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Maria7 - Saturday Feb 24, 2001
(High Fiber, Low Fat)
Weight: 143.0

Good morning, everyone! It is a warm, sunny day, like springtime, here in South Carolina. I hope you are all doing well. Take a look to the left...I am down another pound. Menu for today is: Breakfast: pancake with one tablespoon light syrup, ear of corn on the cob with light salt, no butter, decaf tea. Lunch: Small bowl (1 cup) of black-eyed peas with onions, also steamed broccoli, broiled squash, Spanish rice, decaf tea. Afternoon snack: banana. Supper: Grilled (plan to grill out on the back deck and take advantage of this beautiful sunny, warm weather this afternoon) no-skin barbequed chicken breast, also salad with 1 tablespoon fat-free, low-calorie dressing, decaf tea. (I only use 1 teaspoon sugar which is 15 calories, per 15 ounce glass decaf tea.) Menu listed is 1112 calories, 14 grams fat which totals 11.3% fat. Exercise: Walk with Hubby 1.5 miles. Water: 100 ounces. Have a great day, all of you! :)

Bunny on 02/24/2001:
Way to go on another pound lost! Menu today sounds so yummy. Can you throw a little of that beautiful weather my way:) Have a great healthy day!

Kyrin on 02/24/2001:
Your menu looks pretty good...lots of variety. How is hubby taking to all of the veggies?

Congrats on the pound that disappeared. Clap, clap, clap, clap, clap!!!

breakaway on 02/24/2001:
Congrats on the weight loss!! Great job! You have a wonderful menu planned...Hope you have a wonderful day today!

Miss Piggy on 02/25/2001:
Hi Maria. I worked up to that 60 miles rather gradually. I started out riding in town and then out to the lake that is 4 miles out and 4miles back and then to a little town called Canute, which is about 10 miles and then worked up to driving to Sayre and Clinton Lake which are about 12 and 16 miles away each and back and one day I rode to Clinton which is 30 miles away from Elk City and 30 miles back. Like I said, it took me 10 and a half hours. My mom was frantic and came to look for me when I got about 2 miles back to Elk City. I was in a lot better shape back then. That was 4 or 5 years ago. I would have to start over and build back up to that gradually. A century ride is 100 miles in a day. A lot of people do century rides, but they also ride faster than I do. I have to get my heart in a lot better shape to be able to ride fast enough to cover 100 miles in a day. Being diabetic, I really should have someone follow me in a car also but I really don't have that much sense. Or have another rider go with me on another bike. That sure will never be one of my boys. They thought it was awful when I made them ride out to Elk Lake with me (4 miles out and 4 back) They are so wimpy. I don't ride fast enough to ask most serious bike riders to ride with me. Other people have to ride fast to maintain balance. So they ride 2 miles for every mile I ride because they have to keep riding on ahead and circling back or stopping to wait for me to catch up. My ex boyfriend was a bike racer but by the time I knew him he had blown out his knees so he couldn't do the distance thing. I am definately into distance over speed.

berry on 02/25/2001:
I like your menues. It sounds very sensible and healthy meal. Keep up the cooking with cooking spray and fat-free dressing!

I like broiled squash too. I don't know if there's any difference, but I buy a squash that's under the name of Kabocha-squash. I cut it(500g)in a little bigger than bite-size with its peel left. Broil them first with 2 tbs(15mlx2) of sugar, and sake for 4 min. Broil with sweet-seasoning("Mirin" in Japanese name. you can get it at an Asian food section) and 1 tbs(10ml) of soy-sauce with a plate covered over the squash toprevent them from losing their shape for another 4 min. Then take the plate out and broil them for another 4 min or more until they're soft.

