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Runner - Saturday Mar 19, 2005

Weight: 111.5

I have had a stomachache all day...it has pretty much taken away my normal appetite, yet I haven't let that keep me from indulging in two brownies and a big bowl of ice cream tonight. That was basically my dinner. Ugh! The only time I wasn't thinking about my stomach was when I was inhaling the goodies.

I think I have a bit of food poisoning, which wouldn't surprise me at all. The water here is quite a bit dirtier than the water in the U.S., and even though I wash all my fruits and veggies with soap, I'm sure I still can't get things as clean as they should be.

Anyway...we'll see if I'm still at 111.5 tomorrow! You'd think not having an appetite would keep me from eating. Yeah, I wish!

geevee on 03/19/2005:
We are SO selective in our food choices. The good part is that we adjust and cut out something to allow our indulgences or we'd balloon up in no time flat!

This morning I wrote about the disastrous week I've had. Oh, btw, never fear that I'll do a Princess Teacup and eke by on only 800 cal. a day. I only wish! It would be good to do that occasionally, but I can't get by on so little. That day you mentioned w/800+ cal. ALSO included loads of empty calories from the number of glasses of wine I had that I failed to mention!

As for the ice cream, nothing tastes better esp. when you're sick, and brownies speak for themselves. Even though you might feel stuffed, there's always room for a brownie or slice of Key Lime pie, right?

Runner - Friday Mar 18, 2005

Weight: 111.5

Well, for once my weight fluctuated in the way I always hope it will! I've been eating well lately and staying away from those "trigger foods." But I received some Easter candy in the mail yesterday, so that will have to be doled out in moderation! And I'll probably have "tastes" of some of it and then give the rest to my husband. Once he eats it, then it's gone, right? I can't buy that kind of candy here, so if it gets eaten, then it's gone forever!!!

I have been taking more progesterone pills, so sometimes that makes my weight drop. My estrogen levels are very low, so the doctors are still trying to figure me out.

This weekend will have the usual challenges---probably a meal out, more access to snacks, my tendency to have extra treats, etc. But I'm determined to hold to 112, and now I have a bit of wiggle room.

feeleebubs on 03/18/2005:
Progesterone makes your weight drop? I've been taking progesterone and it's making me gain lol I wish it made miy weight drop like yours. Congrats on 11.5! That's awesome! Good luck with the easter candy.

cynthia on 03/18/2005:
Whoo hoo --- you're a smart one. You're preparing for those pitfalls and that's bound to keep you AWAY from them! Meet those challenges and pat youself on the back. Cynthia

Runner - Tuesday Mar 15, 2005

Weight: 112.5

Back to 112.5! I hope I can stay there for awhile! Thanks to all those who encouraged me with your comments in yesterday's entry! While reading through other entries, I realized how important it is that we all continue to encourage each other. I often think of specific Diet Diary friends if I have a "dieter's dilemma," and sometimes that helps me make the right decision!

Speaking of Diet Diary friends, where is Becca27? Becca...I'm not going to give up on you! Even if you don't want to post daily entries, know that I'm thinking of you!! I hope things are going well for you.

Yesterday was a better day, although I did have some peanut butter. It's so strange...I go in phases with peanut butter. Sometimes I'll go weeks without having it, and then I'll find myself wanting to eat it straight out of the jar with a spoon! I'm the same way with peanuts.

You know, I went several years without eating peanuts, but now that I've allowed them back into my diet, I have a hard time eating them in moderation! It's like I want to make up for those years I never ate them!

Here's to a good day! I have a meal out tomorrow night, so constant vigilence is necessary!

borntocry on 03/16/2005:
Runner! Stop writing about peanut butter! It's driving me crazy, hehe.

Thanks for your comment. I should have specified that what I meant by headphones are actually those earpiece things. They're what kept falling out of my ears. I wanted to get proper headphones but my husband also said that they would be too bulky for running. So now I've bought these little ones which sort of clip behind the ears. Hopefully these will stay in!

Glad you like my idea of having cereal for lunch. I also find that I want it every day and it's a lot of extra calories to have on top of lunch and dinner (and the various treats and snacks which I always end up having as well, of course!). It's quite filling, though, so I think it would make a good lunch, at least occasionally!

