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Maria7 - Sunday Mar 04, 2001
(High Fiber, Low Fat)
Weight: 143.0

Hello, everyone. Bronchitis still going on over here. Also, it is a rainy, warm day here in South Carolina and strong storms forecasted for this afternoon. I guess it is a wait and see deal. Went to church this morning, but was not able to sing. My Mother (see yesterday's updated entry) is doing better and being released from the hospital today. Menu for today is: Breakfast: 1/2 banana, fat-free bologna sandwich (using 40 calorie/slice diet wheat bread and mustard), decaf tea and decaf coffee. Lunch: 1 barbequed, roasted, no-skin chicken breast, 1 cup green string beans, decaf tea. Snack: 1/2 banana, 1 snackpack nekot peanut butter cookies, 8 ounces caffeine-free soft drink. Supper: 1 cup chicken noodle soup broth and 5 fat-free saltine crackers, decaf tea and decaf coffee. Totals: 1100 calories, 18 fat grams, (14.72%fat). Walk on treadmill. I'm not getting in as much water as I have been, due to bronchitis. Hope you all have a good and safe day. :-)

BIGRED on 03/04/2001:

Jo on 03/04/2001:
What's the deal with bologna for breakfast around here?? Is there something I don't know about that I should be doing?? :o}

Kyrin on 03/04/2001:
Hi there, Maria! I'm glad that your mom is better. Those allergic reactions sure can be scary--especially the swelling of the mouth, tongue and throat!

I see that you are back to doing your low-cal thing after yesterday's stress fest. Hey, I might have too! {{hugs!}}

About the Crunchy Oatmeal Bread...and you will also (occasionally) see entries for 9-grain, Wheat Berry, Whole Wheat, and Sour Dough Breads. They are a hearty loaf of bread that is sold at my local bakery/thrift store. (We are soooo lucky to get to smell bread baking every day in our little downtown. LOL) The bread maker is Cobblestone Mills. I am not sure, but I think I used to use this brand when we lived in Raleigh, N.C. (early 90's) ...Can you get it where you are?

pastagal on 03/04/2001:
Boy maria,,hope you get over that broncitis soon,,altho it is one of the hardest illnesses to get over,,,so you get plenty of rest and drink lots of fluids ok,,,,glad your mom is doing better and getting to go home,,,i am sure her being in the hospital put stress on you that makes being sick even worse,,you need to be sure and take care of you:{ ok;}} aww i see i started something,got you eating bologan sandwiches for breakfast to:}} i love them,,they just hit the spot with me,,,ok have a great night and get some rest,,,,see ya tomorrow:}

berry on 03/05/2001:
We'll have another storm here in SoCal. I don't know how much it rains in South Carolina, but I don't like it at all that it rains this much.

I did go to the beach today, but I was so mean to those seagulls I didn't throw my bagel out! But there are some open terrace restaurants, so I figured the nice people there might've already fed the birds. Those seagulls on the beach should be on a diet too!! Who wouldn't want to feed them when they're all looking cute and begging for the breads!

krispy on 03/05/2001:
Thank you for your response to my first entry on DD. This time I know I can do it and it is all down to people like you who take the time to encourage and support others. I think I'm going to like it here. Hope you soon feel better.

Kyrin on 03/05/2001:
Maria, the bread is about the size (per slice) of a good-sized pumpernickle or rye bread that you would find at the grocery store (half again the size of white bread). It is approximately 100 calories a slice, but is packed with all sorts of good stuff. The whole grain varieties have wheat berries, barley, nuts, all kinds of things. It's an interesting bread to eat in a sandwich, and wonderful toasted! I often have a half sandwich when I use this bread because it is filling...but since I've been boosting my calories, I've been enjoying two slices. {big grin}

sunny3 on 03/05/2001:
I am very glad to hear that your mom is doing better and is out of he hospital. It's such a scary thing when a loved one is ill.

Hopefully your bronchitis clears up soon!

