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Maria7 - Saturday Dec 30, 2000

Weight: 151.0

Hi, everybody! Looks like the northeast is really getting some snow today. Well, today makes 4 times this season, here in eastern South Carolina that snow was predicted and then a couple of days later they (weather channel on tv) changed their minds.... We were not to get any snow today, but it was predicted for Tuesday and now they've changed it to just 'cloudy' for Tuesday...oh, well, guess that is just the way it goes. Anyway, I haven't seen any snowbirds, which usually arrive a day or two preceding any rare snows we get, so guess I will go by that from here on instead of tv. I have been doing well with my eating although was not very successful with the 'liquid diet'...so now I am just doing low-calorie, lots of liquids, low starch diet and it is working out GREAT. Today I have eaten: Breakfast: grapefruit juice, hot cocoa, 1/3 canteloupe, 2 strawberries, 1/2 cup black-eyed peas with a little onion, 1 banana. Lunch was 3/4 cup tuna salad, no bread, 1 cup ginger ale. Supper will probably be an orange or tangerine, tea, cocoa, possibly 1/2 cup tomato soup. Calories for today: 1000 or 1100 calories total. It is a cloudy day here today....Don't see any snowbirds.... Maria

pastagal on 12/30/2000:
Hi Maria,,,,,been napping most of the day here,,just not feeling at all good,,,,your menu for the day sounds good tho,,i layed out some HB meat so tonight i am going to fix my recipe of Spanish Rice,,,its my homemade spaghetti sauce over Rice,,yummy:} and for some reason i am craving it,so thought why not:} since i havent eaten much this week,,,well take care and sounds like your diet is coming along good for you:}

muggg on 12/30/2000:
Your menu sounds yummy! Keep up what works for you!!!

Maria7 - Friday Dec 29, 2000

Weight: 151.0

Hi, everybody! Hope you are all doing well.... Well, I'm not sticking strictly to liquids diet...I ate a little tuna yesterday and some brazil nuts. Today I am cooking a pot of black-eyed peas and have eaten some of that for lunch. Sunny, cold day here today and I hear on the weather channel that a nor-easter is predicted for tomorrow. Lots of snow...but still none here in the southeast. Gotta go pay bills this afternoon.... Have a great day, all of you! .... Maria ...................... Later...I'm back...got the bills paid (cable & car insurance) and went to the grocery store...Took a list...but for what??? Still overspend in there...but I did get a good bit of fruit and fresh veggies. Christmas candy is on sale...no way! Maria

pastagal on 12/29/2000:
Maria,,,have you ever tried ww123,,,its really a great program,,,and the new one there coming out with now looks even better,,just a thought:}

Have a great day,i am still feeling yucky:{{ but hopefully i will get back all better soon,,,,,have a great day:}}}

muggg on 12/29/2000:
Good girl on that candy!!! I can remember when I'd really stock up! I know what you mean about overspending at the grocery store. I plan on having a budget and really trying to stick to it. I want to be able to save a little now. I can do it. It is amazing how much spending is really not necessary. Magazines are so tempting to me.. and really... with a little effort.. I can find it on the internet!

Maria7 - Thursday Dec 28, 2000

Weight: 151.0

Hi, everybody! Well, it is still a rainy day here in the southeast but not as cold as yesterday. I have been busy cleaning the house yesterday and will be today, too, putting away all the Christmas decorations and cleaning out a big closet. I hope all of you have a great day! Maria

muggg on 12/28/2000:
We always put our tree up on Thanksgiving when both of our children are home to help and then we usually take our Christmas picture. Then we don't take it down till New Year's Day.. I have to admit it looks so "naked" with the gifts gone! It is funny how everyone's traditions are a little bit different.

My step-daughter and my son will be with us until New Year's day... so we will probably watch a movie and play cards and have our own mini New Year's party. It will be interesting to hear what everyone else is doing.

I would change diets for sure since you don't feel well with the low carb diet. We really need to be in tune with our own bodies... The fruit juice diet would do me in... I'd have the munchies for sure...!!!

pastagal on 12/28/2000:
Sounds like your busy busy,,,i normally take this week to put things away and get all the christmas stuff down,,,but since i came down so darn sick monday night,,,i just havent been able to do anything,,

Hope you get that closet cleaned out :} isnt it a great feeling when you get something such as that acomplished:} have a great day maria,,,

jenny on 12/28/2000:
Boy-oh-boy, am I jealous! Someone out there is actually cleaning and getting rid of all the Christmas stuff. Such a big job, and it's all ahead of me.

jenny on 12/28/2000:
Boy-oh-boy, am I jealous! Someone out there is actually cleaning and getting rid of all the Christmas stuff. Such a big job, and it's all ahead of me.

