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Puddles - Saturday Oct 11, 2014
(Healthy Eating)
Weight: 266.0

Good morning guys

Yesterday was good and on track - food and water.

Today I have to get the house ready for my company tomorrow.  Yes the regular stuff cleaning the house, make sure the dishwasher is started and then put away.  It will be just a day of making sure I have not forgotten something.  If I did I will run out and get it.  I am looking forward to the company. 

There is certainly a lot of stuff I have to be grateful for in my life.  I have been blessed with a lot of good stuff eventhough there is some not so good stuff but dwelling on the bad is not really my style. 

That is about all for me - got to get going on my busy day.

Have a great day.



Progress as of today: 18 lbs lost so far, only 76 lbs to go!

shams on 10/11/2014:
Yea, grace to god that we some good stuff in our life that give us a smile sometimes. Have a good day.

Horn_of_plenty on 10/11/2014:
Sounds like u have a great day in store :) I cannot wait to just relax and be lazy all weekend. Sometimes it's what the body needs :) sleep is important - I almost never "catch up on it" so I try my best to go to bed at reasonable times. I have a tendency to sometimes have interrupted sleep when I have things on my mind at night.

biscottibody59 on 10/11/2014:
Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you have a good time:-)

museumgirl on 10/11/2014:
Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. Enjoy the day.

OhioRaven on 10/13/2014:
I hope you had a good day and a HappyThanksgiving !

Puddles - Friday Oct 10, 2014
(Healthy Eating)
Weight: 266.0

Hi guys

All is good food and water was excellent yesterday -  Water really does make a big difference I can feel it this morning. 

So not much to report back today.  I am looking forward to having my family over this Sunday.  I have all the stuff I need in my freezer - good place to keep everything -  I have been know to eat frozen stuff before LOL LOL.  It all comes out of the freezer on Sunday morning. 

I seem to have errands every day this week.  I guess there are weeks like that. 

I am so grateful to have all you guys around for my journey this posting every day starts me on the right foot.  I enjoy being accountable for my eating decisions bad or good. 

Hope you all have a great day.


Progress as of today: 18 lbs lost so far, only 76 lbs to go!

OhioRaven on 10/10/2014:
Good Morning. You are doing Great, Puddy ! Your friends and family are going to see a new and improved Puddy this Thanksgiving. Stick to it.

shams on 10/10/2014:
I hope you have a great day... with family and friends.

museumgirl on 10/10/2014:
Have a wonderful time, you are doing great!

Puddles - Thursday Oct 09, 2014
(Healthy Eating)
Weight: 266.0

Good morning everyone

Yesterday was a good day for food but water was low only 4 glasses.  I will do better today.

My food was good but went out yesterday which resulted in missing one of my meals - that is OK I was not hungry and it did not cause me to overeat when I got back.  My calorie intake was real low yesterday surprised me how not hungry I was and today seem to be starting the same.  I hope I am not coming down with something.  If I am not hungry I must be sick LOL LOL. 

I have lost some weight but I do not feel it in my clothes yet I am looking forward to something feeling loose.  Maybe I have to loose much more before I start feeling it in my clothes.  I do feel better physically and mentally but the clothes are not reflecting a 18pd loss. 

I do have to go out again and do more shopping - I decided yesterday to go only to one store and do the other one today.  I find that getting out is great and gives me a change of environment.  The human contact is also nice.

Today will be

1 bowl of soup home made chicken noodle/vegetable

Eggsalad wrap with lettuce

something else tonight ???? TBD

I will be within my 1000 to 1400 calorie limit.

Wishing you all a great day.


Progress as of today: 18 lbs lost so far, only 76 lbs to go!

museumgirl on 10/09/2014:
Sometimes we lose weight in places that don't affect our clothes, but we are still losing. You're doing great and you are very encouraging to me, too :)

OhioRaven on 10/09/2014:
I can feel your discouragement. I still see a big belly looking up at me when I try to see my boots :v)

puddles on 10/09/2014:
I totally understand - I still have to bend forward to see the numbers on the scale every Monday morning.

shams on 10/09/2014:
It's great hearing losing weight. Enjoy the moment. Hope you the best and have a good day.

biscottibody59 on 10/09/2014:
Sounds like a good day--they're never perfect:-)

museumgirl on 10/10/2014:
I was thinking about you saying you don't see the weight loss in the clothes yet. I noticed yesterday my elbows are "thinner" than they used to be. Wow, elbows yippeee. Obviously won't affect how clothes fit, lol. But any weight off of the frame is stress off the heart, so keep at it, it will come. :)

Puddles - Wednesday Oct 08, 2014
(Healthy Eating)
Weight: 266.0

Good morning all

Yesterday was a good day again food and water.

