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Runner - Wednesday Feb 18, 2004

Weight: 118.0

My ankle is still hurting, but I managed to run today. I hope I didn't do any further damage...

Injuries are so weird, because once I was running, it was like the pain was "numbed." But when I stopped, I could feel it again. My body was seriously craving a good run, though...I'm really addicted to it, I think. If I don't get a run in, I feel jittery and anxious. I've read that people can really be addicted to exercise, and I believe it.

I'm still keeping food logs...this is my 4th week of doing that. It's helped me keep my weight from going up and down and up and down...at least, I think it has!

I want to enter the Shamrock Slimmer Challenge...so I'll think of some goals for that.

breakaway on 02/18/2004:
Great job! But be careful, have you been to the doctor to have them look at it and ok that running? You may end up out of running longer if your not carful. lol I bet I sound like your mother now huh! Sorry! Anyway you are doing great and good for you on keeping that log! Hang in there.

biscottibody59 on 02/18/2004:
Are your shoes okay--that's always my first thought--although I don't put in the mileage you do. Are you running on a different surface?

At any rate, hope it heals soon!

Runner - Sunday Feb 15, 2004

Weight: 118.0

This runner is temporarily out-of-commission.

I am injured, discouraged, and a bit frightened. I was going to start training for another half-marathon this week, but I woke up yesterday with a very sore ankle...I think I have a bruised tendon or something. It's too sore to run, and I can barely walk without limping.

For someone who runs as much as I do, this is discouraging. I tend to panic when I can't exercise, and I'm trying not to panic. I know that my body needs a break, but I'm so afraid that if I don't burn a good 300-500 calories every day exercising that I'll gain weight, even though I'm watching my caloric intake.

I suppose I can still ride my bike or lift weights, but that just doesn't give me the feeling I get when I run.

I hope this injury is very temporary...

breakaway on 02/16/2004:
I sure hope it's temporary also! Did you go to the doctor? I'm sure your weigh will be fine but you will have to watch more what you eat now if you cannot do your running. Good luck to you and I sure hope your ok!

curvy shar on 02/16/2004:
I think you're right...your body does need a break. You'll be okay - give yourself permission to relax and take it easy for a few days.

Runner - Thursday Feb 12, 2004

Weight: 118.0

I just celebrated ONE FULL YEAR on the DIET DIARIES! I started writing on this site last year, February 11. I have written pretty regularly, and even though I've had my ups and downs in the dieting process, I am thankful for all the support I've had here. I think I have come a long way in a year, especially in my thought process. Even though my weight has pretty much remained the same, my thoughts toward food have improved. I no longer allow the scale to throw off my morning so badly that I can't think about anything else. I am learning not to bake sweets and then binge on them. I am realizing how much better I feel when I seriously limit my sugar intake.

If you read some of my early entries, you will see that I have made some progress. Of course, I make some stupid mistakes, too, but at least I am learning from my mistakes.

So thanks for those of you who have stuck around for awhile! I appreciate this site a lot...and I hope to continue to journal here...what a great way to connect with people who struggle with the same things I do!

Runner - Wednesday Feb 11, 2004

Weight: 118.0

I made some low-fat brownies last night without eating half the pan! Actually, I only had a couple of them. And I got rid of the rest of them at work today. Everyone is so amazed when I bake low-fat stuff. They can't believe it tastes good! Anyway, the birthday party went fine yesterday, and I only had a small piece of angel food cake. I was too busy cutting up all the cakes while everyone else was eating...it's good to stay busy when I'm around food!

I guess not much else is new. It's different living over here when Valentine's Day rolls around. There aren't chocolates or goodies everywhere...so there's less temptation, that's for sure! My hubby and I broke down and bought some European chocolates from Costco that were imported, but they're not that good. So I'll probably just give them away.

breakaway on 02/12/2004:
Your right, to stay busy around food is very important. You did the right thing! Keep up the good work.

Runner - Monday Feb 09, 2004

Weight: 119.0

Weight's up a pound. Could be a lot of things...I'm not worried about it. I know that scales are far from perfect, just like me! I ended up taking in an extra 400 calories yesterday, mostly from the peanut butter. Except for that little slip-up, I had a good day.

