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Runner - Saturday May 28, 2005
(Under 1600 calories)
Weight: 112.5

113.5 before my run, 112.5 after my run. I'm happy with that!

My meal out last night was okay...I managed to resist eating a whole piece of dessert (several options were available, but I passed up all of them) and had 2 bites of my hubby's cheesecake. It was dry, so I'm glad I didn't eat more! Thankfully, he ate it quickly, so it couldn't tempt me for very long! I dutifully chose the healthiest option on the menu while everyone else chose creamy pastas and other fattening entrees. I started to feel sorry for myself---for passing up the obviously unhealthy choices, but then I reminded myself that I have worked SO HARD to get to this point and I shouldn't worry about what others eat or don't eat. It's difficult, though, as I watch these young ladies (some of whom are quite thin!!!) shoveling food into their mouths with abandon. And they stay thin...amazing!

Anyway, I woke up again this morning with hives all over my body. This time, they didn't really itch, but they were everywhere! I went back to the ER to get another shot and they did some blood work as well. Thanks to those who left me comments...I think you may be on to something as to the preparation of the sushi. The weather is so hot here, and even in a fine restaurant, things can go wrong! But I've lived here over 2 years and never had a problem yet. (And I've eaten off the street numerous times!) I hope it doesn't flare up again tonight, though! I'm getting weary of making trips to the ER.

borntocry on 05/28/2005:
Hmmm... that is very bizarre. Are you sure you had an allergic reaction to something you ate? From what I know, hives can be caused by plants, insects, etc. as well. I guess you might have developed a food allergy to something, but it would have to be something you ate each night that you were ill. The fact that you've never had a reaction like that before doesn't mean anything because people can develop allergies to foods which they have eaten all their lives. I hope that isn't the case, though... we love food too much to be allergic to it!

geevee on 05/28/2005:
Hi Runner,

Here are a couple more ideas from the wrapper of my wheat germ. "You can use wheat germ to replace up to one half cup of flour when baking cookies, muffins and breads. Use it as a topping for fruit pies, fruit salads, yogurt and ice cream or as a nutritious breading for chicken or fish and as a filler for meatballs." You know I had meatballs earlier this week and had completely forgotten about wheat germ!

I sure hope the hives stop. What do they say at the ER?

jolt on 05/28/2005:
oh my sorry about the hives and reaction, that is certainly no fun. YOu are doing so good. You continue to inspire me daily!



Runner - Thursday May 26, 2005
(Under 1600 calories)
Weight: 112.5

114 before my run, 112.5 after my run. A half pound "gain" isn't bad, considering I had so many meals out. I'm back at home for awhile, although my days will continue to provide me with many "food challenges." I have another Chinese dinner tonight. At least I get to sleep in my own bed for awhile, though!

I have had a strange 2 days, though. Remember my sushi dinner on Wed. night? It was very delicious, and I was proud of myself for passing up the chance to go to a "famous" fried shrimp roll place to have dinner by going to a sushi place instead. Anyway, I woke up the next morning with hives all over my body! I've never had any sort of allergic reaction to food before, so I was quite surprised! I was quite miserable until someone finally took me to the hospital and they gave me two injections. The hives cleared up quickly...but returned with a vengeance this morning! I was awakened at 5am because my skin was so itchy! When I turned on the light, I realized that I had broken out all over again...so my hubby took me to the ER and they gave me another injection and pills. I'm okay now...but the doctor said that sometimes it takes people awhile to get the allergies out of their system!

Can you believe it? Sushi is one of my most favorite foods...if I can't eat it, I will be so sad! It's weird, because I eat seafood ALL the time...and nothing has ever happened to me before! Does anyone else have this problem??

borntocry on 05/27/2005:
Hi Runner,

I don't see how you could be allergic to sushi itself... it must have been something in the sushi. Like maybe some sort of shellfish or octopus or something? I may be displaying my ignorance here because I don't know anything about sushi but it has different fillings, doesn't it?

And from what I know about allergies, you may not even be allergic to anything in the sushi itself but something which came into contact with the sushi while it was being prepared. Do you know of anything else which you're allergic to?

