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Maria7 - Saturday Aug 07, 2010

Weight: 145.0

For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life. John 3:16





Hello to you!

It is another beautiful, sunny day here in SC.

Hubby is off work today.  We may go to the farmers market in the next town over.

(Down a little from yesterday...yayyyy!)


Food today:

steak, grits, margerine, egg, 1 diet plain toast 700

2 KK glazed donuts 400

 canteloupe and scuppernongs 100

Total est. cals:  1200


Update:  Hubby and i went to the farmer's market.  He got canteloupe, I got scuppernong grapes and lettuce. We walked around the large market twice.


Hope you're having a nice day!

Love,  Maria


just42day on 08/07/2010:
Yay for being down some from yesterday. Enjoy your farmers market! :)

nenak on 08/07/2010:
good for you

Umpqua on 08/07/2010:
Congrats on the scale and I hope you have a great day!

selina on 08/07/2010:
Have a wonderful weekend!

moogy on 08/07/2010:
Every little bit counts toward the total. I am getting a bit jealous of all these wonderful Saturday markets you are going to, I live where the famers live so they go further in toward the city to hold their markets. Some do have stalls by their fields and our local produce is really fresh and pretty inexpensive. I am not complaining.

moogy on 08/07/2010:
Thank you Maria, I just went down to check on her and she has showered and dressed and her heart seems to be a little less jumpy - hopefully it has settled down for the day.

V on 08/07/2010:
I see that you are down .6 so keep at it! :)

Maria7 - Friday Aug 06, 2010

Weight: 145.6

For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life. John 3:16





Good morning to you!

It is another pretty, sunny, warm August morning here in South Carolina, USA.

I decided to put my weight in today.  As you can see, I am definitely UP from my 140.0 goalweight I was recently at.


Food today:

fried egg sandwich w most of  2 diet breads 190

honeybun (I really wanted 6 donut holes @ 300 cals,  but decided not to drive to next town to get them, so I sub'ed) 360

small piece of candy (why?) 30

chocolate fudgesicle ice cream (I really wanted a 600 cals sundae, but sub'ed) 110

2 small pieces candy (why?) 60

tomatoes on toast (was real good, Cleaneating...after I had this, Hubby decided to have him a toasted tomato sandwich!) 100

tuna salad (tuna, onion, lettuce) 250

tuna salad (tuna, onion lettuce ) 240

chocolate fudgesicle ice cream 110

Total est. cals: 1450



Update:  Went and sat with Mom about an hour and a half while she ate her lunch.  Her toenails were trimmed and apparently, according to her nurse,  her toe may have been cut by the podiatrist during the process, the nurse called me to tell me before I went up there to the nursing home.  They are keeping antibiotic cream and bandade on it, she said.  She didn't say straight out that he did it, but did say that he said he put some antibiotic cream on it.  I'm sorry that happened to Mom but I didn't make a big deal out of it, since they are doing what they can to help it get well. 

Hope you're having a nice day!

Love, Maria




Umpqua on 08/06/2010:
Good for you for reporting your weight, and for getting things in check. 5 pounds isn't so bad, but I know how quickly that can get up to 10 and higher. You're doing great and I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

just42day on 08/06/2010:
Thanks for your sweet note today. I hope you have a great start to your weekend. I'm sure you'll be able to shed those 5 lbs with your dedication. Take care!

hollybelle on 08/06/2010:
Maria - Yes we love those scuppernongs! There is a fruit/vege stand on the corner from my house and I go EVERY day to get my "fix" as the owner calls it! LOL! Also - I wanted to add to your comments about EDs (eating disorders) that if anyone is interested in additional, indepth information about all kinds of EDs - including overeating, binge eating etc. they can check out something-fishy.org website. This is a pro recovery website and has links to info and forums. EDs are a very serious health problem and although more is understood about them in recent years, there is much that science and medicine can not tell us.

KathyBlue on 08/06/2010:
5 lbs, you'll get rid of it in a blink of an eye! We just have to make it happen! WE HAVE THE FORCE! :)

cleaneating on 08/06/2010:
Hi,I know it can be so easy to get fixed at being a certain number (your weight I mean) that sometimes I thik we can get too bogged with numbers. If we eat right and do a little exercise its gotta be the right thing. You can lose those few lbs easily,I have complete faith :)

Right,my tomatoes I store in the refridgerator but I always take my tomatoes out a few hours before I going to them,thats how I just like my tomatoes realyy,if eaten straight from I find there is little taste as they are too cold (I find the same with fruit),and I don't liked cooked tomatoes,but you can cook them and have them on toast still some of my friends like this,its just my personal preference to have them uncooked and not too cold.