I don't know if I explained it well but try it if interested. It's super yummy:)

Maria7 - Friday Feb 23, 2001
(High Fiber, Low Fat)
Weight: 144.0

Good morning, everyone! Cloudy, foggy, cold (38 degrees fahrenheit) morning here in South Carolina. Well, take a look to the left...ta-da!...down another pound. More errands to do today. Exercise will be either treadmill or Hubby and I walking. Water: 100 ounces. Have a great day, all of you! :)

sunny3 on 02/23/2001:
Cool! Congratulations on the 1 pound loss!! That is terrific! Keep up the awesome work! Hugs! ~~Sunny~~

SoccerMom on 02/23/2001:
<font size= "+1"><b>CONGRATULATIONS on another pound lost!</b></font>

Good for you. Have a wonderful day.

Beth on 02/23/2001:
Good job on that pound! Sounds like you're having a good day. I wish I could drink as much water as you do!

muggg on 02/23/2001:
Wow, Maria... congratulations on the pound lost! You have been very consistant and dedicated! Good for you!<br> <font color = green><b> Regarding the gardening....<br>I planted the onions from seed and I use an empty fish aquarium to keep everything in.. kind of keeps the humidity just right and then set a shop light right on top of the aquarium (window light is not suficient - but a grow light is not necessary). Then I plant the seeds in peat pots. Onions are much like grass... they don't need much room in the beginning and you can just plant a bunch in a peat pot and then just separate them when it is time to transplant. Onions need to be started early enough though so that they are a certain age by time the longest day comes. If they are not old enough... they will not "bulb up". That is why people buy onion sets to give them a head start. In my area, I could also plant onion seed in September to make my own sets but I haven't tried that yet. You'd have to do some checking to get the right plant dates for your area.

P.S. Glad to hear someone else has been bit by the garden bug!!!

Kyrin on 02/23/2001:
HOORAY, Maria!!! All that walking is doin' you good.

pastagal on 02/23/2001:
<font color=Black><b>Wow maria,,sounds like your body has adjusted to your new way of eating,thats super,,,being consistent is really working for you and your really very consistent on your daily routine,,keep it up girl,,,,,have a wonderful weekend,,,,,CONGRATS On the 1 lb loss:}}

pastagal on 02/23/2001:
<font color=Red><b> Hmm that is weird,,i put them all there ,in the Inspirational and Motivational section and even looked later to make sure,,but your right,there gone now,,how that happened i have no idea,,,anyway,,here they are maria,,,if this doesn't work i will email them to anyone who wants them,,,

Success Stories:}






I hope this works,,let me know if they don't and i will email them to you,,alot of great success stories:}}

Bunny on 02/23/2001:
Way to go!! You are really doing a great job! I bet you look great! Keep up the good work!

pastagal on 02/23/2001:
LOL maria,<font color=RED><b>I found the sites i thought i put in the Inspirational site,,,i put them under the "DIET & PROGRAMS site";:}}}

Maria7 - Thursday Feb 22, 2001
(High Fiber, Low Fat)
Weight: 145.0

Good morning, everyone! It is rainy and cold (38 degrees fahrenheit) this morning in South Carolina. Hope you all are having a great day. I will be out running errands most of today, so do not know what menu will be yet. Water: 100 ounces. Exercise: Treadmill walking unless it clears up and Hubby and I get to walk later. Also, maybe workout on home gym. Have a great day, all of you! :)

Breann on 02/22/2001:
I hope you have a great day and get all your errands done! Have fun on your walk if you can get out!


pastagal on 02/22/2001:
Enjoy your day maria out and about with errands,,,,just remember,,make good choices ok:}} you can do it!!

sunny3 on 02/22/2001:
Have fun with your errands today!! Try not to stay out in that rain too long! I really dislike the wet rainy weather!

Sounds like you have a great excersize plan and you are doing awesome as usual!! Hugs! ~~Sunny~~

Bunny on 02/22/2001:
Hurray for you!!! A size 6 that is great! I am so happy for you :) Keep up the great work!!!

SoccerMom on 02/22/2001:
You've got a cold rain, and we're getting dumped on with snow! Really surprised us.

Have a wonderful day!

breakaway on 02/22/2001:
OHH errand day...same for me. Have a good one and keep up that exercise!!

