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Runner - Thursday Jul 07, 2005
(Under 1600 calories)
Weight: 113.0

HI, friends! I wish I had time to comment on more entries, but it's hard to find time to read AND comment! So I am trying to stay current with your entries, but I'm not able to comment yet...but hopefully I'll have more time this weekend!

We leave tomorrow! It's hard to believe! I'm not looking forward to 28 hours of traveling...so I'm going to get in as much exercise as possible before I go!

Food-wise, I've been okay, but last night I had some friends throw me a surprise dinner and I put away 3 (three!!!) chocolate chip muffins. What was I thinking? One would have been enough! It's hard, though, when everyone continues to sit at the table and talk...I find myself nibbling on food unconsciously.

Today has been okay so far. If I can make it through without giving in to the temptation to reward myself with some sort of fattening goodie, then I'll consider that an accomplishment. I can wait...I'm going to America! I know there will be more goodies than I can fathom when I get there!

borntocry on 07/07/2005:
You lucky thing! Have a safe trip!

Liza36 on 07/07/2005:
Have a great time on your trip!! Don't worry too much about the goodies. Just enjoy your family and the activities you engage in. Safe travels.

Umpqua on 07/07/2005:
I hope you have a safe trip and get some rest in (not sure what else you can do on such a long journey). I hope you check in with us once you arrive!

skinnyjill on 07/07/2005:
That was sweet of your friends to throw a party for you.

It's so hard to try and either move the party AWAY from the food after you're done eating. We should all try ot suggest moving the group to the living room or be proactive about cleaning up the food so we aren't tempted. It's hard to do, but I try to get away from the goodies.

I hope you have a geat trip.

geevee on 07/07/2005:
Tomorrow is Friday which means the time of the week when you're at your lightest. I hope it's so, so you don't get on the plane bloated and uncomfortable.

Eat one of those McD's fudge sundaes for me!

I don't know if there are any Sonic restaurants where you're going, but if there are, Sonic's current bargain offering is a small banana split for $1! It looks good, so good I've have to have one, but fortunately there aren't any Sonics where I live. They are also advertising a breakfast burrito that looks good too.

I just want to get you salivating for what awaits you. Enjoy.

sweetpea1977 on 07/08/2005:
I hope you have a great time in America!! Can't wait to hear about your adventures!


becca27 on 07/08/2005:
Hi Runner,

It's good to see that you're still posting and welcome home!! I hope that you are well and I look forward to reading your posts! Have a great trip.

Runner - Tuesday Jul 05, 2005
(Under 1600 calories)
Weight: 113.0

I know I'm not losing weight...being on the road is tough on the diet. Even though I've done okay, I don't like being out of my own kitchen and out of my own "comfort zone" with food, know what I mean? But I'm only 2 days into it...and I have almost a month to go! Yikes! The good part about being on the road is that I can't bake as many goodies that tempt me...but soon I'll be going HOME to my mother's house, and it may just get worse.

Ah, well. Life goes on! I need to remember that there are more things to life than being 110 pounds. But I sure have worked hard to get there...and maybe I never will. I guess being healthy and trying to achieve overall wellness should be my goal, not a number on the scale.

But I am concerned about the bloating problem...my worst fear is that I have ovarian cancer or something. Doctors here don't want to run all sorts of tests, and without insurance in the U.S., I don't want to pay through the nose to have a specialist look at me. It could be something so minor...maybe I've developed some sort of food intolerance. Maybe it's just the salt in my diet. But come on---I live in Asia! Everything is salty!! What am I supposed to do---not eat? (maybe that would be a good thing once in awhile...ha ha)

Umpqua on 07/05/2005:
Will you have a say in what you eat at your mother's house? My mother cooks very healthy and doesn't keep junk in the house, so I'm very lucky when I visit there. But I know some mothers like to "fatten up" their kids, so that could be a nightmare! You have worked hard and I think that counts more than the number on the scale. Whatever is causing your bloat is probably inflating that number - I experienced it last week after having more period for 7 straight days. Argh! As soon as that was over the scale moved - for what that's worth.

gigi43 on 07/05/2005:
Bloating is SO frustrating! I spend at least two weeks out of the month being bloated, if not more. Have you ever been diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome? Bloating is one of the symptoms along with constipation and/or diarrhea, gas, stomach cramps, etc. I was diagnosed years ago but my symptoms have mainly subsided, except when under stress. And I think my bloating is mainly hormonal related and yours could be too but maybe it's IBS. Good luck, either way!

borntocry on 07/06/2005:
Hi Runner!

