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OhioRaven - Sunday Oct 11, 2015
(Clean eating. Calories under 2000)
Weight: 181.0

GoodMorning. 1255 in / 2057 out . 2 bottles of water, 3.7 miles. Church picnic tonight. Weigh-in tomorrow. Have a Healthy Day.

grannyannie on 10/11/2015:
Well done, OR! Have a lovely Sunday.

hollybelle on 10/11/2015:
church picnic! That sounds as dangerous to waistline as family bonfire (which I went to yesterday!). Well gotta live once in awhile. Hope you had a good time!

OhioRaven - Saturday Oct 10, 2015
(Clean eating. Calories under 2000)
Weight: 181.0

GoodMorning. 2124 calories in / 2244 out. 102 h2o, 5.6 miles. I can seem to stay under 2000 calories. It's a small challenge for me. Kitten Update: Some others opened the box and said its alive. neither me or any of my co-workers have seen the mother. All milk and cat food left there remains untouched. Have a Healthy Weekend.

Horn_Of_Plenty on 10/10/2015:
Aww, I guess the cat is sick?

Sometimes a week of higher calories (but still within reason, not overdoing, can be a good change. Maybe for a week, let yourself have the higher calories and enjoy what you are eating. Give yourself a little break for a week. Then maybe it will be easier to go back to under 2,000. You are pretty active, so I don't see how it could be a problem to eat over 2,000 for a week or 5 days or something...keep up the good work.

Drinking water should also help with weight loss. When I was home at my parent's house, I actually found it easier to drink more, not sure why lol.

grannyannie on 10/10/2015:
2,000 is okay for a man I think. Nice workout.

OhioRaven - Friday Oct 09, 2015
(Clean eating. Calories under 2000)
Weight: 181.0

GoodMorning. 2025 in/l / 2347 out. 102 h2o. 6.5 miles. My knee is okay. I'm gonna Keep it that way and stay off the stairs. Besides I'm getting a lot of walking in at work. There is a kitten in one of the many boxes in our warehouse crying incessantly for its mother. Hope she comes back soon. Have a Healthy Day.

Horn_Of_Plenty on 10/09/2015:
awww, I hope you give the kitten some food? don't let the poor baby starve?? ...

You are doing great OR. I am glad you are taking good care of your knee. and it's great you are continuing to get physical activity in despite everything. Keep taking care of yourself.

grannyannie on 10/09/2015:
Glad your knee is okay. Good job on the exercise.

thinkpositive on 10/09/2015:
Resting your knee is a good idea!

OhioRaven - Thursday Oct 08, 2015
(Clean eating. Calories under 2000)
Weight: 181.0

GoodAfternoon. Sorry for the late post. 2129 In / 2277 Out. 102 h2o, 5.8 miles. Stayed off the stairclimber yesterday. Probably stay off today too. My knee doesn't hurt, but... I know Something is going on down there. Smuggling PopCorn later tonight. Have a Healthy Day.

Horn_Of_Plenty on 10/08/2015:
you are smart to take extra good care of yourself...you'll be much better off in the end!

OhioRaven - Wednesday Oct 07, 2015
(Clean eating. Calories under 2000)
Weight: 181.0

GoodMorning. 2129 in/ 2643 out. 102 h2o. 8.1 miles, 800 foot climb. After stair climbing Yesterday my left knee hurt. I can still feel a little something going on in my knee so I'll be careful with it today. Have a Healthy Day.

Umpqua on 10/07/2015:
Take it easy on your knees, that's one of the spots where my RA acts up. Have a good one!

puddles on 10/07/2015:
Good morning Raven. Take care of your knees I know about injuring knees and it is always a long time to heal them. Have a great day.

grannyannie on 10/08/2015:
Be careful of that knee. Have you tried any knee strengthening exercises? Might help.

ohioraven on 10/08/2015:
I don't know any...yet.

Horn_Of_Plenty on 10/08/2015:
Please be careful with your knee...if anything and if it doesn't get better, I hope you run to the doctor! however, I do hope that if you rest if and care for it a bit, it will feel better. maybe you were doing a lot more stairclimbing than usual? Maybe ice your knee at the end of each day when you go home for like 10 min. Have a healthy day to you too!

