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PI - Friday Jul 06, 2012

Weight: 54.0

I just saw a very cool diet on a website everyone!!! The guy lost 10 kg in 1 week! He only ate sweet potato and drink only water. All he did was running for exercise :) I'm going to try this soon and will tell you guys how it goes!

winter squash for a day ^w^ (I eat until I feel full)

only water for a day (stay hydrated)

winter squash are very low in calories, there are 82 calories in one cup, cooked, winter squash!

It is very low in fat so that's good because I want to cut out the fat that I've been storing it for a year!

I was very skinny at first (42kg) but then I went to America to exchange for a year and all I ate were pizza, hamburger, cake, and all that sweet stuffs, especially chocolate bars :(

The result was I gained a lot of weights... (56kg)

I've been eating very greasy stuff, meat, and dairy product so I'm going to try to eat clean from now on! >w< 

And, I will try to run everyday!!!

Check my instagram out at phaibaby!!

Good luck to everyone! I love diet diaries!!

Progress as of today: 2 lbs lost so far, only 9 lbs to go!

grannyannie on 07/07/2012:
Good morning PI. A tip on posting on DD. It's not like Facebook. You'll need to post your individual replies on each person's blog because it's unlikely we'll go back to your blog to read your reply. :-) 10kg in a week is unhealthy. Max weight loss should be less than 1 kg per week. Have a great day!

V on 07/07/2012:
Welcome to DD :) I wish you much success in taking off the extra lbs..This can be done without extreme dieting..Keep it safe :) Have a good day!

LeakingLife on 07/07/2012:
Hi and welcome!

Sure you can lose weight with just one food, but the problem comes when you go back to eating "normally," whatever that is for you. I'd suggest throwing in some greens or other vegetables (preferably some things you especially like). A half-cup of beans of some kind daily--made with meat or not. (Depends on what's available to you.) As soon as you get hungry, EAT. It is entirely possible. Don't deprive yourself and don't get dehydrated. And above all, EAT! Good Luck!

Sweet potatoes are a marvel:-)

moogy on 07/08/2012:
Any diet work, it's just a matter of sticking with it!! Sounds easy doesn't it? Have a good week PI:)

Horn_Of_Plenty on 07/11/2012:
welcome...i don't advise only eating squash. it is healthy, yes. vitamins & fiber, yes. but no protein, calcium, iron, and so many other things we NEED in our diet. squash only diet is completely unhealthy.

PI - Wednesday Jul 04, 2012

Weight: 54.6

I woke up very late as usual at 11.00 am. So, I didn't have breakfast. I'm trying to wake up early but it didn't work because I coudn't sleep until 4 am today.

500ml water= 0 calories

I have to eat before I run so I'm going to look in the refrigerator to see what I have.....

1 mango= +135 calories

7 macademia nuts= +140 calories

run: 30 mintues= -300 calories

500ml water= 0 calories

a little bit of salmon in soy sauce= +90 calories

tuna with brocolli and carrot= +50 calories

2 macademia nuts= +40 calories

yogurt with half a banana and 2 tbs whey protein= +140 calories

rice pudding= +200 calories

soya milk with soy curd= +200 calories



Progress as of today: 1.4 lbs lost so far, only 9.6 lbs to go!

grannyannie on 07/04/2012:
Welcome to DD!

Em17 on 07/04/2012:
Welcome to DD's!

nunnermack on 07/04/2012:
Welcome, PI!!

moogy on 07/04/2012:
Welcome to DD's PI:)

PI on 07/06/2012:

PI - Tuesday Jul 03, 2012

Weight: 55.5

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