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Puddles - Tuesday Apr 16, 2013
Weight: 249.3

Good morning all

Up real early this morning could not sleep anymore.  Water on track 9 glasses.  Food yesterday was perfect.

I went to bed slightly hungry with funny noise in my tummy.  I did fall asleep but not a restful sleep and now up early but not hungry. 

Basically my food for today will be very similar to yesterday.

B -Cereal Granola 2/3 C with milk

snack Yogurt and fruit (if I am hungry)

Lunch and Dinner - Veg mixture of some kind including of course my tomatoes and cabbage and Beef for protein. 

evening Snack yogurt and fruit (if I am hungry)

My meals might seem boring to some but since I live alone and can eat whatever I like and not have to worry about other's taste buds it makes it easy to have the same thing for Lunch and Supper.  My fridge is like a veg. market. 

I hope you all have a great day.  Will post later if anything else comes up.



Progress as of today: 30.7 lbs lost so far, only 59.3 lbs to go!

OhioRaven on 04/16/2013:
Mornin' Puddy. I see where you couldn't sleep. Me either. I woke up coughing at 3:30am. Could not get back to sleep. Gonna try cough syrup tonight. Have a good day, Puddy.

hollybelle on 04/16/2013:
My stomach was "off" last night too and I don't feel like eating this morning.....weird - hope it passes soon. Hang in there - good looking food if you ask me - I love tomatoes, ground beef and cabbage. tasty. I make a soup with that stuff in it - also light red kidney beans and it has chili seasoning.....cumin, onions, cilanatro, etc.

grannyannie on 04/16/2013:
You're doing great, Fran! Keep it up. :)

pinkpoppy on 04/16/2013:
Keep up the good work!

V on 04/16/2013:
Hey hope you get a restful night's sleep tonight Fran.Have a wonderful evening :)

Puddles - Monday Apr 15, 2013
Weight: 249.3

Good morning all

Water is good 8 glasses and food is good.

Sorry to report that my weigh-in nothing came off but nothing went on.  Really wonder what is going on.  

This week is week 14 and we will see what happens.  A new start and a new beginning.

Hope you all have a great week.  Will talk later.

As per Raven's request here is my menu for today:

B - Granola cereal 2/3 cup and Yogurt 1/2 cup

L/S -  same thing for both - MY DD cabbage (cabbage/red pepper/onions/green beans/yellow beans/1can stewed tomatoes/2/3 cup rice/6oz beef)

Evening snack - 1/2 c yogurt and Pinapples.



Progress as of today: 30.7 lbs lost so far, only 59.3 lbs to go!

pinkpoppy on 04/15/2013:
Sorry no weight loss. Persistence is the key. Keep making healthy life choices. Have a great day!

hollybelle on 04/15/2013:
Hang in there.

OhioRaven on 04/15/2013:
Hi, Puddy. Staying at least EVEN is my new goal. Don't say you're sorry. You are on here EVERY day. That tells me that you care about yourself. Just like everybody else that posts here. So much for the Support ! Now for the encouragement ! Show me what you got...Show me your food diary for each day. Me and our friends here. I know you're doing a Scaresdale diet but I don't know what's in it. Maybe we could help "Tweak" your eats. Just a thought. Always thinking bout' you. Have a great day !

Puddles on 04/15/2013:
I will do that - today.

Puddles on 04/15/2013:
I have posted my menu for today -let me know what you think.

OhioRaven on 04/15/2013:
I gotta say.. y'know, that doesn't look too bad. Thanks for sharing your food with me :v)

Puddles on 04/15/2013:
I love that DD cabbage thing and make it at least 4 to 5 times a week vary the meat part with ch. pork or beef and also vary the veg but always have cabbage and tomatoes.

Tangalyn~ on 04/15/2013:
im very confident u will get over this hump and see a lower # on the scale soon, u r still doing amazing with things.. i agree that posting ur foods here may help :-/ good luck and have a great day!

legcramps on 04/15/2013:
Your eats look good to me as well :) what have you been adding to up your calories?

Puddles on 04/15/2013:
I have added the rice to the two main meals - L and S.

skinnygrlwithin on 04/15/2013:
Have you tried "interval calories?" Perhaps some more protein would be good. But yes, I agree, your food looks good.

