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MoodyMe - Friday Feb 26, 2010
(Move More, Eat Less)
Weight: 0.0

Hola Mi Amiga's~

Been a very busy week and I am so thankful it's Friday. No classes, no internship..just work tonight..then 2 days off..whew..The week was a good one all in all, except for the fact that I utterly and completely bombed my Statistics test yesterday...I cannot get anything math related to compute in my head..seriously. I was so frustrated during the exam, I felt like crying..giving up and taking the exam up to the Professor and saying, "here, take this, I can't do it and there's no point in my continuing"....I didn't do that tho. I finished. But it's a terrible feeling KNOWING that you are doing the problem wrong..and not knowing what to do. I left and cried the whole way home..lol..I've put it behind me..There's nothing I can do..I have very high expectations of myself..I study hard for my tests and do well on them for the most part (mostly A's)..but with Statistics, you can't really study..It's knowing how to work the formulas...It's like a foreign language to me and I'm illiterate..I THINK I know what I am doing, in class I can follow along..but then put that test in front of me and I turn into a clueless idiot. Sigh...

Internship was great this week. I've been offered a position as a counselor when I graduate~I am very excited about this...I really believe I was meant to do this..work with troubled kids..disadvantaged kids. Yesterday I took my first hit in the shins..LOL..one of the kids (a 6 year old with ODD) got out of hand during group therapy and needed to be removed..I offered to do it and uh yeh, he hauled off and whacked me in the shin, then took off running down the hall towards the exit..He was fast, but I was faster..he actually made it down the hall and had turned the corner and was a few feet from the exit door, that led to a busy street..I reached out and grabbed him by his hoodie and yanked him back..Caught him. There was a struggle for a few minutes, then things calmed down~I took him to an office where we had some 1:1 time and things were wonderful..lots of talking while we did some play therapy....I can only imagine what I looked like as I was sprinting down the hall, past all these rooms where group therapy was going on..LOL..First him flying past the doorway, then 2 seconds later, me flying past..hahahaha..Good thing I've been working out is all I can say!!

Speaking of working out..my exercise suffered this week..I'm just WORN OUT..between working full time, going to school full time, internship, studying/homework, housework..I'm tired, tired, tired..I did manage 2 workouts this week..I've been watching my calories this week tho..tracking them I should say..using Fitday..I love that site..anyway, I haven't gone over 1500 calories this week, so that's a good thing. I tell you what, tracking calories is a BIG wake up for me. I am terrible at estimating calories, and I know for a FACT that I underestimate. Fitday puts it all right there in front of you..plain and simple. I am going to continue using this..Also, this week I've been sticking to my "don't eat past 7 rule" pretty well...and THAT makes a big difference for me..I don't know if it makes a difference for anyone else, but personally, I KNOW it helps in my weight loss..

Today I am going to go see Shutter Island with a friend, then going to her house after. She bought the Wii yesterday and we are gonna play..and hit some Jagerbombs..hahaha..Yes, I will have popcorn at the movies!

Ok, gonna go read up on you guys..Heading to the movies in about an hour..It's freezing cold and been snowing for the past few days...not going to get above 35 for the next week...brrrr!!

Hope you all have a wonderful Friday!!

hollybelle on 02/26/2010:
Too funny - working out is paying off in unexpected ways, huh? I'd say you have worked out three times this week counting the chase down the hall! Sorry about statistics. You aren't the first to be brought to tears by that course! Would a tutor help squeak you through?

still_too_heavy on 02/26/2010:
OOhh I want to see that movie! Let me know how it is! and I am going to that website right now. i need some help tracking what i eat. i actually giggled while reading your post about chasing the kid down the hall. i could totally picture it! High five to you for keeping up!! lol

chidogs on 02/26/2010:
Sounds to me like your day to day is more than enough exercise! And you aren't likely the only one to leave the class in tears I'm sure. I'm one of those hopeless at math people, excelling in all other areas. Talk to the Prof, find one of the brainiacs in class to tutor you. You will get by! Great news on the job offer.

panda22 on 02/26/2010:
Let us know how the movie is! Your plans sound fun! Hang in there, sounds like you have a lot on your plate, but you're doing great! Yuck, we're having the same sort of weather...can't wait for the sun to make a permanent appearance soon. Enjoy your weekend =)

Playmate on 02/26/2010:
I wanna see that movie! O and I soooo love Jagerbombers...MMMMM just gotta watch out for all those cals, o and the drunken munching LOL I remember those days.

It sounds like you have chosen a very interesting career, sounds satisfying though, helping people, especially kids.

So what is your goal weight? Well Imma make sure to keep watching your diary, hope that you have a good day n lots of fun!

nita51 on 02/26/2010:
Thank you for your compliment. I try very hard to stick to the " no eat after 7 habit" too. I'm still working on it, Love the way you handled the out of line kid. Think you'd make an awesome counselor too. Keep doing well, and let us know how the movie turned out. Have a great weekend!

KathyBlue on 02/28/2010:
Once I could do a "no eat after 5pm"... but for 4 years my life's been changing and my lifestyle suffered changes. So I'm cool with a veggie soup or some veery low cal dinner around 8-9pm.

