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Maria7 - Tuesday Feb 13, 2001

Weight: 145.0

Good morning, everybody! It is a cloudy, cold morning here in South Carolina. I threw some bread out for the birds and sitting here at the computer, I look out the window and there are 3 bluebirds eating it. They fly from the woods to the tree limbs over the bread on the ground, they each pick up a little piece of bread and fly back to the woods...I guess maybe they are taking it to their nests or their babies. Usually they pick it up and fly back to the tree limbs and eat it there while I watch them, but not this morning. Here comes another one...he just flew to the tree limbs, down to get a piece of bread and away he went. In the meantime, a squirrel is slowly making his way to the bread. I love to watch birds and squirrels (and rabbits, too, though they seldom come out of the woods). Well, Hubby and I didn't get to walk together last night because it was still raining and cold, so I walked on the treadmill...not as much fun, but gets the job done... I'm not sure about today's menu....a bluebird without the plummage on top of its head just arrived, got bread and flew back to the woods...I think this was a female... as I was saying, I'm not sure about today's menu because of a meeting tonight that serves supper and I am going to try to conserve calories for that...so I will be eating light today. The soup I made yesterday is 'Low Carb, Low Fat Turkey Vegetable Soup'...I listed it in our recipes here at DD. It was real good and I ate 3 bowls of it last night. YUM! I will probably be finishing it this morning (another bowl or two is left.) I hope you all have a great day and I will look forward to reading each of your journals!

SoccerMom on 02/13/2001:
The soup sounds really good...and since I'm also doing the low-carb thing, I'm gonna have to go copy it down. Thanks for sharing it.

I was watching my birds at the feeders this morning, too. We've got lots of squirrels, bunnies, and the occasional raccoon (it likes to come up on the porch and make faces at our dog through the glass door at 2am....really stirs her up, and wakes up the rest of us! LOL)

Hope you enjoy the dinner tonight. Have a great day!

sunny3 on 02/13/2001:
Maria I would love to live in the country again where all the prettiest birds seem to flock in. We used to have a beautiful blue jay that used to land on our viranda for a few years, when we first moved here, I would see him but I haven't seen once in many years it seems. We have lots of squirrels that love to play on the neighbours lawns across the road. There are two huge trees on their front lawn and the squirrels frolick up one down and across the grass to the other. They play for hours like that. The kids love to watch them, as do I. We do get lots of robbins and I throw bread out to them as well as the squirrels. We get little wee birds in our pine tree out front of our home and I sit many afternoons and listen to them talk back and forth. I just wish I lived in the country again! So much more to see.

You sound like you are doing great! That soup must be wonderful. I love soup too but never get around to making it from scratch. Just from a can usually. Lol.

Hope your day is going great! Hugs! ~~Sunny~~

breakaway on 02/13/2001:
Hi Maria,

Sounds like you have a lot of fun watching the animals. You sound a lot like me. The neighbors will trap and kill the chipmunks and squirrel's and I will get so mad. They are causing some damagage to there garage but there only trying to survive. I would trap them and let them go in the woods somewhere.lol Even if we would ever find a mouse in our house (which has never happened with all the cats we usually have) I would trap it and let it go. I know...sounds sick but I can't stand to kill anything. Your menu sounds really good today...and I'm sure you will do fine at the party...and its ok to have a few goodies once in a while anyhow...as long as it's not daily. Well, have a wonderful day today. Have fun at the party!

pastagal on 02/13/2001:
<font color=Blue><b>Aww Maria,,,sounds like fun to sit and be able to throw bread to the birds while typeing,,,:}} and your probley right,there probley taking it back to there nest for the lil ones;}

Well you sure have been consistent with your walking,,thats great,,,,and your turkey soup sounds good,,will have to go take a look at your recipe today:} i love soups,,,,all kinds,,,,well have a great day and remember,,<font color=RED><b>ONE day at a time;}}

muggg on 02/13/2001:
I'll be checking your soup recipe out... I've been making large batches of soup, etc. and freezing it to take for lunch. I'm getting a good assortment.

I'd love to sit and watch the birds.. but my boss probably wouldn't like it.. so you enjoy for me! (LOL)

You're doing great on the treadmill.. not sure I'd be so consistant!

sparkymel on 02/13/2001:
Hi! Thanks for the comment! I love these supplements that I am taking, the stuff is just awesome. There's no way I would by in the store after using these products, but thanks for the tip. You sound like you had a wonderful and relaxing day. I wish I could enjoy nature like that. It just seems like I never have the time. Or should I say, "Make the time". Anyway, have a wonderful day!

miss piggy on 02/13/2001:
Wishing you a fun and romantic valentines day tomorrow.

mostlyidle on 02/14/2001:
The soup sounds yummy. I'll have to try it out soon. Breakaway wasn't kidding about her and animals. At one point we had two dogs, two cats fish and then more little animals yet. We're down to a dog a cat and a hamster now.

