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Runner - Thursday Sep 16, 2004

Weight: 113.0

Okay, so the 112.5 was just a fluke...but at least I'm staying at 113! I had a good eating day yesterday and didn't feel like bingeing on sweets before bedtime. I woke up at 4am hungry, though, and I think it's due to a bit of jet-lag. I ignored it, drank some water, and went back to sleep.

I have one month until the half-marathon, so I have to kick my running into high gear starting this weekend. I have to do at least one long run. I enjoy the training, but I often find myself enjoying the extra calories even more. I always think that I might lose a little weight when I start running more, but that never happens. Instead, I rationalize that I deserve more calories...and I have even ended up gaining weight after a big race! Ironic, isn't it?

My husband is going to be gone this weekend, so I'll need to be careful. In the past, I used to use his absence as an excuse to eat junk food carelessly. But I plan to stay busy and not just wander around the kitchen, snacking on candy or junk.

borntocry on 09/17/2004:
Hi Runner,

It's so cool that you're running a half-marathon! I'll be looking forward to hearing about your training and your progress!

Hey, I have a question for you. Does it ever get too cold to run? Or do you just wear more clothes? And do you have to take extra clothes with you if you're planning on walking back in the cold? Just asking because it's going to be winter here soon and I'm not looking forward to it...

legcramps on 09/17/2004:
Good luck with your training. I feel 10 times hungrier if i've worked out hard one day, and I usually end up eating 10 times more, so you're not alone there! You're doing great so far, have fun today!

geevee on 09/17/2004:

You really have the best of all possible worlds with the running. You enjoy doing it, it's good for your health and toning PLUS it allows you a certain overage of calories to make the expenditure of all that energy possible, and you do have some discretion as to how to use up those calories. You can't beat that!

The latest letter from my son sure brings up memories of your comments about cake in China. By the way, I sent him your comment.

Here's his latest:

As for the chocolate in China, they make many different cheap excuses that look like chocolate, but the Chinese are worse than the Japanese when it comes to substance. They really don`t at all grasp the idea that people pay for the taste and they have no clue why taste matters. It`s like brown mud paste. The same can be said of their cakes which often have the texture and consistency of chalk and/or paste.

The one good thing I can say about the Japanese is that they make great chocolate and they import every known variety of good chocolate, in the world. You can buy four local chocolates that are very rich and they really make Hersheys seem aweful by comparison. At the imported food stores, which are very popular around downtown, you can find Swiss, Belgian, English and South American chocolates that are outstanding.

You are an outstanding supporter of my fattening habits and my friends already appreciate your supply of beans. They will really appreciate the pecans when they go into my next batch of banana bread. I haven`t had pecans in years and must now find a great recipe for something like a pecan tart or a cookie bar. I will be very lucky if I can force myself to give the stuff up, but giving it away is the only way to avoid eating several pound cakes every week.

Runner - Thursday Sep 16, 2004

Weight: 113.0

I'm back home! The scale showed 112.5 this morning, but after a 15-hour flight and a very mixed-up body (it's a 12-hour time difference), I'm not banking that the weight loss is permanent. However, at least I don't think I really gained any weight, which is good news!

I've got that desire to bake and eat a bunch of sweets though, which is weird, because I had plenty of chances to eat sweets in the U.S. Except for the ice cream and the wedding food, though, I was really careful with what I ate. I even tried eating a donut and stopped after a few bites...it just didn't taste as good as I remembered! Funny how I used to binge on donuts about 2 years ago. I've come a long way.

Of course, I can never be overconfident. As soon as I think I've got my sweet tooth under control, I'll give in to the urge to binge on sweets. So it takes daily monitoring...and discipline.

I am definitely ready to start cooking for myself, though! This past month I have been on the road for 3 weeks, so I'm tired of eating out and eating what everyone else is eating. I love cooking for myself and making my own low-fat, healthy, meals. (full of veggies!)

