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OhioRaven - Friday Oct 03, 2014
(Clean eating, exercise.)
Weight: 209.0

Prayers, 2eggsBeans1bread1cSoup, bananna, apple, applesauce, jello, A vendor bought our lunch today. I got a salad (BobEvans), popcorn, frozen yogurt, bowl o' beans, yogurt, went to the Honky-Tonk and got 2 hot dogs no buns w/chili, nacho chips w/cheese, and a loaded potato skin. I only ate 1/2 the nachos though. They looked gross with all the cheese dumped on them. (Bleccc !) Got home and had my CottageCheesePineapple. Drank just a little bit less than 1gallon H2O. HaveaHealthyDay !

Progress as of today: 23 lbs lost so far, only 34 lbs to go!

puddles on 10/03/2014:
Good morning Raven - Your doing good being able to not have the buns and to actually be able to make the decision not to do something which would have been impossible just a few weeks ago. You are doing real good. Have a great day.

OhioRaven - Thursday Oct 02, 2014
(Clean eating, exercise.)
Weight: 209.0

Prayers, 2eggsBeans1bread1cSoup, bananna, jello, grapes, Apple, salad, popcorn, pickle, yogurt, bowl o' beans from the crock pot (they were kinda under cooked) not very good but filling. YogurtNstuff (flax,pb,wheatgerm,honey) grilled chicken snackwrap com McDonald's popcorn, 4pieces of candy(stupid), CottageCheesePineapple, sugar free jello. 1gallon of H2O. So-so day today. Hope you all have a Healthy Day.

Progress as of today: 23 lbs lost so far, only 34 lbs to go!

museumgirl on 10/02/2014:
Have a wonderful day.

puddles on 10/02/2014:
Good morning Raven - You must be craving sugar with the candies. Don't worry you will eventually not have to. You are doing good. Your routine seems to be on track and that is an accomplishment. Just keep pushing on. I believe in you. Have a great day Raven.

OhioRaven on 10/02/2014:
Thanks, Puddy. You guys are a big reason I'm motivated.

biscottibody59 on 10/02/2014:
I've been experimenting with cooking beans in my pressure cooker. I sorta "winged it" this last time and ended up finishing them on the stove.

Being present here is important--keep up the good work!

OhioRaven on 10/03/2014:
Thanks, Biscuit. It really is good to be back.

OhioRaven - Wednesday Oct 01, 2014
(Clean eating, exercise.)
Weight: 209.0

Prayers, 2eggsBeans1bread1cSoup, apple, popcorn, yogurt, salad, BigPickle, tomato, apple sauce, YogurtNstuff, bowl o' soup, WendyPotatoAndChili, CottageCheesePineapple, popcorn, jello shot. Put beans +black beans + 98% ff ham in a CrockPot. 3/4 h2o intake today. HaveaHealthyDay

Progress as of today: 23 lbs lost so far, only 34 lbs to go!

museumgirl on 10/01/2014:
beans and ham in crockpot sounds delicious! Have a great day.

puddles on 10/01/2014:
Good morning Raven - What is ffham? Do you chop it up the ham or full? How much beans do you put? This sounds good but is it very salty? Many questions right. LOL LOL You are getting back to your cooking up a storm it seems. Keep up the good work and have a great day. You are doing good.

OhioRaven on 10/01/2014:
FF=fat free. It was some processed crap that I found at the last minute or else I would have used TurkeyBurger. Beans are a 1 pound bag with 13 different kinds a beans. I added a handful of black beans. (they are good for us). I only salt them after I cook 'em.

biscottibody59 on 10/01/2014:
Hey there--that poor jello shot--I wonder what it thought:-)

OhioRaven - Tuesday Sep 30, 2014
(Clean eating, exercise.)
Weight: 209.0

Prayers, 2eggsBeans1bread1cSoup, popcorn, sauerkraut, salad w/chickenbreast. grapes bananna, popcorn, apple sauce, bowl o' soup, pb sand, popcorn, CottageCheesePineapple. Way over a gallon of h2o. Stayed busy at work. I enjoy reading everyone's post. HaveaHealthyDay !