Umpqua on 05/27/2005:
I think BTC may be onto something. If you've never had this kind of reaction to seafood before, I find it hard to believe you've just "developed" an allergy (although it's possible I guess). I think it could have something to do with the way it was prepared, or maybe some unsanitary condition at the restaurant? (ick) I've never developed hives from food before, but I did break out in them last year at my old house. All I did was walk up into the attic over our garage (we were cleaning it out to move). Within minutes my entire body felt prickly and I broke out. It's a horrible horrible feeling. I took an antihistamine, and within an hour they were gone. I was lucky! But we suspect it was some sort of mold in that attic. Maybe you came into contact with something like that in your travels and didn't realize it?

sweetpea1977 on 05/27/2005:
Hey Runner!

I almost missed this entry!! Don't you try sneaking on here, I will find ya! :o)

As far as I know, Ive never been allergic to food. I do get caffeine headaches when I over indudge on coffee, but I also tend to get headaches if I dont get at least 1 cup into my system. Im allergic to heavily scented items like strong perfumes/colognes/soap, as well as grass, pollens, and long haired cats.

I like both BTC and Umpqua's theories on your hives breakout. I was thinking along the lines of a certain ingredient that was used in the sushi preparation or cross contamination with something that you didnt even know that you were allergic to. Or it could be a gross mold or bacteria that you came in contact with recently. Eeek! I hope that the irritation goes away and that you find out what the real deal is.

As for the brownies, perhaps I remembered the calories from another brand at the store. Maybe once I saw that Ghiradelli made brownies (its been forever since I've paid attention to the cake mix aisle!), my eyes glazed over and I went into a trance and picked the box up without thinking. Grrr! Oh well, the dessert is mainly for my sister, so she will be taking most of it with her when she leaves. If the calories are too high, I still have other options: FF chocolate ice cream, gingersnaps, or FF pudding.

Thanks for the applesauce recommendation though, I am going to implement that the next time I make a dessert. How much do you put in? Is it a direct substitution? Does it alter the cooking time or results any (less chewy?)? If it comes out pretty close, maybe I will do the applesauce thing afterall.

Have a great weekend!


geevee on 05/27/2005:
Once I had a horrific reaction to barracuda. They say you shouldn't eat it after it attains a certain length because the fish stores poisons from what it eats in its body. When they're small, there's no problem because not much has accummulated. It was the most delicious fish dish I think I ever had and I was the only one in the family affected. I, too, had an allergic-type reaction with uncontrollable itching that lasted 4-5 days. My tongue turned dark blue and I thought I was going to die. I can't remember what the medicine was that my doctor prescribed but I was utterly miserable for several MONTHS! I could barely walk! Going across the room took forever. I couldn't go grocery shopping because I was too weak.

Anyway, your "itch" syndrome reminded me of this incident. I didn't have hives, thank God! But I itched for days.

I sure am glad you mentioned wheat germ because I had an unopened plastic bag of it, the tick, durable kind of plastic. So I went to check on the calories in it because sometimes it does vary from brand to brand, and what did I discover? All the roaches I haven't seen must think they're in a luxury hotel as they munched on my wheat germ! They don't have teeth yet they cut right through the bag with no trouble at all. By the time I would have checked it out there wouldn't have been much left! Oh, this continual battle with the natural world!

In my health food period, I would eat wheat germ as a cereal, topping it with one or two Tbl. blackstrap molasses (good source of iron) and then pour in half and half. I never once considered the calories, just how good it tasted and how nutritious it was! I probably weighed around 130 at the time.

I also add several Tbs. of it to meatloaf, wheat bread when I bake, and also as a supplement to regular cereal. You do a lot of baking so you could add it to muffins, cookies, whatever. Recently I've been using the flax meal as a wheat germ substitute.

Runner - Wednesday May 25, 2005
(Under 1600 calories)
Weight: 112.0

Thanks, friends! And I saw your other comment, Umpqua! Muchas gracias! :)

Last night was a rough night for me. I was stuffed after the hot pot, but around 9:30pm, I just felt like snacking...and it got a bit out of control, even though I was only in my hotel room! I managed to find various snacks that I either brought or was given, and I probably consumed a good 700 calories in about 10 minutes. Bad, bad, bad. That type of gluttony is sinful, as far as I'm concerned! I felt ashamed after it. I mean, I had plenty of good food to eat all day long, and I was just plain selfish as I attacked the snacks. Selfish in that I ate several bites of things then threw the rest away...selfish in that I ate things I was going to give to others...selfish in that I was only thinking about feeding my face and nothing else.