Maybe you should insist that your doctors run some more tests? I can understand your conundrum somewhat because my husband has suffered sports-related injuries and has had the same problem where he felt he wasn't being taken seriously here but couldn't afford to see a specialist in America. But if you are really worried about your health perhaps it is worth it.

Or maybe you could look into the possibility of a food intolerance, as you mentioned. I have read that bloating can be caused by gluten allergies... have you tried cutting wheat out of your diet for a few days to see what happens? Or could you be lactose intolerant?

I am so jealous that you are about to leave for America! You're right about Asian airlines being better than their American counterparts. I read a whole article about that on the Time magazine website. Apparently it's because so many of their flights are domestic, so they have a lower profit margin and can't afford to invest in things like better food. I also tried ordering special (vegetarian) meals a couple of times and they were invariably worse than the regular meals. So now I just get the regular meals and eat whatever I can. After all, it isn't like I need to be gorging myself on food on my way to America!

Runner - Monday Jul 04, 2005
(Under 1600 calories)
Weight: 113.0

I'm away from home now and will be gone for one month. I need to make it through the next 4 days in Asia and then I'll head to the U.S.

I was very disappointed to see 114 when I woke up and then only got to 113 by the skin of my teeth. It's not because I ate badly yesterday. I honestly don't know how I could exercise more, and I think my body NEEDS at least 1600 calories. Why shouldn't I be able to eat like a normal person? I should. But I woke up bloated again, so I'm blaming the extra "weight" on that.

I'm tempted just to eat everything in sight right now, but I'm going to resist that temptation.

borntocry on 07/04/2005:
Hi Runner,

Don't be discouraged! I'm sure this is simply a high fluctuation caused by water retention. If I were you I wouldn't even bother to weigh myself after waking up bloated! I only ever weigh myself when I'm feeling thin!

Thanks for the comment you left me. I thought of you when I was pigging out on those brownies! I realised then that in the six years that I've been in Europe, I had practically forgotten what brownies taste like. Europeans just don't know how to make brownies. What they call brownies are really just brownie-shaped pieces of chocolate cake!

That reminds me of your comment on ice-cream. The only good ice-cream available here is also Haagen-Dasz, which I also don't really like. I find it too thick and cloying. And it tastes too much like cream. I prefer Ben & Jerry's. The new flavour I tried is called Chocolate Therapy - chocolate ice-cream with chocolate cookies and swirls of chocolate pudding ice-cream! Thank goodness my husband had some of it too, so I didn't just finish it all on my own in the space of two days!

Next time I'm in America, I'm going to try Edy's light ice-cream. I think you've mentioned this, haven't you? My father-in-law bought some just before we left and it looked really good. I'd seen it in stores but had never tried it, I guess because I'm always so intent on trying to find old favourites of mine from when I lived in America. But now I think it's time to branch out a little!

Oh and thanks for making me feel better about all the snacks I brought back with me from America! I'm glad to know I'm not the only one! And don't feel bad about seeing your nieces only once a year. My husband and I used to worry that his niece and nephew would never remember who we are, but now that they are a little older they do remember us and I think they like us even more because they see us so infrequently!

geevee on 07/04/2005:
It's amazing how in tandem our bodies are. We both seem to suffer from upward fluctuations at the same time. Yesterday I was up a whooping 3 lbs., from 126.5 to 129.5! Today I'm down one pound

I did overeat yesterday - about 2000cal. Even though everything I ate was "good", there's still such a thing as too much. I had a 300 cal. bowl of cereal early evening and then went so far as to top it off with a handful of walnuts which I'd resisted for so long, at least 200 cal. So that craving you have to eat everything in sight is what I suffered yesterday. I was able to resist stopping by Checker's for those greasy fries

Like you at 111, I had been pretty secure for 4 days at 126, then 126.5 which didn't worry me, but then the three pounds killed me. This is why I can't post my weight only one day a week on a specific day every week, because my body won't cooperate. It would be my luck to be up three pounds on weigh in day!