Horn_Of_Plenty on 03/04/2010:
yay jagerbombs! lol!

but more celebratory is that you have a position available for you when you graduate! THAT IS FABULOUS! congratulations. i seen none of that in my near future, unfortunately...but we shall see!

even though you had a not so great week in exercising, it seems a lot of things are going really well for you right now! that is great.

and don't worry about the statistics...most people do not excel at EVERYTHING. just get though it, like you are, and put it behind you. as adults, it's not important for us to excel or get A's in everything i have learned. sometimes, it's just good enough to get though something and it's not worth the excess time just to get the A. i feel time could be better used in a better way, that's all.

of course, that's just my opinion.

MoodyMe - Monday Feb 22, 2010
(Move More, Eat Less)
Weight: 0.0


**UPDATE:Just talked to my professor and she was very cool about the whole thing~I just have to take the test early, which is completely fine with me!!~I was shocked by how easily resloved the whole thing was...I'm glad I was honest with her**

So yeh, did NOTHING over the weekend..eating Saturday wasn't the best, in fact it was pretty horrific. Sunday was better, but no exercise the entire weekend. No reason, I just didn't want to..Period.

Woke up early this morning..just after 8..made coffee and watched a little TV, caught up on some emails then decided to work out. Did the Shred, then an hour on the treadmill, followed by a 2 minute wall sit. I hadn't done the Shred in, eh, hmmm, not sure, well over a week I know that. It was difficult but not overly so. I felt a little light headed here n there~due to low blood sugar I'm sure..but I pushed thru, finished strong. The first half hour on the treadmill was a little hard..not "hard" exactly I guess..My legs just felt heavy..like I was walking thru mud. Anyway, the second half hour was easier and I'm glad I worked out today.

I have class at 2:30..Clinical Psych. I'm going to go in a bit early and talk to my professor. I am going to Vegas next month..I looked at the syllabus and the week I am going there are exams in both my classes. I'm not worried about my Statistics professor letting me make it up, but my Clinical Psych prof is very hard core and doesn't allow make up exams unless you have a doctors excuse. Which I personally think is ridiculous. I am PAYING to go to school..if I miss an exam, I should be able to make it up..PERIOD. Anyway, I am going in to talk to her..going to be honest and tell her I'm gonna be out of state that week, and I realize there's an exam, and can we please work something out? I am good student, I work hard, get A's, don't miss class unless I have to, am in Psi Chi..We really SHOULD be able to work something out here..I'm talking missing one week of class~which equals 2 of her classes. Worse case scenerio is she will be a total hard ass and not let me make up the exam..in which case I will drop her class. I'm not going to let her dictate my life..I refuse. I know that if I pass this opportunity up to go to Vegas, I will regret it. Really regret it. So, we'll see what happens today. Wish me luck.

I'm hungry. My stomach is growling as I type this..but I feel kinda queasy at the same time..weird. Maybe I'll make some toast or something real quick...

Ok, hope you all are having a great Monday~stay strong and focused!!

grumpy on 02/22/2010:
Good luck! And the after 7pm rule is a good one! I need to drink more water also, as I can think im hungry when im just thirsty. :)

chidogs on 02/22/2010:
Don't you just hate prof's who think they are above us all? Kinda like some bosses I had too. There is life outside of their classrooms. Good luck in getting that sorted out. Take care.

MoodyMe - Friday Feb 19, 2010
(Move More, Eat Less)
Weight: 0.0

Hey everyone~TGIF..whew...Still have to go into work later on tonight, but Friday's are nice because I don't have school or internship..and I have Saturday and Sundays off...So yeh, TGIF! lol

A nice day~came home from work, slept a little then got up and grabbed some coffee and bagels from Tim Hortons and took my dogs to my friends house..We hung out while our dogs played..She was having a new bedroom set delivered today, which arrived while I was there. OMG~her bed is amazing..Like nothing I have ever laid on before, seriously. It was very expensive~this ultra plush pillow top kingsize..it was like floating on a cloud. She bought new pillows that cost over a hundred dollars each..which I thought was crazy..but then she had me lie my head on one and holy crap~I didn't want to ever get off her bed!!! LOL~she also got a new 42 inch plasma..so yeh, lying there on this incredibly plush pillowtop bed, with my head on this amazing pillow, watching the 42 inch plasma...I was just about as close to heaven as I can get. LOL..I told her I wouldn't ever leave the bedroom if I was her..Sigh~Makes my bed, which is actually pretty nice itself..a kingsize pillow top..seem like a bed of nails compared to hers! ah well...One nice thing, is she is giving me her old bedroom furniture..Solid cherry wood dresser, vanity and night stand..and my son is getting her old queen size sleigh bed. I'll be getting that next week..didn't want to haul it right now because it's still frozen ice outside and I have stairs to get to my house..didn't want to try moving any furniture til it thaws.