Have a good day.

selina on 08/06/2010:
Hi Maria, they are not cherries although they look like them. The fruits are much smaller and they are called currants: white and red. They have black currants, too. I'm glad you like the tomatoes. I like them too - they are so different and beautiful unlike the plain tomatoes I am used to seeing.

145 is a bit higher than the ideal 140, but not by much.... you are doing great! Hugs to you!

geevee on 08/06/2010:
Be real careful about not letting the 5lbs. increase. That was my big mistake my first time around on DD's. My +5 lbs inched up to 6 and then ever upward until I had almost regained all that I had lost.

selina on 08/06/2010:
Hi Maria, currants are not very sweet. They are rather tart, very good for garnishes and jam. I like to eat them as one would eat grapes, though... I see them a lot on cakes as ornaments around here... they are very much like gooseberies...

cleaneating on 08/06/2010:
Awww,you like tomatoes on toast too :)

sweetpea1977 on 08/06/2010:
Glad you tried something new...tomatoes on toast. So delish!! I love making toast based sandwiches - tomato and fried egg; canned tuna (mixed with dill weed) lettuce and tomato; scrambled egg whites sliced avocado and tomato; and of course the classic bacon lettuce and tomato!

moogy on 08/06/2010:
I can see what you mean now Maria. Time to get into action and get rid of those extra 5lbs before they grow. Have a wonderful healthy eating weekend. It looks as if everyone is going to be keeping an eye on what you are eating so that you are going down and not up. Lots of people must love you!!!

V on 08/06/2010:
Sorry to hear what happened to your mom :( As far as the 5 lbs well at least you caught it before it gets out of control. I know you will lose it

Maria7 - Thursday Aug 05, 2010

Weight: 0.0

For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life. John 3:16





Hello to you!

It is a beautiful, sunny, WARM (it IS August) day here in SC.

Fixing to leave to go take care of some business.


Food today:

fried egg sandwich w 1 egg, 1 tsp oil, most of 2 diet breads 190

grilled cheese sandwich w 1 tbs margerine, 2 diet breads, 2 ff cheeses 200

chocolate fudgesicle 110


lettuce and mayo sandwich w 2 diet breads 175

Hubby's cooking supper... stew beef w potatoes and yellow rice 400

Total est cals today:  1075


Hope you're having a nice day!

Love,  Maria


loveray on 08/05/2010:
hope you had a wonderful day! sending lots of love.

just42day on 08/05/2010:
Thanks for your kind words, Maria. I really trying to watch the calories. Some days it's easier than others. Figured I'll just keep doing and I'm bound to see results. Am happy the #s are going in the right direction. Hope your day is fabulous!

Umpqua on 08/05/2010:
I love egg sandwiches, I've done them on light english muffins too. But I still want to try that bread!

moogy on 08/05/2010:
Good Morning to you Maria, I hope you have a wonderful day and get everything done that needs to be done.

nosetwitch on 08/05/2010:
yeah, you're right. nuts are healthy for you but have a TON of calories! ugh!

V on 08/05/2010:
Hi Maria as I wave to your icon :) Enjoy your evening!

selina on 08/06/2010:
I hope you are having a good day, Maria. Nice to have a husband that cooks for you, enjoy!

Maria7 - Wednesday Aug 04, 2010

Weight: 0.0

For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life. John 3:16





Good morning to you!

I was going to put up a pretty picture on this entry this morning but I found something better I want to share with you.  Below is something I came across, not expecting to, and read this morning while surfing the internet and it may NOT apply to you nor anyone you know and if not, please disregard.  However it may apply to you or someone you know and I think it is good information:

Eating Disorder or Diet?

The web address is: http://www.something-fishy.org/whatarethey/edordiet.php



The most common element surrounding ALL Eating Disorders is the inherent presence of a low self esteem .

Having an Eating Disorder is much more than just being on a diet. An Eating Disorder is an illness that permeates all aspects of each sufferer's life, is caused by a variety of emotional factors and influences, and has profound effects on the people suffering and their loved ones.