Maria7 - Tuesday Feb 20, 2001
(High Fiber, Low Fat)
Weight: 145.0

Good morning, everyone! Sunny, warm (the high is to be 65 to 70 degrees fahrenheit) day here in South Carolina. I'm still at 145, weightwise, but not complaining. Getting ready to soon leave and go to the next town (larger) over and do some shopping (and returning) today. Menu is: Breakfast: 1 cup wheat bran flakes with 1 teaspoon sugar and fruit plate of cantaloupe, banana, grapes, 5 cherries and water, no coffee or tea. Lunch: String beans with potatoes, fat-free cornbread fritter and water. Snack: 4 cups airpopped popcorn, banana, and water. Supper: Green peas, brown or Spanish rice, fat-free cornbread fritter, and water. Water: 100 ounces Exercise: Walk with Hubby 1.5 miles. Have a great day, all of you! :)

breakaway on 02/20/2001:
oh Maria!! I want to come visit you for the day...it sounds beautiful there! Its about 10 degrees here I think. Great menu plan for today...Have a wonderful day!! ANd enjoy that weather!!

SoccerMom on 02/20/2001:
It's nearly 60 here today, and I'm going outside to do some yard work. Wonder how many calories I can burn clearing honeysuckle out of the raspberry canes? LOL

Have a great day.

muggg on 02/20/2001:
Just hearing about warmer weather makes me feel better!!! Sounds like you have a great day planned!

pastagal on 02/20/2001:
Sounds like a great day planned,and your menu sounds <font color=red><b>TERRIFIC!!!!:}}}

Tabby on 02/20/2001:
Thanks for the address for cyberdiet.com there are some pretty neat things on there and I will take all of the help I can get. Tabby

miss piggy on 02/20/2001:
Hi Maria. How did your day go today. I had a very busy one. Mama is doing fine. Thank you for your prayers. Getting chilly here. Had to light the fire back. I am very excited. I took out a new membership at the health club again and I did more exercise today than I have in 6 months at least. Gave me enough energy to come home and start to clean house! Hugs/.

Maria7 - Monday Feb 19, 2001

Weight: 145.0

Hello, everyone! Sunny, cold day here in South Carolina. I'm not feeling too great today....I don't know if it is because I ate bread and did a high carb menu yesterday or what. I was in the grocery store last night and I found some veggie hotdogs, veggie sausage and veggie (Boca) burgers and got a pack of each to try. Hubby looked at them when I came home and told me I could have them all. (He is a meat and potatoes man.) Menu for today is: Breakfast: 1 cup wheat bran flakes with 1 teaspoon sugar, no milk, and fruit plate of canteloupe, grapes, sliced banana, and 5 cherries. Also, decaf coffee and tea. Lunch: string beans with potatoes, small fat-free cornbread fritter, decaf tea. Snack, if have one: banana or 4 cups air-popped popcorn, or both, decaf tea. Supper: Veggie hotdog, baked french fries, tea. Water: 100 ounces, of which 1/2 are already gone. Exercise: Walk with Hubby 1.5 miles. I am still reading the diet books I bought at the used books store Saturday. Very interesting information in some of them. Some are vegetarian, some are low-carb, others are somewhere in-between. Have a great day! :)

Kyrin on 02/19/2001:
Just curious...why no milk with the cereal? Isn't it hard to eat that way?

Your fruits sound delicious. Yum! ...Are you having to cook two different kinds of meat at each meal? I considered veggie burgers until I tried them. I decided that it would be better for me to buy the leanest meats possible and have half portions. I just use meat as an accent now... maybe 2 oz per person in a mostly veggie dish.

Let me know what you think of the veggie meats.

breakaway on 02/19/2001:
Hi Maria...Good food choices! Hubby's never know what's good for them. lol Sounds like you are doing very well! Keep up the excellent work!! Have a wonderful day!

SoccerMom on 02/19/2001:
It turned much colder here, too. Was 22 degrees this morning....BRRRR!! Think I'm gonna grab a cuppa hot tea.....want to join me?