Went grocery shopping after leaving her house..I don't know how I do it but I spent over 200 dollars on groceries. It's ridiculous..I got mostly healthy foods, but some goodies too..nothing too bad. I did buy a big bag of gummi bears tho. No fat in those, but I will have to watch the portions because the calories DO add up. Anyway, came home from shopping and made a big salad for dinner. I got a pizza from the deli and made that, but only had one slice. I was very full after eating..but it was early..around 5:30 when I finished. I wasn't going to work out~seriously, talking myself out of it. It was late ( im not an evening workout person) and I had just eaten and was really full, and I hate working out on a full stomach. But I knew that I'd feel so much better mentally if I worked out..so before I actually DID talk myself out of it I jumped off the couch and changed into my workout clothes. I felt like crap the first half hour or so on the treadmill~stomach was too full, sideache~but I just kept going..Did 2 interval trainings for a total of 60 minutes, then jogged just over a half mile. Then did a 2 minute wall sit. Showered and here I sit, sipping water and watching tv~I'm very glad I worked out, I knew I'd be happy with myself if I did, and disappointed in myself if I let today slip by without exercising.

My funk has lifted a little..not much. The whole guy thing. I ended things Wednesday night...He wrote me an email later that night..I didnt respond. He IMed me..I didn't respond..Didn't hear anything from him yesterday, but he emailed me last night while I was at work~I didn't receive the email til today when I woke up..I didn't respond. I don't think he is taking me seriously~that I have really let him go. I can't say that I exactly blame him tho, because I've done something simlilar before..ending things..but then caved and stayed with him. It's crazy. Seriously crazy. It would be easy if I didn't love him, but I do..that's not the issue..In fact, I've never felt like this about anyone before..the chemistry is off the richtor scale..he says he's in love with me..But there are other factors involved..one being he is a workaholic..he owns his own design firm and travels alot for business..In fact right now he's in Minnesota working a job..anyway..I understand him loving his work..no problem..but one of the issues is that he very easily puts me on the back burner or off to the side, to work late. I can handle it every once in awhile..but when it's on a continual basis..having plans and then having them canceled because he is working..gets old. He openely admits to being a workaholic and not managing his time well..but I feel like, if you want to be with me you'll make the time..period. I put up with this for a long time~and after this past weekend..VALENTINES DAY..and him working thru it..I guess it was the straw that broke it for me..There's other stuff too that I'm not getting into, but yeh, I'm just tired of it. He even said the other day he understood that I need and deserve more than he's given me..and in the same breath said he loved me more than I can comprehend. Sigh~It's hard..very hard. Like I said, he wrote me an email last night, acting like nothing had happened..I truly don't think he believes that I'm DONE. Thank God for friends..I have a guy best friend and a girl best friend..they both know whats going on. Anyway, it's nice talking to my guy bestfriend, getting a mans perspective on things..He said to expect J to come back HARD~that I should be prepared..and to stick to my guns because I deserve better. I've been doing tons of praying..for strength, calmness and peace..Because I've been feeling very nervous/anxious/nauseas..Anyone who's been thru a breakup and still love the person knows the feelings I'm speaking of~Like I said, I know it's normal, and I have to just let them process..I don't want to dwell on them, but I don't want to act like they don't exist either~Denial isn't my thing..lol

going to the movies with a friend tomorrow~and yes I will be enjoying popcorn with a diet coke. I'm not a big pop drinker and when I DO happen to drink it, diet is fine with me~So yeh, popcorn and coke..going to see The Wolfman!! Looking forward to that~

Hope everyone has had a wonderful Friday~and that you all have a fantastic weekend!!! Stay strong!

geevee on 02/19/2010:
Thanks for your comment. Yes, indeedy, this water weight is maddening. I know I'll lose it soon. As you suggested, I have been guzzling water all day and evening.

nita51 on 02/19/2010:
Your friend is so blessed to have such nice things. How nice of her, to give you her b-rm furniture,,, I just love the color of Cherry Wood. Now, about the guy, you are letting go. I know just how you feel, my heart has been broken more times than I care to remember. Maybe you are doing the right thing, putting a little distance between the two of you. When he sees that you are not so gun ho to communicate with him,,,then maybe it will make him think about what he stands to lose. We women are like precious flowers,,, we need a lots of attention, love, and pampering. If he is not the one to care for those needs,,then just keep the faith,,,,God will put someone in your life, that will be just right for you. Sometimes what WE want,,,is not what is best for us. Keep loving yourself, and one day Mr. Right will come, to help, complete your beautiful world. Hugs!

KathyBlue on 02/20/2010:
I liked the bed story...and the TV. We also have a TV like that, but we keep it in the living room. :-) We have a very (sorry, my Man...) uncomfortable sofa to accompany us. Yes, HE chose it... About being workaholic: same with me, I guess. I always work. Weekdays til late, weekends, etc. And I'm unable to manage my time well, too. The only difference is I'm working locally and we live together. We didn't celebrate Valentine's either. We don't think it's a special day after all. I think we should celebrate our love to each other for 365 days a year, with kisses and hugs, understanding, etc. My man is very understanding, thank God... Can't your man hire an employee, trusted one, to end up with this misery? Maybe if he would, you could give him a discount time to think and when things normalize after a while, you could get back together... But then, Nita says you are letting go... I cannot give you advices, I don't know how determined are you. Love is sweet but tricky. :-(

biscottibody59 on 02/20/2010:
Hope your weekend takes you away from it all--have a good one!