Now if I can just stay away from the brownie mixes...

borntocry on 09/16/2004:
Hey! Congratulations on that plummeting figure on your scale!! I can't believe how little you weigh! You must be so happy.

You've probably just been missing the baking, not necessarily the sweets themselves. After all, baking can be quite fulfilling, even if you don't have a craving for whatever it is you're making.

I've also found that I don't like donuts much any more. Strange, isn't it? Now I can't see what I used to like in them.

geevee on 09/16/2004:
What a rewarding weight to find on the scale. You must have been a very good girl and real careful about what you ate.

With a chuckle, my son said he was asking around trying to figure out why there wasn't ANY good cake at all in Japan. The explanation was that Japanese don't like sweets! Is that a joke! They devour everything he brings at school. They can't get enough. One of his new tactics is to make his cookie dough and then divide it up among friends so he won't have too much himself. He's going into cooking heavy duty now. It started out with beans, then chile, cornbread, grits, and now the baked goods. He pleaded to send him pecans and coconut which I will send off today.

By the way,are you familiar with the Global Priority 11x14" envelope with a weight limit of 4lbs? It's amazing how much can fit into it. Of course some things need to be repackaged but it's so much cheaper. I know you mentioned getting CARE pkgs. from home. To Japan it costs $9. It's probably similar to China.

Anyway, I'm glad youenjoyed reading the musings of a kindred spirit. You are NOT alone!

legcramps on 09/16/2004:
Good to see you got home all in one piece, and without any gains! Great work! Have a good day today, LEAVE that brownie mix where it belongs - in the grocery store!!

Runner - Monday Sep 13, 2004

Weight: 113.0

Hello, friends! Quick update---the reception food was also fabulous...especially the wedding cake! Good thing I had hardly eaten all day, because I enjoyed about 3 pieces of it! I got a piece for myself and my hubby, and for some reason he got up and went to talk to someone as I started eating my cake, so I managed to eat both of ours quite quickly. I didn't want him to notice that I had eaten his cake, so I got him another piece, which I helped him eat as well. I'm such a sucker for sweets! It was really good cake, though. But I know I'm going to pay for my indulgence...it's only a matter of time!

It's my last day in the States, and I've also managed to eat ice cream every day. (Good thing I've only been here a week! This is crazy!) But last night I bought the Healthy Choice praline variety, and at least it was lower in fat and calories than the "Death By Chocolate!" However, I have managed to "go lightly" at meals and continue to run and run and run...you know, I'm amazed at how good my body feels when I run over here! I don't have to deal with terribly hot and humid temperatures, pollution, dogs, or car exhaust! I've really enjoyed being outside in the cooler weather!

These past two days have been a little rough, though. We're staying with my sister, who has her own diet quirks...and for some reason, she's always felt very competitive with me. So I feel like she's analyzing everything I put in my mouth and making comments about my weight loss. You see, I have lost some weight since I was home last. And to her, that's unacceptable, for some reason. She's thin herself, but I am currently thinner, and I think that bothers her.

I wish it weren't that way...I mean, I love my sister, but I hate it that I feel like I have to defend myself for choosing a low-fat product or not eating bread or something. I feel so self-conscious when I eat! So a part of me is definitely ready to go back to Asia, where I feel much less scrutinized!

legcramps on 09/13/2004:
I know what you mean. Just recently, my cousin came for a visit, and the whole family ordered pizza! I vocalized the fact that I didn't want pizza (for goodness sake, can't we get creative and try something else for once?!!), and I got ragged on for hours afterwards. I'd be dead if looks could kill. It's almost as if me being conscious of what I eat makes the rest of my family feel guilty for indulging themselves with pizza! Oy, what I wouldn't give sometimes for a little peace and quiet!!! Good luck on the trip home, keep it safe!

geevee on 09/13/2004:
Before you posted today, I left a message in your last entry. Check it out.

What a surprise to get good wedding cake!