Puddles on 04/15/2013:
Yes I have and I really do not put any limit on protein because I usually use the leanest meat - ch or shrimps yes beef and pork but also the fish - I do not think the protein is causing the problem. I sure get enough of that.

V on 04/15/2013:
You know just keep on doing your thing, and the lbs will come off..Have a great evening Fran :)

Puddles - Sunday Apr 14, 2013
Weight: 249.3

Good morning all

Water was good 9 glasses and food was OK - still working it out.

Well how do I follow the last two posts on here.  I really have a boring life LOL LOL.  There might just be some merit to that though.  LOL

It is a bright sunny day here in the far north  We did get some more snow during the night but the sun makes up for the ugly white stuff on the ground.

I really have nothing going on today except a trip to the grocery store.  I need to get fruit, vegs, and protein of some kind.  I have to restock my tomatoe stuff - can/fresh/paste all of the above.  Love my tomatoe base dishes I make. 

That is about it for me - having a great day - I am in a great place right now.

Wishing you all a wonderful day.


Progress as of today: 30.7 lbs lost so far, only 59.3 lbs to go!

OhioRaven on 04/14/2013:
Wow ! You're right ! That IS Boring ! Just kidding. Morning, Puddy !

grannyannie on 04/14/2013:
Tomatoes are so good for you, and low cal! Have a great, if boring, day! :D

OhioRaven on 04/14/2013:
Thanks, Puddy. Good luck to you too.

Puddles - Saturday Apr 13, 2013
Weight: 249.3

Good morning

Really good water day 14 glasses and food was really good also.

Now for the weather tons of snow again.  They had to clean our condo parking lot twice.  I really think there really is not global warming problems.  If global warming really exists it is certain not happening in Canada.  LOL 

My food yesterday as good did the points again and my calorie count and I might just have found a good balance when I look at it from two points of view.  I think it was still a little bit low but it is a work in progress.  It is probably something like life and finding my own balance. 

I am feeling realy satisfied today or maybe it is just a peaceful feeling with myself.  I got a lot done yesterday workwise.  I have my little todo list and it is surely getting smaller.  It is all sort of stuff that has to be done before I put my condo up for sale.  I am also sorting through stuff making two pile - get rid of and the keep pile.  I also have to put some order in many closets and clothes cupboards.  I do have more to do but today is going to be mostly a me day.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and be kind to yourself this weekend.  We all deserve this kind of weekend.


Progress as of today: 30.7 lbs lost so far, only 59.3 lbs to go!

OhioRaven on 04/13/2013:
Hey, Puddy. I'm afraid to move my goals. Sounds silly but It's true. Your post sounds real good !

grannyannie on 04/13/2013:
Seems like a new ice age, doesn't it?! You're doing really well. You'll find the right balance. Good luck with the sale and moving. Always lots of work.

biscottibody59 on 04/13/2013:
Hang in there with the nasty weather!

Puddles - Friday Apr 12, 2013
Weight: 249.3

Good morning all

I had a great day yesterday. 9 glasses of water and my food was excellent.

I have been suspecting lately that my food was low as far as calorie intake and that might be why my weight is a little bit on the slow loosing side.  I decided yesterday to take a look at my old program from Weight Watchers and it is an old WW  point program one of the first started  in the early 2000s.  If anyone is familiar with this programs basically is if you weigh - in my case 220 to 249 you are allowed 28 points for the day.  I figured out my intake  for yesterday   - my points for yesterday came in at 19 which is low.  My body is probably trying to protect itself and feels like I am starving myself.  The reason for it being so low  is that I love my vegetable which are mostly 0 points equivalent.  I do eat a lot of vegetables a day.  It is a massive amount eventhough I also have protein and cereal and my fruits it still is too low.

I am going to keep tab on this for the next few days and see how I can incorporate other stuff into my food plan.  I still want to keep my crbs low and also be careful with the fats.  I really dont want to do the bad stuff in excess because that is what got be back to this point.  I have shed the habit of most of the white stuff and really to be honest dont really miss it all that much.  

If you have anything to add to this to help please do. Thank you for listing. 

