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Runner - Thursday Apr 13, 2006
(Under 1300 calories)
Weight: 120.0

Rats, rats, rats! After a day of what most people would call "normal" eating, I'm up a pound and a half! (AFTER my run!) I wasn't very careful yesterday and didn't really count calories as I was eating. If I don't count them, then I get very lazy, and my weight will just spring right up before I know it!

The only good thing about it is that I'll probably be much more careful tonight at my final meal out with my friends. They want to go to a buffet, which makes me want to run and hide! The last time I went to a buffet, I went from 118.5 to 122.5 in 12 hours and it took a good two weeks to get back to 118.5! Now I know I didn't consume 14,000 calories on one night, but for some STRANGE reason, big meals out seem to last on my body for more than 24 hours! It doesn't matter if I only consume 2,000 extra calories. The weight comes right back on!

I hope I can say NO to all the tempting desserts tonight! I have so much motivation right now, but I usually lose it all when I'm staring at a piece of gooey chocolate cake!

borntocry on 04/13/2006:
Hi Runner,

I have the same problem these days, too. One "normal" meal out and I'm up 3 lb the next morning! I honestly think that's part of the reason I went so overboard while my friend was in town. I kind of felt like even if I tried to stick to a normal amount of food, I'd still gain the same amount of weight. I know it can't be true, though, so I'm glad you didn't fall into the same trap I did.

Think about this - you can go to that buffet, and have that chocolate cake, ANY day of your life! This is not your last chance for chocolate cake! It will still be there tomorrow, and next week, and next month and next year and any other time you want it!

(Now I'm just going to try to tell myself the same thing when I'm faced with some of my favourite treats in London this weekend!)

Thanks for the comment you left me. You're right - you so shouldn't have bought those Mars bars! I always do that too - whenever I see something that isn't readily available here, I feel obliged to stock up on it even when I know it's the last thing I need in the house! Just the other day I saw that my favourite gourmet food store was having a special on American products - huge jars of different types of peanut butter, marshmallow fluff, etc. I had to forcefully remind myself that I am leaving for America in a little over A WEEK and will be able to get more than my fill of American products while I'm there!

Umpqua on 04/13/2006:
I'm sure this flux is just temporary, and you'll be back down tomorrow or over the weekend. And your friends will be leaving, so hopefully that will eliminate some of the temptations and challenges you have been facing! Thanks for your comment about your sister. She's very lucky to be out of the first trimester, and I'm glad to hear that she's starting to gain steadily and healthily in her second. I'm trying hard not to get stressed this early on, but it's such an uncertain time that I can't help but worry a little. My doctor says to just relax and things will progress normally. Easy for HIM to say that!

sweetpea1977 on 04/13/2006:
Hey Runner,

You know, it might not always the amount of calories that make a person's weight jump up overnight. Sometimes, it might actually be the physical weight of the food that is still left in the person's digestive system. I think that every person's body digests different foods at different rates. If a person strays from their normal foods (like on vacation, on a business trip, or with friends), the body needs time to adjust to those sudden changes. This may take a day, a few days, or even longer. This happens to everyone. Sometimes good things happen, but most of the time, it results in weight gain. The thing that causes me instant weight gain is a weekend carb-fest, so I really have to watch the amount of bread that I eat with my meals out on the weekends (or on vacation!).

Like BTC said, always remember that the gooey cake will always be around. :o)


Runner - Wednesday Apr 12, 2006
(Under 1300 calories)
Weight: 118.5

Don't be misled by the new weight...that's only after an hour of running and losing a lot of water. I've been weighing myself during the day, and I usually hover around 121, but I just had to write something lower than 120 since I finally made it into the teens!

On the food front, I'm doing okay...still holding in there! My guests leave on Friday morning, so I still have a couple of big meals before they go. I'm doing my best to eat enough to fill my stomach but not make it bulge out! Last night I skipped dinner and ate some fruit instead. It was a good choice, as I had several cookies later that night!

