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OhioRaven - Monday Feb 18, 2013
(Clean eating, exercise.)
Weight: 208.0

1egg, 1bread, 3/4c beans, 1c soup.

1c sauerkraut, 3/4c beans, 1c soup.

Grapefruit, pickle.

No Water, coffee/tea only.


20min StairClimber

20min Treadmill

10min Elliptical

Yeah ! I lost 4 Lbs !

I am as surprised as anybody. I know, I didn't have much in the way of supper the last 2 days, but I wasn't "starving" myself, I just didn't want that much.

To be sure, its gonna take a super effort to keep all 4 off till next Mondays weigh-in.

Hope everyone does good on their weigh-ins. Have a healthy day.

Progress as of today: 24 lbs lost so far, only 9 lbs to go!

Puddles on 02/18/2013:
congrats on your weigh-in - good job. Have a great day.

IndependentEm93 on 02/18/2013:

graindart on 02/18/2013:
Congratulations on the loss. So is 199 your final goal or just your 1st goal?

biscottibody59 on 02/18/2013:
Good job on your progress!

graindart on 02/18/2013:
Reply - I'm fairly "big boned" also and feel very comfortable in the mid 190's too. The last time I was in the 190's I became complacent and then felt "comfortable" in the low 200's, then 210s, then..... This time whatever weight I end up deciding is optimal I just need to put some effort into maintaining this time.

thenewMLE on 02/18/2013:
Congrats!!! Keep it up, but don't forget the water!! Yeah, I'm very sore, but hopefully it's all just skin deep. This elbow is really bothering me. I've got to pick up the water too because of the pain meds. Have a nice day!

grannyannie on 02/18/2013:
Great weigh in! Drink more water though!

RYC: yes very bad. But on my way to France where the food is the best in the world! I will be very very good when I come home! I swear!

V on 02/18/2013:
YAYYY!! Congrats Ohio :) You are almost to your goal, how exciting! Keep up the amazing job. Have an awesome day!

Tangalyn~ on 02/18/2013:
congrats on ur loss :D have a wonderful day!!

niftyjack on 02/19/2013:
Congrats! That's amazing work.

Also, re:glue - :D Don't worry. (Also, it'd probably cost more to ship here than it would for me to buy new shoes. :)

OhioRaven - Sunday Feb 17, 2013
(Clean eating, exercise.)
Weight: 212.0

1c soup, 1/2c beans, 1egg, 1bread.

McSalad, popcorn.

1c soup.





I only had a cup of soup for my dinner. I didn't plan it that way, I just wasn't that hungry. Also, I had a very busy day and didn't get home at a decent time to get downstairs for excersise.

Weigh-in tomorrow.

Y'all have a good day.

Progress as of today: 20 lbs lost so far, only 13 lbs to go!

Puddles on 02/17/2013:
good luck on your weigh-in tomorrow also. Have a great evening

OhioRaven - Saturday Feb 16, 2013
(Clean eating, exercise.)
Weight: 212.0

1egg, 1 bread, 3/4c soup, 3/4c soup.

SideSalad, chick breast, minipopcorn.

1c soup, 1c kraut, 1c beans.

Blueberries, 2grapefruit, orange, pickle.



20min StairClimber.

10min treadmill.

Have a nice healthy day today. Be good to yourselves and others.

Progress as of today: 20 lbs lost so far, only 13 lbs to go!

grannyannie on 02/16/2013:
Have a great day!

V on 02/16/2013:
Have a wonderful weekend Ohio :)

IndependentEm93 on 02/16/2013:
Have a great weekend!

getmebackto150 on 02/16/2013:
Have a great day:)

biscottibody59 on 02/16/2013:
Enjoy the weekend!

Puddles on 02/16/2013:
I wish you a wonderfully peaceful weekend.

OhioRaven - Friday Feb 15, 2013
(Clean eating, exercise.)
Weight: 212.0

1egg, 1bread, soup, 1c beans.

