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MyJuneWedding - Tuesday Nov 20, 2007
(Eating Organic)
Weight: 204.0

Good Morning and Happy Tuesday!!!

Two days in a row here...that's a definate improvement for me!!!

Been off the eating program way to long, it's so easy to slip back into old, not so healthy eating habits, like the Sonic run we did last night because a chili cheese coney sounded so good. I was reading some other entries and saw words that rang so true... The food sounded good, but when it came to eating it, it just wasn't as great as it sounded. I still ate it though....

Holidays... I will be cooking up a small storm, with my family and guests I will have 11 people. Not a hugh group, but plenty for us. We're having turkey and ham along with everything else. There will be the family favorites (green bean cassarole, jello salad, 3 desserts) but I will also have some healthier fare, squash cassarole (3 winter squash blend) and brussell sprouts. I was also telling hubby we could easily get up when we wake up at 7:30 and go do a morning 10 mile ride to start each day. The family is all heading out by Sunday so we should have no excuse to not get a long ride in that day. (30 miles) Our next ride is in March http://harriscountychamber.org/CycleTour/index.php and then we have another one scheduled for April http://www.nfbc.us/Default.aspx?tabid=104 and the big one in August http://www.hh100.org/. The April ride will be our first one with my Dad and I suspect he is WAY ahead of us on the training calander at this point. My weight is up, his is down by 10-15 and he was NOT overweight to begin with.

Okay, going to get to work. Love to all.

Progress as of today: -4 lbs lost so far, only 29 lbs to go!

elketikvah on 11/22/2007:
I am sure that you will deal with the holidays just like I will. I have been encouraged to go to my daughter in laws house this year to their house and I will deal with that by eating some fruit or something else beforehand. There is nothing that can stop me but me!!!! and I dont think anything can stop you either!!!!!!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 11/22/2007:
congrats on two great days!

MyJuneWedding - Monday Nov 19, 2007
(Eating Organic)
Weight: 201.0

Good Morning!!!!

Well we did it!! One weekend ago (November 10) Hubby and I did our first bike ride, 69.4 miles in Claxton Georgia!! Total ride time was about 5 hours and 30 minutes, however we also had about 5 rest stops for approximately 10-15 minutes each that are not included in the time.

The ride was awesome and I found some great truths about bike riding...

Hills... where we live we don't have hills, let alone hills to train on, and where we rode there were rolling hills. Those nice hills that when you are in a car seem like nice easy bumps in the ground, but when you are manually powering yourself can seem like mountains!!! Going down is fun, but going back up can be challanging!! We had hills for about the first and last 15 or so miles of the ride.

Gears... gears go with hills and gears are your friends. We made LOTS of new friends on this ride.

Training... doing daily 10 miles rides is not the same as riding 69.4 miles in one day.

Did I mention the hills??? We definately need to train on more hills before the next ride!

Falling... I fell for the first time this ride, and falling while locked into your clipless pedals is a new twist!! The fall didn't hurt, however the embarassment factor was high!

It was an amazing experience and hubby and I are planning another, the earliest we have found one locally (Georgia/N Florida area) is in March. In the meantime, we are looking for hills to train on!

Progress as of today: -1 lbs lost so far, only 26 lbs to go!

mylifechanges on 11/19/2007:
WOW!! This sounds just awesome! Is there a website where I can look up more details on the event? How AWESOME! You should be so proud of yourself!!!

MyJuneWedding - Monday Nov 05, 2007
(Eating Organic)
Weight: 200.0

Good Morning!

Well it was a good weekend, though we didn't do any painting. We did get things done around the house and I spent some time working on my scrap booking which is always fun.

Had headaches Friday, Saturday and again last night. Hubby is worried about them, I', tellinghim they simply 'are' and not to worry. I realise I go through boughts of these almost yearly. Going to do some research but today will focus on water water water. I have been very dehydrated lately and wonder if there may be a link.

Court later this morning, other than that a slow day for me, though the remainer of this week is very full.

Hugs to all and thank you for all the comments!

