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Runner - Monday Sep 18, 2006
(Under 1300 calories)
Weight: 115.5

Sept. 18- 2

I didn't do very well yesterday; it's because I wasn't prepared for the goodies at the office, and I allowed my old (disgusting) habits of sneaking food to come into play. (In other words, when everyone else was gone, I helped myself).

The worst part is that I ate a bunch of junk I don't even like!! Why? I don't know...maybe I'm just too stressed out with work. But that's not a good excuse. I didn't stop to think about whether I should be eating that kind of junk, because if I had stopped to think, I wouldn't have even touched it.

So I skipped dinner (because I wasn't hungry at all)and went to bed and was relieved to find that I was still 115.5 this morning. I'm back on track today and plan to stick to all healthy foods. I sure do feel better when I eat the right things!

I felt so sick last night after the fatty treats at work. And I know some of you are probably curious about what I ate: it was Chinese mooncakes. Here's a website if you want to know more: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mooncake

It took me awhile to enjoy these things, and now I do like some of them...although the ones I had last night were far from exceptional. Unfortunately, they're made with a lot of oil, which is NOT healthy.


On another note, I've had some friends going through some personal tragedies lately, so that makes my diet concerns pale in comparison. It's amazing how a death or an illness puts things in perspective.

WorkingIt on 09/18/2006:
You are correct, death and illness does bring us down to earth and humbles us. that is so very, very true. And yes ma'am to the feeling better when we eat the right things! At least you know that in order to prevent yourself from going on this all or nothing merry-go-round with food, that you have to think before you eat. That is a very good start. =)

Becca27 on 09/19/2006:
Finding myself unprepared for out of the ordinary situations gets me every time! I do exactly the same thing, runner! If I show up at a party, I will often avoid every single bad thing just to go home and "release" with a binge. The only thing that has helped me is to eat at those parties - normally and in front of everyone, with very small samplings of all that I am pining for. Does that make sense?

Others' realities always stop me in my tracks and cause me to put my own "problems" into perspective.

sweetpea1977 on 09/19/2006:
From what I've read, those mooncakes sound evil!! ;o) I hope today is going much better for ya.

Amen to your comment about death and illness putting everything else in perspective. Im actually dealing with something like that right now, so I couldnt agree more.

borntocry on 09/19/2006:
Hi Runner,

I'm really sorry about those comments from myself and geevee about your health. I really didn't mean to interfere. It's all her fault, actually - she started it! Seriously, though, I have no doubt that you know what's best for your health and that you are doing it, and even if you weren't, it's none of my business and I would still support you in whatever you do.

As for my own body fat percentage, I must admit I have no idea what it is, but I'm a really fatty person... I have visible fat and cellulite all over and even when I was at my lowest weight I still not only had hips but 39-inch hips at that. And I am nowhere near as strong and fit as you. Trust me, I really admire you for that and would love to be the same, no matter what the health risks!

Umpqua on 09/20/2006:
I've been out of the loop for a while, and I just got caught up on your entries and your comments from and to Geevee and BTC. I'm glad to hear you're upping your healthy fats and slowing down on the running and exercise, maybe that will help to change your metabolism a bit. and you're holding onto 115, which is awesome! I can't tell you how envious I am to see you and BTC at that weight. But I also want you both to be healthy and if that means getting to a higher weight, so be it. I checked out those mooncakes too, and they sound wonderful but evil! Best to stick with healthy fats and healthy snacks - that's what I've been trying to do.

Runner - Monday Sep 18, 2006
(Under 1300 calories)
Weight: 115.5

After a weekend away, I'm more than thrilled to see 115.5 again. I hope it lasts more than one day!

Once again, I am too busy to spend any time online, unfortunately. I miss my DD friends...and want to spend some time commenting. Hopefully tomorrow I can squeeze out a few minutes to do so.


Sept. 15- 4

Sept. 16- 4

Sept. 17- 5, PLUS a BONUS! (yay!)

WorkingIt on 09/18/2006:
This is the link to the article that geeve was talking about. http://www.nytimes.com/2006/09/14/fashion/14Fitness.html?_r=1&oref=slogin

I am happy to see that you lost the half-pound and got into the 115 range again. But you aren't 'fat' at 116. I agree with Geeve, she makes very good sense.

Runner - Thursday Sep 14, 2006
(Under 1300 calories)
Weight: 116.0

Points for Sept. 12- 5

Sept. 13- 4

Sept. 14- 4

Whew, what a week! It's been a hectic few days. My emotions have run the gamut as well, but I won't get into all that. Diet-wise, I think I've made better choices this week than I have in a long time. Unfortunately, the scale STILL won't budge. Not even a silly half-pound!