Have a great day! Hugs! ~~Sunny~~

Maria7 - Saturday Mar 03, 2001
(High Fiber, Low Fat)
Weight: 143.0

Hello, everyone! It is a warm, rainy day here in South Carolina. It has been raining all day. I hope all of you are having a good weekend. The weather forecasters are saying we may get snow Monday and Tuesday...if so, that will be a first this season for my location. Menu for today is: Breakfast: 1 banana, 2 large salmon patties, 1 cup grits, decaf tea and decaf coffee. Snack: 1 orange. Lunch: 2 cups vegetable soup, pack of cheese and peanut butter crackers, decaf tea. Snack: 1 banana or orange. Supper: Fruitplate and decaf coffee. Totals: 1200 calories, 20 fat grams (16%). Take care, all of you! :-) Update: It is 8:30pm. My Mother has been admitted to the hospital. I went up there and stayed a while with her even though I've got bronchitis and should not be around her and should be home...anyway, she is okay, she had a bad allergic reaction to something (they don't know what) and her tongue swoll so big, her mouth could not close over it. Before I came back home, she was drinking some juices, etc and her tongue was back to normal, but they are going to keep her and have admitted her. I don't do well under stress...I ended up eating a giant (500 calories) Snicker candy bar, a big bag of potato chips, a tootsie pop, and some peanuts. A little binge. Why did I do that? Thing is, I was doing well with today's menu, but I just impulsively decided to have a Snicker bar, was satisfied after 3 bites, but thought, oh, well, I've done it now, so eat it all...and I didn't even want anymore half way through it and still finished it. Then, with the sweet craving satisfied, I got an immediate salt craving and thought, oh, well, I've done it now, so there went the chips. The other was just a 'just as well' thing, but was not hungry for them, either. I was eating out of anger to punish myself for giving in to the first bite. I ate past full...why did I do that? Soccermom, I thought about emailing you for support, but didn't do it...I had already decided I was going to have that snickerbar at that moment. So, now I have confessed and I doubt if any of you even read this, since I wrote it at night. But if any of you do, thank you for listening. Maria :)

pastagal on 03/03/2001:
Hi maria,,,yes keeping my breakfast and lunch down today cause i want to enjoy dinner ,i love beans and they are so filling ,,,,but actually i get full on 1/2 tuna sandwich ,,dill pickles and wow chips ,,,,guess i am use to it i have eaten that way for so long,,,,a whole sandwich is just to much for me,,,,well your menu sounds great as usual,,you have a wonderful weekend ok:}}

breakaway on 03/03/2001:
Hi Maria...you must have gotten Pastagals rain!! She has been looking for that! Hope that rain doesn't get you too down. It is really sunny here and 45 degrees...I will send some sun your way ok. Let me know if it makes it! Have a really good day!!!

SoccerMom on 03/03/2001:
They're saying that we're supposed to get snow, too...but depending on which channel I watch, we're getting anywhere from a mix of snow/rain, to almost a foot of snow...so I hit the grocery store early this morning, to stock up on everything.

You have a wonderful weekend!

BIGRED on 03/03/2001:

Kyrin on 03/03/2001:
Hi Maria!

You asked about Kyrin's Kitchen... I always try to put the day's link up just before I go to bed at night. That way, I have ALL of the info for the day. Sometimes (like last night when it was thundering so bad), I don't get it up until the next day. The link will always be on the day that I ate. I think DVDMon puts his up the next day. Would that be less confusing for y'all if I did that? (put Saturday's kitchen link on Sunday's entry rather than on Saturday's dairy entry?)