Hope you're having a wonderful day!

pastagal on 02/19/2001:
Hi maria,,,,,,what kind of diet books did you buy,,,,i have a closet full,,,,actually i have my own book store as hubby says,,,lol,,,,i love reading them tho,,, Your menu sounds good,,,but i must agree,how do you eat cereal with sugar and no milk??? I have tried the bocca burgers,,,,didn't care for them myself,,,but then i have always had a tough time with anything that wasn't regular food to me,,,fat free is something i just can not eat,,,,only one i like is ff cool whip,,,and i love it,but hot dogs or meat,,,,nope,,can't touch the stuff,,,,glad you like em tho,wish i did:{

well you are doing great,,,keep it up,,,i am thinking of going on low carb for a month and seeing if carbs are what my problem is,,,,the more i read,,,the more i think it is:{ well have a great nite,,,,,see ya tomorrow;}}

miss piggy on 02/19/2001:
Mama and I thank you for those prayers. She is finally out of srugery and doing well. I am tired and going to bed. I used to get veggie hot dogs at the Seventh Day Adventist bookstore. I had a hot dog salad spread made out of those-grate the veggie dogs, add miracle whip light and some pickle relish. You can add grated cheese and minced onions if you want but I just put in the miracle whip and sweet pickle relish and spread it on whole wheat bread. The only thing was taht the veggie hot dogs were so expensive.

Maria7 - Sunday Feb 18, 2001

Weight: 145.0

Hello, everyone! Hope you are all doing well. It is sunny and cold here in South Carolina. At church this morning, two missionaries (husband and wife) from Africa were there to visit. The husband gave the message. He told about the great need for food in Africa and said that the unemployment rate is high and people (a lot of whom are sick) send their children out begging bread and will not let them return home without food or money to get food. He told about the AIDS epidemic and said 2000 AIDS victims die each week in Africa. He talked about a little 4 year old boy, who spoke English well, asking him for something to eat and drink, saying he wasn't allowed to go back home unless he brought food or money back with him. While I listened, I thought about how rich our country is and how we struggle day to day to not OVEREAT while other countries and even some in our country, too, struggle each day just to have SOMETHING to eat. We, who have more are to reach out and share what we have with those who are in need. Jesus said, "As you do it unto one of the least of these, my brethren, you do it unto me." So, if we see an opportunity to be a blessing to someone else's life, to help them, let us gladly do it. There are many opportunities. Hubby and I walked again yesterday, the usual little over a mile. We're not walking more yet, but I notice that we are walking faster. I read a book last night about a very low-fat, vegetarian diet and am thinking about it, though I don't know if I would do a totally veggie one. There was so much said about hormones, antibiotics, mad cow disease and others. My Hubby just has the attitude of 'Don't get picky. It's always one thing after another, anyway. Eat and don't worry.' But I think I am going to try doing a more low-fat, carby diet for a few days and see how it goes...so today's menu is: Breakfast: small pancake, 1/4 cup lite fat-free syrup, sliced banana on top, decaf tea and coffee. Lunch: bowl of fat-free vegetable soup and dozen fat-free saltines, tea. Afternoon snack: banana and 4 cups air-popped popcorn. Supper: String beans with potatoes, fat-free cornbread, and tea. Add to this at least 64 ounces water and walking. Have a great day! :)