Dieting is about losing a little bit of weight in a healthy way.

Eating Disorders are about trying to make your whole life better through food and eating (or lack of).

Dieting is about doing something healthy for yourself.

Eating Disorders are about seeking approval and acceptance from everyone through negative attention.

Dieting is about losing a bit of weight and doing it healthfully.

Eating Disorders are about how life won't be good until a bit (or a lot) of weight is lost, and there's no concern for what kind of damage you do to yourself to get there.

Dieting is about losing some weight in a healthy way so how you feel on the outside will match how good you already feel on the inside.

Eating Disorders are about being convinced that your whole self-esteem is hinged on what you weigh and how you look.

Dieting is about attempting to control your weight a bit better.

Eating Disorders are about attempting to control your life and emotions through food/lack of food -- and are a huge neon sign saying "look how out of control I really feel"

Dieting is about losing some weight.

Eating Disorders are about everything going on in life -- stress, coping, pain, anger, acceptance, validation, confusion, fear -- cleverly (or not so cleverly) hidden behind phrases like "I'm just on a diet".


Update:  Visited Mom and stayed with her during her doctor visit this afternoon. Daughter came by for a little visit this evening.  She brought me a pint of my fav ice cream.   But I am not planning on eating it today as I've already had ice cream (and candy).  :-)

Today's Food:

pancake, 2 eggs 400

1 diet bread, 2 ff cheeses 100

 ice cream 210

2 small pcs candy 60

chocolate covered peanuts 200

 more chocolate covered peanuts 250

2 more small candies 60

Total est cals for today:  1280


Hope you're having a nice day!

Love,  Maria


selina on 08/04/2010:
Hi Maria, happy to be back! Thanks for posting the above - very thoughtful of you!

just42day on 08/04/2010:
Thanks for the thoughtful entry/info. Hope your day is fabulous!

V on 08/04/2010:
Really good post! I am sure it will help someone, so sweet and kind of you :)

tangalyn on 08/04/2010:
good post! hope ur having a great day!

just42day on 08/04/2010:
thanks for your support and encouragement. The journey continues but I feel like I have a decent start..:)

sweetpea1977 on 08/04/2010:
Thank you for posting the E.D. vs Dieting info.

Im very impressed with your calorie intake and being able to fit in chocolate covered peanuts and ice cream into your calorie budget. Awesome! :)

Hope you have a wonderful evening!!

moogy on 08/04/2010:
Liked the information, I am still trying to comfort the damaged child inside me, there is no comforting her - she just wants food!! Sometimes I feed her sometimes not. Somethings cannot be fixed, just managed. Hope you have a wonderful day, what a lovely daughter, I would love it if mine popped up with ice cream. She wouldn't, we share a lot but never never, ice cream or chocolate. I will buy her some of her own, but I am not sharing mine!!!LOL

selina on 08/05/2010:
Hi Maria! Glad you like my practice paintings, thank you! Sweet daughter, you have!

cleaneating on 08/05/2010:
Hi,my tomatoes on toast I spread a small bit of low cal spread on it sometimes,but really with the tomatoes you don't have to as the tomatoes make it not too dry. Have a good day :)

Maria7 - Tuesday Aug 03, 2010
(Goalweight Maintenance)
Weight: 0.0

For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life. John 3:16





Good morning to you!

Food today:

Breakfast:  egg 72, 2 diet breads 80, tsp. oil 40 (fried egg s/w) (192 according to caloriecount.com, but had put in a little higher) 200

  Birthday buffet lunch:  1 cupful mixture of rice, white lima beans, celery, carrot, corn, ti dsg 250, a little chicken 100, sweet potato filling 200, pecans and peaches 350, ice cream 100

Lunch was a  birthday lunch, treated by a friend. 

 Popcorn 100

lf bologna s/w 115

popcorn 100

fudgesicle 110


Today's total est. calories 1625


 Update:  Visited Mom at the nursing home, who said she'd had a good nap this afternoon.  Went and got her some fruit (bananas and grapes) and a pitcher of iced water and brought it back to her and turned on her fan that she wanted turned on. Now back home again and relaxing with Hubby. 



Hope you're having a nice day!

