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Runner - Tuesday Jun 06, 2006

Weight: 0.0

smiley2 on 06/07/2006:
Mmmmmmmm the cake looks yummy! I love pistachios! The frosting looks so nice, i can already taste it lol. Good job on baking that huge cake in such a small oven!

borntocry on 06/07/2006:
Oh wow, Runner! That looks so lovely! Did you do the floral decorations yourself too? They're very tasteful. And I like how the pistachio cream is such a delicate colour, compared to the garish fluorescent green one sees so often! But the best part of all is that it must have tasted lovely too! I find wedding cakes are so often dry and tasteless. But not yours, I'm sure!

Hey, I wanted to thank you for that pep talk the other day. Funnily enough, I ended up taking a lot of your advice before I'd even read it! The first thing I did was put some new songs on my iPod. I was actually surprised to see that at some point I must have taken a lot of my music off and there were very few songs left - no wonder it had been getting so monotonous! And then, I also treated myself to a Lime Diet Coke after my run. It's one of the few kinds of pop available here which I like, and I don't even have to worry about the calories!

And I will keep that run/walk suggestion in mind, too. I'll try that one when the idea of running all the way is just too intimidating!

Oh and I've become completely addicted to that "Map My Run" website you told me about. I was surfing around on it for hours yesterday, plotting out every single route I've ever taken! I was a little disappointed to see that I may be underestimating how far my run home from work is now. I estimated it at 2.25 miles, whereas the website calculated it at just 2 miles. But then I do have to criss-cross streets and stop for traffic, which probably adds on a bit. I was also impressed to see that my old office was even further away than I had imagined. I had always considered that a six mile run, as it took me just over an hour, but I secretly suspected that it was a bit shorter. But according to the website it was 6.25 miles! Wow, I wish I were still working at that location instead of moving to one just 2 miles from home!

sweetpea1977 on 06/07/2006:
What a beautiful cake! You are such a good friend to make it for your friend's wedding. Im sure it was a huge hit!!

Thanks for sharing the photo with us!

Runner - Tuesday Jun 06, 2006
(Under 1300 calories)
Weight: 122.5

Well, there you have it! The wedding cake! Now, I know it doesn't look like an "American" wedding cake...no tiers, fancy frosting, etc. But you have to remember that I am very limited in what I can create here. With only a small convection oven, I had to bake 8 different cakes to put it all together. (since there was a pistachio cream layer in the middle). And I haven't taken any formal decorating classes, so I just tried to make it presentable! The most important part is the taste, though, right? And it tasted GOOD, if I do say so myself! :)

Anyway, I have a super-busy day at work, so I'll have to update more tomorrow.

***3 points for June 6. I need to get some bonus points or I'll never catch up to you girls!! I'll see if I can get some today! :) *******************

Update: I was doing SO well until someone had a birthday and handed me a piece of birthday cake! I ate it even though it didn't taste very good! I have to learn how to say "no" once in awhile!!!

geevee on 06/06/2006:
What a project! It's huge! How I love pistachioes. I'd attack your cake like I do Key Lime pie and cheesecake. BTC pointed out that it was YOU who came up with the idea for the challenge, so let me thank you for coming up with it. It's helping me a lot with my out of control appetite. I'll correct the error which was in today's entry tomorrow.

mwah on 06/07/2006:
HI! that cake looks nyummy! who says you have to be traditional anyway? and pistachio cream... all i can say is YUM! and enjoy it!

mwah on 06/07/2006:
HI! that cake looks nyummy! who says you have to be traditional anyway? and pistachio cream... all i can say is YUM! and enjoy it!

Becca27 on 06/07/2006:
What a beautiful cake - The ivy and the flowers are such a pretty touch. Great job!! - and you even made a little groom's cake on the side. Good luck today earning those bonus points!!!

Runner - Monday Jun 05, 2006
(Under 1300 calories)
Weight: 122.5

Points for June 5--- 4

I almost had a perfect day, but I had more than 100 calories of "sugary stuff"...in the form of chocolate ice cream!

But overall, it was a good day, and I was pleased to see a drop on the scales this morning. However, I'm not counting it a real loss until I stay there for more than one day!!!

I got a bunch of bloodwork done at the hospital yesterday so I'll see if my thyroid levels are off and how my hormone levels are doing. They're still low, I'm sure...so now I just have to decide whether to go on some form of HRT. I don't really have a choice right now. But the thought of taking more hormones makes me shudder.

