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Runner - Sunday May 09, 2004

Weight: 116.0

Well, I made it back to Asia, and I don't think I gained more than a pound or so. It's hard to tell, because I often weigh myself in the mornings after I run, and sometimes I sweat a lot, so the scale will be off a bit. I lose a lot of water when I run in this humid, tropical country!

I wish I could say that I'm ready to get back on track with my meals, but it's going to be hard to do that this week since I'm traveling with my co-workers downisland and we're staying in a 5-star hotel for four days. That means a lot of fancy meals and buffets. I know that I get to choose what to put in my mouth, but it's really hard when the food is so good to pass it up. I plan to exercise self-control, though...and definitely check out the hotel's weight room!!!

geevee on 05/09/2004:
I hope you find buffets with lobster, big shrimp, and other goodies that are high-priced but low in calories.

borntocry on 05/10/2004:
Hi Runner,

Thanks for the comment you left me! I'd been avoiding your entries until now because I saw that you weigh a lot less than me. ;) But I'm glad I'm reading them now because you're right, we do have some things in common.

For one, I'm totally in love with breakfast cereal as well and I hate the fact that it's considered relatively healthy but can really pack in those calories. Even the so-called healthy ones have about the same amount of calories as the more sugary ones and honestly, who really has the serving size listed on the box? Well, not me, anyway.

Also, I've struggled with living outside the U.S. as it's a lot harder to watch what you eat. Nutritional information is hardly ever listed on anything here and low-fat options are hard to come by. For example, I actually prefer the taste of frozen yoghurt to ice-cream, but it's unheard of here so I end up having the full-fat kind. It's so unfair!

I'm really jealous of how much you work out, though. I think being fit is even more important than being thin, because ultimately your health is the most important thing. I used to be a runner too, when I was a teenager, but sadly I just don't have the time any more - also it rains all the time here and it's so polluted and I guess I'm just not dedicated enough to brave those kind of elements.

Runner - Wednesday May 05, 2004

Weight: 116.0

Well, it's been about a week since I've written. I'm still in the U.S., but I leave tomorrow to go back home. Phew! I can hardly handle all the food! I've eaten ice cream every day, even though I've tried to keep my portion sizes small. But the pecan pie has been worse...my mom made two whole pies, and we ate it three days straight! I know I've put on a couple of pounds, but I'm not going to stress out about it. I may not be home again for another year, and I've enjoyed eating some of the things I never get in Asia. BUT, I am ready to go back to a lower-calorie lifestyle.

Thankfully, I've been able to avoid the donuts. I tried one bite of my husband's, and it didn't even taste good to me! Weird. Donuts used to be my weakness. Maybe I've lost my taste for them.

Runner - Thursday Apr 29, 2004

Weight: 116.0

Thank you all for your helpful and positive comments! CurlsnCuffs, I admire you so much. Thanks for your honesty. I KNOW that I need to stay away from sugar totally. But it's so hard...I do have more good days than bad, but I know that sugar is addictive and that I can easily be on a downward slide to consuming empty calories.

Thanks for the challenge to try Atkins for 2 weeks. That WOE still seems a bit extreme to me since I love veggies and fruits and whole grains, but I think that I could do more of a sugar-busters way of eating and just elminate anything white.

I leave tonight for the USA, though, so I can't start the challenge yet. I know that my mom will prepare a lot of special (mostly healthy, I hope!) foods for me, so I just hope I can make it through the week without doing too much damage.

Today I snacked on soynuts and hardboiled eggs instead of empty carbs. I do like nuts. But I'll try to stay away from the peanut butter...

curlsncuffs on 04/29/2004:

Have a safe trip back to the USA! Great choices on your snacks. You are a healthy person and do great things for yourself - I know how much you kick yourself when you binge on sweets.

HB eggs and nuts are good choices. Hey, I'm with ya! You are doing great! Yup, stay away from the Peanut Butter jar - its a killer! Imagine when you open the jar a bunch of Cicadas crawling out! As you may know, the East coast is getting ready to be bomb barded with Cicadas - happens in droves only ONCE every 17 years! Gross!