chidogs on 02/20/2010:
The bedroom set sounds awesome! Getting new stuff is such a treat! Sorry about the relationship problems. If this is an ongoing problem that just never resolves then you are so right to take yourself out of it. You do deserve better, and you know he will never change. Take care, enjoy your movie and stay busy!! ((((((hugs))))))

gettingthere22 on 02/21/2010:
thanks for the support! hugs to you as well! and that bedroom set sounds nice(:

jananasplit on 02/22/2010:
is this your first time breaking it off with him???? my friend was in a similar position but when she ended it he didnt chase her. he chose work over her. if it is the first time uve ended it maybe consider giving him another chance. he may have needed to see how serious you were about ending it to get a scare and realise how much youre worth. i dunno if you adore him and he is persisting to get back maybe give hime one more chance but if things dont change defo keep walking!!!

well done on everything else tho xxxx

MoodyMe - Wednesday Feb 17, 2010
(Move More, Eat Less)
Weight: 0.0

Sigh~been unable to post for eh, a week or so?? Not sure when my last entry was but anyway..It's been a busy week..Last Friday I had my hair straightened (chemically)~I haven't had it done in well over a year, and while it's rather spendy (at least on my budget) it's so worth it. I have very naturally curly hair and fight with frizzies..Summertime is a nightmare, with the humidity here..Plus my hair is very thick..longish..so yeh, getting it chemically straightened is well worth the money..and it lasts for a good year or so. Anyway, had that done last Friday and part of the process is not getting your hair wet or putting any kind of clips or pony tail holders in it for 72 hours..If it gets wet, I would have to dry it immediately and flat iron it..I didn't work out at all because I didn't want to sweat..which would get my hair wet..and I didn't want to add the ickiness of adding sweat to my hair during the 72 hour waiting period. A convenient excuse with just enough truth to it..lol. Anyway, I still didn't work out Monday or Tuesday..Just too tired and besides that I was in a funk. My funk is guy related...I had to let someone go that I love very much~he says he loves me~but the whole action v. words thing do not add up..He's been in and out of my life for the past 2 years..but things didn't get serious until this last fall~It's complicated and I'm not making sense, but I came to the decision after this past weekend, to let him go. Just..let..him..go. It was a very hard decision because of the feelings involved, but I know it's the right thing to do, for several reasons. I get a small bit of comfort knowing I've done the right thing, but doing the right thing isn't always the easy thing to do. But anyway, doing this, ending things with him..has left me feeling anxious and sick. That pit in the stomach feeling..like someone has kicked me. Anxious, nervousness, sadness, hurt...all totally normal, I know~I just need to let myself feel these things, let it process...and work on healing. I didn't plan on writing about this here, but writing is cathartic~I'm a stress eater..and while I feel stress, right now I feel depressed more and I do NOT eat while depressed..I feel too sick to eat usually when depressed~I hadn't eaten all day..couldn't eat. Went to class today at 2:30 and my friend called me when class was over and asked me to meet her at Elder Beermans..She has just purchased a new bedroom set and needed to get new bedding and wanted my help. So I met her there..she ended up buying me a new kingsized comforter too!! I absolutely love it~I'm waiting til this weekend, to wash my bedding before putting it on..anyway, after that, she asked if I wanted to go have dinner at Applebees..Sounded pretty good..I was getting hungry by then..it was like 5:00 and I hadn't eaten since last night...anyway, I had a mango lemonade, house salad, and a fish sandwich with fries. Not the best choice I know, but it's what sounded good. They didn't have tarter sauce for the sandwich..(didn't know that until i received it, or i wouldn't have ordered it)...anyway, just ate the fillet, and not the bun. So, calorie wise..I don't know for sure. Not going to worry about it..it was the only thing I've eaten today, and I'm not going to eat anything else. Plus I actually worked out today. First time since last Thursday. I did an hour on the treadmill~all weight loss interval~and then I jogged a half mile at 5mph. After that I did a 2 minute wall sit. I was in a funk before working out..over the guy thing..But I wanted to do something positive for myself..And the most positive thing I can do for myself is exercise. I did feel better afterwards..and even better when I hopped on the scale before showering. I have lost a total of 29lbs...I'm one pound from my first goal..It's been slow and steady but progress IS being made. I go up..I go down...I go up...I go down...fluctuating several pounds for the past month or 2..this is a new low for me, todays weight. I will not record it until it's gone for a week or so. But I feel confident that I am on a downward trend in the scale department.

Ok..wow..didn't mean to write so much..see what happens when I don't write for over a week?

Going to go read up on you guys now before American Idol comes on..I have to go to work later too, sigh~

Wishing you all a great night~Stay strong~

gettingthere22 on 02/17/2010:
I hope your life gets better without this man in your life, as i see he causes some stress and sadness. Stay strong as it is harder to let go the second time. Wish you the best of luck, Tayler.(:

nita51 on 02/17/2010:
Hey, never apologize for writing,,, It is relaxing, freeing and one of the best forms of therapy. Thank you for your congrds. I'll be sure to let everybody know how much support I get, from you guys. Take Care.