I most have slept too much yesterday because last night I woke up around 4:00 am and could not fall asleep again.  I really do not think that that 11 hours the night before did me any good.  I will probably now need a nap this afternoon then my sleeping habits will be off for a few days. 

Today I have to go out and get some stuff again the cupboards are getting pretty empty.  I need to refill them with none interesting food that will not trigger me.  That really sound bad but by that I mean healthy food and not junk or numnums.  So groceries for the weekend for the dinner plans which will be all gone by the time the guest are gone.  Then my regular vegetable, protein, wraps, pasta, stuff for my soup and basic staples.  I will be ok for another 3 or 4 days maybe more since the weekend has its special menu.

Ok that is about all for me for today and I wish you all a great day.



Progress as of today: 18 lbs lost so far, only 76 lbs to go!

museumgirl on 10/08/2014:
Have a great day!

OhioRaven on 10/08/2014:
Sounds like a good plan. Hey, aren't you retired ? You can sleep whenever you want to.

puddles on 10/08/2014:
Yes retired 17 yrs this December but still enjoy a good night of sleep. Retired people to have afternoon nappies. LOL LOL

biscottibody59 on 10/08/2014:
Another good one! Hope the sleep sorts itself out and you can continue on!

Puddles - Tuesday Oct 07, 2014
(Healthy Eating)
Weight: 266.0

Good morning guys

Yesterday was very good food and water 7 glasses.

I just got up slept for 11 hrs I must have been tired.  I am surprised I have not done that in quite a while.  Its 11:00 am and just starting my day with my coffee. 

I did some shopping yesterday on net and then called because I need to replace my tires on my car not because they are used but more because they are 6 years old and seem to start having some visible cracking.  My car only has 35,000 km but not driving much is as bad as - the tires have to be replaced because they dont move as much they dry up.  So I have made calls and have found a place I am happy with. 

Well that is about all that is going on here today - wishing you all a great day.


Progress as of today: 18 lbs lost so far, only 76 lbs to go!

museumgirl on 10/07/2014:
Sounds like you needed the rest! good luck with the tires.

OhioRaven on 10/07/2014:
11 hours ? Puddy, that's a short coma. Ha-ha ! Talk to you tomorrow.

Puddles - Monday Oct 06, 2014
(Healthy Eating)
Weight: 266.0

Good morning guys

Yesterday was good thank God for that.  Food was perfect and water was 7 glasses/acceptable.

I did manage to loose one pound and that in itself is a miracle. I start week 10 today and I am hoping to do well again.  I do have company coming for dinner on Saturday for Thanksgiving but I do not see it being a problem since I am planning the menu.  I told them that it is what I can eat and that more emphasis should be put on the getting together more than the meal.  LOL

I know that it is a big goal but I would love to be 260 by the end of the month of October.  I would definitely not be disappointed if I was just close to 260.  I will take whatever it is because it will be an improvement from where I have come from.

I wish you all a good week.


Progress as of today: 18 lbs lost so far, only 76 lbs to go!

OhioRaven on 10/06/2014:
Mornin' Puddy. I'm thinking we need to exercise to get our bodies rev'd up to burn more calories. Our food is good but I'm really not doing much else. I need to get out more.

puddles on 10/06/2014:
I agree with that. I am somewhat of a hermit type. That is why I am looking forward to my Winter months away. There is a gym, pool, sauna, whirlpool at my resort. I do intent to take my morning beach walk and take advantage of all the amenities. For now I do what I can at home with my laptop exercises that I have downloaded and follow but I dont take it too seriously.

museumgirl on 10/06/2014:
hey, a pound lost is great! congrats! Great strategy for the holidays, I know you'll have fun with family. Have a wonderful week.

shams on 10/06/2014:
Water is so important in a regime. Good going.

biscottibody59 on 10/06/2014:
Congrats--you've got the program down. Keep it going!

Puddles - Sunday Oct 05, 2014
(Healthy Eating)
Weight: 267.0

Good morning guys

Glad to be back on track.

Thank you for yesterday and the support you all gave me.  This is the best place to be and I know that you guys have my back when I get off my plan. 

Today hoping to keep things going on the right track.  One thing I have notice is that the derailment (sp ?) does not last as long as it use to.  I might get one day or one meal now where before I would take off for 3 to 5 days and then not get back on because I felt so guilty and I did not want to tell people about it - did not want to look like a failure.  I have since grown up and owned up to the good and the bad when it happens and that makes it easier. 

I wish you all a great day.


Progress as of today: 17 lbs lost so far, only 77 lbs to go!