Maria7 - Wednesday Dec 27, 2000

Weight: 151.0

Hello, everybody! I just took my Christmas tree down! Hope you all had/are having a great Christmas! My neighbor leaves her tree up till way past the New Year and she doesn't put it up until about a week before Christmas. So everybody does it different, I guess and there is nothing wrong with that. I am considering going on a juice-and-other-liquids diet for a few days to compensate for overeating during these holidays. It is very cloudy, cold and rainy here in the south today. Maria

pastagal on 12/27/2000:
Hi maria,,,,

Sounds like your doing fine,,,so your going to do a juice diet for a few days huh,,i have tried that before ,but never worked for me,,i always gave in ,,this yr i came down sick,so looks like i am going to lose a bit from that,,tho i would rather do it the other way,,,

well take care and have a wonderful day,,stay in where its warm:}}

jenny on 12/27/2000:
Eeeew, now that's a job I absolutely HATE, taking down the tree. Don't much like putting it up either, but at least then I have help and the excitement of the holidays approaching. Oh well, since we have a real tree, I'm really forced to take it down pretty soon. It's been up since just after Thanksgiving. I know what you mean about the liquid diet. I'm getting to the part of the year in which I really feel an urge to lose weight. And good thing, too...I haven't felt that particular urge for some time now. I just haven't committed yet. Your Christmas dinner was wonderful, I assume, and so very Southern. Did you remember the grits??? Well, live it up this week, New Year's Resolution-time is a-coming.

Maria7 - Monday Dec 25, 2000

Weight: 151.0

Merry Christmas, everybody! I hope all of you are doing well and having a great day today! I am presently cooking Christmas dinner...ham, potato salad, candied yams, collards with fatback, corn on the cob and buttered rolls. Yes, I am going to eat some of ALLLLL of it, ha, ha! Maria

pastagal on 12/25/2000:
MMM your menu today sounds great,,,,we had our christmas last night,,,,i fixed a Ham,scalloped potatoes,,fresh green beans,,,asparagus,,green salad,,relish tray,,and i ate some of all ,,oh and rolls to,,,,was so good,,but today i feel like i ate the whole thing,,,,lol,,,,after today i am getting rid of all the candy,,,all the food that i can't eat just alittle of and back on track for me,,,time to get serious again:}}} Well have a wonderful day today maria with your family,,,today here is rest and clean up day:}}see ya tomorrow on here;}

muggg on 12/26/2000:
Sounds yummy Maria,

We had Grilled turkey, dressing, green beans, homemade noodles, mashed potatoes, deviled eggs (for my husband) black olives for the rest of us (something we only got once a year as kids - so it is a big tradition to have them on all the holidays!) and English trifle. It was sooooo... yummy! I was so bad.. I had two helpings of the trifle and then some for breakfast!

Maria7 - Saturday Dec 23, 2000

Weight: 151.0

Hello everybody. I am recovering from not enough starches. I am eating starches. I was sick yesterday and Thursday. Weak, lightheaded, guess I overdid the low-carb thing. It is a pretty, sunny, COLD day here. Still no snow...oh, well. In case I don't update before Christmas, I wish you all a very merry Christmas! Maria

pastagal on 12/23/2000:
Maria,,have you tried ww123,,,,i have been on it since jan 18th of this yr,,been almost one yr now,,and i love it,,its been slow ,,,but what i love most if being able to have Anything i want as long as its counted in the pt range,,,and so far i have never felt deprived,

i have heard and read that low carb has to be gradually introduced ,or it can make you ill and feel bad,,,,

well the next couple of days no dieting for me,going to enjoy things and not count pts or worry what i am eating,,i will buckle down and start fresh in few days:} Hope you and yours have a very Merry Christmas:}}

herb on 12/23/2000:
I guess I didn't mean boiled, I'll assume I meant grilled. Have a Merry, Merry Christmas. See you next week