She even picked up a dust-buster so she could suck up the lady bugs this fall (we had a swarm of them) and put them back outside. Ok, I have to admit I'm pretty soft-hearted about the animals too, but I think that's why she married me.

I know what you mean about the treadmill not being as fun. Ours faces a wall and is downright boring!

Maria7 - Monday Feb 12, 2001

Weight: 145.0

Good Monday morning, everybody! Rainy, cold day here in South Carolina. Also we are currently under a weather advisery that we may get ice! YES! Winter Wonderland! I LOVE icicles! I love to see them hanging from the trees! But, I do NOT like to go outside when it ices...I'd rather stay inside. Anyway, where I am, we've not had any snow or ice this season. So, presently it is raining and coooolllldddd! (35 degrees farenheit). Well, take a look to left...another drop (though not a lot) this morning. I think the sugared soft drinks were holding me back. So, they are gone bye-bye now and I am only drinking water, decaf tea, and decaf coffee. It's making a difference. Hubby and I walked again last night before we went to church. It was cold and he was not enthused about walking, but we went anyway and it was a nice walk. Funny, how you notice things you never paid any attention to before when you are walking in your neighborhood, like mailboxes and....dogs. Only one loose last night and he looked like a big, tired old hound dog...he had big,long, floppy ears and droopy eyes and came walking up right behind me. I just looked at him and said, "Hello, Droopy!" and kept walking. He just stopped in his tracks and stared. Hubby and I were also looking up at birds (doves) perched on the lines over us as we walked, too. So much to see. We walked fast, a little over a mile. I see I'm not the only one who likes to grill out. A neighbor was putting steaks (big ones) on her grill. We saw a lot of neighbors that we waved and spoke to as we walked. Well, on this rainy, cold day, menu is: Breakfast: pack nekot cookies, coffee, tea, 1/2 banana. Lunch: 2 grilled, skinless barbequed chicken legs and 1 cup string beans, tea. Supper: Homemade soup, tea, coffee. Yes, Pastagal and MostlyIdle and Breakaway, you've all got me into the soup mood, with your recipes and talking about soup! YUM! I will probably be doing treadmill today unless the rain stops long enough for Hubby and me to walk together again. Lots of water! Have a great day, all of you! :)

pastagal on 02/12/2001:
<font color=BLUE><b>I think that is terrific your able to get out and walk like that and have your hubby go with you,,i wish i could do that,,but in order for me and hubby to do it i would have to have someone come and sit with mother inlaw and its just a hassle,,but he would walk with me,,,

And congrats on the 1/2 lb,thats great that your losing alittle more each day:} Yes i am sure the diet soda does make a difference,,ya know i still pop the top on one every morning,,,but drink maybe half if that,,,,so i have really in the past yr come a long way,,from 6-8 a day to 1/2 in morning and night,not bad i think,,,,

well maria,,,your pretty consistent on your meals,i think your doing so good because your eating so much chicken,never hear you say anything about other types of meat,,is chicken your main item,,,,? and do you not eat salad ever,,i notice alot of string beans,,,well keep it up ,cause its working for you:}}} have a great monday ok.

SoccerMom on 02/12/2001:
I love the way you notice everything around you while you're outside. I can tell you enjoy life!

Have a wonderful day.

Kyrin on 02/12/2001:
I think the best part of walking around your neighborhood is the greetings that you get from neighbors you don't usually see.

My parents will sometimes sit on their front porch after dinner (good weather). I was surprised at the number of couples and families that use that time to go walking. Of course, my dad is vocal and cheers people on and asks after others that live near to the walkers.

I miss that part of being in a neighborhood. We live in an apartment complex and although we have been here for almost five years, everyone else comes and goes so quickly.

Keep on walking and greeting your neighbors. You are a lucky woman indeed.

muggg on 02/12/2001:
I'm glad you enjoyed your walk... there is a lot to see ... I can't wait ... of course, I'm always looking at peoples gardens and flowers!