I do hope the scale will keep moving downward! Now that the weather is really hot here, I'm itching to wear shorts and capris, and I'm finding that half of them don't fit me anymore! Who would have guessed that 5-10 pounds can do so much damage? Since all the weight went to my butt and stomach, it's done more damage than I would have thought possible! It's discouraging not to be able to zip up my favorite shorts, that's for sure!

smiley2 on 04/12/2006:
Congratulations runner! I dont care what weight you say it is, you saw it on the scale and therefore its a sign that things are turning again for you......in the right direction! Im so glad for your behalf! You seem to be making the right food choices as well, so good for you! You go girl, you can make it happen once again!

Good luck!

borntocry on 04/12/2006:
Hi Runner,

You may have lost a lot of water over your run but I'm sure that's still a lower weight than anything you'd have seen a while back, no matter how much water you lost! And you deserve it, too, considering all the temptations you've faced recently, with guests in town! I only wish I could have been as strong as you. At the rate I'm gaining, you and I will cross paths pretty soon - you on your way down, and me on my way up!

Thanks for the comment you left me. Sadly, I have only a couple of days to recoup after my friend's visit before a weekend in London, and as you know those are always extremely dangerous for me! I've made so many good resolutions in the past which all came to nothing, that this time I just don't even want to think about it. And I'll only have four days after that before I leave for America. I wish it weren't so soon!

At the moment I'm just trying to concentrate on training for the half-marathon in America. And even that's not going too well. I'm full of mysterious aches and pains today! I've been making sure to wear flat shoes on the days I go running, so as not to aggravate my shin splints. They were probably caused by that breakfast run I did on the weekend - I didn't have time to stretch beforehand. Or they could be due to my running shoes. One pair is too old now and the other is too tight. I tried wearing the tight ones with really thin socks, but I think that was a bad idea. So now I'm at a loss. The whole situation is a nightmare!

geevee on 04/12/2006:
The teens! Hooray! You'll be seeing that more often now.

Speaking of clothes that don't fit, I can't imagine putting on my Speedo. Will it even fit? With this prominent gut, I ought to wear a tent like the Muslim women do!

Runner - Sunday Apr 09, 2006
(Under 1300 calories)
Weight: 120.5

I have no idea what my weight is, so I'm not going to worry about it for another day or two! I'm in Hong Kong right now and having a good time, even though I've had some terrible upper chest pain in the last 24 hours. I thought I might be having a heart attack at one point, but I'm sure it's not that serious! I took some Advil and now I feel a bit better, so it must be muscle-related. (from lifting a heavy suitcase?) It was so bad this morning that I couldn't run at all...and hardly anything keeps me from running!

I am trying not to eat too much, but it's hard when I'm with guests and we all go out to eat...but I think I'm doing okay. I'm trying to only eat one meal out a day and use lunchtime to eat the snacks I brought. I have indulged in some ice cream, though, as it's the best stuff I can find in Asia! But I always split it with my husband.

We have one more full day here and then I'll head back home. Our guests leave on Friday, so I still have a week of playing tour-guide...which is always fun, but draining!

sweetpea1977 on 04/10/2006:
Hey Runner,

Im glad you are doing ok. Sounds like you are doing relatively well with your food choices. Way to go!

Im really glad you enjoyed some really yummy ice cream! Its hard to imagine life without it! :o)


borntocry on 04/11/2006:
Hi Runner,

Thanks for the comment you left me. I'm going to do what you suggested and start drinking water every hour. It's not going to be easy!

I hope your chest pains are better. Could it have been heartburn?

I can't wait for your guests to leave so that we can have you back here full-time!

Runner - Thursday Apr 06, 2006
(Under 1300 calories)
Weight: 120.5

Thanks for all your comments, friends! I wish I had time to comment on more diaries, but I barely have time to even write my own entry today! :)

I'm really proud of the way I've handled myself these last two days...and even though I'm not seeing any sort of a loss, I've stayed away from the sugar, which is a big accomplishment for me!

I have a meal out today and then I leave for a trip tomorrow, so I do hope I can have a successful weekend with food. I want to be able to fit into all my shorts again, since summer is almost here!