Today has been a better day. My hubby and I are skipping the meal out tonight and we're going to go out for sushi instead. I think that will be a healthier choice!

Well, I only have about 10 minutes left, so I'm anxious to read some of your entries! Even if I can't find time to comment, I want you to know that I do read them! And I know that you do the same with my entries...so I don't always expect comments! I hope my entry yesterday didn't make me sound desperate for encouragement. :) But I do like the feedback. It reminds me that I'm not alone in this battle, and sometimes I feel quite alone in this country as one of the few "whiteys" among so many millions of Asians. They just don't understand my "strange" eating habits...why I don't like to drench my veggies in oil or why I don't eat fried rice for breakfast. So this site is a breath of fresh air for me on a daily basis!

borntocry on 05/25/2005:
Hi Runner!

I'm so sorry I didn't comment on your previous entry. Actually there was a lot I wanted to say but I was at work and thought I would wait until I got home, and now my entire computer has been wiped out by a virus and I can't even turn it on!

Of course, you already know how much you have inspired me and what a difference you have made to my life... a difference that goes way beyond encouragement and support. I seriously think that you have quite possibly added years on to my life by giving me the idea to start running. Certainly I would never have thought of doing something like that on my own, so you get full credit for it!

But also, I wanted to say that I understand your fear that someone you know could be reading your diary and violating your privacy. I was also a bit hesitant about starting a public diary at first and it was only after reading and commenting on other people's diaries for a while that I finally decided to start one myself. And at first I was a bit coy about revealing details which could provide clues as to my identity, but then when I became close to other people here, I didn't want to hide anything any more. But like you, I've kept my struggles with food and weight secret from almost everyone I know and I don't really want them revealed. What's worse is that I haven't even told my husband the full extent of it... and I've also criticised him quite freely in some of my entries so I often worry about him reading them one day and feeling betrayed! At least you don't have to worry about that!

cynthia on 05/25/2005:
Good morning, today is a new day and you are going to shine!!!! Just a reminder to you, you have made tremendous progress and you are one that will make a plan and stick to it, that takes self control. Congratulations on being able to exercise that ability! xoxo cynthia

sweetpea1977 on 05/25/2005:
Hey Girlie,

Despite of last night's misadventure with the late night snacks, you have moved on and made today a better day. Good for you! :o) Im proud of you chica!

Im glad that this site keeps you company while you are in Asia. I can only imagine how alone you must feel at times, so Im happy that you have us to make you feel so welcomed and loved (which we do!):o)

Love ya, Jenny

geevee on 05/25/2005:
The first five days when I was in Shanghai, I would go to the restaurant for breakfast which was the make believe coffee I couldn't stand. What is it made from anyway? There was never anything I wanted to eat probably because I've never been a breakfast person, but what got to me and turned me off completely was the sight of those plates of HUGE mountains of rice! ARGGGHHH! I couldn't bear it! Rice at EVERY meal? And it isn't even the good rice, but that gluey mass. When I got back to the US, it was a good TWO years before I could eat rice again! To this day I can't eat white rice. I eat everything but white: black, red, brown Jasmine, and all the fancy gourmet rice mixtures made grown and packaged by Lundberg Farms in California.

Snacking for me is somewhat of an all or nothing phenomenon. I can go for weeks without snacking and not have any problem at all with it. And then I make the fatal mistake of trying some M&M's, walnuts, cashews, dried cranberries, and then the seed of destruction is planted and every night I am driven to my secret cache like a magnet and have a hard time stopping. I have to treat snacking like I did smoking; an addiction. It's an all or nothing situation for me. Just as long as I don't start, there is no problem. I LOVE snack foods but NEVER EVER buy them. I still have a few cans of nuts and a bag of M&M's that haven't been opened yet. Not now. I don't want to ruin my current "roll".

jolt on 05/25/2005:
Howdy Hoe! You can do it... MMM Suishi Can you take me..... I will come by carrier pigeon! You are doing great keep up the awsume work



Runner - Tuesday May 24, 2005
(Under 1600 calories)
Weight: 112.0

Okay, I'm feeling a bit self-conscious here, and probably for no good reason. After I admitted how much I appreciated everyone (in my entry 2 days ago), I have only heard one comment, and that was from Sweetpea. (thanks, Sweetpea!) But that's okay. :) I realize that there probably isn't much to comment on in my entries. ha ha

Anyway, today went fine until dinner time. We had "hot pot," which is like a buffet of veggies and meats that you can cook in a pot of broth. It's actually quite good, and I dip all the cooked things into a mixture of soy sauce and a lot of other good stuff. The only problem is that it's quite salty and I am sooo bloated right now.