I think I need to cut my calories a little more. BTC made a good point, which I've copied here:

I think you should try to move away from the notion that the time you spend exercising can offset your calorie intake. I know it seems logical, but it really doesn't work that way for us, and in fact it doesn't work that way for most people.

I think she's right. I often eat a little more when I have hard workouts, but that hasn't helped me lose weight. I remember that I was at 112 for a long time and then just put on 4 pounds suddenly, and now those pounds won't budge. So I need to try something else...

And I'm patiently waiting for my new thyroid medication. I hope that will help kick-start my metabolism.

Unfortunately, I am going away this weekend, so that means several meals out and inactivity while traveling. I hope I can make it through without seeing 117 on Monday. Ugh. I wish I had a little "wiggle room," but I don't. Literally. If I gain any more weight, I won't be able to fit into my clothes!

borntocry on 09/15/2006:
Hi Runner,

Thanks for your comment. You've inspired me to start writing to my parents more often!

Yes, it's a pity that avocados are so high-calorie, as they're supposed to be so healthy. I have never been a big avocado-eater either, because by the time I discovered them I already knew how many calories they carry. So that kind of discouraged me from becoming a big fan. But my husband loves them and I've found that a little goes a long way, especially if he's willing to have the rest.

Well, good luck with your weekend away. You seem to be doing quite well despite the hectic and emotional few days you have had, so keep up the good work!

geevee on 09/15/2006:
Runner - After reading an article in the NYTimes, Thurs. 9/14, p.E12 "When Being Varsity Thin....." by Paul Scott, I think the reason you're having such a difficult time losing weight is because your body is in starvation mode. It talks about a survey of college coaches who "mistakenly thought that nonexistent or irregular periods were natural consequences of vigorous exercise rather than the telltale signs of NUTRITIONAL DEFICIENCY." The seriousness of amenorrhea and its lifelong consequences for bone health and the development of osteoporosis suggests to me that you ought to consult a nutritionist. Cutting down on calories isn't working. Continued long sessions of daily exercise is wearing out your body. Refueling with hundreds of "sugar" calories only makes matters worse. Heed your body's call for help, please.

geevee on 09/15/2006:
PS - I am so worried about the state of your health. You've been on my mind most of the day. Reading BTC's comment about avocadoes brings to mind about one of the most nutritious foods you could eat. Your body would absorb every single ounce and be so grateful if you treated it to at least half an avocado.

And then, thinking in this line, suddenly it occurred to me why none of your doctors have been able to diagnose your problem correctly. I had a vision of one of those starving children in Africa with the distended bellies and thought of your complaint about the same thing. Of course malnutrition would be farthest from the mind of doctors because of your apparent "good" health. And then I recalled one of your doctors saying something about your body's inability to menstruate because of a lack of fat in your system. I don't remember your saying anything else about it, butdid he go into malnutrition with you?

Which reminds me, when you eat that half an avocado, add a tbsp. of oil with it. Your system needs it!

Start eating some substantial food and cut out the sugary crap you love. Gorge on nuts. They'll do you a world of good.

You NEED to change your plan. Your way hasn't worked for quite a while. Have an open mind and be willing to try something new.

I hate to be a busy body and give unsolicited advice, something my mother always advised against doing, but your problem is so long standing, you've got to do something!

Runner - Monday Sep 11, 2006
(Under 1300 calories)
Weight: 116.0

Points for Sept. 10- 4

Points for Sept. 11- 0

I'm not giving myself any points for yesterday...I know that I was over my calorie limit and I also binged a bit on peanut butter.

I had a dim sum meal with my husband, and it was thoroughly enjoyable...but, of course, my stomach blew up after all that salt, and I couldn't bring myself to step on the scale this morning.

I am back on track today, but I can't help feeling very disappointed in myself. As soon as I start to make any sort of progress, I always take 10 steps back.

It's just not fair. Really...I hiked and walked for almost 3 hours before my dim sum meal, and I only had about 8 pieces of dim sum, but I KNOW my weight is up. I can feel it. I just can't eat like a normal person. Not now, not ever.

This week is super hectic for me, as I'm moving into new work responsibilites, so I know I probably won't be able to update until this weekend. I'll still keep track of my points, but losing 5 pounds seems to be the hardest thing I've tried to do in the last year. I just can't seem to bring myself to stay in "diet mode" long enough to actually lose the weight! Why can't I do this?

