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OhioRaven - Friday May 24, 2013
(Clean eating, exercise.)
Weight: 184.0




1c Puddy's DDcabbage, 1c soup

2grapefruit, apple, 2handfuls of popcorn.

Water gallon +


Thank you, Biscuit for the BMI chart website. I see I'm not Obese anymore but still OVERweight.

In my juicer I'm putting in 1/2 a beet, a carrot, a broccoli stump, an apple, about 1/3 of a cucumber and a big squirt of lemon juice. I gotta say... It's not too bad.

Have a Healthy Day !

Progress as of today: 48 lbs lost so far, only -15 lbs to go!

thenewMLE on 05/24/2013:
I can't believe that you are still considered overweight per the BMI. How tall are you? I am still impressed how well you have stuck to your eating plan and your water intake is impressive!! What weight put you safe in the BMI? Have a great weekend!

grannyannie on 05/24/2013:
Healthy day! Hang in there. I take BMI ratings with a grain of salt because they don't account for muscle at all. A very muscular person could easily be in the overweight or even obese category.

skinnygrlwithin on 05/24/2013:
I'm so excited about your juicing... you sound like you've got a good recipe going!! If you need any combinations let me know... we've thrown a lot of stuff in there haha. :)

Umpqua on 05/24/2013:
I agree with the other comments about the BMI numbers. There's a lot of conflicting info about BMI, particularly for very tall and muscular people. You're doing a great job - keep up the good work!

Tangalyn~ on 05/24/2013:
im so glad u seem to be enjoying ur juicing :) congrats on not being 'obese' anymore... i cant wait til that day comes for me!

biscottibody59 on 05/24/2013:
The BMI thing will open most people's eyes. Most of us are in the midst of seas of obese and overweight people who are in the majority now. What was once "normal"--a slim and trim body--may very well look out of place. And again, those "non-healthy BMI" people may say things as you approach a healthy BMI to pressure you (consciously or unconsciously) to keep you looking like they do. I think you've already mentioned one or two times that's happened already.

Stay strong!

RYC: Thanks for the chuckle:-)

nenak on 05/24/2013:
Love the beetroot !

legcramps on 05/24/2013:
awesomesauce ;)

V on 05/24/2013:
Just curious as to how much more weight you would need to lose to be considered the "idea weight" for your height, body structure and age? More important is how you feel about it? Keep in mind the chart is more of a suggestion, not so much a catalyst as how you should look.Hey not knocking the chart however if you feel like you are in the best shape of your adult life, that should surpass the statistics as well as the scale IMO..

OhioRaven - Thursday May 23, 2013
(Clean eating, exercise.)
Weight: 184.0





Prayers and a Small salad.

Water was Gal +

50s Sock Hop was great ! I went to get lemons for my Beetroot/apple juice, but I chickened out and got a squeeze lemon instead. Oh me of little faith.

Have a Healthy Day, Everyone !

Progress as of today: 48 lbs lost so far, only -15 lbs to go!

skinnygrlwithin on 05/23/2013:
Your juice sounds yummy! And when you say you chickened out? because you didn't use the whole lemon?? No worries, every part of the lemon has something beneficial to it so anything you can use is good!

Puddles on 05/23/2013:
50s sock hop - wonderful. Have a great week Raven. Pray for me for courage when I go see my BIL. Talk to you soon.

grannyannie on 05/23/2013:
Sounds fun! Have an amazing day, Ohio.

nenak on 05/23/2013:
Have a great day

Umpqua on 05/23/2013:
Nice menu!

Tangalyn~ on 05/23/2013:
woooo that sounds like so much fun :) have a great day raven!!

hollybelle on 05/23/2013:
I probably would have used only the juice of the lemon, too. Good food list, though! Woo-hoo!

V on 05/23/2013:
Hiya Ohio! Glad to hear that the sock hop went well :) Your menu looks awesome! have a good evening.

OhioRaven - Wednesday May 22, 2013
(Clean eating, exercise.)
Weight: 184.0




1cSoup, 1c DDcabbage, SweetPotato

Orange, grapefruit, apple.

Water gallon plus


Been drinking beet root juice every morning. Gonna start adding a fruit to it. Alone it tastes like earth. I'm watching "how to juice"videos on YouTube.

Have a Healthy Day !

Progress as of today: 48 lbs lost so far, only -15 lbs to go!

Puddles on 05/22/2013:
I love beets also but I don't think I would like beet juice. I eat beets out of a can like you eat pickles. Have a great day Raven

Umpqua on 05/22/2013:
"Tastes like earth" haha. I love beets but can't say I've tried beet juice. Hope you find a good combo for it!

skinnygrlwithin on 05/22/2013:
I love beets! And they add a certain sweetness to my homemade veggie juice, but I definitely see the earthiness you mention. If the fruit doesn't help, or you don't want the added sugar try using a lemon, I found the lemon to be the most neutralizing item I use.

lolla on 05/22/2013:
Thanks for your comment, it really means a lot to me. Hope you have a very healthy day too birdie.

nenak on 05/22/2013:
I buy concentrated beetroot juice from health store so just have 1 shot every morning

legcramps on 05/22/2013:
I juice beets with red apples, yum!

