

Take care and have a great day!

Krispy on 03/29/2001:
Thanks for your 2 e-mails, they look great, I will have fun looking through them. Will let you know how I get on.

I told Isaac you were coming to share his chocolate rice krispie cakes with him, he laughed!!!

BTW your salad bowl is working now, it wasn't earlier!

Thanks again!

sparkymel on 03/29/2001:
You are so motivated!!! Remember the inches count more than the scale. Have a great one!!!

bobik on 03/29/2001:
Don't get discouraged. You are gonna be on the island in no time!!!!! You are not on Island 141 anymore but ready to hit the dock of Island 140. And what a magnificent island it is!!!!!

Big Red on 03/29/2001:
Nice to meet you. with this being my first day and all. i'm still trying to figure out this site. I just wanted to say thank you for replying to my post and it looks like you are doing a wonderful job with your diet. i'm sure you can get down to the 140's in 2 days. (watch the soda's though)talk to ya later...BR

muggg on 03/29/2001:
Don't despair... your sunburn is an injury and your body may be retaining water weight to help it heal. Keep drinking.. your body needs it! Those pounds will drop all at once... don't give up!

SoccerMom on 03/29/2001:
Yes, I volunteer one morning a week at a non-euthanizing animal shelter. Some of the critters are "semi-permanent residents"(they've been there forever!). I really like the idea of not putting a good animal to sleep, just because it's time in a shelter is up. This place only takes in strays and abandoned animals, and they only take as many as they have room for. As soon as a spot is vacated, there's always another cat or dog waiting to take it's place. I just go in to help clean up the cat rooms, and then I hang around to brush, pet, and play with them. The cats are allowed to all run around loose in the building, and they (amazingly!) all seem to get along well. Even our grumpy older cat (with brain damage) is good to the kittens.

I'm getting a bit discouraged that my scale hasn't moved, and I'm sure you are too. I <i>do know</i> that I've lost inches, though, even if I've been stuck at 164 forever. That's kept me going. Have you measured, to see if you're losing inches? It's so nice to know that I've lost almost 2 inches off my butt in the last 6 weeks! Yay! We're gonna lose this pound this week! LOL

Have a wonderful day!

halley on 03/29/2001:
Is it possible that you need to eat more protein to help you over this hump? Maybe I'm crazy, but maybe your body is hanging onto fat thinking it won't get anymore calories. Try eating salmon - good protein and very high quality omega 3 fat - (low calorie also - so don't be concerned about that) Just a suggestion - but do remember that this is all chemical reactions and genetic programming - sometimes you have to change it up a but to work with your system!

Maria7 - Wednesday Mar 28, 2001

Weight: 141.0

Sailboat is ready and waiting...so what am I waiting for?

Good morning, everyone! Sunny and cool (currently 39, with high forecasted at 60 degrees fahrenheit) here in South Carolina. Menu for yesterday was: Breakfast: banana, cornbread, bowl of green string beans with potatoes, 7-up. Lunch: bowl of green string beans with potatoes, 7-up. Supper: one and a half cups shelled pecans, 1 orange, water. No exercise because of sunburn and swollen legs, ankles, and feet. However, I will try to get on the treadmill today as you all have me motivated to exercise. Hope you all have a great day! :)

This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it. Psalms 118:24

bobik on 03/28/2001:
Thanks for the kick in the butt about the icecream. I needed it. I've been BAAAAD :) I needed some self pity about studying sooooo much for this exam. And I have another big project coming up right after the exam. Oh God, this college life is too much. One woulkd think that as a senior I should be suffering from 'senioritis' like in high school and not study. I WISH!!! :-D

Krispy on 03/28/2001:
I am sure your sailboat will be leaving the dock very shortly!!!

BTW Yeast Extract is a savoury spread - vitamin enriched, with vegetable extract, the famous brand name here is Marmite - its something you either love or hate and it has no points!!!