I wish I could offer some comforting words, but at the moment, I need them too! Wouldn't it be nice to stabilize?

mummypod on 07/04/2005:
PUHLEAAAASE take this the right way, the way it is intended LOL to HELP you *smiles*.

I've read all of your entries, sometimes twice just to make sure I understand LOL and I just have to say it... maybe 113 is EXACTLY where your body wants to be??? Maybe a fluctuation of between 1-4 pounds IS NORMAL for you??? Do you think that that could be it? I mean.. you are fit, obviously quite slim and healthy, do you think that 113 is where your body is happiest? NOT your eyes *smiles*!! lol

I mean what woman, NORMAL woman is ever 100% happy with their body?? lol I know that I will never be, but I have to convince myself that I need to listen to what my body is telling me, not what I see, or what I read that my body should be! It is damn hard though yeah... but otherwise we will be forever worrying about every pound/kilo.

Please enjoy your time in the US and you know that if you do put on a couple of pounds, then you know exactly what you have to do to get back to 113 again. You know your body best really.

Another thing I've considered is that maybe you just need a friendly check up with your doctor, just to make sure there is nothing happening beyond your control. Maybe you are prone to extra bloating and they can recommend something for you, it wouldn't hurt to just be on the safe side right?

But just have a great time in the US and remember that we are all here for you when you need to vent LOL

Kim xxx

Runner - Sunday Jul 03, 2005
(Under 1600 calories)
Weight: 111.5

Well, I saw 111.5 after my run both yesterday and today. I'm holding my breath...

neither days have been stellar eating-days, but I think the worst is behind me.

I'm not actually leaving for America tomorrow, but I am leaving on a work assignment and I'll fly to the U.S. on Friday. So I'm hoping and hoping I can at least see 111 tomorrow. It's a long shot, I know...but maybe I'll take a little extra walk today and skip the night snack if I can.

borntocry on 07/03/2005:
Hi Runner,

Great - you got down to 111.5! Good work! Don't worry too much if you don't get any lower before you leave. I know you want to give yourself as much leeway as possible before your trip to America, but you never know, you may not need quite as much as you think. My weight actually dropped during my trip, and didn't really go up until right at the end. Of course I was running more but then I think I remember you saying that you also enjoy running more over here so you might end up working off those extra calories too. I don't know if you're going to be online during your work assignment but if not, have a safe trip to America and have fun! I will be thinking (enviously) of you!

Runner - Friday Jul 01, 2005
(Under 1600 calories)
Weight: 113.0

Had another good day yesterday...resisted the sugar, got in a ton of exercise, and ate sensibly all day. Thankfully, the meal out turned out okay, and I only had some grilled fish, veggies, and fruit.

Unfortunately, I was quite bloated again this morning and saw 114 on the scale before my run. How depressing. I am not getting any closer to my goal, and that's sad. Even if I start eating right, it seems like something happens to sabotage my efforts.

I was planning to say "no" to sugar today as well, but I had something completely unexpected happen---since it was my last day at work for a month, my co-workers planned a surprise birthday party for me at 8:00am! (even though my birthday is over 2 weeks away)

Needless to say, I would have offended everyone if I didn't eat the cake that was brought in. I passed up the potato chips and soda (no problem there), but I did have 2 small pieces of cake. Surprisingly, it was quite tasty!

So that was my breakfast. Cake. Lovely, isn't it? Talk about getting off to a rough start...

I'm actually leaving on Monday now, so I only have 3 days to drop 3 pounds. I'm not going to freak out if I don't see 110 on Monday, but it sure would be nice...

