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Runner - Sunday Sep 11, 2005
(Under 1600 calories)
Weight: 115.0

Total calories yesterday- under 2000

Total time spent exercising- over 3 hours (1 hour run, 1 hour hike, swimming, and walking)

Weight at the end of the night- 120

Can you believe it? I haven't seen 120 in over a year. I can't handle this anymore. It doesn't matter what I eat---I just blow up like crazy! I figured with all the exercise, I would see a dip in the scale. But my body is totally fighting any sort of weight loss. It's just in rebellion or something. It's amazing, really...before dinner, I was 115.5. After dinner and a lot of water, I was up to 120. Now, I know I drink a lot of water, but 4 1/2 pounds? That seems a bit much!

I'm going to get some x-rays of my intestines this week, at the recommendation of my doctor. Maybe my body is just having a hard time digesting food. And now I'm struggling with the temptation to just eat whatever is in sight, as I'm weary of working so hard to lose weight only to GAIN weight.

But I know eating more than I need isn't the answer. I just remember the good ol' days when 114 was a "heavy" day.

geevee on 09/11/2005:

Why are you aggravating yourself by getting on the scale at night? I know well, the temptation, but just don't do it any more. Why make yourself miserable? It doesn't make any sense. I drink all my water after 9pm and on through the many times I wake up during the night, so I've even stopped getting on the scale first thing in the morning. Why should I when I know I'm loaded down with water.

Now, my first weigh in for the day is after my swim and the next is mid-day which is usually even better. And that's it! No more until the next day.

I swear by cantalope now. Today I'll finish the one I've been mentioning and will buy another. The one I've been working on was so sweet. It was just like a rich dessert. For the first time in over two weeks I've felt a difference in my weight, and of course the scale has shown it too. I'm beginning to wonder if it's our "miracle" fruit?

Please, try one and let me know if you have the same experience.

And STOP getting on the scale at night!

borntocry on 09/12/2005:
Hi Runner,

I don't understand what you are hoping to accomplish by weighing yourself before and after dinner. All you did was find out how much your meal weighed. And if anything, that should reassure you, because now that you know how much food and water can weigh, it shouldn't surprise you to see how much your weight fluctuates over the course of the day.

That said, it does sound to me like you drank a hell of a lot of water with your meal - perhaps more than your body could process in one go. I know that I feel very uncomfortable if I drink more than a couple of glasses of water at a time, and you're a small person, like me. Do you know it is possible to drink too much water? Here are some links on the subject:

http://www.coolrunning.com/engine/6/6_1/1179.shtml http://www.medterms.com/script/main/art.asp?articlekey=3859 http://www.ultracycling.com/nutrition/hyponatremia1.html

Also, I noticed that sweetpea1977 suggested that you could be swallowing air while you eat. This might seem like a very simplistic explanation for your problem, I did suffer from a similar problem myself a while back. I had chronic sinusitis and could only breathe through my mouth, which meant that I inevitably swallowed a lot of air while eating and that led to pain and bloating afterwards.

Of course I know this will probably be no help to you, but at least it looks like your doctor is trying to get to the bottom of it so perhaps he will come up with something. If not then you can still find out if it could be a food allergy by eliminating different foods from your diet for a week at a time. Don't worry, Runner, I'm sure we will solve this problem eventually!

Runner - Friday Sep 09, 2005
(Under 1600 calories)
Weight: 115.0

Thanks to all of you for your encouraging comments. I wish I had better news to report...but alas, my weight is up (115 AFTER my run! Terrible!), and my spirits are down!

Although I had an ultrasound yesterday, it only showed that I have a ton of "trapped gas" in my intestines. (or something like that) Anyway, the doctor wants to talk to his colleagues and check his textbook before he does any more tests.

Come on! It's only getting worse...and I'm so incredibly frustrated! I'm ready to do some self-medication, that's for sure! I've debated about doing a "detox" diet of mainly fruits and veggies for a few days...I've thought about giving up dairy and wheat to see if I have a food intolerance to either of them...I've cut out sugar and diet soda...but I'm not sure what else to do!