Have a great day.  I did my exercise yesterday - not much but better than nothing.  3 1/2 min of arm and 20 minutes of the walking video.  It is a start.


Progress as of today: 30.7 lbs lost so far, only 59.3 lbs to go!

hollybelle on 04/12/2013:
Sounds like a good plan. You may not be eating enough, but sometimes I think our bodies hold out and then lose all at once. I know I can't count on a regular amount now that I am WELL over 50 (almost 60 actually). Metabolism is just not what it used to be, but it does seem to help if I stay more active, whick I haven't been great about lately. Keep us posted! Have a great weekend!

Puddles on 04/12/2013:
I can understand I turned 60 last month and it is must harder to do it all - exercise and get all the stuff I have to get done. The body just will not cooperate sometimes. LOL

OhioRaven on 04/12/2013:
I think you're doing GREAT, Puddy. I too was in weight-watchers, biggest-loser, etc, etc. I couldn't KEEP it off. After each challenge or program, I wasn't accountable to anyone, and I would slip back to thinking...just one burger won't hurt me...I don't need to exercise, I worked hard all day...The end result was NOT GOOD. The people around me now would rather have me fat and lazy because what they say is true...misery LOVES company. And believe me, I've tried very hard for a long time, sometimes subtle and not so subtle ways to get the family involved with a healthier lifestyle. But the couch and television win out Every time. So, I'm gonna stay right here, at the Double D, with my new friends. Who I can talk to about my Health, Exercise, Diets,Successes, Loses, Meals, Gardening, Kids, (or Anything Else). Sometimes I feel like I'm doing something wrong or going behind their backs when I come on here to Share My Feelings. Hope this helps,Puddy. Sorry for taking so long trying to say what I mean. Have a Good Day, Puddy...and thanks for letting me share.

Puddles on 04/12/2013:
I truly enjoy your honesty and openness. The WW program was given to me to add to my diet library stuff I really never really used it but I have used it for reference like all my other books. When I lost my 143 lbs in 2000 I used Overeaters anonymous and would still be using those meeting if they had not folded in this little town I live in. I apply the principle of that program to keep myself balanced. I also enjoy the DD site where I can vent and feel free to say anything I am thinking and anything that is worrying me. I can expect straight comments from all of you guys. Thank you for being there Raven and have a great day.

IndependentEm93 on 04/12/2013:
I did WW for awhile but I just couldn't keep up with the points. Have a great day!

Mskitty on 04/12/2013:
Yes sometimes the body goes into starvation mode and holds on as tight as it can to that weight- then when you eat normally again you usually put it on faster. The Gabriel Method was a good book to read on this subject. Sometimes eating too low of a calorie intake is counteractive to the weight loss.

legcramps on 04/12/2013:
I absolutely agree with your plan; I think it's a great idea to play a little bit with your meals and see if you can't get your calories a bit higher. I also think it's great that you're eating all those veggies! Good job!

lolla on 04/12/2013:
Hey Puddles, i love the old WW point system and I still have that paper calculator and the books so I am going back on it next week. I used to have the same points as you and I remember having days of 19, 20 but then I would have a 31, 33 day in that week. I was losing slowly but steady, about a pound a week. In those days they let you weigh in once a month if you wanted to and I used to go every 2 or 3 weeks and that really worked. Good Luck to you!!!!

Puddles on 04/12/2013:
I am not going to joint WW just thought I would use it to see how low my food count was. They do allow an extra 5 points a week on this plan so that would cover the overspill above 28. It is certainly a tool and yes i do have the paper calculator that slide up and down to figure out the point value.

grannyannie on 04/12/2013:
Yes, you may not be getting enough calories. Too few is counterproductive. I was on WW in 2002 and my points were 18. Have you just tried counting calories?

Puddles on 04/12/2013:
Yes I count calories Fats and crbs. I figure I was around 1200 to 1500 but obviously might be too low. I do not allow my fats to exceed 25grms a day and they are usually lower than that. My crbs are around 70grms a day and that is good for me.

grannyannie on 04/12/2013:
I wouldn't go below 1500 for your current weight, more on a day your workout. 1200 is way too low. I've never counted carbs, and do eat low fat, but when you're at about 1500 healthy calories it's naturally lower fat. I find high fibre works well too.

