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Runner - Monday Mar 15, 2004

Weight: 117.0

Well, I'm continuing to maintain my weight...so that's good! I feel much better, too, now that I track all my calories and have at least an estimate of how many calories my body needs.

I guess I don't have much else to say...I have to do some baking every night for the next 3 nights, so I'm needing an extra dose of self-control!

bear cub on 03/16/2004:
Thanks for the all the great ideas of how to make my veggies taste better! I'm hungry just thinking about it! Have a great week :)

Runner - Friday Mar 12, 2004

Weight: 117.0

I've noticed that my weight is usually up at the beginning of the week and down near the end of the week. That's not an excuse to eat more on weekends, but often that happens. And then when the weight goes up, the whole process of "watching what I eat" starts all over again on Monday. It's a never-ending cycle!

Anyway, I do feel better than I have in a long time. Although I had a sweet treat at lunch, I have really cut back compared to what I used to eat. And I don't think I'm craving sweets as much as I used to. Instead, I find myself craving protein. Here in Asia, they have great hard-boiled egg snacks that are marinated in soy sauce. I love them! I skip the yolks and just eat the egg whites...yum! Of course, they're probably high in salt, but they're a great low-cal snack!

breakaway on 03/12/2004:
Hey there! I have missed your entries while I have been gone! Glad to see your still here :) Your in Asia? Weren't you someplace else before? DO you travel? Maybe I missed some entries explaining all that lol I don't know. I just remember you being someplace else (Europe?) maybe. Fill me in! Hey, it's great to crave protein rather then sweets though. You have a great day!

kanga on 03/12/2004:
Yum the marinated eggs sound good,just soysauce you think or other things as well, you may want to explore the recipe while there and share it with the rest of us! Have a great weekend!

bear cub on 03/14/2004:
I just read your comment, thank you for your support! I'm glad to be here and it makes me feel better to know that I'm not the only one who worries, trys, fails, gives up, keeps on going, trys a new method, etc...! I just wanted to let you know that your comment made me happy :) best of luck!

bear cub on 03/14/2004:
I forgot to add that I am 5'3". I'm not so much concerned with really "losing" weight, more or less maintaining and eating properly. Once again, thanks for your comments :)

Runner - Tuesday Mar 09, 2004

Weight: 117.5

My weight continues to rise...hmmm...I'm not quite sure why, but I do know that I'm eating about 2000 calories a day. That's probably too many, even if I do have a vigorous workout. My worst eating time is at night. I just love to snack, and I can easily consume 500 calories of "low-fat foods" in a short time.

I've lost some discipline over the last couple of weeks, so it's back to regulated nightly snacks! 200 calories or less...and HEALTHY stuff.

Runner - Monday Mar 08, 2004

Weight: 117.0

Well, the new digital scale shows more fluctuation than I was hoping for! I was 2.5 pounds heavier today than I was on Saturday, and I KNOW that I didn't gain that much weight. But I haven't been eating as well as I should have, so it's a little wake-up call to me.

I read today that there are an average of 12 teaspoons of sugar in a can of soda...yikes! That's a lot. I don't drink regular soda, but I do enjoy eating sweets, so I suppose I'm consuming just as much sugar when I eat things like carmel syrup or frosting. Just because I'm not drinking sugar, I think that I'm "okay." Nope! Sugar is still sugar, and I'm more and more convinced that it's evil! :) Seriously, though, I often feel like I'm addicted to the stuff...so I know it's good when I avoid it completely.

Runner - Monday Mar 08, 2004

Weight: 117.0

I bought a new digital scale. First time I've had one of those. This morning I weighed myself three times (in three minutes) and the number was different each time. (example- 116, 117, 116.5) Okaaaay...now, I know the scale is accurate, because it measured up against the doctor's scale and I also weighed my dumbbells on it...but I'm still confused as to how it can fluctuate so much. Out of curiosity, I weighed myself before and after lunch. It was a 2 pound difference.

Is this normal? I've also noticed up to a 6-pound difference between morning and night weigh-ins. Man, that's a lot of extra water and food weight! Maybe I retain water very easily.