Have a great trip - enjoy the time spent with mom and make really good choices - I'll be thinking of you! Hugs

smiley2 on 04/29/2004:
Hey, thanks for commenting on my diary.

To give you an idea of my weekly activity level:

Monday: 15 min weights Tuesday: 90 min tennis Wednesday: 15 min weights Thursday: 20min run, 20min walk Friday: Off Saturday: 90 min tennis Sunday: 20min run, 20 min walk

How many calories u think i need? I am 5 foot 4 and 24 years old.

Njoy your time in the USA and let down your eating guard a little, its good for the soul:) A little bit of everything....

Another question, how long are u and your hubby gonna be in Asia? Im from South Africa, working in the Bay area for a year or so, maybe im going back earlier than i thought, cause my fiance got laid off here and cannot find a job now, he is South African too.

Well take care, fly safe and enjoy every minute Welna

Runner - Tuesday Apr 27, 2004

Weight: 116.0

I went to the most amazing buffet lunch yesterday...it was quite possibly the best buffet I've ever had. It was at this fancy hotel and there were all types of foods possible...real, good, quality foods. Things like sushi, Indian food, lamb, Haagen-Daaz ice cream, etc. There was even a 2-foot chocolate fondue fountain. I was so impressed, since I rarely eat at places like that. Of course, someone else paid a large amount of money for me to consume way more calories than I normally do, even though I stayed away from most of the fried and very fatty foods.

I exercised for about 2 1/2 hours total yesterday, though, so I think I burned most of it off already.

I'm just glad I don't eat like that very often! It was fun, but a real workout for my stomach! So it's back to my normal, disciplined eating today!

***************************** Update (several hours later)

So, what is normal and disciplined? I seem to have forgotten. In the last hour, I've consumed 4 pieces of salt-water taffy, about 15 jelly beans, 1/2 a candy bar, some pistachios, and some peanut butter. YIKES!!!!!!!!!! What got into me?? I have no idea. I can sympathize with Superstarr, though...sometimes when I fall off the wagon, I fall hard. And when I start bingeing on junk food, I just don't know when to stop.

I feel yucky now.

curlsncuffs on 04/28/2004:
Runner, Runner, Runner,

Pick yourself up girl! We've been together a long time now! I've seen your struggles and you know mine.

I've paid attention to what you write - I have a thought for you......No one exercises more than you! Coodos to you for doing something so great for your body! But, I know your struggles with food - and I see that you avoid fatty fried foods. But, what if....you changed that way of thinkingg? What if the lack of them (fats) are what's making you binge? I challenge you! Yep, I do! I know, its different then the way you were taught. Yes, you can teach old dogs new tricks.

I challenge you to do the Atkins plan for 2 weeks! That's it! You have to read the book - or, at least go to the website and read about it! What if you changed what you're eating?

Ok - I've lost 82 lbs doing it! I have NO flour, sugar or pasta! I eat natural food - chicken, pork, fish - veggies, salad - blue cheese dressing, ranch dressing, butter, cheese - (no low fat anything!) Grill your meat or fry in a little Olive Oil. Pepperoni and cheese for snack, or some cream cheese and olives, cream cheese and celery - stay away from the Peanut Butter! Put the jar down! (trust me, no one loves PB more than me - well, maybe you - but, I'm a fanatic about PB too - love, love the stuff)

You mentioned the sw taffy, the Jelly beans, candy bar - etc......see, I already know that I WOULD do the same thing! If I HAVE ONE thing it sets me off on a binge - spiraling down hill out of control. So, I don't do it! I'm afraid. I know what will happen. And, more importantly I know I won't like how I feel afterwards! Sick, sick, sick! So, I challenge you! Change the way you are eating for just 2 weeks - really, really stick to it! Tell me honestly how you feel after 2 weeks.

Now, recently you told me of a good friend of yours that needs to lose weight! You were even gonna tell her about me! So, you do it! No, not lose weight - lord knows you don't need to! But, you do want to stay in control - isn't that what you would like to see her do??????