Umpqua on 03/16/2005:
I'm lucky that I can take or leave nuts and I definitely don't crave them. Chocolate and sweets are another matter...As for the fat-free muffins, I've found that not all so called "fat-free" recipes are equal. I try to avoid the ones that call for 5 cups of unbleached flour and 3 cups of sugar! The banana oat bran one that I enjoyed called for a mixture of white flour and oat bran and only 1/2 cup of sugar, plus applesauce (unsweetened) and fat-free milk. Do you have any experience baking with whole wheat flour? I just bought some and want to try swapping it out for the white. I used millet flour in my recent batch and I think that may be why they were so coarse and grainy.

cynthia on 03/16/2005:
Hey Girlie, "tonight's your night"! Make us proud - enjoy your meal in style "DD" style! Cynthia

Runner - Monday Mar 14, 2005

Weight: 112.8

Well, I stepped on the scale 3 times this morning and got 2 different readings---113 and 112.5. So I'm estimating that I'm around 112.75. Usually I don't worry about estimating to the hundredth digit, but I feel like I should take whatever I can get at the moment!

As for my goals yesterday, I stayed away from the peanut butter (although I was tempted), kept my meals to 400 calories or less, but didn't make it on the "snack" calories. Some peanuts and cake set me off twice during the day...so 600-800 calories later, I realized that the nuts and cake didn't really fill me up, even though they were highly caloric. It's funny how junk food really doesn't fill me up. Only the healthy stuff does. And yet I continue to eat the junk. Why, why, why?

I have to work out for 2 hours a day to maintain this weight, and it's just getting to be too much work! I need to learn to curb my sweet tooth. I am not snacking because I'm hungry. I eat healthy, filling meals...I know how to do the "volumetrics" thing, and I am very conscious about eating enough calories so I'm not starving in 2 hours. But I snack because I LIKE to snack. And I LIKE to eat sweets. It's very hard to just STOP completely, but I've got to learn how to listen to my stomach. If I'm not hungry, I shouldn't eat. Bottom line.

Anyway, today is a new day, and I'm off to a good start. I have to do some baking tonight for a party, though, so I'll be asking my hubby to stay close to the kitchen. I need to be monitored, although it makes me feel like a child! But I know from experience how dangerous it can be if I'm baking any sort of "trigger foods."

borntocry on 03/15/2005:
Hi Runner,

Mmmm... peanut butter. Those words seem to have a strange and terrible effect on me!

To answer your question, the only problem I had running with the MP3 player was that the headphones kept falling out of my ears. But to be honest I've always had that problem, even when I'm not running. I think my ears are too small for headphones, or something. But today I'm going to try to get the kind which go over the ears instead of inside them - you know?

I think running with music is very motivating. Of course, I also live in a very dense and crowded city and I was also afraid of getting distracted. But it turns out that the noise of the city is so loud, there's no way you can turn your music up enough to drown it out. When I got home I was surprised to hear how loud my music was - I could barely hear it on the street.

Jennifer68 on 03/15/2005:
Hi Runner. You are doing so awesome! I don't know if I will ever see a number like 112 on my scale, unless I wait till my 4 year old gets to be about 10 (hee hee)and I put him on it. You are inspiring!! Go Runner Go!!

I have to bake a lot for others too, especially for school functions and my kids. I don't know if this will help, but I always think of it as 'Not mine, I'm just making it.' and it helps me keep from nibbling-- after all I wouldn't take food that clearly belongs to someone else, right?


Umpqua on 03/15/2005:
I admire the fact that you work out 2 hours a day and hold down a job. When I was working I had trouble getting in 45 minutes of pilates 3 or 4 times a week! I think the only reason I'm in shape now is because I have to do manual labor on my house instead of sitting at a desk. I would find it very hard to contain my snacking with the amount of baking you do. I simply don't keep many goodies in the house so I won't eat them. My friend brought over a box of russell stover candies for Valentine's Day and we ate a few each. I vowed to offer them to my husband after she left and then throw out the rest. Hubby ate 2 or 3, and within a couple of days the box was gone. Only it didn't get thrown out - I simply couldn't resist eating each one of them - even the ones I didn't like that much!