KathyBlue on 02/18/2010:
My colleagues also do hair straightening, chemically. They look strange then, but we get used and it's a really drastic change, must feel good. :) I never understood, those who have curly hair want straight, and those who have straight hair want curls... :)

legcramps on 02/18/2010:
When I was going through some bad times in my life, I wrote it all down here in DDs. You know, maybe this is a diet journal, but we're fast friends here and we want to know why you're feeling down and give you as much support as possible to get you right back up again. These aren't diet journals, they're life journals. Good for you for giving him up - what you love, sometimes you have to set free.

MoodyMe - Wednesday Feb 10, 2010
(Move More, Eat Less)
Weight: 0.0

Another long day~got off work at 7 this morning..lots of snow and bitter winds were waiting for me..my car door was frozen shut~Finally got it open, headed home and fell into bed for a few hours..had some nasty nightmares. Scary stuff~

Anyway, got up and tried to drink some coffee but it just didn't settle in my stomach well~Decided to go school early to study..got home from class around 4:30 and worked out. I was very close to not working out today. Yesterday I took a rest day~Tuesdays and Thursdays are impossibly long and exhausting, so I've designated them rest days for sure. It would've been very easy to make today one as well~I just did the Shred, no treadmill~but at least it was something. I started out weak but ended strong~

Just got off the phone with a guy I have been dating a little..he's someone that I have known since 5th grade~reconnected thru Facebook~anyway, he works for a major airline and is representing his city in an aviation competition that's being held in Las Vegas~He invited me to go with him tonight!! I am very excited~I've never been to Vegas!! An all expenses paid week vacation in Vegas with a hot guy sounds like just what the doctor has ordered!! hahaha~We were talking on the phone earlier, and we were looking up the hotel~The Flamingo~where we'll be staying, and then we were looking up shows to go see~Blue Men, Cirque De Solei (sp)~anyway, this came out of nowhere and I am very excited~yipeee!!

I have to go to work in a half hour~snowing and windy outside~have to leave from work in the morning and head directly to my internship, then to class from there..then I have to begin studying like mad for a big test on Monday~I have no motivation for this semester..I think I'm just beyond burned out..I normally push myself to excell and right now I just don't care~and that's not like me..I dunno..I'm just ready to be finished I guess..

Wishing you all a wonderful night~stay safe~

bez15 on 02/10/2010:
Ohhh I'm jealous! I've been wanting to plan a Vegas vacation lately! (Honestly, probably from the movie 'the hangover' haha) When would you two be going? That's so exciting!!! :)

legcramps on 02/11/2010:
That is very exciting! I hope you have a wonderful time with your 'hot guy' in Vegas!

greengirl on 02/11/2010:
Sorry about the weather, it sounds as grim as ours is at the moment but at least you have something to look forward to :-). I would love to see Cirque de Soleil. Lucky girl !!

biscottibody59 on 02/13/2010:
Hope you can get a little rest over the weekend!

MoodyMe - Monday Feb 08, 2010
(Move More, Eat Less)
Weight: 0.0

Exhausted again~I have taken Tylenol PM the past two nights and I'm thinking thats part of the problem~making feel, eh, groggy the next day...Anyway...

Work out today: 30 Day Shred and 60 minutes on the treadmill.

FSF~Yogurt before workout..and for dinner I just sauteed some mushrooms and snap peas...threw in some chicken breast with it. It was delicious. I'm still kind of hungry, so I may have another chicken breast..I don't know yet.

My stomach was growling so loud today during my last class I was actually embarrassed!! egads...

Work tonight, then internship directly from there, then class after that...I have my first test in Statistics that has me a little worried...We get to use our notes and text tho so hopefully, I'll do ok..I am so weak in math it's ridiculous..and I have this math anxiety thing because I'm so terrible in it. Any good thoughts sent my way would be appreciated!

My ankle is hurting. I fell back in October and sprained it..It's still not healed completely..4 months later!! I have a brace I use from time to time, but haven't needed it for awhile. Lately tho, in the past couple weeks or so, the inner part of my foot is swollen and hurt..J was giving me a footrub the other night and he noticed how swollen it was..I bought an ace bandage today and have it wrapped nice n snug right now...feels good to have that support...the ankle brace doesn't seem to be doing its job like it should. I've been wearing it for the past 3 days since I started the Shred dvd...What's really sad is that I have insurance but its such a suck ass policy that I can't even afford to go to the doctor~I have a 4000 dollar deductable..yes you heard me...4000 dollar deductable. Any xray I have will have to be paid for out of pocket..I learned this the hard way. Anyway, I am hoping with the ace bandage, as well as my ankle brace~that maybe it will get better...sigh

Ran into my old neighbor the other day~He is a very hot ex marine and we would get together from time to time when he lived next door to me..just for beers on the deck kind of thing..anyway, he moved away to the next town over a couple years ago. Last week we ran into each other, we shot the Sh*t for a few minutes and he asked for my number..I gave it to him...He started coming on pretty heavy..did i mention he's really hott? heh....But get this..I find out he's married. He casually mentions this..WTF? He texted me today and said he was afraid he had "scared me off"...because I haven't contacted/responded to him. uhm, hello you are MARRIED!! What the hell man? Serious? Anyway, I just don't get it...sigh~

Ok..need to go check up on you guys if I can manage to keep my eyes open...

