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Runner - Wednesday Nov 09, 2011
(real food/ less sugar/ low-cal/ exercise)
Weight: 137.0

Well, a lot can happen in a year, and here I am again---with another baby!  My third child was born in August, and even though I gained only about 18 pounds in my pregnancy (I stayed pretty active and lost my sweet tooth), I think I'm gaining weight NOW because I've let my healthy eating habits slide into the gutter.  I still work out a lot, but I feel like my sweet tooth is out-of-control, and I can't stop eating JUNK.  So even though the holidays are coming, I need some accountability, and I don't want to use Thanksgiving and Christmas as an excuse to gain weight.  I would really, really like to lose five pounds by the time January rolls around.  So that's my goal!  And I am also going to try to update here as frequently as possible, because I really do need the accountability.  It's great to see so many longtime DD'ers still here!  That totally warms my heart.  Gotta run for now...but I'll be back!!

Runner on 11/09/2011:
...and I don't have a scale at home, so the last time I weighed myself was about two months ago...but I guess I need to bite the bullet and step on a scale again!!

liza36 on 11/09/2011:
Congratulations on the birth of your new little one. So glad to see you back! 5 pounds is totally doable by January. You can do it!

grannyannie on 11/09/2011:
Congrats on your baby! You can easily lose 5 pounds by January.

sweetpea1977 on 11/09/2011:
yay!!! Welcome back old friend!! :-)

legcramps on 11/09/2011:
Hi! Glad to see you back here :) I'm feeling slightly out of control right now too and need to get back on the bandwagon myself. It's just so difficult and time-consuming!!! Good luck today :)

Umpqua on 11/09/2011:
Congratulations on your new baby and good to see an entry from you!

~WI~ on 11/09/2011:
RUNNER!!! WOOWWW!! Such a struggle you had TTC and now you are blessed with 3 bundles of joy! So good to see you back!

biscottibody59 on 11/09/2011:
Glad to see an entry--congrats on the newest addition to your family! I wish you well with the 5 pounds!

V on 11/09/2011:
Welcome back and congrats on you new addition to your family :)

Runner - Wednesday Aug 25, 2010
(real food)
Weight: 136.0

Rats.  Weight is still the same...even though I'm trying to implement healthier habits each week---less and less sugar...less and less "white"...etc.  I have barely baked anything sweet and I haven't been craving sugar like I normally do because I'm eating enough protein and fat.  But my body is HANGING onto the weight...and maybe it's because I'm still breastfeeding.  Who knows.  All I know is that my clothes fit better than they have in a long time...they actually feel a little loose!  I LOVE that feeling!  So maybe I'm losing inches...I'm trying not to get down about the number on the scale.  I know it's just a number...but I'd really like to see my weight drop a pound or two.

just42day on 08/25/2010:
That's great that your clothes feel loser - that's clearly a sign that good things are taking place even the scale is being stubborn. I'm sure you'll see the numbers change soon, too!

KathyBlue on 08/25/2010:
you should cut on fats and salt also... these three (sugar, fat and salt) are the most harmful in excess.

Horn_Of_Plenty on 08/25/2010:
Runner! welcome back! and congrats on the birth of your baby! Is this your second? I'm glad to hear you are doing well, eating well. :-)

liza36 on 08/25/2010:
There are so many other signs than just the scale that you are succeeding. Sounds like you are doing well - keep it up!

Umpqua on 08/25/2010:
Interesting, I dropped weight quickly while breastfeeding. And then when the boys weaned my body just shut down and I couldn't lose. Everyone is different though!

sweetpea1977 on 08/25/2010:
If you're losing inches, then you are probably gaining muscle which will not show as a loss on the scale. You are a very athletic and active person, so as long you notice a change somewhere, then you are doing ok. Plus, I've seen recent pictures of you and you look fantastic!! :-)

Runner - Wednesday Aug 04, 2010
(real food)
Weight: 136.0

Man, I'm terrible at remembering to update my diary.  I really need to get back in the habit of doing this. 

My weight is 1 lb. less than it was a week ago, but I know 1 lb. isn't terribly significant.  It could be water weight.  When I eventually lose 5 pounds, then I'll feel differently.