Miss Piggy on 03/04/2001:
Hi Maria, hope you are feeling better today. Hope your mom is too. Don't worry too much about the candy and chips. We have all been there and done that. Just do more exercise or eat a little bit less for a few meals to make up for it. Or just consider it a free treat. Occasionally you are allowed a treat. Do you have Yahoo Messinger? When we are playing a game or something and you need to talk to someone now IM me at evil20001 and I will quit what I am doing and answer you. It makes chimes ring so I will know you are there. Hope you have a better day today. Hugs

Maria7 - Friday Mar 02, 2001
(High Fiber, Low Fat)
Weight: 143.0

Good afternoon, everyone! It is warm (73 degrees fahrenheit presently) and sunny here in South Carolina today but the rain is expected to come in tonight and last 2 or 3 days. Got to go run errands again this afternoon. Menu for today is: Breakfast: 2 coffees. (Throat was sore and I didn't feel like eating breakfast.) Lunch: 2 large salmon patties, 1 cup grits, decaf tea. Afternoon snack: 1 banana and 1 snackpack of nekot peanut butter cookies, decaf tea. Supper: Grilled steak, baked french fries, salad and decaf tea. If still hungry, a cup of red seedless grapes. Today's totals: 1550 calories, 33 fat grams, (19.73% fat in menu.) Have a great day all of you and I will check back tonight to read and respond to your entries! :-)

berry on 03/02/2001:
Your menu is always sensible and healthy. Even when you have a steak for dinner, I can see the effort that you make the fried potatoes baked. And that's why I love reading your entries every day. Nice, very nice***

pastagal on 03/02/2001:
Oh boy maria,,,your weather is what i wish i had here,,,we have rain and its going to last till monday they say,,,i am ready for spring weather and then summer,,,,Your menu sounds good as usual:} enjoy your outting and be safe,,,,see ya tomorrow on here:}}

Kyrin on 03/02/2001:
I wondered where our sun went...evidently it wandered over the hills to South Carolina. Humph! We've been getting clobbered by torrential rains this evening, after being under a tornado alert all afternoon. Tell you what...tomorrow morning, how about giving it a shove up higher in the sky so that some of it reaches us. Heheheh! Quit hoggin' it. {grin}

Your calorie counts look better today, inspite of the coffees for breakfast. I was startin' to worry about your really low cals.


Miss Piggy on 03/02/2001:
Eggplant doesn't have much flavor by itself. It is beautiful though. You can grill it but the best is to make an egg and flour and milk batter which I put wheat bran and wheat germ in and fry it and it is soooo delicious. It is used in a lot of dishes from India too. I used to have some friends from India who looked all over Enid for eggplant when it was out of season and couldn't find it. Most of them are a very dark purple outer skin almost black. Inside they are kind of white and squashy with tiny seeds but genetically they are related to the tomato plant. Some of them are white or lighter purple but most of the ones you see at the supermarket are the dark purple kind. They don't keep well for a long time and are better if used while very fresh. They are a bit softer than squash. They go pretty well with battered mushrooms and battered and fried okra too. I know I shouldn't eat them that way but they are so good. Jordan and I found the health food store today and he decided he likes carob raisins and all natural root beer. He wishes I did not buy the red lentils though.

Maria7 - Thursday Mar 01, 2001
(High Fiber, Low Fat)
Weight: 143.0

Good morning, everyone! It is a sunny, chilly (45 degrees fahrenheit) morning here in South Carolina, with high forecasted to be 65. Menu for today is: Breakfast: 1 cup canteloupe cubes and decaf coffee. Lunch: barbequed no-skin roasted chicken breast, 1 and 1/2 cups green peas, decaf tea. Afternoon snack: small snackpack of nekot peanut butter cookies, banana, decaf tea. Supper: 2 cups fat-free vegetable soup, 5 fat-free saltine crackers, decaf tea. Today's Totals: 1000 calories, 15 fat grams, (13.5% fat in today's menu). I got back into my workout again yesterday, walking and jogging on the treadmill with ankle weights on (and listening to a good inspirational tape about the Bible with headphones on). Plan to do the same today unless Hubby wants to go walking with me outside. Have a great day, all of you! :-) P.S. I threw some bread out earlier and am now watching the bluejays get it. I love to watch them eat! :-)