(No I'm not preggy... =0) )

Progress as of today: 0 lbs lost so far, only 25 lbs to go!

biscottibody59 on 11/05/2007:
Hey there! There's alot here: http://www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/headache.html

Down toward the bottom is a link to an article, "Chronic Daily Headaches." Personally I've never had a migraine, but I can't tolerate anything with aspartame/nutrasweet or MSG (aka Accent). MSG headaches when I was much younger were the closest thing I can imagine a migraine being--nausea so bad I had to go to bed for a day--sort of like a hangover--but without the booze! And I have to make sure I drink my coffee every day. Lack of caffeine for even one morning will absolutely give me the sickest headache. So if you're erratic with your caffeine from whatever source, you may take a look at that as well.

A friend just had a episode of "ocular migraine," which sounded ghastly--so I had been checking out some of the info on that page. I also looked at the wikipedia page on migraines, and cluster headaches were also called suicide headaches--apparently the pain can be so intractable that people have been known to do themselves in.

I hope you figure it out and it ends up as a distant memory! Good Luck!

shadetree on 11/05/2007:
When I'm dehydrated I tend to get headaches. You say you go through these bouts yearly - possibly allergies of some sort? (When my sinuses get the least bit irritated I can get massive headaches.) Good luck on figuring out what's triggering them!

MyJuneWedding - Friday Nov 02, 2007
(Eating Organic)
Weight: 199.8

Good Morning and happy friday!!

Well I did have another one last night, possibly at the onset of my first REM cycle after I went to bed (I was reading and that appaarently is a common timing for them) Took the imitrex my dr gave me a couple samples of... about 20 minutes later I was feeling good. NICE!

My perscriptions she gave me yesturday where not called into my pharmacy as promised, this is her staff, not the dr. I have a call into them already this morning (it's 7:17) I'll follow up again around 9. They are only open half a day today and I definately want my drugs!

Aside from that, I did okay yesturday, McDonalds for breakfast (bad) and Taco Bell for lunch (Badder) but a good dinner, shrimp, lobster and scallops on the outside grill with fresh asparagus. We also took MA class last night. Weight is down some this morning. Today I'm working on my morning tea (Chia with FF French Vanilla Creamer, our usual) and I had a bowl of Oatmeal Raisen Crisp with organic milk.

Hope everyone has a good day and a fun weekend planned. I think hubby and I will be painting our son's room, we have family coming at Thanksgiving and want to get the house looking good.


Had lunch at Ruby Tuesday's today, broccoli cheese soup and a lump crab burger. Couldn't eat all of it, but it was yummy. Dinner tonight will be light.

I ended up going by the Dr's office and picking up the scripts for my meds and bringing them to the pharmacist myself. The pharmacist said ALOT of patients from y Dr's office have called today and thier scripts were not called in. I'll pick up my drugs later.

Been reading more and more about cleanses and detoxifications. Hubby thinks strongly that the detox may be a contributing factor for my problems. I'm staying off everything except for probiotics, fiber, and vitamins for a month and see how it works. I may incoorporate some l-glutamine in also for muscle repair and calcium tablets because they are important to women's health.

My knee is better so tomorrow we ride our bikes. Our first race/ride is the 10... I so plan to do the 62 miles!

Progress as of today: 0.2 lbs lost so far, only 24.8 lbs to go!

fritters on 11/02/2007:
Happy Friday to you! I am glad the drugs helped you. Hopefully you can get to the end of this soon.

crategrl on 11/02/2007:
I have had migraines for years and so does my sister. We generally will get them before we begin our TOM. Both me and my sister have taken Imatrex and it works great. Have fun painting!

crategrl on 11/02/2007:
Before Imatrex I had a migraine that I lasted over 2 weeks. When I finally took my butt to the doctor they gave me the nasal spray form and had me sit there for 15 minutes to make sure there were no side effects. it was like a blanket was being lifted off my brain. I could feel the relief instantly.

Horn_Of_Plenty on 11/02/2007:
delicious dinner!!!

MyJuneWedding - Thursday Nov 01, 2007
(Eating Organic)
Weight: 201.0

Been a while, I've been having terrible sinus headaches in the evening for the last 3 weeks, and finally went to the dr about it today... what a surprise THAT was!

