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Maria7 - Friday Jan 14, 2005
(It must have been salt....)
Weight: 0.0

For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life. John 3:16

Okay....down 1 again...it must have been salt as for the 'up 2' yesterday on the scale, even though I was 'naughty', eating lots of fast food the day before and also yesterday...cause this morning, the scale read down 1...so I've been 'good' today...

This has been my menu: Breakfast: 1/2 cup coffee with creamer, 1 banana

Lunch: 1 poached-done egg, 1 brown bread toast plain, 1 diet pepsi

Snack: 1 20-calorie fatfree Oscar Meyer bologna, 1 teaspoon lowfat mayo, with 2 pieces brown bread, also 1/2 apple, 1 diet pepsi.

Snack: 2 cookies, 210 calories for both, 1 diet pepsi.

Supper: 3 baked chicken legs minus skin, 3/4 cup rice, 1 tablespoon chicken grease on the rice, and 3/4 cup green peas, 1 diet pepsi.

Water: 1 large glass water.

Total: about 1300 calories. Exercise: WENT TO THE GYM...yes, I did!!!, hehehe!!!...walked and worked out about 20 minutes.

That's not counting house-cleaning and running errands today.

Have a good night and remember...Jesus loves ya and so do I!

Love, Maria (smile!) Thanks to Feeleebubs and Runner for your comments!

SaneJane on 01/15/2005:
You went to the gym! Good for you! I work out at home, myself. Everyday, everyday! Hey, did you know that Leslie Sansone has a walk away the lbs tape with Christian music? It's supposed to be pretty inspiring. Take care! Remember, your body is a temple!

Maria7 - Thursday Jan 13, 2005
(Fast Foods......)
Weight: 0.0

For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but have everlasting life. John 3:16

Well, today I gave in to fast foods temptation and not just today but yesterday as well and the 2 I was down, I have now found again....oh well...not gaining is progress. At least I had 2 days of 'down 1' each day to be back to where I started today....

How's everything with you? We've been having gorgeous warm sunny weather in the 70's for days here in S.C. and this afternoon it started raining and now Hubby announces to me that there are already 2 tornado warnings in S.C....so here we are, trusting the Lord as always to take care of us and He always has and always will, whether we are here in this world or in heaven with Him. We won't always be in this world anyway, so why worry about it? Our real home is with the Lord.

I was over in the next town over yesterday and it had been 2 or 3 hours since I'd eaten a light breakfast and I was hungry and all I'd brought with me was a banana and that was gone and here I went to Chick Filet and got a chicken sandwich and a brownie (yes, brownie!!!!!!!)...oh it was all so good...then I came home and ate even more...so the scale was up this morning...Then today I just 'had' to have ice cream and went to McD's and got a soft serve cone of vanilla ice cream AND>>>>>>> a chocolate sundae, too......and an apple pie.....yes I did. I've been eating lots of fruit to try to curtail the sweets cravings, but it's not working...today I had 2 bananas, an apple, 4 strawberries, and an orange and STILL craved sweets!!! It's like my appetite says 'oh yes, you WILL be this certain weight/size!' (But I'm still down about 45 pounds or so from my highest, so I'm glad it's not more.) Maybe one day I'll put my weight back in...maybe this month...

Anyway, hope you all have a nice night and I guess I will browse and read some. Remember...Jesus loves ya and so do I!

Love, Maria (smile!)

feeleebubs on 01/13/2005:
South Carolina sounds like such a beautiful place. I just went to N.C> over New Years weekend. It was so nice. Our weather here in Chicago leaves much to be desired. I've been craving sweets a lot lately...ice cream to be exact. I want Ice Cream 24/7. I can relate to your sweets binge at Mc Donalds. They make it too easy lol

Runner on 01/14/2005:
I think fruit only increases my sweet tooth. (Fruit still has a lot of sugar, even if it is natural).

I've learned that low-fat protein helps curb those cravings better than anything else. Do you eat enough protein? If you eat a lot of carbs, you will crave carbs...especially sugar carbs! I've learned that the hard way!

McD's hot fudge sundaes are one of my biggest tempations. I rarely order one, because they just set me off on a sugar-binge. If I do get one, I split it with my hubby.

Maria7 - Tuesday Jan 11, 2005
Weight: 0.0

Thanks for the encouragement, SaneJane and Soon to be Thin. From yesterday, I'm down 1 today...so that is encouraging and the tape measure confirmed what the scale said yesterday...you see...I don't always take the scale's 'word' for it, I measure, too.