Miss piggy on 03/01/2001:
Hi Maria. Rented some pretty good videos yesterday. One was called Left Behind and one was called Tribulation. I think you might enjoy them. Today I am going to rent one called Revelation which is along the same lines. And I am going to look and see if they have one in the store called Judgement. They are not all totally biblically accurate but they are pretty good movies. Nice to see something that isn't a cuss word every other word for a change. We have ran across some real stinkers lately. Hope you have a nice day. Hugs.

muggg on 03/01/2001:
I can't wait until it gets to 65� here! Enjoy your walk outdoors if you get to go!

pastagal on 03/01/2001:
Maria,,your menu sounds good today,but just doesnt' seem like enough food,you sure your eating enough:} I am getting lots of birds around my house now,,i have a bird feeder outside my mother in laws bedroom window for her and every morning the birds are covering it trying to eat,,,and the humming bird feeder is always got alot around it,,she use to enjoy them so much,,but her eye sight isn't good anymore and mind isnt good now either,,but i still keep them hanging out there,,well enjoy your day and hope hubby walks with you tonight;}}

berry on 03/01/2001:
Thanks for the quick comment on my entry today. And yes, I live 10 min away from nearby beaches. I'd love to live much closer to the beach, but I chose here because it only takes me three min to school.

I once threw some Gorditas from TacoBell out on the beach and let this seagul have it. But then he must have had too much of sourcream and he ended up thowing them all up. I feel so sorry for him and I've tried not to feed a bird with fattenning foods since then. ;(

Anita on 03/01/2001:
Hi Maria! I wish it was that "chilly" here! I live in Eastern Canada. Brrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Thanks so much for your suggestion re: the encouragement letter. I think that not only will it push me forward as I go, but I think it'll be a real valuable thing to have when I have reached my goal!

Thanks again! Anita.

sparkymel on 03/01/2001:
I just love South Carolina! Enjoy! Have a great day!

sparkymel on 03/02/2001:
No, I don't live near you. I live in Texas. Keep up the workout. That always helps!! Have a great weekend

Maria7 - Wednesday Feb 28, 2001
(High Fiber, Low Fat)
Weight: 143.0

Good morning, everybody! It is a cloudy, rainy morning here in South Carolina. It is 57 degrees fahrenheit. The rain is supposed to leave early afternoon, so I plan to grill out barbequed chicken breasts on the back deck about 3:00pm if it does quit raining. Menu for today is: Breakfast: fruit bowl of 1 cup cantaloupe, 1 cup seedless red grapes, 1/2 banana, 4 ounces grapefruit juice. Lunch: 2 salmon patties, 1 cup grits, decaf tea. Supper: grilled, no-skin, barbequed chicken breast, 1 cup green string beans, decaf tea. Day's totals: 1055 calories, 17 fat grams (15%). I haven't exercised in 3 days as I haven't felt up to it and also have been very busy. I hope you all have a wonderful day today. :)

Breann on 02/28/2001:
Your menu sounds great. Hopefully the weather will clear up so you can barbeque. I can't wait for the summer to do that! Have a great day today.


pastagal on 02/28/2001:
Well maria you have had good reason not to exersise,,,you haven't been feeling good,and you need to get over what you had before you start again,,and you will:}} have a great day and your menu sounds good by the way:}

Tabby on 03/01/2001:
Thanks for writing! I make my menu up as I go. Yours sounded wonderful. I love meats grilled on the grill and we hope to start being able to do that more often as Spring gets closer.I may copy some of you menus down to use as I go. Tabby

SoccerMom on 03/01/2001:
Our menus for today are very similar. I'm having cantaloupe and honeydew for breakfast, broiled salmon and steamed broccoli (with cheese melted on top) for lunch, and if the weather holds, we're grilling chicken for dinner (and having new potatoes, sliced tomatoes, a salad, and the rest of the melons, too)

Have a great day, and go exercise...you'll feel wonderful after you move a bit, promise!