Progress as of today: 23 lbs lost so far, only 34 lbs to go!

Duaa123. on 09/30/2014:
Hardness is only at the begainning ,, i am trying to remmber that always ,, and if we do our best at the begainning and see the result , we will feel confedence to continue

puddles on 09/30/2014:
Good morning Raven - You had a great day yesterday. I am so happy for you. I hope it is getting a little bit easier. I also feel your motivation as really kicked in and that you are starting to feel better about yourself. Amazing how things fall into place. Have a great day. Congrats on your day.

museumgirl on 09/30/2014:
You're doing great - even when it isn't perfect, as long as we are making an effort, we're better of than doing nothing at all. Have a great day!

OhioRaven on 09/30/2014:
Thanks, MG.

biscottibody59 on 09/30/2014:
Enjoy the rest of your week!

OhioRaven - Monday Sep 29, 2014
(Clean eating, exercise.)
Weight: 209.0

209 this morning. I'm surprised it wasn't more. The scale needs balanced. Prayers, bananna, popcorn, omelet, home fries, 2bread, 1 mini chocolate doughnut, grapes, pretzels and pb, bananna, soup, too many homemade tacos, 2 pcs candy, CottageCheesePineapple. Mostly water today. Played in Indiana, ate grapes and pretzels on the road. I was too hungry when we got back and made turkey tacos. HaveaHealthyDay !

Progress as of today: 23 lbs lost so far, only 34 lbs to go!

puddles on 09/29/2014:
Good Morning Raven. Good job. I am happy that you are pleased with your result. I thought you where now off the road for a while. We start another week and I wish you the best for this week. Have a great day.

museumgirl on 09/29/2014:
have a great day, and keep it up :)

OhioRaven - Sunday Sep 28, 2014
(Clean eating, exercise.)
Weight: 209.0

Prayers, 2eggsBeans1bread1cSoup, popcorn, bananna, apple sauce, apple, popcorn, sauerkraut (a bunch), soup, popcorn, (at the movies) popcorn, candy (home) CottageCheesePineapple. 3/4 gallon of water. Gonna try and be good to myself this weekend. HaveaHealthyDay !

Progress as of today: 23 lbs lost so far, only 34 lbs to go!

puddles on 09/28/2014:
Good Morning Raven - Wow you had a wonderful day - Great job. I have great confidence that you can be good to yourself and this is the proof. Have a great day. Do you have a weigh-in tomorrow?

OhioRaven on 09/28/2014:
Thanks, Puddy. Yep ! Always on Monday.

museumgirl on 09/28/2014:
Have a great day, and yes, be good to yourself :)

OhioRaven - Saturday Sep 27, 2014
(Clean eating, exercise.)
Weight: 209.0

2eggsBeans1bread1cSoup, bananna, yogurt, popcorn, BigPickle, salad chickenbreast, orange, YogurtNstuff, at home ate some soup, at BlueGrass ate a bowl of soup, some grapes and a bananna, some popcorn, home, CottageCheesePineapple. About 1 gallon of water. Hope I can do this good tomorrow. HaveaHealthyDay.

Progress as of today: 23 lbs lost so far, only 34 lbs to go!

puddles on 09/27/2014:
Good morning Raven. You did good yesterday and yes you can do it again today. It is going to get easier to get into your routine after a few days under your belt. Hang in there. Have a great weekend.

OhioRaven - Friday Sep 26, 2014
(Clean eating, exercise.)
Weight: 209.0


Progress as of today: 23 lbs lost so far, only 34 lbs to go!

OhioRaven on 09/26/2014:
2eggsBeans1bread1cSoup, popcorn, applesauce, popcorn, orange, yogurt, stomach is hurting...2hrs later...better now. Coworkers ordered Chinese. I don't care. Bananna, salad, big pickle, 2tomatoes, chickenbreast, more popcorn, apple, (HonkyTonk)ham&cheese sandwich w/o top bun, 2hotdogs no bun, CottageCheesePineapple, applesauce. Over 1/2 gallon h2o. I feel like this is a pretty good day for me. HaveaHealthyDay !