I've been a little lazy this week with my eating habits.  Sometimes I'll do really well until about 4pm...and then I'll just want something sweet and fattening---something that only makes me even hungrier for the wrong types of foods.  I need to have more fruits and veggies on hand---so I can snack on an apple or some cucumbers when the "munchies" hit. 

I am still planning to weigh myself every Saturday morning.  I can't buy a scale yet;  I still love living life without having to step on a scale every day.  Some people can do it, but I can't.  

Tomorrow I have a party to attend, so I'm hoping I can refrain from eating too much---usually I am pretty disciplined at parties, unless there are too many trigger foods around!  Then it's really hard for me not to eat more than I should.

tangalyn on 08/04/2010:
1 pound is good if u ask me, any kind of loss is... hope u have a great day!

sweetpea1977 on 08/04/2010:
Like you, I prefer a once per week weigh-in vs an every day one. I dont need number dictating my mood each day!! Fluctuations are NORMAL and most happen with no real explanation other than its your body's way of trying to stay balanced while you're trying to change it.

As for the party, I'd try to eat a healthy snack/meal with a tall glass of water before you get to the party. That way, you'll feel fuller and less tempted to eat bad foods. If not, try to keep a low calorie beverage in your hand so you'll keep at least one hand occupied as you socialize.

Umpqua on 08/04/2010:
Congrats on the pound lost!

hollybelle on 08/04/2010:
I disagree - 1 lb is significant -especially when you are as fit and close to your goal as you are. Credit where credit is due, my dear! Have a wonderful day. P.S. Don't buy that scale!

just42day on 08/04/2010:
I agree - a lb is a lb is a lb and significant. Keep up the good work and best of luck at the party. I'm confident you can make healthy choices.

loveray on 08/04/2010:
congrats!! i also had to get rid of my scale a couple years ago when i would weigh all the time. sending lots of love your way.

Runner - Sunday Jul 25, 2010
(real food)
Weight: 137.0

Today has been a stellar food day!  I have new motivation to eat well. 

I stuck to healthy, real foods---fruits, veggies, protein and healthy fats.  And I avoided the sugar!  Taking 2-4 tablespoons of coconut oil a day really cuts down on my cravings.  And it helps keep my hunger at bay, too.  I love it.  Coconut oil is so good for the body---I'm currently reading "Coconut Cures" by Dr. Bruce Fife, and I'm more convinced than ever that coconut oil is one of the healthiest things a person can consume.  (I no longer worry about saturated fat...the fat in coconut oil is the kind of fat our bodies need).

Anyway....I'm off on a tangent.  But my goals are to eat more dark green veggies---like spinach---and to avoid baking at all costs. 

I plan to weigh myself once a week at the gym.  

just42day on 07/25/2010:
Great goals and congrats for sticking to your plan!

biscottibody59 on 07/25/2010:
Happy Belated Birthday!

I'm interested in the coconut/health thing. I'll check out the book. My exposure until you just mentioned it is based on a brief conversation with an employee at a "whole Foods" type of grocery store.

Best of luck with your goals there!

Moody3 on 07/25/2010:
WTG on such a great day!! I'm curious~how do you take the coconut oil? Do you mix it while cooking with something? Mix it in a drink? Or just spoon it down straight? LOL~

Hope you have a wonderful Sunday!!

WI3 on 07/25/2010:
Heya Runner :) so good to see you back with a healthier mindset..so happy for you! Coconut oil is very good!

moogy on 07/25/2010:
It all starts with a plan. Nice to meet you.

Donkey on 07/26/2010:
I agree about the oil. All these years people said fat is bad, when it's really sugar that is the bigger threat.

Runner - Saturday Jul 24, 2010
(real food)
Weight: 137.0

So...I made a brief appearance and then got super-busy for awhile and now I'm back.  I need to be back for good, because my weight is 5 pounds higher than I thought it was.  I hadn't weighed myself since February.  In January, while I was in the States, I was down to 131 and felt great.  And now I'm back to 137, but honestly, I'm totally surprised.  I have felt rather bloated lately, but my clothes haven't felt tighter, and usually I can tell if I've gained 5 pounds.  I made the dumb mistake of weighing myself on my birthday, and that just made me feel bad all day long.