But even though most of the foods are healthy (lots of veggies), I still feel like I overate. For example, I had seconds on the meat, and I definitely didn't need all the extra calories! I was full after one round! And I ate too much taro...that stuff is so starchy and it fills me up!

Oh, well. I did fine the rest of the day. As long as I can skip some of these meals out once in awhile, I'll be okay. I think I'll have more freedom next week. But right now, I eat when "they" tell me to eat. Sorry I can't elaborate on who "they" are...but they're basically my superiors, and in this country, you don't question your superiors!!!

cynthia on 05/24/2005:
Hey Runner, good morning. Thanks for taking me back to your, I think it was the May 20 entry. Wow, that was a cool tribute to ALL of us in this battle. Boy, did I ever need to hear those words this morning. You my dear heart are a champion in this world of mediocrity. You are a champion. God bless you and keep up the AWESOME work! Forgive me for neglecting my sisterly responsibility ... for awhile now it looks like I've tried to hop back and forth between optimism and pessimism .... today, I choose optimism!!!!

Have a great day Missy ... you are worth one!!! xoxoxo cynthia

sweetpea1977 on 05/24/2005:
Golly, you got me wondering who "they" are. Please dont tell me any specifics, I dont want you (or me!) to get into any trouble! :o) Just do the best you can around all that yummy food while you are there. You will get back on track once you get back home.

I understand your self-consciousness about noone commenting to a diary entry. I have felt the same thing from time to time. Its not like I solely depend on comments to stay on track, but they definitely are morale boosters that help keep me going. Its warms my heart that people take the time to read my diary and leave a nice comment behind. It is also nice to know that someone out there thinks of me, if only for a moment.

As for me, I try to visit this site on an hourly basis while at work (yes, I have a lot of free time!) since most people tend to do their diaries first thing in the morning. I always look forward to reading daily entries and when I dont see certain ones updated, I actually get a little concerned. I read all the diaries on here, but dont always comment on all of them. I have my favorites that I always try to comment on a regular basis. They tend to be the ones that are upbeat, funny, and/or completely honest with themselves because those are the ones that motivate me to do well.

Anyway, even though I may not comment every day, please know that I do read your entries every day. I admire you so much. You have come so far and have done an amazing job keeping the weight off. In short: You Rock!! :o)

Have a spectacular day!


Umpqua on 05/24/2005:
Oh, I actually commented on your Friday entry in Saturday's entry - so you did get more feedback ;)

That's too bad about having to eat when someone else tells you to. I always hated eating on business trips too, but luckily we had some flexibility about what and when we could eat. We used to have large dinners out with clients though, in which we had to order several courses and were encourage to drink wine or beer. I'd always feel ready to burst out of my business suit by the end! The hot pot sounds very good - I'm beginning to think salt intake has more to do with my minor weight fluctuations than actual calories, and I know this is something you mention often.

geevee on 05/24/2005:
Soy sauce! Oooh, that's a no-no for me. It'd affect me the same way the anchovies did when I soared up to 133-134. I retained all that water for a couple of days and was so uncomfortable. I'm surprised that the Chinese don't suffer from more high blood pressure with the diet they have.

jolt on 05/24/2005:
(((Hugs))) I am sorry I haven't been around to comment but guess what? I AM BACK!!!! I love hot pot, we call it Fondu soup here. I know you can do this, you are doing great so far. Thanks for continually inspiring me



Runner - Monday May 23, 2005
(Under 1600 calories)
Weight: 112.0

Day 1 of the trip, and I feel like I'm off to a bad start! I've had greasy Chinese food for two meals, and I can just feel it sitting in my stomach...not to mention the majority of my day was spent sitting, and I also ate some cake that I didn't even want or like! But I've got to start thinking positively...I did get a good run in this morning, and tomorrow is a new day! I sure hope I can handle all these meals out, though. It's not like the U.S. where you can order what you want. I have to eat whatever I'm served, and it's amazing what I'll eat if I'm hungry!!!