Hope everyone had a successful day~Stay focused!!!

chidogs on 02/08/2010:
Run away....run far away.....Yeesh. The guy is married and is still on the make. Not a nice man, I'd be thinkin'. So, your chicken mushroom snap pea sautee sounds awesome good! Sorry about your ankle. Be careful working on it, just in case, you don't wan't to cause more damage. I have that sort of policy on my 22 year old, so we just keep our fingers crossed. Hang in there. (and stay away from creepy ex marine guy)

nita51 on 02/08/2010:
Married,,,,,,bad news. The nerve of some men! Hope you Ace that test. :) Take care of that ankle, if it keeps bothering you, you might want to have it looked at. Thanks so much for the encouraging words. You're doing an awesome job, as well. Take Care.

balloonlady on 02/08/2010:
I had one of those guys, We dated for about 3 months before he told me he was married..... Lets just say revenge was sweet....Hope ya get feeling better...

biscottibody59 on 02/09/2010:
Take care of that ankle--maybe modify your workouts to accommodate it--maybe you already are. Keep up the good work!

legcramps on 02/09/2010:
I have a bad ankle too, but am too lazy to wrap it or anything like that. Good for you for taking care of it so well! I agree with everyone else about the married guy - BAD NEWS! People like that won't change, no matter what they say. Good luck to you today :)

MoodyMe - Sunday Feb 07, 2010
(Move More, Eat Less)
Weight: 0.0

Really tired~so keeping this short..

Worked out today~30 Day Shred then 1 hour on the treadmill~Food so far has been 1 bowl of Cheerios...I'm going to fix some chicken I think, add some cottage cheese, maybe steam some veggies? Not sure...but I'm getting hungry and need to eat before I get toooo hungry and make some not so great choices!

Had to go to a friends house to type a paper and do some homework that needed printing out~I really need to invest in a printer one of these days~Anyway, just kicking back watching the Superbowl~Go Saints!!!

Hope everyone has had a peaceful Sunday!!



balloonlady on 02/07/2010:
Sounds like a relaxing day....You can find really cheap printers at www.Epson.com they are having a clearance sale...36.00 and up

panda22 on 02/08/2010:
Hey! Yes we got about 25-30 inches of snow...ahhh!!! Glad you like the Shred! I do my workouts together since I usually only get about an hour and a half to myself a day while the baby is napping lol. Have a great week!!

legcramps on 02/08/2010:
I'm glad the Shred is going so well for you - i'm happy with it as well. My first few workouts were pretty horrible, but now that i'm in the groove of it, they're getting much easier. Thank goodness! Though, I am a little freaked out about starting level 2!

bez15 on 02/08/2010:
Yay another Shred'er! I think Julian should be paying US for expanding her business. Haha

MoodyMe - Saturday Feb 06, 2010
(Move More, Eat Less)
Weight: 0.0

Good grief fellow Dd'rs~I have been MIA for nearly 2 weeks..I was house/dogsitting for 9 days..My schedule was totally thrown off..which threw me into  "lets eat myself stupid" mode that lasted for eh, well lets just say it lasted awhile~add no exercise and yeh, I haven't been the happiest Moody in the world. I returned to my house last Tuesday, had school, internship and work all week...my eating improved once I was home, but I didn't work out at all. I avoided the scale because I felt disgusting. However, the good news is that when I did finally face the beast, the damage wasn't nearly as bad as I expected..a few pounds. I can handle a few pounds gainage considering the revolting amount of food I had injested..egads. This is actually good news, or at least that's the spin I am choosing to put on it...because it means that the weight I HAVE lost, is TRUE weight loss...I've lost the few pounds I gained and am putting these past couple weeks behind me and looking forward. 

I read up on you guys, even tho I wasn't posting these past couple weeks..I saw a couple of you mention Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred DVD..I did some research on it, read comments from people who are using it and decided to get it for myself. Today was my first day and I really enjoyed it. I have to say, I must be in better shape than I realize..Granted I only did level one, and it was challenging in parts, but I got through it without tooooo much pain. The most difficult for me is the cardio part..jumping jacks and jumping rope (without the rope)~Not sure if anyone has explained what the workout entails, but it's a quick 20 minute workout~a 2 minute warm up~then what is called a 3-2-1 Interval System~3 minutes of strength~2 minutes of cardio~1 minute of abs~you do 3 cycles of this, then a 2 minute cool down~And viola, you are finished!! There's 3 levels, depending on how physically fit you are..I started on Level 1 obviously!! But yeh, I was kind of surprised at how "well" I did~I had to stop the jumping jacks once...for a few seconds..and the jump rope part for a few seconds too..The final circuit tho, I finished strong~Jillian really pushes and encourages you~and says alot of things during the workout that really make sense...You HAVE to push thru the tough times, to grow..To change your body. If you stop when it begins to get tough, your body does NOT change. It HAS to be pushed, then push some more!! Is it easy? Hell no it ain't easy~but the feeling inside, when you push through~is indescribeable~Well you guys know what I'm talking about...when you push yourself...when you dig deep, then deeper still inside. We all have it, we're just at different levels..I may be able to do more than some of you, and there are those of you reading this who can kick my ass in workouts~But we keep digging!!