And then yesterday, a lady asked me if I was expecting again because my belly was sticking out. (I was wearing a tight tank top...and had just had a salty meal and a coffee---I was definitely bloated). 

I feel like I'm constantly exercising and I'm watching what I eat, so it's really discouraging that I weigh 137 pounds.  Just four years ago, I was 105 pounds.  I am definitely stronger now---I have a lot more muscle on my arms---but I wish I could get rid of the extra belly I've accumulated.  (not just when I was pregnant...it started before I got pregnant)

I need to cut out sweets entirely.  I can't think of anything else that is tripping me up.  I exercise ALL THE TIME, and I do mean all the time.  I went to a dinner party tonight and barely ate anything...and watched all these other girls totally pigging out...and they never seem to worry about their weight.  It's so frustrating that I can gain weight so easily.  I seem to have to exercise so much just to maintain my weight. 

Anyway...I'm a bit discouraged, but this site will help me stay focused on my goal. Right now, I just want to get back to 130.  I need to take it one day at a time.  I need more interval training and more sleep.  I need to stick to real foods, mostly low-carb foods, and plenty of water.  And I need to cut out simple sugars.  Period. 

Here's to a new start!  I'm hoping to reach 130 by September. 

Umpqua on 07/24/2010:
A belated Happy Birthday Runner! It looks like we're in the same boat weight-wise. I was also asked recently (by an elderly man) if I was pregnant again because I had on a loose-fitting tank top which was supposed to hide my belly. You just can't win! Looking forward to seeing more of you around these parts :)

sweetpea1977 on 07/24/2010:
Hey Runner! Im glad you saw my good news. :)

As for your situation, I've been there. My problem was too many sweets (which are mostly carbs). Once I purposely added more healthy fats to my diet and cut back on the sweets and focused on a mostly vegetarian diet (raw/steamed veggies, fruits, soy products with the occasional servings of greek yogurt, ff milk, lowfat cheese, and lean poultry and fish ) my stomach got much flatter. I followed the 28 day diet plan in the Flat Belly Diet Pocket Guide and lost about 7 pounds with it. Which was amazing after months of being stuck on a plateau. The FBD is a realistic plan that focuses on eating healthy fats (oils, dark chocolate, avocados, olives, nuts etc) in every meal. I dont follow a specific meal plan anymore, but I do incorporate some of my favorite FBD meals into my every day life. As for the exercise portion, I did lots of cardio three times a week (high intensity elliptical, running, high intensity Jillian Michael dvds) and weight lifting on three other days of the week. I totally believe doing an even mix of cardio and strengh/resistence training makes all the difference when it comes to weight loss.

Anyway, your plan sounds totally doable so I have total faith that you will succeed. Best wishes my friend!

geevee on 07/24/2010:
When I let up on being so careful about what I ate and stopped counting calories, not only did I go up to 137, but all the way up to 158.5!

There is just no easy way. Maintaining a loss and eating a healthy diet requires work. That's all therre is to it.

A couple of bagels, 3 glasses of wine two days in a row and here I am, 3.5 lbs. heavier. Like I've always said, "Constant vigilance".

We can do it again, Runner. So glad you're back.

hollybelle on 07/24/2010:
Hi there. Welcome back - sounds realistic to lose a few lbs by September. You can do it. Good to hear you are doing well.

Donkey on 07/24/2010:
I recently came back, too, hoping that DD will help keep me focused. You can do it!!!

V on 07/24/2010:
You can do it!

Runner - Thursday Jun 17, 2010
(real food)
Weight: 132.0

Thanks for the warm welcome back, friends!  

To answer a few of the questions you asked, yes, I still live in Asia (we're starting our 8th year in August), and yes, I've heard from Borntocry on and off over the past couple of years.  She's still in Paris...and still running!  In fact, she has completed quite a few half-marathons now...I'm so proud of her!   I'll drop her an e-mail sometime to let her know that she's missed.  I'd love to see her back on this site, too.