I feel so confused. One website says that if I'm going to "detox" my body, I have to eat a lot of veggies, beans, fruits, etc. But guess what kinds of foods make you bloat? Veggies and beans and some fruits!

So do I eat the beans or not? Do I eat cauliflower or not?

And am I completly wasting my time trying to self-medicate myself? I mean, this bloating problem may not be related to food at all!

To make matters worse, there's a little voice in the back of my head that is telling me that I've just gained 2-3 pounds in my stomach...that it's all my fault. But it can't be. I've eaten so well these last couple of weeks...I don't know how I could just gain weight so easily! (And why would it all go directly to my stomach?)

No, there is definitely something wrong. Meanwhile, I'm afraid to put anything into my mouth! What CAN I eat? What won't make me bloat at all? I wish I knew!

And could any of this be related to hard exercise?

jolt on 09/09/2005:
Self medicating can be good. I detox every few months. But I drink fluids only (water, fruit smoothies ect)

I would get the OK from a doctor before starting anything since you have some sort of medical condtion. Hang in there.

This journey can be very frustrating whether you have 100 lbs to lose of 5 lbs to lose! You will make it through this one step and one day at a time.



geevee on 09/09/2005:
Hi Runner,

I sure can commisserate with you about the "up" days during our battle of weight control. As you've read, I hadn't had ANYTHING good to eat for at least two weeks. Vegetables consisted of a slice of tomato and a few lettuce leaves on my sandwiches. Period! No fruit whatsoever. So last night I ate 1/4 cantalope and this morning I'm down ONE whole pound? Why not eat some cantalope and see how it affects you? The beans, cauliflower, broccoli would only aggravate the situation. All we can do for the moment is experiment. We know the cantalope is nutritious and lo-cal and that it's high in potassium. Maybe it's one of those fruits that is good for reducing the "bloat".

In the meantime, I hope your new doctor comes up with something to ease your discomfort.

sweetpea1977 on 09/09/2005:
Golly, I am so sorry about your frustration. I hope this doctor finds something out soon. I wouldnt do anything different until you find out what he says.

If he says "nothing", well thats a different story. If I were in your situtation, I would probably experiement on my own to try to isolate the problem. First I would do a detox, with fruits and veggies that dont cause gas build-up.

Then maybe when you go back to eating all food, I would try eliminating wheat or dairy (not both) to find out if is as simple as a food intolerance. It may take time to notice changes as your body rids of the previous day's nutrients.

The main thing is not to be afraid to eat. Just pay close attention to how your body reacts to all the foods you eat. I swear that I've heard that combining certain foods together may cause problems. I am not sure what the reasoning is behind it, but it may be worth researching to find out if there is any truth to that statement.

Exercise is an interesting theory. I wonder if somehow you are swallowing air that gets trapped into your gut? ;o) Seriously though, it could be something much more complicated than that.

Take care of yourself Runner and keep us posted on your findings.


Runner - Thursday Sep 08, 2005
(Under 1600 calories)
Weight: 114.5

I ate so well yesterday...stuck to my 1800 calories and got more exercise than normal. But I woke up with the usual distended belly and saw 116 before I went outside for my run.

I wish I had positive news to report from my doctor's appointment, but I don't. The doctor was nice, took an x-ray, and told me to come back today for an ultrasound. He couldn't see anything from the x-ray, so maybe we'll know more today. What bothers me the most is that he didn't ask me questions. He didn't ask me what I eat...he didn't seem interested in the fact that I haven't had a period on my own for 7 years. He didn't seem to care that I have battled hypothyroidianism for 7 years as well. It was like my medical history meant nothing to him. He's just going to check out my stomach and that's it.