V on 04/12/2013:
Good job on figuring that you have not been eating enough..That is just as bad as overeating..When the body feels like it is being depraved it will eat off of lean muscle and that is NOT good at all.. Have a wonderful weekend Fran <3

Puddles - Thursday Apr 11, 2013
Weight: 249.3

Good morning

Yesterday water on track 9 glasses.  Food a little bit better than the day before - there is hope - LOL

I did my walking exercise just a little while ago and of course still not up to the whole video of 47 minutes/3 miles  but got 11 minutes.  I will return to it today and will also get my 7 minutes arm exercise. 

Today I am trying a new recipe.  I am going to make a lasagna with cabage leaves instead of noodles.  It sure looks good and since I love cabage I don't see why it would not be delicious.  My sauce will have a lot of chopped veg (finely chopped onions/g-y-r-peppers/celery).  I will let u know how it turns out.  All the cheese will be low fat and cottage cheese will be 1% fat. 

So this is about all I have to say for today.  Apart from struggling to get back on track with my food everything else is good.  Actually struggling a little bit just makes me want it more.  It also shows me how hardheaded I am.  I have to make that work in my favour. 

Thank you for listening to my venting this morning.  I will keep on doing what I have to do.




Progress as of today: 30.7 lbs lost so far, only 59.3 lbs to go!

OhioRaven on 04/11/2013:
Mornin' Puddy !

grannyannie on 04/11/2013:
Are you doing the entire 7 minutes on the arm video now? It's a serious burn, isn't it?! Have a good one, Fran!

Puddles on 04/11/2013:
No only about 3 to 3 l/2 minutes.

hollybelle on 04/11/2013:
Oh, I think I may have tried that cabbage lasagna....although I think it was called more like deconstsructed cabbage rolls or something. It was really good. I actually liked it better than the noodles because I am not that crazy about noodles, although I love bread. I am sitting at my desk drink, drink, drinking my H2O!

Puddles on 04/11/2013:
Good for you - H20 - Keep up the good work. It sure helps.

V on 04/11/2013:
Great idea with subbing the noodles for cabbage, I am sure it will be deeelish! Keep on fighting the good fight Fran :)

IndependentEm93 on 04/11/2013:
Sounds good I tried it with that veg zuchinni lol. Nasty to me but I am very picky!

Puddles - Wednesday Apr 10, 2013
Weight: 249.3

Good Morning

Water on track 10 glasses and food a little bit off track.  I did my shrimp curry/onion/rice dish but I love shrimps sooooooo much it should have been two suppers but ended up being one.  I definitely have to make only one serving when I do that meal.  I thought I would make enough and would not have to cook today.  Who am I fooling. LOL LOL  I should know better by now.  I guess I will never learn that I cannot trust myself and that I should not put myself in that situation. EVER EVER.

Well today is another day.  I figure I can only make it better than yesterday. LOL  It is really a trial and error process.  The important thing in all  of this is  - never give up - I might give in to temptation but I refuse to give up on myself.  I am flawed so what who isn't.   I have the time and I dont remember putting a time limit on this process as far as I know.

I was up at 3:00 am this morning just could not sleep anymore so now I am planning a nap at least for a few hours.  I will catch up with you guys later.

Hope you all have a great day.



Progress as of today: 30.7 lbs lost so far, only 59.3 lbs to go!

Umpqua on 04/10/2013:
That dinner sounds yummy. At least you know now what will tempt you and can plan accordingly. Have a good one!

Puddles on 04/10/2013:
Cooking for one is such a pain in the A** when there are two at least you can hope the other person will finish it off for you and you cannot go for seconds. lol lol

grannyannie on 04/10/2013:
I love shrimp as well! You're, today is another day so start from there. Have a good one.

Puddles on 04/10/2013:
It wasn't that bad but the thing is I have to cook again today. YUKKKKK.

OhioRaven on 04/10/2013:
Mornin', Puddy. Hope you're doing good. Don't beat yourself up too much, we're all human. There was a good Dr.Oz on yesterday. The metabolism whisperer. This lady knew what she was talking about.