OhioRaven on 10/05/2014:
Hi, Puddy. It's good to hear you're back on track. keep up the great lifestyle and I'll see you at weigh-in tomorrow.l

shams on 10/05/2014:
take care

Puddles - Saturday Oct 04, 2014
(Healthy Eating)
Weight: 267.0

Good morning guys

Yesterday was not all that good food - water was good.

I got some crackers to put into my soup and I should have known that is another of my triggers.  A box is just too much but you can't just buy a few of those.  I cannot bring anything in volume into my house.  I am such an addict.  Needless to say I when cracker crazy last night. 

Today will have to be a really good day if I want to salvage my week.  I am only two days away from my weigh-in.  I refuse to accept that the enemy will win this war against food.  I might have had a set back but I have not lost the war. ......  Time to reload and go forward.  The duration of my crazies are very short now and that is a major accomplishment.  They do not last for days anymore it is one small binge and I seem to come to my senses faster then I use to.  So much for that now.  It is done and I am moving on. Another experience and another lesson learned.

Hope you all have a great day.



Progress as of today: 17 lbs lost so far, only 77 lbs to go!

museumgirl on 10/04/2014:
Well, crackers aren't the worst splurge you can have had. You have definitely not lost the "war" ....not unless you give up! Have a great day!

OhioRaven on 10/04/2014:
Get back on the horse, Puddy. You've been tellin' me and helping me back in my saddle And I really thank you for that. Now it's time for me to give you a boost up and coach you. Now get those pasty white crackers out of the cabinet and walk them to the nearest park and feed some ducks, or birds, or whatever...and report back about those crackers.

puddles on 10/04/2014:
Actually the crackers went to the garbage bin last evening once I was disgusted enough about what I had done. Things could have been worst but I think I am more angry at myself for doing it then the actual harm that they will cause to my weigh-in tomorrow. If I had eaten the entire box that would have been different but it is the uncontrollable aspect of it all that really pisses me off. I am sure you understand that. Thank you Raven for being there for me.

biscottibody59 on 10/04/2014:
You're locked in--good going!

Puddles - Friday Oct 03, 2014
(Healthy Eating)
Weight: 267.0

Good morning guys

Yesterday was good for food and water extremely good.

I went to the salon yesterday and I am now sassy blond I told the hairdresser to stop just before she got to the gougar blond. LOL LOL  It took for ever from 12:30 to 4:10 pm.  When I got home I was so hungry and my hour for eating is usually around 6:30 but had to have an early meal.  Of course it did result in a snack in the evening which I do not like to do because sometimes it leads me into eating a second snack.  I was lucky I had my snack and it did the trick and was able to remain abstinent for the rest of the evening.

Today is basically an easy day just my regular routine.  We are having a cloudy day but rain is on its way for the next few day.

My eating today will be back to my routine since I know I will be home and can stick to my time schedule.  It does not take much to get me off track.  At one point I will be able to trust myself a little bit more but for today this is what I have to do to keep myself in line.  

OK guys wishing you all a wonderful day.



Progress as of today: 17 lbs lost so far, only 77 lbs to go!

biscottibody59 on 10/03/2014:
All Right!

Enjoy your weekend!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 10/04/2014:
yeah, it's unbelievable how long a hair cut or processing can take!!! it is really baffling! the worst is when you have a process and it leaves your hair looking bad for the next 3 days and you can't even wash it! that's what happens sometimes when I get a keratin treatment and that's also the reason I haven't gotten one lately...I don't want to have 3 days of horrible hair that I have to make sure it doesn't get wet and therefore cannot do a good weights workout at the gym! LOL

have a great day!

Puddles - Thursday Oct 02, 2014
(Healthy Eating)
Weight: 267.0

Good morning guys

Yesterday was perfect food and water.  I am having a strong week motivation wise and thank God for that definitely a period of grace.

Today I get my hair done.  I have been waiting to get this done for a while -  wash the grey away back to my blond highlights.  There is just something about being blond that has always made me feel better.  Crazy I know.  I am not a vain person I just like to look and feel good whether  it be insight most importantly but outside also.  It definitely pick me up.  I am doing this at this time first of all to keep myself at the level of motivation that I am now.  Just adding a little something more. 

I got up today with a feeling again of having loss weight.  I love waking up to that feeling.  This feeling always happens on days that I am not weighing in.  I think that if I peek at the scale on the off days then I will curse my weigh-in.  Call it being superstition.

Well that is about all for me for today.  Wishing you all a great day.


Progress as of today: 17 lbs lost so far, only 77 lbs to go!

OhioRaven on 10/02/2014:
Is it true Blondes have more fun ?

puddles on 10/02/2014:
Definitely and I mean it too. It brings out my true character. LOL

biscottibody59 on 10/02/2014:
You're firing on all cylinders--keep up the good work!

puddles on 10/02/2014:
Thank you.

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