This is about the sixth different doctor I've visited here in Asia, and no one has bothered to say, "Let's get to the root of your problem. Let's see if all these things are related. Hmmmm...your thyroid went crazy and then you never got your period again. Is there a connection here? Hmmmm...your estrogen levels are dangerously low...maybe you should go on some sort of HRT. Hmmmm...you say your belly has been bloated for two full weeks? That's not good. Maybe there's something wrong with you."

But you know what? I can't find a doctor who will do that. I can't find a doctor who is willing to take the time to figure me out. And in the meantime, I'm feeling like a stupid hypochondriac for even going to the doctor's office...because they seem to think that my problems are quite normal and "nothing to worry about."

That's what the doctor told me yesterday in his broken English. "Don't worry. Don't worry."

I'm sorry, but I'm worrying now. I've battled the bloat thing for over a year, and I'm starting to wonder if it's more than just "gas" in my stomach. Sorry to keep rambling on, but I'm tired of my stomach falling out of my pants. I'm thin everywhere else...so it really shows. And if there's something seriously wrong, I'm going to march back into that doctor's office and say, "SEE? I TOLD YOU SO!"

I need to learn how to say that in Chinese...just in case they don't understand my English!

borntocry on 09/08/2005:
Hi Runner,

It's your responsibility to to insist that your doctor take you seriously and get to the bottom of this problem. I don't know what the medical system is like where you live but doctors here are paid the same amount no matter how thorough they are, so they have no incentive to do anything more than the bare minimum. Also, the legal system here is not like it is in America and doctors can rarely be sued, so what does it matter to them if they miss something serious? It's your health and in the end the doctor is just doing his job - he doesn't really care about you. If the ultrasound doesn't reveal anything then you just have to demand more tests or to be referred to a specialist. Even if it is just "gas" in your stomach, you should be able to find out why it's causing you such obvious discomfort. Don't worry about coming across like a hypochondriac - you're paying for medical attention (either in doctor's fees or taxes!) and you have a right to it, no matter how minor the complaint.

Anyway, thanks for your tips on cheesecake crust. I did try the oatcake crust without adding water, and it was better but it was a bit crumbly. Do you think it isn't such a good idea to bind it with egg white?

And by the way, I forgot to thank you for all your advice on high-protein cereal, too. Unfortunately none of the brands you mentioned are available here, but I'm going to see what I can find in England this weekend!

Umpqua on 09/08/2005:
Sorry to hear about your doctor's visit. Frankly, I don't think that problem is confined to Asia - I've had trouble finding a doctor who will actually listen and figure out my problems as well. When I got to my high weight I was also feeling sluggish and out of sorts. I went through 3 doctors (including an endocrinologist) before finding one who could diagnose my rheumatic disorder. I imagine the problem is compounded in a foreign country. I wish you luck - maybe the ultrasound will turn up something.

geevee on 09/08/2005:
About the PNB - I buy the Wild Oats organic crunchy. It's the annoying kind in which the oil separates and it takes ages to mix it. It has good flavor. I can't stand Jif or the others. I also like the machine that lets me grind my own. Then I don't have the problem of mixing. It comes out perfectly, but yesterday I couldn't find the machine and settled for the stuff in the jar.

These doctors can be maddening! Is there any bulletin board type site on the web where you could inquire about your problems and perhaps get some good feedback?

sweetpea1977 on 09/08/2005:
Hey Runner,

Im sorry for your doctor's behavior. His lack of concern truly pisses me off. If it were me, I would have given him a piece of my mind! Grrr! I recommend doing that the next time a specialist blows you off like this idiot did. You DESERVE to know what is causing your mysterious bloat!!

Runner - Tuesday Sep 06, 2005
(Under 1600 calories)
Weight: 114.5

I'm really having a rough time. I was 116 before my run, 114.5 after. Honestly, the last two weeks have been terrible, due to all the extra bloating. Yesterday I ate fine...and I think I burned off most of those extra "dessert" calories with added exercise.

But I woke up with a very swelled stomach. It's just not fair.