dvdmon on 12/24/2000:
Hi Maria,

I've been doing low-carb for a few months now so I wanted to comment. I looked back a few days and from some of the things you mentioned eating, I'm not sure that you are doing a really low-carb diet. Do you know how many grams of carbs you are eating per day? Generally the various low-carb diets out there suggest 20-30 (sometimes even less) grams of carbs per day. I think a banana has 20 grams of carbs just alone! Even on the maintenance plans (once you have reached your goal weight) they do not go much above 100 grams of carbs per day. Anyway, some of the symptoms you are describing are consistant when switching from a diet high in carbs to one low in carbs. Everyone goes through a transition period of a week or two where they may not feel great. Some people feel downright bad. You can't really avoid this transition because your body is changing it's metabolism, but you can at least moderate some of the symptoms and one big way to do this is by at least taking a potassium supplement. High-carb diets make you retain water, whereas low-carb diets do not, so your fluids are being passed through your system much faster and because of this they tend to flush out sodium and potassium. Taking a potassium supplement is supposed to alleviate the dizzyness and lack of energy that many folks feel in the first days of this type of diet. For similar reasons its very important to keep yourself hydrated by drinking at least 64 oz's of water each day, but prefferably more. I'm pretty bad about this myself, but because your body isn't holding onto water as much as before, you have to replenish it more often. I didn't have it too bad myself as far as the transition period, but I will tell you that after two or three weeks, and up through right now, I have had ten times more energy on this diet than I've had in my 6 years of alternating between a low-fat/high-carb diet and no diet at all...

You might find it useful to check out a couple of bulletin boards devoted to low-carb dieting with very helpful and knowledgable people on them. One is lowcarbfriends.com, which is a general board for many different low-carb diets, but possibly a slight leaning towards Atkins. Eatprotein.com is a board devoted to the low-carb diet described in the books "Protein Power" and "Protein Power LifePlan." Hope this helps!

P.S., looking back on some of your diary entries, I noticed that you get stuck on something that many of us do - trying to find reasoning in why there's a gain one day or a loss another when logic should suggest otherwise. I weigh myself every day as well, more out of habit and wanting to get a daily record, but I have learned that you can't guarentee weight loss from one day to the next unless you do something extreme like eat under 1000 calories and then go to the gym and work out for three hours! Our bodies have minds of their own, and their not our mind! Weight fluctuates for so many different reasons. There are so many variables that I have found it futile to try to assign reason to why my weight goes up when I think it should go down and visa versa. If over time (like over several weeks) you see a trend down or up, that is what you should look at, not daily weight, because simply drinking a lot of water one day, and then none the next may have a big effect. But stuff like water weight should now matter, right? It is more in how you feel, how you look to yourself,your measurements, how much better cloting is fitting, etc. I've only lost about 5 lbs in a few months on this diet, but I've also been lifting weights, so I know, that a lot of the muscle mass I've gained must have REPLACED fat. If I had simply gained muscle on TOP of the fat, I would actually have a net GAIN, not loss. I know how tough it is, but please don't be so fixated on the little numbers on the scale - they don't mean as much as you think.

Maria7 - Thursday Dec 21, 2000

Weight: 151.0

Hi, everybody. Well, I've overdone the low-carb thing. I am feeling very lightheaded when I stand up and weak. So, I am doing some starches today. I've lost 4 pounds in one week. I am going to lighten up some, cause I do have a tendency to overdo. It is very much more important to be healthy than slim. So I am eating today, but not overeating and I am eating some starches. Had cheese and crackers, cocoa,grapefruit juice for breakfast, mackeral patties (yum!) and grits for lunch with gingerale and tea. Red seedless grapes for morning snack and a couple of lemon cookies with tea for afternoon snack. I am taking it easy today. Hope you are all doing well and have a great day! Maria

pastagal on 12/21/2000:
Have heard that low carb can do that to you,,,be careful and hope today is a better day for ya,,,,

Well enjoy your day and hope adding some starches to your diet helps the lightheadedness:}

muggg on 12/24/2000:
Hope you are feeling better! I did the low carb diet with no ill effects.. guess I was one of the lucky ones! I feel much better eating low carb.. so I hope it works out for you! Have a Merry Christmas!