I'd better start picking out BTC's gift, because I know she's going to kick my butt in our 5-lb. contest...I'll probably gain 5 pounds by the time she loses 5 pounds! :)


Some work-related things were put on hold until next week, so I WILL be checking in...and hopefully have time to leave some comments! Yay!

borntocry on 09/12/2006:
Hi Runner,

Are you trying to be funny? You know I've been trying to lose 5 lb all year too! So what's with this defeatist attitude? This isn't the ultra-competitive Runner I know!

I know 8 pieces of dim sum is not a lot - not a lot at all! But I do have one small suggestion for you. I think you should try to move away from the notion that the time you spend exercising can offset your calorie intake. I know it seems logical, but it really doesn't work that way for us, and in fact it doesn't work that way for most people. If you adjust your calorie intake based on your activity level, you will maintain your weight, but you won't lose weight. I noticed that one of your goals was to limit your calories based on your physical activity each day. But even back when I was running up to 10 miles at a time, I tried to stick to the same calorie limit each day. And I think that helped me lose weight. In your case, you are so fit that activities like hiking and walking, and even running, probably don't burn all that many extra calories anyway. Even when you get your heart rate up, it probably isn't any higher than mine is right now just from sitting here typing this!

Well, that was just a suggestion... I think that to some extent we just have a tendency to get discouraged too quickly, like most people trying to lose weight. We don't like to think that it could take us months to lose 5 lb, especially since we did it so much faster in the past. But I still believe that if we persevere, we'll get the results we want. Good luck!

rachel_rainbow on 09/12/2006:
Can you tell me what this points thing is about? I keep reading posts on other's pages and I'm just wondering if it's part of a diet or if it's just a motivational tool to keep you going through the week. It sounds interesting.

WorkingIt on 09/12/2006:
I agree with BTC, she said it very well. Can't think to add anything else except a big *hug*

legcramps on 09/13/2006:
You know, I have that problem too. I tend to destroy any glimpses of good fortune with a massive road block of pessimism and negativity. And even though I'm not at all trying to sabotage myself, I seem to continue to do just that. Sticking to regular and constructive exercise regimes, continuously watching what you eat and making changes based on effectiveness - I mean, what could you possibly do any different??? I'd like to say that's life, suck it up and all that - but I know how you feel and I know it's difficult to get through these moments when you think it's only going to happen again. However, This Is Life - and I think you're managing it pretty well - pretty darn well, in fact.

Have a good day today.

Runner - Sunday Sep 10, 2006
(Under 1300 calories)
Weight: 115.0

Points for Sept. 8- 3

Points for Sept. 9- 4

Only have a minute, but I had to record 115 before it disappears into thin air again, as it does every week...

cornucopia982 on 09/10/2006:
Hi runner! Congrats on reaching 115 again! We all know it is tremendously hard to loose the last few pounds! But, you are also a runner. You must have some muscle. If you didn't have that muscle, you would weigh less. But, then you wouldn't be strong and active. I would always choose more muscle over less weight. Thats just my opinion! Have a nice day!

WorkingIt on 09/10/2006:
Congrats on the points and seeing 115 =)

borntocry on 09/10/2006:
Haha, same here! I'm at 115.1 today and I was thinking the same thing, "Mustn't forget to record this because I won't see it again for another week!"

geevee on 09/10/2006:
So funny! That's what happened to me with 127.5. I thought it was MINE and it was for five days. And then, poof! It disappeared and hasn't been seen in weeks!

sweetpea1977 on 09/11/2006:
Yea, I know how you feel. Im so glad that I recorded that 147 I saw for about two days. I havent seen it since!

Runner - Thursday Sep 07, 2006
(Under 1300 calories)
Weight: 117.0

Points for Sept. 6- 4

Points for Sept. 7- 3

I appreciate all the comments and encouragement, friends, but I've given the "fluctuations" a day or two, and I am still at 117.

No matter what I do...no matter what I eat...no matter how much sleep I get or how relaxed I feel...no matter how much I exercise, I CANNOT lose weight. (I've been battling this for a year; trust me, I've tried everything!)

I am more convinced than ever that this is something that it completely out of my hands. But I'm more confused than ever, too...according to the doctor, my thryoid is in a "hyper" state which means that I should be losing weight. But that's obviously NOT happening.

At a doctor's recommendation, I am switching from a synthetic thyroid pill to a natural replacement for thyroid hormone. Maybe that will jump start my metabolism...it's my only hope at the moment.

Now I have 7 pounds to lose. Can it get any worse?

On a happy note, our foster baby comes tomorrow!