Runner - Saturday May 21, 2005
(Under 1600 calories)
Weight: 112.0

114 before my run...112 after my run. I was somewhat discouraged to see 114 this morning, even though I felt very bloated. I had a very active day yesterday---walked for about 3 hours (!!!), ran for almost an hour, and still kept my calorie intake under 1800. (I think) But I woke up bloated and feeling "fat." Anyway...

I leave tonight for another 10-day trip...this one will have many food challenges and hurdles. I really need an extra dose of discipline...thankfully, my hubby will be with me, and I usually behave better when he's around! :)

Umpqua on 05/22/2005:
I just saw your last 2 entries, and I want to thank YOU. You have been such a positive role model for exercise and healthy eating. When I first joined the diaries, I honestly wondered what someone who weighed 112 pounds was doing here. Not that I've journeyed this far, I understand! This is the first time in my life that I've really successfully maintained a loss - and I attribute much of that to learning from your struggles, and realizing that once you hit your goal weight you don't just throw in the towel - you have to work work work. Thanks Runner, and I hope you have a great trip with your husband!

Runner - Friday May 20, 2005
(Under 1600 calories)
Weight: 111.5

I was 113.5 when I woke up and 111.5 after my run. So I'm more like 113, I think...I lost a lot of water!! When I stepped on the scale this morning, all I could think of was the song that goes, "What a difference a day makes...24 little hours..."

And then I read Umpqua's entry and saw her 3 lb. loss (yea!!!), and Geevee's loss (yea!!!), and others of you who are experiencing success, and the song just kept going through my head! Even though I didn't experience a loss on the scale, I'm just continually reminded about what a difference a day makes. We can choose to make good choices or bad choices. But everything we put in our mouths is OUR choice.

And yesterday, I chose to put some things in my mouth that I really didn't need...I ended up baking some cookies and had some extra "bites" and "tastes" that I didn't need. I snacked on some foods I didn't even really want. But I chose to put them in my mouth, so if the scale goes up, it really is my fault. I can't blame anyone but myself! Now, I'm not depressed about this or anything, I'm just stating a fact. I'm just reminding myself that this battle is MY battle...and even with all the encouragement in the world from other people, I can't maintain my weight without consciously making smart choices every single day. But let me tell you...the encouragement helps! It doesn't always keep me from putting 4 brownies in my mouth at once, but it does keep me from feeling alone in this process! And it lifts my spirits! So to each of you who have been an integral part in my weight maintenance, I want to thank you.

Thank you, BTC, for your honesty, insight and positive spirit...and for being someone I feel understands my daily struggles and can relate to my specific issues.

Thank you, Geevee, for being a real role model for me. You are such an inspiration to me...you are committed to a healthy lifestyle, and you share such wonderful ideas and recipes with us.

Thank you, Cynthia, for your unfailing optimism. You are my sister, and your daily entries are always honest and sprinkled with humor, joy, and wisdom! And you know that this battle requires help from the Lord...which is something I have come to realize more and more.

Thank you, Umpqua, for your positive spirit and for your encouragement! I am so proud of you for getting down to your goal weight...and beyond! You have worked so hard, and you deserve every pound that has been lost!

Thank you, Sweetpea1977, for your sweet spirit...your comments just overflow with care and optimism! You are definitely a Sweetpea! :)

I could keep going and going...and I'm afraid that if I leave someone out, then I might hurt someone's feelings. But each one of you has taught me things---Princess Teacup, Tabbylove, Squiggly...you have all inspired me in some way! And I guess I'm just feeling rather "thankful" today, and want to write down my thoughts. Life is too short to be pessimistic, and I want to make this weight maintenance journey a FUN one...instead of thinking of all the things I CAN'T have, I can concentrate on all the things I CAN have...all the wonderful foods that God created for us to enjoy! Yes, eating can be fun! I just have to be smart in what I choose to eat! And treating myself to special treats now and then is definitely something I'll continue to do!

