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Rainbow! - Saturday Sep 24, 2022
(Protein Drinks)
Weight: 151.4

Dear Diary,

The protein drink diet is going very well.   Or should  I say the liquid diet?   I'm drinking plenty of zero to very low calorie beverages, tea, coffee, broth, diet sodas, crystal light and V8.  The V8 at 45 calories is by far and away the highest in calories, but it is not sweet like almost everything else. I am thinking of a low calorie hot chocolate and not seeing anything, so will try adding cocoa powder to almond milk with an artificial sweetener.   My gf says it will be anemic and awful, but I say worth a try, especially since we have the ingredients.   Everything is good at work.

Love, Rainbow

PS  I don't see a rainbow emoji here so I'll add my own



Progress as of today: 3.6 lbs lost so far, only 26.4 lbs to go!

Maisy! on 09/24/2022:
Congratulations on your weight loss! Maybe I should think more about protein shakes. Love the rainbows.

Maisy! on 09/24/2022:
You had a good idea to use the exclamation point. I like Jacky’s idea to use the join up date too.

horn_of_plenty on 09/24/2022:
good idea with the cocoa mix. the stores have plenty. i use liquid stevia from amazon which works great. it also has no added alcohol (i think for flavor / preservative) like many do. if you want the link to the one i buy, let me know. i found a very decent one. been using it for YEARS.

happy-1 on 09/24/2022:
Good job!!!

Donkey on 09/25/2022:
I really admire your motivation and determination. Good job!

SomeFineDay on 09/25/2022:
You are doing great! I like your rainbows.

SomeFineDayToo on 09/25/2022:
My granddaughter did very good on a protein drink diet, bur she had a regular dinner.

DDwebmasterKids on 09/26/2022:
What beautiful rainbows, Rainbow! Thanks for joining our group.

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Rainbow! - Saturday Sep 17, 2022
(Protein Drinks)
Weight: 152.8

 Dear Diary, I look at bridal magazines every single day and am motivated to lose weight.   I refuse to shop in the fat girl's bridal department and my PCP said to get in tip-top shape before we have children. We plan on each carrying one, from the same donor.   We have a friend of many years in mind.   He ticks all the right boxes, but many unresolved issues. It's complicated! 

Love Rainbow 

Progress as of today: 2.2 lbs lost so far, only 27.8 lbs to go!

Donkey on 09/17/2022:
You mention 2 very effective motivational tools to reach your goal! Actually 3 tools because I hadn't counted the PCP's advice - which is very wise. Pregnancy is hard on a body, so the better shape you are beforehand, the better you'll bounce back.

horn_of_plenty on 09/19/2022:
good idea to keep looking at the images you want to motivate you. for a very long time; and even now but not as regularly, i do look on facebook at images of fit women just to keep those images in my mind of what in my mind is fit. they are all fitter than me; but some are just regular folks who do fitness as a hobby and not a job - those are the most motivating people to me.

horn_of_plenty on 09/19/2022:
good idea with chicken broth below. you can go low sodium and flavor with even more herbs that you add to it.

i love chicken broth for my veggie soups and always drink the broth bc i add a lot of healthy herbs to it.

Jacky82020 on 09/19/2022:
You are doing great! Go, girl!

happy-1 on 09/19/2022:
Super positive mindset here!

Rainbow! - Thursday Sep 15, 2022
(Protein Drinks)
Weight: 153.0

Dear Diary,   The protein diet is going great, but most diets do start  out well.  I've added the spicy V8 and chicken broth for variety.   I'm drinking hot tea, bags, without sweeteners or anything else. We are usually more motivated early on and some water loss issues may be at work.   Thanks, for the suggestions to change my impossible password. For some reason, I never  liked those save all pw things. I write them down in an address book, a black paper ones widely available,  Old School!  but I know many use their phones instead. I do both for different things.   The new pw is easy and I'm not worried about  anyone hacking this account.  
Love, Rainbow 

Progress as of today: 2 lbs lost so far, only 28 lbs to go!