But I feel better, now that I'm trying to limit my sugar intake! I'm doing pretty well with that. Tomorrow is our all-staff birthday party, which I am in charge of, so I know it will be a bit hard to resist all the goodies. I'll just try to enjoy one piece of cake instead of several.

I am so thankful for the entries that are posted here. I love it when people are honest about their struggles and victories! It encourages and inspires me. WE all make dumb mistakes, but we all have our own small personal victories, too! And if we are all just honest with each other, we can learn so much...at least I do!

Runner - Monday Feb 09, 2004

Weight: 118.0

Had a pretty good weekend, eating-wise. Slipped up a bit today with the peanut butter. Man, was I craving it at lunch! Well, my original plan of a 400-calorie lunch turned into about a 750 calorie lunch when I just started eating the peanut butter out of the jar. Bad, bad. And I shouldn't have been hungry...I had a hearty breakfast and had eaten my 400 calories before I opened the peanut butter.

So...little slip-ups like that bug me. I wasn't eating because I was hungry...but I don't know WHY I was eating it...and I was hardly tasting it! So weird.

Anyway, it's been raining cats and dogs here...like almost every day for the past 3 weeks. The rain FINALLY stopped a couple of hours ago, but I still haven't seen a sun. I'm anxious to start riding my bike, but I refuse to ride in the rain. Running is one thing, riding is another.

I'm still tracking my calories...it keeps me honest.

breakaway on 02/09/2004:
Nothing compairs to PB right out of the jar! I know how you felt! I do that all the time, Love it! Ok well all in all it wasn't that bad. Your will do better tomorrow! you didn't do bad though by any means but I so know how you feel about those slip ups! You have a great day today and will be here later to check your next entry out!

Runner - Thursday Feb 05, 2004

Weight: 118.5

I haven't had a very positive entry in awhile, so I'll write one now! Except for the frosting and cookie slip-up earlier this week, it's been a great week. I've been tracking my calories and staying farther away from sugar, although I do enjoy some sugar-free treats once in awhile like S.F. hot chocolate or pudding.

On another note, a co-worker and I have started a little exercise club after work twice a week. Many of my co-workers are out-of-shape, so I've been really encouraged by their enthusiasm to work out with us! We usually do a tae-bo or aerobics video, and then I lead them in ab crunches and pushups and things like that. I REALLY enjoy helping them. I've been such an exercise fanatic for so long now that I think I know a few things about the importance of exercise.

I've learned a lot in my own struggle with weight loss, too, and several of them have come to me with questions. I've enjoyed sharing my own story, and it's just been an overall good experience so far.

breakaway on 02/06/2004:
That is really nice of you to help them like this! You have to take your time to do this and that's so wonderful that your willing to do that! All people should be as kind as you! Great job this week! Glad to see your feeling better about your slip ups! Hang in there and wonderful job on the exercise!!! Keep up the great work!

curlsncuffs on 02/06/2004:
Sugar free is okay - do you use Heavy Whipping cream with SF Jello - mmm,mmm - I love it!

You are in inspiration to me! You work out so hard. I think of you! Thanks for the great comments! I feel wonderful.

You know, I HONESTLY don't get hungry during the day - WHY? My guess, I don't eat sugar stuff. The "white" stuff, flour and sugar. I think they alone trigger cravings for other stuff! Your blood sugar goes all over the place. Have you tested yours? Could that be something going on for you? Maybe your levels drop really low. Just a thought.

I also drink a ton of water during the day - I bet yesterday I downed a gallon of water - no lie, no exaggeration. I just don't get hungry. One day recently - think on a Saturday - I forgot to eat breakfast - it was like 12 and I realized I had not eaten, so I ate. I eat food now because its fuel for my body. No other reason than that. I do not get hungry I just know I have to eat. Nice feeling. Like brushing your teeth everyday - gotta feed the bod.

I do work out about 5-6 times a week ....but, no where near the magnitude of what you do! Your calories should probably be higher with your exercise.

I hope oneday if you ever get to Baltimore we can meet! Have a great weekend my friend!

Runner - Wednesday Feb 04, 2004

Weight: 118.5

For some reason, I couldn't get onto this site yesterday...did anyone else have the same problem?