Side salad, ChickenBreast, 1/2pickle, minipopcorn.

2c kraut, 2c DarlaBeans, 1c soup.

Yogurt, blueberries, 2grapefruit.



10min StairClimber, 20min treadmill.

Didn't go to Olive Garden :v( Daughter was sick with some kind of woman stuff. Her and Mom went to the hospital, she is fine now. They both got flowers, candy and cards from me. And I got kisses from 2 pretty girls :v)

I thought of something very interesting. It's easy for my to hand out advice to people I don't know, and when It's my time to get hungry between meals...well, It's hard to take my own advice sometimes. And again, when It's time to get off the couch and do my 30minutes down in the gym...It's hard to take the same advice I've been spewing to you good people.

Just want you all to know I appreciate the fellowship, and I'm learning a lot about myself in this group, and understanding more of what everyone else is going through.

Have a good, healthy day.

Progress as of today: 20 lbs lost so far, only 13 lbs to go!

IndependentEm93 on 02/15/2013:
Have a great day!

V on 02/15/2013:
Sorry that you have to postone your plans..Thank goodness your daughter is fine now..I am sure it was quite the scare for you..Have a good day Ohio!

Umpqua on 02/15/2013:
Sorry to hear about your daughter but I'm glad she's OK now. You are so right about handing out advice - it's always easier said than done. But all of us mess up here and we are all supportive of each other through the good and bad. That's why I stick around here ;)

lolla on 02/15/2013:
Glad daughter is well, as a parent myself it is also hard to see them suffer. Yep, it is quite a bumpy road this trying to lose the darn weight!!. We will not give up! The war will be won through many battles. Good luck to you my friend!

grannyannie on 02/15/2013:
You're doing well with food and workouts. Hope your daughter is okay.

Porridge is very similar to oatmeal.

graindart on 02/15/2013:
Your food and consistency looks good as always, keep it up.

OhioRaven - Thursday Feb 14, 2013
(Clean eating, exercise.)
Weight: 212.0

1egg, 1bread, 1c soup, 1/4c beans.

1/2salad, chickenBreast, 1/2pickle, minipopcorn.

2c kraut, 2c Darla's bean soup, 1c soup, 1peice cornbread.

Yogurt, 1/4c blueberries, banana, 2grapefruit, Apple.



10min treadmill, 10min stairclimber, 10min elliptical.


Tonight we're going to the Olive Garden. I have Card and Candy ready.

Ok, Wifey's beansoup (an Internet Recipe) looked watery and thin. But smelled and tasted great :v) She used; a whole bag (1Lb) of 15 different beans, peppered and smoked ham, whole big A-- onion, bunch of diced garlic, a can of diced tomatoes (which I thought was weird) and some olive oil. I think she made too much of it. 1/2 the bag would have been better. I'll be eating them for breakfast for a while.

I was hungry and "snacky" all day, but I went for the fruit and hot tea for help.

Wifey made the comment, "you look thinner," she said with a smile as I passed in front of her Dr. Phil program. I think she smiled because I didn't block out Phil as long this time with a smaller belly :v)

You all have a Happy Valentine's Day.

Progress as of today: 20 lbs lost so far, only 13 lbs to go!

Puddles on 02/14/2013:
That sound good. Wifey sure sounds sweet. You are very lucky. Have a good night out with your sweetie. Happy Valentine's Day to both of you.

IndependentEm93 on 02/14/2013:
Olive Garden<3.

getmebackto150 on 02/14/2013:
Love the you look thinner comment!!! Its so nice when someone notices:) Have a great Valentines day!!

legcramps on 02/14/2013:
:) love the comment from your wife; she's a keeper ;)

Umpqua on 02/14/2013:
Aww, take the nice compliment from your wife. I'm glad you enjoyed the bean experiment - hope you have a fantastic dinner out!

V on 02/14/2013:
Hahahahaha! I am sure you do look thinner..You are too funny Ohio :) That soup sounds deelish! Have a wonderful evening with the wifey.. Happy Valentine's day :)

niftyjack on 02/15/2013:
:D I think your wife comes up with the nicest compliments.