Jacky82020 on 09/16/2022:
Cool the protein drink diet is yielding results. Congrats! Did you ever track down the book I mentioned: My Great Big Fat Greek Diet, by the physician who lost a tremendous amount of weight in about 8 months? The guy who took a sabbatical and visited all the big baseball parks. Not a direct comparison to your situation as he was very heavy, but a great read.

I need to bust out the dumbbells more too! Also have some kettle balls. And a big fancy gym my husband uses everyday. Think I’m doing too much cardio and not enough weights

Donkey on 09/16/2022:
I can tell that you are very motivated to reach your goal :-)

I write my passwords in a notebook too - but I am old, so there you go.

SomeFineDay on 09/16/2022:
I am always losing passwords and getting new ones. You are doing great on the protein shake diet. My daughter makes hers thick by using the blender with ice.

happy-1 on 09/16/2022:
Good job sticking to your goal!

Rainbow! - Tuesday Sep 13, 2022
(Protein Drinks)
Weight: 153.8

 Dear Diary, you need a new password!  I have a sting of 8 capitols letters now assigned by DD.   I will never remember it.  The Protien Drink Diet is showing results.   But all that sweetness is quickly becoming too much.   I am going to try the salt free chicken broth Jacky mentioned and some low calorie vegetable juices.   I think V8 and tomato juice are sold as low calorie drinks.   My gf said we should get a juicer and see what we can come up with, but I have to say some of that green stuff doesn't look particularly appealing.   But at least it wouldn't be chocolate, chocolate or caramel, caramel.
I began car pooling with three girls from work. We wait for each other at bus stops and plan to take turns driving. This is saving us all on gas.  It does take longer than each of us driving her own car, but it's nice to talk to people and save money.

Love, Rainbow 

Progress as of today: 1.2 lbs lost so far, only 28.8 lbs to go!

Donkey on 09/13/2022:
I have borrowed Jacky's chicken broth recommendation too - at least in the cooler months. I like to add a little lemon juice to it, and maybe some red pepper flakes. I prefer the low sodium to the salt-free, and I'll confess that I sometimes go full force salt, depending on what's available.

Jacky82020 on 09/13/2022:
Carpooling is a great idea! But I think too many want it quick & are unwilling to expend the extra time.

I use chocolate protein drink in coffee. Or did & will again. Been using unsweetened almond milk lately. Only 30 Cals a 8 oz cup, so you can use lots Pretty sure V8 has a low sodium version & a hot spicy one too. About 50 Cals per 8 oz as I recall. Breaks up the all sweet monotony

coffee&calories on 09/13/2022:
Great work on your diet! I need to buy protein drinks. Forgot when I was at Walmart earlier. Chicken broth is nice idea too. Good job on the carpooling, excellent when you can find people who it works with.

innerpeace on 09/13/2022:
You can change the password - click on the wrench upper left hand side and click change password. You don't need to keep that one issued.

innerpeace on 09/14/2022:
uh...that was the upper right side.

happy-1 on 09/14/2022:
Good job saving money and gas by carpooling!

horn_of_plenty on 09/15/2022:
maybe save the password on your desktop or taped to your screen ;) carpooling is GREAT to save cash

Rainbow! - Saturday Sep 10, 2022
(Protein Drinks)
Weight: 154.2

Dear Diary, the protein drink diet is working.   I lost close to a pound.   if I can lose a pound a week, I'll be in great shape for my wedding.   I checked around and found good old Walmart has a generic that's the same as Premier Protein.   The large cartons of PP at Costco come in higher priced than the Walmart 12 pack. If any is knows of a better one, even a powdered, please let me know.  
It's been hectic at work. Never a dull moment with Junior  High kids! I hope I don't sound paranoid. But the idiot who said my gf should wear a tuxedo for our wedding keeps staring at me in the staff lounge and snickering with his cronies, a group of older men, all retired teachers. They have a fat pension and are able to earn close to $50,000 a year from the public school districts as subs and keep the entire pension.   Anymore over fifty, and the pension check is reduced.  But the fifty thousand is more than enough. They are able to choose when and for how long their assignments last.  Teachers are able to request the sub they want so these retired people are doing very well.   Someday when I'm old and in the Union I will be able to do this but it's a long way off!
  My gf and I are jogging and are building up stamina and endurance. The quarter mile around the track at the park seems like a marathon right now. We are looking into better running shoes. 
Love, Rainbow 

Progress as of today: 0.8 lbs lost so far, only 29.2 lbs to go!