Here's where I'm at right now in my journey:

* I never weigh myself...I weighed myself once in February.  Haven't stepped on a scale since.  We don't even own a scale.  I've experienced true freedom from the scale the past couple of years, and now I just gauge my weight by how my clothes fit.  I have a couple of pairs of shorts that I know I'll be able to wear comfortably when I lose 5 pounds, so I'm working toward that.

* I eat more fat than I ever have before---good fat, that is.  (coconut oil, nuts, olive oil, avocados, etc.)  I think a high-fat diet helped me get pregnant.  And the more I read about fat (even saturated fat), the more I'm convinced that we DO need fat in our diets. 

* I also try to avoid starchy white carbs as much as possible, but my sweet tooth is still strong...and I LOVE to bake, so I really have to be careful.  I give away most of what I bake, but there are definitely times when I do a little too much taste-testing. 

* I still exercise every morning...and I often swim during the day when my son naps.  (I have free childcare at the club I attend...so that's a big bonus)  I ran a 10km race only 9 weeks after I gave birth, and my time was quite good!  I'm still very competitive.  :) 

* I stress out a lot less about food now.  Having kids doesn't allow me to spend so much time focusing on myself...two boys keep me quite busy. 

So...I would like to continue to eat less sugar and to avoid emotional eating.  Those are my big traps.  I think I've been maintaining my weight quite well for awhile, but I'd like to shake things up a bit and actually lose a few pounds. 

That's all for now!  I'm still trying to get caught up on your diaries...and it's nice to see so many of you are still so faithful with journaling every day!  Kudos to you!!

Umpqua on 06/17/2010:
Great attitude and great plan Runner! I understand the not having much time to spend on yourself, you just figure out ways to sneak it in. The best is if I can incorporate exercise with playing with the boys - and they'll sleep better at night too!

KathyBlue on 06/17/2010:
wow, this is great! :) I don't know you because I've been around since January (never missed a single day!) but you're doing it very good. You have the attitude and being competitive sounds great! :) We do need fats in our diets, it is very needed for things to do in the bathroom, etc. :) Sorry, my English is rusty, ehehehe..

sweetpea1977 on 06/17/2010:
Runner, I can definitely tell that becoming a mommy to two boys has changed you for the better. :) I love this entry and look forward to reading more.

Hugs! Best wishes to you, my friend!

geevee on 06/17/2010:
You have a very healthy, positive attitude toward eating and weighing. I tried what you are doing which is how I went right back up to almost where I had begun. (l57.5) Nothing fit! 14's were getting snug. On and on.

I've read about the importance of oils in our diets and how necessary it is for the body to have in preparation for gestation.

sleepy on 06/18/2010:
I'm so glad to hear someone say we need fat. When people say oh, I can't eat that, there's fat in it, its frustrating bc it shows the lack of overall knowledge people have on nutrition. I love DD but it can be frustrating at times seeing how little people know of nutrition. Where's the public awareness? I think its plain social responsibility that we should make nutrition a required class in high school.

Runner - Tuesday Jun 15, 2010
(real food)
Weight: 132.0

oh, my...I haven't been on this site in over 2 years and I just logged on for fun...and I see some familiar names!  what a treat! 

I could really use the accountability that this site offers, so I hope I can find the time to update my diary regularly.

Since I last posted, I got pregnant (a miracle in itself) and gave birth to a healthy baby boy last August.  I now have two sons...our first son is adopted.  I love being a mother, and becoming pregnant really helped me with some body issues.  I feel so much more relaxed about my weight now.  I'm still incredibly active, but I'm strong and healthy and I don't have a desire to be stick-thin anymore.

That said, I'd still like to lose 5 pounds.  (wouldn't we all?)  I have some clothes in my closet that I haven't worn comfortably for 3 years...and I'd just love to actually lose the weight and keep it off.

I can share more of my food plan next time...but I wanted to check in to say hello.  And it's so good to see so many of my old friends are still here.  :)  I'll try to get caught up on your diaries soon. 

biscottibody59 on 06/15/2010:
Oh wow, having followed your trials and tribulations over your "DD Life" I'm so glad to see how things are for you now:-) Sounds like life is good--best wishes for you and your family--woo-hoo!