miss piggy on 02/18/2001:
It is sad I know. Whole families in some countries could live on our leftovers. Some people even here in the United States are not far different. Here in Oklahoma there are lots of Mexican families who are here illegally and live many families in the same house and are afraid to go to a food bank to ask for food because they don't want to be deported. Our churches used to look out after them but now we have a "new-improved" (not) system whereby we have one large food pantry and all the pastors refer people to it but there you have it-they all get checked out by the police. Only the Catholic cuurch still provides food to them regardless. Even then it is risky for them. My ex boyfriend and I used to feed transients we picked up off of the road. We moved into an indian house and were blessed by the owner of the house because she left the whole outside closet full of indian commodities for us and said to make good use of them and we lived for over a year on those foods and a few deer that my ex and a friend of his ran over (accidently) on the highway. I never got so tired of deer meat in all my life, but it was all we had. And we had sooo many dogs and cats and that is what kept them alive too. I was grateful for the deers and the indian commodities. My boyfriend had a job driving a mail van but it didn't pay much. We tried to grow a garden but Grady nearly worked himself to death trying to do it by hand because we didn't have the right kind of equipment to work the ground. I didn't have a washer and dryer then either and I had to do big mountains of laundry in the bathtub and the boys had to go out and rinse it in the stock tank and wring it all out by hand and hang it all out on the line to dry. Mama used to accuse me of starving the kids to death but I don't remember anyone losing a pound then. We didn't always like what we ate, but we always had plenty. We were blessed with plenty.

breakaway on 02/18/2001:
Hi Maria,

You are so right about your entry! I bet a lot of people don't even realize how poor other folk's could possibly be. Your meals for today sound's wonderful! And with the water and walking you should be heading in the right direction fast! Good luck today and have a wonderful day!!

pastagal on 02/18/2001:
Boy that really is something to think about maria,,,how we here in the United states are always trying to lose weight from consuming way to much food and like you said,others from other countries are starving with out knowing from day to day if they will even have food to eat;{{ very sad,,well your menu today sounds great,,,,i have been doing alot of reading on low carb and been thinking of trying something different myself ,,especially since i don't have that much more to lose,,,just for a change,,but will research more first,,,,well have a wonderful day and keep up that walking,your doing super:}}

Kyrin on 02/18/2001:
Maria, how about using some whole grain carbs that will fill you up without wreaking havoc on your calorie count...like legumes, oatmeal, brown rice or brown rice and wild rice medley, carrots, green pepper, celery, onions, oranges, grapefruit, grapes, pears, melon, millet, quinoa, wheat berries, barley, etc. ...The variety is practically endless and more fun than pancakes or saltines. Lots of fiber and good-for-you nutrients too.

I can hardly believe all of the things I can have and still have trouble getting up to my goal calorie range.

Kyrin on 02/18/2001:
Hi Thanks for the comment...to answer your question, I don't use a bread maker. Jim offered to buy me one, but I really like kneading the dough. My sister-in-law has a bread maker that she loves, but it always seemed like I'd be "cheating" myself. LOL

I can post a couple of recipes. Mostly the maindishes that I make are "toss-togethers" that vary the ingredients based on who is eating and what 's in the 'fridge. ...like the millet-vegetable-legume salad that I had today. I assembled it yesterday and let the flavors blend over night. It was too good! :-)

Kyrin on 02/18/2001:
Wow! It sounds like you had fun at the grocery store. :-)

Like you, I am wary of the wrong kinds of carbs. I really don't eat that many breads, cookies, crackers, chips, etc. I eat breads that I make for the guys, because they're homemade and smell too good to resist.

I've found that I can really eat as much of the whole grains, fruits, and vegetables as I want and still do okay with my calorie counts. I have been relying on Dietwatch for making sure I get enough , but not too much, of the nutrients I need.(Cyberdiet was recently acquired by DW and also has that good database for tracking your nutritional intake.) You can check them out at <a href="www.dietwatch.com">www.dietwatch.com</a> or <a href="www.cyberdiet.com">www.cyberdiet.com</a>.

I'll be standing here in your corner cheering for you. Let me know if I can do anything to help.