OhioRaven - Tuesday May 21, 2013
(Clean eating, exercise.)
Weight: 184.0




1c DD Lentils, 1c soup, 1 SweetPotato


Water Way over a gallon


Mowed, messed with the garden, foraged for Wild Garlic Mustard Greens.

Enjoy Today. It's a gift from God. Make it a Healthy One.

Progress as of today: 48 lbs lost so far, only -15 lbs to go!

Tangalyn~ on 05/21/2013:
awesome job with water! have a wonderful day!

grannyannie on 05/21/2013:
Good morning, Ohio! Love your attitude!

Umpqua on 05/21/2013:
Great attitude Ohio! Did you mow stuff in the garden? Hubby has been known to do that and I've had to set up very clear rock borders!

getmebackto150 on 05/21/2013:
Have a great day:)

Puddles on 05/21/2013:
Your menu inspire me to do better. I might not succeed all the time but you keep me thinking that I will get there. Have a great day Raven.

skinnygrlwithin on 05/21/2013:
What a great looking menu... I need to follow your lead!

hollybelle on 05/21/2013:
Good job on the church sign. Didn't have the story until now so I didn't comment on FB. What is the 50s show about, I missed info on that too! I love anything that involves stage, rehearsal, choreography!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 05/21/2013:
lots of healthy fruits, veggies, and nuts.

V on 05/21/2013:
So true that today and every day is a gift!! Hope you had a good day! Oh so RYC yeah I study to find the healthiest foods I can consume for the muscles.. Most of my ideas I get from Muscle and Fitness, the chief editor is a doctor, he rocks just like Dr. Oz :) Have a good evening Ohio!

IndependentEm93 on 05/21/2013:
I love breakfast for dinner!<3

OhioRaven - Monday May 20, 2013
(Clean eating, exercise.)
Weight: 184.0

Good News ! I'm still under my goal weight ! Bad News, I gained a pound. No worries, I knew this day would come. Thanks to your help I've come a long way. Now is the time to keep calm and carry on. Maybe now that I'm back to work I can get back to a healthy schedule and guit eating out so much. Our 50s show is coming up and there's been a lot of dress rehearsals and choreography. Good exercise though. Yesterdays meals; 1egg+1bread+1cSoup+1/4cBeans+wheatgerm Big salad Grapefruit, apple, 1/2 can of mixed nuts. Very little water Lots of prayer

Let's all have a Healthy Day !

Progress as of today: 48 lbs lost so far, only -15 lbs to go!

grannyannie on 05/20/2013:
Good job! Maintaining is definitely a challenge. I hit goal last year and it's been up and down ever since. Have a great day, Ohio.

Puddles on 05/20/2013:
Maintaining is now your challenge. I have all confidence that you will do well. Have a great day and a wonderful week Raven.

Umpqua on 05/20/2013:
You are doing so well - and I know I've said before that maintaining is a challenge and there will be "fluctuations." As long as you stay vigilant you'll do great!

mylilsista on 05/20/2013:
Congrats on staying under your goal weight! That little fluctuation will take care of itself; you've done so well (hugz)!

skinnygrlwithin on 05/20/2013:
Woohoo to reaching your goal weight!! I'm really so proud of you... just keep with smart choices, a positive attitude, and portion control and you'll maintain the results from all the hard work.

biscottibody59 on 05/20/2013:
More gone:-)

V on 05/20/2013:
Hope ya had a good day Ohio!

biscottibody59 on 05/20/2013:
Not sure if you saw my comment on your last Fri entry--but here's the link to the BMI forum entry I bumped up awhile ago:


There's a link there to plug in your ht/wt--it's kind of an involved calculation to do it yourself. Also to the right is the listing for the ranges of normal, etc BMIs.

Also, there are other calculations for ideal body weight that have been around, but BMI is pretty good for most except for elite athletes with little body fat.

As for body fat (BF) measurement, there are some online calculators that you can plug in your measurements and get a "go-by" (http://www.healthcentral.com/cholesterol/home-body-fat-test-2774-143.html) or I use a little Omron BF monitor (handheld).

I had a bathroom scale that had a BF monitor (uses the same technology as the handheld), but it was not very accurate. The Omron was around $30 or so and it measures well for my use--still a "go-by" in my book. The next most accurate way to measure body fat is using calipers by someone who does it a lot (a personal trainer for instance) and the two most accurate are the water tank one and the DEXA scan (uses x-rays) commonly used to diagnose osteporosis. For the water tank thing, there are companies that travel around with the water tank and you can find out if it will be in your area and you can book it ahead of time. I've never been measured that way.

Keep up the good work, BTW!

OhioRaven - Sunday May 19, 2013
(Clean eating, exercise.)
Weight: 183.0


McSalad, popcorn

1c soup, 1c DDLentils, sweet potato

1/2 banana, cranberrys, apple, pickle, grapefruit

Not much water


Weigh-in tomorrow.

