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Miss Piggy - Friday Jan 18, 2002
(1800 calories a day diabetic diet)
Weight: 0.0

Doing worse. Jordan went to the store for me and brought back three packages of candy he bought with his own money. Mama keeps taking us out to eat. Cant seen to stay in rl long enough for anything.

kyrin on 01/18/2002:
Keep hangin' in, Miss P! Do a little bit more of that healthy stuff everyday.



Jelly Belly on 01/18/2002:
Hope you feel better!

breakaway on 03/11/2002:
HI THERE!!! Where are you? I came back and have gained some weight but ready to get started again. Come join us k. It seems really lonely back here and not seeing your entries! Today is March 11th 2002. Its my first day back and hope to have you join me!


Miss Piggy - Saturday Jan 12, 2002
(1800 calories a day diabetic diet)
Weight: 0.0

Doing somewhat better. At least the blood sugar is comming down and doctor said I lost four pounds. Kid kept the keyboard from me most of yesterday. Hanging in.

mommathree33 on 01/12/2002:
Keep up the good work. Have a great day! Ciao Mommathree33

Beth on 01/12/2002:
Boy, have I missed you. Today is my first day checking in in several months. I'm sad to see that your health is not so good. I'm trying to get my health back in order, too. I have many health problems that I don't always share here, and sometimes I think I can't take it anymore. I'm only 24 years old, I should be healthier. I'm really going to try and I hope we can do it together once again like we used to. I look forward to reading your entries. It looks like you're off to a good start. A great start, actually. Take care.

stellastarr on 01/12/2002:
Hi Sweetie, I am happy to know that you are doing a bit better.... first babysteps, right? Blood sugar AND pounds.... what a gal! Virtual is virtual and there is plenty of room for that in one's life.... I just want to remind you that you are fighting to come out of a thing here.... you are fighting for your very real and precious life... all one's hopes of a future is pinned really on a healthy body and mind. Try, Honey. Just try to be YOU. There are such treasures ahead when you are feeling yourself. Love you! Connie

Miss Piggy - Thursday Jan 10, 2002
(1800 calories a day diabetic diet)
Weight: 0.0

Slipping already. finding it almost impossible to tear myself out of virtual. had to pay some people to come help me clean the house. trying to stick to the diet but overwhelmed by the desire to just eat what and as much as I want to. Had candy and pizza yesterday

nsbratt on 01/10/2002:
candy and pizza,can't find them on the food pyramid,lol a little won't hurt but if you are anything like me a little only makes you want more and more and more,I try to let myself have one treat at least once a week and there are days that I'm only dieting 1 hour at a time hoping to make it to the next one before I cave,DON'T give up, even though it is really hard at time in the end you'll be really glad you stuck it out.

Good luck and have a good day!

SoccerMom on 01/10/2002:
Maybe changing everything at once won't work for you...start with small steps. If you normally eat a handfull of candy, try allowing just one piece next time. Once you've cut back on the sugar for a few days, try cutting back on how much of something else you're having. Keep a diary, listing your small victories, and how it made you feel to be able to handle those.

Try drinking a glass of water when you have a craving, too. Sometimes I find that when I am craving a food, I'm really just thirsty! Once I've had that water, if I am still hungry, then I'll try to make a healthy choice.

Good luck!

garlic on 01/10/2002:
I know the feeling. I love to eat too. Tonight at work we were talking about how much we love to eat. One woman had us beat - she said she has eaten a sandwich while running on the treadmill!!! At least she was moving, huh? Anyway, that overwhelming feeling you are talking about - I know it. It's so difficult to get started. It's like a withdrawal. Eating feels so good. Just have to really sit down and think about other things that will make you feel good instead. It's like an alcoholic trying to imagine life without booze. Or a smoker not able to imagine going without a butt. You have to want it really bad and when you feel like you want to give up, think of the people also sacraficing. You may not feel so alone.

Miss Piggy - Monday Jan 07, 2002
(1800 calories a day diabetic diet)
Weight: 0.0

Back home now from the hospital and very glad to be here. New meds, new diet, new Year, new Hope. Hope this is finding all of you well and in good spirits.

kyrin on 01/07/2002:
Hi Miss P!