WorkingIt on 09/07/2006:
I read a story yesterday that said if people exercise too much and don't eat enough..their body will shut down and they will not lose weight until they either A. eat more or B. exercise less. And, yes it could get worse than 7 pounds..you could have 70+ pounds to lose! =) Don't beat yourself up!

geevee on 09/07/2006:
WHY I lost a pound after gorging on almonds in the middle of the night, having a total of 1600 cal. for the day doesn'tmake any sense at all to me. I keep thinking back to my university days when I NEVER thought about weight. Fridays was when I went to the NY restaurant across from the U of M with a friend to have a wicked cheesecake. I can't imagine how many hundreds of calories it had, but a thousand would be a rough estimate. The thing was, I knew exaaactly what I was doing, yet I did it anyway with apparently no ill effect! Disgusting!

I understand what you're saying and have no solution. I'm still trying to get back to 125, the very uppper limit for my height.

I don't know what the answer is, but the words you wrote when I first started on DD's are still ringing in my ears. "The last five STUBBORN pounds" stuck in my brain.

borntocry on 09/08/2006:
I know... instead of a competition to see which of us could lose 5 lb first, we should have thought of a competition to see which of us could gain 5 lb first!

I'm also battling an illness which is supposed to lead to weight loss - supposedly ulcerative colitis is "a thin person's disease", with extreme weight loss being one of the main symptoms. Ha ha ha! That could have been the one positive aspect of having an incurable disease - guess not!

Okay, I should be trying to cheer you up, not drag you down further! What's your average calorie intake every day - do you know? I've been tracking mine in an Excel file and over the past two months I've averaged 1600 calories a day. Could be that this is not low enough for me to lose weight. So I'm going to try to get that average lower.

Thanks for the comment you left me. I found a French website which sells PowerBars! Sadly, they probably won't deliver to Taiwan - not for free, anyway! But they had little of interest aside from these PowerBars. And it's funny you should mention sit-ups, as just yesterday I decided that my new long-term goal should be to get that rock-hard six-pack!

Runner - Tuesday Sep 05, 2006
(Under 1300 calories)
Weight: 117.5

Points for Sept. 5- 1

I barely ate a thing at that restaurant. It was far easier than I thought it would be. But I had too many carbs during the day---some cereal, bread, and angel food cake. I don't think my calories were over 2000, and I had a 2-hour workout, but I'm unbelievably 2 pounds up today.

I HATE it that I can't eat like a normal person. It disgusts me that no matter what I do, I continue to gain weight. I just don't know what to do. Starve myself?

No, of course I won't do that. But there must be something more I can do!

cornucopia982 on 09/05/2006:
Honestly, I think you should be nicer to yourself. Perhaps if you try to reduce the stress of making yourself upset with the weight, your body might react positively and relax as well, making it easier to loose the weight. Sometimes our bodies don't budge when we are tense. Be good to yourself and know that it's never worth starving to be thinner!!!

WorkingIt on 09/05/2006:
I agree with cornucopia...maybe find time to relax?

borntocry on 09/06/2006:
There's probably just some excess food/water in your system right now, which is why your weight is up. Look at it this way - if you ate 2 lb of celery and then got on a scale, your weight would be 2 lb up, but you wouldn't really have gained 2 lb just from eating a bunch of celery, would you?

You have to take these fluctuations in stride and give them a day or two to clear.

geevee on 09/06/2006:
Amen to what BTC wrote. As you know I recently wrote about my weight being up but I wasn't concerned and said it would be down in the next couple of days because of all the salty food I had eaten, and sure enough, I was down. Bread and cake are surefire causes for a gain. I have to restrict my bread eating to only one slice or I pay the price!

smiley2 on 09/06/2006:
A 2 hour workout, if its cardio for 2 hours non stop you are oficially my hero!

Becca27 on 09/07/2006:
This is why I don't weigh myself every day. It's crazy! Do the math! :-) It doesn't add up and you know it!

sweetpea1977 on 09/07/2006:
I agree with BTC's comment. Your digestive system is slower than a lot of other folks, so just give the scale time to react. In the meantime, adjust your diet so that it is more balanced (less carbs, more veggies, fruits, and lean protein).

Runner - Monday Sep 04, 2006
(Under 1300 calories)
Weight: 115.5

Points for Sept. 4- 4

I did so well yesterday and almost blew it at night, but I think I still kept my calories within my limit.

My weight is not budging, though, and I have a meal out at an Italian restaurant (known for good pizza) tonight.

This intimidates me, as I can rarely find anything low-cal at an Italian restaurant. And I know I'll want to try some pizza, since that's a food I hardly ever enjoy. I just hope I can do well all day long so I have a good 800 calories to "use up."