Congrats on the 1/2 pound... it all adds up!

breakaway on 02/12/2001:
Hi Maria...GREAT LOSS!! Congrats! I am so proud of you! Sounds like your menu is really good. We finished off our soup yesterday already and now it's time to make some more. It was really good! You will enjoy having soup around. Once you make it it is so easy to warm up in the microwave. That's the good part. Good job on the exercise...I finally broke down and did some today too. It felt really good. Keep up your great work! OH one more thing...how often and how long do you usually walk?

morganlee on 02/12/2001:
Hi Maria7. Congrats on the two pounds you lost while I was away. Thats so wonderful. I'm very proud of you!! :o) I know what you mean about the weather. Its was hot here when I left and now that I'm back it is 40. But I like the cold. Oh and the Place we went is sorta near south Carolina, It was Helen, Georgia. It is about 100 miles north of Atlanta. But only about a forty min. drive to North carolina. It was an amazing place and we have decided to go back for out family's summer vacation. Well keep up the great work and enjoy your walks. bye morgan

mostlyidle on 02/12/2001:
Hehe.. soup is a great diet food (at least most of them.) What kind did you have? I have to say one thing about soda. I've been drinking my water and haven't been thirsty enough to drink soda the past few days AND I have noticed that I haven't been having energy "dips" lately. A couple of times a day, I'd feel just exhausted and ready to take a nap. I used to think it was after meals, but I think it was more sugar related (from the pop.)

We got the treadmill working today and both of us walked a mile. Hopefully it won't be too long and we'll have to increase the distance in order to get enough time in. I know when we first got the treadmill, it was only a few weeks before we were up to nearly jogging speed in order to keep our heartrate up. I'm nowhere near that now though.

Maria7 - Sunday Feb 11, 2001

Weight: 145.5

Good morning, everybody! It's SUNDAY! Yeaaa! Get to go to church! :) I am fixing to get ready to go to Sunday School and Preaching. This is the best news of the day. Also, some more good news.....look at the number to the left.....:)....plateau is gone again....the scale moved. :) I got off and on the scale three times to make sure it was true and it is. Hubby and I had another great walk last night. Thanks for your advice about the loose dogs...there were 5 loose last night and I had on my boots instead of walking shoes. (More coverage.) And sure enough, one was yipping at my heels as we walked by his place. Well, it is a beautiful morning here in South Carolina...sunny and cool. Menu for today is: Breakfast: coffee, 1/2 banana, pack nekot cookies, tea. (Trying to say bye-bye to the sugared soft drinks and already seeing a difference.) Lunch: Barbequed grilled chicken (I grilled out enough yesterday for today, too), string beans, iced tea. Supper: Barbequed grilled chicken, string beans, iced tea. (Yes, repeat of lunch.) Lots of water and walking. Have a great day!

mylilsista on 02/11/2001:
Wow! Congratulations on breaking that evil plateau! Sounds like you're doing a wonderful job. I bet you're looking great! Keep up the good work and pat yourself on the back for how far you've come!


Kyrin on 02/11/2001:
Hey, good goin'! Must be that walking with hubby after dinner. ...and I noticed that you've cut the cookies down to once today. ...Addictions are hard to break, aren't they.

You get a pat on the back from me too.

Bunny on 02/11/2001:
Way to go girlfriend!!!! Your gaining on me lol. I am so proud of you. Keep up the good work!!! Have a healthy happy day!

pastagal on 02/11/2001:
<font color=red><b>MARIA,,,you are doing SUPER girlfriend,,,keep it up,,,you must really be feeling great a about yourself:}} its really coming through your entrys:}

Your menu sounds great,and no wonder your loseing so well if that is all your eating,,guess those small amounts of cookies you eat daily are not hurting you in one bit,and about the soda,yes after awhile it just doesn't taste as good as it once did,,i have at the most 2 diet pepsi a day and Never drink all of either can i open,,so i know if i can stop drinking them like i use to anyone can,,cause i hated water and thought diet pepsi was the only thing worth drinking,well not anymore;} well you have a WONDERFUL sunday ok,,,take things,,,,ONE DAY AT A TIME:}}

breakaway on 02/11/2001:
Hi Maria,

Sounds like you have some bad doggy's in your neighborhood. I love animals! So when I see bad dogs I will usually try to pet them anyhow...(probablly a mistake) But I haven't gotten bitten yet. Usually they will get used to me and know that I am there friend and I don't want to hurt them. After a while they should get used to you I would hope. The thing that works the best is get some of those nice soft treats for the store and when they come barking throw them one of those. They will love you in no time at all! GREAT job on the weight loss!! Must feel good to break that plateau. I don't look forward to my first one. It will drive me nuts! Well anyway have a terrific day and stay warm!

SoccerMom on 02/11/2001:
<font color=blue>Wooo-hoooo!! You're down a pound and a half! CONGRATULATIONS!!</font color>

You're doing GREAT!