Maria7 - Tuesday Feb 27, 2001
(High Fiber, Low Fat)
Weight: 143.0

Good morning, everybody! It is a beautiful, sunny, warm day here in South Carolina. Thank you for all your comments...I am doing better....I gargled with 100% hydrogen peroxide (ick!) and that got rid of the sore throat. I'm just about back up to par. Just a little cough every now and then. Well, today's menu is: Breakfast: 8 ounces grapefruit juice. Lunch: 1 cup lima beans, 1 cup brown rice, and decaf tea. Snack: 5 fat-free saltines, banana, and decaf tea. Supper: 1 cup lima beans, 1 cup brown rice, and decaf tea. Total calories: 1186, including 2 fat grams, totaling 2% fat. I know....this really looks like a boring menu, but I am presently cooking a big pot of lima beans and a pot of brown rice, and this is what I am hungry for, so.... Also, did not exercise yesterday or day before, was not up to it. This afternoon, I will be going to get my Mother and take her to her doctor, so when I get back I will probably still not get any exercise in, but that is the way it is, sometimes. Hope you all have a great day! :)

Miss Piggy on 02/27/2001:
I used to think I didn't like lima beans. Until one day when I was married and we had some friends of my husbands who had 5 children and they lived out in the country and didn't have any washer and dryer or much money so my husband told them they could do laundry at our house and they just took up there and were there for every meal etc. So I decided one day that I would have to stop feeding them so well if I wanted them to go away so I fixed a whopping big pot of Lima beans and cornbread for a meal one night and boy was I surprised at how well everyone liked it and I tasted them and they were the best lima beans I ever made, and the corn bread wasn't bad either. I have eaten them ever since. I haven't tried them with rice yet though. I guess I started cooking them too long now or something because when I fix them now they always slip their skins for some reason.

bas63 on 02/27/2001:
Glad you are feeling better. I have never had brown rice but have heard alot about it lately. This may be a silly question, but do you cook it just like regular rice and does it taste much different??

Breann on 02/27/2001:
Glad to hear you are feeling better. It is okay that you didn't exercise. Your body can use the rest. You will get back to it when you are ready!


berry on 02/27/2001:
I hear brown rice has more nutrition than white rice..although I always have white rice I get from my work.(coz it's free) But I guess I'll have some brown rice this weekend. sounds yummier than white rice. have a nice day:):):)

pastagal on 02/27/2001:
<font color=Red>Maria,,,,so glad to hear your feeling better,,,yuck tho with the stuff you gargled with,,,that would be hard for me to do :{,,and now and then your entitled to take a day off from exersising,,,especially for a family member,,and ESPECIALLY moms;}} so enjoy and hope this is just a routine checkup for her and nothing serious,,,,and your menu sounds yummy,,i LOVE beans,,anykind and rice,,,making me hungry now for some;}have a great day,,,take care.

Kyrin on 02/27/2001:
Hey, somedays it's more important to go with what you really want to eat rather than eating things you don't really want ...and then eating the things you do want as well. (I've been guilty of eating like that!)

Spring is here in Alabama. Our flowering trees and azaleas are all blooming. It's beautiful! Makes me wnat to go outside and breathe deep! :-)

Beth on 02/28/2001:
Boy, I'm getting sick of you always telling us how beautiful it is in South Carolina! Just kidding, what I'm really sick of is February in Michigan. Just one more day to go, and it will be March, my favorite! Enjoy your sunshine.