Turns out it's not sinus headaches, I'm having 'cluster migranes'. I was floored. I told her (my dr) I don't HAVE migranes, she kind of laughed and said yes, you do...

See I have these headaches almost every night around 12/1 pm. Cluster headaches, also know as alarm headaches, may have contributing factors associated with allergies, but they are more than that. She called some allergy meds in and gave me some imitrex to try for the pain.

She also has me keeping a food and activity diary for the next 2 weeks to see if they are food related. Has anyone else here been through this? I really am floored.

Still I believe her and have done some reading and more and more I am seeing here it makes sense. Hopefully we can pinpoint and easily eliminate my triggers.

Aside from that my blood work can back great. My blood pressure is always 'perfect' and my other stats were great too, total cholestoral 155, triglicerits 137 hdl 68, ldl 60. She was pleased. She did mention I have cardiac crp and has me on low dose asperin daily (8mg) From what I've read that's a protein produced in the liver during acute episodes of inflamation or infection. It is also looked at as a marker for future cardiac issues, though it does not stand alone as an indicator. THERE'S inspiration to loose weight!

So I'm thinking and reading about this and triggers for these migranes and one of the things that comes to mind is approximately 3 weeks ago I started on the detoxification suppliments to the detox cleanse I'm doing! Yeah I'll be stopping those effective now. One of the websites I looked at mentioned herbal suppliments could contribute. I'll bring the stuff in with me when I follow up 2 weeks from now and see if she recommends me going back on it then.

Until then, it's back to clean eating and writing it all down. I have also looked at a website that promotes eating order... http://www.puristat.com/foodcombiningchart and I plan to try that over the next couple of weeks.

Again, if any of you have experience dealing with cluster migranes, I would love to hear back from you about how you deal with them.

As always stay safe!

Progress as of today: -1 lbs lost so far, only 26 lbs to go!

shadetree on 11/01/2007:
I don't have cluster migraines, but I did have serious side effects when I started taking echinacea (however you spell that...) I guess maybe that could have been cluster migraines, never went to the doctor, realized that on the days I was forgetting to take it wasn't as bad.

I find I am so much more conscious of what I eat when I write it down - I carry a little notebook with me and write down everything. that sounds like a good plan for you.

Good luck finding your triggers!

fritters on 11/01/2007:
I have never had cluster headheachs, but a good place to research some of these medical issues is the mayo clinic website. They have a lot of good info that you can trust. I hope you feel better soon.

MyJuneWedding - Thursday Oct 25, 2007
(Eating Organic/ Cleanse)
Weight: 197.8

Day 8

Been a couple days but all is going well. We were quite sore over the last 2 days after MA class on Monday. We will be back in our class Saturday morning though!

Getting ready for our first bike ride/race on November 10. We had originally registered for the 100 miler, now we relise we are not ready for it so will do either the 32 or 65. I made reservations yesturday up in Statesboro Georgia for that friday and saturday night. We had intended on only staying one night, but it's a collage football game weekend and the hotel has a 2 night minimum.

I took out my Buddism tapes and started listening to the first lesson in my patrol car this morning on the way into work. Several years ago I started reading about Buddism and it was like the light coming on in the darkness. I have been raised a S Baptist most of my life, but to often I found myself questioning thoughts and beliefs, I found ideals conflicting with my personal sense of right-ness. Buddism and it's basic practices was like finding yourself at home in a place you have never been before. Over the last few years though I have alllowed life and lifes stresses to pull me away from this place, now I find myself looking for the path back and the road I had only started traveling on.

Work has been good, I have an after hours meeting later today, aside from that my day will be spent getting things ready for upcoming programs and projects.

Food has been pretty good. We ate out last night after looking at the new 2008 Accord, but the dinner we had we both found disapointing. I had blackened oysters, hubby blackened scallops. The food, for the money was lacking in taste... such is life sometimes. We got home and watched Pushing Daiseys and Private Practice, no work out so weight is not surprisingly up a tad this morning. No worries, tonight we will ride before Grey's comes on.