But today, I want to go easy on the sweets. I overdid it yesterday, and it's time to stick to the foods that will do something GOOD for my body.

Okay, I'll stop for now. I've rambled on for way too long...

sweetpea1977 on 05/21/2005:
Hey Runner,

Wow, awesome entry! I loved every single word (especially the ones about me..heehee). Seriously though, you are right. Each of us is fighting our own personal battle, but having encouragement from others is just ammunition to help you fight. :o)

Anyway, thanks again for the sweet words about me. They made me smile!

Have a wonderful weekend!


Runner - Thursday May 19, 2005
(Under 1600 calories)
Weight: 111.5

I am very, very hesitant to record my "new" weight, as I think it might be a fluke. I have no idea how I could come back from my trip two pounds lighter, except that I haven't been feeling bloated at all lately and that might be the difference. Anyway, it was a pleasant surprise to see the scale move in the opposite direction for once, even if it is short-lived!

I had awful dreams last night about dieting and my sister...I dreamt that she was reading over my shoulder as I typed my DD entry and then we just started yelling at each other and fighting. It was terrible! My sister lives in the U.S., but we're still pretty close. The only thing we usually disagree on is with food/diet issues, though. We've always been somewhat competitive in that area. Anyway, the dream was really disturbing, as I don't like to be at odds with anyone! But I still have this nagging feeling that someone I know is checking my entry every day...reading about my failures and successes...I don't know why it would bother me so much if someone close to me found out, but it would. I guess it's because I try to keep my food struggles a secret from people who know me well. I see them as a weakness, and I just figure that no one will understand my own personal struggles. (except you guys!)

Anyway, I'm hoping to enjoy food this weekend without overcompensating for the "loss" I saw this morning on my scale. Sometimes I wonder if my scale is off...

geevee on 05/19/2005:
You ought to be screaming loud and clear, "LOOK<,LOOK,LOOK! That's great!I only wish I could say the same! But I'll get there following your example.

tabbylove74 on 05/20/2005:
Bloomin 'eck petal look at your weight! That's really fab!

I understand everything you typed here today. I too would hate it if someone i knew was reading my deepest darkest thoughts. I think i'd feel invaded to be honest because i chose for you guys to know whats going on yet i'd never permit close family and friends to read my diary..lol weird! You listen to Radio 1? lol that's weird too...do you ever listen to The Chris Moyles Show?

Umpqua on 05/20/2005:
I know what you mean about the scale - I had a weird downward flux too. I feel like it's undeserved and will be temporary, but I still like to see a low number! I've been pretty vocal with everyone I know about my dieting and struggles with food - in retrospect that may not be a good thing. I've opened myself up to a lot of criticism and sometimes unwanted advice, and it seems like people always feel they have to comment on how I've kept my weight down, especially those I only see every few months. I'd prefer if people just treated me normally about it - so I understand your need to keep your struggles with this private!

Runner - Wednesday May 18, 2005
(Under 1600 calories)
Weight: 113.5

Oh, my...I was not prepared for all the delicious foods at the Mediterranean buffet, but I behaved myself well, I think! I'm so glad I went to the buffet with my friend instead of my husband, because I would have found reasons to have second and third helpings of everything with my hubby there...or at least a lot of extra "bites" and "tastes." It's not like I didn't want to go back for seconds and thirds...believe me, it was so tempting!

But my friend and I hadn't seen each other for a long time and had a lot of catching up to do. Since she did most of the talking, she ate a lot slower than me, and I didn't want to just get up and get another plate of food when she hadn't finished her first plate yet! So I had a total of 1 and a half plates of food...and I think I made smart choices, as I tried to stay away from the fried stuff. Instead, I filled up on some delicious things I rarely get---shrimp, dates, eggplant, feta cheese, phyllo spinach rolls, etc. And I took small portions and tried to just savor the taste. (BTC and Geevee---you both would have loved the wide variety of foods...from Greek to Indian to African...it was amazing!)

Dessert was one small piece of heavenly baklava, some pistachio pudding, and a small serving of Haagen-Daaz ice cream---all 3 things are foods I never get here, so I felt entitled to enjoy them!

I'm happy to say that I left the buffet full, but not stuffed. It really helped to concentrate on my friend...if I eat with my hubby, we both usually just concentrate on the food!