Have a Healthy Day !

Progress as of today: 49 lbs lost so far, only -16 lbs to go!

mylilsista on 05/19/2013:
Good luck on your weigh-in tomorrow! Congrats on the 2 lb loss!

grannyannie on 05/19/2013:
Good luck on your weigh-in! Well done on the loss. Have a great Sunday, Ohio.

Puddles on 05/19/2013:
No doubt your weigh-in will be good. You are definitely on a roll but you are also doing a lot of hard work and keeping yourself on the straight and narrow. Wish your consistency would rub off on me. Good luck for tomorrow Raven.

OhioRaven - Saturday May 18, 2013
(Clean eating, exercise.)
Weight: 183.0


Salad, minipopcorn, pickle

WendyPotato with 2 scoops broccoli and small chili with extra onions.


1c soup, apple

Water when I could find it.


Finished scraping, rustproofing, priming, painting the sign and light poles at our church. This is something I wanted to do on my own. So I did. Tomorrow begins "Love Week" That's where our church goes out to the community and serves them by cleaning, cooking, painting a house...things like that. Well, that was my Love Week for my church. I'll post some pictures on out Facebook so you can see. I'm kinda proud...and tired. Gotta go. Bluegrass is calling. See ya. Have a Healthy Day !

Progress as of today: 49 lbs lost so far, only -16 lbs to go!

Puddles on 05/18/2013:
Love week sounds like a great way to get people together and doing things for their neighbours. Have a great day Raven.

nenak on 05/19/2013:
Love week sounds like fun! Good . On us for completing your task x

OhioRaven - Friday May 17, 2013
(Clean eating, exercise.)
Weight: 183.0

1egg+1bread+1cSoup+1c DD Lentils stew.

McSalad (grilled chick), popcorn

Wendy potato with 2scoops of broccoli and a package of low calorie ranch dressing. a small chili with extra,extra onions.

1c soup (turkeyburger, diced garlic and wild garlic, onions, wild mustard greens, organic beet greens, canned spinach, quiona, pinhead oats, long grain brown rice, can of greenbeans, 2canned black beans, 2cans diced tomatoes, olive oil, 1tablespoon sea salt, add wheatgerm to taste.)

Yogurt, banana, cranberries, wheatgerm.

Orange, pickle.

Glasses of water throughout the day


Have a Healthy Day !

Progress as of today: 49 lbs lost so far, only -16 lbs to go!

Puddles on 05/17/2013:
Consistency. That is definitely your trademark. Have a great day Raven.

Tangalyn~ on 05/17/2013:
u just keep on bein awesome.. u r such a positive example for the slackers like myself... very thankful to have u here :) hope u have a great day!

grannyannie on 05/17/2013:
Soup sounds delish! Have a fantastic day, Ohio!

legcramps on 05/17/2013:
Hey Ohio! How're things going? It "looks" like you're staying strong and powering through :)and how's the exercising going?

biscottibody59 on 05/17/2013:
Good going on the continued loss!

I don't know if you saw the forum entry on BMI, but don't feel like other people's comments about being too skinny are warranted. It's your body of course, but when everyone and their dog are either obese or overweight, being slim and trim can be like being the oddball when in reality it's just plain healthy!

I've heard plenty of stories where a person loses weight, feels good and they achieve the best health, BMI and fitness of their life and they get nothing but grief from old friends. In turn, over time they may actually lose those friends, sadly.

V on 05/17/2013:
Hey there Ohio! Hope you had an awesome day!

OhioRaven - Thursday May 16, 2013
(Clean eating, exercise.)
Weight: 183.0


1c Sauerkraut, 1c greenbeans

Big salad, popcorn, pickle.


A beet, a grapefruit

Water was low.

Prayers; low in calories, high in promise , and they're free !

More scraping, priming and painting. I actually got sunburned on the top of my hands. Everything else was covered.

Had bloodwork done the other day. Nurse called and said my "numbers" are great ! I said, Great ! "Does the Dr. Want to see me ?" Nurse, "No, just keep doing what you're doing." So, here I am posting again.

Have a Healthy Day !

Progress as of today: 49 lbs lost so far, only -16 lbs to go!

Puddles on 05/16/2013:
Congrats great Dr. report. You are doing good and Healthy stuff. Have a great day and keep it up.

V on 05/16/2013:
Godd to hear that you had stellar results from your blood work! Have a good evening Ohio

OhioRaven - Wednesday May 15, 2013
(Clean eating, exercise.)
Weight: 183.0



Wendy potato, small chili

2 pickles

Yougurt, banana, nuts,

1/2 gallon water


Have a healthy day.

Progress as of today: 49 lbs lost so far, only -16 lbs to go!

Puddles on 05/15/2013:
Raven you are so well regimented with your plan. I just wish I could be as good as you. Have a great day.

lolla on 05/15/2013:
You are so amazing and consistent, send me some of that persistence!!!! i am proud of you ravie birdie.

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