Maria7 - Saturday Feb 10, 2001

Weight: 147.0

Hello, everybody! Hope you are all having a great Saturday! The weather here in South Carolina today is warm, 64 degrees farenheit, and sunny, though it was cloudy this morning and drizzled light rain for a little while. I threw some bread and birdseed out for the squirrels and birds earlier and watched through the window as they came and ate. I'm still at 147 weightwise, but working on eliminating some of the sugared soft drinks I've been drinking, although I did drink about 8 ounces of one at breakfast this morning. So, today's menu is: Breakfast: 1/2 banana, 1 pack of nekot cookies (working on them, too, not to eat as many), 8 ounces caffeine-free sugared soft drink. Lunch: decaf tea and something light. Supper: grilled barbequed chicken, string beans, tea, coffee. Hubby and I had another good walk together last night after supper. We walked over a mile. It felt so great to be outside and as we were walking, it got dark and you could see the stars overhead, so beautiful. I see some neighbors have got some new dogs and are letting them run loose and they protected their turf real well as we walked by them. They like to come up behind your feet and legs as you walk, snarling and growling while they are barking, but we just keep on walking along. Well, looks like another lovely afternoon to grill out on the back deck. Remember your water today. I do my best to get in at least 64 ounces per day and more if I can. Well, it is time for a coffee break and read your journals! Have a great day! :)

pastagal on 02/10/2001:
<font color=blue><b> Aww maria your doing so great,you will see a big loss soon,you have been very consistent for some time now:}} Thats a bit scary that those dogs come up behind you like that,,here in calif we have a leach law and you can't let you dogs run loose,which i love,i am scared of Big dogs ,,,when i use to walk daily outside i would take a big stick with me,,now not sure what i was planning on that doing,i think the dog would win over the stick,don't you:} But thought it would scare them off if they tried anything,,,,,so please be careful,glad your hubby goes with you at night;} Have a great saturday,,and keep up the great progress :}}

sunny3 on 02/10/2001:
Wow I wish that our weather was like yours! So nice! Its wonderful that you and your husband walk together. Helps when you have someone to excersize with, thats for sure!

You are really doing great! Have a wonderful day! Hugs! ~~Sunny~~

miss piggy on 02/10/2001:
Carry a can of pepper with you when you walk. It doesn't hurt the dog but he can't bite you when he is sneezing either.

Kyrin on 02/10/2001:
Ohhhh, I'm with Pasta! I feel safer walking in my parents' subdivision with a BIG stick. They have a leash law too, but the dogs don't always act like they know about it when they are circling the walkers. LOL

I love that you feed the birds. I've considered putting a bird feeder in the woods behind our kitchen, but I know how fast those suckers can empty a feeder. That's quite a commitment. ...Jim thinks I just want to do it to drive our two cats nuts. (Well, yeah, that too.)

Maria7 - Friday Feb 09, 2001

Weight: 147.0

Hello, everybody! Another beautiful, very warm, sunny day here in South Carolina! I've been pretty busy this morning, doing some extra studying in the Bible. So many things to learn in God's Word. So many comforting passages there, too. I really love Psalms 91 and Psalms 46. This afternoon I will be out paying bills. The cookies that I was asked about that I like to eat are nekot peanut butter cookies, about 200 calories a little snack pack of 6. They are sooooo good, only thing is, I think I am eating too many of them as to why I'm on another plateau. Mugg really gave a great formula yesterday about how to get to goalweight. She has really got her mathematics down pat. Her formula makes a lot of sense. While I am out paying bills, think I will do some visiting, too. I love visiting people. Menu for today: Breakfast: tuna/egg salad mixed with lettuce, celery, onions, and a teaspoon of ff 10cal mayonaise. 8 ounces decaf soft drink. (Another thing I am going to try to reduce is soft drinks. I don't drink diet soft drinks anymore because of what I've read on the internet, so I am wasting food calories drinking sugared soft drinks.) Lunch: Coffee, tea, and maybe soup and crackers. Supper: Grilled out (you all know where to find me....on the back deck grilling out! :))turkeyburger patty (no buns), ketchup, mustard, onions, and green string beans, iced tea. Hubby and I had a good walk last night, we walked a little over a mile and I am going to ask him to walk with me again tonight. Also, I may do treadmill, too, with weights. Lots of water! All of you have a great day!

muggg on 02/09/2001:
Here is how I fix my asparagus... buy the smallest ( not much thicker than a pencil ) shoots you can (fresh) then when you are ready to prepare it, rinse well, then break off the tough ends. It will naturally snap at the tender part. Throw away the tough ends. If you buy very tender asparagus.. you won't need to peel it.