This weekend is going to be somewhat of an eating-fest, though, so I'll need the extra dose of discipline to keep my calories under control.

borntocry on 07/01/2005:
Hi Runner,

Wow, you're leaving on the same day that I'm getting back to France. And I'm going to have to go to work straight from the airport, too! I'm going to be so depressed and so very jealous of you!

Good work staying off the sugar. Of course you couldn't pass up your birthday cake! You're so right - whenever one starts doing really well, something always comes up to sabotage all one's efforts. But that's the true test of our self-control. I have always found that it is relatively easy to give things up cold turkey - but in real life we can't always do that. So we have to be learn how to take these setbacks in our stride and not use them as an excuse to just abandon our goals altogether. And that's what you have been doing successfully! Way to go!

sweetpea1977 on 07/01/2005:
That was nice of your co-workers to throw you a surprise party. Anyway, everyone deserves some birthday cake for their birthday!! B-day cake is a great breakfast treat for your b-day! Im glad you enjoyed it and even more proud that you enjoyed it in moderation! Awesome work girlie!

Wow, your trip is coming up quick!! I bet you are thrilled.

Enjoy the eat-fest this weekend. I have a feeling you are going to do just fine. :o)

Have a good weekend!


Umpqua on 07/01/2005:
That was so nice of your co-workers! At least it was a good cake. I've had so many birthday cakes at work that tasted like cardboard with a pound of sugar on top. I feel as though when I've been overindulgent with sugar for a few days, a few days of deprivation doesn't seem to bother me. I hope you have the same experience. Good luck this weekend, and I hope you have a safe trip over here!

skinnyjill on 07/01/2005:
At least eating the cake was for a good cause ;-)

Be careful this weekend. Make wise decisions. YOu can have those cookout goodies, but only in moderation. Make sure that there are PLENTY of activities to do on this eating weekend!

geevee on 07/01/2005:
I was thinking of you as I was eating the cereal at 2 in the morning. After two hours awake there seemed to be no hope left for the night. The idea of cereal was so very appealing!

The twelve pounds more that I weigh than you might as well be one hundred. I can't believe how inacessible the teens are! The real positive development lately is that I really am a size six! So that encourages me.

My son is arriving from Japan in NY on the 4th. Seems like a lot of people are traveling that day. I hope he gets to see the fireworks over the harbor with all the tall sailing ships lighted up. It's such a great spectacle. If he can only stay awake after that grueling flight.

Stay your present course, The real good goodies will be at your disposal in just a couple of days.

Runner - Wednesday Jun 29, 2005
(Under 1600 calories)
Weight: 112.5

Yesterday was a good day...I did have a bit of sugar-free pudding, but I stayed away from candy and desserts, and I have no regrets. I still walked a ton and was a bit discouraged to see 114 when I first woke up, but I was 112.5 after my run.

Today's goals: stay within my calorie limit and stay away from the sugar. It sounds easy, but it rarely is! I have a meal out tonight, so let's just hope that there are some low-cal choices at the restaurant. (fat chance!)

Oh---and I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one who loves cookie dough! :) But my last entry may have been misleading...I think it may have sounded like I hadn't really eaten anything all day before the "cookie incident." I wish that were true...but I had already eaten a filling breakfast, lunch, and two snacks. I just hadn't eaten dinner yet.

So, you can see that I didn't have any "wiggle room" for an extra 1000 calories of cookie dough.

sweetpea1977 on 06/30/2005:
Hey Girl!

I kinda figured you hadnt eaten dinner before the infamous cooking incident. Baking on an semi-empty stomach is a recipe for disaster. Always make sure your tummy is full before baking sweets missy!! :o)

Thanks for your comments on the "wasting away" topic. Weight is definitely a delicate conversation subject. I dont like talking about it in a negative way, because I've seen both sides of the scale ("fat" vs "skinny"). When I do talk about weight with others, I always use myself as an example, hoping to inspire others to take better care of themselves.

Anyway, Im so glad you had good day! I hope that this one is even better!!