Scruffy on 04/07/2006:
scruff was here! :)

sweetpea1977 on 04/07/2006:
Good Job Runner! Im so proud of you for staying away from sugar.

Enjoy your trip!

Love, Jenny

borntocry on 04/07/2006:
Hi Runner,

Well done, you! I'm hoping your determination will inspire me to stay on track this weekend too! It's going to be tough, but we can do it together!

Thanks so much for taking the time to comment on my entry, despite how busy you are. I guess you knew how anxiously I was awaiting your input! I guess I do see now why you wait three months between races. I was just so thrilled after my first one that I couldn't imagine feeling this drained after the next. But I do feel much better knowing that you don't improve much on your half-marathon times either. So I'm happy that I managed to cut a few minutes off mine! I felt like there was just no more room for improvement, you know? I was running full out the whole time - I had nothing left at the end. And funnily enough, they timed us at the halfway point and it turns out that I ran at pretty much the same pace all the way through, just like you!

It's also funny you should ask whether I felt better or worse after the second race than after the first, because I was just thinking yesterday about how different it was. I guess I felt physically better after the second but mentally worse. I was totally elated after the first one, but now that I think about it, I spent the rest of the weekend lying on the sofa in agony, totally unable to walk! Whereas after the second I was so fixated on what I thought to be my lousy performance that I didn't even notice that I was walking around with relative ease later in the day.

And as for whether I'm going to do it again... well, I've already signed up for the one in America, so I'm going to do that. I'm just going to try to work harder at training and practice hydrating myself better so that hopefully this time it will be a little easier!

liza36 on 04/07/2006:
Sugar is definitly something that is very hard to omit, so you did great by staying away from it. Good luck on your trip. Have a great weekend!

Runner - Wednesday Apr 05, 2006
(Under 1300 calories)
Weight: 120.5

My guests are still here, along with the food challenges. I'm taking a 3-day trip with them over the weekend, so I really need to continue to think twice before I just shove something in my mouth.

Thankfully, I've been super-active and have been able to walk everywhere...but I'm still not seeing the "teens" yet. Patience, patience. I need patience! I was 121.5 yesterday for some reason! I really am trying to be careful, but actually losing ONE POUND is hard work!

At least it's hard for me. It was a lot easier when I was 150 pounds!

borntocry on 04/06/2006:
Hi Runner,

I am having a really hard time with my friend from America too. I did pretty badly in Berlin, and now that we're back I still can't really get back on track as she will still be here for another six days or so, which means that I'm going to be faced with a constant barrage of temptations in the form of meals out, trips to the movies, and just nights spent hanging around at home, snacking! All we can do is just try to limit the damage as much as possible. Hang in there!

Umpqua on 04/06/2006:
Great news on maintaining 120! And thanks for the warm wishes :) To answer your question, I've been taking a multi vitamin with folic acid for several years in anticipation of one day getting pregnant. I know there are some other things I could use to supplement like fish oil, but I'm going to check with my rheumatologist before adding anything else. I can't be too careful right now!

sweetpea1977 on 04/06/2006:
Hey Runner,

It looks like at least your weight is settling around 120, and not up at 123-24, which is great considering the food challenges you have had the last several days. I know, it doesnt really make you feel better, but I just thought I would point it out anyway.

Patience is definitely needed in this lifelong battle of weightloss. Just keep thinking twice, perhaps 3 times, when making your choices. You can do it!


geevee on 04/06/2006:
Oh! Do I know about trying to lose one little pound! It's now the fourth month of the year and I still haven't done it! I sure hope you're more successful than I have been.

Runner - Sunday Apr 02, 2006
(Under 1300 calories)
Weight: 120.5

This was a very hard weekend for me.

I saw the "teens" on Saturday---119.5, but I was back to 120 on Sunday and now I'm 120.5.

I made some poor choices with food, but I've had way too many meals out and dinner parties and sweets. Some friends from the U.S. are visiting us for two weeks, so the temptations have only just begun. I'm just going to have to learn how to say, "no," or I'll be back at 123 before I know it!