Maria7 - Monday Feb 26, 2001
(High Fiber, Low Fat)
Weight: 143.0

Good morning, everyone. I am posting an early entry this morning, as I am up with sore throat pain. It is forecasted to be high 60's (fahrenheit) and sunny today here in South Carolina. Menu for today: Breakfast: 8 ounces grapefruit juice, 1 cup grits, 1 egg (fried with vegetable spray). Snack: 1 cup cold cantaloupe cubes. Lunch: 2 cups speghetti (with sauce and diced tomatoes added) and meatballs (made with ground turkey) and decaf tea. Snack: 1 banana. Supper: 1 cup chicken noodle soup broth, 5 fat-free saltines, decaf tea. Total: 1363 calories, 21 fat grams, 13.87% fat. Have a great day, all of you. :)

Tabby on 02/26/2001:
Do you go by a diet for your menu's or do you make them up yourself?I am awful at counting calories. Any suggestions? I am going to use the Atkin's diet this week. Although I am going to modify it to better suit myself. I am going to weight myself later on today and see if I have lost anything. It will be the first time I have weighed since I have started writing in here. Have a wonderful day.Tabby

Beth on 02/26/2001:
You seem to be doing wonderful with your calorie intake. I absolutely LOVE turkey meatballs. Geez...you're making me hungry. Today in Michigan, freezing temperatures after yesterdays thaw, the flood waters over the roads frozen now. Man, I'm moving! have a great day.

Kyrin on 02/26/2001:
Hi Maria. I see the sore throat has decided to stay for a bit. Yuck. How about taking your juice, go sit on that lovely deck of yours...and soak up some Vitamin D. Birds and sunshine! I can just picture it. Yeah.

pastagal on 02/26/2001:
Aww maria ,,,,,so so sorry to hear you have this sore throat,,,i really know what your going through:{{ i hope it gets better soon,,,get some popcycles and eat on them and drink alot fluids,,but i would not drink citris juices right now,not while the throat is so raw,,stick with water and milk shakes are good for sore throats to,,,well get plenty of rest and gargle with salt water,warm salt water,,really helps to,,,,well take care,,:}

herb on 02/26/2001:
I get those sayings from a little book published by O/A alled "For Today." Each page is devoted to a day in the year. Those quotes appear on the top of the page. Whoever edited this book seems to like Ralph Waldo Emerson, he seems to have hit the nail on the head more often than not.

SoccerMom on 02/26/2001:
I see you lost another pound over the weekend! Congratulations!!

Have a wonderful day!

Miss Piggy on 02/26/2001:
I tried baking that sweet potato and okra today instead of frying it. The okra wasn't so great but the sweet potato was superb. Especially with a little honey drizzled on it.

Maria7 - Sunday Feb 25, 2001
(High Fiber, Low Fat)
Weight: 143.0

Good afternoon, everyone! Sh-h-h-h-hh! Don't tell my Hubby, but I've got a sore throat today. He will make me drink chicken noodle soup broth immediately and I am not in the mood for it right now...just ate lunch a little while ago. I hope you are all doing well. Menu for today is: Breakfast: fat-free pancake with 1 tablespoon ff light syrup, banana, decaf tea. Lunch: 2 cups macaroni noodles, 1 cup green peas, 1/2 grilled no-skin barbequed chicken breast, decaf tea. Snack: 2 cups wheat bran flakes with 1 teaspoon sugar. Supper: Guess it will be a cup of chicken noodle soup broth and 5 fat-free saltines. Total: 1301 calories, 10 fat grams, which is 6.9% fat for today's menu according to 'Enhanced Calorie Calculator'. I can barely swallow because of my throat hurting. I hope this is not going to be a two-week deal like it was last year when I got an awfully painful sore throat that lasted for two weeks around this same time, actually it was February 22nd that it began last year. Still planning on walking this afternoon, if able. Take care, all of you. :)

Bunny on 02/25/2001:
Sounds like you need to rest and drink that broth. Take good care of yourself. Hubby sounds so sweet! Have a great day and get well soon!

Kyrin on 02/25/2001:
I'm sorry about your sore throat. Rest and take care of yourself. Hubby might be right, ya know. Soup is soothing for a sore throat...as well as tea, orange juice, salt-water gargle, etc.

Kyrin on 02/25/2001:
Hi, Maria!

