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OhioRaven - Wednesday Dec 30, 2015
(Clean eating. Calories under 2000)
Weight: 184.0

GoodMorning. 2257 in / 2739 out. 6.3 miles. 3L h20. A busy day at work yesterday. Had me out of my chair and walking. More calories than I wanted thought. Have a Healthy Day.

Horn_Of_Plenty on 12/30/2015:
Why was the day so busy!? lots of orders or vendors or something?

Sometimes, being busy takes my mind off food. And sometimes when i'm too busy, i'll indulge later due to being overwhelmed when I do get a chance to settle down. Is that what happened to you? Sometimes I just need to have a little, then breathe...like maybe have a ton of seltzer before reaching for any more food. haha. lately, i'll actually drink a whole liter of seltzer if I've eaten enough (past full actually) but still want more food.

grannyannie on 12/30/2015:
Being busy makes me think less about food. Have a great day, OR.

OhioRaven - Tuesday Dec 29, 2015
(Clean eating. Calories under 2000)
Weight: 184.0

GoodMorning. 2035 in / 2482 out. 3L h2o. 4.3 miles. Have a Healthy Day.

Horn_Of_Plenty on 12/29/2015:
Morning OR! nice calories.

for me, at my weight, it seems i'm able to "lose slightly" as long as I can eat around 1800 average for the week. If I eat, and i'm very short and smaller as a female, anyways if I eat around 2000 for the week, it seems I can maintain or slightly go up but not so much you can see on a regular scale. But it usually means I need to watch my eating the next week...So i'm sure 2035 is excellent for you! :-)

I replied below too! having fun!

grannyannie on 12/29/2015:
Have a great day OR!

OhioRaven - Monday Dec 28, 2015
(Clean eating. Calories under 2000)
Weight: 184.0

GoodMorning. 2103 in / 2193 out. 1/2L h2o. 1.8 mile. Up another pound, which I think is Fantastic. I'm SO glad I didn't baloon past 200. I've just got to survive 2 more holidays. NewYearEve and TheSuperBowl. I bought some canned pumpkin but haven't opened it yet. I'm always open to new things. Have a Healthy Day.

grannyannie on 12/28/2015:
Good job on only gaining a pound! I bet you won't see 200 again.

OhioRaven on 12/28/2015:
Thanks, Annie.

Horn_Of_Plenty on 12/29/2015:
Your weight overall is so nice :) So proud of you! seriously, you are one of those folks on here that's probably come the farthest & maintained a healthier lifestyle because you are motivated to ALWAYS.

Superbowl i'd say is a tough one - only good thing is you can bring your own healthy snacks to have / share! If I were to go to a superbowl, which I may, i'd bring cut up veggies or veggie kabobs / fruit too. I have friends that actually do love it when I bring the veggies now! They scarf them down since nothing else is usually healthy! haha

Superbowl is nice because it doesn't end too late. If my friends have a party close enough, I may go even if I have work the next day...we'll see...nice change of pace lol.

are you doing anything for new years? sounds it! I am actually planning on sleeping early that eve / night!

OhioRaven - Sunday Dec 27, 2015
(Clean eating. Calories under 2000)
Weight: 183.0

GoodMorning. 2135 in / 2319 out. 1/2L h2o. 2.9 miles. Well, I guess this is as back to normal as I can get. I had too much popcorn while wathing the movie Love, the Coopers. Hoping for another low cal Sunday. Weigh-in Monday. Hope everyone is Good. Have a Healthy Day.

biscottibody59 on 12/27/2015:
Have a good week!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 12/27/2015:
How was the movie? Do you recommend it? I am doing well - wishing I had a little time off extra more than a day! LOL. I'm such a baby!

Oh, I also saw a movie today! need to see more :) It was so funny - Sisters!

grannyannie on 12/27/2015:
Have a great week OR!