So...today I'm standing and waiting in the grocery line with my bananas and grapes and my Hubby's sausage and I read that beans are high in protein and fill you up and good for you, too...so I go to the beans isle...I got Bush baked beans, the fatfree vegetarian kind (no I'm not only a vegetarian, I eat some meats)...came home and heated up some in the microwave...I'm on my second helping ( southern language)...I mean serving. It seems like I've been craving this. Very good and filling....we'll see.....high in fiber (6 grams/serve and protein 6 grams/serving also). I know...it has a little sweetener added...don't tell anybody! (hehehe!) Here's been my menu today so far: Breakfast: 1/2 banana and splenda sweetened coffee

Brunch: 1/2 banana, 1 poached done egg and 1 plain brown bread toast, also splenda-sweetened tea.

Snack: 1 large apple.

Snack: 2 servings Bush baked fatfree vegetarian beans, 10 grapes, 1/4 cup peas/carrots, nothing added, splenda-sweetened tea.

Total so far: About 900 calories.

I also walked about 30 minutes.

So...I'm trying.

Remember, today is the day of salvation, Jesus loves you, and if you're not saved, repent of your sins, ask His forgiveness, believe on He Who took your place on the cross and live your life for Him beginning today. Read the Bible and apply it to your daily living.

Have a great day!

Love, Maria (smile!)

Soon2BThin on 01/11/2005:
Great job! You're doing so well! Funny, I just used the Bush's Chili Magic and made chili for lunch. Yes, I'm a lazy cook. But it's really good. I only used a quarter pound of lean hamburger with it and it totally filled me up. All that fiber is great! If you haven't seen the Chili Magic, you only have to mix a can of tomatoes and ground beef with it and it's really good. I know I couldn't make it better from scratch. So, anyway, I'm working on it today too. Good luck to us, heh.

Runner on 01/11/2005:
OH, I LOVE baked beans! They're great...and good for you! I'm glad you're enjoying them, too!

Take care, my sister in Christ! :)

Maria7 - Monday Jan 10, 2005
Weight: 0.0

Okay...so maybe no one read this yesterday, since no comments...why do I write anyway????? I could just as well write an offline diary. But I think there may be some people who are not 'signed on' to DD, who come here just to browse and read...what if something I write is of help to them????? Oh, well.

Today, I did better........I think. Though the scale didn't agree this morning...but that was a result of yesterday's stress-eating. I did stress eat one time today...I ate a popsicle, 150 cals. I wasn't hungry for it, I was at someone's house, they were stressed and after listening to them, I got stressed, too and ate the offered popsicle. Back at home this afternoon, I found my stash of chocolate covered almonds...I'd already eaten most of the almonds and some of the chocolate last night...I finished the almonds and allowed myself a little of the chocolate and the rest went out...it's gone. I've done okay today, about 1200 cals, I guess. I'd planned to go to the gym, but instead did some chores for my Mother, so I guess that was just as good.

It has been unseasonably warm (not complaining) here in S.C., (70's fahrenheit and sunny) this week, so Hubby and I grilled out barbequed chicken this afternoon. It was so good...there is just something about the taste of 'cooked-outside' food...it tastes BETTER to us.

Well, this is all for now...gonna browse and read a while.

Jesus loves ya and so do I!

Love, Maria

SaneJane on 01/10/2005:
Hi Maria! I actually didn't read yesterdays's entry until just now. I too like to crunch and munch. For some reason I love to absentmindedly eat foods with my fingers. Soooo... what I find helps me is being aware of everthing that I eat. I ask myself, "Will this food help or harm my body?". Because you're a Christian you might want to find some scripture to recite. I dunno.. something about the body being a temple or the sin of gluttony. Let me know if you can think of any that work! Take care!


Soon2BThin on 01/10/2005:
Sorry I missed your entry yesterday. Sometimes it's nice to know someone else is in the same boat. But you've always done so well. I'm sure you'll get through this. I just kept telling myself all day, over and over, it must be muscle weight, it HAS to be. Haha! But the day hasn't been too good on the food thing. Just what you said, stress eating! I hope we both have better days tomorrow.

Maria7 - Sunday Jan 09, 2005
Weight: 0.0

Happy New Year to everyone (belated greeting).

As for me...I continue to gain weight through stress eating....I think that's what it's called....even if I go work out at the gym, within a day or two, I make up for it through overeating...