Anyway, I know that I shouldn't weigh myself so much, but I just find it unbelievable that I can weigh a total of 6 pounds more at night than when I wake up in the morning. Where does all that weight go during the night?

yoyo on 03/08/2004:
Hi. It is very normal to see a two pound difference before and after lunch..It doesn't mean you gained two pounds or you ate two pounds of food, it just means there is food in your stomach waiting to be digested. And if you drink a lot of water you will see a big difference since water weighs a lot. At night the food you ate during the day gets digested and metabolized, that's why you weigh much less in the AM. So, it's probably best to weigh just once a day at the same time and wearing the same type of clothes(or nothing at all would be best). For me, I find it best to use the old fashioned, type scale that you move the weights up and down by fifty pounds. I find it is more accurate and consistent. Hope this helps!

squiggly on 03/08/2004:
Scales will always read more at night than during the day. It does the same to me. I always weigh in first thing in the morning in the nude. It helps to keep things accurate if you weigh the same time of day and wear the same type of clothes. Congrats on your two pound loss.

Runner - Friday Mar 05, 2004

Weight: 117.0

I have officially lost weight! Only a couple of pounds, but I'm excited about it! My clothes fit better now. They don't feel as tight. I'm still writing down everything I eat, and even though I still eat between 1600-1900 calories, my exercise has helped me keep my weight from going up. So that's an encouragement to me.

Meanwhile...I'm still trying to bake less. I love to bake, and I love to encourage others with my treats, especially in this country! But baking is my biggest downfall, and sometimes I set myself up for "failure." So I need to be careful.

feeleebubs on 03/05/2004:
I love baking as well. I miss baking alot...but it's for the better I guess.

malh on 03/05/2004:
Congrats on your weight loss...I know what you mean about baking...we go in with the thought that we WILL NOT eat any of it....buttttttt.....

Runner - Tuesday Mar 02, 2004

Weight: 118.0

I'm buying a real scale tonight. Every scale around here is off. So I'm just going to break down and spend the money to buy a new scale.

On another note...I've been cutting back on the sugar and I really like how much better I feel! I have to do some baking tonight, but it's not for me, so I hope I can exercise good self-control. I WILL exercise good self-control.

Guess that's all here...I'm glad for the progress I've made over the year.

Runner - Saturday Feb 28, 2004

Weight: 118.0

I got the stomach flu yesterday...for the first time! I have never thrown up before due to stomach flu. Now I know how awful it is! I could barely eat a thing all day, and I'm still feeling weak today. It's been a totally new experience not to want food...a bit strange, but a nice feeling at the same time. Usually I spend so much time thinking about food that it was nice just to ignore it for awhile.

But I don't like feeling crummy. Yuck.

Runner - Wednesday Feb 25, 2004

Weight: 118.0

I wish I knew how many calories my body REALLY needs. I try to follow those charts, but everything is so subjective...and my exercise is pretty intense, so I tend to eat more. Do I need it? I'm not sure. I am trying to really cut back on nightly snacks. I think that I need them, but I really don't. I want to just eat when I'm hungry, not because I just want to eat.

Party #2 is tonight. A surprise birthday party for my hubby. I've made most of the food and tried to keep it simple...I don't want lots of tempting leftovers!

breakaway on 02/25/2004:
Happy B-Day to hubby! Good luck with all that food and good to see your keeping it simple so you won't have all those left overs. Your pretty smart about that! I would say, yes, you do need more calories when You exercise alot. Talk to a doctor about it and he may be able to give you specifics. Good luck! YOur doing a great job!!!

Runner - Sunday Feb 22, 2004

Weight: 118.0

I know I'm always whining about scales, but why can't they be consistent? I went to the doctor last week and weighed myself...on two scales. Both of them said that same thing. When I came back to work and weighed myself, I was exactly 2.2 pounds (1 kg) lighter. This whole time, I've been using the scales at work and assuming that I weighed less than I do. But my scale at home doesn't help, either.

Ugh. I guess I just don't care. Nothing is totally accurate...but I do wish I knew whether I was 118 or 120. For some reason, I don't like the number 120.

This is going to be a rough week...I have a baby shower, a birthday party, a potluck, and a bake sale! (And guess who is in charge of the bake sale? Yup!) So, for a sugar-addict like me, I really, really have to be careful. I've worked so hard the past 4 weeks to keep my sugar intake low, and I could easily consume excess calories this week.

Anyway...I'll keep you posted and continue to log my calories.

geevee on 02/22/2004:
The scale manufacturers delibrately adjust the scales to make them show less weight because women in particular, buy the scale that gives the best reading! So the Dr.'s scale is the correct one.

squiggly on 02/23/2004:
My advice is to find one set of scales and to go by them. YOu know then that you have lost a pound because it will be consistent. I wish you luck this week. It sounds like your going to be faced with many temptations. Keep your goal in mind and you can do it. I wish you well.

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