Maria7 on 03/15/2005:
It's a habit..that's the reason why....just like me for example...this afternoon, I had a 240 calories pack of chocolate chip cookies (they're very very small) JUST BECAUSE THEY WERE IN THE CABINET!!!! I just felt like I needed a little 'pick me up' and there I went, even after yesterday's chocolate binge....(but I felt safe as there was only one pack of the chocolate kind)...WHY did I do this??? It wasn't necessary, as I had just eaten a barbequed chicken sandwich for lunch and I had a big breakfast of eggs and onions scrambled and 2 toasts with a little margerine on them...so WHY did I eat them?????? HABIT! So, we just need to get out of the 'HABIT', that's all!

geevee on 03/15/2005:
Every single thing you said about snacking and snack foods is so true! I find it very difficult to control my intake of no-no foods, like my latest kick - pistachioes. Once I start, there's no end in sight. Somehow I was able to contain the urge pretty well last night. The thing is, I wasn't hungry. I was actually full because I had a 16oz. smoothie at 10pm, but from force of habit I automatically thought about nuts and chocolate at the witching hour. It's really difficult trying to change habits of a lifetime.

Runner - Sunday Mar 13, 2005

Weight: 113.5

I'm just not off to a good start today. Notice the new weight. I didn't post on Saturday or Sunday, when my weight was at its all-time low: 111.5. (both days!)

So how could it be up to 113.5 today? I know I had some extra snacks yesterday, but I don't think I went over my caloric limit for the day.

To make matters worse, my hardboiled eggs somehow froze in my fridge because it got too cold, so they were chewy this morning as I had to microwave them a bit to get the ice off of them! (They were already peeled).

And then I forgot to bring my cereal in to work! Oh, well. You know, I don't need the extra 350 calories. Thankfully, I brought my lunch with me today, so I just ate a very large guava instead of the cereal.

I'm having company again for dinner tonight and have a healthy meal planned, but I also have a yummy dessert made. So I have to be careful that I don't eat 4 or 5 pieces of it, as I can easily do that!

Goals today: stay away from the peanut butter

* keep snacks to 200 calories or less

* keep meals to 400 calories

* end the day at 1600-1800 calories

geevee on 03/14/2005:
I have the same problem with those two pound inexplicable weight gains that I get about once a week. They drive me nuts! It's never a loss!

As for limited calorie snacks, it's hard to get by with less than 200. There's always a bowl of soup or a smoothie at 125, but with me the problem is they don't appeal to me when I get the munchies. I want chocolate, a sandwich, pie, fried food - anything loaded with fat.

Maria7 on 03/14/2005:
I try to keep my cals at 1700 when I can, also. What dessert did you make???

Runner - Thursday Mar 10, 2005

Weight: 112.0

Back to 112 today! Another fluctuation? Probably.

I did well on the snacking-front yesterday, which was good, although it's probably due to the fact that I had a filling dinner. I had company over and made fried chicken, cheddar cheese biscuits, salad, and cinnamon-applesauce jello. Then I baked a carrot cake for dessert.

Fellow dieters, let me tell you how I managed to avoid consuming hundreds of calories at this meal, which was made for men who don't count calories!

With the chicken, I fried all of it in oil except for one piece. That piece was mine, and I fried it in nonfat cooking spray.

With the biscuits, I used reduced-fat Bisquick and poured melted butter over all the biscuits except one. That one was mine. Nobody even noticed that my biscuit was butter-free.

With the salads, I made individual ones and added walnuts, full-fat dressing, and feta cheese to the men's salads. But I left the walnuts off my salad, just gave myself a taste of cheese, and used fat-free dressing.

With the jello, I used sugar-free/fat-free cherry jello and then added the cinnamon candies and applesauce. Saved myself a good 80 calories by simply using SF/FF jello.

SO, after my meal of chicken breast, one biscuit, a healthy salad and some jello, I was too full to eat much carrot cake! I served it to the men, and the only time I slipped up was when I was putting the leftovers in the freezer...I tried a few slivers as I was cutting it into pieces.