Steam it OVER boiling water just until tender ( it will keep it's beautiful green color this way.) Remove it to a plate and then using the smallest piece of butter...(you only need a teaspoon) coat the asparagus. (Yes, real butter) I'm a believer in that we need a certain amount of fat to be healthy and to burn calories. Butter is far better for you than margarine. I agree with the theory that we Americans are overweight because our food is full of empty calories and our bodies are craving the nutrition it needs.

breakaway on 02/09/2001:
Hi Maria...great attitude to have. Get that water in and slow down on the cookies if you feel your getting to much! Then the weight will start downward again. It's good that hubby walks with you. I have to work on that one! If we both walk I'm sure we will increase our weightloss by a lot. Have a wonderful day and Keep the water flowing!

pastagal on 02/09/2001:
As normal maria,you are doing great with your progress:}} and your menu sounds good today to:} Well have a wonderful friday and keep up what your doing,,,ONE day at a time:}}

Beth on 02/09/2001:
Maria, my husband has smoked for years, and even though I still have a few smokes a day, it makes me sick when he lights one up first thing in the morning. I know how you feel. Also, I gave up drinking pop a few months ago, and I don't have cravings for soda anymore. The first few weeks were hard, but I honestly can't see myself ever drinking it like I used to. Turkey burgers! My favorite!!! I think I'll stop at the store and get some ground turkey and fresh veggies. Thanks for the idea!

miss piggy on 02/09/2001:
I am glad you enjoyed your walk with your hubby. I wish my feet would stop swelling so I could walk some. I had to give up a breeding pair of boston terriers because I got to where I couldn't walk them around the block to use the bathroom. Soon maybe. Can I join you for supper? Sounds great.

SoccerMom on 02/09/2001:
I find a lot of inspiration in some of the passages. I feel much more able to accomplish this task, knowing that I've put it in His hands, and am trusting Him to help me through the rough spots (cravings and binges!) Thanks for sharing.

Have a wonderful SONshiney day!

Maria7 - Thursday Feb 08, 2001

Weight: 147.0

Hello, everybody! Today has been a real busy day. First I did some spring cleaning, then I had to run some errands. It has been so very warm today and sunny, 70 degrees farenheit. I am planning on going out on the back deck as soon as I finish keying this and putting some chicken on the grill and grilling it for supper. It just feels so good outside. I threw some bread out this morning and the bluebirds have really enjoyed it. Today's menu is/has been: Breakfast: pack nekot cookies, banana, decaf soft drink. Lunch: small chicken potpie, decaf soft drink. Snack: another pack of nekot cookies, banana, decaf soft drink. Supper: Barbequed grilled chicken, string beans, tea. Think I'll ask Hubby to walk with me after supper and take advantage of this beautiful springtime weather. Have a great day, all of you. I'll be checking in later to read all your entries and make comments.

SoccerMom on 02/08/2001:
It sounds like you have one beautiful day after another...I'm so jealous! Although, it was really nice here today, too...almost 70.

You're doing great with your diet. Did you make it out for that walk? I missed mine, b/c hubby's still sick and needed me close.

Hope you have a wonderful evening.

pastagal on 02/08/2001:
Your weather sounds great maria,,,,we had some of that ,but it didn't last,,,rain starting here in the morning and going for the next 5 days;{ but we do need it i guess,,,,

Your menu sounds good,,you eat alot of cookies huh,,,are those a diet cookie or regular ones? is it because you just love them or need the sugar,,,,? well have a great night,,,you also Grill outside alot,,,thats neat,,,i am going to do that as soon as the weather stays nicer:}}

miss piggy on 02/08/2001:
Sounds like you had a beautiful day. I just have this mental picture of your supper and your walk. It sounds so serene and beautiful. It is storming here tonight. Spring Cleaning is what I should be doing, if I only had the energy.

miss piggy on 02/08/2001:
I always fix asparagus with cheese sauce but it isn't exactly a diet food. Tablespoon flour, Tablespoon margarine to make paste, small amount of milk and/or water from a can of Green Giant asparagus, grated colby or cheddar(Cup). Green Giant is always tender-every bite. Some canned asparagus is not. If its company I divide asparagus into the plate or saucer and pour some of the cheese sauce over it. If its just us, I mix the asparagus into the cheese sauce to make sure the kids eat the asparagus and not just the cheese.

