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OhioRaven - Tuesday May 19, 2015
(Clean eating. Calories under 2500)
Weight: 0.0

Good Morning. 2181 cal, 136 h2o, 5mi bike. I had to wait for the rain to stop before I could get in my ride. All the garden plants are looking good from all the rain. Should be dry today. Cutting grass tonight. Have a Healthy Day.

grannyannie on 05/19/2015:
Have a great day!

puddles on 05/19/2015:
Always nice to see the garden come alive again. Have a great day.

Umpqua on 05/19/2015:
We had some rain this a.m. too, now it's hot and sunny once again :P Enjoy your mowing!

OhioRaven - Monday May 18, 2015
(Clean eating. Calories under 2500)
Weight: 0.0

Good Morning. 199 Lbs today. 2432 cal, 53 h2o, No exercise. Mostly coffee and soda pop. There weren't any good meal choices yesterday, so I worked on portion control. Looking forward to getting back to the bike path later today. Have a Healthy Day.

grannyannie on 05/18/2015:
Under 200! Congrats! Have a healthy day.

OhioRaven on 05/18/2015:
Thanks, Annie !

Umpqua on 05/18/2015:
Excellent work and I hope you have a great bike ride today!

puddles on 05/18/2015:
Congrats Raven that is 3 more pounds. Must feel good to get rid of the 200s. Your doing real good with your choices and your exercise. I am so happy to decided to come back to the site. Have a great day.

OhioRaven on 05/18/2015:
It's good to be back. I couldn't make it on my own.

OhioRaven - Sunday May 17, 2015
(Clean eating. Calories under 2500)
Weight: 0.0

Good morning. 1904 cals, 119 h2o, ran 5k=47minutes. It rained yesterday so I ran on the treadmill instead of the bike path. A benefit show today. Weigh-in tomorrow. Have a healthy day.

grannyannie on 05/17/2015:
Good job, OR!

puddles on 05/17/2015:
Good job yesterday. Enjoy your benefit show today Raven.

OhioRaven - Saturday May 16, 2015
(Clean eating. Calories under 2500)
Weight: 0.0

Good Morning. 1692 cal, 119 h2o, 5mi bike. I see the reflection of my belly in store windows and mirrors at home. I feel healthier than I did a couple of months ago, but I still have a long way to go. Going to run at the bike path later today. I've lost my mp3 player from a year ago. I'll have to listen to my phone. Have a Healthy Day.

puddles on 05/16/2015:
Good morning Raven sure wish I could drink all the water you drink. Fist I really don't like water but I also am never thirsty so drinking is done just because I know I have to take liquids in. I really don't know if that is normal but have always been like that. Wishing you a great weekend Raven. Keep up the great work.

grannyannie on 05/16/2015:
Slow and steady wins the race. :)

OhioRaven - Friday May 15, 2015
(Clean eating. Calories under 2500)
Weight: 0.0

Good Morning. 2300 cal, 136 h20, No exercise. I was hungry yesterday so I snacked on low calorie things like almonds, pickles and sugar free jello. Tonight I'm buying sauerkraut. It has a high volume and low calorie thing that I'm looking for. Have a Healthy Day.

Umpqua on 05/15/2015:
Good snacking choices. I'm not sure how I feel about sauerkraut but whatever works for you :)

puddles on 05/15/2015:
Good choices Raven. I remember how much you enjoy your sauerkraut I am surprised you have not already incorporated that into your eating habits. Good luck with your day.

OhioRaven on 05/15/2015:
I used to put tomato sauce on it in a slow cooker.

grannyannie on 05/15/2015:
Yes, good choices! Have an amazing weekend.

biscottibody59 on 05/15/2015:
Enjoy the sauerkraut--the walmart brand is pretty good, but I have to really rinse it because of the sodium.

OhioRaven on 05/15/2015:
Yep, I rinse em' too. And use a slow cooker over night.

OhioRaven - Thursday May 14, 2015
(Clean eating. Calories under 2500)
Weight: 0.0

Good Morning. 1900 cal, 130 h2o, 5mi bike. Ate at a buffet yesterday. Had only salad and small chili. I plan on running Saturday. My legs were sore up to yesterday but feel fine now. Y'all Have a Healthy Day.

puddles on 05/14/2015:
Your doing good Raven so proud of you. Keep it up and have a great day.