Anyway, I still thorougly enjoyed my meal, and I think I saved myself quite a few calories that I don't need! The good thing is that NO ONE noticed that my chicken wasn't deep fried or anything else...they were too busy eating what I served them!

Calories avoided---I'm estimating upwards of 800.

Now, if I can make it through tonight, I'll really feel good! I'm attending a "spring feast" with a Chinese friend. Who knows what the food will be like...but whenever I hear the word "feast," I get a little nervous!

Remember, friends, I used to be 152 pounds. I know all about pigging out on a buffet. I haven't lost my tendency to overeat. And if I get too confident, I can slip up just like anyone else.

Constant vigilence, daily discipline, and plenty of exercise keeps me at the weight I love!

geevee on 03/11/2005:
Making all the adjustments in what we eat like you did yesterday is what we need to do all the time. There is no such thing as splurging one day and that going back to a leaner way of eating.

Gosh. Fried chicken! I can't remember the last time I ate it, and I love it too! Baked or broiled chicken is good enough though, and the pleasure of knowing how many calories you DIDN'T have more than makes up for any taste differential. That was really a good idea you had about how to avoid a disastrous eating day. What a good example!

Umpqua on 03/11/2005:
What a great menu and kudos on making the minor adjustments to save yourself some calories! I like that you did it in a discreet way and no one even noticed. Your entry was really inspiring. To win this battle we have to be vigilent every day. I know how easy it is to slack off and I'm never going down that road again. I'm actually fairly pleased with the way I look now, but I'll never forget how I looked when I passed 170 (and I have photos to remind me if necessary). Every day is a struggle and a testament to our persistence. I hope you have a great weekend!

Runner - Wednesday Mar 09, 2005

Weight: 113.0

Up to 113 today. Ugh! Hope I don't stay here for too long! I realized yesterday that I had at least 500 extra calories that I didn't need...for example, I ate one Reeses Cup, a chocolate-covered cherry, some more pudding, some fried peanuts, and a little peanut butter. Did I need all that junk? No. My regular meals were healthy and low-cal, but I found myself eating the candy and sweets that I wasn't even hungry for!

Really...I popped that Reeses Cup in my mouth simply because it was THERE. You can't find Reeses candy here, so the only way I have any is because it is sent to me or I bring it back from the States. Why do I even bother? I get plenty of good food...why do I need to eat the Reeses Cup just because it's taking up space in my cupboard?

I need to get a handle on my snacking. It's starting to get out of control again. My meals are fine, but snacking ruins my low-weight quicker than anything.

geevee on 03/09/2005:
You need to go to a doctor who has a scale like my doctor's! Today, I had a total loss of appetite. I was SO upset about yesterday's weight and more especially, my doctor. He acknowledged that his scale was "high". Even the girl who weighed me said, "You know, everyone says the same thing." So the next question is, "Why isn't something done about it?" When questioned, my doctor admitted that his scale was "high", but his defense was, "it's consistent". BS! This is a sweetheart of a guy, but STUPID! I am going to write him a letter and at the same time post it on DD's so that all will know what needs to be done. YOU can well imagine how ANNOYED, FRUSTRATED AND UPSET I am about this. He's perfectly happy with his scale and has absolutely NO idea of the effect its results have on patients. Well, let me tell you, he's going to learn REAL FAST exactly how important an accurate scale is. And I'm going to tell him that if he doesn't change the scale, it's "bye-bye".

I had a complete loss of appetite today. All I thought about was 130 - 130 - 130. I don't find consolation in food. When I overdo it, it's because it tastes good, like those devilish M&M's. I'm feeling "thin" again but as you know, that's relative! I KNOW that the REAL struggle is in NOT regaining. Boy, this is hard!

borntocry on 03/10/2005:
Hi Runner! Thanks for your comment. I'm sorry to read that you've been suffering from snack attacks lately, just like me. It's strange how sometimes it actually seems easy for me to stick to 1500 calories a day, and then other times it's just impossible.

You'll be happy to hear that I went running after yesterday's entry and that cheered me up a lot. I ended up going over 1800 calories for the day yet again but I am hoping to get back on track now!