Maybe I'll opt for some Chinese traditional medicine...it can't hurt to try! And people here swear by their "herbs" and "concoctions."

I'd like to post a picture of the wedding cake I made, but I'm not sure how to do that! Any tips?

Becca27 on 06/06/2006:
Hey Runner,

I'm glad you had a better day. Maybe your body needs a break from hormones. The Chinese traditional medicine can't hurt!

Regarding the picture posting - If you go to your diary, at the bottom it says "new picture" - If you click on that it should give you the option to "browse" - click that and find your pic on your puter. My pictures are in "My Documents" under "My Pictures". Once you find the picture click "Open" and then "Upload Picture". I uploaded a pic of my girls - it's HUGE - too funny but it worked! Good Luck!!!

sweetpea1977 on 06/06/2006:
Im glad you got to enjoy a rare treat of ice cream, and chocolate ice cream is the way to go baby!

Chinese medicine is worth a shot - just make sure you know you are getting the right medication.

Anyway, Becca explained the adding a picture thing beautifully. Its pretty easy after you do it. Good luck!


Runner - Sunday Jun 04, 2006
(Under 1300 calories)
Weight: 124.0

I am so glad the weekend is over! It was filled with rich, fattening foods, and even though I think I made mostly wise choices, I don't like being faced with so many temptations! I was 123.5 on Saturday, but back to 124 today. These extra 5 pounds make a big difference...anytime I get over about 120, my clothes feel pretty tight! So I'm planning on having a GOOD week, getting as many "points" as I can in our challenge, and seeing a drop on the scale by the weekend!

I'm also going to my thyroid doctor today, so hopefully we'll figure out if my thyroid levels are off. I really think my metabolism has slowed down significantly...maybe it's "old age", but maybe it's something else! All I know is that for the amount of activity I do and the amount of food I eat, I should NOT be 10 pounds heavier than I was last year at this time. Five pounds, maybe, but not 10.

Umpqua on 06/05/2006:
I hope you finally get some answers from the thyroid doctor. My metabolism changed when I was around 27/28 (just after getting married). The slowdown plus our "honeymoon phase" of eating everything in sight helped me to get to my high weight. But I agree that metabolism changes alone shouldn't lead to a 10 pounds gain so hopefully you'll find out what's causing it. I'm glad to hear your wedding cake turned out well too - I hope you'll post a photo of the finished product!

Runner - Saturday Jun 03, 2006
(Under 1300 calories)
Weight: 124.5

I only have a minute, but I wanted to check in and let you know that of all the weeks to start a challenge, I've had more hurdles to jump in the last couple of days than normal!

But...I can't justify some of my actions, either, so here are my scores as of now:

June 1- 2 points

June 2- 2 points

June 3 (today)- probably 1 point

Yesterday I had to make 3 more cakes, and today was the huge wedding banquet. I thoroughly enjoyed bites of almost everything, and my cake was a big success! I'll try to post a picture of it.

Unfortunately, I have one more party tomorrow before the "food fests" are over. I can't lose weight (or have a perfect day) when it's one big meal after another! It's frustrating.

BTC---since we're 12 hours ahead of the U.S., my posts will often have the wrong date on them. I didn't officially start the challenge until June 1. And I have a lot of catching up to do! :) But this motivates me to work harder next week!!!

smiley2 on 06/03/2006:
Hi there Runner!

Im also getting tempted beyond means or should i say pushed hehe (see my entry). I had to eat a starter last night, otherwise i would have paid extra and my 2 glasses of wine that i had at 2 DIFFERENT places was so full it could have been 4! And i cant wait wine lol! Please post a pic of the cake you baked, would love to see it!

becca27 on 06/03/2006:
Every day is fresh with no mistakes! - I am sure you are looking forward to the end of the "food fests." Hang in there - you'll get in the game!

Runner - Thursday Jun 01, 2006
(Under 1300 calories)
Weight: 124.5

Yesterday was a great day until about 8pm at night, when I set to work baking a wedding cake. Yes, you heard me...I'm making a wedding cake! It's for a foreign friend who really likes my pistachio-cream cake. So...I'm making his wedding cake, and since I only have a tiny convection oven, I'm baking 8 (yes, 8!) cakes and then putting them all together...stacking, layering, frosting, etc. I sure hope it turns out! I have made 5 of the cakes so far (one at a time!), and made all the pudding-cream filling and the buttercream frosting last night. Anyway, I know I had a few "BLT's," so there goes that rule...and since it was mainly sugar, there goes that rule as well! I still think I kept my calories near 1500, but I guess I can't be totally sure. So...