Maria7 - Saturday Feb 17, 2001

Weight: 145.0

Good morning, everyone! Today is another lovely, sunny, warm (though breezy) day in South Carolina. I awakened at 3:30 a.m. this morning to very loud, crashing sounds of thunder. The bedroom would light up with each sharp lightning flash and then there would be the loud thunder. It was a dry thunderstorm. Finally I drifted back to sleep, only to be awakened a second time by a fierce windstorm at 5:30 a.m. This storm had rain and light debris was blowing against the back of our house. I fell back asleep again. When I awoke the third time, it was about 7:00 a.m., and the sun was shining and the storms and rain were gone. So, it turned out to be a beautiful day after all. Hubby and I went to the flew market this morning. I bought about a dozen or more diet books at a used-books store there. All for $21.00. Hubby wanted to eat out buffet for lunch, his favorite, so we did. Menu for today is/was: Breakfast: coffee only, saving calories for buffet lunch. Lunch: ate all of today's calories at this lunch, about 1500 calories...I had: decaf sugared soft drink, because they didn't have anything decaf there, so I took my own drink, fried chicken breast WITH skin, half serving rice&gravy, half serving corn, less than half serving macaroni and cheese, half serving peas, half serving greens, 2 large servings peach cobbler, (but only ate the peaches), 1/2 slice sweet potato pie, a slice of coconut pie, but not the bread and crust, half serving banana pudding, but only ate the bananas out of it. Supper: none because ate all my calories for today at lunch. I've already drunk half of my water for today, aiming for 100 ounces of water. Exercise: walk fast 2 miles. I remember in 1998, weighing 205 pounds and wearing size 22 jeans, I barely could do 5 minutes of walking on the treadmill. Even going to the library, I had to PULL myself up the steps by the rails. But now, wearing size 8 jeans, weighing 145 and exercising almost every day, there is an added bonus besides losing the weight, it is the bonus of added STRENGTH. Now walking and even toting something while I walk is easy. Climbing the steps at the library is something done quickly and easily. Exercise makes a BIG difference! All of you have a great day and I love reading your journals! :)

Kyrin on 02/17/2001:
Wow! You certainly feasted at the buffet. :-) Sounds as if you two had a grand time at the flea market.

Maria7 - Friday Feb 16, 2001

Weight: 145.0

Good morning, everyone! Bright, sunny, warm day here in South Carolina. It is currently 64 degrees fahrenheit and forecasted high is 80 for today. I've already thrown some bread out for the birds and the squirrels, but don't see any takers yet. Maybe they're sleeping in. Hubby and I had another good walk last night. I asked him about us walking double our distance, but he didn't want to, so we walked our usual little over a mile distance. It was a beautiful night for walking. We always walk holding hands. It was a clear starlit night. Crickets were chirping as we walked along and you could hear dogs barking in the distance. You could also hear traffic on a highway not too far from where we live. When we got back home, we walked out on the back deck and as I looked up at the nightsky, I saw what may have been an asteroid for about 3 seconds, a bright white light with a little tail and then it vanished. I reclined in a lounge chair on the back deck and looked up at the sky and all the beautiful stars overhead. My Hubby was out there with me and we heard something, a sound coming from the woods behind our house. It was a hoot owl. What a loud, low sound it made. "Whoo! who-who-Whoo!" That is the sound it made and it was almost like the owl was singing it. My menu for yesterday was updated last night on yesterday's journal entry. Menu for today is: Breakfast: lettuce and mayonaise sandwich, decaf tea, decaf coffee. Snack: banana. Lunch: 2 mackerel patties, grits, tea. Snack: popcorn and tea or small pack nekot cookies, banana, and tea. Supper: Grilled out barbequed chicken, string beans and tea. Lots of water and walk again. May work out on home gym as well. I hope all of you have a wonderful day and I will enjoy reading your journals! :)

sunny3 on 02/16/2001:
You evening sounded lovely! I wish the weather here was as nice so we could enjoy some outdoor time!

Your menu sounds great! You are really doing so awesome! Keep it up!