I showered and am in some very comfy mens jammies~am making homemade chicken noodle soup and it smells wonderful in here!! Thinking I am going to put a movie in and enjoy the rest of my day~it snowed last night/today but we only have a few inches..But I don't want to go anywhere...Tomorrow will be busier because I have to type up a paper and do some Statistic homework...funfun~

OH!! I almost forgot~I'm going on a cruise in May!!!! I am so excited I can hardly stand it, but there is this small voice in the back of my head saying "you know what they wear on cruises right? Swimsuits, shorts, tank tops.."~So I am a teeny bit uhm, crap I don't even know the word..just not looking forward to THAT...but, on the other hand, what a motive to keep working hard right??? I have a full 3 months to get my fat ass into shape..I am not expecting miracles but I know if I stay consistent and persist..I can realistically expect to be eh, 20lbs lighter...Still not bikini size, but maybe a one piece size! With a wrap around~heh...

K~gonna go check up on you guys, finish my soup, dry my hair and then relax and enjoy my evening~

Wishing you all a successful day! Stay focused!!

sundropgurl on 02/06/2010:
If I could eat wheat, I'd be so with you the past few weeks with eating myself sick! The only plus to having Celiac is that I can't eat junk food it makes me very very sick, but I know what it's like to just dive in and binge, binge, binge. I'm happy that your weight gain wasn't as much as you feared, and I know you will look GREAT for your cruise :) I think tomorrow I am getting that DVD, it just keeps on popping up, and I need something to kick my butt into working out more! :)

balloonlady on 02/07/2010:
Good for you, glad you liked the dvd.. We have all been there.. When we kinda loose focus and avoid the scale... The best thing is to force yourself to do it.. God knows I have avoided it many times... Your doing good,.

nita51 on 02/07/2010:
So glad to hear from you, again, Thank you. Yes I do feel great about myself,, didn't think I would start working out until I had dropped about 50 more lbs, but thank God,,,I'm doing something, may not be much, but it's something. Glad you enjoyed the J.M. workout DVD. you're going to be a knock out, when you step aboard the cruise ship. May is just around the corner. Take Care & Hugs!

KathyBlue on 02/07/2010:
20lbs til May... it's possible! :-) You'll look great for your cruise! :D

MoodyMe - Monday Jan 25, 2010
(Move More, Eat Less)
Weight: 0.0

One hell of a day friends..Lets just say it involved explosive diarrhea, vomit and blood...NOT MINE..but of the Great Pyranese (sp) that I am taking care of..He's at the vet now,with a raging UTI and something (they think a rag) impacted in his colon...I'm gonna stop right there, but trust me there is SO much more I could say...goodgrief

Had a chaotic day..no exercise. Between the vet and school..exercise just didn't happen.

Keeping this very short..The Bachelor is on and I'm gonna read up on you guys..May not be able to post cuz I am exhausted, but I will catch up tomorrow!

Wishing you all a wonderful evening~

bez15 on 01/25/2010:
Dear goodness.. you had a crazy day. That poor dog too!! I hope tomorrow is a lot less hectic for you. Good luck!

chidogs on 01/25/2010:
Aw, poor dog. I lost a dog to some sort of internal bleeding. Hope he is ok. That sort of thing will mess up you day for sure. Take a deep breath.

panda22 on 01/25/2010:
Sorry to hear about your stressful day! I hope the dog gets better and they are able to help him! My dog swallowed some "undergarments" last year and they got stuck in her intestine...NOT fun and VERY scary! Hope all goes ok and that tomorrow is better for you! Am praying for the doggy!!

nita51 on 01/25/2010:
You scared me! Sorry to hear about the puppy,,,,thats got to be pretty ruff on the little fella. I hope they can help him. hoping that 2mmrrw will be a better day for you. Hugs.

legcramps on 01/26/2010:
Oh my goodness! Goodgrief is right, huh? I hope doggy will be okay - that must be a little scary for you, especially since you are looking after the dog for someone else. Poor thing.