I made my husband take a picture of it so I have some "ammunition" for the doctor this afternoon. I'll probably still be bloated when it's time for my appointment, but I'm not taking any chances!

I just want to be normal again! Aargh!

And I want to be able to eat normally and maintain the weight that I somehow managed to maintain for a year now...I'm tired of those very high numbers that I see when I wake up. If I didn't burn off 2 pounds of sweat every morning, I'd be even more depressed!

borntocry on 09/07/2005:
Hi Runner,

This is very bizarre. Have you tried to analyse your diet and see whether there is any particular food which makes the bloating worse? I hope your doctor can come up with an explanation for this.

Thanks for the comment you left me. There aren't many fat-free products available here, but I guess the French are so fond of cheese that they can't give it up when they diet! I doubt I'd be able to find low-calorie jam here but in any case I'm not too fond of jam. Thanks for the tip, though! Speaking of tips, I'm going to open my jar of Better 'n Peanut Butter soon - can't wait to see what it's like!

geevee on 09/07/2005:
I totally empathize with your early morning weight problem. I have the same and now try to avoid the scale until mid-morning or later when I see a "better" weight. Usually though, it doesn't work and I'm driven to weigh myself anyway and am never happy with what I see.

I sure hope your new doctor has an explanation for your bloating. It's so uncomfortable!

Runner - Monday Sep 05, 2005
(Under 1600 calories)
Weight: 113.0

Although I am still quite bloated at night and when I wake up, I have seen 113 after my daily runs both yesterday and today. That's a relief, as it makes me feel more "normal." On the food-front, I indulged in some Reeses Pieces yesterday, but pretty much stuck to my plan other than that. I've been craving more sweets lately for some reason...but I guess I'm always craving sweets!

I have 3 meals out this week, so I need to stay disciplined when I DO have control over what I eat. Because when I eat out, I often have no say in what kind of food is put in front of me.

And I have my doctor's appointment on Wed. I hope I can figure out this bloating thing once and for all! But I sure do hope it's not a food allergy...if I have to give up dairy products, I think I'll go crazy!

**********UPDATE---I just had a very highly caloric dinner. I don't even want to go into details. Actually, the dinner wasn't highly caloric---it was the dessert. And I showed absolutely no restraint. In fact, I pigged out. It was pathetic. So if my weight is up tomorrow morning, it's not solely due to bloating...it's because I way overdid it!

borntocry on 09/05/2005:
Hi Runner,

First of all, thanks SO MUCH for your comment. It was you who first got me started thinking about protein, back in the days when 99% of my sustenance came from starch! So I was very interested in your thoughts on the subject. I'm sure you must have already told me that you always include protein in your breakfast, but I didn't want to give up my cereal so I probably chose to disregard you! Now I see that you are right, though. I am going to try to take your advice and have a balanced breakfast of protein and carbohydrate. And do you suggest staying away from any kind of sugar in the morning or just processed sugar?

I'm not sure yet what to do about my cereal addiction. I'm thinking that the problem could be due to the amount of cereal I have rather than the cereal itself. Recently I've started allowing myself to have an occasional quarter or half cup of dry cereal as a snack, and that never seems to make me hungry. It's only that huge bowl I have on weekend mornings which has that effect. So maybe if I could stick to a cup or so at a time, and balance it with some protein, I would be all right. What kind of cereal is high-protein, by the way? I didn't realise there were any.

I hope your doctor's appointment goes well on Wednesday. It isn't the end of the world if you have a food allergy, you know. Dairy products are the one thing which I used to think I could never give up either - especially cheese, which I adored. Then I discovered that most of the cheeses in Europe, particularly the hard ones, which are the ones I love the most, are not vegetarian. Without even really trying to, I gradually found myself eating less and less cheese. I didn't even miss it. It's the same thing that happened to me with meat, which I also used to love. It's like once you stop eating something, you kind of lose your taste for it.

But anyway, I think there are medications out there for people with dairy allergies, so you mightn't even have to change your diet at all. Let's hope for the best!