Hugs! ~~Sunny~~

Breann on 02/16/2001:
I wish the weather would be that nice in NY. The high for today is 41 degrees. Your walk sounded very nice. Keep up the good work. You are doing great! Have a great weekend!


lauren on 02/16/2001:
I am also enjoying this great SC weather! I plan to exercise later today when I get off. I am fairly new to this site and I just looked over some of your past entries. You are doing really good!!

ataloss on 02/16/2001:
i love your journal entries-i too am a nature lover-love taking walks and listening and seeing nature-you just have a way of expressing what you see and hear that's beautiful. take care andria

pastagal on 02/16/2001:
Lettuce and mayo sandwich,,,,,,where the heck was the meat,,lol,,and i thought i ate weird things,,,LOL;}}} aww sounds like a wonderful evening spent with you hubby,you both sound like such happy people,,,,,its great he walks with you every night:} Well your menu sounded good,,but i would of had to of had some meat on my sandwich;} have a wonderful day maria and weekend:}}}

Kyrin on 02/16/2001:
Mmmmmmm. Holding hands with your fella. That's so nice. :-)

Soon2BThin on 02/16/2001:
Your life in SC sounds idyllic. It's about 40 here with rain--again. But in a few more days I will be moving to a better warmer climate, thank goodness, then I will have no excuse for not getting out & exercising & enjoying it. Our new area is supposed to have "pygmy owls" which are an endangered species. I look forward to maybe spotting one or two. First time I've heard of a "lettuce & mayonaise sandwich", LOL. You're doing great!

muggg on 02/16/2001:
I can't wait for pretty days and nights!!! I'm sure enjoying hearing about yours! Give your husband some time, I'll bet he'll be willing to bump up that distance in a bit.

SoccerMom on 02/16/2001:
We had the big hoot owls in our woods a few years ago. They would start hooting about midnight. Our youngest (then about 4 yrs. old) ran into my room one night saying "something is <i>out there</i>. So I carried her out onto the screened porch and started calling back to the owls. All of a sudden, one answered from what sounded VERY close by...and my little one jumped, and said "can we go in now?"

Sounds like you're doing great! Have a wonderful weekend.

poundcake on 02/16/2001:
Hi there..Sounds beautiful where you live..I can just picture it. I just noticed the butterflies on my geraniums yesterday..I was so excited. This is my favorite time of year..things are popping up out of the ground, birds are singing....spring is coming! you are doing great on the weightloss keep it up...poundcake

mylilsista on 02/17/2001:
Wow, I wish I had your weather; it's snowing here (brrrrr). I love to get out and walk with my hubby in the spring and summer. But it's just too darn cold now! Sounds like you're doing great. Your dinner sounded yummy! Keep up the good work and tell your hubby to walk just a little bit further with you. My hubby and I were walking 2 miles a day, then, gradually increased that to 4 miles. We really looked forward to that time together and the exercise was great!


Maria7 - Thursday Feb 15, 2001

Weight: 145.0

Good morning, everyone! Beautiful, sunny day here in South Carolina! Currently 62 degrees fahrenheit, forecasted high is 75-80. I think springtime has arrived early! I looked out the window and 3 squirrels were having breakfast from the bread I threw out earlier. I also threw out some birdseed for the birds. This will be a short one because I have lots to do today, but I will be checking back in off and on and reading your journals. You are all doing so well! Have a great day! :)

Update.....7:20pm: Menu for today was: Breakfast: banana, 1/2 cup mixed nuts, decaf tea, decaf coffee. Lunch: tuna/egg salad, decaf tea, decaf coffee. Afternoon snack: small box raisins. Supper: Banana, more mixed nuts, sliced peaches, decaf coffee. I didn't get in as much water today but Hubby and I took our walk (a little over a mile) tonight and the stars overhead were lovely as we walked, holding hands (we always do), and you could hear the crickets chirping as we walked along. It was nice, the weather warm, clear starlit nightsky.

Kyrin on 02/15/2001:
Good Morning to you too! I always like stopping in here first thing. You have such great "scenery" and that wonderfully cheerful attitude. {grin}

miss piggy on 02/15/2001:
Good morning Maria. Hope you have a great day today and accomplish much. Hugs

pastagal on 02/15/2001:
Aww sounds like your having such nice weather,,,you enjoy it and have a wonderful day today maria:}}

muggg on 02/15/2001:
I'm jealous as all "heck"... of your beautiful day.. get out and take a walk for me? We had ice and fog this morning with ice in the future. Spring will surely be back, won't it?