Hope your legs, ankles and feet feel better today and so pleased I motivated you to do some exercise!

Take care and have a great day!

SoccerMom on 03/28/2001:
I think I'd drop that 7-up (replace it with water), and increase your protein. Pecans are fine, but what about a chicken breast, or fish? (Gal...I gotta tell ya....those string beans are too much! Try another greeen veggie occasionally!)

Have a wonderful day!

sparkymel on 03/28/2001:
How do you get those cute pictures and color of type on there? That is too cute. I hope your sunburn gets better soon, those are the worst!

ABrown6794 on 03/28/2001:
Sure hope your sunburn gets better soon, and I'm sure that you'll be sailing into new waters soon. Have a great day. Angie

Jinkster on 03/28/2001:
Thanks so much for the good wishes :) I'm excited as well!! Now I have to get used to the fact that this will be my new, "standard" weight until I go lower. <P>Good luck with you and your quest to reach island 140!! You've already come so far...you're just amazing.<P>Jinkster

Kyrin on 03/28/2001:
Come on, gal. Launch that "durn" boat. It may take a while, but you'll get there. I'm still waiting for you to describe the scenery on the way to the island.


muggg on 03/28/2001:
You are soo... close to breaking the 140 barrier! It will be so great for you to see 139!

Keep up the good work!

Maria7 - Tuesday Mar 27, 2001

Weight: 141.0

Good morning, everyone. Yes, vacation was nice, but this sunburn is not nice. I don't know if the swollen ankles (and feet and legs) are due to sunburn or all the walking...but I couldn't do any exercise yesterday and had to keep my legs and feet elevated a lot during the day and the swelling is going down some now. The sinus infection is an allergy thing, I think. Anyway, yesterday's menu was: Breakfast: coffee, banana, 1/2 turkey pot pie. Lunch: 2 mackeral patties, grits, 7-up, banana. Snack: 1 cup shelled pecans, 1 orange. Supper: 2 mackeral patties, banana, 7-up. Total calories: Approximately 1800. I hope you all have a great day today. :)

Kyrin on 03/27/2001:
Well, "Good Morning!" So you've been challenged, huh? LOL Hooray! I'm all ready to cheer for you when you get to your goal. Ah, heck. Can I give you one now for trying??? {grinning}

*****Wooooo-Hooooo, Maria! You GO, Gal!!!!*****

Krispy on 03/27/2001:
I should think its the sunburn that has affected your legs and ankles. I used to live in Brunei in Borneo years ago and the sun has a strange affect on you if you get too much.

Take it easy and rest those legs, don't worry you will soon be at goal. I have a bottle and the cork is nearly half way out for you!!!

Have a great day!

muggg on 03/27/2001:
Too much sun can do funny things to you.. get plenty of water and rest! Aloe Gel is a great reliever and healer of sunburns!

You're doing great getting those fruits in your diet! Good for you! I'm trying to as well!

Hope today is better for you!

muggg on 03/27/2001:

Be sure to get the aloe gel (the clear kind ) It will be in the sun care section. It is really soothing! It won't have the perfumes in it that regular lotion has.

The onions are doing pretty good. I finally got my tomato seed planted the other night. I planted six varieties.

Koko on 03/27/2001:
Hi, maria. Sorry about the sunburn and swollen ankles/legs/feet. That can't be any fun, but I hope you're feeling 100% soon. Have as great a day as you can. I miss your graphics too!

pastagal on 03/27/2001:
Maria,,,so sorry your feet and legs are bothering you still:{ Me and hubby went on a cruise 4 yrs ago and he got sunburned and his ankles swelled for over a week,,,i never realized a sunburn could cause that,,so be careful and keep them elevated when your not walking around ok,,,Hey your menu today doesn't sound like your eating enough?,,,you need to add some veggeis to that dinner,:} i know,,,OK mom:}} lol

halley on 03/27/2001:
Sunburn and swollen ankles sound like bad news for exercise!

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