Are you on? Up to it? I will help you!!!!! Every step of the way! I want to see if by changing the way you eat - your binging stops! I hear so many people say this WOE makes them feel better! HONESTLY, I have NO cravings whatsoever! NONE! Remember, I weighed 240 lbs once! Don't tell me I didnt'/couldn't eat! I didn't get that way for nothing! Come on, take it! I love ya, girl - have not but admiration for you!

geevee on 04/28/2004:
Ya gotta take advantage of those special buffets. What happened to you happens to me every time I eat early in the day. It's like have a green light to overindulge ALL day! Continual grazing. I just can't seem to eat enough!

inmorning on 04/28/2004:
Yup, sounds like something I would do. See all that great food and resist only to go home and weaken on the stuff that isn't near as good. Take care.

Kanga on 04/28/2004:
Come on its a new day let's get up and get after it, okay! You and I together we can doo this, we've got lots of support!

Soon2BThin on 04/28/2004:
I sure know what you're saying! I allowed myself to eat way too much yesterday and today I'm doing the same thing! It's so hard to get back to what you were doing before after letting yourself go. Oh, and how can you eat only half a candy bar, lol?? I feel terrible right now so I know how you feel. Let's get back on the wagon, okay? Hope you have a better day tomorrow!

Runner - Sunday Apr 25, 2004

Weight: 116.0

I am PASSIONATE about breakfast cereal.

In fact, I am addicted to breakfast cereal.

I love it any time of the day. I like to mix about 4 different kinds together...I even have my own "system" for which cereals should be on the bottom and which should be on top.

Yeah, it's weird, but I grew up in a house where my mom kept about 8 different kinds of cereal in stock AT ALL TIMES. We kids ate it every morning...and had lots of fun with our "combinations."

I have eaten it for breakfast my entire life. Up until last year, I only ate cereal...a big bowl of it! Now I'm trying to eat less cereal and throwing in a 2-egg white omelet with low-fat cheese every morning. I really enjoy the eggs and know that the extra protein helps me stay fuller longer, but I don't know if I'll ever be able to give up breakfast cereal.

I know it's not BAD for me, but it is a lot of carbs. And sometimes I like the sugary stuff. (Although I've been very good about eating high-fiber All-Bran and stuff like that).

I keep reading that foods like cereal are making kids fat. I think breakfast cereal can be a diet trap because it's really easy to consume several hundred calories in one big bowl.

So...in January, I started measuring out my cereal with a 1/2 cup...and trying to keep my cereal intake to 300 calories a day. (including milk).

Maybe that doesn't seem like much, but I HAVE dropped about 3 pounds since then, and I've been trying for an entire YEAR to lose those 3 pounds. Even if I've only cut 200 calories a day in cereal, I really think its made a difference.

And you know what? I haven't gotten hungrier simply because I made my bowl smaller! I've realized that I don't NEED a big bowl of cereal. If I throw in some All-Bran, it really does keep me from getting too hungry.

Bless you for reading this far. I just felt like sharing some of my thoughts about my favorite meal of the day...breakfast!!!

Runner - Thursday Apr 22, 2004

Weight: 116.0

I am convinced that people here have no clue as to how to lose weight. They try the weirdest things...old wives' tales, traditional medicines, "diet tea," etc. One guy I was talking to yesterday said that he's getting acupunture in his ears every day to help him lose weight. So far, he's not seeing results...

Hmmmm....I'm not quite sure how poking your ears with needles will help you lose weight, but he seems to think it should! I wanted to just shake him and say, "MOVE MORE, EAT LESS!" You have to DO something! You can't just sit there and expect 3,500 calories to melt away. I know this...I've been there. I've lost my 40 pounds, and I've kept most of it off for 5 years! Is it easy? NO! But it takes discipline, not getting poked in your ears.

Most of the women here just stop eating. WEll, that's not going to do much except slow down your metabolism! And these stupid "diet teas" are everywhere.

Asians are finally starting to struggle with weight gain (although most of them are still thin) and they just don't seem to understand the concept of eating less calories (especially starchy things) and moving more. Yeah, they exercise, but it's usually not very intense.

Maybe I can help out. Some of my co-workers have asked me for advice. I want to help them...but I don't want to be pushy or a "know-it-all." It's hard not to comment, though, when people are so mixed up about weight loss. I don't have all the answers, but I do know some basic things about calories.