SoccerMom on 02/15/2001:
The squirrels were running around my yard today, too....till they saw my 18 pound cat on the porch. (He likes to remind them who rules the roost, and gives them a good chase.) I love the way you talk about the critters in your yard. I can tell you appreciate God's handiwork!

Have a SON-shiney day!

Maria7 - Wednesday Feb 14, 2001

Weight: 145.0

HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY, EVERYBODY!!!!!Cloudy, warm day here in South Carolina this morning. The happiest thing about Valentine's Day to me is that when I think about love, I think about the love that Jesus has for each of us, so much that He gave His life and shed His blood on the cross for the forgiveness of our sins so that all who believe in Him are given the gift of eternal life (John 3:16). What a precious gift of love He gives to all who receive Him and invite Him into their hearts. The gift of salvation. I thank Him for saving me. I walked to the mailbox and the birds were singing overhead in the trees. What beautiful sounds they make! All sorts of different sounds and all in harmony! And God created them all! :) Well, I didn't do too bad with yesterday's menu. I went to a supper at a meeting last night and while I watched others eat plates full of rich foods and cherry cobbler ice cream deserts and chocolate pudding with whipped cream deserts, I only had a fried chicken leg and wing (without skin), a small salad, string beans, and a thin small slice of ham. I thought about those deserts....but I also thought about my size 8 jeans, ha, ha! :) And, I guess you know which one won. So I just sat there, enjoying my low-carb, low calorie supper and watched others eat lots of food that looked very tempting. My reward was I am the same weight, 145, this morning when I got on the scale. Yesterday for breakfast I had a bowl of turkey vegetable soup, also had the same for lunch, followed by an afternoon snack of a small pack of nekot cookies and a banana. So, I had plenty to eat, it's just so tempting when you see others eating lots of fancy goodies and you know you could, too, but you DON'T. I've been reading your journals and you all are doing so great! Have a happy day, all of you! :)

Kyrin on 02/14/2001:
Hooray for those size 8 jeans! You fought the food and the jeans won... heheheh!

<font color=red>Happy Valentine's Day!</font>

SoccerMom on 02/14/2001:
The SON shines brightly, even when it's raining (like it is doing here this morning). You sound like you're doing so well with the food choices. Good for you, for avoiding all that sugary stuff!

Have a Happy Valentines' Day.

Breann on 02/14/2001:
You should be very proud of yourself for making those food choices last night. You must feel great today about it! Have a great day.


muggg on 02/14/2001:
You did so well and I am very proud of you! I'd bet you felt better when you got in bed last night... I get so stuffed eating that way any more!

Those size 8 jeans are on their way!!!

pastagal on 02/14/2001:
<font color=red><b>Happy Valentines Day Maria!!! i sure love to read your entrys,,,they are so UPlifting:}}} and congrats to you for sticking to your plan when you went out to eat,,,,that is will power and you did super:}}You have a wonderful day today and remember,,,ONE day at a time:}}

muggg on 02/14/2001:
I forgot to look at how tall you are! At 145, you're almost to your goal and in size 8 jeans now! Awesome!

miss piggy on 02/14/2001:
You go girl! I always love reading your entries. You must have such a beautiful soul because it just shines through in your writings. I always get such a feeling of peace when I read your entries. It is like being transported into a painting. I used to feed birds too but I don't get a chance to or to watch them anymore. I hope you have a beautiful valentines day today/

mostlyidle on 02/14/2001:
Congrats on being true to yourself last night. Meals out and at other's homes are the worst tests. The absolute worst is eating at grandma's house. She's 94 and I sometime's wonder if she's ever heard of the words "low fat meal" lol. And believe me, it's awfully hard to refuse a piece of cake from your 94 year old grandmother when she's pushing it on you.

And contrats on the 10lb loss!

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