OhioRaven - Wednesday Feb 13, 2013
(Clean eating, exercise.)
Weight: 212.0

1egg, 1bread, soup, beans.

BobEvan's Cobb salad, minipopcorn, 1/2 pickle.

Wendy potato plain w/lightRanch, sm. Chili, 2crackers.

Yogurt, 1/4c blueberries, banana, 2grapefruit.



10min. Elliptical

10min. Treadmill

Wifey is making some "bean" something or other today. I dunno,...I'll let you all know what becomes of it. Wednesday's used to be spaghetti night, but I switched to where I just eat sauerkraut or something. I don't really miss it.

I was able to get on the elliptical for a little while. And I'm walking pretty good now. My wound is healing nicely. I remember when I started this journey with you guys and decided to get off the couch, I could barely stay on the treadmill for 10min. Now I see a steady increase of my stamina and physical ability. Darla noticed it too :v)

Have a good day.

Progress as of today: 20 lbs lost so far, only 13 lbs to go!

Umpqua on 02/13/2013:
I want to hear more about the bean thing haha. I've been slowly adding beans to our diet over the past couple of years and I can get my non-bean eating hubby to eat them in burger and curry form. Good going on the elliptical!

Puddles on 02/13/2013:
Your doing good with the exercises. Good job. Have a great day.

thenewMLE on 02/13/2013:
I'm glad you are healing well. Ya know, when you are eating healthy, your healing process is actually enhanced. And the exercise helps the healing too. My dad had MAJOR surgery over Thanksgiving (had a kidney removed) and he actually recovered beautifully because he was so physically fit when he went in. Isn't amazing how your stamina gradually improves? I think back when a half hour bike ride had my heart racing and now I can ride for 1 1/2 hours at a much faster speed and barely feel it! Your body is a machine and you have to fuel it properly and work it daily! I'm glad you joined us - I enjoy your posts! have a great day!

supercheese on 02/13/2013:
haha nice improvement!! Soon youll be running a marathon eh?

Puddles on 02/13/2013:
Thank you Raven. His name is Paul. Both him and my deceased husband where so close so we spent a lot of time with them. I am especially close to him. I certainly have great memories of our time together event thought it was a short period of time - my husband passed away at the age of 36. I hate loosing another one in that family. Thank you again for your prayers - I just hope he makes it to May.

supercheese on 02/13/2013:
Hahaha never say never!

V on 02/13/2013:
Glad to hear that your wound is healing nicely :) Awesome progress building up your stamina Ohio!! You rock :)

IndependentEm93 on 02/13/2013:
Have a great day

OhioRaven - Tuesday Feb 12, 2013
(Clean eating, exercise.)
Weight: 212.0

1egg, 1bread, beans, 1c soup.

1/2 salad, 1/2 pickle, minipopcorn.

1c soup, 2c Sauerkraut, 1CheeseSandwich.



20min walk treadmill= 1mile.

Hope everyone has a good day :v)

Progress as of today: 20 lbs lost so far, only 13 lbs to go!

Puddles on 02/12/2013:
Have a great day Raven.

getmebackto150 on 02/12/2013:
Hope you have a great day! Thanks for your kind/supportive comment yesterday!!!

Supercheese on 02/12/2013:
Have a great day yourself!

biscottibody59 on 02/12/2013:
Good job with the loss!

legcramps on 02/12/2013:
Have a good day today :)

IndependentEm93 on 02/12/2013:
Have a great day!

Umpqua on 02/12/2013:
Congrats on the slow and steady loss, you are kicking booty!

V on 02/12/2013:
Hey there Ohio! Hope that all was well today :)

OhioRaven - Tuesday Feb 12, 2013
(Clean eating, exercise.)
Weight: 212.0

1egg, 1bread, beans, 1c soup.

1/2 salad, 1/2 pickle, minipopcorn.