I was active all weekend...got in a couple of long runs and hikes and workouts...

but it just can't cancel out the goodies I ate.

I was given a box of See's chocolates last night, and after eating three of them, I decided to bring the box in to work this morning so someone else can consume hundreds of calories.

sweetpea1977 on 04/03/2006:

Good for you on getting rid of that yummy See's chocolate at work!

And always remember to "Just say NO" to bad foods and seconds. You dont need them and you dont want them!!


geevee on 04/03/2006:
I'll repeat what I've said before, that you handle so many social dinners out so well, far better than I could. How nice to have seen the teens once again. They'll be back. Never fear.

Runner - Thursday Mar 30, 2006
(Under 1300 calories)
Weight: 120.0

I made it through the dinner party! I was so busy holding a little baby that I didn't take much time to eat! And the dessert was gone before I could eat some. My only regret was that after the party, I opened a jar of fresh peanut butter that someone had given us...and it was fabulous, much to my dismay! (because now I'll want to eat it!) I totally wasn't expecting it to be good, but it was all-natural and crunchy and sweet! I already put half it in the freezer, but I'll have to be careful not to just take a spoon to the jar in a weak moment!

I read today in the newspaper that an "active" woman (who walks 3 miles a day) should be able to eat 2,400 calories to maintain her weight. HA! That's a JOKE! First of all, I run 6 miles AND walk 3 miles a day, and I can't even eat 1800 calories and maintain my weight! It's no wonder that so many people are overweight. With BTC's success at 1200 calories a day, I'm more convinced now than ever that a low-calorie diet is the only way to lose weight, along with some exercise. 2,400 calories a day is a joke! I WISH I could do that, but I'd gain 10 more pounds in two months!

smiley2 on 03/31/2006:
Hi Runner, Im really holding thumbs that you are going to see the teens this weekend! If you go light on the carbs and salt you will most certainly see it! Good luck! I also read your entry yesterday about the fancy restaurants serving the smaller, tastier portions and i couldnt agree more. That is one thing that put me off when i lived in America, most restaurants give this HUGE portions, heck i could feed 4 grown men with them and only the nice, fancier restaurants serve small portions, but thats so expensive! Guess im not used to it, since i come from a country where hunger is a real everyday problem. Eg i couldnt understand the idea behind bottomless soda or popcorn etc. I came to the conclusion that if youve got it you can most certainly flaunt it hehe! Well have a good day, just sharing a bit of my opinion.

sweetpea1977 on 03/31/2006:
Keeping your hands full (especially with a cute bundle of joy) really works in keeping a person distracted from food.

Im very proud of you for freezing the peanut butter. How well does PB freeze? I've never tried it!!

Im not sure if there is any woman out there that can maintain her weight on 2400 calories each day. The only exception may be those scary-looking female body builders!!


Umpqua on 03/31/2006:
Runner, you totally deserve your weight reading, and I know you'll be back in the teens in the next few days. Way to show restraint at your dinner party! Whoever wrote the article stating A) that walking 3 miles a day means the person is active (I do this and I would consider it light exercise at best) and B)a woman who does this can consume 2400 per day and maintain her weight -- is seriously delusional. I don't think my husband even consumes that many calories regularly!

geevee on 03/31/2006:
In my former fat life, I probably consumed 2000 daily. At 2400 I'd be well over 200! What an idiotic thing to write.

There is nothing better than natural PNB! I'd choose it over most desserts. And to think that as a child I was able to have as many spoonfuls of it as I wanted!

Runner - Wednesday Mar 29, 2006
(Under 1300 calories)
Weight: 120.5

I was totally holding my breath today when I weighed myself and was very relieved to see 120.5 again! WHEW! Actually, the meal out was easier than I thought it would be. Since it was a fancy place, the dishes were smaller and "more attractive," which is usually the case with nice restaurants. (It seems like the cheaper places serve huge plates of food, but the more expensive places are all about the "look" of the food. Works for me!)

