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Maria7 - Sunday Dec 17, 2000

Weight: 153.0

Hello everybody! WOW, I really LOVE this site! And you all are such great guys and what an inspiration you all are for newcomers like me to achieve goals. We had a great church service this morning. Our pastor gave a message on 'For unto us a Child is born' in Isaiah 9:6,7. I only had cocoa for breakfast, was running late and in a hurry. Hubby was a good sport when I told him that I wanted to cook dinner for us instead of our usual buffet restaurant dinner after morning services on Sundays. So I have eaten a banana and drunk a mug of cocoa while I am fixing us barbequed baked chicken breasts and string beans with potatoes for dinner. Tonight, I will probably have a pack of peanut butter/cheese (200 calorie kind) crackers and soup for a total of 1200 calories for today. We are having a LOT of wind today and last nite it was thunder, lightning and rain. I hope you all have a great afternoon! Maria

herb on 12/17/2000:
Welcome to the group. I've found a great bunch of people here. All interested in your health and well being despite the fact that some have big problems of their own.

pastagal on 12/17/2000:
You sound like your doing great maria,,,,:}}} are you just counting calories?? Do you drink much water? well glad you like this site,its a great motivator and everyone here is super and so encourageing :}}

cutiecat on 12/18/2000:
Hi Maria!!

Welcome to our site. I've been doing these journal entries for about a month and love the site, too. Everyone is very supportive and nice. Not to mention we can all share diet tips and recipes. Sounds like you've got great variety in your diet and are eating very well with bananas, soup, and lots of protein. Good luck and welcome again!

Enjoy the Christmas season!! :)

Maria7 - Saturday Dec 16, 2000

Weight: 154.0

Hello out there...it is me again. Been a busy day today. Daughter and I went Christmas shopping...the mall is so packed, we both got claustrophobia...it was like a sea of people in there. Nevertheless, we got some shopping done. I ate today: Breakfast: 1 banana & 6 oz. grapefruit juice. Lunch: 6 oz. baked liver and a cup of cocoa. Afternoon snack: banana, pack of nekot cookies, soft drink. Supper: 3 oz broiled steak, banana, tea. Total: 1400 calories. Yes, I know I need to add some veggies in and I will. I do take vitamins every day. It is just that when I determine to lose weight, I have learned what works for me and what doesn't. I know that starches do not work, especially breads. I read a book about a brown rice diet...well forget it. I did it and it only added. I usually find that a low-carb diet works best for me plus counting calories. Well, here it is, December 16 and we are having thunder here in the south. How about that? Tomorrow is church and Hubby and I usually go out and eat buffet for lunch on Sundays. Last Sunday I tried eating low carb and counting calories, but maybe there was a lot of oil and salt in the foods because I still had gained when I got on the scale Monday morning. I try to be careful about fat and salt. Well, it is raining now and thunderstorms are predicted and we are now getting some sharp lightning, so guess this is all for tonight, folks. Thank you for your responses. Have a good night. Maria

pastagal on 12/16/2000:
HI Maria,,,,

Yes i am on ww123 and you are allowed anything you want as long as you stay in your point range,,its really easy to follow and stick with,,and i don't ever feel deprived,,some days i feel like i have eaten to much.

But one of the main keys is Water,,,the more you drink the less you want to eat,,,plus it makes you just feel so much better,,thank you for the kind words on my weight loss since sept,,i have lost almost 50lbs in a yr and for me that is a great acheivement,,cause i have not gained any back,,,and i really think i could do this for life,,,its that easy.I wish you the best on your journey,,,it is tough this time of yr,:}have a great day tomorrow,,,,,,nite

pastagal on 12/17/2000:
I forgot to answer a question you asked,,,i am from northern calif,,,just north of sacramento,,have live in this area all my life,,love it here:}

Maria7 - Friday Dec 15, 2000

Weight: 155.0

This is my first entry. I lost 50 pounds in 1998 that I have been struggling to maintain for the past 2 years. As you can see, I have put on a few over goalweight of 150. I have a new goalweight and it is 140. I have a tendency to be extreme sometimes. Like when I lost the weight in 1998, sometimes I only did 350 calories a day and ended up so sick I was hospitalized. Now I am more sensible. It has been a cloudy day here in the south. I love snow, but I see that the northwest is really getting a lot of cold and snow. Today I have eaten: Breakfast: 1 1/2 weiners and 8 oz grapefruit juice. (Sometimes I just eat whatever is on hand.) Lunch was 4 oz liver and 1 cup black-eyed peas. The liver was baked. Snacks were a banana about 10 am and another one about 3pm. Also I drank cocoa 2 times today. Supper was 2 oz. baked liver and 4 nekot cookies. I drank about 2 glasses tea. Total for day: 1400 calories.

pastagal on 12/16/2000:
Welcome aboard,,,,what type diet is this that your on?? You would do so much better if you would add some veggies and fruit to that,,,have you ever tried ww123,,its a great program and you get so much to eat ,it doesn't ever have you feeling deprived,,,just a suggestion,,,but i have to commend you on keeping 45 lbs off for two yrs,so you must be doing something right:} Will enjoy following your diet and reading your journals:}

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