1c soup, 2c Sauerkraut, 1CheeseSandwich.



20min walk treadmill= 1mile.

Hope everyone has a good day :v)

Progress as of today: 20 lbs lost so far, only 13 lbs to go!

OhioRaven - Monday Feb 11, 2013
(Clean eating, exercise.)
Weight: 212.0

1egg, 1bread, 1c soup, 1/4c beans.

Wendy potato plain w/1/2 pack lite ranch, sm. Chili, 2crackers.

1slice Liver, 2 very sm. Potatoes. 2c soup, beans.

Apple, grapefruit.

1/2 my water.

All my prayers.

20min mile on the treadmill.

Lost 1Lb this week. Phew !

Feeling good. Made good soup yesterday. Wifey is making some kinda bean-thing on Wednesday. I'll let you know how that turns out.

Progress as of today: 20 lbs lost so far, only 13 lbs to go!

Puddles on 02/11/2013:
Congratulation on your loss. I will be posting soon. Just waiting for first coffee. Interesting menu. Have a good day and a good week Raven.

Tangalyn~ on 02/11/2013:
congrats on ur loss =)

grannyannie on 02/11/2013:
Good plan for today. Congrats on the loss!

thenewMLE on 02/11/2013:
Another one bites the dust! You need to be more specific with the bean thingy if you like it! We try to eat beans once or twice a week. I did a spicy creamy black beans that we will get back to eating now that I don't have to feed my parents. I like to hear new dishes so I don't get bored with the same thing all of the time. Have a great week!

supercheese on 02/11/2013:
yay on the loss!!!

supercheese on 02/11/2013:
sweet potatoes are most definitely good for us. I used to eat one everyday when they were on sale....and tea is good too if its unsweetened. Alas though, I shall find substitutes.

skinnygrlwithin on 02/11/2013:
Yay for 1lb down!!!

I'm going to weigh in every thursday instead of monday, but I needed to make a point to myself that this weekend was NOT ok.

lolla on 02/11/2013:
Total 20 pounds, that is awesome! no mini popcorn today?

INDEPENDENTEM93 on 02/11/2013:
Have a great day!

V on 02/11/2013:
Hey congrats on your loss, awesome work on the treadmill Ohio!! Hope you had a good day :)

Bikiniwax85 on 02/11/2013:
Wonder what r you take during your "craving" time. Looking at your menu it is clean and the portion looks like something that I need to follow (Still learning VERY hard with portion control!) nice on for 1lbs loss! :)

niftyjack on 02/12/2013:
Congrats on the lost and the milestone!

OhioRaven - Sunday Feb 10, 2013
(Clean eating, exercise.)
Weight: 213.0

1egg, 1bread, soup, beans.

McSalad (Bomb), minipopcorn, bigpickle.

Small potato, 1c kraut, 1/2c oats&groats

5 plums.



20min walk. (treadmill)

Weigh-in tomorrow.

Have a good day :v)

Progress as of today: 19 lbs lost so far, only 14 lbs to go!

horn_of_plenty on 02/10/2013:
i love pickles. you can pickle almost any vegetable yourself at home. i haven't tried - my grandma used to and my boss does. he has brought some in for me! if you & i learn to do it ourselves, we can use more spices and limit the salt we add in. pickled foods are good for filling up on - not many calories ;-)

Puddles on 02/10/2013:
My weigh-in is also tomorrow - 4 weeks tomorrow - It is starting to feel a little bit normal this routine. Good luck.

supercheese on 02/10/2013:
have a good one raven!! Lets hope for a good weigh in tomorrow! I think youll see a -lb! or more!

Puddles on 02/10/2013:
I find that weigh-ins on Monday makes me stay on track on the weekends. No slacking off or I will pay the price.

horn_of_plenty on 02/10/2013:
LOL, i like nice crisp cold pickles. my favorite are half sour, still very crisp & crunchy! :-) the best kinds i've found are from Jewish deli's in the NYC/Long Island area - Ben's has great ones...

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