But I have a bad feeling that I'm going to do poorly at this meal...

At least my husband is there to help me! He knows how badly I want to lose 5 pounds. I want to wear that awesome jean skirt!

WorkingIt on 09/04/2006:
You are so right, it IS hard to find anything low-calorie at an Italian restaurant! I usually fill up on soup first and then eat pasta slowly lol. You will wear that jean skirt!

borntocry on 09/05/2006:
Hi Runner,

I noticed that in your comment to GG you said you're 5'4". I thought you were my height - 5'2"!?

mattscat3295 on 09/05/2006:
There are alot of places that sound soooo good but don't have anything low-calorie. Italian eateries are one of my favorite places to eat but I am avoiding them like the plague. I think you are doing pretty darn good compared to me, I really oopsed yesterday. Keep up the good work.

Runner - Sunday Sep 03, 2006
(Under 1300 calories)
Weight: 115.5

Points for Sept. 3- 5 (plus a bonus!)

I had a great day with food yesterday! I didn't eat a BITE at our church lunch...I fed our foster baby instead and then took him home since he needed a nap. I ate lunch at home, and then hiked with my husband for a couple of hours up a mountain. (after we dropped the baby off at the orphanage)

Dinner was also almost a perfect success. I did indulge in a bit of taro bread, but I had some calories to "use up," so to speak. But that pushed me over the edge a bit and I went to bed feeling FULL, instead of satisfied. I want to get to the point where I don't feel like I HAVE to eat 1500 calories if I don't need them. Sure, I hiked all afternoon, but I don't want to use exercise as my excuse to eat more. That gets me nowhere!

Anyway, I stayed away from sugar completely; hence the bonus point! I'm hoping to be 114 by next week at this time. I know I can do this! The weight has to come off if I'm doing everything right! It has to!

WorkingIt on 09/03/2006:
Congrats on the great food day! =)

geevee on 09/04/2006:
I am seldom able to NOT use up all the calories I've alloted myself either. That IS a problem!

The contrast between cold, creamy mayo and cold, crispy cucumber on peanut butter is perfect. My lifelong friend from 8th grade who introduced me to this combo seems to be the only other person in the world who knows about it, but I was sold on it the first time I tried it. I thought she was nuts, but she wasn't.

cornucopia982 on 09/04/2006:
Congrats on a good day. I have the same issue, I always will use up the points I allot myself, no matter what!

GG on 09/04/2006:
I have tried salsa on my salads and it is great, but if I eat too much salsa, which I tend to do, i get stomach aches because of raw onions. I really just think an over-load ofonions kills my stomach because that was the cause of my stomach aches the past 2 days because last night after eating dinner (with no onions) and lunch today without them as well, i felt just fine. I guess I shall stay away from the onions swimming in strange goop! haha! Congrats on eating well yesterday! I am sure all the food @ church was really temping! Willpower is awsome! Good Luck today, I hope you bar-b-que some yummy vegetables and lean meats!!!

Runner - Saturday Sep 02, 2006
(Under 1300 calories)
Weight: 116.0

Points for Sept. 1- 3

Points for Sept. 2- 5 (YAY!)

I don't think my weight is reflecting my hard work the past two days, but it will in due time.

I had a very salty meal last night, so I think I'm really retaining some water. But I also had some fatty foods like beef and cheese, and those kinds of food always end up on my hips.

Anyway...I'm glad the challenge is on, and I'm planning to have a GREAT week! Unfortunately, I have at least 2 meals out...but I can handle it! I just have to think ahead and be prepared.

I bought a fantastic new jean skirt that is just a tad bit too tight on me...so my motivation to lose 5 pounds also includes being able to wear the skirt comfortably!

(our foster boy is here again...he always makes my weekends a ton of fun!)

cornucopia982 on 09/03/2006:
Hi runner! Salt will definitely affect your weight. The other night I had TWO cans of soup (not sure what I was thinking) and my weight certainly reflected that the next morning. However, "fatty foods" like beef and cheese will not necessarily make you gain weight right away. I takes time for your body to metabolize them and convert them to energy/fat. We need some fat in our diets and eating beef and cheese is not a totally horrible thing. Beef contains essential elements our bodies need and the cheese contains calcium. I do know how hard it is to eat these things in moderation! I'm looking forward to the challenge as well :)

GG on 09/03/2006:

Becca27 on 09/03/2006:
I hope you had a great weekend with your foster son! It's great to see you're so motivated to do well - and keep trying on that skirt! Its fit will be a greater indicator of how you're doing than the scale, which is a liar!

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