I have had to shop lately for clothes which I did not enjoy. I love shopping but I hated getting clothes in a larger size so I was comfortable. I didn't buy much, a pair of jeans, a couple blouses and some new BDU's for work. Size 14 in the jeans, 12's just fit to tight... I have Christmas Parties coming up and damn it, I will get this darn wieght off!

Okay, breathe... time to go get some water then head off to my morning zone.

Hugs to all!

Progress as of today: 2.2 lbs lost so far, only 22.8 lbs to go!

shadetree on 10/25/2007:
In college, the most interesting class that I took was Comparative Religions. While most of my fellow classmates spent their time spouting out what was 'wrong' with all the other religions, I found myself embracing a lot of what I learned. There was a lot about Buddhism that I found enlightening.

When I was forced to buy larger clothes, I went to Goodwill - I had a hard time spending good money on 'temporary' clothes. (Of course you wouldn't be able to get BDU's there, but...) I guess that's what me come to DD - I had started to 'outgrow' my 'temporary' clothes...But since coming here I find those clothes getting looser and may even be able to get into my old clothes soon...

Hope you have a good ride tonight!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 10/25/2007:
sorry about no exercise and that the food had little taste!!! Better luck next time!!! :)

MyJuneWedding - Tuesday Oct 23, 2007
(Eating Organic/ Cleanse)
Weight: 197.8

Day 6

Progress... weight is ticking down and we finally made it to MA class last for for the first time in ??? We are DEFINATELY out of practice, but every great journey starts with one step...

Food yesturday was good. Lunch was a Kashi frozen meal, sweet & sour chicken. I added ground flax and pumkin seeds to give it some crunch. Ended my day with baked chicken and apples, brown rice and chickpeas for dinner. We had dinner at 6 pm which worked out GREAT, plenty of time afterwards to relax before our 8 pm class and the kids couldn't drive me nuts with "I'm hungry- what's for dinner?"

This morning I had my fiber and OJ and Oatmeal Crisp cereal. I'm working on my morning tea before heading out to my morning traffic zone.

My sinus' have been acting up the last few days... last night they kicked in and I was awake suffering past 12:00 before the meds finally kicked in... UGH!

Progress as of today: 2.2 lbs lost so far, only 22.8 lbs to go!

fritters on 10/23/2007:
I hope you have another good day!! Happy Tuesday

Donkey on 10/24/2007:
Consistency is key!

MyJuneWedding - Monday Oct 22, 2007
(Eating Organic/ Cleanse)
Weight: 198.8

Day 5

Good weekend over all and my weight is dropping a bit. This weekend we ate fairly well and last night we rode our 10 mile short loop on our bikes.

This morning I was up and moving fairly quickly. I started the second phase of my detox/cleanse, which incoorporate suppliments that do the actual detox part of it. Since I started them (on saturday) I have had a significant increase in my sex drive... weird huh? Hubby's not complaining, I'm wondering if it's coincendental, but it is a definate noticable shift!! Anyone ever heard of such a thing??

This morning I'm doing okay, my morning tea, I've had my paranil (parasit killer suppliment) and my fiber (aka colon blast per my husband) mixed with my orange juice and I have a jug of water and thing of yogurt I'm about to have for breakfast.

Today is fairly low key work wise, though the rest of the week is a full one.

Thank you for all the comments. My daughters attitude has been wonderful since our blow up... Now we're dealing with my step son. He's 10 and is becoming a habitual liar with no sense of repect and honor in disclosing the truth, even worse, when he does something wrong he will pin it on his sisters when we know it was him. I tried talking with him at length this weekend as did his Dad. As usual, when he realises he has himself pinned in a corner, he says he's mad about loosing his Mom. We have decided he needs professional help. While I am in no way down playing the loss of their Mom, I know he uses that 'card' when he gets in trouble to work the sympathy angle. Hubby realises this too.

Okay ladies, have an awesome one!! It's Monday!!