Anyway, most of the dishes revolved around veggies and sashimi...and I skipped the fried stuff. (Even though one guy couldn't understand why I wouldn't try it. I didn't budge, though. No one can force me to eat something I don't want to eat)

Since the meal hardly contained carbs, I didn't feel stuffed when we finished. That was a relief! And it was really fun to meet my husband's co-workers, too. They were excited to meet me, which was nice! I felt quite special! (He's the only American in the bunch...so he gets quite a bit of attention himself)

I have one more hurdle to jump tonight before I get two days of (hopefully) no big temptations! (On Sunday, the temptations start anew, as we have some friends from the U.S. visiting us! That will surely include some meals out...)

But tonight, I'm throwing a dinner party for some friends. Thankfully, I've chosen the menu and tried to include things that I won't be tempted to overeat. I'm making tacos from lean ground pork, but I'm not a huge pork person, anyway. If I can stay away from the shredded cheese (a real delicacy here), then I'll be okay. And I made a small dessert that will probably be eaten by everyone in one sitting. So I should have no leftovers.

I desperately want to see 119.5 again this weekend. I need to get back into the teens!

borntocry on 03/30/2006:
Hey Runner,

Well done! You did a great job at the restaurant. I've also noticed that more expensive restaurants tend to focus more on the presentation of the food than on the serving size. However I find that so aggravating! But I guess that's because when I'm paying, I want to feel like I'm getting value for my money!

Sounds like you're right on track to hit the teens again this weekend. I have similar temptations coming up ahead as I also have a friend visiting me from America and I'll probably have dinner out with her tonight and tomorrow night! She is on a very tight budget, though, so hopefully she won't want to eat out much in Berlin. Maybe I can end up jumping that hurdle after all?! We'll have to wait and see!

sweetpea1977 on 03/30/2006:
Hey Runner,

Im glad that you had a nice time at dinner with your husband's co-worker. Sounds like you handled everything very well!

Your party meal plan sounds like a winner, especially since you dont really care that much for the foods you will be making available, though pork tacos sounds quite yummy to me! :o)


Runner - Tuesday Mar 28, 2006
(Under 1300 calories)
Weight: 120.5

Just when I feel like I'm starting to make progress (even though I'm still two pounds away from my Sunday weight), I have another curveball thrown my way! My husband's boss is throwing a fancy dinner tonight at a Japanese restaurant, and he really wants me to go. I haven't met most of my husband's co-workers yet, so this is a good chance for me to meet them. However, I know that the food will be really good and plentiful, and I'm just starting to feel slightly "normal" again after my last big meal, more than 52 hours ago!

Why do these things always happen to me?

Okay, I need a plan! So far, I've had about 500 calories today. Not good, as I know I'll have to eat again before dinner. But if I can keep my calories under 300 and then just try to pick at my food tonight, maybe I won't see 122 again tomorrow.

When did dieting get so hard? I used to be able to handle these types of things, and now I feel like I can't even enjoy a nice meal out without stressing out! Well, Geevee, if the mind can burn calories, then I'm burning some right now, because I'm furiously trying to think how I can keep under 1400 calories with a big meal out tonight!

sweetpea1977 on 03/29/2006:

Since you haven't met any of his co-workers before, try your best to focus on them and not on the food. And if there is such a thing as a leafy salad bar at a Japanese place (I've never noticed), stock your plate up on that!

Good luck!


borntocry on 03/29/2006:
Hi Runner,

You have my sympathies, dear. You do seem to have an exceptional number of social commitments compared to the rest of us - or to me, at least. I often wonder how I would manage if I had to eat out all the time, like you do. But I guess this is something we have to be able to do - adapt to the different circumstances in our lives and work around them. I can afford to splurge when I eat out because it happens so rarely. But you have to learn how to limit the damage. I'm sure it will get easier once your weight goes down a bit and you have a little leeway. You're stressed out now because you've only just started making some progress, so naturally you don't want to lose it all.