Umpqua on 06/30/2005:
Oh, I immediately saw the results of the weekend eating fiesta on the scale. It was up 3 pounds! I just can't eat like that without facing consequences, which is why I tend to weigh every day even though I'm now recording it here once a week. I'm hoping for a lower number tomorrow, but if not I'll have to restrain myself this weekend and work extra hard.

geevee on 06/30/2005:
Yes, indeed! Your "cookie incident" was a first class binge at 1000 cal!

Every now and then I have one of those days when I can't stop eating. There's no particular food that sets me off. I just eat and eat and eat.

That lasagna recipe with All-Bran sounds interesting. I have all the necessary ingredients so maybe I'll make it tomorrow. Thanks!

I took down the info about the obese man article in the Wash. Post but haven't looked it up yet. I was trying to ctch up on my other e-mails, but I will read it.

Runner - Tuesday Jun 28, 2005
(Under 1600 calories)
Weight: 113.0

My mind is a jumble of thoughts this morning...so I hope this entry makes some sense! I didn't sleep well last night, so I'm a bit sleep-deprived at the moment.

I had a second night of shameful indulgence...unfortunately, I baked some cookies (a new recipe) for a get-together today, and I quickly realized that these particular cookies are a "trigger food" for me. You see, I have certain foods that set me off. I can pass up bowls of Doritos, most nuts, anything with coconut, and any desserts that are "hard." (like scones or biscotti)

But I also have my "trigger foods" like fudge, brownies, frosting, and cookie dough...and no matter how hard I try to eat them in moderation, it's almost always a losing battle.

So I got home late last night and was hungry since I'd only had a piece of sweetened bakery bread for a snack. (mistake number one---I should have opted for protein). Since I wanted to crank out 4 dozen cookies before bedtime, I started baking right away, telling myself that I would eat my dinner while the cookies were baking.

Well, without going into details, I ended up eating enough cookie dough that I didn't need to eat dinner. To make matters worse, I finished off two more blueberry bars from the night before. And I ended it all with a little bit of ice cream.

That was my dinner...pathetic, isn't it?

Now, for the good news---I had walked over 3 hours during the day and got in a 50-minute run.

But back to the bad news---all that exercise can't undo the 100-calorie spoonfulls of cookie dough...it just can't! I honestly have no idea how much I ate. And yes, I know it probably grosses some of you out that I ate the dough and not the cookies (I didn't even touch the cookies once they were baked), but I really do like it.

Needless to say, I finally wised up and brushed my teeth and went to bed...only to lie there for 2 hours, unable to sleep. Believe it or not, I was very hungry and had to eat a little bit of cereal before I could finally fall asleep. I guess my dinner of cookie dough wasn't enough. (It sure was a lot of calories, but I didn't get my usual protein and veggies...and I am usually so good about eating balanced meals!)

SO I don't know if it's all the extra hormones coursing through my body right now due to the progesterone and provera I'm taking, or if I'm just in a slump right now. But I do know this---I am cutting out sugar from my diet for 3 days. I'm going cold turkey, friends. I have GOT to do this...I am discouraged at being back to 113, and I am NOT going to jump on a plane for the U.S. after a week of binge eating! Give me a break! I'm stronger than this!

So I've told my husband about my goal and I've asked him to help me out. If I can cut sugar out of my diet, I have no problem eating healthily. I don't crave fatty, fried foods. I don't crave potato chips. I only crave sweets, so it's time to just stop eating them. Period. I'll try three days and then see if I can do a couple more. And when I board that plane for the U.S., I will be PROUD of myself for sticking to my goal, no matter what I weigh! (But I'm hoping it will be 110!)

Jennifer68 on 06/29/2005:
Its not gross to eat cookie dough! I like it much more than the cookies themselves and cookie dough icecream USED TO BE my favorite, lol. (Only because I don't indulge anymore.)

You should be proud of yourself!!! No matte rwhat you weigh, you still rock! Lol, Jen

sweetpea1977 on 06/29/2005:
Hey Runner!