For points, I should be awarded for not bingeing and keeping my exercise moderate. I only ran for 30 minutes yesterday, instead of 50. That's a start!

BTC---don't give me any points for rules #1, 3, and 5. I don't feel like I got off to a very good start, but hopefully I will have a much better day today! I still have 3 more cakes to bake and then have to assemble the whole thing tomorrow, so it's going to be really hard not to have any BLT's. I'm determined to make this cake awesome, and I can't imagine not trying the filling or the frosting to make sure it tastes good. But a tiny bite should suffice...I don't need to eat it by the spoonful!

By the way...I tried another "fitness" forum the other day, just for fun...and was very disappointed with the attitudes of the women. They basically told me that I needed serious help for trying to eat 1500 calories...because there were all eating 2000-3000 and not gaining weight! Come on...is that possible? I was actually so upset by some of their comments that I felt sick to my stomach. They made me feel so stupid for even asking a question. I was writing about my recent bloating, and how I'd like to get back to "normal" again, and they were going off about how I need professional help.

You know, I left that site so quickly and I'm never going back. I don't want to tell you which forum I was on, but my advice is to stick with this one! I have been here for over 3 years, and you guys are like my "virtual family." :) Really, I appreciate the non-judgmental attitude here. I just wanted to let you know that I was glad to come back to a forum where I'm not chastised for wanting to lose a pound. :)

gigi43 on 06/01/2006:
I can't imagine not tasting what I bake either because how else do you knoe it turned out right, unless you're a professional? But you could get your husband to taste it, I suppose, or bring a sample into work and have your colleagues test it. I'm so impressed that you're making an 8-layer wedding cake. Try to take a pic to post for us:)

That sucks about that other forum - at least you have this one and don't ever need to go back there!

Soon2BThin on 06/01/2006:
I just had to say how great you're doing!! No one can resist those BLT's in that situation, lol. And good job on the running. Although, I wish I could trade with you and really WANT to exercise as much as you like to. I guess it's just as hard for you to cut back as it is for others of us to do as much as we should be doing. I feel your pain, lol. Too bad about those other ladies. I don't understand what's with some people these days. Well, their loss, our gain!

Becca27 on 06/01/2006:
I cannot believe you are making a wedding cake! Wow! Can you take a picture of it and post???

OK - I def want in on this challenge. Here are my goals.

1. 64 ounces of water (not tea, not coffee) pure water each day.

2. eat nothing after 8 PM

3. exercise every day i.e. strength training, cardio, and/or flexibility such as yoga

4. 1500 calories

5. vitamins (multi, Ester C, E, flaxseed Oil, fishoil, B6)

6. log diary entry (i need points for this because i've been such a delinquent).

OK - I hope 6 goals is enough -I will post these on BTC's page also.

borntocry on 06/02/2006:
Hi Runner,

I'm sorry you had such a negative experience on your fitness forum. Perhaps some women can maintain their weight on 2000-3000 calories, but they may be taller than us, or younger than us, or maybe they just have faster metabolisms than us. Also, you and I would kind of like to lose some weight, not just maintain it. And I know many people might think we look fine the way we are, but we've both been gaining weight for some time now and that's a hard thing to take. I've gained 10 lb in the last two months, and I defy anyone to say that they would be okay with that!

Good luck with the rest of the cake-making process. Wow, that's quite an obstacle on your first day of the challenge! Incidentally, I'm not sure if that <i>was</i> your first day of the challenge. We were starting on the 1st, weren't we? And you seem to have written this entry on the 1st, so are you describing what happened on the 1st or the 31st?

sweetpea1977 on 06/02/2006:
So who were these jerks who treated you like crap? I need names! Noone treats my Runner that way!!!

Seriously though, Im sorry that you were treated so badly. BTC is right. Everyone is different, so we our bodies have different needs.

I can not believe you are making a huge wedding cake in your own home. I had no idea you were THAT good!! Man, I could have asked you to make my cake last year! GRR. :o) Anyway, I would love to see the finished product. If you can, post a picture of your masterpiece when you are finished.

Anyway, Im glad that you and BTC (and a few others) are doing this challenge together. I wish you both the best of luck!!