Donkey on 09/10/2022:
I personally love PP shakes. I can't think of a better alternative, even not considering the price. I love the chocolate and vanilla flavors. The caramel flavor was a nice change of pace, but not a go-to favorite, if that makes sense.

Good job!!!

horn_of_plenty on 09/10/2022:
My dad loves the PP shakes....good calories, not too rich or high cal! :)

Jacky82020 on 09/11/2022:
Compare the analysis of PP to Equate. Identical last time I checked. I used to buy batches of $3 PP coupons on eBay before I knew Walmart had the generic. The generic cost less even with the $3 off.

I’ve used lots of those protein drinks, off and on over the years. Last major time was 2 years ago when I lost 25 pds in about six months, not an easy thing to do, at least not for a shorter person. The downside for me is all that sweetness! So I drank sodium free chicken bouillon, -10 Cals a cup, with hot sauce and malt vinegar.

You could also try me new fave, a huge salad made from the packaged Icelandic salad mix and cole slaw mix. Very few calories in big bowl. Of course you have to go easy on the topping and use vinegar etc. I’m doing lime or lemon juice with a a sugar free syrup.

That old sub teacher sounds like a moron. Ignore his ignorant ass.

My husband gets very high end Nikes cheap online. They really ugly colors that didn’t sell well. LOL. Some are atrocious but he could care less. He’s hard on running shoes and these are the same as the more attractive ones.

SomeFineDay on 09/11/2022:
You’re new protein diet is off to a great start!

happy-1 on 09/12/2022:
Good job! Strong mental outlook and a balanced approach to everything you need to do!

Rainbow! - Tuesday Sep 06, 2022
(Protein Drinks)
Weight: 155.0


 Dear Diary,

I have a few minutes before leaving for work. I am a substitute teacher at a large school and expect this assignment will last the entire year due to teacher shortages. I started off working at a bank after graduating from college and wanted a more challenging career. I took a big pay cut, but expect to earn it back, or begin to, after I get my teaching credential. The online classes are costly, so I will have to attend night and summer school. I took a few this summer.  
I want to lose weight so look good in my wedding gown and for when I have a baby.  I am short, so my weight  now is worse than it looks.   I am marrying my high school sweetheart, we are both girls.   She is tall and thin and I think the wedding pictures will look stupid with her so tall and thin and me so short and chubby. She doesn't agree, but this is how I feel.   We are wearing gowns.   I got into a shouting match with a male teacher last week because he said she would wear a tuxedo.  She has never worn masculine clothes, we are both don't, except things like jeans and T-shirts  that everyone wears. This man is an idiot, but I regret yelling out F'off.  
Our families and friends are very accepting, for the most part.   But my mother,  the wedding planner, has to invite some people who will refuse to attend the wedding. They will be insulted if they don't get invitations, but don't approve and won't attend.  
I have decided to go on more radical diet than eating all things in moderation.   I am going on a protein drink diet. I will drink other low to zero calorie beverages and munch on celery or other vegetables if I find any listed as very low calorie.

Love, Rainbow 

Progress as of today: 0 lbs lost so far, only 30 lbs to go!

Donkey on 09/06/2022:
Speaking from my own dieting experiences, if you do plan to go on a protein drink diet, have a plan for yourself for maintenance, when you start re-introducing meals.