Stress....you know...it just makes you want to first stuff yourself for comfort...ice cream, candy...high glycemic carbs...you know the deal...you just want to comfort yourself with the sugar overload from carbs...then...anger....you want to CRUNCH some food...nuts, popcorn...crunchy foods...and you crunch and crunch and crunch until the anger subsides for a while...so that's what I've been doing, I confess and I've been gaining weight doing this....so what do you think? hehehehe!

I do things to distract myself, but I always seem to come back to the comfort and crunchy foods and overeat them...so I've been 'fluffing back up'....(not funny)....

I think I don't speak my mind enough...'Miss Nice'....I think I'm taken for being passive...yep, that's it...'Miss Nice Passive'...WHY DO I DO THIS???????????????????????????????????????????????????????

I believe in being assertive, but I worry over hurting other's feelings...so lots of times I want to say something and I say nothing....though 'they' (interpretation of this 'they' means the ones who I stress-eat concerning) REALLY do not care about how I feel!!!!!!!

So...what do I do???? I say nothing and I stress-eat....high carb, sweet, soft comfort foods AND salty, crunchy foods....now you may say...get some celery and have that for crunchy foods...(it is in the fridge UNTOUCHED)...and get some low calorie comfort foods....nope...doesn't work...only stuff like ice cream, candy, and nuts and popcorn....so...I've been gaining weight.

I need to get my RESOLVE back...MOTIVATED...where is it at???? Where did it go????

Love, Maria

Maria7 - Monday Dec 27, 2004

Weight: 0.0

Today I cooked a large pot of homemade stew...these are the ingredients: (I call it hamburger-vegetable stew.)

1 pound ground beef

1 large onion, diced

1 cup water

Brown the above on medium heat in a large frying pan until done.


1 can fatfree butterbeans (they are really lima beans.)

1 can whole kernel corn

1 can green peas

1 can tomato/okra/corn

1 can fatfree blackeye peas

2 cans diced tomatoes

1 can green string beans

1/2 cup ketchup

Put the above, including the browned ground beef with onion into a very large cooking pot.

Stir all of this together and on medium heat, bring to a boil and let it boil 2 to 3 minutes or so while stirring frequently.

That's all. If desired, add salt and/or pepper to taste.

Hubby and I have been eating this today and it is really good. I also made us a pan of homemade biscuits and we've had some of those, as well, but overall, this is pretty low calorie, healthy food.

Hope you're all having a good day today and staying warm. The trees here are still loaded with ice and icicles and it looks like 'winter-wonderland' here in South Carolina. Our electric has stayed on, except for blinking off/on a couple of times yesterday, thank the Lord. But we have friends whose electricity went off for a good while yesterday.

Have a good night and remember...Jesus loves you and gave His Life for you so that you can have the gift of eternal life. All we have to do is repent of our sins, ask God to forgive us and ask Jesus to be our Lord and Saviour and live for Him according to His Holy Word, the Bible, and if we are sincere, we have a home in heaven waiting for us and the gift of eternal life through Jesus now! Praise the Lord! I'm so glad to be a Christian! Jesus gives REAL PEACE and JOY and LOVE, such as the world does not have to offer. There is nothing in this world that means more to me than my relationship with my Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.

Love, Maria

Maria7 - Sunday Dec 26, 2004

Weight: 0.0

Hope you're all doing well...We've got an ice storm and the front porch and steps are coated in ice and have icicles hanging from the porch. Large tree limb has fallen next door but neighbors okay. Electricity has blinked off and on twice. The Lord is keeping us safe.

Maria7 - Wednesday Dec 22, 2004
(Current diet is : Did better today...smile!)
Weight: 0.0

WOW! Was I pleasantly surprised to find that 3 of you responded to my entry from last night when I just now got on here and checked. THANKS!!! Runner, Soon To Be Thin, and Biscottibody59. Your encouragement is VERY much appreciated!

I did better today...although I still gave in to the cheapo chocolate temptation...the only 'ONLY' reason I didn't throw them out last night was because my Daughter has been eating a little of them and they're almost the only treat in the house. So...I still had a few of them today...I AM feeling better some...I even thought about trying to go to church tonight, but not that better yet and don't won't to risk exposing someone to any germs...so I'll wait til I'm over this before going back, though I do miss being in church and tonight is Christmas Communion and lots of beautiful Christmas songs and Bible scriptures read.

Hubby is home now and doesn't go back to work until next Wednesday.