Umpqua on 06/02/2006:
I love how it's so easy for some people to turn into self-righteous zealots. I can't believe they would make such comments to you when you turned to them for advice (well, actually, I can believe it). I've encountered a lot of that on the pregnancy boards I've been visiting, which is why I basically stick to my own blog and make comments to a few others, but don't participate in the discussion groups. Some people really think they know it all, and if you deviate from "their" way of doing things there must be something wrong with you! A lot of people subscribe to this philosophy in other areas of life too (religion, politics, etc.) so it's not all that surprising. Anyway, I agree that the Diaries are a supportive community where we can offer each other helpful advice without that kind of harsh criticism. It's just not called for, particularly in a situation like yours.</end rant>

That's awesome that you're making a wedding cake! What an incredible undertaking, but it sounds like you've got it all under control. The cake sounds wonderful too - I just love buttercream frosting and that's what we had on our wedding cake. You're off to a good start with the challenge, and I hope you have a great weekend!

geevee on 06/02/2006:
Thanks for the pep talk, Runner. You should have given me a spanking though for all I indulged in yesterday. The lesson is for me to stay away from breakfast. My body can't handle it.

What a mental test you are putting yourself through making that wedding cake! I sure admire your courage and ability to get through such a tempting situation and not succumb! You deserve all the bonus points for that alone!

Runner - Wednesday May 31, 2006
(Under 1300 calories)
Weight: 125.0

Unbelievable. Up again. I can handle 1 or 1 1/2 pound fluctuations, but 2 1/2 pounds? Come on! What causes this?

I was on my feet all day yesterday...did a good workout, went to a Pilates class, and ate sensibly. But I guess my dinner was kinda salty.

Anyway, today starts my challenge with BTC! Here are my goals:

1. 1500 calories/ day

2. No bingeing...on anything! Especially things I bake that don't turn out well!

3. 100 calories a day of something sweet (I'd like to give up sugar completely, but I know that's nearly impossible. So if I can keep my "sweet" calories to 100 or less, that's ideal! Maybe I can get an extra point if I don't have sugar AT ALL!)

4. Moderate exercise (I don't want to keep working out for 3 hours a day...it's really too much! So my goal is to run 4-5 times a week and to keep everything in moderation. I can be more specific with this goal if you'd like me to).

5. No BLT's...Bites, Licks, or Tastes of the things I bake. Since I seem to always have something to bake, this is where I can pile on the calories. If I can make it through a day with no BLT's, then that's a huge accomplishment! (I got the BLT acronym from Becca...thanks, Becca!) :)

My goal weight for July 15, 2006: 109 lbs.

I need to do this! I hope my thyroid gets regular, which will help me out, I'm sure! Right now losing weight is like trying to run through molasses.

Becca27 on 05/31/2006:
I love this challenge and it all seems so realistic and smart. I love that you have a healthy caloric range (not this 900 calorie stuff) and you are allowing yourself some sugar.. So, how do I get in on the action????

last10pounds on 05/31/2006:
I love the BLT acronym, when i make dinner for my family I can consume an entire dinner just by pre "tasting" everything.But anyway I have been reading your logs and I cant figure out the cause behind your weight shifts. The body is a funny thing, sometimes it just needs some time off to physically recharge and the mind needs time to reflect on what is truly going on. I think your logs are so honest and insightful I am looking forward to reading them for inspiration. Good Luck!!

geevee on 05/31/2006:
Aw, geez. Up again? It's a never ending battle.

Those BLTs are ruinous. I went to Wild Oats today and took full advantage of their free samples. How could I resist? I'm going from bad to worse and at an increasing downhill rate! I hoarded 3 extra packets of the free Irish cheese and then at the tray of cut up chocolate chip cookies, I took the BIGGEST I could find. This is not what aa conscientious dieter does! I have no explaation. I'm really messed up- right now.

smiley2 on 06/01/2006:
Hi there!

You must be very frustrated, i know i would be if i were you. At least you are making plans to tackle this. Thanks for sharing your goals for the fitness challenge with us. I signed up on fitday today and am going to be doing the challenge with you guys, but im taking more of a sideline approach of course hehe. Good luck, i think you will get clarity in the next few weeks.

borntocry on 06/01/2006:
Hi Runner,

Well, my weight is up today too. Just 1 lb, but I don't even feel like I ate 1 lb of food yesterday! It doesn't matter, though, at least now we're almost guaranteed to see a loss soon!

