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OhioRaven - Sunday Sep 11, 2016
(Clean eating. Calories under 2000)
Weight: 189.0

 Good morning. I'm a little worried about my weigh-in tomorrow. My water intake has been low lately. And my food intake has been pretty high. Have a Healthy Day.

im71 on 09/11/2016:
Good Morning Raven! Even if you think you're not going to have a good weigh-in, go weigh in anyway. If you don't, it just seems easier to not get back on track. Drink your water today and make good food choices and you may be surprised with your results tomorrow. I wish you good luck. Have a great day!

puddles on 09/11/2016:
Good Afternoon Raven - The important thing is that you are aware of your behavior and that you are trying to do something about it. We are all off here and there along the way. Get on the scale and then do what you have to do. Have a great day.

hollybelle on 09/11/2016:
You did the 5K yesterday so it all may even out! I hope you will not worry about the weigh in - no matter what the number is. We gotta spend our time working on something, right? I like im71's advice above. Hang in there!

OhioRaven - Saturday Sep 10, 2016
(Clean eating. Calories under 2000)
Weight: 189.0

 2nd Place. 34 minutes.  A girl beat me by 3 minutes.

hollybelle on 09/10/2016:
Yay! That's great - you did it!

OhioRaven on 09/10/2016:
Thanks, Holly.

hollybelle on 09/10/2016:

puddles on 09/10/2016:
Congrats - your looking great Olympic here you come.

OhioRaven on 09/10/2016:
2nd Place. In 34 minutes. A girl beat me by 3 minutes.

im71 on 09/11/2016:
CONGRATULATIONS O R!! You're very pretty! Keep up the awesome work. Have a great day!

OhioRaven on 09/11/2016:
Yes ! I am very Pretty !

innerpeace on 09/12/2016:
Congratz! That's so cool!

OhioRaven - Saturday Sep 10, 2016
(Clean eating. Calories under 2000)
Weight: 189.0

Good morning. Sitting in McDonald's sipping on a coffee waiting for the 5K for Hospice to start at 10:00. I'll switch over to water soon. I'll stretch out good like you coaches (Hop, Puddy) have taught me and I'll let you know how it goes. Have a Healthy Day.

im71 on 09/10/2016:
Good Morning O R! I hope some day I too can do a 5K! You're so inspiring! Have a great day!

OhioRaven - Friday Sep 09, 2016
(Clean eating. Calories under 2000)
Weight: 189.0

Good morning. I want to welcome our newest team member, I.M..I'm sure you'll have a long and successful career here at the big Double D. Have a Healthy Day. Ps, HappyBirthday Horny.

puddles on 09/09/2016:
Good morning Raven. It is nice to have new members on the site there is power in numbers. All members bring their own little special touch to the group. Wishing you a great day Raven.

im71 on 09/09/2016:
Thank you Raven for the nice welcome! Have a great day!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 09/09/2016:
OMG thanks for mentioning little ole' me in your diary! Feeling special right now! haha...

Nice to see you do a call-out also to our new member. It's so great to have the long-time folks here...the regulars. It's almost like when i'm at the gym - and see the regulars. We've got that special bond too!

Have a very healthy Friday & weekend, OR.

hollybelle on 09/09/2016:
Have a healthy day, yourself, OR!

OhioRaven - Thursday Sep 08, 2016
(Clean eating. Calories under 2000)
Weight: 189.0

 Good morning. Got the garage painted. Over-ate at the Salad buffet again. No time for any bike rides today. Have a Healthy Day.

grannyannie on 09/08/2016:
Good morning. Well done. Could you come paint ours? :)

puddles on 09/08/2016:
Good morning Raven good job on getting your painting done. The buffet thing well today is another day.

hollybelle on 09/08/2016:
All the painting probably burns lots of calories, OR! Bet the garage looks good!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 09/08/2016:
I overate veggies yesterday.

Cole slaw salads, then tons of shrimp in a thai dish. lol. was good.