Runner - Saturday Sep 11, 2004

Weight: 113.0

Last night at the rehearsal dinner, we were served a magnificent meal! I managed to go lightly on the appetizers and stuck with protein for the main course (no bread or butter or salad drenched in dressing), but dessert was a killer! They had a full ice cream sundae bar, complete with melt-in-your-mouth warm brownies. Talk about temptation! For those of you who have been around for awhile, you KNOW that brownies (and ice cream!) are my weaknesses...so I had a hard time not indulging past what I should enjoy. I made myself a good-sized sundae and then helped my husband finish his, too! I should have stopped there, but I ended up going back and grabbing another 1/2 brownie smothered in carmel sauce. The crazy thing is that I could have eaten more! I probably would have felt sick afterward, but who knows? I have such a sweet tooth!

This morning, I woke up and ran a good 8 miles. I needed to put in a long run to train for my upcoming half-marathon, but I also felt the need to burn off some of those calories. The crazy thing is that I probably only burned 600-700 cals...and I probably consumed about 1500 last night!

Ah, well...I thorougly enjoyed the sundae, but I'm already anticipating more temptations today at the wedding. The bride is having a peanut butter and chocolate cake...ANOTHER combination I can never resist! I'll be so glad when all the eating is over...

geevee on 09/11/2004:
I've been up 3� hrs., had my swim but haven't eaten anything yet. Fortunately I don't have any food at all like those brownies and sundaes or I would be gorging right now. I was thinking in more practical terms like tomato, onion and avocado w/ Key lime and 1tsp. of olive oil. You had GOOD control last night! Hope it continues today.

Coco on 09/11/2004:
You totally deserve to enjoy yourself while you're in the States, but your descriptions make me want to bake brownies and go out and buy caramel sauce! I completely understand what it's like to have an insatiable sweet tooth.

borntocry on 09/13/2004:
Hi Runner,

Thanks for your comforting comment. I was happy to know that you were thinking of me!

Your last entry - the super Walmart - made me smile because I'm always the same way when I go to America. I love going to Walmart and I spend hours just staring in awe at the vast selection of every kind of product under the sun! Over here one is grateful for whatever happens to be in stock on any given day!

Oh, and... I love to hear about your running; it is such an inspiration! You are my hero!!

geevee on 09/13/2004:
WHEN do we get the rundown on the reception? The rehearsal dinner was SO good!

Anyway, I just got another e-mail from my son in Japan. You and he have so much in common, I just have to share the ever longer excerpts from his letters concerning food with you. It seems that food is becoming a more important part in his life, at least the preparation of it. He's echoing words I recall from your entries. The funny part is, he's lost weight since he cut down on the number of cream puffs he's allotted himself everyday. (I couldn't afford even ONE!) He described how loose his pants are and how he enjoys them hanging on him.

I don`t know if I mentioned to you my recent hobby of cooking cakes, consequent to my general disgust with the state of cake in the local shops. One good pound cake can be found, at Starbucks, but otherwise, you have to cook it yourself if you want any cake of substance. So, for the last month I have been working on pound cake, carrot cake, banana bread, more corn bread, etc. It all turned out fairly well, using recipes from Allrecipes.com website. I usually combine ideas from two or three good recipes to improve on the basic idea. For instance, my carrot cake had all the standard stuff, but it also included extra vanilla, cloves, and nutmet, on top of the standard cinnimon. The amount of oil used seemed like a lot (1 full cup), but it was so moist rich .... If you eat it a little at a time, I don`t think it will give you a heart attack. The banana bread was made with recently-ripened fruit, so the little bit of tartness added a great affect. I had to make icing for it..... because...... it said so in the recipe. And it was perfect. The only problem was that it completely destroyed any discipline in me, to abstain from consuming too much of it.