Welcome home! Lots of new hope here...ye-ah! I'm glad that you're going to give it another try. What can I do to help?



stellastarr on 01/07/2002:
Welcome Home, Gayle!!! I am so happy to know that you are stable now on your new meds and have plans to be with us now.... I have missed you these last months. You are right. It IS a new year and it is a blessing to feel hope and we are brilliant to take advantage of that little edge just now, right? We will worry about the long haul down the road. Perhaps we will all receive just the perfect amount of strength from each other to take care of the individual days. Please focus on your right to be well and feel whole today. Your friend, Connie

Miss Piggy - Wednesday Jan 02, 2002

Weight: 0.0

Well I just got back and now I am going to be gone a few days. I am being admitted to the hospital. I want to thank you all for your kind support and greetings. I will see you all in a few days. Huge Hugs to all.

yoyo on 01/02/2002:
best wishes to you and i hope all is well.

pastagal on 01/02/2002:
Aww Miss Piggy,,,so good to see you back with us again,,but sounds like your not doing so well,,what are you going into the hospital for,,i hope you are better and home real soon,,you take care :}again,,,good to see you back with us;}

journey to life on 01/02/2002:
My thoughts and prayers are with you. God Bless, Donna

Maria7 on 01/02/2002:
Sorry to hear that...hope you are okay...hope to see you back on here soon and feeling much better! Love, Maria

stellastarr on 01/02/2002:
Hey Gayle!!! I just found you here (Wednesday PST) and now I see that you will be away for a bit. I am wishing you every healing thought and prayer. Be strong and come back to let us hold you in support. This is perfect for you to return just now, really, because MANY of us have just been "off" somehow lately (holidays?) and so we are all in the recommitment time. Love, SS

nsbratt on 01/02/2002:
Good luck, my prayers are with you, hope your are back with us real soon.(((((HUGS))))

RareDiamond on 01/02/2002:
Take care! I will keep you in my prays.

Soon2BThin on 01/02/2002:
Sorry to hear you have to go in the hospital. I wish you a quick recovery, okay? I always liked reading your entries, good to have you back.

Crittermama on 01/02/2002:
I really hope you get better soon. I will pray for you. I wish you much luck in losing weight and truly hope you meet your goals. Hugs to you and prayers for a speedy recovery. Fail til you succeed. God bless.

Koko on 01/02/2002:
Miss P, oh I'm sorry to hear about you having to be admitted into the hospital. I sure hope everything works out well. I have MISSED you, woman, and I hope your life has been kinder and gentler with the boys and your mom. Know that you're in my prayers constantly and if possible keep us updated. Love, Angela

Miss Piggy - Wednesday Jan 02, 2002
(1900 calories a day)
Weight: 298.0

Happy New Year everyone. I know it has been a long time since I have been here. But it is a new year and I am back to try it again. I have complications of my diabetes now and it is hard for me to walk. My weight is up again. I want to thank sweet Stella for calling me back to the fold. I have missed you all. I just got caught up in a virtual world fantasy that kind of took over my life. I am trying to get JORdan, my son, to reload my diet power food analyzer and I am going to begin anew now.

pinkuspettuty on 01/02/2002:
Welcome back. Its a new year and a fresh start for us all. Pink

nsbratt on 01/02/2002:
WELCOME BACK,wondered where you were,Glad to see you getting back on track,sorry to hear about your diabetes acting dh is one and takes 82 units of insulin a day(morning and night) and has to take pills for the liver from the side effect. I wish you much success in both the diet and diabetes,take it one day at a time and we'll help when ever we can.

Even if you can't walk a lot you can try chair dancing as long as your moving you're burning calories.GOOD LUCK

Maria7 on 01/02/2002:
WELCOME BACK!!!!! I am just THRILLED to see you back! I missed you! I didn't think you were coming back...remember I emailed you....so good to have you back with us!!! Welcome back home!!!! Love, Maria (SMILES!!!)

kyrin on 01/02/2002:
Hi Miss P!

I've missed you! ...and am oh, so glad that you've dropped in on us again.

Let's give it another try. Ye-ah!



halley on 01/02/2002:
Welcome Back! I'm glad you got tracked down. I hope you have success esp. since your health is getting worse. Getting in shape will do you wonders!

muggs on 01/02/2002:
Hey Miss P!

Glad to see you back! Get going with those good habits again! You can do it!

SoccerMom on 01/02/2002:
Glad to see you back, and hope that you'll find lots of success at it this time. We're here to encourage you and keep ya at it...so check in often!

Have a great day.