Cheers Runner!

liza36 on 06/15/2010:
Hi Runner - so glad to see a familiar person! I'm thrilled you have 2 sons, and are doing well. Do you still live in Asia? I've been on and off DD and recently came back after a year's absence. I would read other's entries, but I came back for the support too. Welcome back!

sweetpea1977 on 06/15/2010:
RUNNER!!! Oh how I have missed you on here! I am glad to see you posting again. :) Welcome back!

sweetpea1977 on 06/15/2010:
PS. You may want to update your bio on here. ;-)

legcramps on 06/15/2010:
Nice to see you back at DDs!!! Every so often, I think about some of the people that used to journal here and wonder what they're doing these days. So glad you're back!

sleepy on 06/15/2010:
Welcome back! I just came back myself today. I was starlight for the longest time, then sleeepy for a while a couple years ago but I couldn't retrieve my password. Now sleepy with 2 e's. Congrats on the baby, that is so exciting! Happy to see you back. I love seeing familiar "faces"

geevee on 06/15/2010:
I've been thinking about you Runner! How nice to have you back.

You must have been eating the right good foods to be able to get pregnant. What a wonderful surprise that must have been.I heard it countless times about how after adopting, formerly childless women became pregnant. You're one of those now! I can't wait for you to piost a photo of your two boys. Are you still woring? Are you in contact with Born to Cry? (Alia)

Hey! After I drop this extra 1.5lb. of water weight from all the sodium in the beans I made we'll be the same weight -132.

Hurry back.

Umpqua on 06/15/2010:
So glad to see you back here Runner! And congratulations on your 2nd son. I have 2 boys myself now and have become a little too relaxed about my weight haha. But I'm working on it!

Maria7 on 06/15/2010:
Welcome back and congratulations to you!!! I just came back (been here almost 10 years off/on) this past Saturday! :-)

Runner - Monday Apr 14, 2008
(Under 1300 calories)
Weight: 0.0

I am pleased to announce that I have had 3 menstrual cycles in 4 months!! If you know my story, you know that I have gone for way too many years without a cycle. (almost 10)

I think a number of factors played a role in me losing my cycle---too much weight loss after my thyroid disorder, too much running, a low-fat diet for several years, and icky hormone treatments for fertility.

Let me just say, I am probably the only female alive who REJOICES when I get a cycle now! I still may never get pregnant, but I'm sure closer to it than I've ever been before. So what was the reason I had a cycle? Well, I think it's a couple of things:

* I started taking Chinese herbs last year, and after just a few months, I had my first cycle. The herbs are in the form of a drink, and they taste downright awful, but they are helping my body get back in balance.

* I now eat plenty of good fats---olive oil, flax oil, flax seeds, salmon, almonds, etc. I truly believe that eating practically non-fat, high-carb foods was detrimental to my body. I may have been skinny, but I wasn't healthy.

* God has performed a miracle. I know that it's very rare for a woman to lose her cycle for 10 years and then get it back so quickly.

I have not enjoyed gaining weight, but I am currently maintaining my weight pretty well, and if I can get my body back in balance and someday have a child naturally (without any fertility drugs), the 20+-lb. weight gain will be worth it.

Besides, what 30-year old is still 105 pounds? Really. I can't believe I held myself to that "perfect ideal" for so long. I know now that I am much better off being 120-130 pounds (I still haven't weighed myself yet) and healthy. My body is stronger than ever. I am doing weight training classes and have fantastic arms now. My back is ripped, too! Carrying around a 22-lb. baby is also a workout! I still dislike my butt and thighs, but I'm working on those, too.

We're planning to adopt another baby next year, so that's also exciting.

I feel very blessed right now. Just thought I would give you an update on what's going on in my life! I still have a sweet tooth, but I've weaned myself off of diet soda, and I think that has helped me a lot. Drinking that stuff wasn't good for me...it made me crave sweets. Now I just eat all-natural peanut butter, and I don't crave sweets at all!

mskitty on 04/14/2008:
I am happy for your success....in that department ha ha. Also I hope that what you truely seek is just around the corner for you. Maybe you wont have to adopt hmmm if you know what I am saying...wink wink nudge nudge

smiley2 on 04/14/2008:
Hi Runner, glad to hear you are doing so well, so another baby next year, that is pretty exciting :) Wx

liza36 on 04/14/2008:
I'm thrilled to hear you are doing so well! I have followed you and your story for the last several years, and I think you not only have a healthier body, but your attitude and outlook have changed for the positive too.