"This man is an idiot" -- yep. I wouldn't waste any more of your time on him. And no-shows to the wedding? Don't give them a second thought. It's not often that we get opportunities in life that show us who truly loves & supports us, and who the hypocrites are.

Jacky82020 on 09/06/2022:
I agree with Donkey. Have you heard of the book My Great Big Fat Greek Diet (or something like that)? It was by a physician, born in Greece, but came to the US as a kid. A fat kid. He got up to well over 400 pds. He decided to lose a lot on a protein drink diet. Never said what kind he used. He took several months off work and traveled to every professional baseball stadium in a RV. I think his dad accompanied him. He bought a gym pass that was good for all the Y’s in the country, so was walking & than jogging while on a very strict diet. It may have been as low as 800 Cals a day, I think 4 drinks a day and lots of zero calorie beverages like water and tea. He lost about half his weight and kept it off, as far as I know. He was a very likable person who practices medicine in an underserved area in Southern California.

SomeFineDay on 09/06/2022:
Congratulations on your wedding. It must be nice to have Mom be the wedding planner. And good luck on the protein shake diet.

legcramps on 09/06/2022:

I definitely follow more of the "all things in moderation" diet, so I will not comment on your plan with the protein drink diet except to say that I hope you are able to maintain your health and wellness through such a restrictive way of eating.

So when is the wedding?! How exciting!! (even with the disapproval, which I wouldn't waste any time or energy on)

horn_of_plenty on 09/06/2022:
you sound so focused and like a great person!

i think you will find teaching to be very rewarding and make back any money you spend on your education. teaching is a very special profession. i did it a few years and it's something that i cannot go back to; as it feels like another lifetime and i have more than forgotten some of the music elements that i studied (it was over a decade ago that i left it)....but i still feel it's a very rewarding career and a good job if you have kids of your own. good time table as well.

Rainbow! - Monday Sep 05, 2022
(All things in moderation)
Weight: 155.0

 Dear Dairy, I am trying to determine why everyone except those who say 0 weight have  graphs up except me,  I did the bio and am hoping it remedies the problem.   Also I unchecked the Show daily progress stats.  The graphs may be motivating if they move in the right direction.
Love, Rainbow 

Rainbow! on 09/05/2022:
I can see them today!

Jacky82020 on 09/05/2022:
Yay! I like the graphs too.

happy-1 on 09/05/2022:
I can see it now!

SomeFineDay on 09/05/2022:
Hi, Rainbow! I am new here, but not as new as yiu. They just took the NEW sticker away from by my name. My granddaughter helped me set up this diary, so got the graphs showing.

horn_of_plenty on 09/05/2022:
It shows you have a graph today :)

Rainbow! - Sunday Sep 04, 2022
(All things in moderation)
Weight: 155.0

 Dear Diary, I am struggling to lose 35 pounds before my wedding next spring.   My mother suggested this forum.   She is good friends with one of the ddwebmasterkid's mother.  They worked together years ago, but remained in close contact after we moved to another state.   I did not really want ! after my name, but Rainbow is already in use.   So were some numbers I tried to add.   I will introduce myself better tomorrow.  
Love, Rainbow 

Progress as of today: 0 lbs lost so far, only 30 lbs to go!

happy-1 on 09/05/2022:

Rainbow! on 09/05/2022:
Thank you, Happy.

Jacky82020 on 09/05/2022:
Welcome! I had trouble too with my user name. No matter how many & what characters I added to Jacky they said it was in use. I will never believe that many Jackys ever joined, even though DD began in 1999. It gets glitchy here. So I finally went with the date. You had a better idea with ! because it’s simply & easy to remember.

Rainbow! on 09/05/2022:
lol. It has to be a username glitch.

Donkey on 09/05/2022:

Rainbow! on 09/05/2022:
Thank you, Donkey.

horn_of_plenty on 09/05/2022:
Hello Rainbow! so nice to have you here..yes, it's hard to grab an unused name these days!

Rainbow! on 09/05/2022:
Hello! I hope you go by HOP. Nice name you choose and must be unique, but longish

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