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Nailpaintjunkie - Monday Apr 04, 2016
(low carb/ calories)
Weight: 0.0

What a crazy day its been so far. First my blowdrier blew up as i was drying my hair. So I used the fan to dry most of it haha..THEN I  get to my moms so we can all go to the gym and she makes me a protene shake .. I take a BIG gulp cuz that was gonna be my breakfast and....SOUR MILK!!! I about puked lol... soooo gross. I get to the gym  start out on the tredmill.. Im not sure why but my energy just wasnt up today. I felt completely drained... so I pushed through and now home. I guess im just having a off day. Hope tomorrows better.. :/

marshallsaya on 04/04/2016:
I hate those off days. Hope you have a better day tomorrow! :) ~Angie

Horn_Of_Plenty on 04/05/2016:
When you really are VERY TIRED, REST can be the BEST thing for your body. I'll be resting up a LOT now that the wedding is over. It's actually going to be a VERY busy two weeks now, but at least i'm not going to gym. LOL. My body is too overworked and sore from the wedding. If I did go to the gym, all I would get is injured.. I know this from past experience and just knowing how exhausted I get.

listen to your body. so sorry the milk was sour, that is GROSS!

We all have off days, realize that it's ok. Life cannot always be happy - or easy - you are just experiencing life and it's wacky moments. take care girlfriend, you are doing well!

Nailpaintjunkie - Sunday Apr 03, 2016
(low carb/ calories)
Weight: 0.0

Finally!!! I got this to work.

Anyway...HIIIIII im Jen..32...just tryin to lose some weight. Ive always been  on the chubbier side. Its hard to stay confident when you dont feel so good about yourself. I was in this circle..feelin sad about myself so id eat then id get bigger and then feel worse about myself and then eat more..Food was my comfort.. but that needs to change. I need to change. Time to deal with myself and stop turning to food. SO one day i woke up said enough is enough threw out all the crap in my fridge/cubbards.. weighed myself did my measurements and said no more. what is helping me is i got some beads in a container that represennt my weight and a jar that represents what ive lost. at first it wasnt really anything to me but now  if i have to add a bead back into the weight jar it makes me work harder... and i keep that on top of my fridge so if i get the need to snack i see that right when i walk into the kitchen and it kinda reminds me nooo jen...walk away lol. Those 10 beads are staying lol..enough is enough...

I hope everyone is having a good day and stay strong my new friends :)


puddles on 04/03/2016:
Sounds like a good system to stay away from the fridge. We all have our way of motivating ourselves and if you can find that you have accomplished a major step at getting healthier. Good Luck Jen

nailpaintjunkie on 04/04/2016:
so far its a good system for me at least... i hope it stays that way lol

hollybelle on 04/03/2016:
I love the bead thing-great idea.

nailpaintjunkie on 04/04/2016:
THANK YOU! Gotta luv Pinterest lol

innerpeace on 04/03/2016:
Good idea with the beads. I use paperclips and make a chain, every fifth pound I use a colored paperclip. Good luck.

nailpaintjunkie on 04/04/2016:
Thats a great idea too!! I found out marbles might not be the best thing to drop in a glass jar : cracked it lol

OhioRaven on 04/04/2016:
Be Good to Yourself. Have a Healthy Day

nailpaintjunkie on 04/04/2016:
Thank you! have a great day today!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 04/04/2016:
Someone else on here uses marbles to track & show pounds lost also!

Welcome! So happy to have you in this group with us. I'm 33. I relate to exactly what you wrote because I used to do the SAME EXACT thing. I'd gain weight, get upset, eat more to feel better about gaining & therefore gain more. I lived that same cycle for YEARS. Horrible. It actually took me overall, for I believe this will be the LAST TIME in gain / loss because I HATE the process of having to once again diet & lose - i'd rather now work at maintaining within a very small range because like you mention the cycle of going up is horrible and going down is such a difficult stressor and challenge. Anyways, what i'm saying is, it took be 9 years to change back.

I have had to deal with the weight gain cycle twice in my life. and also twice in my life therefore, I've had the challenge of losing the weight after. It always took my LONGER to LOSE than gain. I gain easily. I can eat. Emotionally eat. But now, if I do, I can at least make better food choices.

And 33, I am much more knowledgable about what my body requires to function well and what foods satisfy me, etc. So, I learned a lot thru these past i'd say 15 years. Ever since I was 17, weight started to be something I was aware of about myself. I was tiny really to start at 17 as weight never became a problem. But ever since turning 17, I have learned a lot thru a lot of trial & error. So glad i'm now 33 & know what I need to in order to be leaner for life if that's the decision I decide to keep going on with!

Any questions, please reach out to me.

Although I was talking about myself a lot, which I tend to do when I leave comments, I do it to show I can relate and show how I have experienced similar things to you & hope it helps you.

nailpaintjunkie on 04/04/2016:
HI Horn.. Its extremely comforting to have people comment or encourage or just talk about weight with. I am loving this group more and more.

Nailpaintjunkie - Saturday Apr 02, 2016

Weight: 0.0

nailpaintjunkie on 04/02/2016:
Well crap! My first attempt at my very first entry didn't even show any words lol... lets try this again...

nailpaintjunkie on 04/02/2016:
Nope. For some reason the page keeps freezing everytime i try to type guess I will try again later :|

innerpeace on 04/02/2016:
I had trouble to had to log on using Firefox

nailpaintjunkie on 04/03/2016:
that might be,, im using Google chrome at the moment .. Thanks for the idea ill try that

OhioRaven on 04/03/2016:
Welcome to the Double D.

nailpaintjunkie on 04/03/2016:
Thanks! :)

hollybelle on 04/03/2016:
Welcome to DD, Nail - to post you click on the Plus Sign at the top and see what happens. You have to hit the post at the bottom and not just enter. Good luck - hope to hear from you often.

nailpaintjunkie on 04/03/2016:
THanks Hollybelle! ive been looking for a place just like this so I cant"t wait to get started

puddles on 04/03/2016:
Good luck and welcome

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