So exciting to be adopting another baby next year!

Beth201P on 04/14/2008:
I am so happy for your successes in your life. You can have my menstrual cycle. LOL Just kidding. Have a great day and congrats on the new little one.

legcramps on 04/15/2008:
Awe Runner, that's great news. I'm glad you're keeping us all updated on your progress, 'cause it IS progress, you know? This is the ideal that everyone should aim for - being as healthy as you are now. Congrats, keep it up, and enjoy that little baby!!

biscottibody59 on 04/15/2008:
Wow--you've made a complete 180-degree turn! Good for you Runner--I hope it all works out the way you want it to!

Take good care of yourself!

horn_of_plenty on 04/21/2008:
Your diet sounds way healthier and your mindset is also healthier. Keep up the good work because it shows you are doing many things right. I am happy for you and your enjoyment in being a mom!

sweetpea1977 on 04/23/2008:
Oh my gosh Runner, I am SO HAPPY for you!! Not only for your cycles returning and the news about adopting another baby, but also for your positivity of your new body. I've been keeping up with your blog and think you look fantastic! Anyway, congrats again on everything and keep up the good work.

Miss ya!

Runner - Thursday Mar 20, 2008
(Under 1300 calories)
Weight: 0.0

Hi, friends! I am currently trying to follow something called the Abs Diet. Basically, it boils down to 6 small meals a day, nothing white, and weight-training. I've really enjoyed the weight-training part and have definitely put on some muscle with the classes I've been taking at the gym. But I continue to struggle with the food...it seems like something always derails me around 4pm! On a positive note, though, I'm eating way more salmon and green veggies and stuff like that. I have no desire to eat fruit, though...isn't that weird? I've always loved fruit, but I just don't crave it at all.

MsKitty on 03/20/2008:
Hey havent seen you around for a while welcome back!

hollybelle on 03/21/2008:
Good to see your post. Let us know how that Abs Diet works for you. I've seen it on the book stands and it's alot like I was eating when I was most successful a couple of years ago. 6 small meals and not so much starchy stuff or sugar. Good luck!

Beth201P on 03/21/2008:
Never heard of that diet. I wish you the best of luck. Have a good weekend.

Runner - Saturday Mar 08, 2008
(Under 1300 calories)
Weight: 0.0

I feel like the last few weeks have been chock full of birthday parties, weddings, and other celebrations. We've also had company for the last week, so that means more meals out and more excuses to eat foods I don't normally eat.

I really don't like my weight, but can't seem to change it. If I could just escape to a place where I never have any food temptations, then maybe I'd actually lose a pound. But that's not going to happen, and I just need to learn how to be hungry once in awhile and pass up the food that's offered to me. I know that's no fun, but neither is gaining weight.

Beth201P on 03/08/2008:
There will always be food temptations in our lives. I had my this morning, however I knew that it was not a good choice and said no thanks. We are all human so don't beat yourself up. Hang in there and you will reach your goal you set for yourself. Have a great weekend.

mmuraro on 03/08/2008:
Agree with Beth. And I add one thing... I always pass on temptations just because they are 'there'. But whenever I really feel like having something higher cal or ice cream or something else not so diet-like, i go and have it and make it fit into my day that day. That way you enjoy it and get it out of your system. :)

maria777 on 03/08/2008:
Re:I just need to learn how to be hungry once in awhile and pass up the food that's offered to me. I know that's no fun, but neither is gaining weight. I could have written the above statement myself so don't feel alone!

sweetpea1977 on 03/17/2008:
Hey Runner,

I hear ya! I cant seem to go hungry either. My tummy has to be full at all times!! I hate it. I'll keep my fingers crossed in hopes that we'll find the strength to overcome this obstacle.


PS. Happy 1st Birthday to your son! Im sure you guys had quite the party for this special milestone. :o)

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