My friends have started to really like seeing me because they always get cake. (My only problem with cooking cake is that there is just too damned much cake laying around and it is hard to avoid getting fat.) Miho goes nuts every time I give here a new cake. Last night she was like a kid, who wanted to eat cookies before dinner. She almost couldn`t stop herself from digging in before we ate pizza. She and I have an ongoing joke about how the other is trying to make us fat and my cookies are considered retribution for the Haagen Daz that she brings over, by the quart, whenever I have a dinner party.

This week the latest craving is for cookies. The recipe I gave Miho was an oatmeal cookie that included coconut, toasted almonds, corn flakes and chocolate chunks. It turned out very light, a little bit crispy on the edges and chewy in the middle.

It`s a lot of fun experimenting and making my friends happy but you would not beleive how easy it has become for me to spend money on groceries. A small bag of coconut costs two bucks. Pecans are outrageously expensive. I spend thirty bucks on ingredients last night. But, it is fun to learn how to cook good things and to make people happy.

Runner - Friday Sep 10, 2004

Weight: 113.5

Well, I'm here in America! The land of plenty! Honestly, I was really overwhelmed yesterday when I visited a Super-Walmart. I've only been out of the States for a little more than a year, but all the selection was just too much for me! It's amazing how many choices Americans have for just one kind of BBQ sauce! And the ice cream aisle! It took me 20 minutes to decide which kind to buy!

I was so amazed at all the low-carb products, too. Man, everything is low-carb now! I guess there's good and bad with that. I mean, I found some low-carb BBQ sauce that I bought to take back with me since it's half the calories and low in sugar. I wonder if it tastes the same. And I tried some low-carb Special K cereal, mainly because it's high in protein. I wonder how long all this low-carb mania will continue.

Anyway, I've gotten in two good runs, and the jet-lag wasn't bad at all. I think it's because I usually drink a lot of water on the flight and get plenty of exercise when I can. At first, when I woke up yesterday morning, I felt like I got hit by a truck. My first ten minutes of running were miserable. But I kept with it, and I felt sooooo much better after 50 minutes. It gave me the energy I needed to get through the day without taking a nap.

Well, the food fest has begun. I've done pretty well so far...but I have indulged in some ice cream. I broke down and bought the "Death By Chocolate" ice cream made by my favorite brand, Turkey Hill. That is the richest ice cream I've ever had! It tastes like brownie batter with dark chocolate chunks in it! My, oh, my.

I just hope I can survive the next few days without gaining more than a pound or so. I liked what Borntocry said on my last entry...she mentioned that she tries to only enjoy the things that she doesn't get in her country. THat's good advice. I'm also trying to eat only when I'm hungry. But it's hard when there are so many people around who just don't care about what they put in their mouths...

The wedding rehearsal is tonight and the wedding is tomorrow, so wish me luck!

legcramps on 09/10/2004:
You're doing a fantastic job, be proud of yourself! Great job keeping up with the running. I find sometimes that if i'm going out to eat at a restaurant, i'll just box up half my meal as soon as I get it; that way i'm not tempted to eat everything all at once! I went to a wedding a while ago, and before I left for the supper, I managed to gulp down some fruit and yogurt. That helped tremendously in staving off my hunger so that I only needed to 'taste' a little bit of my favorite foods, like cabbage rolls and mashed potatoes! Good luck at the wedding, stay strong and have a great weekend!

geevee on 09/10/2004:
After only a couple of months in China I remember the difficulty I had in making adecision at BK. There were so many choices and everything is so fast. "May I help you?" and other people behind you expect an immediate reply. I've heard other travelers say the same thing. Also, the sheer immensity of the aisles in the super markets and stores like Walmart and endless choices.

If you eat nothing else, pig out on the ice cream. You'll never regret it and will go back to Taipai with such good memories. I'll have to look for Turkey Hill. I never heard of it.

