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OhioRaven - Thursday Aug 27, 2015
(Clean eating. Calories under 2000)
Weight: 188.0

GoodMorning. 2001 cals, 102 h2o, 5 mile bike ride. I remembered my FitBit this morning and got it off the coffee table. Bought another pair of "Transition Pants". A friend of mine mentioned that my old blue jeans were kinda baggy. So I'm sitting in size 34s now. Sorry, that's all the diet news I have to report. Have a Healthy Day.

thinkpositive on 08/27/2015:
Weight down, pant size down- good going!

Umpqua on 08/27/2015:
Nicely done on the bike ride and the baby pants!

OhioRaven - Wednesday Aug 26, 2015
(Clean eating. Calories under 2000)
Weight: 188.0

GoodMorning. 1948 cals, 102 h2o, push mowing. My FitBit said I walked over 12k steps and had a good calorie burn. It won't say much today because I left it at home on the coffee table. Hope everyone is good. Have a Healthy Day.

puddles on 08/26/2015:
Good morning Raven. You did good yesterday. Left in a hurry this morning did you forgetting for fitbit. Wishing you all the best for the day.

ohioraven on 08/26/2015:
Yep, Puddy. Things are a little foggy for me in the morning.

livinglight on 08/26/2015:
Have a great day :)

ohioraven on 08/26/2015:
Will do !

Umpqua on 08/26/2015:
Your Fitbit says you should still have an active and healthy day today!

thinkpositive on 08/26/2015:
Good job on th exercise.

OhioRaven - Tuesday Aug 25, 2015
(Clean eating. Calories under 2000)
Weight: 188.0

GoodMorning. 2137 cals, 102 h2o, 5 mile bike ride. Went over on calories. Finally got to the bike path for a little ride. I'll try to stay on track now. Push mowing tonight. Hope everyone is doing good. Have a Healthy Day.

thinkpositive on 08/25/2015:
Good job getting out to bike. Have a great day!

puddles on 08/25/2015:
Hi Raven - So you made it back to the bike trails good for you. Your water intake seems to be back on track also. Good job. Keep it up.

Umpqua on 08/25/2015:
Good work on the ride and activity. I so agree that diet and exercise go hand and hand, I just had this conversation with my friend. She's made major improvements in her diet but doesn't exercise and can't lose weight. You'll get back to it, especially with cooler temps coming our way!

livinglight on 08/25/2015:
Well done on the bike ride!

OhioRaven - Monday Aug 24, 2015
(Clean eating. Calories under 2000)
Weight: 188.0

GoodMorning 1728 cals, low on water. A bottle or two. No exercise. I'm up another pound. I know diet and exercise goes hand in hand and I'm just not spending enough time on being good to myself. I've been working a lot of overtime. But that is by my own choice. I just gotta do a better job of taking care of myself. Have a Healthy Day.

biscottibody59 on 08/24/2015:
You'll pick yourself up I'm sure, but sometimes the time just isn't there!

OhioRaven - Sunday Aug 23, 2015
(Clean eating. Calories under 2000)
Weight: 186.0

GoodMorning 1845 cals, 102 h2o, No exercise. A visit with friends took me away from my routine and into a Texas Roundhouse restaurant. I had a sweet potato (no butter) and salad and green beans. I thought that was okay, but this no exercise thing is making me feel sluggish. I'm at a benefit all day today, so it doesn't look too good for tonight either. But who knows. I might find some time afterwards. Have a Healthy Sunday.

puddles on 08/23/2015:
I am sure Raven that you will manage well tonight. Have a great day.

livinglight on 08/23/2015:
SOunds like you made a great choice at lunch, well done!

biscottibody59 on 08/23/2015:
Excellent discipline with the food choices!