Miss Piggy - Monday Jun 25, 2001
(1900 calories a day)
Weight: 281.0

Another Monday. Sure enjoyed last night. Was playing with JOrdan on his diablo game and forums. Applied for a membership in a clan. No word yet. Been a long time since I've played. Does a body good sometimes to forget how old we are. I like playing with the kids. OUr diablo 2 isn't working right though. Keeps seizing up. Have to do something about that. Have to play baulders gate I guess.

mommyof two on 06/25/2001:
i,ve never heard of this deablo thing...what kind of clan did you sign up for? have a greatday, lisa

mistypink on 06/30/2001:
Where are you?? My son-in-law plays all sorts of games. Glad you had a good time with your son. I have to agree it is sometimes nice to forget how old we are :-) :-)

mistypink on 07/05/2001:
Where are you??

breakaway on 08/02/2001:
HI there...hear you have been ill? Sure hope your back with us soon I miss you! Let me know how you are ok! Have a great day today!

Miss Piggy - Saturday Jun 23, 2001
(1900 calories a day)
Weight: 281.0

Hello everyone. Three solid days of Larry is just too much Larry. Thursday was the new group meeting, yesterday I did laundry over at his house and today he went to church with Nancy and me. I just conked out before it was all over. I was snoring during service. Thankfully we didn't have a speaker this time but a video instead. I fixed fried egg plant, bananna and pineapple nut bread, lentils (yuk), and vegetarian baked beans and brought apple and cranberry juice to drink. Yes, It was too much. There was also beans, fried potatoes, garlic bread, salad, and cantaluope. Conrad ran off directly after church so he must have already known Larry. Very few of us stayed to eat. Didn't have to fix anything for mama and Chris this afternoon. Fixed a late supper. I do tend to fix too much food and take on too many cooking projects for other people. Next Thursday the new group is meeting at my apartment and I was planning on fixing snacks for that. At least coffee, tea, diet sprite and cranberry juice punch. They brought food but no drink to the last meeting. Ended up going hunting for a coke machine. Right now cooking is my only link with outside people. My only social life. One of the few ways I relate to people. Although Jordan has been trying his best to get me involved in gaming again and the commings and goings of his game guild members and their hot little online war they have going over whether or not to forgive a member who is a former pk er. (people killer). Only on the game site though, not a real people killer. Seems to be a pretty precarious balance between mercy and justice with the scales tipped somewhat toward justice. Jordan comes up on the side of mercy. This player has been with them in her new identity now for months with out any bad incidents. Jordan too, was another identity in the beginning who was kicked out of the clan and he put on a new character and rejoined the clan and no one was the wiser. He even got to be a council member in this new incarnation. And his friend from Ireland is on the same side and is thinking of resigning over this war. I told him to get her email and if she walks and the other one too they need to get together and be the core of a new clan.

Miss Piggy - Saturday Jun 23, 2001
(1900 calories a day)
Weight: 281.0

Sorry I've been so lax about commenting to people the last couple of days. I will try hard to get back into the swing of things the next few days. In the morning though is church again already. Larry is wanting to go too and I have to call Margaret in the morning. Had to cook all night for tomorrow. Cooked nearly all day today too. Had to do my laundry at Larrys house which meant all day getting away from him and fed him lunch and fed mama and Chris for supper so spent most of today cooking and washing dishes and cooking and washing dishes. Talk to you all tomorrow afternoon.

mommyof two on 06/23/2001:
hello miss p, yu have a great day and relax some ok, love ya, lisa

Beth on 06/23/2001:
Hang in there.

pushedtothewall on 06/23/2001:
You spend an awful lot of time making delicious things for your church friends! I hope that they appreciate what a HUGE expenditure of energy and precious food money it represents! I am sure that you know that you wouldn't HAVE to bring something every time. You no doubt love the raves, though, right??? :) And, in a way, somebody has to show those folks what "food" is! It isn't my practice to have a laugh at the expense of others, but I just was dying of the laughter that I thought it wrong to let "out" when you told some of those original stories of the retarded palates of the group as a whole! Don't ever do that again! Thank you, by the way, for the tofu tamale dish recipe, Gayle! How ingenius you are! Do you recall the family that I spoke of to you that were my dear friends and my first introduction to Seventh Day Adventists? Well, the mother in that family made DELICIOUS food. Her church in our little town agreed to donate baked goods to raise money for UNICEF one fall. She was so nervous because she was making things for all of the "regular" eaters. Her friends encouraged her to make her famous cinnamon rolls and she thought that they would be too messy so she cleverly made them in cupcake tins. Those things were the best! They were moister and she frosted them more heavily and dusted them with pecans... then she put them in foil cupcake wrappers. I was a teenager watching her work and later, when I had similar times of needing to being things for a church or school or Girl Scout sale I got out my old recipe card that says: "Mrs. Perrin's Seventh Day Adventist UNICEF cinnamon rolls in the foil wrappers" All of that I wrote in my fifteen year old hand. I am going to search for that recipe just to have a look at it :) I hope that this day became one of joy for you after all of your efforts. Love, Connie

pastagal on 06/23/2001:
What would be the worst that would happen if YOU stopped cooking for all of them??