Well, after my sugar-hangover, I avoided sugar for a whole 48 hours. I made some no-bake cookies last night for my friend's birthday, but I found myself wanting to eat peanut butter more than anything. Between the Super Bowl party and a little slip-up last night, I've gained 1/2 pound...just what I'd figured.

It's been raining night and day here. I don't think a typhoon is coming, but it sure is the rainy season! I'm still running in the rain, but it's a little less exciting to get all soaking wet. But I still do it! I wake up early and run 6 miles in the pouring, cold rain.

I wish I could transfer some of that discipline into my eating habits...

Runner - Tuesday Feb 03, 2004

Weight: 118.0

If there's anything I've learned while writing down my thoughts for the past year, it's that I need to learn from my mistakes and move on. And try to avoid making the same mistakes over and over again.

I didn't weigh myself today because I know I wouldn't have been happy. I know that there would likely be some scale fluctuation due to excess carbs before bedtime, and I don't need the emotional stress at the moment.

I had a "sugar hangover" this morning. Really, I was sick. I felt terrible. I had waaaay too much frosting last night at the Super Bowl party. I'm such a sucker for frosting. Cake is okay, but I love frosting.

Well, I made this really cool football-field cake. And I loaded it with homemade buttercream frosting. Talk about setting myself up for failure! In addition to enjoying the other treats at the party, I thoroughly enjoyed several pieces of my cake, which included hundreds of calories of frosting. (I know that creamed butter and powdered sugar probably doesn't sound good to everyone...actually, it doesn't sound good to me anymore, either!)

I went to bed feeling sick and woke up feeling sick. I just kept telling myself that it was NOT worth it to eat so much sugar! Maybe my body reacted worse since I gave it up for a few days last week. But I am SO ready to go back to a no-sugar or VERY LOW sugar diet. It just kills me! I can NOT eat it in moderation! Something in sugar is really addictive, and I really, really need to be careful.

Some of you know exactly what I'm talking about. You've been there. I have been inspired by your choice to give sugar up completely. As bad as I felt this morning, I was just about ready to do away with it totally!

All I know is that right now, I want to stay far away from sugar. I ended up throwing the extra cake away...I don't want to set myself up for more failure.

Today is a new day! I'm back to writing down my calories and sticking to veggies and lean protein. Ahhhh...I feel so much better when I make the RIGHT choices.

breakaway on 02/03/2004:
WOW you really did have a super superbowl party. The best thing I read on your entry is that it was a one time deal and your back to doing the right thing. And we all know we need day's like you had. Don't feel quilty about it and just continue to do as well as you were doing BEFORE that party. You can do it. May have been a smart choice to stay off the scale. Everything will even out over the week. You have a great day and sorry to hear you were sick the next day. Kinda like a hangover but caused by sugar huh.

Runner - Sunday Feb 01, 2004

Weight: 118.0

Yesterday, after taking four days off of desserts, I thoroughly indulged in some cookies, a brownie, some apple crisp, and 2 small truffles. I should have known that the church potluck would set my sweet tooth off on a wild ride...

Anyway, I was so eager to eat something sweet, so I had small portions of several sweet things. I didn't consume large amounts of anything, but I still felt guilty.

And I didn't feel good, either. The four days that I took off of sugar and white refined stuff were psychologically good for me. I felt thinner, less bloated, and more "in control" of my weight situation.

So I was eager to start anew today! Back to the low-carb, no (or very low) sugar way-of-eating! I have a Super Bowl party tonight, but I'm going to try really hard to stay away from the desserts (that I made, ironically).

What's strange is that I really can't figure out how much I weigh. The two scales I use are about 3 pounds different, and I've tried to understand why...I have an 8-lb. dumbbell that I "weigh" on my home scale to see if the needle goes up to "8lbs." If it does, then I conclude that my scale is okay. My weight on that scale right now is "121."

When I come to work, I usually step on the scale in the mail room that is used for weighing large packages. Other people use it, too, and I figure it must be accurate. Well, I weighed 118 lbs. on that one today. And so I brought over my 8-lb. dumbbell this morning and weighed that, too...it weighed 8lbs.

Okaaaay....one scale must be off. I live close enough that I ran home for a few minutes and weighed myself again after stepping on the work scale. Yup, a three-pound difference. What gives? Any ideas?

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