Umpqua on 05/14/2015:
Good work at the buffet!

OhioRaven - Wednesday May 13, 2015
(Clean eating. Calories under 2500)
Weight: 0.0

Good Morning. 505 cal, 136 h20, 5 mi bike, push mowed. Went to my bike trail and marked off some distances to start running again. Probably this Saturday. Have a Healthy Day.

Umpqua on 05/13/2015:
Good going, Ohio!

puddles on 05/13/2015:
Very good Raven. Is that all the cal you had all day 505. Good exercise plan. Have a great day.

OhioRaven on 05/13/2015:
Yep, 505.

grannyannie on 05/13/2015:
Wow! Well done.

OhioRaven - Tuesday May 12, 2015
(Clean eating. Calories under 2500)
Weight: 0.0

Cheat Day, Day off, whatever you want to call it. It sucked. Don't wanna do that again. I didn't count any calories at the ball game. My Good was not good enough. But...It could have been much worse. I got a 4.5 mile bike ride in till it started raining. 22mph wind. Only one way though. The ride back was easy. I drank all my water. I stayed on my meal plan til we got to the park and all hell broke loose. Gonna get back with the program. Y'all have a healthy day.

puddles on 05/12/2015:
These days happen Raven today is another day. Have a good one.

OhioRaven on 05/12/2015:
Thanks, Puddy.

grannyannie on 05/12/2015:
Occasional cheat days are allowed and necessary. Have a great day.

Umpqua on 05/12/2015:
I absolutely agree with Annie. And I know today will be better for you!

biscottibody59 on 05/12/2015:
One day--only one wheel is off--you can get back to it today or very soon. Just don't stop posting:-)

RYC: I had heard that the lake near Mexia (muh HAY uh--for those reading who aren't sure of the pronunciation:-) ran outside of its banks the other day. This rain has been a boon for all lakes in the North Texas area. It's given real respite to one town that began construction on a plant to recycle sewage water.

OhioRaven on 05/13/2015:
Thanks, Biscuit.

OhioRaven - Monday May 11, 2015
(Clean eating. Calories under 2500)
Weight: 0.0

Good Morning. 202 Lbs this today. 1503 cal. I really wasn't hungry, only 68 oz of water. I really wasn't thirsty.Tilled my garden for about an hour. Ran the 5k in 39 minutes. Yes, I did walk some. It made me realize that I've lost a little of what I had when I took a year off of dieting and exercise. Now, I feel more determined to stick with it and do more running. Even if I have to walk some of the time. Planted tomatoes last night. Reds Game tonight. Have a Healthy Day.

puddles on 05/11/2015:
Congrats on the loss. Congrats on the run/walk you did good. I am happy to hear and see your determination in your journey to a healthier life. Have a great day.

Umpqua on 05/11/2015:
Good going on the loss and the run! (and the tomatoes, yummy)

skinnygrlwithin on 05/11/2015:
Well if you need some motivation in the running department just let me know! I've been running a couple times a week in preparation for a 15k I signed up for in July and it sounds like our 5k times are pretty similar... I just ran my last one in 37 minutes. Keep up the good work... I think running is really good for weight loss and feeling motivated.

OhioRaven on 05/11/2015:
Yep ! I'm heading to my bike path and measure a 3.1 and paint a marker on it. I'll just try to improve on my time. Thanks, and its good to see you again.

grannyannie on 05/11/2015:
You are doing great!!

biscottibody59 on 05/11/2015:
Good going on the loss--sounds like your race was pretty good too!

OhioRaven - Sunday May 10, 2015
(Clean eating. Calories under 2500)
Weight: 0.0

Good Morning. Happy Mothers Day. 1951 cal, 116 h2o, No exercise. Going to the Hospice 5k now. I hope I can run all the way through, but if I have to walk during some of it, that will be OK too. Have a Healthy Day.

grannyannie on 05/10/2015:
Thanks, OR. Good luck on the run!!

puddles on 05/10/2015:
Thank you Raven. Good luck on your run and walking I agree is Ok also. Keep safe.

horn_of_plenty on 05/10/2015:
That's awesome on calories and the 5k! Let us know how it went!!!

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