Maria7 - Wednesday Feb 07, 2001

Weight: 147.0

Hello, everybody! Warm, sunny day here in South Carolina! It was 68 degrees farenheit about 1:00 pm, so it is probably at least 70 now. I hope you are all doing well. My Mother and I had a great time shopping yesterday. Our tastes are different, however. I found her some really nice brown slacks with pockets, no- iron, perfect for spring, summer, and fall, and she found a pretty yellow top with matching decor for the brown pants....and we were going to get her that....until....she found an athletic pantsuit, black with red stripes going down the legs and shirt sleeves, perfect for teenagers, bell-bottomed, made of a silky material and she fell in love with it. She forgot all about the sensible brown and yellow outfit. She weighs 248 and I didn't think the outfit she found would fit her, but she sure proved me wrong by going into the dressing room and calling me to show me that it fit her perfectly, and it did! Well, she loved that outfit so much, I just had to get it for her, though it was not something I would have picked out for her. But she's my Mother and I do like to spoil her sometimes, ha, ha. She loved it so much, that after I paid for it, she wore it out of the store (the clerk had taken the tags off). Oh, happy day! Then I brought her home with me and we had a hamburger/turkeyburger grill out on the back deck. She spent the night with us and this morning, I took her to the doctor, as she was having some problems with her legs and feet. She wore her new outfit to the doctor, too. So, I didn't have time to eat breakfast before taking her to the doctor. Therefore my menu is going to look a little skimpy today. Here it is: Breakfast: coffee. Lunch: Grilled turkeyburger, no buns, ketchup, mustard, onions, string beans, decaf softdrink. Snack this afternoon: Banana, small pack of nekot peanut butter cookies (200cal kind), decaf softdrink. Supper: grilled chicken, salad, tea. Treadmill workout and lots of water. Hope you all have a great day!

pastagal on 02/07/2001:
Aww Maria your weather sounds like ours was,,,,today its pretty outside,,just a bit windy and colder,,,,yesterday rain,,,,and more rain on friday,,,,,,Glad you had that day out with your mom,,,i envy people who get to do that and enjoy it so,,,,i miss those times with my mom,,,

Your menu really sounds good,,,i love to grill a hambuger patty or turkey patty to and put ketchup and mustard on it and tomatoe and then wrap it in lettuce instead of a bun,,,,really really good and so filling;}} You keep this up and your going to see a nice drop in the scales:}}

Yes Dr.Phil is so neat to listen to and yesterday oprahs show brought me to tears a few times,,talk about a Reality show,that one was for Everyone:{ well you have a great day and remember,,,ONE day at a time:}}}

Bunny on 02/07/2001:
It is wonderful that you have such a great relationship with your mother! Sounds like another yummy food day for you also. Keep up the great work and have a wonderful day!!!!

SoccerMom on 02/07/2001:
Oh, you're such a nice daughter! Sounds like you did well on your eating, too.

You get a big <b>ATTAGIRL</b> on both counts.

Have a wonderful evening.

garlic on 02/07/2001:
Hi Maria7 - I also miss those days with my mom. Enjoy her while you have her. Anyway to answer your question about Boca Burgers - Boca is just a brand name for a veggie burger. They are totally meatless (I am a vegetarian so that's important to me). Some veggie burgers still have fat because they may have cheese or oils in them. They are good too but I tell you, this fat free Boca burgers are unreal. You get them in the freezer section. I found them at BJs (warehouse grocery shopping store) and also at Bread & Circus (whole foods grocery store). I'm not sure if regular grocery stores carry them. Just check it out. It will be worth it. They are very high in protein and fiber. Put them on a bun with all the fixings and you'll love them. If you try them, let me know what you think.

Kyrin on 02/07/2001:
When I've gone shopping with my mother, I've always been the "runner" that exchanges sizes, hunts for new outfits, etc. ...For the mostpart, she's pretty easy to assist, but like your mother, sometimes her selections surprise me. LOL

Sounds like you had fun though. ...and a good day eating, too!

Yea, Maria!

garlic on 02/07/2001:
Hi - to answer your question, yes, the Boca Burger tastes just like a hamburger.

breakaway on 02/08/2001:
awww...that entry made me cry. My mom has had a stroke and she is 2 and 1/2 hours away from me. I rarely get a chance to visit anymore. She no longer know's who we are and it's so sad. Your mom must be so pleased with you. It's great you spend that kind of quality time with her! And still able to keep to the diet on top of things! Great job!! Your doing so wonderful!

miss piggy on 02/08/2001:
You are lucky. I bought my mom a blouse and a shirt and a sweater when she was in the hospital and she got mad because I didn't wait for her to go and pick out her own clothes.