Puddles on 04/10/2013:
I did look into that - definitely interesting. I will use of the stuff that was mentioned. We take a little bit here and a little bit there and eventually we keep adding healthy stuff to our lifestyle.

Tangalyn~ on 04/10/2013:
i have too many meals that i do that with! i have the best of intentions to make it 2 or more meals, and everytime i eat it all.. ugh willpower is a rare tool sometimes... but u r doing great with everything, fantastic job with water once again! have a wonderful day!

Puddles on 04/10/2013:
Thank you. greatly appreciate the support. Patience I know that is what I have to practice

IndependentEm93 on 04/10/2013:
I couldn't sleep either but mine was a thunderstorm!

Puddles on 04/10/2013:
it was just the tossing and turning - just drives me crazy I rather just get up and try later to sleep

MzLovely on 04/10/2013:
Have a good day :):)

V on 04/10/2013:
Have a good evening

V on 04/10/2013:
P.S. I am so proud or your progress :)

Puddles - Tuesday Apr 09, 2013
Weight: 249.3

Good Morning

My water was good yesterday back up to 11 glasses and my food was on track. 

Got really busy doing stuff in the house and almost forgot to eat.  Now that does not happen to me too often.  I was drinking my water because I needed to drink something but food was not on my mind.  It was 3:00 pm by the time I actually thought I should maybe have something.  Actually I was so tired by that time I wondered do I have a nice long nap or eat.  I decided to have a bowl of cereal, yogurt and fruit and then I had a nap.  Supper was late. 

We are having another cloudy day.  I would love to see a little bit of sun soon.  It seems the sun makes it better.

Today will be a not as active day but I have a few things on my TO DO LIST - small items that I can eliminate off that list.  Yesterday was very much a up and down the stepladder.  I am amazed that my knee is good today after all the workout I put it through.  I still have a little bit of climbing again today because the little things I want to do are the light fixtures - 3 of them.

In closing I would like to mention that I so enjoyed everyones post yesterday.  It was an active site.  It seems that Mondays we all get back to our routines as we start another week .

Look forward to reading your posts today and I wish you all a Terrific Tuesday.



Progress as of today: 30.7 lbs lost so far, only 59.3 lbs to go!

IndependentEm93 on 04/09/2013:
Have a great day! =)

OhioRaven on 04/09/2013:
Hi, Puddy. It's always nice to hear from you. You are looking GOOD :v)>

grannyannie on 04/09/2013:
I very occasionally get so busy with stuff that I forget about eating until my belly starts to growl really loudly! Wish that would happen more often. Have a great day!

getmebackto150 on 04/09/2013:
Great job with the water yesterday!! I agree, the sun just makes everything better... I am ALWAYS in a good mood when the sun is shining and I'm outside... Hope it comes your way soon and have a good day!!

supercheese on 04/09/2013:
11 glasses is awesome! Yay for no knee problems.

Puddles on 04/09/2013:
Thank you and even today not feeling any after effects of yesterdays workout. I am so please it is encouraging since I want to start golfing again this year. Skipping one year is hard enough. LOL

legcramps on 04/09/2013:
I would love for the sun to start working its magic! Have a wonderful day today :)

V on 04/09/2013:
Hey how is the arm workouts coming along? I am sure you have built up a bit more endurance!!

Puddles - Monday Apr 08, 2013
Weight: 249.3

Good Morning

Water good 10 glasses and food is good not great but good.

Today makes it 3 months that I have been on my journey.  I have done very well and find that it is definitely slowing down.  Today is also my weigh-in - yes I am part of the Monday weigh-in group and I am down only .1 of a pound.  It is a little bit discouraging but that being said it is down and that is good.  I have been on somewhat of a plateau for the past few weeks now and by that I mean the losses have been minimal. 

We are having a cloud day and expecting some snow for the next 2 days.  I can't believe this weather.  It is mild but all I want to do is put my Winter boots away for good.

OK that is about all that is new here - I wish everyone a a wonderful week.  I start my week 13 - 13 has always been lucky for me so I hope it will be a wonderful week.


Progress as of today: 30.7 lbs lost so far, only 59.3 lbs to go!

OhioRaven on 04/08/2013:
You are a Winner ! By keeping it off, you make our Monday group look very good. I am very proud of you ... And your new love for drinking water.