Maria7 - Wednesday Dec 20, 2000

Weight: 152.0

Hello everybody. Well, I am still at 152, maintaining. It was the processed, high sodium turkey bacon & vienna sausage yesterday and also eating too many of the day's calories at lunchtime that did it. I am not feeling too well today. My gums are hurting. My daughter bought me an electric toothbrush and went ahead and gave it to me the other day and I haven't gotten used to it yet. Also, I have a little headache. We didn't get any snow and that is the second time this season they said we most likely would and we didn't and now they (weather people) are saying we are going to get snow Friday....we'll see.... Anyway I hope all of you are doing well and feeling good today. So far, I've eaten: Breakfast: banana, cocoa, 2 oz. grapefruit juice. Snack: pack nekot cookies(200c),banana, gingerale 8 oz. Drank 2 glasses water, took vitamins, haven't eaten lunch. Since I don't feel good, I don't know what I will eat the rest of today, but I plan to stay around 1200 calories for day, no breads, no starches. Have a great day! Maria

pastagal on 12/20/2000:
Gosh i know what you mean abou the gums,,,i have had surgerys on my gums and finally completed all of them this past nov,,,took them from last april till now to complete,had to have the gums cut open and cleaned out so i could not lose my teeth,dentist said my teeth were in great shape,but my gums were in pitaful shape,so went through hell to make them all better,now i am getting my new bridge in the bottom front tomorrow morning,,,so wish me luck,,,,

I have a braun tooth brush,i like it,but same as you i got carried away and scratched my back gums last week and there just now healing up from that,,boy was it painful,,so be gentle,what i learned is don't push down hard with the electric one ,,just let it glide across the gums:}

Well hope your feeling better real soon,,,,oh ya,about the christmas thing,,,thats cute about the cb radio and someone saying santa is on his way,,,

I use to have to set my alarm cause my son would sit out a glass of milk and cookies on christmas eve,,so i would have to make sure i woke up and got up ,,,drank half the milk and ate part of the cookies,,lol,he would wake up and come running screaming at us,Santa came ,,he ate the cookies,,lol,kids can be so cute:}}}

jenny on 12/21/2000:
Hi Maria! I'm usually a regular here, but I've missed a few days in the madness of December. You sound like you're doing really well, especially considering it's the dreaded holidays! Wow, you lost 50 pounds in 1998! That's so awesome. I'd be interested in finding out more about that...like how long you were overweight, how you lost it, (how you gained it in the first place,) stuff like that! Anyway, welcome to the site!

Maria7 - Tuesday Dec 19, 2000

Weight: 152.0

Hello everybody! Well, we see that I didn't lose any for today...there is a reason for it...I was hungry last nite (as if that's the only time) and I ate an extra cup of lima beans and an extra pack of nekot cookies. So, I maintained. But I have been a good girl today to make up for it...good calorie wise, that is, but not Christmas-shopping-spending-money-for-presents-good. I spent $160.00 today and do not see anything much to show for it. I just had to go get some of the last few presents and a few groceries and I didn't realize I'd spent that much until I got home and counted how much I'd spent. So much for making out lists and taking them with you for all the good they do! We were predicted again to get snow and I went from store to store in search of affordable (what is that?) presents for picky people who are hard to please. We didn't get any snow, but we sure had ice cold rain. Snow is so rare here in the southeast. Anyway, here is what I ate today: Breakfast: Banana, 6 oz. grapefruit juice, mug of cocoa Snack: 2 peanut butter/cheese crackers Lunch: 3 vienna sausages, 3 strips turkey bacon cooked with vegetable spray, 1 eggwhite scrambled in vegetable spray, iced tea that I make that has 35 calories of sugar a glass. Snack: 1 pack nekot cookies and another banana. Supper: 3 oz. reheated baked turkey breast, small lettuce salad with 1 tablespoon fatfree dressing, 5 oz. ginger ale. Snack: Mug cocoa. Total: 1300 calories for today. Thank you all for your encouraging comments. My daughter just came and brought me a fruitcake, my greatest food weakness for the holidays. Maria

Soon2BThin on 12/19/2000:
Thanks for the comment, maria. I love fruitcake too. We must be the only 2 in the world, right? Enjoy!

Lagniappe on 12/20/2000:
Welcome Maria.

In answer to your question: It's hard to put the specific diet I'm on because it changes from day to day. I started off by eating sensibly and counting calories. About two weeks ago, I started Nutri System with my mom. It's really hard for me to keep on track. They want me to eat so many servings of fruit and milk (or yogurt), I just can't do it. I got tired of yogurt after a couple days. I noticed you have certain foods you eat every day. I admire your will power, I just couldn't handle it.

So, I don't know how long it's going to last. I try to follow the NutriSystem thing during the week and eat sensibly on the weekends. I only allow myself to eat out on Friday evenings as a treat. This has lasted a couple weeks now. The funny thing is, knowing me, this whole thing could change next week.

Good luck to you and your diet. I hope I this answers your question.