Runner - Wednesday Sep 08, 2004

Weight: 114.5

Believe it or not, I'm stuck in the Osaka airport right now...my flight was delayed, so I found some free Internet access and decided to check in with all of you! Sadly, my weight was up a pound and a half this morning...but I think that's helpful in a way because it will remind me not to just pig out while in America. If I can gain a pound and a half while in Taiwan, I can easily put on the weight in the U.S.!

I hate the long flight, though...I woke up super-early to go running this morning, but it's still a full 24 hours until I'm at my destination...and that involves a lot of sitting!

I ordered a "low-fat" meal on the flight, but it wasn't even close to being low^fat. I left the greasy veggies and starchy pasta alone and just ate some sort of pork burger or something like that. The next leg of the flight will serve several meals, but I came prepared with my own healthy snacks just in case!

Hopefully I'll be able to update with better news when I make it to America...

borntocry on 09/08/2004:
Hi Runner! That sounds like a really tiring journey ahead of you. I used to have to fly from America to Asia twice a year for a while and it was really tough. Hope you're not too jet-lagged (it seems to be worse in the west-east direction, though)!

I understand your concerns over the "eating-fest" which awaits you in America. I'm planning Thanksgiving in America this year - that promises to be a real display of gluttony! What I try to do in such situations is just avoid anything which I actually can find at home. That way I make sure that every calorie is really worth it.

Well, good luck and have fun on your trip!!

legcramps on 09/08/2004:
Hoy, that's a long flight! I think I would definitely go stir-crazy if I had to sit on a plane or in airports that entire time! Hope you have a safe ride with lots of interesting things going on to keep you entertained! Have fun and update soon!

geevee on 09/08/2004:
I got an e-mail from my son in Osaka this morning telling me about the THREE earthquakes, all over 7 on the Richter scale in the past three days, plus a typhoon that hit north of Osaka and tore the area up, plus a freighter that was grounded and a dozen and a half workers on it lost at sea. Sure hope your flight leaves soon!

Those international flights are killers! Traveling for so many hours leaves me totally drained. I hope you're pleasantly surprised with a decent meal sometime during your long flight. And thanks for keeping us up to date!

subway girl on 09/09/2004:
Thanks for the help with the high protein and high fiber foods! When I buy my snack/breakfast bars next time I will look for some high in protein and fiber, because I remember seing them last time. That is a good idea about cutting down the butter in the chex muddy buddies. Do they still turn out right? Every little bit does help though! I ended up eating 1/2 cup instead of a 1/4 cup. They are SO addicting! I'm glad I left home the day we made them though. I turned my mom down on the offer to bring some back to school with me!

Runner - Tuesday Sep 07, 2004

Weight: 113.0

After a good BBQ last night, I thought my weight would be up...but it's still the same. Phew! Of course, I avoided all the chips and fatty foods, but still indulged in some nice helpings of baked beans and some dessert. But hopefully it didn't do much damage. I've had a sweet tooth lately...I think it's partly due to stress.

I leave for the States tomorrow morning. My only hope is that I can maintain my weight while I'm there. That will be next to impossible, I'm sure, since every day we'll have some sort of "eating-fest," but I'll try to do my best. Of course, I'll enjoy the extra goodies, too! This trip comes but once a year, so I'll make sure I don't try to deprive myself! However, moderation is key. I have to rememeber that eating 3 servings of ice cream won't make me feel any better than if I just ate one serving.

legcramps on 09/07/2004:
Hope your trip to the states goes well! The US and it's Canadian friends are the two countries who are affected most by obese and overweight problems. There is a lot of junk food over in these parts! And it's so easy to love them because they're such 'feel-good' foods! Good luck with your eating plan, and make sure you get some exercise in! Have a great day today!

geevee on 09/07/2004:
I had to stop buying ice cream because I KNEW it was there waiting for me. I'd have an afternoon bowl, than a mid-evening bowl and many a night at 2 or 3 in the morning there I'd be with yet another. Those were the days! I know you'll savor every mouthful. If you gain a couple of pounds, you'll drop them fast enough when you get back. How much can you gain in one week? If your clothes start getting tight, you'll watch it.