Progress as of today: 1.2 lbs lost so far, only 23.8 lbs to go!

fritters on 10/22/2007:

MyJuneWedding - Friday Oct 19, 2007
(Eating Organic/ Cleanse)
Weight: 199.6

Day 2

Weight is down a bit, I was surprised! finished my day off with a pear for a snack then for dinner we had comfort food after getting into a big arguement with my oldest daughter. Dinner was fried cube steak with peas and garlic noodles. FRIED steak, haven't done that in ages, though I kept the portion down.

Kids... lol we have 4 and each of them has there 'thing'. For my oldest it's her grades and I don't mean in a good way. we looked at her grades online, 2 weeks into the new grading period she not only has an F in biology, it's a 20. I was PISSED. Not turning in/doing her home work- AGAIN. She's an awesome kid, just enjoys talking with her friends and horsing around to much. I got really mad, drug her out to the car and drove her to the low income area of town- run down houses on the verge of being condemned. A harse picture, but I told her I want her and I know she wants, to have better than that,. What kind of life can you provide for yourself when you make bad grades and have a habit of not completing things, not pushing yourself to do the best you can do?

It's a two edged lesson, as I can apply that same principal to me and weight loss. There may be set backs, but you have to keep pushing, working, finding new ways to make it work.

My morning has started off busy and I have just made it in to clock in and check on the office stuff- worked traffic for an accident on the way here then school traffic was heavy due to rain. No breakfast yet, I need to go find something healthy, even if it's just a Slimfast shake. That and I need some water.....

Hugs to all, happy friday

Progress as of today: 0.4 lbs lost so far, only 24.6 lbs to go!

jon'smom on 10/19/2007:
Have a great day!

fritters on 10/19/2007:
You found a good refrence to use with your daughter - way to go!!

harleygirl79 on 10/21/2007:
Interesting idea. I might try that with my son. Most of the time he is good about school, but he is starting to slack. Have a great day!

MyJuneWedding - Thursday Oct 18, 2007
(Eating Organic/ Cleanse)
Weight: 200.8

Weight is up/ hovering around the same. I'm giving myself the short term challange, I have a bike race in 3 weeks and family coming for Thanksgiving in 5 weeks and I really want to be at 190 when my family gets here for Turkey Day. So since I am so capable of doing something for everyone else day-to-day, for the next five weeks I will take the time to log here what I am doing (and not doing) to meet my short term goals.

Today (Day 1)

Got up at the usual 6 am after hitting snooze 3 times starting at 5:30. Got ready and was heading out the driveway by 6:40 with a cup of morning tea and biscotti. Stopped off at Flash Foods on the way into the office to pick up the local paper from yesturday (I was in 2 articles!) a SlimFast Shake for breakfast and a bottle (20 oz) of Smartwater to drink.

It is now almost noon and I have about finished the bottle of water. Also had 3 mini candy bars after going to a Safety Committee Meeting and having them handed to me with some safety lituature. No calories or nutritional infomation on them.... grrrr 1 fun sized Nestle Crunch 1 fun sized Snickers 1 fun sized 3 Musketeers

Heading to the house now for my lunch break, I'm not hungry but I also know I need to eat about every 2-3 hours to get my metabolism up and running well.

I am also going into month 2 of a detox cleanse, the detox phase is starting today. Nothing great to report so far, no evil toilet critters that I have noticed, though I do seem a bit more regular than before I started. I'm in the midst of TOM too, so we'll see how the days progress.


Lunch and minor redemption for the candy bars earlier today, I went home and changed clothes and took the dog out for a brisk walk beore eating, total walk time was MAYBE 20 minutes, but something and every something counts.

Lunch today-6 oz tuna (packed in water, drained before eating of course) 1 table FF mayo 2 tea pickle relish 2 green onions sprouts mixed in 8 oz milk

picked up 1 liter of water on the way back to the office

Hubby texted me during lunch, didn't tell him about me coming home and walking at lunch time, will work on making that a something I do regularly then let him know. He is wonderful, supportive, and we are both in the I need to loose weight boat.

Progress as of today: -0.8 lbs lost so far, only 25.8 lbs to go!

fritters on 10/18/2007:
You had a good day! I am reading that a lot of the ladies that write at d.d. set short term goals - I have been thinking that is what I will do for Nov. I have always been all or nothing and it isn't working!

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