Love,  Maria


2luvself on 08/03/2010:
have a good one.

Umpqua on 08/03/2010:
What are the diet breads you eat? I'm always interested in alternative breads that are lower in carbs/calories. Hope you have a great day?

skinnygrlwithin on 08/03/2010:
Have a really great day!!!

nosetwitch on 08/03/2010:
St John's Worst is a natural antidepressant. :)

sweetpea1977 on 08/03/2010:
Good for you on avoiding that cake yesterday. Cake is a weakness of mine, so I always find a way to eat it if its in the house. :)

just42day on 08/03/2010:
Hope your day is a wonderful as you are! :)

Umpqua on 08/03/2010:
Thanks for all the info! I will check out the bread the next time I go grocery shopping!

KathyBlue on 08/03/2010:
I would count 500 kcal for that breakfast of yours but I'm always overestimating calories... :( Hate to do the countings :)

KathyBlue on 08/03/2010:
yeah, you're right! As I said, I always do the overestimation... it's stupid but I don't go to the sites to check because I rarely plan what to eat.. I just grab something I like at the heat of the moment and I estimate a value... I check on the Internet of course, but they always say the value for 100 gramms and I never have the scale to measure...

CoverGirl on 08/03/2010:
Hope you are having a wonderful day :)

cleaneating on 08/03/2010:
Sounds and looks like a good day!

Moody3 on 08/03/2010:
Looks like a really sweet day Maria~Hope you're enjoying the afternoon and evening with your husband!!

hollybelle on 08/03/2010:
Good day Maria!

moogy on 08/03/2010:
Keep going Maria, you know what you doing. You are a wonderful daughter, I bet your mom was a wonderful mom as well. What goes around comes around.

V on 08/03/2010:
Maria, love the house on the lake. Lunch sounds yummers :)

Bikiniwax85 on 08/03/2010:
Thanks for your prayers Dear! that means a lot to me and my family. thanks again.. You have a nice day now. Take care and much love! xoxo

Maria7 - Monday Aug 02, 2010
(Goalweight Maintenance)
Weight: 0.0

For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life. John 3:16




 Hello to you!

Pretty, sunny, warm, summer morning.  Hope you're having a nice day.

Food today:

s/w of 2 diet breads, 1 lf bologna, 1 ff cheese  135

1/2 cupful scuponong grapes 50

  chocolate lf fudgesicle 110

 s/w of 2 diet breads, lettuce, lf mayo 175

chocolate lf fudgesicle 110

 tuna, 2 diet breads,  lf popcorn 280

s/w of 2 diet breads, lf bologna, ff cheese 135

 lf popcorn 100

Total est cals:  865 

(I 'ain't' hungry for the above 2 items, so not eating them just for calories.  I almost gave in to cake.....NOT!!!!!!!)

1 cupful scuponong grapes 100

New total est cals for today:  965


Afternoon update:  Visited Mom, took her a red rose from the flower garden in a green vase, cleaned her dentures, etc.   She was doing well and in a happy talkative mood.   Back home now and fixing to make and bake a batch of homemade country ham biscuits for Hubby's work breakfasts.  We freeze them and take out a package of 2 from the freezer and put in the refrigerator overnite and Hubby takes them with him to work the next morning to be microwaved for his breakfast.



Have a good evening!

Love,  Maria


hollybelle on 08/02/2010:
Thanks for the encouraging comment. It WAS a good day yesterday and a weekend, too! You have lots of FF food to eat this week so those jeans should be a reality soon!

Umpqua on 08/02/2010:
I hope you have an excellent afternoon!

just42day on 08/02/2010:
Fudgesicle -yum! That's one of my absolute childhood favorites. Can't remember the last time I had one! Have a great rest of the day!

liza36 on 08/02/2010:
Have a great day!

CoverGirl on 08/02/2010:
Have a lovely day :)

moogy on 08/02/2010:
Good work in keeping those calories down Maria.

V on 08/02/2010:
Hello Maria! Have a great evening

Moody3 on 08/02/2010:
Looks like a great day Maria!!!

Moody3 on 08/02/2010:
I just saw your comments you left me and wanted to come back here and give you a big hug (((((((((((((((Maria)))))))))))))~you are such a blessing!!!!!

just42day on 08/02/2010:
Boy, you've got the system down pat for your hubby's b'fast!

thinnside40 on 08/02/2010:
Thank You!