MoodyMe - Sunday Jan 24, 2010
(Move More, Eat Less)
Weight: 0.0

Hi guys~Been abscent for several days~my schedule was crazy this week, with classes starting as well as my internship, plus working full time..Wasn't the greatest week, but wasn't the worse. Managed to work out 3 or 4 times..ate horribly for a couple days, but the damage was kept to a minimal. I joined WW online Friday because I really need the structure when it comes to eating. I like WW because I can eat what I want, as long as I stay within my allowed points for the day. I went over the first day by 4 points, but yesterday I was under by 17 points..Crazy. Today I've used 10 points so far..just made some instant potatoes and added 2T of ranch. I know it's not the most nutritious but I really don't care. It's what I wanted. lol

I'm really tired...what's new there. I got off work yesterday morning at 7, went home to sleep, and couldn't. Just laid there in bed, with my thoughts going a million miles a minute...Like a gerbil on it's wheel..thoughts just turning and turning in my head..Gave up trying to sleep around 10:30, got up and made coffee...A guy that I have been dating off n on for the past couple years was in town and he came by for a few hours...after he left I ate a bowl of chicken noodle soup and a turkey sandwich..that was the first thing I had eaten all day (turned out to be the only thing i ate all day)....anyway, I tried getting some rest around 10:00 last night because I had to pick up my best friend at 2 in the morning and drive her 150 miles to Columbus, Ohio's airport...she was flying to Vegas at 7:00 this morning and I had told her I would take her. Still couldn't sleep last night tho~Finally drifted off around midnight~got up at 1:30 am...got her and made the drive to Columbus, dropped her off at the airport, then drove home..got home just before 7:30 this morning. Actually, I came to her house because I am house/dog sitting for her while she's in Vegas...So when I got back to her house, I had to let the dogs out to potty, then I finally laid down on the couch around eh, 8:00 or so? Stillll couldn't sleep..I have alot on my mind regarding some personal issues (guy stuff, need i say more?) and I am dealing with alot of emotions..Anyway, I finally drifted off around 9:30 and slept til nearly noon...got up, took the dogs out, then went to my house, which is only a mile down the road...packed up stuff to bring here (my son is at home and watching the place), then brought MY dogs here to stay with me, and play with her dogs..It's been a crazy 24 hours...

I have my Clinical Psych book sitting here on the couch that I need to start reading..the first chapter at least...I am so tired but will give it a shot..I have NOTHING to do the rest of the day, don't have to work tonight and don't have any early classes..so hopefully I can rest up well tonight and sleep in tomorrow. My only concern is one of her dogs, a Great Pyranese (sp) is puking, has diarrhea, and has blood in his urine. She knew about the blood in the urine before she left and had been giving him some antibiotics, but the puking and diarrhea is new...lovely. I called her to tell her what was going on with Kodi and she said she thinks the puking and diarrhea are from him eating rib bones yesterday (he did puke up an entire rib bone, along with cloth from a toy he apparently ate...TMI I'm sure, sorry)...So I thanked her (sarcastically) for feeding him rib bones the day before I was watching him~Sigh..Great Pyranese are big dogs...he looks like a mini polar bear..and so when he goes, he goes alot and I do NOT want to be cleaning THAT up in the house if you know what I mean...anywaaaaay~I'm rambling..sorry, just tired i guess...

Like I said, I'm dealing with alot of emotions right now~having to face certain realities that I don't really want to face because doing so requires that I make some painful decisions that I am not quite ready to make yet..So up goes a wall, I push everyone away, and go into hermit mode...For awhile anyway...Sigh...

Ok~gonna go catch up on you guys...I hope to be in better spirits tomorrow..I'm not "sad"~just exhausted and emotionally drained..

Wishing all of you a peaceful Sunday~Stay strong! =)

KathyBlue on 01/24/2010:
You have the synthoms of overworking, that's very bad. I know the feeling of insomnia because of being over-accelerated... Unfortunatelly. But I would never be able to work TIL 7 AM because I need my nights calm.. I rather work on weekends or wake up earlier than usual... Well, just try to get some sleep and everything will be better, you'll see. Thank you for your comment, it made me smile. :D I did some photos and will share a few tomorrow. :D Have to resize them... Bye bye :)

chidogs on 01/24/2010:
I feel for you. I've been in the emotional turmoil place before too. I actually lost weight as I was too stressed to even eat. But my hair fell out, so it wasn't a good thing. Try to get your balance when you can. Rest is so important. Don't hermit yourself, you may need to vent a bit, even if it is writing to someone. Take care.

missdetermined on 01/24/2010:
Try to get some time in your day to just sit and breathe, don't stress about whether or not you will fall asleep, because just sitting down to close your eyes and take some deep breaths helps!

I really like WW too, unfortunately, I am not able to afford it at the moment, but the points system is really handy and lets you eat what you want and be smart about it too. A tip for you: be sure to eat at least your allowance of points for the day, no matter what, I learned at a meeting that if you eat less, then you will tend to gain weight as a result, because your body is not getting all the nourishment it needs.

Feel better, breathe, and just take it a day at a time, that's all you can you! :-)

glycrina on 01/24/2010:
Kettle weights: Yes, I have a video call Kettletenetics and I have only done one video but I really like it! I hate working out but this is kinda fun and really easy once you get the hang of it.

bez15 on 01/24/2010:
I really hope you have a day off or at least a half day off soon! It sounds like you desperately need some 'me' time. Maybe get a massage :) That would relieve some stress of yours! You're a very good friend for driving your friend to the airport and taking care of the dogs.

I tried Weight Watchers online about a year ago. It really was a nice site. I wish you the best with it!

willbe100lbs on 01/25/2010:
Hello, sorry to hear your so busy, I hope you can get some rest soon. Thank you for your comment, I'm 5'5" xx

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