So, I've come up with my goals and our scoring system. Here it is:

<u>Runner</u><br>No Bingeing (1 point)<br>1500 Calories (1 point, plus 1 bonus point for every 50 under)<br>100 Calories from Sugar (1 point, plus 1 bonus point for no sugar at all)<br>Moderate Exercise (1 point)<br>No BLT (1 point)<br><br><u>borntocry</u><br>No Bingeing (1 point)<br>1200 Calories (1 point)<br>Regular Exercise (3 points, plus 1 bonus point for every 9-minute mile after the first two)

I'm sorry I wasn't very imaginative with my goals, but I've really been feeling depressed and demotivated lately when it comes to exercise, so that's going to be the biggest challenge for me. Still, I tried to allot the points so that on any given day, we each should reasonably be able to attain 5/5 points. Then there are the bonus points. Yours can be earned through diet, and mine through exercise. I thought that made sense because you are trying to cut down on exercise, while I'm already aiming for 1200 calories a day and don't really want to reward myself for going below that. Still, I tried to make the bonus points somewhat equivalent so that with a concerted effort we can each win around 1-3 points, but probably not much more than that. (I was going to give you 1 bonus point for every 100 calories below 1500, but then decided on 50.) I hope it all seems fair to you. Let me know if it doesn't!

I've also been working on a little progress chart for us... but we've got to make some progress first! I was thinking you could just report on your goals in your entry every day, and then I'll update the chart accordingly. So I'm looking forward to your first report tomorrow!

P.S. As for our incentives, I was thinking that we could add up our daily points and when they get to a certain number, we could each get a small reward - maybe something we don't have too often. And then if we collect a certain number of bonus points we should treat ourselves to something really special which we would never ordinarily get for ourselves, because our bonus points represent an extra special effort! What do you think?

geevee on 06/01/2006:
Yeah. Me too. I got that clever BLT from Becca. It's so clever.

I wish you well on your new plan. Somethings gotta work, right? 1500 cal. a day is moderate and doable. Allowing yourself 100 cal. a day for sweets is a good idea, but won't give you much more than a taste. At least you can't say that you're deprived.

Runner - Wednesday May 31, 2006
(Under 1300 calories)
Weight: 122.5

I don't know what caused the dramatic jump back to 122.5, but at least I'm back at the starting gate, to quote Geevee!

Of course, I did sleep about 10 1/2 hours last night and weighed myself after 14 hours of not eating or drinking, and was sweaty from my run...but I'll take it!

I've been really good with food all day today, and hope that I can continue to make smart choices! I've got a challenge with BTC starting tomorrow that will help keep me on my toes!

My friend gave me some digestive enzymes to take, and I tried those last night. I already feel less bloated, so maybe those will help my body digest food a little better.

borntocry on 05/31/2006:
Hi Runner,

That's good news - now you'll be in great shape to start our challenge tomorrow! Thanks for the detailed analysis of your goals which you gave me - that's exactly what I wanted. I'll work on mine today and come up with similar scoring methods for us. I think our goals are going to be pretty similar as it is, so it shouldn't be too hard! At first I was just going to concentrate on calorie reduction and exercise alone, but your goals have given me some other ideas too (like the no bingeing rule - I definitely need that one!). By the way, I noticed you decided not to avoid red meat, dairy and high-fat foods after all... personally I don't believe in giving up any foods entirely (except for meat, of course), but I was just wondering why you decided against it.

Well, I have a lot to do now so I shall get started! Isn't this fun? Thanks for having such a great idea!

smiley2 on 05/31/2006:
Hi there!

Im glad your weight is down finally....what a relief! At least now you can have a fresh start with your diet challenge...good luck with it!

geevee on 05/31/2006:
I'm SO glad your weight is down, Runner. I know how much better you feel.

And now it's my turn. I'm up a pound and a half..

I did read recently that the body burns more calories asleep than awake, so maybe that good night's sleep is what helped.

It sure hasn't been my case!

Runner - Monday May 29, 2006
(Under 1300 calories)
Weight: 125.0

Unbelievable. Up another half pound!

Thanks for all your comments, friends...they really do encourage me!

I do hope the problem is as "simple" as my thyroid being off...not that the thyroid is simple (it's actually quite complex), but I've been on thyroid medication for 8 years, so if that's the problem, then simply adjusting my medication should help a lot. I have an appointment next Monday with an endocrinologist...I just have to be patient in the meantime.