Eating raw cookie dough isnt weird. A lot of people do it, but never admit to it! LOL. You are one of the brave ones! :o)

I think you are definitely suffering from hormone overload. Raging hormones have a powerful force over the mind (and tummy!).

BUT, you are right! You are stronger than this! You can be in control of your eating. The key is to have a strong mind to tell you what to do and what not to do. You know what you need to do, so all you have left is to actually do it. You can do this! Beating your 3 day sugar free challenge will do you wonders!!

Im still cheering for ya!


borntocry on 06/29/2005:
Hi Runner,

Poor dear. I'm sorry you had another lapse so soon after the last one. But really, you expect too much of yourself! How many people could walk for three hours, run for fifty minutes, eat practically nothing all day, and bake four dozen cookies on an empty stomach without sampling any of them? The fact that you were still hungry afterwards shows that you were probably starved and really needed to eat! If you don't give your body the fuel it needs it will naturally start to crave sugary foods! Don't make things so hard on yourself by putting yourself into situations which no human being could resist. I have faith in you and I know you can stick to your goal and cut sugar out of your diet. But why do it the hard way? Don't let yourself get to the point where you're starving - especially if you're planning to spend the night baking!

Oh and by the way, I did find that Better 'n' Peanut Butter and I bought a jar of it to take back with me to France. It's so heavy, though! If only it came in plastic jars...

Runner - Monday Jun 27, 2005
(Under 1600 calories)
Weight: 112.5

My euphoria at being 111 yesterday quickly dissipated as I was 112.5 today. I deserve it, though, because I allowed myself to slip into a bad habit last night. Although I ate well all day and even passed up a highly-caloric dinner option, I had a "baking disaster" that set me off. You see, when something goes wrong in the kitchen, I tend to lose all sense of practicality and start shoving the "disaster" in my mouth. (if it's edible, of course)

And this particular dessert (a blueberry cake) WAS edible...in fact, it tasted pretty good! But it wasn't pretty enough to serve my guests, so I concocted a very sweet frosting to put on top...and when I started cutting it in the privacy of my kitchen, I tried one piece...and then another one...and realized that it was way too sweet. I should have left off the frosting. But it was too late, and I needed to serve them something. So I did. But someone else had brought Costco brownie bites which were delicious (and very fattening), and most people opted to eat those instead.

As I was putting my blueberry cake leftovers into the freezer, I once again started shoving small pieces in my mouth. What possessed me to do this? I'm not sure, except that I was disappointed that the cake hadn't turned out the way I wanted it to.

So I ended my day with an excess of at least 600 calories...between the brownie bites and the blueberry cake, I screwed up big-time. Of course, 600 calories shouldn't make me gain a pound and a half, but it did set me back farther from my goal of 110.

geevee on 06/27/2005:
That pound and a half is nothing. You know that. Up and down, up and down. It'll drive you nuts!My weight normally fluctuates between two pounds, and why I was up to 127.5 again today is beyond me. I guess it was my body reminding me that I'm not in control!

sweetpea1977 on 06/28/2005:
Hey Runner,

Yea, I use lowfat popcorn now. I used to eat that movie theater popcorn, but now I find that too greasy. The lite popcorn tastes better because I can actually taste the corn in the popped kernels. I prefer the corn taste over salt and butter that the movie industry drenches it with.

Anyway, I agree with you in that that a 1.5 pound gain isn't all from the 600 calories excess. Im pretty sure that most of the weight gain is due to your normal fluctuations.

But, now that you've had your sugar kick, move past it. I know you want to reach a goal before you leave for vacation, so it is now time to become focused on your mission. Im cheering you on over here. I want you to succeed so bad that I can taste it! :o) So, Runner, pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and make me proud!

Have a good day!


borntocry on 06/28/2005:
Oh, poor Runner! I have the same reaction to baking disasters. I wish we could find a way to prevent it... but I guess for now it remains a true test of our self-control.