Maria7 - Tuesday Feb 06, 2001

Weight: 147.0

Hello, everybody! Today is another beautiful, bright, sunny, warm day here in South Carolina. I have been sitting here by the window, looking out at the bluebirds in the trees swooping down to the ground, getting some bread I threw out for them a while earlier and flying back up to the tree limbs again and eating their breakfast. Weatherwise, it is supposed to get into the 60's today, feels like it's already there, and the 70's in a couple more days, making for a sunny, warm week. :) I plan to visit with my Mother this afternoon, and take her shopping again. I love to surprise her. She has been depressed lately and I am going to try to cheer her up. I may bring her back home with me to spend a day or two. Later on this afternoon, plan is to grill out hamburgers and turkeyburgers. (Turkeyburger is for me.) Hubby said he only would eat hamburger and NOT turkeyburger, as he would be able to tell the difference. I disagreed with him and a while back I used ground turkey instead of ground beef when I fixed supper and asked him how did he like supper? He said it was real good and he enjoyed it. Then I told him I'd used ground turkey instead of ground beef. Then he tried to say he could tell a difference, but there was no convincing me, ha, ha. So, I just wanted to show him that the taste is about identical, but he still insists he prefers ground beef, so I fix him that and I also have some sometimes, but mine will be turkeyburger for supper (minus buns). I started using the home gym yesterday. Worked out with it about 30 minutes...so many different things to do with it. Also did treadmill workout with weights on and then later went walking outside about a mile with Daughter. So, a lot of activity. Drank lots of water. Menu for today is/has been: Breakfast: banana, decaf coffee. Snack: banana, coffee. Lunch: Skinless, barbequed chicken breast, salad, tea. Snack: pack peanut butter crackers, decaf soft drink. Supper: Grilled turkeyburger, minus buns, (no bread)with onions and a little ketchup, green string beans, tea, coffee. Another gym and treadmill workout and at least 64 ounces water. Have a GREAT day, all of you!

breakaway on 02/06/2001:
WOW Maria...your doing so great. You really give me a lot of inspiration. Congrats on getting your home gym going. I also began to dig out my treadmill today. It's taking me a while though lol. Especially inbetween laundry and reading here. I am just so hooked. I like that turkeyburger trick on your hubby :P hehe. I am going to try the same thing to see if mine notices. He always said he would notice a change in anything. We'll see. Have a great day and enjoy that sunny warm weather...I envy you. I am here in wisconsin and its darn cold here. :( Can't wait till spring! Reading your entry sure warmed me up though. Felt like I was there with you for a few minutes :)

caro on 02/06/2001:
Husbands sure can be funny about their beef, can't they? I sometimes feed mine the grilled soy burgers. At first he didn't know what they were. When I started to tell him that it WASN'T a hamburger, he looked at me, licking his fingers, and said, "Please don't tell me what it is. I really just don't want to know." Now he is suspicious of everything I feed him -- I really should keep my mouth shut!

sunny3 on 02/06/2001:
Wow I sure wish our weather was as lovely as yours! We have tons of snow although it isn't too cold out right now but the freezing temperatures seem to come and go! It has been a long snowy winter and it's time for spring!!

Thats so nice of you to try and cheer your mom up by taking her shopping and back to your house. It is wonderful to spend time with our parents. I miss the times I spent with my mom. We were very very close but she passed away five years ago at age 54. Treasure your moments with her, as I am sure you do...

Keep up the great work with your eating and excersizing!

Have a great day. Hugs! ~~Sunny~~

SoccerMom on 02/06/2001:
<font color=red><b>ATTAGIRL!!</b></font color>

You're doing so well with the exercise and food. I haven't tried the ground turkey yet. Maybe I'll pick some up next time I shop.

Have a wonderful day!

pastagal on 02/06/2001:
Isn't it amazing how you can't tell the difference till someone tells you,:} i have a grandson that i don't dare tell him what somethings are or he would not touch his plate,,so i just ignore him till he eats half and then i tell him,,,its like,,,,geeze,if it takes good to you,why worry what it is made with ,,right?:}}} Maria you really sound good and your menus are sounding great to,,,keep it up:}}

muggg on 02/06/2001:
You are surely going to see success as hard as you are working... kudos on the exercise, water and food! Have a great day with Mom!

Bunny on 02/06/2001:
I'm jealous of your beautiful weather. I love turkey burgers especially cooked on the grill. Keep up the good work!!! Have a wonderful healthy day!~

Maria7 - Monday Feb 05, 2001

Weight: 147.0

Hello, everybody! Beautiful, bright, sunny, warm day here in South Carolina. I've been gone most of today, running errands. Now that I'm back, I'm wanting to go back outside again. Eating has not been the best today, not meaning overeating, but meaning eating on the run, however I did take some low-calorie crackers with me. Menu is/has been: Breakfast: Pack reduced-fat peanut butter/cheese crackers, decaf coffee, caffene-free soft drink. Lunch: Banana, vegetable soup, another pack of reduced-fat peanut butter/cheese crackers, caffene-free drink. Supper will be grilled barbequed chicken (yum!) and salad, decaf tea, decaf coffee. Yes, it's time to get outside again and grill out! Snacks will be coffee and maybe another banana. Treadmill workout with ankle weights and wrist weights on and water, water, water. Have a great day!