I walked and did 30 minutes on an elliptical machine this morning instead of running...so I am trying to cut back on exercise. I don't think I should have to cut back on walking, though! How can walking really hurt me? I mean, I know running is hard on my joints, but I'm still skeptical that it can do "internal" damage. There are so many more runners out there who are far more hard-core than I am...but I do think my metabolism is screwed up big-time, and running may have something to do with it.

Anyway, I'm going to come up with some new goals and do a little challenge with BTC...

to start with, I want to:

1. stick to 1500 calories a day

2. avoid high-fat foods, dairy, and red meat (I think that makes my bloating worse)

3. try not to stress out!

4. avoid sugar as much as possible!

smiley2 on 05/30/2006:
I think its a good idea that you are planning on doing a challenge with someone else. It will surely take some of the stress off you to know that somebody else is in it with you.

Regarding your gain....well if i think logically about it, it can only be a medical condition eg thyriod or hormones or stress. You dont eat enough to make you gain weight so the problem must be coming from somewhere else.

Try and stay calm and keep to your goals until you get your thyroid tested next week, after then you can make the needed adjustments etc, but until then you should just try to relax.

borntocry on 05/30/2006:
Hi Runner,

Honestly, I don't really believe that running is bad for you. I just don't think it's good for you. In my opinion, you're too fit to get any further benefit from it. You're way more fit than I am, and I long ago stopped taking into account the calories I burn from exercise. I exercise just to stay fit, not to burn calories, and I calculate my calorie deficit based on diet alone. Even when my exercise bike or heart rate monitor tells me that I've burnt a certain amount of calories, I don't believe it!

As for running causing "internal damage", I don't really believe that either, but it's well-known that it can mess with your digestive system. Many distance runners have problems with diarrhoea or constipation - I know I did when I was running longer distances, and I experienced some bloating too, although perhaps not as much as you. Anyway, I don't think you should give up running or exercise altogether or anything like that - just that there's no point doing so much of it if it isn't doing you any good.

Okay, now for our challenge! We have several options for measuring our progress, depending on how complicated we'd like it to be. We could have a chart with stars or happy faces for our "good" days, and then it's up to us to say whether a day was good or bad. Or we could assign a number of points to our goals and then calculate our score for each day. I could come up with a similar scoring system for each of us so that we could compare our points. Would you like to give yourself one point for each of your four goals or would you like to make it more specific? For instance, you could break up the high-fat foods, dairy, and red meat into three separate points if you want. Or you could give yourself one point for sticking to 1500 calories a day, plus an extra point for every 50 calories below that (unless you don't want to go below that, of course). Just let me know how you want to do it, and then I'll come up with my own set of goals and points accordingly!

And as for the incentive... I was thinking about that and I actually think it's not a bad idea to have food-based incentives. I know it flies against all expert advice, but if we're going to try to avoid certain foods for six weeks, it might help if we know we're going to be able to indulge a little afterwards!

sweetpea1977 on 05/30/2006:
Golly, I hope that a simple adjustment to your thyroid medication is all that you will need to help you get back on track to your ideal physique.

Have fun on your challenge with BTC. Keep us posted on how it goes for ya!


PetuniaPig on 05/30/2006:
I read the web article written by the doctor. It was interesting and bizarre at the same time. What I got from it is how sugar and salt make us retain water . I didn't know that about sugar.

The other good point is thinking about a diet or way of eating that you can really look forward to. A super-deprivation diet isn't really realistic for the long haul.

I hope you can get in to see a doctor. Good luck!

geevee on 05/30/2006:
Good going on your change in exercise routine!I never heard anything negative about walking. Let's hope you see a change for the better.

biscottibody59 on 05/30/2006:
The article you mentioned is by a naturopath, not an MD. Of course if you believe in naturopathy, more power to you, but you need to educate yourself on that as well. Can you say "Quack!"

If you're not having trouble with your joints, I don't see why you can't just cut back on the running and still do the walking, etc.

If it's about getting into a size that you've worn for years. Well, we all have to face the aging process--it may be catching up with you. Don't ignore it! That's just life I'm afraid!

Runner - Sunday May 28, 2006
(Under 1300 calories)
Weight: 124.5

I am so scared.