Destiny65 on 09/26/2014:
Great choices while others ate Chinese food! Love the pic!

museumgirl on 09/26/2014:
Great job on avoiding the chinese food - I swell up like a dirigible if I eat it! If I ever feel deprived when others are eating something I can't/don't want to eat, I just think of all the times I HAVE eaten it, and say to myself, you aren't really missing anything. Usually, it works....

puddles on 09/26/2014:
Good morning Raven - I would agree that it is a good day for you. Not having the buns is great. You are doing a great job and congrats on the Chinese food. Wishing you another great day.

Horn_Of_Plenty on 09/26/2014:
it would probably be great as a pizza crust! I didn't use much water, so really, it was way harder than an average pancake for sure.

OhioRaven - Thursday Sep 25, 2014
(Clean eating, exercise.)
Weight: 209.0

2eggsBeans1bread1cSoup, popcorn, yogurt, 2tomatoes, applesauce, salad, bananna, popcorn, yogurt, 1/2 apple, soup, rice beans. 1/2 gal. water, pb sandwich, about 8 tortilla chips, rice, beans. Pineapple, popcorn, w I thought today was going to be much better. My plan was to just eat the pb sandich and soup at home, But I felt compelled to order something at the Mexican restaurant. But I didn't eat all of it. I'll try to be better next time. Read an article on inflammation of blood vessels. It got me thinking about cutting sugar and flour. Thanks for all your comments, guys. I wish I could comment more on everyone's posts. I'll probably improveon that too. HaveaHealthyDay.

Progress as of today: 23 lbs lost so far, only 34 lbs to go!

puddles on 09/25/2014:
Good morning Raven. Yes it will get better. Just keep at it. Wishing you a great day.

OhioRaven on 09/25/2014:
Thanks, Fran !

museumgirl on 09/25/2014:
I follow the anti-inflammatory diet, and I am really happy with it. There are a lot of things I "can't" or choose not to eat right now, but that actually makes it easier for me. I'm kind of an all-or-none person, lol. If you're interested, look at Dr. Weil's food pyramid, it's an easy visual, which I like. Have a good day!

OhioRaven on 09/25/2014:
Ok, I'll check it out.

OhioRaven on 09/25/2014:
Yep ! That's the guy .

Destiny65 on 09/25/2014:
Your loss is great! Keep going!

OhioRaven - Wednesday Sep 24, 2014
(Clean eating, exercise.)
Weight: 209.0

Starting over, Again, Today. The long weekend is over, no more HonkyTonks, Lodges, Reunions, PigRoast. Brought 1/2 gallon jug of water with me to work, as well as banannas, baked chickenbreast, YogurtNstuff. Gonna try to get back to my "Routine". Weigh in on Mondays. I just did not think it was appropriate for me to post all the disgusting stuff I've been polluting myself with. I gotta try. This unhealthy sh!t is not gonna fix itself. Gotta man-up. Rant over.

Progress as of today: 23 lbs lost so far, only 34 lbs to go!

Destiny65 on 09/24/2014:
RESET is always a good thing! It means you're still here and will make progress! Have a good day!

puddles on 09/24/2014:
Good Morning Raven - Glad to see your re-commitment to your healthy living routine. I am really proud of you. You definitely own up to everything when you mess up and that is a good sign. Looking forward to having you back. Wishing you all the best on this new journey of yours. Have a great day.

biscottibody59 on 09/24/2014:
You're close to the groove if not already there--good going!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 09/24/2014:
HEY OHIO MY MAN! lol...do not have any regrets for posting all you were / are eating. we will not judge you for it...many of us have done it too after all. Try to add more vegetables (I prefer cooked ones - roasted) to the mix and that should satisfy you more...not sure if you cook a lot...I don't do it much - but my mom used to roast all kinds of things...asparagus / Brussels / etc...even potatoes...she'd slice potatoes but most other things were whole and she'd coat in olive oil and put I think on a baking sheet with aluminum foil for easy cleaning. she added salt and pepper and darn those buggers are tasty!

I takes time for change. I'm still getting used to no coffee. :( no caffeine is something to get used to when at work!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 09/24/2014:
that's a funny question you asked another DDer..."you ate pajamas?"

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