Bikiniwax85 on 08/03/2010:
I love the verse that you share. That really remind me of my Bible class once a upon a time a go. Hope you'll have a good day!

WI3 on 08/03/2010:
Way to go on not eating just to eat!!

Maria7 - Sunday Aug 01, 2010
(Goalweight Maintenance)
Weight: 0.0

For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life. John 3:16





Hello to you!

 Back home after church to eat a little lunch.  In a little while,  to leave to go visit Mom at the nursing home.


Today's food: 

Breakfast: 2 toasts w marg 200

Lunch: tuna, 1 bread 270

 Snack: 2 little maryjane pb candies 64

Supper:  s/w of 2 diet bread (80), 1 lf om bologna (25), 1 ff cheese (30), mustard (1 tbs=11, just found out today, thought it was FREE of cals!), 1/2 cup scuponong grapes 196

Snack:  microwave pk lf popcorn, 1/2 cupful scuponong grapes  150

Today's est cals: 880

Afternoon Update:

YES!  I know 880 cals for today is mighty low...but you should have seen the SHOW a little while ago...my trying on my skinny all-cotton, no-stretch size 8 jeans...what a hilarious show (NOT!!!!!!)...I can wear some of them comfy but the others are TITE!!!!  :-(  TIME FOR ACTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I went to the grocery store and INSTEAD of buying my USUAL 960 cals chunk of hi-fat cheddar cheese, which I usually consume within a couple of days (THIS HAS BECOME A HABIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!), I bought fatfree pkg. 30 cals each cheese.  I also bought pkg. 25 cals 98% fatfree Oscar Myer bologna.  I bought my usual diet bread, 40 cals/ piece (I'd been eating Hubby's hi-sugar 70 cals extra delicious bread).  I didn't work this hard to get to goal to give it up!  I am A FEW POUNDS over goal, around mid-140's.  Which at this weight, I can still WEAR my skinny jeans, just not all of them COMFY!  WHO WANTS TO WEAR SKINNY JEANS TITE????????????????  Not me!

I did visit Mom about an hour and a half.  She was talking and smiling.  She made another good friend there and I noticed Mom had given her friend a little of her costume jewelry, which her friend had on.  A ring and a bracelet.  I made mention of it and Mom told me.  Mom and I both LOVE to do this.  Give little gifts to others.  It makes us happy.   I get it honestly, hehehe!  Mom has always been very freehearted and she taught me to be the same way.  She loves giving with others.


  Hope you're having a blessed day!

 Love, Maria







WI3 on 08/01/2010:
Just got in from church myself, great service! Have a wonderful visit with your mom and a great rest of the day!

moogy on 08/01/2010:
Now, this sounds like a determined woman. I can just picture you trying to pull those jeans up - you could have videoed it for us!!LOL So what is happening? Are you now happy with the weight you settle on to maintain? Do you want to lose some more? Have you put on weight since you hit goal? That is the end of the questioning for today!!!LOL

hollybelle on 08/01/2010:
Hey, Maria. Get into those jeans! You can do it. I made the upside down cake a PEACH one, by the way. It was good.

just42day on 08/01/2010:
That's so sweet of your mom to give jewelry to her new friend. :) Yes, I love, love, love cheese too. I really want to make mac and cheese but I have absolutely no control over portions w/ that so I'm going to hold out for awhile. I buy low fat mozzarella to make mini pizzas and find it very satisfying. I'm sure you'll feel comfortable in your skinny jeans soon!

sweetpea1977 on 08/01/2010:
I LOVE cheese, especially the big blocks of cheese that you can cut big hunks off of! I don't buy them anymore since I know I can't control myself around them. I now satisfy my cravings for cheese with deli slices, low calorie individually wrapped string cheese, and those 100 calorie packs of cheese cubes.

CoverGirl on 08/01/2010:
:) Thank you :) And I pretty much had to fight with his dad just to get to name him that

sweetpea1977 on 08/01/2010:
I've seen them at Walmart in the pre-packaged sliced cheese section. The little packets come in a bag of 5 or so made by Kraft, I think. They come as cheddar and a mix of monterey jack and cheddar. Its the real deal, but portioned control. I found that is the perfect amount for an personal sized omelet! :)

Maria7 - Saturday Jul 31, 2010
(Goalweight Maintenance)
Weight: 0.0

For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life. John 3:16




 Hello to you!