Miss Piggy - Friday Jun 22, 2001
(1900 calories a day)
Weight: 281.0

Was getting very depressed yesterday but decided to go out to a new support group with Larry and Margaret. Meet new people. Went to mamas early this morning and picked apricots. The big four bedroom house across from where mama lives is empty and for sale now for $52.000.00 Might as well be millions. Very depressed today because I very much wanted to buy a house and none were available when I had the money and now I don't have the money and the perfect house is empty. Other things contributing to the depression too. Been calling Dhs to see if I could become foster parent. Blocked every way I turn. Someone at the door now. Gotta go.

pastagal on 06/22/2001:
I hope your day gets better for you Miss Piggy,,you sound so down:{

minea on 06/22/2001:
It must be frustrating to watch that house be up for sale now that you can't afford it. But don't get depressed dear, maybe it has tons of problems that you would never want, like termites or a leaky roof! Try to keep your spirits up.

pushedtothewall on 06/22/2001:
Apricots? Yum!!!! I feel so sad for that sagging heart of yours that felt all of that angst looking at the perfect house and having to reconcile the harshest reality. I would have liked to have been with you during the moments of that realization and have been able to give you a hug. This I so sincerely mean, Gayle. There is nothing one can say. Next to the overwhelming emotion all is trite and what good is the cliche'? Isn't it odd in a way that often times things go along in a pattern in our life and we say: "Hey, my whole LIFE is a cliche'!" :) Just a little attempt at humor to break possible sorrow, you know.... Here are my two cents when probably if I were a REAL person I would just be content to "hear" what you had to say.... let you have your feelings and then not try to "fix" it. Right? Too much counseling for you and I if you understand what I am saying also! :) :) :) Here it is: What you probably THINK of as a good thing.... being nearer to your mother and your son, yet still maintaining your own space..... is probably the WORST thing and something that would end up haunting you????? The expense of a place of your own with no "own-ness" to it!!! Think about how "examined" your life would be with that CONSTANT supervision! And if you were even fifty feet closer to your Mom..... YIKES! Would she ever think up things that she needed you for and immediately! You might have the bestest thing in the present world for yourself just now, little Sweetie. Rules of housing that are protection in themselves, right? Well, these are just the thoughts of a depressed and most probably deranged woman, so print them out and exorcize them, just to be safe!!! :) Halley wrote something sweet to me today and she wrote (to paraphrase) that she was sorry that my day yesterday was "marred" by unhappiness or loneliness.... one of those. I just bawled on the spot. I thought.... the truth is that my LIFE is marred by abject loneliness and unhappiness. Those hours up in the mountains were microcosms of the last years of my life. How really nuts am I? I just adore your posts every day and I read with relish the comments that you leave me... always of the uplifting type. I read your comments to others also at times and I notice your dear ways when there is just not too much to say and you pull something wonderful and ingenius out of your medicine bag. Wonderful friend you are to all of us and I personally feel so happy to know you! Love, Connie

booz on 06/22/2001:
I know what its like to not have the money for a dream home! We are still renting, BUT finally able to get some money in the bank! THANKFULLY! Our house will be a reality! (In our 5 year plan! :) I know how perfect this house is...BUT it may just not be perfect for you. What I mean is...I believe things happen for a reason, I don't know much about your faith and certainly won't do any preaching here. I believe if this house is meant to be yours, it would be! This house could be a money pit or unforseen problems. OR it is meant for someone else for whatever reason. YOUR house is out there waiting for you at the PERFECT time in your life! If you believe in fate, you'll have your HOME! As hard as it is to wait, I KNOW, it will be well worth it when you walk in and KNOW this was the house you were waiting for! Fighting for a house that's not meant to be, you could lose out on YOUR home! :)

You must be an angel to work so hard to be a Foster Parent! Hang in there!!

Beth on 06/22/2001:
Your experience with the house reminds me of a story I heard from a woman at work today. Her sister and her husband live in a mobile home. They wanted to buy a house they thought was the perfect home, but they couldn't sell their mobile home and afford the house at the time. So...later, they finally sold the mobile home and the realtor told them to check out a house. It wasn't exactly what they're looking for, but it's nice and affordable, the realtor told them. They went to look at this house, and it turned out to be the house the husband grew up in. They bought the house.

Ya never know. Love ya, Beth.

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