Runner - Wednesday Apr 21, 2004

Weight: 116.0

It's been a pretty good week. All of my baking is done...we had a Bake Sale yesterday, so I was working overtime in the kitchen. I'm looking forward to a good weekend with smart choices. The weather here is really hot, so that helps in a way. I don't get as hungry in hot weather, although I do crave more ice cream. But since it's extremely hard to find real good ice cream here, I can't usually satisfy that craving! So there are blessings to living in a country where most people have never tasted Moose Tracks or Carmel Fudge Swirl ice cream!! :)

Runner - Monday Apr 19, 2004

Weight: 116.0

My weight was down a good pound or so over the weekend, but it's back up now. I haven't started my day out well...I did have my usual "Zone" breakfast, but then I had a brownie at work, and it's not even lunchtime yet. I'll go easy at lunch.

I'm going back to the States next week for the first time in 9 months. I'm nervous about the food, which is silly. I know that everywhere we go, people will be feeding us with all the food we haven't really had since moving to Asia. I know it's dumb, but I want to lose a couple of pounds before I go since I KNOW that I'll gain a couple of pounds when I'm eating my mom's home-cooked food again!

We'll only be home a week, but still...

Anyway, I don't expect you to fully understand my eating issues, but it feels good to write about it anyway.

Here's to a good rest-of-the-day and smart choices!

superstarr on 04/20/2004:
116! That is great!

Thanks for your welcome back and support! Lately I just feel out of control and I hate feeling that way! I tend to be a control freak with the rest of my life.

How wonderful you are coming back for a visit. When are you moving back for good and where exactly are you from in the states? For some reason, don't ask me why. I think of you as an east coast person. New York or Penn. maybe Virginia. did you tell me that at one time?

Anyhow, I love reading your entries and I think you have laid out some really good an attainable goals for yourself!

Keep up the good work!!


Runner - Thursday Apr 15, 2004

Weight: 117.0

I'm managing to keep my weight consistent, which is a good feeling. I just want to be in the "maintaining" stage, and after many, many months of trying to figure out how many calories my body needs, I think I have a good idea now.

I still have goals, though. One goal is to cut back on sugar. I know that calories are calories, but I also know that sugar calories are quite a bit less healthy than calories from lean protein or vegetables! So...I want to continue to curb my sweet tooth, which still gets out of control too often!

Another goal is to bake less. I love to bake desserts simply because I enjoy "licking the bowl" or "trying a few" of what I make. It's just an excuse to engage in some type of bingeing behavior, and I don't want to go down that road.

A final goal is to not get stressed out with slight scale fluctuations. Those are normal. I know that. Yet it's still hard not to get worked up when I see overnight gains of 2 pounds. (usually salt or water retention)

Guess that's all for now! Time for me to read up on the diaries and be encouraged by how well many of you are doing!

inmorning on 04/15/2004:
Umm, you are a little off on the calories are calories statement. Sugar is empty calories meaning your body doesn't have a clue on what to do with it, just like saturated fat. So, calories coming from fruit are metabolized much better than the same amount from a chocolate bar.

Runner - Sunday Apr 11, 2004

Weight: 117.0

I paid a ridiculous amount of money this weekend to eat at a posh Japanese sushi buffet. The food was amazing...soooo delicious. But I left stuffed and a bit bloated. At least sushi is pretty healthy! There were plenty of fried foods, though, so I tried to stay away from the tempura.

It still amazes me how I will pay money to overeat. What an irony. I refuse to pay money to engage in other destructive behaviors, but I rationalize it when it comes to food.

Anyway, my goal is to lose about 1 pound this week, simply by cutting 300 calories a day. I can do it, if I just quit eating sweets and baking so much. It's good to have a goal in mind, and this is my goal.

bluestone_girl on 04/12/2004:
sounds like a great place to eat!! thanks for the kind words in my diary. hope u lose that one pound, i'm sure u will. i'm getting married on halloween because that was the day of our first date last fall. plus, its easy to remember. see u round.

Kanga on 04/12/2004:
Good luck on your goal I do understand about the eating out!

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