Today has felt almost like Christmas!

Hubby  was off work today and while I slept late, something I don't usually do but for some reason I felt extra relaxed this morning, so didn't get up until around 9 a.m., Hubby was at work raking in the back yard this morning. 

We went to the flea market in the next town over and got him 2 real nice shirts.  My Sister had sent me some money for my bdp, and I bought a pocket book with part of it there.  After we left the flea market, Hubby and I ate at one of our fav buffet restaurants.  (Did you know that just because you don't eat bread when you eat out, it doesn't mean you were automatically 'good'??? i.e. 900 calories...) Then afterward, we went to a store, and did a lot of walking and looking at floor tiles, stoves, flowers, etc.  After we left there, we went to Cracker Barrel Old Country Store and I had a snack and Hubby had coffee.  Well, you all know me, how I just LOVE Christmas.  Their Christmas tree was up and LIT and their beautiful Christmas things were on display.  Christmasy, animated, musical items and toys, dishes, even t-shirts!  Well, Hubby let me pick out my fav thing they had which was an animated, musical church that is circled by people riding in horse-drawn sleighs, under glass in a curio cabinet with bells on top that plays 70 songs!  Half Christmas songs and the other half other songs.  He got that for me and even bought me a Christmas tie-dyed very bright colorful t-shirt with a pretty Christmasy scene of a log cabin, snow-men-people, and a Christmas tree on it.  :-) 

Food today:  I was NOT a good girl...although I was until I gave in to 2 cheese s/w's tonite...

Breakfast: 2 cheese toasts 350

Snack: 1/2 cupful scuponong grapes 50

Lunch: Buffet (a little of some of these) fried chicken,  veggies salad, rice, gravy, peaches, pecans, sweet potato pie filling and ice cream 900

Snack: 1 cupful scuponong grapes 100

Supper: ice cream sundae 300

Late nite snack:  2 plain cheese s/w's 500

Total est. cals today:  2200


Hope you're having or have had a blessed day!




SkinnyGrlWithin on 07/31/2010:
Hhhhmmm I love peanut butter as well... I could eat the entire the entire jar with just a spoon...but I've been pretty good. I stuck with just the two tablespoons tonight.

moogy on 07/31/2010:
Am I missing something, why on earth would a store have Christmas stuff out this time of year?? Sounds like a wonderful day out with your husband. Hey! you don't have to be good everyday, just most of the time!! Enjoy!

V on 07/31/2010:
Merry Christmas Maria! LOL

selina on 08/01/2010:
I see it's scuponong grapes season again, yum!

looks like you had a wonderful day! Hugs to you!

Maria7 - Friday Jul 30, 2010
(Goalweight Maintenance)
Weight: 0.0

For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life. John 3:16




 Hello to you!

Yesterday, I had hopes of seeing a lower number on the scale this morning. I was even anticipating putting it up on this morning's entry, knowing it would be just a little over my 140.0 goalweight... BUT, I just 'HAD' to get on the scale last nite to see if it looked like it might be going to be that way and for some reason, the scale was higher than the nite before even after I'd been EXTRA GOOD for 3 days in a row and I realized it was not going to be lower today, so late last nite I just fixed myself a BIG FAT cheese sandwich and ate that and then had a ice cream after that, too, so adding 500 more cals to yesterday makes est cals 2000 for yesterday instead of 1500.  Soooo that gave the scale REASON to ACT UGLY this morning, HUH! And it did!!!    :-(


I've been too easy to let my thoughts be ruled by silly things like the above and by PEOPLE who do not appreciate me nor the things I do for them.  The more I do for them or let them have their way, the more they want and they are NEVERRRRRRR satisfied....NEVER....  I have no control over other people or the situations in their lives.  I have to give it ALL to GOD and trust HIM to take care of it.  I can't.  I have tried.  I guess I thought that at least I had control over the scale but it has rebelled, too.  It's not that I am a controlling person.  If you met me in person, you would definitely think I was an easy-going person.  You'd probably never be asked anything by me.  I am usually the GIVING one in ALL my relationships.  EXCEPT HUBBY AND ME.  (And of course, the Lord, Who is the giving One to us all.)  The others are TAKERS.  And a lot of them are USERS.  I'm not afraid to say no.  It's just that to a certain extent, I ENJOY being the giver in my relationships with others.  UNTIL....................................................................................  I realize I'm being used or taken advantage of or manipulated.  Or until....I realize the person has no feelings for me at all but only for themselves...selfish.  