Runner - Friday Sep 02, 2005
(Under 1600 calories)
Weight: 113.5

115.5 before my run, 113.5 after.

Still no change in the bloating, but I think I have an appointment to see a specialist on Wednesday. Thanks SO much to Sweetpea, who e-mailed me a ton of information about possible causes. I know now that it's not just a once-in-awhile thing, as I've been bloated every single day for two weeks with the exception of one day. And it's the worst at night. Anyway, living in a foreign country makes me more prone to bacteria and stuff like that, and maybe I just have some sort of bug in my stomach that needs to be cleaned out! Sounds gross, I know, but I'm hoping it's as minor as that!

I had a dinner party last night and it was so fun! I served a bunch of great food, and the best part was that most of it was eaten before I got a chance to try any! I did get a piece of my cornbread and some dessert, but I don't feel like I overdid it. I threw the rest of the dessert in my freezer, though, so I'm hoping it doesn't tempt me there. I'll have to get rid of it as soon as possible!

BTC---I can understand how you get on cornbread kicks. It's been a long time since I've had cornbread, and I really, really like it.

Hope you all have a good weekend! ***We don't have our Internet connection at home yet, so I don't have time to comment on your entries. But hopefully I can read through a few of them! I'm just about going crazy without a computer at home...

sweetpea1977 on 09/03/2005:
Aww! You are welcome! Just wanna take care of my girls! :o)

Glad your party was a success. Good job on handling the food! All this talk about corn cakes (BTC) and corn bread is making me have some serious cravings for cornmeal. Thanks!! ;o)

Have a good weekend!

Runner - Thursday Sep 01, 2005
(Under 1600 calories)
Weight: 113.0

Before my run- 115.5 pounds Last night before bed- 118.5

I'm really beginning to think that there's something seriously wrong with me. Except for one day, I've been quite bloated for over a week now. It's to the point that someone noticed yesterday.

I already know that I'm not pregnant. I haven't had regular periods in 7 years. (Maybe I need to have one!)

Anyway, I think my eating has been better than normal. I've been too busy to think too much about food! But no matter what I eat, I bloat up so easily now...and come to think of it, the bloating happens whether I eat or I don't eat.

Yes, I need to see a doctor. But I've been to doctors here, and they don't know what to do. I'm going to have my husband find me a specialist. But what kind of specialist deals with bloating???

As far as the food goes, I am having a "housewarming" party tomorrow, but since I'm planning the party, I also get to plan the food! That can be a good thing and a bad thing...sometimes I go crazy with the leftovers, so I just need to make sure that I serve food that I'm not crazy about!

borntocry on 09/01/2005:
Hi Runner,

This bloating of yours does seem to be a problem. I don't think it's that strange that you weighed in at 118.5 lb before bed, as I'm sure I weigh around that much at the end of the day, too. But if other people are starting to notice that you look bloated, I can see why you might be concerned!

I think you should see a doctor the next time you are in America. I know it is more expensive there, but because of that I think the doctors there tend to be less dismissive - they know you have a right to expect something in return for your money! Of course, if you can't wait until the next time you go to America then maybe it would be better if you could find a specialist where you are.

Thanks for the comment you left me. My perfected recipe for cornbread isn't quite perfect yet, but when it is I will definitely give it to you. Though at the moment I'm on more of an old-time cornbread kick, and this kind of cornbread is generally made without sugar - more like bread than cake. I don't know if you've checked out the website I mentioned in my last entry, but I'm finding it fascinating to learn about how people used to cook and eat a couple of hundred years ago. Things have evolved so much since then, and though most of the changes have been positive, I think it's a pity that certain dishes and styles of cooking seem to have have fallen out of fashion and are now almost completely forgotten. But all that is soon to change over the days to come - at least in my kitchen!

geevee on 09/01/2005:
Poor Runner,

I commisserate with you on the bloating. You have it so frequently. It's so uncomfortable! I feel like a spoiled child with my recent complaints about it because I hadn't had it since the potato and anchovy meal a visitor had cooked for me. It affects my whole being. I just don't feel right when I'm like this.