OhioRaven - Saturday Dec 26, 2015
(Clean eating. Calories under 2000)
Weight: 183.0

OhioRaven on 12/26/2015:
GoodMorning. xxxx in / 2264 out. 1/2 L h2o. 2.7 miles. I ate bad things last night. I'm going to get back on my usual routine til NewYearsEve, then I'll probably x-out my intake for the day. Have a Healthy Day.

grannyannie on 12/26/2015:
Have a great day after xmas.

puddles on 12/26/2015:
We all ate bad things yesterday.... lol Thank God today is another day.

OhioRaven - Friday Dec 25, 2015
(Clean eating. Calories under 2000)
Weight: 183.0

GoodMorning and MerryChristmas. xxxx in / 2526 out. 3L h2o. 4.9 miles. One dinner down, one to go. I did okay last night. The worst I had was a handful of potato chips and some lunch meats, no bread. Have a Healthy, Merry Christmas.

grannyannie on 12/25/2015:
Merry Christmas!

OhioRaven - Thursday Dec 24, 2015
(Clean eating. Calories under 2000)
Weight: 183.0

GoodMorning. 2117 in / 2466 out. 3L h2o. 2.3 miles. Merry Christmas !

grannyannie on 12/24/2015:
Merry Christmas!

biscottibody59 on 12/24/2015:
Merry Christmas!

OhioRaven - Wednesday Dec 23, 2015
(Clean eating. Calories under 2000)
Weight: 183.0

GoodMorning. 2017 in / 2630 out. 3L h20. 5.7 miles. I thought I was going to take it easy yesterday but it didn't happen. Work was a little hectic. Lots of Vendors and sales reps coming in with cookies donuts and dinners. I Have so far stayed away from most of it but I'm only human like you. This is how NORMAL people live, Right ? ? ? Have a Healthy Day.

puddles on 12/23/2015:
Good Morning Raven - We try to be normal and live like normal people - all the efforts count in the end Raven. Have a great day.

grannyannie on 12/23/2015:
Yep, it's normal. So far I've resisted all the donut shops here, but how long can that last?!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 12/23/2015:
Yeah, it's ok to live a little and be normal. Might as well take a taste or two while they are around so you don't feel deprived if that was the feeling. Sometimes, I have extra just to stop the deprivation-feeling-cycle. That's the reason why I went all out on chips last night....that and being fully exhausted....and also making an excuse that they have potassium (which they do) and I knew the potassium is good for me (not a good source though of it - potato chips lol...but they hit the spot....) anyways, had the chips, calmed my stomach, and eventually I finally felt satisfied.

higher cals yesterday, but I can't do low cal everyday.

OhioRaven - Tuesday Dec 22, 2015
(Clean eating. Calories under 2000)
Weight: 183.0

GoodMorning. 2239 in / 2345 out. 3+L h2o. 3.1 miles. I'm taking it easy on ribs. I'm better today. Phew ! Thursday and Friday I will not count calories. I'll pick it back up on Saturday. I WILL make good choices. I've learned a lot from you guys. Have a Healthy Day

grannyannie on 12/22/2015:
Glad your ribs feel better. Calories don't count on xmas!

OhioRaven - Monday Dec 21, 2015
(Clean eating. Calories under 2000)
Weight: 183.0

GoodMorning. Up another pound. 1953 in / 2174 out. 1/2 L h2o. 1.5 miles. I ate a lot late last night. I should have know better. Ribs are killing me. Have a Healthy Day.

grannyannie on 12/21/2015:
Oops. Same here!

puddles on 12/21/2015:
Good morning Raven. Take care of yourself so that you are ready for your trip. Wishing you a better day ahead.

OhioRaven on 12/21/2015:
Thanks, Puddy. Believe me. I AM taking it easy for a while.

Horn_Of_Plenty on 12/22/2015:
Just read even your comment to puddles, above. I'm sorry your ribs hurt.

In my opinion, continue to take it easy. You sound a bit angry with yourself overall. Everyday cannot be weightloss. Sometimes when I give my own body extra, it's easier to be moderate the next week or next day. Deprivation always is NO GOOD :)

I hope you feel better. If you are up a pound from the day before, it can be also partially sodium / water / food weight.

Feel better soon OR!

OhioRaven on 12/22/2015:
Thanks, HP.

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