Today I had: 2 bowls homemade hamburger/veggie soup, 1 small serve mashed potatoes, 3 cheapo little chocolates, 3/4 small bag of cookies, 2 snack-packs peanut butter/cheese reduced fat crackers, and lots of splenda-sweetened tea and a mug of splenda-sweetened coffee. A total of about 1200 calories.

I'm just not real hungry, I guess. (Or don't have what I'd be hungry to eat, hehehe~~!)

Well, I guess this is all for now. I tried on some of my smaller jeans that I used to wear and my belly said no to them. They were mostly okay in the hips. So, I took it real slow and got on the treadmill and walked slow for about 10 minutes. What a work-out that little walk was~! Took me a long time to get to feeling back where I was before I did that!

Anyway, hope you all have a good night...remember, Jesus loves ya and so do I!

Love, Maria (smile!)

Maria7 - Tuesday Dec 21, 2004
(Naughty and no exercise!)
Weight: 0.0

Hello to all.... Since there were no comments to last entry, I guess no one reads this, especially since I'm writing at night...oh well.....

I'm still doing the 2nd round of antibiotics...I've also been basically grazing and eating whatever...one thing...if it's not in the house, then that's cool...but someone gave us some cheapo chocolate candies...that usually I'd NEVER touch and I munched out on these today! Naughty!...Someone brought us some homemade veggie/hamburger soup and I ate a couple of bowls of that and I ate 2 or 3 bananas today...some potato chips...I've been drinking tea sweetened with splenda...

Anyway, throat is still sore, voice still hoarse...I'm still feeling icky...but I'm getting better...the fever and chills are gone, thank the Lord. I'm getting stronger, I can tell.

I've been out of church 2 weeks now. For me, that is a very long time! I'm used to being there and playing the piano and singing and also teaching adult Sunday School Class with my Hubby, who is also sick now, but getting better, too, thank the Lord Jesus.

Well...I hope each of you are well and having happy holidays...I think today is the first day of winter...it actually snowed here Sunday night!!! (Didn't stick, just a couple of very short little snow showers.)...The snow was beautiful coming down! A real treat for us here in South Carolina that usually don't get snow and if we do, maybe just a little in January or February...

Have a good night...remember Jesus loves ya (and gave His Life for you)!

Love, Maria (smile!)

Runner on 12/21/2004:
I read your entry! :) Sometimes I just don't have time to comment.

I have been tempted to eat things I normally wouldn't touch, either...like those cheapo candies you mentioned. Isn't it strange how certain foods will entice us simply because they're available and just sitting there?

It's nice to see you thank the Lord for things...I'm a Christian, too, so I enjoy your uplifting entries!

Soon2BThin on 12/21/2004:
Sorry about not commenting here. I guess I'm just lazy sometimes. And I'm sorry you haven't been feeling good lately. Don't worry about the candy, none of us is perfect. I hope you have a great holiday!

Maria7 - Friday Dec 17, 2004

Weight: 0.0

Began second round of antibiotics today...having just finished first round (10 days) yesterday...sinusitis is clearing up, but still dealing with sore throat, stuffiness, headache, and weakness...but not as bad as it was, so I'm improving...hope you're all doing well...My dear Hubby has it now...he won't go to the doctor...only takes tylenol and otc cold meds...he is one that believes in going to bed and piling covers on himself to make himself 'sweat it out'....an old folklore? remedy...whereas I'm one that believes that 'thank the Lord for the antibiotics and when I'm too warm, it's time to cool down and when I'm too cool, it's time to warm up' (thermostat-wise, hehehe!)... so...as far as eating, I'm staying about the same weight-wise and I'm not trying to lose while I'm getting over this...I just eat what I feel like eating and don't worry about it...as for my 'fav', diet pepsi, the taste is GONE for that...I've been drinking water, orange juice, and sweet (yes, sugared kind) tea...I usually have coffee and plain toast and a fruit for breakfast and late afternoon I have lunch-supper together which I've lost my taste for sugared things other than tea, so it's mainly a protein, a veggie and 1 or 2 starches and more tea up until bedtime...but tonight I started getting the taste that I didn't like the sugared tea, so I'm drinking iced water...lots...I may try making some tea with splenda, since I sweeten coffee with splenda and see how that goes...anyway, I'm staying very hydrated.

So...thought I'd say hello to all of you and hope you all stay well and feeling well and have a good night...remember Jesus loves ya and so do I!

Love, Maria (smile!)

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