You are so right about choosing the right foods for the party, thinking ahead of the leftovers. In my fatter days I learned that trick at Halloween and would take the opportunity to buy all the candy that I liked so I could think ahead of a feast.

sweetpea1977 on 09/01/2005:
Hey Runner,

Im sorry you are feeling bloated again. Im getting quite concerned for you! Therefore, I emailing you a list of websites for you to check out, to see if you can determine on your own the possible causes of your bloat.

Then, if necessary, make some appointments with a couple of gastroenterologists to have some x-rays and sonograms taken of your abdomen. I agree with BTC - you may need to make a special trip to the USA for this.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy your housewarming party! Have a good weekend!

Runner - Tuesday Aug 30, 2005
(Under 1600 calories)
Weight: 114.0

I am so bloated again. I was 116 this morning...can you believe it?

How ridiculous is that?

I wish I had more time to write, but I don't...I'll try to catch up on my diary writing/ reading tomorrow.

Until then---

p.s. Thanks to those of you who encouraged me with the cheese thing! I'm glad I'm not the only one who can eat it like candy!

Umpqua on 08/30/2005:
I can easily overdo it on cheese. It's a bad habit I picked up when I was low carbing and ate mounds of cheese and pepperoni and other assorted meats. I LOVE most varieties of cheese, so I have to be careful. I simply don't like the prewrapped kind though (or "American cheese") so I get blocks of the good stuff and portion it out carefully. I'd just rather eat small amounts of that for the flavor! Those fluctuations are crazy, but I completely understand. I can be diligent at home and not eat desserts, and yet be bloated and up on the scale. Now I'm on vacation and eating a rich dessert a day and the scale is down. I just don't understand it...

geevee on 08/30/2005:
Your comment about cheese brough back a memory of being in Europe w/my husband and kiddies. In addition to the dirt cheap wine bottles clinking away on the floor whenever my husband would turn a corner were the packages of cheese which drove DH and kids nuts! They complained about the smell of vomit, and that's what some of this delicious cheese smelled like. It didn't deter me in the least and I refused to throw it out. Every time I'd have some the complaints would come but I was in Heaven! BTC is right about the great cheeses in France. The last time I was there I subsisted on cheesse, baguettes and red wine. Whatever else I ate was meaningless.

borntocry on 08/31/2005:
Hi Runner,

Your weight seems to be at its usual mid-week high, along with the bloating. I wonder why that is. Do you eat very differently over the week than you do on weekends?

Thanks for the comment you left me. Like you, there are many different types of food which I find quite hard to resist, so I'm glad that there are at least <i>some</i> things which I don't find tempting, and I don't appreciate it when people try to make me eat more of them, too. If I could eat everything in moderation, then fine, it wouldn't hurt me to have a little bit of something which I don't particularly like, but until then, I need to save my calories for things I do like!

I don't know if my co-worker actually wants me to gain weight (we're sort of friends, so hopefully she doesn't actually wish misfortune on me!) but I do think that she likes it when people around her eat more than she does because that makes her feel like the smart, healthy one. She's one of those people who won't take responsibility for her weight and instead constantly talks about how healthy her diet is and how she abhors anything too sweet or greasy. Which is totally untrue!

Runner - Monday Aug 29, 2005
(Under 1600 calories)
Weight: 112.5

114 before my run, 112.5 after.

I haven't been an angel today, either. I was doing fine...until I sampled a very generous serving of 4-layer Oreo pie that I made myself. It was for a friend's party, but guess who had to take care of the the leftovers? Yup. Those dumb leftovers! I guess I made too much of it...everyone loved it, but there were still a few servings left. I'm going to make my husband finish the rest of it, because it's just way too good and way too caloric!