OhioRaven - Saturday Aug 22, 2015
(Clean eating. Calories under 2000)
Weight: 186.0

GoodMorning. 1696 cals, 102 h2o, 5 mile bike ride, finally. I haven't been on the bike path for so long. It was good to get back. I'm drinking my water pretty good as long as I have is stacked up in front of me. I'm pretty sure I haven't gained any more weight but when I see my reflection in Windows I can still see belly fat. Sorry I haven't responded to the latest posts. I've just been real busy at work. Hope everyone is good. Have a Healthy Day.

puddles on 08/22/2015:
Hi Raven glad to see you are getting back to your routine of water and exercise. You have to give that belly a chance it will go. Have a great day.

livinglight on 08/22/2015:
Have a great day :)

grannyannie on 08/22/2015:
Good for you on the exercise!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 08/22/2015:
We are always our own worst critics if you know what I mean. Some people may not even take the time to look at their reflections in windows, you know!? of course I know what you mean OR, bc you can bet I am always checking out my own reflection when I can! but don't judge yourself too harshly or be your own enemy. The changes you have made in your own lifestyle are quite amazing...the ones I have read over the time you've been a member here. Just keep at it, never stop, and you can always be proud of yourself and how far you chose to come.

ohioraven on 08/22/2015:
Thank you, HP.

hollybelle on 08/23/2015:
Hey OR - I relate to your comment about the reflections in the windows. I was riding my bike early one Sunday morning and saw my reflection in a store window. But I figured out a solution - I just didn't look the next time and kept focused on the fact that I was out riding my bike and eating better than most of the population in my town and the heck with anything else. Keep up the good work!

thinkpositive on 08/23/2015:
I hear you on the reflection in the window. For me, I can ignore that , it's the photos of me that hurt. And that actually are motivating me at this time. You are doing a super job- an inspiration!

OhioRaven - Friday Aug 21, 2015
(Clean eating. Calories under 2000)
Weight: 186.0

GoodMorning. 1949 cals, 102 h2o, no exercise again. Worked late and was hungry MOST of the day. Sauerkraut, pickles and PopCorn kept me from going over. Also a hot cup of coffee seems to helps with my hunger. Have a Healthy Day.

grannyannie on 08/21/2015:
Coffee helps me when I feel a bit hungry as well. Good calories.

biscottibody59 on 08/21/2015:
Enjoy your weekend!

hollybelle on 08/22/2015:
Taco Bell and KFC cruel and unusual treatment!!! When pressed I have had the alfresco tacos, though - that and the green beans were a great choice!!! Good job!

puddles on 08/22/2015:
Hi Raven. Coffee also works for me. You are doing good at getting back to your routine. It take a while to get everything back to the way it was. Have a great weekend.

OhioRaven - Thursday Aug 20, 2015
(Clean eating. Calories under 2000)
Weight: 186.0

GoodMorning. 1916 cals, 102 h2o, no exercise. The gang stopped at a KFC/Taco Bell last night. It was 2 restaurants in one. I had a family sized green bean a one alfresco taco. Working late again tonight. I brought in a bowl of sauerkraut. Have a Healthy Day.

grannyannie on 08/20/2015:
Well done OR!

Umpqua on 08/20/2015:
Sounds like decent choices for fast food. I hope today is a good one!

thinkpositive on 08/20/2015:
Good choice given you were at KFC & Taco Bell.

OhioRaven - Wednesday Aug 19, 2015
(Clean eating. Calories under 2000)
Weight: 186.0

GoodMorning. 1959 cals, 102 h2o, No exercise. Hope everyone is doing good. Have a Healthy Day.

grannyannie on 08/19/2015:
Have a great day!

thinkpositive on 08/19/2015:
A healthy day to you !

OhioRaven - Tuesday Aug 18, 2015
(Clean eating. Calories under 2000)
Weight: 186.0

GoodMorning. 1993 cals, 102 h2o, no exercise. Worked late and got a lot of warehouse walking in. It was kinda hard to drink all my water, cause I wasn't used to it. But my bottles are all lined up on my desk today and I know it will get easier to drink them daily. Hope everyone is good. Have a Healthy Day.

grannyannie on 08/18/2015:
Good morning OR! Have a healthy day.

Umpqua on 08/18/2015:
It sounds like you did really well on your vacation and are getting back into the sing of things!

puddles on 08/18/2015:
Good evening Raven - I guess must be hard getting back to work after being away. Oh yes water - you will get back to your routine. Have a great evening.

livinglight on 08/18/2015:
Have a great day, also challenging myself to drink more water. Good luck!

thinkpositive on 08/18/2015:
Warehouse walking counts as exercise, right? How did you decide how much water you need?

ohioraven on 08/18/2015:
I got an App for that.

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