So....today....I think I'm just going to go to the next town over and get people off my mind and their problems off my mind and the scale off my mind.  I might just eat what I want (including donut holes at KK) and don't worry about it.  Then later today after Hubby comes home from work, I may kidnap him and take him on a weekend road trip.  :-)  But maybe not...  He's been taking cold meds and may need to rest instead.  BUT, even then, I may just spend the weekend working in the front yard and putting in a new flower garden......something I wanted to do in the spring but didn't.

Update:  I went to the local farmers' market and bought some green scuponong grapes for me and 2 large red apples the kind that Hubby likes for him.  Then went to a nearby KK and got 6 glazed donut holes (YUM!). Then I went ROLLER SKATING (been years  and was really a good skater as a teenager) and I didn't stay long but did skate a little out on the floor.  :-D  Also, visited Mom.  My Sister had come by earlier this morning and visited Mom, too,  so Mom was happy.  :-)  

Food today:

2 cheese toasts 350

1/2 cupful green scuponong grapes 50

6 KK glazed donut holes 300

McD's dbl cheeseburger 440 (ewww!)

1/2 cupful green scuponong grapes 50

homemade lowfat hotog 210 

Total est cals:  1400

Hubby and I took a long walk, about a mile together in our neighborhood this afternoon.  3 loose dogs of a neighbor's came after us like they were going to attack us.  One of them was extra large and he REALLY didn't like me!  Glad Hubby was with me!


Hope you're having a blessed day!




hollybelle on 07/30/2010:
I used to think others "stole" my joy, but actually I "gave it away". Sounds like you can relate to that. Takers can bum me out, too but I'd still rather be a giver than a taker, anyway! Hang in there.

loveray on 07/30/2010:
aww you are doing so well! i hope you are able to have a wonderful weekend with your husband. enjoy your time, those are precious moments!! xo

Umpqua on 07/30/2010:
Good for you for focusing on yourself a bit, we all have to do that! I like the idea of putting in a new garden, I'm a bit of a gardening nut as you know. Just take it easy in the heat if you do decide to work outside. I hope you have a great weekend!

cleaneating on 07/30/2010:
I hope you enjoy some of your time ,whatever you choose to do,and your hubby gets over his cold. I need to get out and some weeding myself this weekend,hey its all exercise :) Have a nice weeekend.

just42day on 07/30/2010:
Rolling skating! How wonderful and freeing. Enjoy the rest of weekend whatever you decide to do!

CoverGirl on 07/30/2010:
Hey there!! Todays weather was a lil cooler than usual, but humid*yuck!* LOL Your menu sounds yummy, even the naughty forbidden hamburger :) Hope you have a great day!!

Moody3 on 07/30/2010:
Awwww Maria~I can so relate to the first part of your entry!!! How many times have I done the exact same thing!

You really do SO much for others~and I understand that it's part of who YOU are, and you truly get joy out of helping others, but God doesn't want you to be anyones doormat!! When someone begins taking you for granted or taking advantage of your kindness and willingness to give, well then, all bets are OFF!! Do what makes YOU happy, and if that involved doing for others, continue doing so, but only for those who are going to appreciate YOU!

Sounds like you had a great day~got some Maria time~I hope that you and hubby have a wonderful evening~Great job getting a nice walk in together!!

hollybelle on 07/30/2010:
Glad you got a walk in with husband. Our weather was wonderful - finally. My husband took our dogs for a walk. I love to walk, but, I can cover more real estate on my bike. Any exercise at all is good exercise!

V on 07/30/2010:
Hi Maria! have a wonderful weekend

selina on 07/30/2010:
Hi Maria! Those walks seem to be so dangerous! I'm glad your hubby was with you!

So glad you had a nice visit with your mom and sister, roller skating sounds cool, too! Wow!

Have a great weekend!

WI3 on 07/31/2010:
Happy Belated Birthday!! I LOVE what you posted about giving these things over to God. I am going through a struggle right now myself as well and it always uplifts me to read your entries because they start with the good news! I also love your scale pic LOL!!! I hope you have a restful, relaxing and glorious weekend!