Of course, I don't expect to see the scale go down tomorrow...the desserts alone had to be hundreds of calories, and I know that Haagen-Daaz ice cream is loaded! (Even a measly half cup is usually over 200 calories!)

But meals like that come along so rarely that I was glad I could enjoy it without trying to count the calories.

I am a bit apprehensive about weighing myself on Friday, though...I've been gone over a week and I've had more rich foods in a week than I've had in a loooooong time. Although my exercise has been more than normal as well, I know that it can't totally cancel out all the extra goodies.

I guess I'll just try not to worry about it until I see the scale on Friday. But I'm leaving again on Monday for another 10-day trip. Yikes! These trips often wreck havoc on my daily routines! I'm longing for my own kitchen right about now...

cynthia on 05/18/2005:
You are a woman who has her stuff together. Way to exercise control and discipline AND ...ENJOY yourself! You know how to live.

I always enjoy reading your entries. I feel as though I am traveling across the world!!!

xoxo cynt

Umpqua on 05/18/2005:
That food sounds amazing! Way to go on not overdoing it. It's wonderful that you keep up with your exercise when you travel - I guess you have to since you do it so often. My schedule goes out the door when I travel...I understand the long for your own kitchen for sure. I used to travel somewhat regularly for business and I never like it. Usually we were so busy I didn't have time to think about food though. Hopefully your trips are a little more leisurely!

sweetpea1977 on 05/18/2005:
Hey Runner,

Thanks for the wonderful comment you left on Tuesday's entry. Its nice knowing Im normal for having those thoughts! Whew!!

I will definitely keep focused on my smart choices of eating right, exercising and staying positive!! And I will keep journaling, since it has been a godsend on this difficult, sometimes frustrating journey! It also helps having such a supportive community to visit every day! You guys always perk me up! :o)

Man, your Mediterranian buffet sounded AWESOME! I know what you mean about eating with friends vs eating with your spouse. I am the same way. Im less likely to eat off my friends plate than my fiances plate. Plus, catching up with a good friend is much more enjoyable than overeating. :o) Anyway, Im glad you enjoyed yourself and the foods that you so rarely get to eat.

Where is this 10 day trip taking place? Man, I wish I got to travel as much as you! Im lucky if I get down to downtown over the weekend. :o)


geevee on 05/18/2005:
You have my mouth watering! I don't know if I could have shown the restraint that you did. Those who haven't been to China have no idea of what you are confronted with. You definitely need a treat like the Mediterranean buffet to help to make up for all the greasy foods you have to live with. I wish I had been there!

Runner - Tuesday May 17, 2005
(Under 1600 calories)
Weight: 113.5

Well, I weighed myself at a gym tonight and was 114 pounds...so hopefully I'm maintaining around 113 in the mornings.

Two more days until I go home! I have a BIG meal out tomorrow night---a Mediterranean buffet! I never get Mediterranean food, so this will be a real treat! I've GOT to be careful, though...I want to enjoy it, but I don't want to be gluttonous, know what I mean? After all, it's just FOOD. I can survive without seconds and thirds...one serving should be enough.

I wish I had time to comment on all your entries, but I've only got a couple of minutes. SO know that I'm cheering for all of you! Remember---a moment on the lips, forever on the hips! (I need to say this to myself over and over again, as I just indulged in some chocolate cake that I didn't need).

geevee on 05/17/2005:
Ahhh. Seconds and thirds..Echoes from French Women Don't Get Fat. There was a great cartoon in the New Yorker entitled "Early Morning Round-Up of Fat French Women" which showed the paddy wagon, French police and scores of fat women lined up. At the top it said "The Shame of France".

Do enjoy your ONE helping of each goodie at that luscious Mediterranean food buffet. Just think, none of that awful grease!

sweetpea1977 on 05/17/2005:
Hey Runner,

I cant wait to hear about how the Mediterranean buffet goes for ya. Im sure you will behave and enjoy your serving of Med. food. Savor every bite! :o)

Can't wait to have ya back at home. Im really missing ya here!


cynthia on 05/17/2005:
Whadda attitude!!!! You CAN survive without seconds and thirds ... and just how long do you think it will take for me to grasp that little lesson??!!!! Girl, I am so PROUD of you!! Enjoy your trip home!!! xoxo cynthia

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