Tonight's goal: a salad and fruit for dinner

* a light snack before bed

That's ALL! I've had my treats for today! I also had some more of that real mozzarella cheese. (which was given to me at church yesterday)

It's amazing, but I can also binge on cheese. Who binges on cheese? For some reason, I can start eating it and have a hard time stopping! So those big blocks of cheese can be deadly to my diet. I have to resort to the "one slice" pre-wrapped stuff. I don't binge on those, that's for sure! And I can find a low-fat variety here. So I usually only buy the processed slices...and skip the real thing, which is too expensive anyway!

But now I have a big block of Gouda and a big block of mozzarella in my fridge...and since I hate to throw out food, you can bet most of that cheese will end up in my stomach! Of course, I'll serve it to my husband, but he isn't a cheese fanatic like I am.

Oh, the dilemmas I face! If it's not dessert, it's CHEESE!

borntocry on 08/29/2005:
Hi Runner,

You know, if you like cheese you should really come to France. I'm sure you would have loved the cheese-tasting session we had at my office a couple of months ago. One of my co-workers brought several different kinds of regional cheeses from her part of the country, and boy were they delicious! I'd never tasted anything like them before. I think I must have eaten half a pound of cheese that day. And then she gave me the rest of the block to take home with me!

Thanks for the comment you left me. Yes, I've taken your advice and am eating more protein. And I think it does satisfy me more than carbohydrates. Cottage cheese, in particular, really seems to take the edge off my hunger. Whereas when I have a big bowl of cereal for breakfast it seems to actually make me hungrier!

Oh and I read the comment you left Umpqua and found it funny how my parents also eat so sensibly and yet I somehow always manage to eat so badly and gain tons of weight when I visit them, raiding the kitchen cupboards like there's no tomorrow. It just goes to show that the same things which can be healthy and sensible when consumed in moderation can do so much damage in the course of an obsessive-compulsive eating spree. But of course we already knew that, didn't we?!

geevee on 08/29/2005:
I think "our" problem is that we love food. That's all there is to it. When you describe the block of mozzarella I think of a stewed tomato-type of dish with melted mozzarella I had in NC. Oh, was it good! Cheese and crackers, melted cheese, hunks of cheese alone - it doesn't matter how. I am a cheese lover too. Give me some chewy rolls or fresh bread and I'm a goner!

legcramps on 08/29/2005:
lol, seems like you're not alone on the cheese-gorging problem. I too am a cheese lover, and when it's in the fridge I tend to over-indulge. Actually, when anything's in the fridge I tend to over-indulge. But I digress. For me, being a cheese fanatic means literally growling at anyone who tries to eat it on me, especially if it's been brought home just for me. I try very hard to keep it out of the house because I know what I become when it's there staring me in the face. And it doesn't seem to matter if it's processed or not. I'll eat anything, goshdarnit! A regular waste basket, I am.

The Oreo pie sounds very good. I had a slice of strawberry-coffee cake yesterday while at grandma's. I was hoping I wouldn't like it. Apparently God didn't answer my prayers because the whole time I ate it I was salivating for more! Anyhow, go easy on the cheese! Have a great week.

Runner - Sunday Aug 28, 2005
(Under 1600 calories)
Weight: 112.0

I saw 112 this morning...amazing! But I'm not too surprised, as I've been super-active with our move. I spent most of the day on my feet, cleaning and unpacking. And I haven't had time to cook or anything, so I've just been eating when I'm hungry.

But today was a bit harder. We went back to our former church and there was the most delicious lunch...I indulged in some very moist fig cake, a small piece of chocolate cake, and a few large slices of delicious and hard-to-find cheese. And then there was the meatball and some yogurty fruit salad...hmmm...a much higher-calorie lunch than I'm used to. But I'm going to try to eat very lightly tonight.

I'm tired, though. Moving is a lot of work!

Umpqua on 08/28/2005:
Good going on the new weight! All that exercise you're getting from your move will definitely help in keeping your weight down. I remember how tired and sore I was after our last move, but I felt good too.

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