Runner - Tuesday Mar 08, 2005

Weight: 112.5

Back to 112.5 today. Had a lot of salt last night, so my situation may be similar to Geevee's. But it could be that I snacked a bit more than normal before bed. I had good intentions with my 1/2 cup serving of SF/FF pudding, but after giving my husband his large serving, which included peanut butter, an Oreo, some candy, and nuts mixed into it, I wanted some of the "extras" too.

So I had some peanut butter, a bit of chocolate, etc. Not enough to put 1/2 pound on me, but enough to make me regret my decision to "spice up" my hubby's pudding. You see, all along I knew that I wanted some peanut butter and chocolate. So adding those things to my husband's pudding was a way for me to find an excuse to taste them myself. So even though I think he just prefers plain chocolate pudding, I added all that junk to his serving and helped myself in the process.

It wouldn't have been a big deal if I hadn't had peanuts, pistachios, and some cheese earlier in the day. Those are all high-cal foods that I try to stay away from...and have a hard time eating in moderation. So overall, I feel like I overdid it yesterday.

The bad news is that I've already had some peanuts today. Those things are just so good...they're coated with some sort of wonderful flavor...and they're fried, I'm sure. I bought them off the street from a vendor. In America, I could read the nutrition label to know just how deadly they are...but here, I don't have a clue! I can estimate, though, and I know that they're highly caloric! It doesn't take a dummy to figure that one out!

Anyway...I have the rest of the day ahead of me to make smart choices. Here's to the rest of the day!

geevee on 03/09/2005:
Postscript - My appt. was at 9am, not my low weight time of the day! Knowing I would be weighed I dressed "light" with a pair of shorts and a tee shirt. I couldn't believe that a doctor's office would have a doctor's scale SIX POUNDS off! Yes! His scale had me at 137!!! I flipped! The Biltmore's doctor's scale had me at 131 and my scale, 130. The doctor commented that my blood pressure was up and I said it was probably because of his scale. I was SO annoyed!

You had me laughing about spicing up your husband's pudding. Oh, the mental machinations we come up with! The good part about the pistachioes and peanuts is that they're not junk food but good nutrition. I'll probably finish mine tonight since the M&M's are gone.

It isn't fair at all that your husband and BTC's should be able to eat so much more and not gain weight, but you know, in time they might. My ex used to weigh 150 but now he has a difinite portly look with the 70+ pounds he's acquired. You would never believe that he was ever slim!

Runner - Monday Mar 07, 2005

Weight: 112.0

112.5 yesterday, back to 112 today. Phew! I made it through 4 nights of dinners that I had no control over. Thankfully, it was mediocre Chinese food that I didn't really like anyway. I still think my success in maintaining my weight is with the walking, though. I try to get in at least an hour of walking a day besides my run, and I really think that allows me some "wiggle room" with my diet.

Have any of you ever tried the Sans Sucre mousse products? They're fabulous and sugar-free! Only 60-80 calories per serving, depending on what kind of milk you use. I brought back about 10 boxes of all different kinds when I was in the States. You can order them online at www.edietshop.com


Anyway, I know some of you enjoy SF/FF pudding as much as I do, so here's a different option...with cool flavors like Key Lime pie and Mocha Cappuccino.

This morning, I was so jealous of my husband for a few minutes. We went running together, but my breakfast was the usual 2 egg whites and bowl of healthy cereal. He had a fried egg on toast with butter, orange juice, and a bowl of cereal twice the size of mine. My calorie count--350. His calorie count---700.

I just wanted to pig out and eat a huge bowl of cereal, but I can't do that. I have to remember that he weighs 160 pounds and is almost pure muscle...if I ate like him, I'd also weigh 160 pounds, but it would be pure fat!

Anyway...some men just have all the luck!

borntocry on 03/08/2005:
You were jealous of <i>your</i> husband... well, let me tell you about <i>my</i> husband! Here's what he ate last week. On Monday, McDonald's for lunch and an entire two person pizza for dinner. On Tuesday, McDonald's for lunch again. On Thursday, all-you-can-eat pizza buffet for lunch, and half a dish of homemade cannelloni for dinner. On Saturday, another entire two person pizza for lunch. On Sunday, four huge pancakes and three scrambled eggs for dinner. Oh, and let's not forget - two litres of pop EVERY DAY!!