Anyway, thanks for the comment you left me. Yes, I really feel like an idiot for buying shoes that are too small! There was even another pair available that was half a size larger and would have been perfect, but I saw some imaginary defect in it and stupidly thought that these ones would be fine. They do fit fine on my left foot but my right one is a little bigger, and that's where it pinches a little when I run. I'm such a fool!!

Oh and I know what you mean about trying not to discuss your running or your races too much here. I also worry that I'm probably boring people with my endless talk of laps and times and so on, but I guess I do owe much of my weight loss to running, so it's only fitting that I should give it credit! And like you said, it's nice to think that I can inspire other people, the same way you inspired me!

Runner - Monday Mar 27, 2006
(Under 1300 calories)
Weight: 121.0

Okay, 121 isn't bad...but it's still 2 1/2 pounds more than I was on Sunday. And I'm still feeling really bloated! But I really think the Sunday weight was a fluke. Anyway, the bottom line is that actually losing a pound is hard work! It's much easier to gain weight, that's for sure!

I probably had 1600 calories yesterday. I would have been around 1200 calories, but I stupidly decided to bake some chocolate chip cookies for some friends! I just need to stay OUT of the kitchen!

I have another meal out today. Sigh. But I should be able to choose my own meal, so I hope there are some healthy options! You never know here. Things like salad aren't on most menus. It's always "rice" or "noodle" dishes...and most of it is fried!

In other news, I've signed up to run a half-marathon on April 30. It's a race in the mountains, and I'm excited for it! I'm ready to race again!

borntocry on 03/28/2006:
Hi Runner,

Yay! You're running a half-marathon! I guess I'll have to get used to the fact that I'm not the half-marathon-runner around here any more! It's okay, though - I was just holding the position for you on a temporary basis while you got back on track!

I'm glad to see your weight is down, even if it isn't all the way down. If you're still feeling bloated, then maybe you're still carrying around a little excess water weight from your big dinner. Remember, geevee said it might take up to three days to get rid of that. So give it time.

I do think you should try to cut down on your baking, though! Seriously, how many of us could hope to stick to our diets with the smell of freshly-baked chocolate chip cookies wafting from our ovens! You are making things so hard on yourself.

Thanks for the comment you left me. I just recently found out how to make regular popcorn in the microwave. Microwave popcorn is available here but only at the American grocery store, at quite inflated prices, as you can imagine, and only in those big bags (and my husband is rarely in the mood for it). So I was getting quite jealous reading about Soon2BThin's adventures with those Orville Redenbacher single-serving bags of microwave popcorn and wondered if I could make my own. Well, it turns out that nothing could be easier! I think the easiest way is to use a paper bag, stapled shut (there's not enough metal in the staple to cause problems with the microwave). You can also use a bowl and cover it with a plate or a microwave-safe plastic lid. That's what I was doing at first, but then I used a bowl that wasn't microwave-safe and it broke. Since then I usually just use microwave-safe wax paper and kind of fold it up around the popcorn and then twist the ends shut so that the unpopped kernels don't slide out.

One thing, though - I don't think you should ever use and reuse the same bag of popcorn, or even the same sheet of paper, because it could burn.

sweetpea1977 on 03/28/2006:
Hey Runner,

Yay! Im so happy that you are racing again! Hey, I have an idea. To keep yourself on good behavior for your upcoming race, set a "no baking" rule for yourself. And once the race is done, you can "reward" yourself with a small baking project. How does that sound? I know, April 30th seeems soooo far away right now, but this would be a wonderful personal challenge for yourself. :o)

Anyway, Im thrilled about the fact you are racing again. I dont think I've been here long enough to be a part of your preparation for a race, so Im really looking forward to reading about your training and your growing excitement as race day approaches. Go Runner Go!

Love, Jenny

PS. Thanks for the Gator support! I truly appreciate it!

geevee on 03/28/2006:
Did I get sick of noodles and rice! Do you ever find potatoes? I don't remember if I ever saw them. If so, then it was at the American restaurant in my hotel.

I'm a real potato person. I just bought 5lbs. of Idaho baking potatoes. I love to bake them in the toaster oven because the skin gets nice and crisp and tastes so good buttered.

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