Take care, Lagni :)

Maria7 - Monday Dec 18, 2000

Weight: 152.0

Hello everybody. Sounds like all of you are very busy. As for myself, I skipped a Christmas goodies eating last night. It was SOOOO tempting. But I'm glad I did. Today I have eaten thus far: Breakfast: 1 banana and 6 oz. grapefruit juice. Morning snack: 1 mug cocoa. Lunch: 1 cup stringbeans with potatoes and 1 cup lima beans, tea. Snack: 1 pack nekot cookies (210 calories kind) and tea. Supper will be 3 or 4 oz. baked turkey and another cup lima beans, tea and mug of cocoa. Total for day anticipated: 1400 calories. As you can see, I am for now not eating bread. I LOVE bread. But it adds weight on me. Even the 40 calorie a slice diet wheat bread does. Also, rice, which I found out through the oriental brown rice diet adds weight, too. I am really pushing it with the small amount of potatoes I have eaten today and yesterday which equaled about 1/2 boiled potato each day. My Hubby asked me about what we are going to eat for Christmas, mentioning that since we have a 12 pound turkey in the freezer, am I going to fix that? I told him no and that Thanksgiving is the all-out cooking fiasco for me and that if it was okay with him, we might just go eat out somewhere Christmas or have a simple ham-based meal here at home. Every Thanksgiving, I have to do ALLLLLL the cooking, preparing and clean-up. (And the storing away and reheating, etc.) So guess what? This morning, I took that 12 pound turkey out, didn't even thaw it out,and have got it roasting in the oven right now! Ha, Ha, Ha! It's not going to be a Christmas turkey, it is going to be a this week turkey! Ha, Ha! Maria

pastagal on 12/18/2000:
So when hubby comes home,Surprise!! turkey dinner,you will have the poor guy so confused he will think its christmas,,lol,,sounds yummy tho,,,

You asked for my chili bean recipe,,its a real simple one,,,,,and everyone that has some of it loves it,,,they think i have cooked for hours,,when it actually only takes one hour total to cook,,,

Hambuger 2lbs, 1lb ground pork Garlic salt salt & pepper Stewed tomatoes,4-15oz cans 1can 15oz tomatoe sauce & one can water 4 large cans Pinto beans drained, onion 1/2 whole bell pepper chili powder

Brown Meat,w/bell pepper cut in small bite size peices,chop onion,,seasonings,,,except for chili powder,,,that goes in last,,,cook till meat is done ,,,Open tomatoes,,squash them up with clean hands in pot,,add beans to tomatoes,,before adding meat,,add chili powder to meat,i use for this recipe,at least 1/4 cup ,,,,but you can use what ever you want,some like alot ,some don't,,then add the meat to the beans in the pot,,,add the tomatoe sauce and water and bring to a full boil,,then turn down to med,stiring now and then,,,cook for about 45 mins,,,and there ready to eat,,,and sooooo good,,,,

Well let me know if you make some soon,,,i love them with corn bread ,,and if we have them for dinner,i usually fix coleslaw to go with them,,,,i use to have that when i was in grade school,,chili beans and coleslaw,,strange how eating something like this brings memories back from yrs ago,,,,


pastagal on 12/18/2000:
Almost forgot,,,,season with garlic salt and pepper to taste,,,enjoy:}

muggg on 12/18/2000:
Welcome to diet diaries, Maria

Thanks for your comments. Like you carbohydrates make me want to eat more and that spells weight gain. I did the Atkins diet this year and had really good results with it. I have a hard time doing it all the time, but plan to go back to it for the most part with breaks for holidays. I have lost a total of 28 pounds since I started the first of February. I am a slow loser... but that's all right.. as long as I eventually lose. I have only 12 pounds to go... what a wonderful number!

I love your turkey surprise dinner! And good for you realizing that you do all the work! Take care of yourself... my hubby sits on the couch while I do it all....No more... I just moved into my new place this week.

Keep coming back to diet diaries. I love the friends I have made here!

Soon2BThin on 12/18/2000:
Hey, I didn't know you could take a turkey & put it in the oven without thawing it, LOL. I learn something new everyday. Sounds like you're doing good on your diet plan, I couldn't live without bread though. Let us know how the turkey turns out.

herb on 12/18/2000:
I am not busy, but through the magic of creative writing I make it appear that way. As far as seeing my sister, even though she lives about 4 miles away there are months that go bye without me going over there. But we pick up the telephone every other day.

Read your journal for today, great, stick to it.

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