About Kyrin's Kitchen...I will be putting the link up at night after the day is finished. One of my weaknesses is planning the menus and then figuring my work is done. ...and then eating something else. LOL I do better when I pay attention to my intake as I go along during the day. What seemed like a good menu plan in the morning, doesn't always appeal in the afternoon. So, I just avoid all of that now by eating what pleases me. ...keeping my options open, sort of.

I had thought about giving the total day's nutritional summary at the end of the menu list. What do you think?

berry on 02/25/2001:
Ok I'm whispering... are you in the mood for some hot water with lemon, ginger and honey? Trust me. Mine is the best.(lol)

Drink a lot of liquid, sleep a lot and sweat a lot!!

Hope you'll feel better soon.

pastagal on 02/25/2001:
Oh maria,,,,i feel so bad for you,,i get sore throats so often,,and there so painful,:{{ i sure hope you get over it quickly,,,i always have to end up going in and getting meds from the doctor,,i have strep throat now and then and that can be serious,,so don't let it go to long without getting checked by your doctor ok,,,take care and YOU go drink that chicken broth:}}

breakaway on 02/26/2001:
That was cute!! lol I promise not to tell! Your menu sounds really good...it's making me hungry. I better get my butt to bed before I start to smell it. lol Your doing great...hope your thoat feel better soon. I know lemon ice tea will sooth in right away!! It's fast. But it has to be cold! Have a wonderful day!! talk to you tomorrow!

Maria7 - Saturday Feb 24, 2001
(High Fiber, Low Fat)
Weight: 143.0

Good morning, everyone! It is a warm, sunny day, like springtime, here in South Carolina. I hope you are all doing well. Take a look to the left...I am down another pound. Menu for today is: Breakfast: pancake with one tablespoon light syrup, ear of corn on the cob with light salt, no butter, decaf tea. Lunch: Small bowl (1 cup) of black-eyed peas with onions, also steamed broccoli, broiled squash, Spanish rice, decaf tea. Afternoon snack: banana. Supper: Grilled (plan to grill out on the back deck and take advantage of this beautiful sunny, warm weather this afternoon) no-skin barbequed chicken breast, also salad with 1 tablespoon fat-free, low-calorie dressing, decaf tea. (I only use 1 teaspoon sugar which is 15 calories, per 15 ounce glass decaf tea.) Menu listed is 1112 calories, 14 grams fat which totals 11.3% fat. Exercise: Walk with Hubby 1.5 miles. Water: 100 ounces. Have a great day, all of you! :)

Bunny on 02/24/2001:
Way to go on another pound lost! Menu today sounds so yummy. Can you throw a little of that beautiful weather my way:) Have a great healthy day!

Kyrin on 02/24/2001:
Your menu looks pretty good...lots of variety. How is hubby taking to all of the veggies?

Congrats on the pound that disappeared. Clap, clap, clap, clap, clap!!!

breakaway on 02/24/2001:
Congrats on the weight loss!! Great job! You have a wonderful menu planned...Hope you have a wonderful day today!

Miss Piggy on 02/25/2001:
Hi Maria. I worked up to that 60 miles rather gradually. I started out riding in town and then out to the lake that is 4 miles out and 4miles back and then to a little town called Canute, which is about 10 miles and then worked up to driving to Sayre and Clinton Lake which are about 12 and 16 miles away each and back and one day I rode to Clinton which is 30 miles away from Elk City and 30 miles back. Like I said, it took me 10 and a half hours. My mom was frantic and came to look for me when I got about 2 miles back to Elk City. I was in a lot better shape back then. That was 4 or 5 years ago. I would have to start over and build back up to that gradually. A century ride is 100 miles in a day. A lot of people do century rides, but they also ride faster than I do. I have to get my heart in a lot better shape to be able to ride fast enough to cover 100 miles in a day. Being diabetic, I really should have someone follow me in a car also but I really don't have that much sense. Or have another rider go with me on another bike. That sure will never be one of my boys. They thought it was awful when I made them ride out to Elk Lake with me (4 miles out and 4 back) They are so wimpy. I don't ride fast enough to ask most serious bike riders to ride with me. Other people have to ride fast to maintain balance. So they ride 2 miles for every mile I ride because they have to keep riding on ahead and circling back or stopping to wait for me to catch up. My ex boyfriend was a bike racer but by the time I knew him he had blown out his knees so he couldn't do the distance thing. I am definately into distance over speed.

berry on 02/25/2001:
I like your menues. It sounds very sensible and healthy meal. Keep up the cooking with cooking spray and fat-free dressing!