Maria7 - Thursday Jul 29, 2010
(Goalweight Maintenance)
Weight: 0.0

For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life. John 3:16




 Hello to you!

I got on the scale this morning in anticipation of what it was going to read, knowing that for 2 straight days, I've been an EXTRA GOOD GIRL......but the scale didn't think so!  I guess it's the extra sodium thing again.  I DID have extra sodium yesterday and not a little, so I will have to take what the scale read IN STRIDE (even though I've exercised real good and been very careful with calories).  I'm still at a good weight, still size 8, just not at the 140.0 goalweight I recently arrived at.  Decided the other day that time for ACTION is NOW after looking at some HEAVIER photos of myself.  There was even a BIG DIFFERENCE in when I was only 20 pounds heavier, nevermind 60 pounds heavier, looking at the photos.  DON'T WANT TO GO BACK THERE!  (Pun IS intended, if you get my drift, hehehe.)

Menu plan today:

Breakfast:  2 eggs scrambled w a little cheddar cheese, 1 bread 300

Lunch:  Large salad of veggies, fruit, a little cheese, sunflower seeds, a little ti dsg, a few ww captains wafers and candied yams 800

 Supper:  Homemade lowfat hotdog w onion, mustard, ketchup, and about a cupful of french fries 400  Had small salad w a very little piece of steak and 1 bread 400

Total est. cals: 1500

Update:  Visited Mom again today, she wanted some certain foods which I made sure she got...ice cream, grapes and "carrots cooked w butter" (margerine).  She was happy.  :-)

Hope you're having a blessed day!




Umpqua on 07/29/2010:
I know what you mean Maria. At my height, even 5 pounds makes a big difference in how I look. Good for you for being diligent. I hope you have a great day!

hollybelle on 07/29/2010:
"Back There" Ha-ha! I GET IT! Oh, the scales. I weighed two days in a row and I'm DONE with the scales for a long time! But my point is - there was 2 lbs difference in yesterday a.m. and today a.m. I know I didn't lose 2 lbs in one day - my body just doesn't work like that - it was a fluxuation due to "whatever". But since I was lower today I'll take that - LOL! Today I'm telling myself food is JUST food. Thanks for your comments on giving. Good, good words.

nutri_fitt on 07/29/2010:
Weight plateaus are frustrating. It makes one scratch their head. I'm a good Christian - Jesus is the only one I would give up sugar for! Appreciate your scripture references.

CoverGirl on 07/29/2010:
Hope you have a great day!! :)

sweetpea1977 on 07/29/2010:
I still have the photo that inspired me to lose weight. I kept it on my mirror during my first weightloss journey. It was a wonderful inspiration! I was 60-70lbs overweight when that photo was taken and I barely recognized myself. Not only did I see an obese girl, but I saw a horrible sadness in her eyes as if she was ashamed of who she had become. Now, the picture sits inside my jewelry box. Its out of plain view, but I do dig in that jewelry box at least once a week so I always have a constant reminder of who I was. I never want to see her again!

moogy on 07/29/2010:
I think you have a great plan. As soon as you notice a couple of pounds extra. Get rid of them. You know how to do it now. They can creep on so quickly. Salt does really cause us to hold on to water- I try not to have anything salty the day before weigh in. It adds at least 2 pounds to my weight. Have a wonderful day.

V on 07/29/2010:
Ha ha! Maria you always make me smile, thank you for that!

2luvself on 07/29/2010:
Thank you for telling me about your mom it means a lot to have real people say they have seen results then just watching an ad.

2luvself on 07/29/2010:
I say start measuring yourself. My scale has stayed the same even 1 pound up but I measured my waist and bust and they are 2 inches lost each so thats 4 inches total in 2 weeks. I think the smaller you get the harder it is to see the scale move thats when you gotta start measuring yourself to see improvement just in case the muscle mass starts messing with you.

selina on 07/30/2010:
Thank you for your comment and your support, as usual.

I remembered the times when you were so intent on weighing yourself that your husband threw away your scale and you had to go to the pharmacy to weigh yourself, lol. Maybe you would benefit from just forgetting about the scale for a couple of days or three? Hugs to you!

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