Runner - Monday Sep 06, 2004

Weight: 113.0

ON Saturday, the scale tempted me with "112." But my excitement was short-lived. I'm not complaining, though. I'm happy where I'm at! I just will take any loss that I can right now, since I'm leaving for the U.S. in less than 48 hours. And with a wedding to attend and several big events, I know that eating lots of good foods will be a BIG temptation. For all of you who have lived in a foreign country, you know the lure of good ol' American food...

Unfortunately, I ate too much yesterday at a lunch out. And I baked at night, which is never a good idea. I'm also throwing another BBQ cookout party tonight, so I'm sure there will be plenty of good food there. I did okay at breakfast and lunch, so I'm just hoping I don't feel the need to pig-out.

As for exercise, I put in one good, long run this weekend. Only 6 weeks until the race! I can't wait to run in clear air for a week. America, here I come.... :)

geevee on 09/06/2004:
Hi Runner - WOW! I like that 112! Now you can enjoy all of those long desired goodies without worry. How much damage can you do in one week, right?

I found out that the Chinese aren't alone in their cooking with oil. I served steamed broccoli the other night and put the butter on the table for those who like to add some to theirvegetables. My Koren daughter-in-law commented about how different my broccoli was and that she had never had it cooked this way. "What do you do?" She puts it in boiling water for a minute or two and then ADDS THE SESAME OIL!!! arGHHHH! That's when it occurred to me that the Chinese must use that heavy sesame oil. I never figured it out while I was in China because it was so different from any oil I had ever used.

I'm sending you this latest excerpt from my son in Japan. It's like reading one of yours. "I made a very chewy and relatively light-textured peanut butter brownee with a recipe off of the "All-Recipes" web site. Covered it with a chocolate icing. It was good. But, last week I made a fantastic carrot cake that will be very hard to beat for a long time. Have taken to experimenting because it is fun to learn new recipes and then improvise. The result is too much cake laying around the house. Fortunately the Chinese teachers at work seem to like it a lot." You're not alone, Runner. All that running you'll do in the fresh, clean air will burn off those calories. Have a good flight.

Runner - Thursday Sep 02, 2004

Weight: 113.5

Yesterday was a tough day, food-wise. I wasn't planning to go out to lunch, but wasn't really given a choice. Someone took me to a very fancy hotel for lunch on a "spur-of-the-moment" decision. It was Cantonese food, and even though I didn't eat a lot, I know that the food was highly caloric.

So I skipped an afternoon snack, but dinner was hard, too. I had a party at my house and we grilled out. I didn't eat most of the food I served---I skipped the brats, chips, mozzarella sticks, etc. I ate some ham, veggies, and fruit instead. But someone brought peanut butter bars for dessert, and I had about 3 of them. Oops. I'm such a sucker for peanut butter and chocolate!

My weight was only up 1/2 pound this morning, so I guess I shouldn't feel too bad. I'm off to a good start today, and I plan to have a great weekend! I leave for the U.S. next week, and even though I'll only be there one week, I know I'll be eating a lot of ice cream and goodies. SO I don't want to go into that trip feeling guilty...I want to enjoy the extra treats I only get once or twice a year!

I'm not planning to just eat and eat and eat...I rarely do that. But I will indulge in a few extra sweets, I'm sure! Of course, I can't wait to go running in clean air, too! I'll definitely work in a lot of exercise!

borntocry on 09/03/2004:
Hi Runner,

Thanks for your comments. Your story about running in the Chicago airport terminal really made me laugh! It totally sounds like something I could do. I think (hope) I will be less embarrassed about it once I have more confidence in myself. At the moment I still feel that I cut a somewhat pathetic figure while running. I'm hoping that eventually I will gain speed and stamina and then I'll be less self-conscious about it.