Thanks for the comment you left me. I asked my husband about Cinnamon Toast Crunch and he said he doesn't like it. That's odd. And I haven't seen Peanut Butter Crunch anywhere here. I haven't been able to find my all-time favourite cereal either - Quaker Low-Fat Raisin Granola. Do you know it? I practically lived off it when I was at college, but I haven't had it since I graduated (so maybe it isn't actually as good as I remember - at least that's what I'm telling myself)!

I totally know what you mean about feeling ashamed of actually planning to be gluttonous. I feel the same way sometimes. In fact just the other day my husband made some remark about how all I care about on this trip is food. That really hurt my feelings. My husband was taken aback because he had apparently just meant it as a joke. I don't think we have anything to be ashamed of, though. We have worked hard to be the weight we are and as you said, we live in foreign countries where we are deprived of a lot of our favourite foods for long periods of time. What is so wrong with looking forward to having them again?

Oh and by the way, you were so right about those 3 lb. I thought I gained over the weekend. It turned out to be more like 1 lb. after all!

Umpqua on 06/28/2005:
I would have done the same thing - I'm such a sucker for anything that's "baked" and blueberry! I made a coffee cake type concoction with crumbled sugar and butter on my last one, and that was plenty sweet. Unfortunately, my guest had a couple of pieces, and my husband had maybe 2 or 3, and guess who finished the rest? Your weight will be back down again in no time though.

BTW, I figured you weren't pregnant based on what you've said about your periods in the past. I know (now that I'm off the pill) that just before my TOM I become extremely bloated and crave lots of sweets, as I did this past weekend. I can just imagine what the cumulative effect of that must be for you! Anyway, I know you'll get back on track with your diligence and exercise :)

Runner - Monday Jun 27, 2005
(Under 1600 calories)
Weight: 111.0

Amazing! I am back to 111! I'm almost afraid to type that number, as I'm doubtful it will last very long, but the GOOD NEWS is that I'm NOT bloated any more! I feel soooo much better. Honestly, for four days straight, I looked 3 months pregnant. But the doctor gave me some more pills and I should be having a period soon...that will also help the bloating stay down.

I'm thrilled, though, as I stayed pretty disciplined on our mini-vacation...even though I had a big meal out on Saturday, it was almost all seafood, so I felt justified in eating it, as it was good for me! And I was careful the rest of the day and got plenty of exercise walking along the beach and through the town.

Anyway, the countdown is on...less than 2 weeks until my trip. I'm still aiming for 110, so I have a little bit of "wiggle room" to work with. I'm not going to starve myself the next two weeks, that's for sure...but I'll try to cut out the unnecessary calories that aren't good for me anyway---especially in the form of white, refined sugar.

sweetpea1977 on 06/27/2005:
YAY! The bloat is gone! Glad you had a good time at the beach this weekend and got to enjoy some yummy seafood. I am looking forward to some seafood when I go to Florida this weekend. Cant wait!! I also plan on getting plenty of exercise in so I can enjoy them guilt free. :o)

Yes, stay away from that white stuff (sugar) until you get to the USA! Once you get here, reward yourself with some good ole Coldstone Creamery goodness! :o) Yummy!


borntocry on 06/27/2005:
Hi Runner,

You know, I thought of you and how much you love icing when I was eating that chocolate cake at the rehearsal dinner! Congratulations on getting your weight back down to 111. I think it's a good idea not to starve yourself right before your trip - you know this is the worst place to be when you're starving! I'm glad I didn't just go crazy as soon as I got here. I wish our trips had coincided, though. I'm going to be so jealous of you when you're in America and I'm back in France feeling miserable and depressed!

Thanks for giving me hope that some of my excess weight could just be due to water retention. I did expect to weigh at least 112 by the time I return to France, but I still have another week left here! And I feel like the serious eating has yet to begin!

I haven't had Peanut Butter Toast Crunch, nor Cinnamon Toast Crunch - they sound perfect for me and my husband, though, as he loves cinnamon and, well, you know about me and peanut butter!