Puddles on 04/08/2013:
I might not call water my new love but it has certainly become a good friend LOL Thank you Raven your support is important in my journey to a healthier life.

Umpqua on 04/08/2013:
You're doing great Fran, just keep at it. And I'm glad 13 is a lucky number for you! ;)

Puddles on 04/08/2013:
Thank you Umpqua - What does umpqua mean or stand for? All the best back to you.

Umpqua on 04/08/2013:
It's an Indian name, popular in Oregon where my parents live (and where I spent a year living and traveling). I have wonderful memories of camping on the N. Umpqua River and there's a dairy and a number of other business out there with the name. Mostly I just like how it sounds ;)

Puddles on 04/08/2013:
Thank you. Sounds like it was an important part of your life. Memories are important and can never be taken away from us that is what makes them so precious.

grannyannie on 04/08/2013:
You're doing very well, Fran. Keep it up! Have a healthy week.

getmebackto150 on 04/08/2013:
any loss is better than none... I too know how frustrating a tiny loss can be but keep it up!!! have a good day!!

hollybelle on 04/08/2013:
Try not to miss the journey by wishing it pass by in a hurry. There is much joy to be had along the way! You are doing great! I began drinking more water because you are. It's always been hard for me.....

Puddles on 04/08/2013:
I am totally enjoying the journey especially since I have of you guys along. My previous journey similar to this was 14 yrs ago and lasted 18 months and I lost 143 lbs. I am just struggling with the slight plateau I seem to be on. Venting always seem to help me. Thank you for being there.

hollybelle on 04/08/2013:
Try not to miss the journey by wishing it pass by in a hurry. There is much joy to be had along the way! You are doing great! I began drinking more water because you are. It's always been hard for me.....

Tangalyn~ on 04/08/2013:
u truly r doing a great job.. hopefully the scale will reflect ur hard work very soon.

V on 04/08/2013:
Congrats on your loss Fran!!

legcramps on 04/08/2013:
I want to put my winter boots away as well :( darn Mother Nature!!!

Puddles on 04/08/2013:
I think I am just going to stay in til it all goes away. LOL LOL Spring is coming on Thursday we just don't know what month. LOL LOL

lolla on 04/08/2013:
Congrats on 3 months of making better choices! Eventually the scale will start moving more. Maybe change things a bit. I tried last week to have a big late lunch(around3) and then just a fruit salad at 7 and I was able to lose some weight. Good luck and you are amazing on your positive attitude! Thanks for sharing your journey. have a great week!

Puddles - Sunday Apr 07, 2013
Weight: 249.4

Good morning my friends

All is good food really on track yesterday but my water was really low 6 glasses.  That is OK.  I get to live another day and can work on that today. 

My friend brought over my b-day gift - it was late due to delivery.  I have a real hard time with change and especially technology changes.  So I have a new laptop but it is with the new Windows 8 now from my XP systems to Windows 8 is like night and day.  I was so stressed out and yes this morning I opened my old laptop. LOL LOL.

I called my son and he is into computers IT geek.  He was so happy because he changed his lately and only has Windows 7 and told me to make sure to bring it when I go to his place next month so he can play with it.  So I guess I will travel with the two laptops.  It takes me so long to get use to new stuff.  I usually ponder for a long time before making changes so that my mind is ready for it  but when it ends up on my doorstep by surprise it is always so much harder for me.  So that is my big story for today.  

I will try today to do better with water and needless to say yesterday the exercise got put aside since I had company.  I will try to get to it today.


Have a Great Day guys.


Progress as of today: 30.6 lbs lost so far, only 59.4 lbs to go!

grannyannie on 04/07/2013:
I love new gadgets and programmes, but often ask my geeky hubby to figure out how to do something. But once I know how to work something I'm in technology heaven!

Have a lovely Sunday, Fran.

Puddles on 04/07/2013:
Once it is all set up and I know then it is OK. I am teachable (sp?) but just like consistency.lol

grannyannie on 04/07/2013:
Same here. But I'm a bit lazy when it comes to instruction manuals.

OhioRaven on 04/07/2013:

puddles on 04/07/2013:
Thank you I am a March baby. Good old Aries - hardheaded. LO

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