I like broiled squash too. I don't know if there's any difference, but I buy a squash that's under the name of Kabocha-squash. I cut it(500g)in a little bigger than bite-size with its peel left. Broil them first with 2 tbs(15mlx2) of sugar, and sake for 4 min. Broil with sweet-seasoning("Mirin" in Japanese name. you can get it at an Asian food section) and 1 tbs(10ml) of soy-sauce with a plate covered over the squash toprevent them from losing their shape for another 4 min. Then take the plate out and broil them for another 4 min or more until they're soft.

I don't know if I explained it well but try it if interested. It's super yummy:)

Maria7 - Friday Feb 23, 2001
(High Fiber, Low Fat)
Weight: 144.0

Good morning, everyone! Cloudy, foggy, cold (38 degrees fahrenheit) morning here in South Carolina. Well, take a look to the left...ta-da!...down another pound. More errands to do today. Exercise will be either treadmill or Hubby and I walking. Water: 100 ounces. Have a great day, all of you! :)

sunny3 on 02/23/2001:
Cool! Congratulations on the 1 pound loss!! That is terrific! Keep up the awesome work! Hugs! ~~Sunny~~

SoccerMom on 02/23/2001:
<font size= "+1"><b>CONGRATULATIONS on another pound lost!</b></font>

Good for you. Have a wonderful day.

Beth on 02/23/2001:
Good job on that pound! Sounds like you're having a good day. I wish I could drink as much water as you do!

muggg on 02/23/2001:
Wow, Maria... congratulations on the pound lost! You have been very consistant and dedicated! Good for you!<br> <font color = green><b> Regarding the gardening....<br>I planted the onions from seed and I use an empty fish aquarium to keep everything in.. kind of keeps the humidity just right and then set a shop light right on top of the aquarium (window light is not suficient - but a grow light is not necessary). Then I plant the seeds in peat pots. Onions are much like grass... they don't need much room in the beginning and you can just plant a bunch in a peat pot and then just separate them when it is time to transplant. Onions need to be started early enough though so that they are a certain age by time the longest day comes. If they are not old enough... they will not "bulb up". That is why people buy onion sets to give them a head start. In my area, I could also plant onion seed in September to make my own sets but I haven't tried that yet. You'd have to do some checking to get the right plant dates for your area.

P.S. Glad to hear someone else has been bit by the garden bug!!!

Kyrin on 02/23/2001:
HOORAY, Maria!!! All that walking is doin' you good.

pastagal on 02/23/2001:
<font color=Black><b>Wow maria,,sounds like your body has adjusted to your new way of eating,thats super,,,being consistent is really working for you and your really very consistent on your daily routine,,keep it up girl,,,,,have a wonderful weekend,,,,,CONGRATS On the 1 lb loss:}}

pastagal on 02/23/2001:
<font color=Red><b> Hmm that is weird,,i put them all there ,in the Inspirational and Motivational section and even looked later to make sure,,but your right,there gone now,,how that happened i have no idea,,,anyway,,here they are maria,,,if this doesn't work i will email them to anyone who wants them,,,

Success Stories:}






I hope this works,,let me know if they don't and i will email them to you,,alot of great success stories:}}

Bunny on 02/23/2001:
Way to go!! You are really doing a great job! I bet you look great! Keep up the good work!

pastagal on 02/23/2001:
LOL maria,<font color=RED><b>I found the sites i thought i put in the Inspirational site,,,i put them under the "DIET & PROGRAMS site";:}}}

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