I know he's bigger than me, and probably gets hungrier than I do, but still, it seems so unfair!

geevee on 03/08/2005:
Oh, Runner. I really appreciate your support! I had a lot of salt yesterday because of the tasteless Bulgar wheat dish. And you know what? It tasted a lot better today. What a surprise. I actually liked it. I had added a half cup of spelt berries just to get rid of them because I really didn't know how to use them, and it worked out very well. They added a very nice chewy texture to the mix. I'm going to have to explore this new area of food which I never considered before.

Getting back to this HUGE gain, before I got home, I weighed at the Biltmore and was 131, 4lbs. over what I used to be. At home I weighed 130. You know full well the effect this had on me. It ruined my day! Yes, I know it's temporary, but still... The funny part was, that I felt "thin" today. You see, you can't go by any other measure except the scale. The scale keeps you in reality. Nothing else matters.

Runner - Sunday Mar 06, 2005

Weight: 112.0

Well, I feel quite encouraged now that I saw 112 on the scale again this morning! I have made smart food choices this weekend, so I'm pleased to see it reflected in the scale, even if it is temporary!

I had brought back a box of Russell Stover chocolates during my Sept. trip to America and just opened it last night. Even though the outside of the box was sealed, the chocolates had gone pretty stale. At first I was really bummed, as I tried one and found it rather "chalky." But now I can see an upside to this, as I'm not tempted to eat them all in one sitting. I stuck the box in the fridge and will have to microwave the candy for a few seconds if I want to eat it.

It's strange how I can keep certain foods around for a long time if they're wrapped up tightly, but as soon as I open them, I want to eat them. So I guess it's a good thing when the chocolates go stale on me...even if I feel like I wasted my money buying them, at least I won't be feeling guilty all night long for eating several at once!

geevee on 03/06/2005:
Somehow I missed your Thurs. entry. It must have been because of not being able to accessDD's. Anyway, you and BTC are really dedicted to be able to run in the rain! If I could, I wouldn't mind the cold at all because running warms you up so quickly, but wet. No.

If I hadn't gotten so claustrophobic over the wetsuit I bought I might weigh a lot closer to 120. As you said, if you don't exercise for one reason or another, pretty soon the weight starts packing on and that's exactly what's happened to me.

I'm glad to hear you're bck to 112. It really seems to be a permanent loss, and the 113.5 on Thursday, a momentary blip which we both recognize.

I feel about the Starbucks candy my son sent me almost two weeks ago like you do about the stale chocolate. I took one small chunk and that was it. There are 4 different kinds and each contains either toffee or carmel with the chocolate, so I might end up having it around for many months and only eat it in the middle of one of those desperate nights when there's nothing else.

Meanwhile, the unopened 16oz. bag of M&M's will stay that way for a long time. The minute I open them I'm in trouble. I still have a couple of nights to go to finish the open bag that has done me in.

inmorning on 03/06/2005:
I have a friend that can keep all kinds of food around her house that would normally send me into week long binges, but it doesn't to her and she has the perfect body. I guess her obsessions are elsewhere.

borntocry on 03/07/2005:
I remember once when my brother and I were young we noticed that a box of chocolates in the refrigerator had passed its best before date. My mother, who normally doled out treats in the most miniscule amounts, didn't want to keep them so my brother and I gobbled them all up in the space of a few minutes. One of the happiest moments of my childhood...

Thanks for your comment. I think it was the garlic bread at Pizza Hut which brought my calorie count up to 900 for lunch. Although I only had two tiny slices, the Pizza Hut website puts that at 340 calories. It's so unfair!

I also tend to feel guilty if I eat something and my husband doesn't. And I know it's silly, but he does it too - he prefers to eat things with me than on his own. He is always offering me pop (which I don't even like) and chocolate pudding (refusing to have one himself if I won't have the other one). And of course I don't need the added temptation which comes with thinking that by turning down dessert I'm depriving him of it as well!

cynthia on 03/07/2005:
You are a winner and a loser at the same time!!!!! How remarkable :) May today be filledy filled with awesome wonder for you!!!! Cynthia

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