OhioRaven - Wednesday Sep 07, 2016
(Clean eating. Calories under 2000)
Weight: 189.0

 Good morning. No exercise, but lots of scraping and sanding on my garage. I decided to take a break and found a spot where I could push mow for about an hour. Off work again today gonna put the paint on later today. Have a Healthy Day.

hollybelle on 09/07/2016:
Sounds like you have a good project that will be rewarding when finished. I have to know, though,what is Rowdy Fest???? :-) Also - when you talk about festivals throughout Sept - are these festivals that your band plays? I love local festivals! We have quite a few here in KY - including one for wooly worms (Beattyville, KY) which I haven't been to.

OhioRaven on 09/08/2016:
Yep ! Bluegrass festivals. We play a few and we also support our local buddies playing at other festivals. Fort Rowdy got its name from the party that ensued following the christening of the fort in 1800 by hookers pouring booze on their breasts. Study your history, kids.

Horn_Of_Plenty on 09/07/2016:
Good job getting these home projects done. I have one I've meant to be doing for...ONE YEAR at least. MUST start. I think I just might start it up in September (removal of pigeon spikes to keep them from landing on my terrace).

puddles on 09/07/2016:
You are keeping yourself busy. You say no exercise but everything you did yesterday to me consists exercise. Have a great day Raven.

grannyannie on 09/07/2016:
But you are doing exercise! Have a great day.

OhioRaven - Tuesday Sep 06, 2016
(Clean eating. Calories under 2000)
Weight: 189.0

 Good morning. Yesterday was good but no exercise. (Maybe some walking) I was a good boy at the festival. I was able to eat salad and sauerkraut. And some popcorn too. I'm off work the next 2 days so I'll be scraping and painting the garage. I need to do something with the gutters too. Have a Healthy Day.

grannyannie on 09/06/2016:
Well done behaving at the festival. Scraping and painting counts as exercise!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 09/06/2016:
Oh wow...good deal with the sauerkraut. Totally gonna keep this in mind for myself if i go to bbq's i can eat that! popcorn is good for digestion lol...

Good for you with the housework. Happy for you because you sound good OR. Keep up the great work and activities around your place.

puddles on 09/06/2016:
You did good Raven. Work around the house is never ending I am sure that will keep you busy. Have a great and healthy week.

OhioRaven - Monday Sep 05, 2016
(Clean eating. Calories under 2000)
Weight: 189.0

 Good morning. Up another pound this morning. 189. About to ring my warning bell. Well yesterday I ran one lap=1.5 miles and a 5 mile bike ride, and push mowed about an hour. I'm at another festival. (Rowdy Fest) have a Healthy Day.

grannyannie on 09/05/2016:
You'll get back down. Good exercise yesterday. Have a great day.

puddles on 09/05/2016:
It will be ok because you are aware of it and you will work on it.

OhioRaven - Sunday Sep 04, 2016
(Clean eating. Calories under 2000)
Weight: 188.0

 I'm at McDonald's getting a swallow of coffee. I'm on the fence about running today or just a Bike ride. Maybe a combination of both.  Have a Healthy Day.

puddles on 09/04/2016:
Get of the fence and hop on that bike and do your exercise today. Do not push yourself too much so that your knees act up again. Make sure to do your stretches first. Have a great day.

Duaa123. on 09/04/2016:
Good to combine of both as bike good to legs and thigh and running good for whole body .. have a good time

grannyannie on 09/04/2016:
Go for it! Have a great day.

Horn_of_plenty on 09/04/2016:
Enjoy your day. think of me while you put in that exercise? Please? haha. I'm laying off exercise today.

OhioRaven - Friday Sep 02, 2016
(Clean eating. Calories under 2000)
Weight: 188.0

Good morning. Still no exercise. No time for it. Food is good and water too. September will be a busy month for us. Bluegrass picnics every weekend. Festivals. Bring on Fall. 5K for Hospice on the 10th. Cooler weather. Pumpkins,cranberries... Have a Healthy Day.

puddles on 09/02/2016:
Fall will be busy for you and definitely a lot of temptations. One day at a time and one choice at a time. Have a great weekend Raven.

grannyannie on 09/02/2016:
Good morning, OR. Have a wonderful weekend.

Horn_Of_Plenty on 09/02/2016:
I'm so looking forward to a nice fall also OR. There's so many options of places to go & things to do!

I also look forward to more things pumpkin & more things Cranberry! yes. bring those two foods on MORE. I already eat pumpkin sometimes now...i need to start roasting it.

September is busy for me also..all for good reasons also.

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