OhioRaven - Tuesday Oct 06, 2015
(Clean eating. Calories under 2000)
Weight: 181.0

GoodMorning. 2129 in, 2213 out. 102 water, 5.5 miles, 800 foot climb. High in calories yesterday. I bought the wrong popcorn. Now I have to eat my mistakes. I'm cutting grass tonight. Have a Healthy Day.

grannyannie on 10/06/2015:
Good job on the workouts!

puddles on 10/06/2015:
Good morning Raven. Enjoy cutting your grass tonight and work that stair climber. Have a great day.

Umpqua on 10/06/2015:
We have a cheapo air popper that has lasted over a decade and I get the kernels in bulk so we always have popcorn in the house. Nice exercise!

biscottibody59 on 10/06/2015:
Can you share your model/type of stairclimber?

OhioRaven - Monday Oct 05, 2015
(Clean eating. Calories under 2000)
Weight: 181.0

GoodMorning. 1185 in, 1805 out. 2 bottles of water, 1.8 miles, no exercise, cleaned gutters. Good weigh-in. Hope to get a lot of stair climber in today. Have a Healthy Day Everyone.

puddles on 10/05/2015:
Congrats Raven - Definitely a good weigh-in. Keep up the good work you are doing well and good luck on your stair climber. Have a great week.

Umpqua on 10/05/2015:
Yay, congrats on the loss and the success of your top secret stair climber mission!

grannyannie on 10/05/2015:
Well done OR!

horn_of_plenty on 10/05/2015:
Nice job on the water - you must have thrown it into a cooler like you said u might on the weekend..

thinkpositive on 10/05/2015:
Great getting your stairclimber on your worksite.

OhioRaven - Sunday Oct 04, 2015
(Clean eating. Calories under 2000)
Weight: 183.0

GoodMorning. 1749 cals in, 1862 cals out. 2.2 miles on my feet. The stair climber is in place at work and I wasn't arrested. I had just enough time for a short climb. I think it was 3000 feet or as tall as Big Ben. The display got wet when it was in the truck overnight and it rained. Hoping it dries out OK. Weigh-in tomorrow. Should be a Low day today. Low food, Low water and Low to no exercise. Hope everyone has a Healthy Day.

grannyannie on 10/04/2015:
Well done on not getting arrested! :D

hollybelle on 10/04/2015:
Ah, success for the climb! Wonderful!

puddles on 10/04/2015:
Glad we did not have to go bail you out of jail Raven. Good luck tomorrow morning.

ohioraven on 10/05/2015:
Thanks Puddy :v)

OhioRaven - Saturday Oct 03, 2015
(Clean eating. Calories under 2000)
Weight: 183.0

GoodMorning. 1600 cals in, 1869 out. 2 bottles of water, 2.4 miles, no exercise. I've just got the stair climber machine in my trailer. I brought it in 3 pieces, first thing in the morning under the cover of darkness. Not really. There is a big bright light over the door where I brought it in. Cameras were probably on me. Now I'm just waiting for the guards to come and get me. Oh well. Without risk there really isn't any adventure. Have a Healthy Day.

hollybelle on 10/03/2015:
OR - I have had a pretty stressful week and kind of lost my smile some this week but your posts have made me smile. I like your stealth popcorn story and the stair climber machine tucked away in your work trailer is great! You are a man with a plan and it's paying off! Good for you, OR - well played!

grannyannie on 10/03/2015:
Have a great weekend! Like your sneaky plans.

OhioRaven - Friday Oct 02, 2015
(Clean eating. Calories under 2000)
Weight: 183.0

GoodMorning. 1991 intake, 2348 burn, 6.3 miles walking for the day. I think this is the first Thursday I've stayed under calorie. Off work today. My water will probably be low. I'm dragging my stair climber machine out of the basement today and putting it in the truck. Have a Healthy Day.

Umpqua on 10/02/2015:
So sneaking healthy food worked - it's a shame you have to do that though. Just loading and unloading the stair climber should be a good workout for you :D

ohioraven on 10/02/2015:
Yup !

thinkpositive on 10/02/2015:
Good luck with the stair climber. Hope you have some help to move it! Those things look very heavy!

grannyannie on 10/02/2015:
Have a good day!

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