You must be looking forward to your trip back to America next week! Whenever I go to America I also work in a lot of exercise - not just to offset all the particularly American treats but also because it's so much nicer to exercise there. There are nicer, cleaner, less crowded places to run and to play tennis over there.

I remember the first time I went to visit my then-boyfriend's parents in America. They're both fat-phobic and they were horrified to see me eating a pop tart for breakfast one day. It wasn't even the worst kind of pop tart since I like the kind without icing on top. Still, I got a long lecture on what an unhealthy breakfast it was. But it was the first pop tart I'd had in two years!! And honestly - is one pop tart really that terrible?

geevee on 09/03/2004:
Hey Runner - You have a kindred spirit in Japan. I'm sending you a paragraph from my son's most recent letter. I thought you enjoy knowing that others feel as you do.

My latest hobby is cake-making. For reasons I can`t remember, I decided that I needed to make a cake. It probably had something to do with the fact that you can`t get a decent piece of cake in Japan. The cream puffs are world class. But, everything that they call cake is, like all things Japanese, without any substance: no eggs, surgar or butter. It`s all just beautifully iced flour and soda and completely without any taste. Whenever I ask, my Japanese stut" Yes, love custard and you can buy ten different kinds at the grocery store. They love Haagen Daz and the chue creams are as sweet as anything on earth, but "they don`t like things sweet."

Do try the Godiva ice cream and also Creamery which comes in little half pints and costs in the same range as Godiva. That's what I regaled my son with before he went to China. And that good frozen yogurt. Deny yourself a bit this week so next week you can indulge with a clear conscience.

subway girl on 09/03/2004:
Thank you for your comments! I really am trying to pay attention to my food, on more than one level! What are some foods that are high in fiber and protein? I read your latest entry and I know just how you feel about peanutbutter and chocolate, a potentially very "lethal" combination! I hope you have a great weekend :) Oh, I also read that you were coming to the states soon, which state/s will you be visiting? Thanks again!

Runner - Wednesday Sep 01, 2004

Weight: 113.0

Minor weight fluctuation...but I know I'm on the right track! I had a good day yesterday and stayed away from the desserts, except for a small portion of sugar-free chocolate pudding. (made with skim milk, of course!)

Geevee is so right...the more you lose, the harder it is to maintain! At a smaller weight, my body needs less calories. And since it is quite efficient when I exercise, I don't think I burn as many calories as I did when I first started running. So I just have to realize that I can't shove as much food in my mouth as I used to!

But you know what? That's okay. Because life is more than eating. Sometimes I forget that! It's so ironic...I see undernourished people often here, and yet I focus so much on myself. I can't remember the last time I've been really, really hungry. I mean, really starving.

I enjoy eating a lot...I enjoy a good meal. But I don't need to get to the point where I'm bingeing on food for no good reason at all. Especially when people around me can't afford to eat like I do!

feeleebubs on 09/01/2004:
My grandma used to always make us finish our plates because "There are starving kids in China" It really only led us to become overweight, but I think your answer is more reasonable...just don't put so much on your plate :) One thing thats been on my mind throughout my whole weight loss journey is how on earth I will maintain my weight after I've reached my goal. It looks like its just as hard as getting the weight off in the first place.

geevee on 09/01/2004:
You're at my high school weight now. Ahh, some day.

You know with all the fruit in Miami, Ive never tried persimmon. It's seldom available and when it is, it looks so strange and I wonder how you eat it. That must sound silly, but there are so many unusual tropical fruits like lychees that you eat differently, sucking in all the pulp and then spitting out the seed. So, how do you eat a permisson is it ripe when it feels like a peach does? I will look for them.

legcramps on 09/01/2004:
You make a good point today! I can't remember the last time I was really starving either! In fact, I don't think I ever have been....makes you think.

Was that a loss I saw? Great job! You'll see 112 soon enough, just keep working hard and running fast! Have a great day today!

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