SoccerMom on 02/05/2001:
I think a few highlights might just do the trick for you, too! LOL I had hair that was down to my thighs, in high school, so I know what you mean about closing it in a door, or sitting on it. I finally cut it when I had kids. Just took too much effort to take care of it. I love the shorter hair...just wash and go, most of the time.

The grilled stuff sounds yummy! We grilled steak the other day (when it was 60 here), but now it's cold again. Oh well...spring IS coming!

Have a wonderful day.

<font color=blue>ATTAGIRL! CONGRATS ON THE HALF-POUND LOSS! </font color>

Caro on 02/05/2001:
Oh, I am dreaming about some warm weather! Of course, I do love the snow, but it makes you think twice about going outside (Let's see, where are my mittens . . . lace up those boots . . . ) Sounds like you are making good, sensible food choices despite your busy life -- congratulations!

pastagal on 02/05/2001:
Maria,,,,,,you are doing really good lately,,,and you really sound good to,,,consistency is the key:}}

Kyrin on 02/05/2001:
Hi Maria!

You asked if the Good N.E.W.S. diet is written out any where. not really. I just follow what seems like good sense in four areas. Pretty much as you already do.

Nutrition-- (1500-1800 calories per day; follows the food pyramid for portions with the following exceptions: 1. substitute whole grains whenever possible, starchy veggies (potatoes, corn, peas, beans, etc.) count in the whole grain category not veggies. 2. the goal is to include at least one (each) dark green, red, and orange vegetable every day. Aim for 9 fruits and vegetables total. 3. Check with Dietwatch to be sure the protein requirements have been met for the day. Use meat as needed to supplement dairy and plant proteins...this usually comes out to be between 2 and 5 ounces of meat, poultry or fish daily. 4. Try to limit fats to between 25 and 30 percent of the daily calories--my weakest area.

Exercise--15 to 30 minutes (minimum) daily--no excuses other than illness.

Water--Aim for 1/2 oz per pound of body weight, plus as needed for losses from active workouts.

Sleep--Aim for 7-9 hours per night.

See, it's not really hard to do. DietWatch lets me know when I have done what I needed to do for the day. So far, the number of deficit calories (in pound losses) have shown up on the scale. 7 predicted, 7 lost. ...It will be interesting to see what happens asI get closer to goal weight.

Kyrin on 02/05/2001:
Me again... To answer the DietWatch question... Yes, DW is a free program that you can download to your computer (at www.dietwatch.com ). I use it ona daily basis to track my nutritional intake and exercise. I LOVE it!

After you have entered your resting heart rate, height, weight, and other info, it will help you track the calories burned through exercise (made more accurate if you use your heart rate during exercise).

As for tracking foods, the database is loaded with info. If I find that my brand's info is not included, I just add it...as well as adding the info for my own recipes that I use fairly often.

At the end of each day, I check for the calorie balance, which if I've been working toward my goal should give me a nice calorie deficit in pounds lost. (For example, today I had a deficit of -0.395 pounds.) If I string together enough of those days in a week, I get a nice pound or two to disappear. So far, it's been pretty accurate for me.

I spent some time playing with DW and have discovered the range at which I will lose weight. Eat too many calories, and I don't lose weight...eat too few calories and I don't lose weight either.

If you want, you can e-mail me at cjgillis@earthlink.net

breakaway on 02/06/2001:
Hi Maria...thanks for your comment. It's people like you who will make a difference for me. Keep up your great work. I look forward to reading more of your diary.

Maria7 - Sunday Feb 04, 2001

Weight: 147.0

Hello everybody...Take a look at the number to the side...THE PLATEAU IS BROKEN!!!! (Pacman does his dance.......music plays.........). Okay, so the plateau is broken a little, but still it counts. Hope you all are having a great day today. Our pastor preached a great sermon this morning, as usual. He is a fantastic preacher. The sermon was on the sanctity of human life. After church, came home and ate lunch. Menu today is/has been: Breakfast: Small piece pizza, 1/2 banana, decaf soft drink, coffee. Lunch was barbequed chicken breast, without skin, 1 cup string beans, decaf soft drink. Snacks: pack of peanuts, pack chocolate crackers, (200 calorie kind). Supper will be something light. Also decaf coffee this afternoon and tonight. It is a very rainy, chilly day here in South Carolina.

mylilsista on 02/04/2001:
Cngratulations on the weight loss!! I think I hit my plateau last week. I plan to start working out this week...working out will definately break the cycle. You're doing great! Keep up the good work (hug).


muggg on 02/04/2001:
Congrats on breaking the plateau! Woo Hoo! Sounds like you had a nice weekend. Keep up the good work!

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