I ate less than 1800 calories on Saturday and probably burned 1000 calories.

I ate less than 1800 calories on Sunday and burned at least 800 calories.

I am two pounds heavier today and my stomach is sticking out so far that I can only wear my "fat pants" that were hanging off of me a year ago at this time.

I have no idea...NO IDEA what is making me gain weight like this!

I am desperately trying to see a doctor, but it's not easy finding the right one in a foreign country and getting in right away.

I never, ever thought it would get this bad.

I thought that cutting calories would help...more exercise would help...eating more fiber would help...taking ThreeLac would help...

but I don't know what to do anymore!

I think my thyroid must be off, too. And here's an interesting article that I'm taking with a grain of salt...but it has me thinking:


becca27 on 05/28/2006:
OK - that article is a .com site - remember what i said about those -be careful - there is such a thing as too much information, and, yes, it can be very conflicting...

I have severe endometriosis - I mean, on a scale from 1-5, mine is a 6. It's everywhere - my uterus, ovaries, bladdar, I was diagnosed and put on the pill at 16! Right away, I gained 10 lbs. I've had multiple laproscopic/laser surgery and have never found a pill that hasn't made me gain weight. In the end, I've actually chosen to suffer from the syptoms of heavy blood flow, blinding pain, and horrible irregularity to avoid the hormones/weight gain of even the most mild pill. I have no idea how I was able to get pregnant the first time. It truly was a miracle. The most extreme measure I took was, to prepare my body for a second pregnancy, I took a drug called Lupron, which shrunk my entire uterus/ovaries and put my body into menopause - the idea behind it was to shrink the endometrial tissue also - they were the worst six months of my life. I actually went into menopause - full blown. My waist got thicker, i had horrible hot flashes (heat waves) I couldn't sleep at night - The philosophy is, once u go off the drug, the uterus grows back to its normal size, but the endometrial tissue does not. I guess it worked because 10 months later I got pregnant with my 2nd daughter. My body has truly never been the same since, though. But, I guess that could just be old age, too. - ha!

geevee on 05/28/2006:
After reading Becca's comment, I am truly gasping!

I'm not a doctor and in no way capable of giving advice. The only logical thing I know is that your problems "seem" to stem from the fact that you have exercised/run/worked out for hours a day, perhaps in excess, yet you continue to do the same. Now that just doesn't make any sense at all, does it? You know that doing this no longer has any effect on your metabolism, and now you're getting more bloated and gaining inexplicable weight. Don't you think it's time to stop for awhile and give your body a chance to recuperate?

The first message your body gave you that you needed to change course was when your menses stopped. Now, the message is even stronger. PLEASE, LISTEN!

borntocry on 05/29/2006:
Hi Runner,

As you know, I'm a firm believer in the "a calorie in = a calorie out" philosophy. However, even in my own experience, that hasn't always been true! There are so many different theories out there, that it's hard to know which one is right. But it does seem like you need to try something new. I couldn't figure out exactly what the article you posted recommends, but the author did describe several experiences similar to yours (the 7 lb gain after a two-hour swim and a moderate Chinese buffet, in particular!).

What about your thyroid - I'm assuming you've had it checked? That's one of the most common causes for inexplicable weight gain, as I'm sure you know. A friend of mine, who had always been extremely skinny, gained 14 lb in a short period of time and her doctor immediately suspected hypothyroidism and later confirmed it. She went on medication and her weight went back down (now she looks totally anorexic, incidentally).

Anyway, if you would like to set some new goals with me as you mentioned in your last comment, I'm totally up for it! I don't have anything planned for the next 4-6 weeks and would love some friendly competition. We could each come up with a set of daily/weeky goals and I could make a chart for us to plot our progress. But maybe you should get your thyroid checked first!

Umpqua on 05/29/2006:
I think Geevee is on to something with the exercise. I really think you should try cutting back for while or maybe taking a break altogether to see if that has any impact. You need to do something to change your metabolism and restricting calories and exercising a lot hasn't done it! It doesn't really make sense according to the normal rules of logic, but it seems we've passed that point in your case and you need to try someting different. I also think you that while you should stay on top of the situation and get your thyroid checked you should try not to worry so much about it. Worry and stress can have a negative impact on our bodies. Your body may have gone into "panic mode" or something and is now holding onto every calorie you take in. I'm only speculating, but I definitely think you have nothing to lose by experimenting with calorie and exercise levels at this point.

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