I am also constantly overwhelmed by all the choices available here. In fact one of the things I look forward to most is going grocery shopping. I love to stand in the aisles just looking at all the different products. There's something for everyone here. That reminds me of something I heard a stand-up comedian say on TV the other day: "You know why everyone hates Americans? It's because we have so much stuff. They're jealous of how much stuff we have. That's why we shouldn't hold the Olympics in America. We don't want everyone coming here and seeing all our stuff!"

Runner - Saturday Jun 25, 2005
(Under 1600 calories)
Weight: 114.0

HI, all! I only have a minute, and this computer is acting really strange, but I wanted to let you know that I would LOVE to be pregnant, but I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I'm not. The bloating thing basically happened overnight and it's still here, and for those of you who have been on DD's awhile, you know that I haven�t had regular periods for almost 7 years now. I never ovulate...never. The doctors have been trying to figure me out, but the combination of a crazy thyroid, too much running, and low body weight has made my menstrual cycle nonexistant. So that�s why the doctors have to give me progesterone and provera every few months to induce a period...that�s why the doctor thinks I�m bloated.

Sorry to bore you with the details, but that�s the scoop!

Things are going well so far on my vacation, but we have a big meal out tonight. Thankfully, I�ve eaten lightly all day so I can enjoy some of the delicious foods.

sweetpea1977 on 06/25/2005:
Oh, ok! I feel silly now! Thanks for letting us newbies know! :o)

BTW, you sound so good today! Relaxed and happy! I like it! Nice change from right before your vacation. Perhaps that is the cure you've been lookin' for! ;o)

Glad you are enjoying yourself!


Umpqua on 06/25/2005:
I'm glad you're enjoying your vacation, and it sounds like you'll be feeling better soon. I hope you enjoy your meal tonight ;)

jolt on 06/25/2005:
(((HUGS))) I know how frustrating it is to want it and it not happen *sigh* I hope things work out for you! Have a great day



borntocry on 06/26/2005:
Hi Runner,

I'm so sorry to read about your health problems! Did the doctor give you those progesterone pills then? Hope it takes care of the bloating.

Thanks for the comments you've left me over the last couple of days. I haven't had much time to reply lately! I'm staying with my in-laws while I'm here but my husband and I had a wedding to attend in Dayton over the weekend and ended up staying overnight (without Internet access!).

I still haven't been to Cold Stone Creamery yet - I guess I shouldn't have looked up the calories on the Internet beforehand! I've passed by the place several times but the thought of 600 or so calories for one serving of ice-cream inevitably puts me off! Can it really be worth it?

And as for Skyline, I looked up the estimate for one serving of spaghetti with regular chilli and it was 714 calories. The vegetarian version is probably less but it still has a huge portion of grated cheese on top, so not much less! Then I always have two small bowls of Skyline oyster crackers, which are delicious. I've even bought a box to take back with me to France!

You know how you asked me if I experienced any reverse culture shock when I got here? Well, a few days ago I was out shopping with my husband when out of the blue he said, "I think I'm ready to go back to France now." What blasphemy! I couldn't believe my ears! I asked him why, and he said he was sick of being back in America and that there was nothing left for him to do here. But then yesterday he told me that he couldn't believe we only have a week left here, and that he's dreading going back to France. So I think maybe he was suffering from some of that reverse culture shock!

geevee on 06/27/2005:
Hi Runner,

Thanks for your encouraging comment about size and weight. Sometimes I think we're too impatient for immediate results, but that just isn't possible. The body needs time to acclimate. There's a world of difference between 115 and 125. I'm at the cusp and have been fighting to stay there as you well know. I imagine this nitpicking at such a weight level must be terribly annoying to those who have a lot more weight to lose, but the important thing for everyone to realize is that the same principles apply no matter what your weight.

I really didn't understand the importance of continual vigilence until I started reading your entries and then I realized the errors of my ways in the past of losing but then promptly regaining. It was like once I lost the weight, that was it. But it wasn't! It was just a little pause in the relentles rise of weight.

Your experience has been very helpful to me and I'm sure, to many others as well.

When you come home, don't deny yourself. You deserve a few goodies after all that grease laden food you're confronted with!

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